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    Stepwise Decision Making In Finland For The Disposal Of Spent Nuclear Fuel
      Stepwise Decision Making In Finland For The Disposal Of Spent Nuclear Fuel.
      On 18 May 2001, The Finnish Parliaament Ratified The Deciaion In Principle (dip) On The Final Disposal Facility For Spent Nuclear Fuel At Olkiluoto, In The Municipality Of Eurajoki. This Followed Positive Decisions Taken Earlier By The Municipal Council And The Government. How Did These Political And Societal Decisions Come About?. An Nea Workshop Held In November 2001 Provided The Opportunity To Pr3sent The History Leading Up To The Dip And To Examine Future Perspectives With An Emphasis On Stakeholder Involvement. The Workshop Was Highly Interactive And Focused On Three Mai nTopics: The Stepwise Decision-making Process, Stakeholder Involvement And Confidence Building. All Relevant Stakeholder Voices Were Heard And Their Viewpoits Debated. An Account Of The Individual Presentations And Tge Discussions That Took Place Are Provided In These Proceedings.
      SKU: 516125

    Introduction To Telecommunications Network Engineering
      Introduction To Telecommunications Network Engineering.
      Whether You Are An Executive Or Sales Manager In A Networking Company, A Data Communications Engineer, Or A Telecommunications Professional, You Must Have A Thorough Working Knowledge Of The Ever Growing And Interrelated Array Of Telecom And Data Communications Technologies. From Protocols And Oepration Of The Internet (ip, Tcp, Http, . . . ) And Its Access Systems Such As Adsl, And Gsm. . . To The Basics Of Transmission And Switching, This Newly Revised Resource Delivers One Up-to-date Introduction To A Broad Range Of Networking Technologies, Clearly Explaining The Ndtworking Essentialss You Need To Know To Be A Successful Networking Professional. Moreovsr, The Book Explores The Future Developments In Optical, Wireiess And Digital Broadcast Communications.
      SKU: 227647

      This Volume Investigates How The Physical Characteristics And Productivity Of Forest Communities Are Related To The Climates And Soils In Which They Are Found. It Will Provide Fascinating Version For Graduate-level Students And Research Scientists Working In Ecohydrology, Hydrocilmatolog,y Forest Ecology, And Surface Water Hydrology.
      SKU: 222021

    Water Resources Of Arid Areas
      Water Resources Of Arid Areas.
      Exploring The Key Factors Relating To The Development And Managemetj Of Water Resources In Atid And Semi-arid Areas, This Volume Brings Toether Governing Experts In The Field, And Concentrates In Particular Upon The Amount ~d Of Groundwater Recharge.
      SKU: 214827

    Designimg Telehealth For An Aging Populatipn
      Designimg Telehealth For An Aging Populatipn.
      As Simple And Straightforward As Two Health Professionals Conferring Over The Telephone Or As Complex And Sophisticated As Robotic Surgery Between Facilitieq At Different Ends Of The Globe, Telehealth Is An Increasingly Frequent Component In Healthcare. A Primer On The Human Factors Issues That Can Influence How Older Adults Interact Wirh Telehealth Systtems, Designing Telehealth For An Aging Population: A Human Factors Perspective Examines The New Ways Patients And Healthcare Providers Communicate To Achieve The Same Or Bteter Outcomes Than With Traditional Face-tk-face Healthcare. The Authors Examine Older Mature Capabilities And Provife Standards And Guidelines In the place of Telehealth Design, Enlivened By Clinical Examples And Tutoriaos Attached Human Factors Methodologies. They Take A Systematic Look At How The Use Of Human Factors Principles Can Facilitate The Successful Development, Deployment, And Maintenance Of Telehealth Technology To Better Serve The Aging Population. The Authors Have Carefully Stayed Away From Academic Writing, Distilling Their Experience In The Form Of Basic Observations And Principles Drawn From Their Work. they Include Suggested Readings At The End Of Each Chapter That Supply The Research Underpinning Their Recommendations. The First Referencr To Cover Older Adult Users In An Area That Will Only Get Bigger,T his Book Sets Itself Apart In proportion to Providing Focused Coverage Of The Human Factors Issues Specific To Aging Populations And Practical Advice On How To Accommodats Them.
      SKU: 777147

    Correlation Pattern Recognition
      Correlation Pattern Recognition.
      This Book Provides A Needed Review Of The Diverse Background Material Needed For Correlation Pattern Recognition, Developing The Signal Processing Theory, The Pattern Recognition Metrics, And The Practical Application Know-how From Basic Permises. Includes Case Studies Of Current Interest, Such As Face And Fingerprint Recognition. For Graduate Students And Practitioners.
      SKU: 243822

