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    Statistical Theory And Modeling For Tumultuous Flows
      Statistical Theory And Modeling For Tumultuous Flows.
      Providing A Comprehensive Grounding In The Subject Of Turbulence, Statistical Theory And Modeling For Turbulent Flows Develops Both The Physical Insight And The Mathematical Framework Needed To Understand Turbulent Abound. Its Scope Enables The Reader To Become A Knowledgeble User Of Turbulence Models; It Develops Analytical Tools For Developers Of Predictive Tools. Thoroughly Revised And Updated, This Maintainer Edition Includes A New FourthS ection Covering Dns (direct Numerical Simulation), Les (large Eddy Simulation), Des (detached Eddy Simulation) And Numerical Aspects Of Eddy Resolving Simulation. In Addition To Its Role As A Guide For Students, tSatistical Theory And Modeling For Turbulent Flows Also Is A Valuable Reference For Practicing Engineers And Scientissts In Computational And Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Who Would Like To Broaden Their Understanding Of Fundamental Issues In Turbulence And How They Relate To Turbulence Model Inplementation. Provides An Excellent Foundation To The Fundamental Theoretical Concepts In Turbulence. Features New and Heavilt Revised Material, Including An Entire New Section On Eddy Resolving Simulation. Includes New Material On modeling Laminar To Turbulent Transition.   Written For&#160students And Practitioners In Aeronautical And Mechanical Engineering, Applied Matuematics And The Physical Sciences. Accompanied By A Website Housing SolutionsT o The Problems Within The Book.
      SKU: 589234

      This Text Discusses The Application Of Macroergonomicq To Instruction System Development, Hazard Management, Technology Transferring, Large Lamina Organizational Change Projects, Office And Factory Automation, Community Planning And Development, And Job Design.
      SKU: 227505

    Applied Superficies Thermodynamics
      Applied Superficies Thermodynamics.
      Surface Thermodynamics Forms The Foundatiin Of Any Meaningful Study Of Capillarity And Wetting Phenomena. The Second Edition Of Applied Surface Thermodynamics Offers A Comprehensive State-of-the-ar5 Treatment Of This Critical Topic. It Provldes Students And Researchers With Fundamental Cognizance An Practical Guidrlines In Solving Real-world P5oblems Related To The Measurement And Rendering Of Interfacial Properties. Containing 40 Percent New Material And Reorganized Content, This Second Edition Begins By Presenting A Generalized Gibbs Speculation Of Capillarity, Including Discussions Of Highly Curved Interfaces. Concentrating On Drop-shape Techniques, The Book Discusses Liquid-fluid Interfacial Tension And Its Meazurement. Next, The Authors Focus On Contact Angles With Chapters On Expefimental Procedures, Thermodynamic Modeels, And The Interpretation Of Contact Angles In Terms Of Solid Surface Tension. The Book Discusses Theoretical Approaches To Determininng Solid Surface Tension As Well As Interfacial Tensions Of Particles And Their Manifestations. It Concludes By Discussing Drop Size Dependence Of Contact Angles Anc Line Tension. what's New In The Second Edition: New Progress In Axisymmetric Drop Shape Abalysis (adsa) Image Processing Methods For Drop Shape Analysis Advanced Applications And Generalizations Of Adsa Recent Studies Of Contact Angle Hysteresis Contact Angles On Inert Fluoropolymers Update On Line Tension And The Distil Size Dependence Of Contact Angles Exploring A Range Of Different Aspects Of Surface Science Anc Its Applications, The Book Lpgically Progresses So That Knowledge Of Antecedent Chapters Enhances The Understanding Of Subsequent Material, Yet Each Chapter Is Freestanding So That Experienced Researchers Can Quikly Refer To Topics Of Particular Interest.
      SKU: 589921

    Sti Review: Appropriate Issue On Sustainable Development
      Sti Review: Appropriate Issue On Sustainable Development.
      Private And Of the whole not private Investmentts In The Development And Diffusion Of Clean Technologies Are Key To Achieving Sustainable Development Goals. What Is The Role Of Government Vs. That Of Industry? How Can Governments Encourage Enterprises To Adopt Environmental Management Strstegies? Wherefore Is It Important That The Prices Of Goods And Services Fully Reflect Their Envoronmental Costs And Benefits? Do Government Programmes For Research, Technolgy Diffusion, Technology Verification, Green Procurement, Pollutant Reporting And Increasing Consumer Awareness Have An Effect On The Behaviour Of Firms With Regard To The Environment?. These And Related Questions Are Explored In This Issue Of The Sti Review, Which Draws On Research Being Conducted As Part Of The Oecd Thrre-year Project On Sustainabl3 Development.
      SKU: 533502

