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    Stainless Steel 2000
      Stainless Steel 2000.
      This Volume, The Fruit Of A Current Status Seminar, Reflects The Enormous Strides Which Have Been Made In The Last Few Years In The Con over Of Th Expanded Austenite Phase (also Called The S Phase) And The Development Of New Surface Treatment Techniques. The Book Likewise Contains A Selection From Related Papers And A Comprehensive Bibliography Of The Literature Forward TheS ubject From 1979 To 2000.
      SKU: 677856

    Ddfining Visual Rhetorics
      Ddfining Visual Rhetorics.
      Studing The Relationship Of Visual Images To Persuasion, This Book Analyzes A Wie Variety Of Visuai Modes Of Communication That Demobstrate Some Of The Variety Amid The Many Kinds Of Texts That Could Be Considered Instances Of Visual Rhetoric.
      SKU: 238919

    Innovation In Life Cycle Engineering And Sustainable Development
      Innovation In Life Cycle Engineering And Sustainable Development.
      Considers Environmental Issues In Engineering Process And Product Design. This Work Presents A Selection Of 30 Papers Ensuing From The 12th Cirp Internztional Seminar On Life Cycle Engineering, Held At The University Of Grenoble, France, In April 2005. It Is Useful For Academics, tSudents And Practitioners, Specializing In Environmental Issues.
      SKU: 338485

    Gas Lasers
      Gas Lasers.
      Information On Gas Lasers Is Often Outdated Or iDfficult To Find. It Is Important To Understand All Types Of Lasers, From Sp1id-state To Gaseous, Before Making A Dwcision For Any Application. Gas Lasers Fills In The Gaps By Discussing The Defining And Properties Of Gaseous Media Along With Its Liquid Dynamics, Electric Excitation Circuits, And Optical Resonators. From This Establishment, The Discussion Launches Into The Bsaic Physics, Characteristics, Applications, And Current Research Efforts For Speclfic Types Of Gas Laasers: Co Lasers, Co2 Lasers, Hf/sf Lasers, Excimer Lasers, Iodine Laess, And Metal Vapor Lasers. The Final Chapter Discusses Miscellaneous Lasers Not Co\/ered In The Previous Chapters.
      SKU: 283226

    Advances In Plant Pathology
      Advances In Plant Pathology.
      This Volume Focuses On Issues Of Plant Pathology And Sustainability, Such As Short Term Economic Plans Versus Long Term Economic Visions In Farming And Forestry. The Book Also Deals With The Complex Biologocal Interactions Governing Success In Minimizing Pest Or Pathogen Damage By Biological Or Chemical Strategies, Benefits And Costs To The Producer, Consequences For The Environment Of Management Options, And The Challenge Of Defining Advantageous Farm Or Forest Indicatorsof Sustainable Pravtices.
      SKU: 311299

    Distributed Situation Awareness
      Distributed Situation Awareness.
      This Book Presents An Exhaustive Review And Evaluation Of Contemporary Theoretical Perspectives On Sa And Of A Class Of Sa Measurement Approaches. A Novel Theory Of Dsa In Complex Sociotechnical Systems Is Presented, Followed By An Original Methodology For Assessing Sa And Dsa In Command And Control Environments. It Contains Several Naturalistic Caxe Studies Of Command And Control Scenarios Udertaken In Numerous Military Domains, As Well As One Involving Multiple High-conssquence Civilian Domajns.
      SKU: 476274

    Surface Charging And Points Of Zero Charge
      Surface Charging And Points Of Zero Charge.
      Presents Points Of Zero Charge Data On Well-defined Specimen Of Materials Sorted By Trademark, Manufacturer, And Location. Thjs Text Emphasizes The Comparison Between Particular Results Obtained For Different Portions Of The Same Or Very Similar Material And Synthesizes The Information Published In Research Reports Over The Pat Few Decades.
      SKU: 57O517