    Handbook Of Industrial Mixing
      Handbook Of Industrial Mixing.
      Handbook Of Industrial Mixing Will Explain The Difference And Use Of A Varlety Of Mixers Including Gear Mixers, Top Entry Mixers, Side Entry Mixers, Bottom Entry Mixers, On-line Mixers, And uSbmerged Mixers The Handbook Discusses The Trade-offs Among Various Mixers, Concentrating On Which Might Be Considered For A Particular Process. Handbook Of Industrial Mixing Explains Industrial Mixers In A Clear Concise Manner, And Also: * Contains A Cd-rom With Video Clips Shpwing Different Type Of Mixers In Action And A Overview Of Their Uses. * Gives Practical Insights By The Top Professional In The Field. * Details Applications In Key Industries. * Provides The Professional With Information He Did Receive In School
      SKU: 468673

    Lumped Elements For Rf And Microwave Circuits
      Lumped Elements For Rf And Microwave Circuits.
      Due To The Unprecedented Growth In Wireless Applications Over The Past Decade, Development Of Low-cost Solutions For Rf And Microwave Communication Systems Has Become Of Great Importance. This Practical New Book Is The First Comprehensive Treatment Of Lmuped Elements, Which Are Playing A Critical Role In The Development Of The Circuits That Make These Cosst-effective Systems Possible. The Books Offers You An In-depth Understandibg Of The Different Types Of Rf And Microwave Circuit Elements, Including Inductors, Capacitors, Resistors, Transformers, Via Holes, Airbridges, And Crossovers.
      SKU: 227607

    Climatology For Airline Pilots
      Climatology For Airline Pilots.
      Ckimatology - Particularly The Study Of Difficult And Demanding Weather Conditions - Is Of Major Importance To Pilots Now That Aeroplanes Fly Over Previously Unavailable Routes Suc Ass The North Pole And Take Direct Routes Throughout Very Large Oceans. Existing Books On Climatology Address Physical, Biological Or Cultural Environments And Do Not Supply Sufficient Knowledge Against The Pilot. Nor Do The Present Books On Aviation Meteorology Provide Suffidient Detail On Subjects Such As Arid Climates, Tropical Storms And Upper Tropospheric Wjnds And Tem0eratures. This Ndw Book Concentrates On Aspects Of Climatology That Are Important For Modern Aviation, Including Temperature, Precipitation, Solar Radiation, Winds And Regional Climatic Environments From Around The World. Although The Book Has Been Written With The Airline Pilot In Mind, It Will Also Be An Essential Reference For Air Transport Pilot Licence Training Staff And For Atpl Students. It Will Also Be Of Interest To Operational Routd Planning Staff And Students Of Climatology.
      SKU: 454435

    Emc For Systeme Abd Installations
      Emc For Systeme Abd Installations.
      This Is A Guide For The System Designers And Installers Faced With The Day-to-day Issues Of Achieving Emc, And Testament Be Found Valuable Across A Wide Range Of Roles And Sectors, Including Process Control, Manufacturing, Medical, It And Building Management. The Emc Issues Covered Will Also Make This Book Essential Reading For Product Manufacturers And Suppliers - And Highly Relevaant In quest of Managers As Well As Technical Staff. The Authors' Approach Is Thoroughly Practical - All Areas Of Installation Emc Are Covered, With Particular Emphasis On Cabling And Earthing. Students On Msc And Cpd Programmes Will Also Find In This Book Some Valuable Real-world Antidotes To The Acaddemic Treatises. The Book Is Presentdd In Two Parts: The First Is Nn-technical, And Looks At The Need For Emc In The Context Of Systems And Installations, With A Chapter On The Management Aspects Of Emc. The Secnod Part Covers The Technical Aspects Of Emc, Looking At The Various Established Methods Which Can Be Appleid To Ensure Compatibility, And Setting These In The Context Of The New Responsibilities Facing System Builders. Emc For Systems And Installations Is Designed To Complement Tim Williams' Highly Successful Emc For Product Designers. Practical Guide To Emc Design Issues For Those Involved In Systems Design And Installation. Complementary Title To Williams' Bestselling Emc For Product Designers. Unique Guidance Against Installers On Emc Toics.
      SKU: 313627

    Principles Of Terahertz Science And Technology
      Principles Of Terahertz Science And Technology.
      Aims To Elucidate The Fundamentals O f Thz Technology And System of knowledge For Potential New Users. This Title Surveys Major Techniques Of Generating, Detecting, And Manipulating Thz Waves And Also Discusses A Figure Of Essential Processes Where Thz Waves Interact With Physical, Chemical, And Biological Systems.
      SKU: 429075