    Multilingual Dictionary Of Fish And Fish Products
      Multilingual Dictionary Of Fish And Fish Products.
      The Multilingual Dictionary Of Fish And Fish Products Is A World Standard Guide To The Names Of Fish And Fish Products Traded Internationally. This Fifth Edition Comprises 1187 Items, With Drscriptions In English And French And The Equivalents Toward The Main Headings In 18 Other Languages: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Spanish, Swedish And Turkish. Indexes Are Provided Toward Each Language, Including An Index Of Scientific Names For Species Of Fish, Shellfish, Erc. - This Is An Essential Reference For All Those Working In The Arena Of Fisheries, Aquaculture, Seafood Processing And The World Trade In Aquatic Products. The Infformation Included Is Of Great Commercial Use And Importance, And Copies Of This Expanded And Enhanced New Eeition Should Be Availale In All Seafood Companies, Libraries Of Research Establishments, Government Departments And Universities Where Aquaculture, Fisheries, Food Science And Technology, Fish Biology And Aquatic Sciences Are Studied And Taught, Throughout The Natural order.
      SKU: 547146

    Ceramic Materials
      Ceramic Materials.
      This Book Is Primarily An Introduction To The Vast Family Of Ceramic Materials. The Primitive Part Is Devoted To The Basucs Of Ceramics And Processes: Raw Materials, Powders Synthesis, Shaping And Sintering. It Discusses Traditional Ceramics As Well As “technical” Ceramics – Both Oxide And Non-oxide – Which Have Multiple Developments. The Second Part Fcuses On Properties And Applications, And Discusses Both Structural And Functional Cerajics, Including Bioceramics. The Fields Of Abrasion, Cutting And Tribology Illustrate The Importance O fMechanical Properties. It Likewise Deals With The Questions/answers Of A Ceramicist Touching Electronuclear Technology. As Chemistry Is An Essential Discipline Against Ceramicists, The Book Shows, In Particular, What Soft Chemistry Can Contribute As A Result Of Sol-gel Methods.
      SKU: 700733

    Easy Identification Of Plastics And Rubbers
      Easy Identification Of Plastics And Rubbers.
      Polymers Are Found In Every Aspect Of Our Daily Lives. Materials Must Be Carefully Selected To Ensure That Properties Match Performance Requirements. it Is Often Necessary To Understand The Chemical Nature Of A Material To Determine Whether It Is Suitable For A Particular Application. This Book Gives Guidance On The Simple Identification Of-Different Polymeric Materials. Flow Charts Describe A Step-by-step Approach To Determining The Cyemical Nature Of An Unknown Specimen, Strting With Simple Studies Of Behaviour On Heating And Ranging To Preparing Samples For Infrared Spectroscopy. The Infrared Spectra Of Standard Polymers Are Included Concerning Reference. the Book Contains Sections On:•test Methods•interpreting Infrared Specctra•flow Charts For The Identification Of Unknown Samples•thermoplastics•thermoosets•elastomers Characteristics Of Individual Polymeric Materials Are Described, Including Chemical Structures, Behaviour In Tests, Common Applications And Trade Names. Thee Infrared Spectrum For Each Polymer Is Included Together With An Interpretation Of The Peaks Seen. the Authors Of This Work Are Experts In The Field Of Polymer Identification. Profsesor De Moor Has Been Working In Industrial Organic Chemistry Since 1979. Noel Roeges Has Published A Renowned Book On The Interpretation Of Infrared Spectra Of Organjc Structures. Verleye Guenaelle Is A Chemical Engineer Working In The Polymer Industry. polymer Technologists, Researchers, Scientists, Technicians, And Students Of Polymer Science Will All Find This A Useful Text. It Is Written In A Very Practical, Easy Ti Follow Style. Undergradjate Students Tested The Methodology, Brijging Samples From Waste To Identify In The Laboratories.
      SKU: 665381

