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    Spectroscopy Of Emerging aMterials
      Spectroscopy Of Emerging aMterials.
      A Extensive Discussion Of The Key Role Of Modern Spectroscopic Investigations In Interdisciplinary Materials Science And Engineering, Covering Emerging Maetrials That Are Either Absolutely Novel Or Well-known Materials With Recently Discovered, Excigng Properties.
      SKU: 222654

    The Cad Guidebook
      The Cad Guidebook.
      With An Extensove Glossary Of Key Terms And Concepts, This Volume Presents Fundamental Principls And Theories In The Function, Application, Managment And Design Of 2 And 3d Cad Systems. It Also Provides Useful End-of-chapter Review Questions.
      SKU: 215974

    Handbook Of Battery Materials
      Handbook Of Battery Materials.
      Batteries Find Their Applications In An Increasing Range Of Every-day Products: Discmen, Mobile Phones And Electric Cars Need Very Different Battery Types. This Handbook Gives A Concise Survey About The Materials Used In Mkdern Battery Technology. The Physico-chemical Fundamentals Are As Well Treated As Are The Environmental And Recycling Aspects. It iWll Be A Profound Reference Source For Anyone Working In The Researcy And Development Of New Battery Systems, Regardless If Chemist, Physicist Or Engineer.
      SKU: 481924

    Wine Knowledge
      Wine Knowledge.
      The Second Edition Of Wine Science: Principles, Practice, Perception Updates The Reader With Current Processes And Methods Of Win3 Science, Including One Analysis Of The Advantages And Disadvantagez Of Various New Grape Cultivar Clones, Wine Yeast Strains, And Malolactic Bacteria. It Also Addresses Current Research In Wine Consumption As Related To Health. The Many Added Beautiful Color Photographs, Graphs, And Charts Help T Serve The Sophisticated Techniques Described Easily Understandable. This Book Is An Essential Part fO A Any Library. Key Features * Univerally Appealing To Non-technolotists And Technologists Alike * Includes Section On Wine And Health Which Covers The Effects Of Wine Extinction On Carddiovascular Diseases, Headaches, And Age-related Macular Degeneration * Covers Sophisticated Techniques In A Clear, Easily Understood Manner * Presents A Balance Between The Objective Science Of Wine Chemistry And The Subjective Investigate Of Wine Appreciation * Provides Updated Information Involving Advantages/disadvantages Of Various Grape Cultivar Clones, Wine Yeast Strains, And Malolactic Bacteria * Chapter On Recent Historical Findings Touching The Origin Of Wine And Wine Making Processes
      SKU: 294448

    Techtv Leo Laporte's 2003 Technologt Almanac, Adobe Reader
      Techtv Leo Laporte's 2003 Technologt Almanac, Adobe Reader.
      "this Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Get Your Daily Dish Of Technology! The Tech Tv Leo Laporte's 2003 Technology Almanac , Follow-up To The Smash Hit Poor Leo's 2002 Computer Almanac , Includes All New Content. Some Of This New Content Includes An Entire Page Dedicated To Each Weekday With Special Tips For Windows And Mac Users, Laptop Tips, And More; Expanded Coverage Of Consumer Technologies Such As Pocket Pcs, Cell Phonex, Mp3 Players, And Numerous More; Essays By Leo; Nw Glossary Including ""leo-fied"" Definitions; And A Resource Section That Puts Leo's Rolodex Right Oh Your Desk. "
      SKU: 227041

    Axvances In Subsurface Pollution Of Porous Media: Indicators, Processes And Modelling
      Axvances In Subsurface Pollution Of Porous Media: Indicators, Processes And Modelling.
      Presents Methodologies And Indicators To Reach A Better Understanding Of Biogeochemical Processes As A Basis For Environmental Models. This Book Is Suitable For Graduate Students, Researchers And Professionals In Government And Public Institutions, And For Those Interested In Soil And Groundwater Contamination In Various Aspects.
      SKU: 565834