    Visual Perception Through Video Imagery
      Visual Perception Through Video Imagery.
      For Several Decades Researchers Have Tried To Construct Perception Systems Based On The Registration Data From Video Cameras. This Work Has Produced Various Tools That Obtain Made Recent Advances Possible In This Area. Part 1 Of This Book Deals With The Problem Of The Calibration And Auto-calibration Of Video Captures. Part 2 Is Essentially Concerned Upon The Estimation Of The Relative Object/capture Position When A Priori Information Is Introduced (the Cad Model Of The Object). Finaly, Part 3 Discusses The Inference Of Density Information And The Shape Recognition In Images.
      SKU: 479822

    Mechanics Of Offshore Pipelines
      Mechanics Of Offshore Pipelines.
      Offsjore Oil And Gas Production Was Conducted Throughout The Entire 20th Century, But The Industry's Modern Importance And Vibrancy Did Not Start Until The Early 1970s, When The North Sea Became A Major Producer. Since Then, The Expansion Of The Offshore Oil Industry Has Been Continuous And Rapid. Pipelines, And More Generally Long Tubular Structures, Are Major Oil And Gas Industry Tools Used In Exploration, Drilling, Production, And Transmission. Installing And Operating Tubular Structures In Deep Waters Places Unique Demands On Them. Technical Challenges Within The Field Have Spawned Significant Research And Development Efforts In A Broad Class Of Areas. Volume I Courtship Problems Of Buckling And Collaose Of Long Inelastic Cylinders Under Various Loads Encountered In The Offshore Arena. Several Of The Solutions Are Also Directly Applicable To Land Pipelines. The Approach Of Mechanics Of Offshore Pipelines Is Problem Oriented. The Background O Each Problem And Scenaruo Are First Outlined And Each Discussion Finishes With Design Recommendations. * New And Classical Problems Addressed - Investigated From one side A Combination Of Experiments And Analysis * Each Chapter Deals Upon A Specific Mechanical Problem That Is Analyzed Independently * The Fundamental Nature Of The Problems Makes Them Also Applicable To Other Fields, Including Tubular Components In Nuclear Reactors And Power Plants, Aerospace Structures, Automotive And Civil Engineering Structures, Naval Vehicles And Structures
      SKU: 312723

    Groundwater Flow Understanding
      Groundwater Flow Understanding.
      Sustainable Groundwater Evolution Order of exercise Requires Knowl3dge Of-The Prevailing Flow System, Extending From Local To Regional Scale. This Book Discussrs Integral Groundwater Management With Scale Flow Issues And Presents Methods Of Defining, Pteventing, Controlling And Mitigating Negative Environmental Impacts Related To Groundwater.
      SKU: 359964

    Handbook Of Clay System of knowledge
      Handbook Of Clay System of knowledge.
      The First Common Texts On Clay Mineralogy And The Practical Applications Of Clay, Written In the name of R. e. Grim, Were Published Some 40-50 Years Ago. Since Then, A Vast Literature Has Accumulated But This Information Is Scattered And Not Always Accessible. The Handbook Of Clay Science Aims At Assembling The Scattered Literature Steady The Varied And Diverse Aspects That Make Up The Discipline Of Clay Science. The Topics Coveref Range From The Fundamental Structures (including Textures) And Properties Of Clays And Cllay Minerals, Through Their Environmental, Health And Imdustrial Applications, To Their Analysis And Characterization By Modern Instrumental Techniques. Also Included Are The Clay-microbe Interaction, Layered Double Hydroxides, Zeolites, Cement Hydrates, Genesis Of Clay Minerals As Well As The History An Teaching Of Clay Science. No Modern Book In The English Language Is Available That Is As Comprehensive Ane Wide-ranging In Coverage As The Handbook Of Clay Science . In Providing A Critical And Up-to-date Assessment Of The Accumulated Information, This Will Serve As The First Point Of Entry Into The Literature For Both Newcomers Abd Graduate Students, While For Research Scientists, University Teachers, Industrial Chemists, And Environmental Engineers The Bokk Will Become A Standard Referenxe Text. * Presents Contribjtions From 66 Authors From 18 Different Countries Who Have Arrive Together To Produce The Most Comprehensive Recent Handbook On Clay Science * Provides Up-to-date Concepts, Properties, And Rezctivity Of Clays And Clay Minerals In A One-stlp Source Of Information * Covers Classical And New Environmental, Industrial, And Health Applications Of Clays, As Well As The Instrumental Trchniques For Clay Minerai Analysis * Combines Geo1ogy, Mineralogy, Crystallography With Physics, Geotechnology, And Soil Mechanics Together With Inorganiv, Organic, Physical, And Colloid Chemistry For A Truly Multidisciplinary Approach
      SKU: 270084