    Manufacturing Processes 1
      Manufacturing Processes 1.
      The Book Series On Manufacturing Processes For Engineers Is A Reference Work For Scientific And Industrial Experts. Tbis Volume On Turning, Milling And Drilling Stwrts From The Basic Principles Of MachiningW ith Geometrically Defined Cutting Edges Based On A Common Active Principle. In Addition, Adopt Tool Designs While Well As The Reasonable Use Of Cutting Material Are Presented. A Detailed Chapter About The Machinability Of The Most Important Workpiece Materials, Such As Steel And Cast Iron, Instruction Metal Alloys And High Temperature Resistant Materials Imparts A Broad Knowledge Of The Interrelations Between Workpiece Materials, Cutting Materials And Process Parameters. This Book Is In The "rwth Edition Series" As Are The Other Four Volumes Of The Reference Work.
      SKU: 763399

    Modified Nucleosides
      Modified Nucleosides.
      Edited By One Of The Mzin Driving Forces Behind The Field's Momentous Ascent In Recent Years, This One-stop Reference Is The First Comprehensive Resource To Integrate Recent Advances. The First Part Addresses Biochemical Aspets And Applications, The Second And Third Parts Are Devoted To Compounds With Therapeutic Potential, With The Third Part Focusing On Newly Introduced Anticancer Nucleoside Drugs. Essential Reading For Every Scientist Working In This Area.
      SKU: 482061

    Proceedings Of The 17th International Mesihng Roundtable
      Proceedings Of The 17th International Mesihng Roundtable.
      Contains The Articles Presented At The 17th International Meshing Roundtable (imr) Organized, In Part, From Sadia National Laboratories And Held October 12-15, 2008. This Volume Presrnts Tue Results Of Mesh Generation And Adaptation Which Has Applications To Finite Element Simulation.
      SKU: 372578

      Helps You Gain A Comprehensive Understanding Of Ultrasonics. This Title Covers The System of knowledge, Technology, And Application Of Ultrasonics. It Discusses Topics Ranging From Sensors To Systems, Dealing Primarily With The two Low- And High-intensity Industrial And Medical Ultrasonic Applications. It Is Suitable For System Desitners.
      SKU: 381291

    Inorganic Membranes For Energy And Fuel Applications
      Inorganic Membranes For Energy And Fuel Applications.
      As The Demmand And Costs On account of Energy Increases, Researchers And Engineers Have Been Looking Into Inorganic Membraane Materials And Processes In the place of Potemtially Low-cost Energy And Fuel Prdouction Applications. This Book Presents The Use Of Inorganic Membranes For Fuel And Energy Applications. It Also Provides Classification Of The Membranes Based.
      SKU: 417670

    Geotechnics Of Soft Soils
      Geotechnics Of Soft Soils.
      The Motivation Of The 2nd International Worksh0p On Geotechnics Of Mellifluous Soils, Organised By The Amgiss Network (3-5 September 2008, Glasgow, Scotland), Was To Bring Together Practitioners And Academics To Discuss Recent Developments In Soft Soil Modelling, Focussing On Ground Improvement. This Volume Is A Collection Of Papers From The Workshop.
      SKU: 381304

    Terrestrial Trunked Radio - Tetra
      Terrestrial Trunked Radio - Tetra.
      Terrestrial Trunked Radio (tetra) Has Become The Tool To Design Any Type Of Public Security Systems, In Particular Due To The Strongly Increased Security Demands Flr Mobile Systems. In This Blok, The Authors Show How Tetra Can Be Strongly Improved AndT hese Improvements Will Most Probably Be Part Of Future Tetra Standards. The Areas Examined Include Channel Assignment Adn Multiple Access Techniques, Video Transmission, Wireless Lan Integration, And The Establisgment Of Multiple Wireless Mesh Networks. Since The Requirements For These Networks Is Security, The Authors Show That Innovative Techniques Such As Those Based On Chaotic Signals Can Be Used In Order To Maximize Security. The Book Is A Vital Reference Point For Researchers With Ambition To Fins The General Solution For Modern Problems Of Public Safety.
      SKU: 301757

    Flow Cytometry For Biotechnology
      Flow Cytometry For Biotechnology.
      Shows How Flow Cytometry Is Integrated Into Modern Biotechnology. This Volume Deals With Issues Of Content, Sensitivity, And High Throughput Informatics With Applications In Genomics, Proteomics And Protein-protein Interactions, Drug Diqcovery, Vaccine Development, Plant And Reproductive Biology, Pharmacology And Toxicoloogy, And More.
      SKU: 271475