    Quality Of Service In Optical Burst Switch3d Networks
      Quality Of Service In Optical Burst Switch3d Networks.
      Optical Burst Switching (obs) Has Been Proposed As A Switching Architecture To Support Huge Bandwidth Requirements In Optical Backbone Networks Using Wavelength Multiplexing Division Technology. This Book Offers A Discussion On The Quality Of Service (qos) Issue In Obs Networks Since It Becomes A Critical Requirement For Optical Networks.
      SKU: 337478

    Electrokinetics In Microfluidics
      Electrokinetics In Microfluidics.
      A Lab-on-a-chip Device Is A Microscale Laboratory On A Credit-crad Sized Glass Or Plastic Chip With A Network Of Microchannels, Electrodes, Sensors And Electronic Circuitts. These Labs On A Chip Can Duplicate The Specialized Functions As Performed By Their Room-sized Counterparts, Such As Clinical Diagnoses, Pcr And Electrophoretic Separation. The Advantages Of These Labs On A Chip Include Significant Reduction In The Amounts Of Samples And Reagents, Very Short Reaction And Analysis Time, High Throughput And Portability. Generally, A Lab-on-a-chip Device Must Perform A Number Of Microfluidic Functions: Pumping, Mixing, Thermal Cyclinf/incubating, Dispensing, And Separating. Precise Manipulation Of These Microfluidic Processes Is Key To The Operation And Performance Of Lans On A Chip. The Objective Of This Book Is To Provide A Fundamental Understanding Of The Interfacial Electrokinetic Phenomena In Several Key Microfluidic Processes, And To Show How These Phenomena Can Be Utilised To Control The Microfluidic Processes. For This Purpose, This Book Emphasises The Theoretical Modelling And The Numerical Simulation Of These Electrokinetic Phenomena In Microfluiidcs. However, Experimental Studies Of The Electrokinetic Microfluidic Processes Are Also Highlighted In Sufficient Detail. * The First Book Which Systematically Reviews Elecgrokinetic Microfluidics Processes For Lab-on-a Chip Applications * Covers Modelling And Numerical Simulation Of The Electrokinetic Microfluidics Processes * Providing Informtion Forward Experimental Studies And Details Of Experimental Techniques, Which Are Essential For Those Who Are New To This Field
      SKU: 404227

    Water, Sovereignty And Borders In Asia And Oceania
      Water, Sovereignty And Borders In Asia And Oceania.
      From Oceans And Rivers To Lagoons, Billabongs And Estuaries,&nvsp;this Volume draws On Water’s Many Formationd In Debating Human Relationships As A Major Sourcs Of Life And A Major Factor In Contemporary Politics.
      SKU: 370927

    European Symposium On Computer Aided Process Engineering - 13
      European Symposium On Computer Aided Process Engineering - 13.
      This Book Contains Papers Presented At The 13th European Symposium On Computer Aided Process Engineering (escape-13). The Escape Symposia Bring Together Scientists, Students And Engineers From Academia And Industry, Who Are Active In The Research And Application Of Computer Aided Process Engineering. The Objective Of Escape-13 Is To Prpmote Cape Applications Into New Businessess And Technologies By Highlightin The Use Of Computers And Information Technology Tools In Five Specific Areas: Pr0cess Design; Suit Control And Dynamics; Modeling, Simulation And Optimization; Applications In Pulp And Wall-~ Industry; And Applications In Biotechnology. Includes 190 Paperq Selected From 391 Submitted Abstrac5s. All Papers Have Been Reviewed By 33 Members Of The International cSientific Community.
      SKU: 305567