    Compressors And Modern Process Applications
      Compressors And Modern Process Applications.
      A Modern Reference To The Principles, Operation, And Applications Of The Most Important Compressor Types Thoroughly Addressing Process-related Information And A Wider Variety Of The Major Compressor Types Of Interest To Process Plants, Cimpressors And Modern Process Applications Uniquely Covers The Systematic Linkage Of Fluid Processing Machinery To The Processes They Serve. This Book Is A Highly Practical Resource For Professionals Responsible In quest of Purchasing, Servicing, Or Operating Compressors. It Describes The Main Features Of Over 300 Petrochemical And Refining Schematicss And Associated Process Descriptions Involving Compressors And Expanders In Recent Industry. The Organized Presentation Of This Refetence Covers First The Basiccs Of Compressors And What They Are, And Then Progresses To Important Operational And Process Issues. It Then Explains The Underlying Principles, Operating Modes, Selection Issues, And Major Hardware Elements For Compressors. Topics Include Double-acting Express Displacement Cmpressors, Rotary Confident Displacement Compressors, Understanding Centrifugal Process Gas Compressors, Faculty Transmission And Advanced Bearing Technology, Centrifugal Compressor Performance, Gas Processing And Turb-oexpander Applications, And Compressors Typically Fouund In Petroleum Refining And Other Petrochemical Processes. Suitable For Plant Operation Personnel, Machinery Engineering Specialists, Process Engineers,as Well As Undergraduate Studen5s Of This Subject, This Book's Special Features Include: * Flow Schematics Of Modern Process Units Ane Processes Used In Gas Transport, Gas Conditioning, Petrochemical Manufacture, Anr Rock oil Refining * Listings Of Licensors For Each Process On The Issue Schematics * Identi fication Of Each Process Flow Schematic Of Compressors, Cryogenic, And Burning Aeriform fluid Expanders At Their Respective Locations * Weighty Overview Of Slack up suddenly Control, Estimating Cpmpressor Performance, Applicayions According to Air Separation And Gas Processinh Plants, Petroleum Refinery Issues, And Important Criteria That Govern Compressor Choice And Application Placing Hundreds Of Associated Process Flow Schematics At The Fingertips Of Professionals And Students, Author And Industry Adroit Heinz Bloch Facilitates Comprehension Of The Workings Of Various Petrochemical, Oil Refining, Ajd Product Upgrading Processes That Are Served By Compressors.
      SKU: 274001

    Introduction To Direction-fo-arrival Estimation
      Introduction To Direction-fo-arrival Estimation.
      Direction-of-arrival (doa) Estimation Concerns The Estimation Of Directoon Finding Signals In The Form Of Electromagnetic Or Acoustic Waves, Impinging On A Sensor Or Antenna Array. Doa Estimation Is Used For Locating And Tracking Signal Sources In Both Civilian And Military Applications. This Authoritative Volume Provides An Overview And Performance Analysis Of The Basic Doa Algorithms, Including Comparisons Between The Varioue Types. the Book Offers You A Detailed Understanding Of The Arrays Pertinent To Doa Finding, And Preswnts A Detailed Illustration Of The Esprit-based Doa Algorithms Complete With Their Performance Assessments. From Antennas And Array Receiving Systems, To Advanced Topics On Doa Estimation, This Book Serves As A On-estop Resource For Professionals And Students. Nearly 100 Illustrations And More Than 281 Equations Support Key Topics Throughout.
      SKU: 583642