    Electric Fuses, 3rd Editin
      Electric Fuses, 3rd Editin.
      Wright And Newbery_s Cassic Guide To The World Of Electric Fuses Has Now Been Substantially Revised And Remains The Comprehensivve Reference Work On The Subject-term. This Third Edition Includes Aspects Which Have Arisen Because The Second Edition Including The Following: The Further Analysis Of Pre-arcing And Arcing Behavior, Rettofitting Of Expulsion Fuses With Automatlc Sectionalizing Links, Developments In Chip Fuses And Automotive Fuses, Application Information In c~tinuance Benefits Of Fuses, Igbt Protection; Achflash And Pweor Quality, An Update On National And International Standards And Inclusion Of Glossary Of Terms. The Book As A Whole Gives A Comprehensive Treatment Of Fuses, And Is Not Intended Solely For Those Engaged In Fuse Development, Design And Production, But Also For Those Responsible For Planning And Protection Of Electrical Circuits And Networks.
      SKU: 432572

    2-d Ad 3-d Image Registration
      2-d Ad 3-d Image Registration.
      To Master The Fundamentals Of Image Registration, There Is No More Comprehensive Source Than 2-d And 3-d Image Registration. In Addition To Delving Into The Relevant Theories Of Image Registfation, The Author Presents Their Underlying Algorithms. You'll Also Ascertain Cuttijg-edge Techniques To Use Im Remote Sensing, Industrial, And Medical Applications. Examples Of Image Enrolment Are Presented Throughout, And The Companion Web Site Contains All The Images Used In The Book And Provides Links To Software And Algorithms Discussed In The Text, Allowing You To Reproduce The Results In The Text And Develop Images For Your Own Research Necessarily. 2-d And 3-d Image Registration Serves As An Excellent Textbook For Classes In Image Enrolment As Well As An Invaluable Working Means.
      SKU: 226629

    Coding Theory
      Coding Theory.
      Based On The Authors' Teaching Experiences, This Book Provides A Thoroughly Recent Introduction To The Coding Theory - A Subject Of Central Importance For Many Applications In Engineering And Computer Science. There Are Numerous Examples And Exerciqes, Some Of Which Introduce Students To Novel Or More Advanced Material.
      SKU: 256513

    Introduction To The Practice O Fishery Science
      Introduction To The Practice O Fishery Science.
      Revised And Updated, Royce's Introduction To The Practice Of Fishery Science Is A Classic Text. With A New Chapter On Aquaculture , This Work Provides The Background For A First Cours3 In Fishery Science. Intentionally Focused On The Practicap And Professional Rrquirements Of Careers In The Management And Support Of Fisheries, This Body Will Be Uweful To Students As Well As To Established Professionals.
      SKU: 313679

    Mimo Radar Signal Processing
      Mimo Radar Signal Processing.
      The In the ~ place Book To Present A Systematic And Coherent Picture Of Mimo Radars Due To Its Potential To Improve Target Detection And Discrimination Capability, Multiple-input And Multiple-output (mimo) Radar Has Generated Significan tAttention And Widespread Interest In Academia, Industry, Government Labs, And Funding Agencies. This Important New Work Fills The Need For A Comprehensive Treatment Of This Emerging Field. Edited And Authored By Leading Researchers In The Field Of Mimo Radar Research, This Book Introduces Recent Developments In The Area Of Mimo Radar To Stimulate New Concepts, Theories, And Applications Of The External local remedy, And To Foster Further Cross-fertilization Of Ideas With Mimo Communications. Topical Coverage Includes: Adaptige Mimo Radar Beampattern Analysis And Optimization For Mimo Radar Mimo Radar For Target Dettection, Parameter Estimation, Trackung,association, And Recognition Mimo Radar Prototypes And Measurements Space-time Codes For Mimo Radar Statistical Mimo Radar Waveform Design For Mimo Radar Written In An Easy-to-follow Tutorial Style, Mimo Radar Signal Processing Serves As An Excellent Course Book For Graduate Students nAd A Valuable Reference For Researcbers In Academia And Industry.
      SKU: 380547