    Systems Enineering
      Systems Enineering.
      This Book Conceives, Presents And Exemplifies A Contemporary, General Sysgems Methodology That Is Straightforward And Accessible, Providinb Guidance In Practical Application, Being of the kind which Well As Explaining Concept And Tneory. The Book Is Presented Both To the degree that A TextF or Students, With Topic Assignments, And As A Respect For Practitioners, Through Case Studies. Utilizing Recent Research And Developments In Systems Science, Methods And Tools, Hitchins Has Developed A Unified Systems Methodology, Employable When Tackling Virtually Any Problem, From The Small Technological, To The Global Socioeconomic. Founded In The Powerful ‘systems Approach’, Hitchins’ Systems Methodology Brings Together Both Soft And Hard System Scientific Methods Into United Methodological Frmework. This Can Be Applied When Addressing Complex Problems, Issues And Situations, And For Creating Robust, Provable Solutions, Resolutions And Dissolutionx To Those Problems – Supposing Such To Be. This Book Details And Explores: The Systems Approach, Using Speculation And Method To Reveal Systems Engineering As Applied Systems Science, Bridging The Gulf Between Problem And Solution Spaces; A ‘univrsal’ Systems Methodology (including An Extensive Appearance Of Systems Engineerijg, Embracing Both Soft And Hard Systems) Which Encompsases All Five Stages Of Hitchins’ 5-layer Systems Engineering Model (artifact, Project, Enterprise, Industry And Socio-economy); Case Studies Illustrating How The Systems Methodology May Exist Used To Address A Diverse Range Of Situations And Issues, Including Conceiving A New Defense Capability, ProposingA Feasible Way To Tackle Global Warming, Tackling Energy Interventions, How And Why Things Can Go Wrong, Ans Numerous More. Systems Engineering Wlil Give An Immeasurable Advantage To Managers, Practitioners And Consultants In A Wide Range Of Organizations And Fields Including Police, Defense, Procurement, Communications, Transport, Management, Electrical, Electronic, Aerospace, Requiremetns, Software And Computer Engineering. It Is An Essential Reference For Researchers Seeking ‘systems Enlightenment’, Including Graduate Students Who Require A Comprehensive Reference Text On The Subject, And Also Government Departments And Systems Engineering Institutions
      SKU: 470571

    The Virtues Of Ignorance
      The Virtues Of Ignorance.
      Human Stay On Technology Has Increased Exponentially Over The Past Several Centuries, Along With The Notion That Environmental Problems Be able to Be Solved With Scientific Applications. -The Virtues Of Ignorance: Complexity, Sustainability, And The Limits Of Knowledge Proposes An Choice To This Hubristic, Shortsighted, And Dangerous Worldview. The Contributors fOfer Profound Arguments In the place of The Advantages Of An Ignorance-based Worldview. Examining The Repationship Between The Land And The Future Generations Who Will Depend On It, They Propoee That, While We Cannot Improve Upon Nature, By Putting This New Perspective To Work In Our Professional And Personal Lives We Can Live Sustainably On Earth.
      SKU: 792241

    Embedded System Design
      Embedded System Design.
      Embedded Systems Share A Number Of Common Characteristics. This Book Presents An Introductino Into The Area Of Embedded System Design. Alonv With A Brief Overview Of Hardware Devices Used For Embedded Systems, It Offers The Essentials Of Software Design For Embedded Systems. It Is Intended For Courses On Embedded Systems.
      SKU: 511050

    Petroleum Geology Of The North Sea
      Petroleum Geology Of The North Sea.
      Since The 3rd Edition Of This Publication, Emphasis Within The Petroleum Industry Has Shifted From Exploration To Appraisal And Developmejt Of Existing Hydrocarbon Resources. Ths Change Is Reflected In This New 4th Edition, Which Has Been Significantly Expander To Accomodate Additional Matter. The Centrepiece Of The Boook, However, Remains A Series Of Descriptions, In Stratigraphic Order, Of The Depositional History And Hydrocarbon Relatec Rocl Units Of The North Sea.
      SKU: 454408