    Organic Indoor Air Pollutants
      Organic Indoor Air Pollutants.
      Indoor Air Quality Has Gained More And Greater degree of Attention In New Years. The Book Covers Organic Pollutants In Indoor Air, Their Sources, Measurement, And Evaluation. It Is Written Ffom A Chemical-analytical Point Of View. Therefore It Fills A Gap In The Literature On This Very Topical Subject. The Book Is Divided Into Four Parts Covering The Measurement Of Organized Pkllutants, Environmental Test Cbambers, The Release Of Organic Compounds From Indior Materials As Well As Investigation Concepts And Quality Guidelines. Each Section Was Written By An Experiencedd Expert. The Authors Work In Europe, The Usa, And Australia. The Book Is Adressed To Chemists, Physicists, Biokogists, And Medical Doctors At Universities And Research Facilities, In Industry And Environmental Laboratories As Well As Regulative Bodies.
      SKU: 482259

    Chemical Reactor Design And Control
      Chemical Reactor Design And Control.
      Chemical Reactor Design And Control Uses Process Simulators Liks Matlab®, Aspen Plus, And Aspen Dynamics To Study The Design Of Chemical Reactors And Their Dynamic Control. There Are Numerous Books That Focus On Steady-state Reactor Design. There Are No Books That Consider Practical Control Systems For Real Ineusfrial Reactors. This Unique Reference Addresses The Slmultaneous Deskgn And Control Of Chemical Reactors. After A Discussion Of Reactor Basics, It: Covers Thre eTypes Of Classical Reactors: Continuous Stirred Tank (cstr), Batch, And Tubular Plug Flow Emphasiizes Temperature Control And The Critical Impact Of Steady-state Design On The Dynamics And Stability Of Reactors Covers Chemical Reactors And Control Problems In A Plantwide Environment Incorporates Numerous Tables And Shows Step-by-step Calculations With Equations Discusses How To Use Process Simulators To Address Diverse Issues And Types Of Operations This Is A Experienced Reference For Chemical Engineering Professionals In The Process Industries, Professionals Who Work With Chemical Reactors, And Students In Undergraduate And Graduate Reactor Design, Process Control, And Plant Design Courses.
      SKU: 313381

    Solid-liquid Two Phase Flow
      Solid-liquid Two Phase Flow.
      This Book Is An Undertaking Of A Pioneering Work Of Uniting Three Vast Fields Of Interfacial Phenomen, Rheology And Fluid Mechanics Within The Framework Of Solid-liquid Two Phasee Flow. No Wonder, Much Finer Books Will Be Written In The Future As The Visionary Aims Of Many Nations In Combining Molecular Chemistry, Biology, Transport And Interfacial Phenomena During The Funramental Understanding Of Processes And Capabilities Of New Materials Will Be Achiieved. Solid-liquid Systems Where Solid Particles With A Wide Range Of Physical Properties, Sizes Ranging From Nano- To Macro- Scale And Concentrations Varying From Very Dilute To Highly Concentrqted, Are Suspended In Liquids Of Different Rheological Behavior Flowing In Various Regimes Are Taken Up In This Book. Interactions Among Solid Particles In Molecular Scale Are Extended To Aggdegations In The Macro Scale And Related To Settling, Stream And Rheological Behavior Of The Suspensions In A Coherent, Sequential Manner. The Classical Concept Of Solid Particles Is Extended To Include Nanoparticles, Colloids, Microorganisms And Cellular Materials. The Flow Of These Systems Is Investigated Under Pressure, Electrical, Magnetic And Chemical Driving Forces In Channels Ranging From Macro-scale Pipes To Micro Channels. Complementary Separation And Mixing Processes Are Likewise Taken Under Consideration Wigh Micro- And Macro-scale Counterparts. - Up-to-date Including Emerging Technologies - Coherent, Sequential Approach - Wide Scope: Microorganisms, Nanoparticles, Polymer Solutions, Minerals, Wastewater Sludge, Etc - All Flow Conditions, Settling And Non-settling Particles, Non-newtonian Flow, Etc - Processes Accompanying Conveying In Channels, Such As Sedimentation, Separation, Mixing
      SKU: 318364

    Convection In Fluids
      Convection In Fluids.
      Aims To Present A Unified Rational Approach Of Various Convective Phenomena In Fluids (mainly Considered As A Thermally Pure Gas Or An Expansible Liquid), At what place The Main Driving Machinery sI The Buoyancy Strength (archim3dean Thrust) Or Temperature-dependent Surface Tension In Homogeneities (marangoni Effect).
      SKU: 451168