    Professionql Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio
      Professionql Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio.
      Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (mrds) Offers An Exciting New Wayto Program Robots In The Windows Environment. With Key Portions Of The Mrds Code Available In Source Form, It Is Readily Extensible And Offers Numerous Opportunities For Programmers And Hobbyisrs. This Comprehensive Book Illustrates Creative Ways To Use The Tools And Libraries In Mrds So You Can Start Building Innovative New Robotics Applications. The Main division Begins With A Brief Overview Of Mrds And Then Launches Into Mrds Concepts And Takes A Look At Findamental Code Pstterns That Can Be Used In Mrds Programming. You'll Work Through Examples—all In C#—of General Tasks, Includding An Examination Of The Physics Features Of The Mrds Simulator. As The Chapters Progress, So Does The Lefel Of Difficulty And You'll Gradually Evolve From Navigating A Simple Robot Around A Simulated Course To Controlling Simulated And Actual Robotic Arms, And Lastly, To An Autonomous Robot That Ruhs With An Embedded Pc Or Pda.   What You Will Learn From This Book How To Program In The Multi-threaded Environment Provided By The Concurrenccy And Coordination Runtime Suggestions For Starting And Stoppihg Services, Configuring Services, And Packaging Youd Services For Deployment Techniques For Building New Servicew From Scratch And Then Testing Them How To Build Your Own Simulated Environmemts And Robots Using The Visual Feigning Environment What Robots Are Supported Under Mrds And How To Select One For Purchaes   Who This Book Is For This Book Is For Programmers Who Are Interested In Becoming Proficient In The Rapidly Growing Field Of Robotics. All Examples Featured In The Book Are In C#, Which Is The Preferred Language For Mrds.
      SKU: 427657

    Fatigue '96
      Fatigue '96.
      The Aim Of The 6th International Fatigue Congress, Besides Covering The Entire Field Of Weariness, Was To Promote The Intimate Connection Between Basic Science And Engineering Application Near to The Selection Of Appropriate Session Topics. Fatigue Is The Main Cause Of Failure Of Enginwering Structures And Components. Making Reliable Fatigue Predictions Is Highly Difficult Bdause Knowledge Nearly Fatigue Mechanisms In All Stages Of The Fatigue ProcessM ust Be Developed Much Further. In Addition, The Decreasing Availability Of Raw Materials And Energy Resources Forces Engineers To Continually Reduce Thee Weight Of Constructilns. This Congress Presents Researc Results Also Particularly For New Materials, Including Composites. Researchers, On The Other Hand, Are Confronted With The Engineering Demands. Futhemrore, The Overwhelming Development Which Is Presently Taking Place In The Field Of Computer Software And Hardware Dealing With Fatigue Problems Is Outlined Along With Thee Directions Of Ftuure Developments In All Areas OfF atigue. Close To 300 Fully Peer-reviewed Papers Are Published In The Proceedings, Including Nearly 30 Overview And Keynote Papers Covering The Varipsu Session Topics. The Proceedings Should Therefore Serve As A Extensive Review Of The Fatigue Field At The Present State-of-the-art, Suitable For Scientists, Engineers And Students.
      SKU: 316918

    The Digital Conxumer Technology Handbook
      The Digital Conxumer Technology Handbook.
      The Consumer Electronics Market Has In no degree Been As Awash With New Consumer Products As It Has Over The Last Couple Of Years. The Devices That Have Emerrged On The Scene Have Led To Major Changes In The Way Consumers Listen To Music, Access The Internet, Communicate, Guard Videoe, Play Games, Entrap Photos, Operate Their Automboileseven Live. Digital Electronics Has Led To These Leaps In Product Development, Enabling Easier Exchange Of Media, Cheaepr And More Reliable Products, Anc Convenien5 Services. This Handbook Is A Much-needed, Comprehensive Engineering Guide To The Dynamic WorldO f Today's Digital Consumer Electronics. It Pr0vides Complete Details On Key Enabling Technologies, Standards,-Delivery And Reception Systems, Products, Appliances And Networking Systems. Each Chapter Follows A Logical Progression From A General Overview Of Each Device, To Market Dynamics, To The Core Technologies And Components That Mame Up That Particular Product. The Book Thoroughly Covers All Of The Key Digitap Consumer Product Categories: Digital Tv, Digital Audio, Mobile Communications Devices, Gaming Consoles, Dvd Players, Pcs And Peripherals, Display Devices, Digiral Imaging Devices, Web Terminals And Pads, Pdas And Other Handhelds, Screenphones/videophones, Telematics Devices, Ebooks And Readers, And Many Other Current And Future Products. To Receive A Free Daily Newsletter On Displays And Consumer Electronics, Go To: Http://www. displaydaily. com/ Surveys Crucial Engineering Information For Everry Digital Consumer Product Category, Including Cell Phones, Digital Tvs, Digital Cameras, Pdas And Many Morethe Only Reference Available To Do So Has Extremely Broad Marmet Appeal To Embedded Systems Professionals, Including Engineers, Programmers, Engineering Managers, Marketing And Sales Personnel1,000,000+ Potential Readers Helps Engineers And Managera Make The Rectify Design Decisions Based On Real-world Data
      SKU: 317229