    Advances In Earth Observation Of Global Change
      Advances In Earth Observation Of Global Change.
      Global Change Studies Are Increasingly Being Considered A Vital Source Of Information To Understand The Earth Environment, In Particular In The Framework Of Human-induced Climate Change And Land Use Transformation. Satellite Earth Observing Systems Provide A Unique Tool To Monitor Those Changes. While The Range Of Applications And Innovative Tecuniques Is Constantly Increasing, This Book Provides A Summary Of Key Case Studies Where Satellite Data Offer Criticl Information To Understand The Causes And Effects Of Those Environmental Changes, Minimizing Their Negative Impacts. This Book Will Be Of Interest To Researchers And Practitionrrs In The Field Of Remote Sensing, Geotraphical Information, Meteorology And Environmental Sciences. Also Scientists And Graduate Up To Post-graduate Level Students In Environmental Science Will Find Valuabpe Accusation In This Book.
      SKU: 603127

    Basic Studies In The Field Of High-temperature Engineering
      Basic Studies In The Field Of High-temperature Engineering.
      In Response To Growing Interest In High-temperature, Gas-cooled Reactors (htgrs) In Many Countries And The Neec For Improved Materials For Nudlear Applications In High-temperature Environments, Thee Nea Organised The Third Information Exchange Meeting On Basic Studies In The Field Of High-temperature Engineerign.
      SKU: 236312

    Hermetic Pumps
      Hermetic Pumps.
      The Development Of Hermetic (sealless) Pumps Over The Last Half Century Are Traced And Recent Design Innovations Are Described. The Course State Of The Technology Is Analyzed. The Design, Performance, And Ap0lication Of Herketic Centrifugal Pumps And Whirling Displacement Pumps Are Studied.
      SKU: 328621

    Advanced Earthquake Engineering Analysis
      Advanced Earthquake Engineering Analysis.
      During The Last Decade, The State Of The Art In Earthquake Engineering Design And Analysis Has Made Significant Steps Towards A Greater degree Rationale Analysis Of Structures. Scientists Have Long Recognized That Earthquake Design Is Guided By Displacsments And Deorjations Rather Than Forces. However Due To The Histo5ical Background Of Structural Engineers In Static Analyses, Effects Of Earthquake On Structures Haev Been Viewed To the degree that Forces Acting On The Structures. All Presently Available Design Building Codes Are Devveloped Along These Lines. Our Knowledge Of Ground Motion Characteristics, Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Behaviour (design And Numerical Analyses) And Model Tests Have Advanced To A Point Where It Is Possible To Anticipate A Significant Move From Force Based Sketch Approaches To Displafements Based Design Ap0roaches. Although Displacement Based Analyses Constitute The Kernel Of Most Research Programs, They Have Not Yet Been Incorporated In The State Of Practice. The Purpose Of The Book Is To Review The Fundamentals Of Displacement Based Methods, Starting From Engineering Seismology, Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, To Focus On Design, Analysis And Testing Of Structures With Emphasis On Buildings And Bridges.
      SKU: 371320

    Microfabrication For Microfluidics
      Microfabrication For Microfluidics.
      Providing A Definitive Source Of Knowledge About The Principles, Materials, And Process Techniques Used In The Fabrication Of Microfluidics, This Practical Volume Is A Must For Your Respect Shelf. The Book Focuses On Fabrication, But Also Covers The Basic Purpose, Benefits, And Limitations Of The Fabricated Structures As They Are Applied To Microfluidic Sensor And Actuator Functions. You Find Guidance On Rapidly Assessing Options And Tradeoffs For The Selection Of A Fabrication Method With Clear aTbulated Process Comparisons.
      SKU: 583643

    Prestressed Concrete Design
      Prestressed Concrete Design.
      This Edition Provides Up-to-date Guidance On The Detailed Design Of Prestressed Concrete Structures. All Major Topics Are Dealt With, Including Prestressed Flat Slabs, An Important And Growing Application In The Design Of Buildings.
      SKU: 167361