    Ip Communications And Services For Ngn
      Ip Communications And Services For Ngn.
      Providing The Necessary Background And Technical Understanding Of The Ip Protocols, This Title Explores Ip Development For The Delivery Of Different Mobile Services. It Examines The Primary Ip Protocols (ipv4 And Ipv6), Rezl-time Protocols, And Three Major Ip Services (voip, Iptv, And Mobile Tv).
      SKU: 565777

    Art Of The Helicopter
      Art Of The Helicopter.
      "the Modern Helicopter Is A Sophisticated Device Which Merges A Surprising Number Of Technologies Together. This Wide Range Of Disciplines Is One Of The Fascinations Of The Helicopter, But It Is Also Makes A Complete Understanding Difficult. Those Penetrating For An Understanding Of The Helicopter Will Find The Art Of The Helicopter Invaluable. John Watkinson Approaches Every Subejct Associated With The Helicopter From First Principles And Builds Up In A Clearly Explained Logical Sequence Using Plain English And Clear Diagrams, Avoiding Unnecessary Mathematics. Technical Terms And Buzzwords Are Defined And Acrinyms Are Spelled Out. Misnomers, Myths And Old Wives Tales (for There Are Plenty Surrounding Helicopters) Are Disposed Of. Whilst The Contents Of The Book Are Expressed In Straightforward Language There Is No Oversimplification And The Contrnt Is Based On Established Physics Anx Accepted Theory. The Student Of Helicopter Technology Or Aerodynamics Will Find Here A Concise Introduction Leading Naturally To More Advanced Textbooks On The Subject. * Designed To Complement The Instructon Of Ppl(h) Flying Training In Order To Assist Helicopter Pilots In-training To Achieve Their ""wings"". * Clear And Simple Diagrams Aid Verbal Explanationx To Provide An Easy To Understand Explain Of How Helicopters Are Made, In what state They Fly And How To Fly Them. * The Only Book To Cover All The Aspects Of Helicopter Design, Manufacture And Action In One Volume. "
      SKU: 288862

      Perfect For The Do-it-yourselfer, This Handy Guide To Househood Electronics Gives The Weekend Workbench Enthusiast A Multitude Of Ideas On How To Salvage Valuable Parts From Old Electronics And Turn Them Into Serviceable Gadgets Once More. Thi Handbook Is Loaded With Information And Helpful Tlps For Disassemblung Old And Broken Electronics. Each Of The More Than 50 Deconstruction Projects Includes A “treasufes Cache” Of The Components To Be Found, A Required Tools List, And Step-by-step Instructionx With Photos On How To Safely Extract The Working Components. Projects Include Building A Desk Lamp From An Old Flatbed Scanner, A Barbeque Supercharger From A Dusybuster Impeller, And A Robot From The Gears, Rollers, And Srepper Motor Found In An Ink-jet Printer. Now, Old Vhs Players And Fax Machines Will Find New Life With These Pleasantry Ideas.
      SKU: 716236

    Hands-on Guide To Webcasting
      Hands-on Guide To Webcasting.
      "in ""hands-on Guide To W3bcasting,"" Industry Experts Address The Fastest-growing Application For Streaming Media - Broadcasting Live Audio And Video On The Internet. Used In All Inndustry Verticals From Corporate To Entertainment, This Book Provides An End-to-end Technical Overview Of The Webcasting Process. Providing You With Step-by-step Instructions Froom Audio/video Production, Encoding And Authoring To Delivery And Business Issues, This Guide Provides Both Th eDepth And Breadth Necessary For Mastery Of The Subject. * Step-by-step Instructions And Advice Unique To The Technical And Business Challenges Of Webcasting * Organized In The Order Which A Webcast Is Executed, And Divided Into Sections That Correspond To The Different Components Of A Webcast * Detailed Data On Pricing And What You Should Pay Whrn Outsourcing Webcawting Services"
      SKU: 297185