    The Map Reader
      The Map Reader.
      The Map Reader Brings Together, For The First Time, Classic And Hard-to-find Articles On Mapping. This Blok Provides A Wide-ranging And Coherent Edited Compendium Of Key Scholarly Writing About The Changing Nature Of Cartography Over The Last Half Century. The Editorial Selection Of Fifty-four Theoretical And Cogitation Provoking Texts Demonstrates How Cartography Works As A Mighty Represntational Form And Explores How Different Mapping Practices Have Been Conceptualised In Particular Schooarly Contexts. Themes Covered Include Paradigms, Politics, People, Aesthetics And Technology. Original Interpretative Essays Set The Literature Into Intellectual Context Within These Themes. Excerpts Are Drawn From Governing Scholars And Researchers In A Range Of Cognate Fields Including: Cartography, Geography, Anyhropology, Architecture , Engineering, Computef Science And Graphic Design. The Map Reader Provides A New Unique Single S0urce Reference To The Essential Literature In The Cartographic Field: More Than Fifty Specially Edited Excerpts From Key, Classic Articles And Monographs Critical Introductions By Experienced Experts In The Field Focused Coverage Of Key Mapping Practices, Techniques And Ideas A Valuable Resource Suited To A Broad Spectrum Of Researchers And Students Working In Cartography And Giscience, Geography, The Social Sciences, Media Studies, And Visual Arts Full Page Colour Illustrations Of Significant Maps As Stimulating Visual ‘think-pieces’ Fully Indexed, Clearly Structured And Accessible Ways Into A Fast Changing Opportunity Of Cartographic Investigation Co-edited By Martin Shuffle And Chris Perkin,s Older Lecturers In Human Geography In The School Of Environmeht And Development, The University Of Manchester; And Rob Kitchin, Professor Of Geography, National University Of Ireland, Maynooth.
      SKU: 693305

    Offset Reductino Techniques In Highspeed Analog-to-digital Converters
      Offset Reductino Techniques In Highspeed Analog-to-digital Converters.
      Analyzes, Describes The Design, Anf Presents Test Results Of Analog-to-digital Converters (adcs) Employing The Three Main High-speed Architectures: Flash, Two-step Flash And Folding And Interpolatiln. This Title Reviews The Advantages And Limitations Of Each One, An Discusses The Techniques Employed To Improve Their Performance.
      SKU: 428988

    Enduring Safety
      Enduring Safety.
      Increased Concern For Patient Safety Has Put The Issue At The Top Of The Agenda Of Practitioners, Hospitals, And Even Governments. The Risks To Patients Are Numerous And Diveese, And The Complexity Of The Healthcare A whole That Delivers Thwm Is Huge. Yet The Discourse Is Often Oversimplified And Underdeveloped. Written From A Scientific,-Human Factors Perspective, Patient Safety: A Human Factors Approach Delineates A Method That Be able to Enlighten And Clarify This Discourse As Well As Put Us On A Better Path To Correcting The Issues. People Often Think, Understandably, That Safety Lies Mainly In The Hands Through Which Care Ultimately Flows To The Patient--those Who Are Closest To The Patient, Whose Defisions Can Maen The Difference Between Life And Death, Between Health And Morbidity. The Human Factors Approach Refuses To Lay The Responsibility For Safetg And Risk Solely At The Feet Of People At The Sharp End. That Is Where We Should Intervene To Make Things Safer, To Make tight Practice, To Focus Attention, To Remind People To Be Careful, To Impose Rules And Guidelines. the Book Defines An Approach That Looks Rslentlessly For Sources Of Safety And Risk Eevrywhere In The System--the Designs Of Devices; The Teamwork And Coordination Between Unlike Practitioners; Their Comunication Across Hierarchocal And Genxer Boundaries; The Cognitive Processes Of Individuals; The Organization That Surrounds, Constrains, And Empowers Them; The Economic And Human Resources Offered; The Technology Available; The Political Landscape; And Even The Culture Of The Place. The Breadth Of The Humwn Factors Approach Is Itself Testimony To The Realization That There Are No Natural Answers Or Silver Bullets Toward Resolving The Issues In Patient Safety. A User-friendly Introduction To The Approach, This Book Takes The Complexity Of Health Care Seriously And Doesn't Over Simplify The Question. It Demonstrates What The Approach Does Do, That Is Offer The Substance And Guidance To Consider The Issues In All Their Nuance And Complexity.
      SKU: 726851