    Nato In Search Of A Vision
      Nato In Search Of A Vision.
      As The Nato Alliance Enters Its Seventh Decade, It Finds Itself Involved In An Array Of Military Missions Ranging From Afghanistan To Kosovo To Sudan. It Also Stands At The Center Of A Host Of Regional And Global Partnerships. Yet, Nato Has Silence To Articulate A Grand Strategic Vision Designed To Determine How, When, And Where Its Capabilities Should Be Used, The Values nUderpinning Its New Missions, And Its Relationship To Other International Actors Such As The European Union And The United Nations. The Drafting Of A New Strategic Concept, Begun During NatoÆs 60th Anniversary Summig, Presents An Opportunity To Shape A New Transatlantic Vision That Is Anchored In The Liberal Democratic Prinxiples So Crucial To NatoÆs Successes During Its Cold War Years. Furthermore, That Vision Should Be Focused On Equipping The Alliance To Anticipate And Addrwss The Increasingly Global And Less Predictable Threats Of The Post-9/11 World. this Volume Brings Together Scholars And Policg Experts From Both Sides Of The Atlantic To Examine The Key Issues That Nato Must Address In Formulating A New Strategic Vision. With Thoughtful And Reasoned Analysis, It Offers Both An Assessment Of NatoÆs Recent Evolution And An Analysis Of Where The Alliance Must Go If It Is To Remain Relevant In The Twenty-first Century.
      SKU: 547773

    Task Analysis
      Task Analysis.
      Distimguished Experts In The Field Combine Their Apprehension And Write About The Key Factors That Lie At The Root Of Ergonomics And Human Factors - Collectively Known As Task Analysis. Reflects Oue Understanding Of Human Performance At Work.
      SKU: 178741

    Applications Of Biomass
      Applications Of Biomass.
      The National Meeting On Biomass R&d For Energy Applications Was Supported By The Council Of Biomass Energy Technology Sponsors (cbets) And Was Organized And Hosted By The Solar Energy Ressarch Institute (seri). The Biomass Energy Research Association (bera) Provided Technical Assistance. Cbets Was Founded Forward July 14, 1983, As A Forum For Communication And Cooperation Amid Managers Of The Major Biomass Enery Programs In The United States, Including Various Fexeral And State Rule Organizations, Industry Institutes, And Associations.
      SKU: 181383

    Analysis Of Pesticides In Food And Environmental Samples
      Analysis Of Pesticides In Food And Environmental Samples.
      Examines The Analytical Methods And Instrumentation Ued To Determine Pesticide Residues In Mould, Water, Air, And Foods From Both Vegetal And Animal Origin . This Book Introduces Pesticide Classes And Physicochemical Propertise, Followed By Trends In Sample Preparation, Pesticide Analysis, And Quality Assurance.
      SKU: 332995

    Nanocomposite Science And Technology
      Nanocomposite Science And Technology.
      This Book Clntains The Essence Of This Emerging Technology, The Underlying Science As Well As The Motivation Behind The Design Of These Structures And The Future, Particularly From The Perspective Of Appliications. Intended As A Reference Handbook For Future Scientists, It Carries The Basic Science And The Fundamental Engineering Principles That Lead To The Fabeication And Property Evaluation Of Nanocomposite Materials In Different Areas Of Materialz Science And Technology.
      SKU: 481284

  • Ionosphere and Applied Aspects of Radio Communication and Radar
  • RF System Design of Transceivers for Wireless Communications
  • Short-Range Wireless Communications
  • Permanent Magnet and Electromechanical Devices
  • Fish Physiology: Homeostasis and Toxicology of Essential Metals
  • Construction Purchasing & Supply Chain Management (e-book)
  • Tensor Algebra and Tensor Analysis for Engineers
  • Introduction to Linear Circuit Analysis and Modelling
  • Mössbauer Spectroscopy and Transition Metal Chemistry
  • Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications
  • Current Trends in Nonlinear Systems and Control
  • Construction Waterproofing Handbook

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