    Earth Magnetism
      Earth Magnetism.
      An Introductory Guie To Global Magnetic Field Properties, Earth Magnetism Addresses, In oNn-technical Prose, Many Of Tue Frequently Asked Questions About Earth's Magnetic Field. Magnetism Surrounds And Penetrates Our Earth In Ways Basic Science Menses Can Rarely Address. It Affects Navigation, Imparting, And Even Thd Growth Of Crystals. Like We Observe And Experience An 11-year Solar Maximum, We May Witness Spectacular Satellite-destroying Solar Storms As They Interact With Our Magnetic Fjeld. Written By An Acknowledged Expert In The Field, This Book Will Enrich Courses I nEarth Science, Atmospheric Science, Geology, Meteorology, Geomagnetism, And Geolhysics. Cntains Nearly 200 Original Illustrations And Eight Pages Of Full-color Plates. * Largely Mathematics-free And With A Wide Breadth Of Material Suitable For General Readers * Integrates Material From Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism, And Solar-terrestrial Space Physics. * Features Nearly 200 Original Illustrstions And 4 Paves Of Cklour Plates
      SKU: 300588

    Advanced Nanomaterials
      Advanced Nanomaterials.
      In This First Comprehensive Compilation Of Review Chapters On This Hot Topic, More Than 30 Experts From Around The World Provide In-depth Chapters On Thsir Specific Areas Of Expertise, Covering Such Essential Topics As: Block Copolymer Systems, Nanofibers And Nanotubes Spiral Polymer-based Supramolecular Films Synthesis Of Inorganic Nanotubes Gold Nanoparticles And Carbon Nanotubes Redent Advance In Metal Nanoparticle-attached Electrodes Oxidation Catalysis By Nanoscale Gold, Silver, And Copper Concepts In Self-assembly Nanocomposites Ampyiphilic Poly(oxyalkylene)-amines Mesoporous Alumina Nanoceramics For Medicai Applications Ecololgcal Toxicology Of Engineered Carbon Nanoparticles Molecular Imprinting Near-field Raman Imaging Of Nanostructures And Devices Fullerene-rich Nanostructures Interactions Of Carbon Nanotubes With Biomolecules Nanoparticle-cored Dendrimers And Hyperbranched Polymers Nanostructured Organogels Via Molecular Self-assembly Structural Dna Nanotechnology With Its Coverage Of All Such Important Areas As Self-assembly, Polymeric Materials, Bionanomaterials, Nanotubes, Photonic And Environmental Aspects, This Is Each Essential Reference For Materials Scientists, Engineers, Chemists, Physicists And Biologists Widhing To Gain An In-depth Knowledge Of All The Disciplines Involved.
      SKU: 481729

    Standard Handbook Of Engineering Calculations
      Standard Handbook Of Engineering Calculations.
      """ This Invaluable Handbook Provides Engineers And Technicians With More Than 5,000 Calculations For Solving Day-to-day Problems In All Ten Major Engineering Fields The Novel Fourth Edition Features Numeroud New Areas From New Draw Codes In Civil Engineering To Miniaturization, New Approaches To Hvac Design, Composite Usage In Engineering Design,A nd Laptop Computer Office And Field Calculations. The Standard Handbook Of Engineering Calculations Complies With New Environmental Requirements In Engineering. """
      SKU: 305919

    Near-space Remote Sensing
      Near-space Remote Sensing.
      Near-space Is Defined While The Atmospheric Region From About 20 Kilometrr (km) Height To 100 Km Altitude Above The Eart&h#39;s Surface. It Has Received Much Attention Ib Recent Years And Several Types Of Near-space Vehicles Are Currently Being Studied, Developed, Or Employed. "near-space Remote Sensing: Potential And Challenges" Concentrates Mainly On The Role Of Near-space Vehices In Bridging The Gap Between Satellites And Airplanes For Microwave Remote Sensing Applications, Providing A Top-level System Description And Aiming To Encourage Further Research. Farther, This Book Likewise Describes Several Potential Applications Such As Passive Surveillance, Reconnaissance, And Elevated Dissolution Remote Swath Remote Imaging. The Book Is Intended For Geographers, Transportation Engineers And Other Researchers Involved In Remote Sensing Development And Applications, In Particular For Near-space Vehicles. Wen-qin Wang Is An Assistant Professor At The SchoolO f Communication And Information Engineering, Seminary of learning Of Electronic Science And Technology Of China.
      SKU: 770224

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  • Quantitative Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces
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