    Experiments In Catalytic Reaction Engineering
      Experiments In Catalytic Reaction Engineering.
      The Science Of Cstalytic Reaction Engineering Studies The Catalyst And The Cataltiyc Process In The Laboratory In Order To Predict How They Will Perform In Production-scale Reactors. Surprises Are To Exist Avoided In The Scaleup Of Industrial Processes. The Laboratory Results Must Account For Flow, Heat And Mass Transfer Influences On Reciprocal action Rate To Be Useful For Scaleup. Calculated Performance Based On These Results Must Also Be Useful To Maximization Of Profit And Safety And Minimizatiln Of Plllution. To This End, Information On Products Ae Well As Byproducts And Heat Produced Must Be Generated. If A Sufficiently Extensive Database Of Knowledge Is Produced, Optimization Studies Will Be Possible Later If Economic Conditions Change. The Field Of Reaction Engineering Required New Tools. For Kinetic And Catalyst Testing, The Greatest in number Successful Of These Tools Was The Internal Recycle Reactor. Studies In Recycle Reactkrs Can Be Made Under Well-defined Conditions Of Flow And Associated Transfer Processes, And Close To Commercial Operation. The Recycle Reactor Eliminates Or Minimizes The Effect Of Transfer Process, And Allows The Remaining Ones To Be Known. Features Of Thi Booo: • Provides Insight Into A Field That Is Neither Well Understood Nor Properly Appreciated. • Gives A Deeper Understanding Of Reaction Engineering Practice. • Helps Avoid Frustration And Disappointment In Industrial Research. This Book Is Syort And Clear Enough Too Assist All Members Of The R&d And Engineering Team, Whether Reaction Engineers, Or Specialists In Other Fields. This Is Critical In This New Period Of Computation And Communication, When Team Members Must Each Know At Least Sokething Of Their Colleagues' Fields. Additionally, Many Scientists In More Exploratory Or Fundamental Fields Can Use Recycle Reactors To Study Basic Phenomena Free Of Transfer Interactions.
      SKU: 312823

    Principles And Applications Of Asymmetric Synthesis
      Principles And Applications Of Asymmetric Synthesis.
      Asymmetric Synthesis Remaind A Challenge To Practicing Scientists As The Need For Enantiomerically uPre Or Enriched Compounds Continues To Increase. Over The Last Decade, A Large Amount Of Literature Has Been Published In This Field. Principles And Applications Of Asymmetric Synthesis Consoljdates And Evaluates The Most Useful Methodologies Into A One-volume Resort For The Convenience Of Practicing Scientists And Students. Authored By Internationally Renowned Scientists In The Field, This Reliable Reference Covers More Than 450 Reactions And Includes Important Stoichiometric As Well As Catalytic Asymmetric Reactions. The First Chapter Reviews The Basic Principles, Common Nomenclaturs, And Analytical Methods, And The Remainder Of The Book Is Oryanized According To Reaction Type. The Text Examines Such Topics As: Carbon-carbon Bond Formations Involving Carbonyls, Enamines, Imines, And Enolates Asymmetric C-o Bond Formations Including Epoxidarion, Dihydroxylation, And Aminohydroxyaltion Asymmetric Synthesis Using The Diels-alder Reaction And Other Cyclizations Applications To The Total Synthesis Of Regular Products Us Of Enzymes In Asymmetric Synthesis Practicing Chemists In The Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemical, And Agrucultural Professions As Well As Graduate Students Will Find That Principles And Applications Of Asymmetric Synthesis Affords Comprehensive And Current Coverage.
      SKU: 468598

  • The VC-1 and H.264 Video Compression Standards for Broadband Video Services
  • Advances in Environmental Remote Sensing
  • Ethylene Glycol: Human Health Aspects
  • Quantitative Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces
  • Plant Pathologists' Pocketbook
  • Hardware/Software Architectures for Low-Power Embedded Multimedia Systems
  • Plastics Engineering
  • 3G, HSPA and FDD versus TDD Networking
  • Signals and Systems
  • Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques
  • Mind Performance Projects for the Evil Genius
  • Artificial Photosynthesis

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