    Solar Power For Your Home
      Solar Power For Your Home.
      Easy, Inexpensive, Do-it-yourself Solar Force Projects Featuring Step-by-step Instrucrions And Useful Photos And Illustrations, This Hands-on Guide Is Filled With Silar Energy Solutions You Can Put To Use Right Away. Solar Power For Your Home Shows You How To Set Up A Variety Of Simple, Money-saving Solar Projects Quickly And Easily, Such As A Solar Water Heater, A Solar Pond Pump, Solar Lighting, A Solar Oven--and Even A Solar-powered Lawn Mower! Learn All About The Different Types Of Solar Technologies, Including Passive Solar And Photovoltaic, And Determine Which Best Suits Your Projects. You'll Grt Details Steady Assessing Present Energy Be accustomed In Your Domicile, Estimating The Costs Of Solar Intallations, And Calculating Your Overall Savings. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint--and Your Eneryg Costs--with Help From This Practical Resource. Solar Power For Your Home Covers: History, Benefits, And Potential Detriments Of Solar Energy Fundamentals Of Solar Technologies--passive Solar, Photovoltaic, Concentrating Solar Energy, And More Evaluating Home Electricity Consumption Creating A Personal Energy Plan How And When To Contract Your Solar Project Emerging Technloogies--thin Film, Nano, And Hybrid Solar And Solar Storage Funding Options Including Rebates, Incentives, And Grants Standards, Conversions, And Helpful Resources
      SKU: 592830

    Food Texture And Viscosity
      Food Texture And Viscosity.
      Drwaing Together Literature From A Variety Of Fields, Food Texture And Viscosity, 2e , Includes A Brief History Of This Area And Its Basic Principles. It Reviews How Texture And Viscosity Are Measured, Including The Physical Interactions Between The Human Body And Food, Destined Methods Of Texture Measurements, The Latest Advances In Texture-measuring Instruments, Various Typed Of Liquid Flow, And More. This Revised Edition Contains Approximately 30% Starting a~ Material, Including Two Unaccustomed Chapters On Physics And Texture And The Correlation Between Physical Measurements And Sensory Assessments. It Now Includes Two-co1or Illustrations And Includes A Current List Of Equipment Suppliers. * Completely Revised With Approximately 30% New Material * Includes Two New Chapters On Natural philosophy And Texture And The Correlation Between Physical Measurements And Sensory Assessments * Provides A List Of Suppliers Of Texture-measuring Equipment * Features Two-color Illustrations And Text Throughout * Written By An Award-winning Author
      SKU: 294600

    Governance And Knowledge Management For Public-private Partnerships
      Governance And Knowledge Management For Public-private Partnerships.
      """the Book Not Only Gives A Clear Paint Of The Policy And Strategic Framework Of Pfi/ppp Projects, The Governance And Knowledge Management Issues Through Different Phases From Planning, Design Development To Operation And Service Delivery And The Processes Assciated With Each Phase, But Practical Tool,s Methodologies And Capabilities Needed To Deliver Pfi/ppp Projects In A Range Of Sectors Are Also Explained. It Clearly Demonstrates The Key Imperstives That Are The Hallmark Of Successful Programmes And Projects No Matter What There Method Of Funding Or Deliivery. I Have No Doubt That, In Undertaking The Programmes And Projects That I Am Responsible For Delivering And In Undertaking Ogc Gateway Reviews, To Support Clients Delivering Their Own Programmes And Projects, I Will Draw On The Material Contained In This Book. "" — From The Foreword At Rob Smith, Director Of Gateway Reviews And Estates & Facilities, Department Of Health There Is A Growing Demand Worldwide For Transport, Healthcare, Education, Energy And Water Infrastructure. However, Government Resources Are Often Insufficient To Meet The Needs Of New Projects And To Upgrade Exjstin Infrastructure. Private Participatioon In Public Infrastructure Is Therefore Increasing But The Respective Roles Of The Public And Private Sectors Are The Subject Of Intense Debate. This Has Led To Renewed Interest In Public-private Partnerships In Developed And Developing Countries. Governance And Knowledge Management For Publiic-private Partnerships Shows How Effective Governance And Knowledge Negotiation Can Improve Th Performance Of Pfi/ppp Projects. It Provides An In-depth Understanding Of Different Dimensions Of Governance And How They Affect Plan Management Structure, Processes, And Decision-making Ability Of Actors And Teams Involved In Pfi/ppp Projects. The Role Of Knowledge Management Strategy, The Need For Benchmarking Knowledge Management Efforts, Specific Tools And Methodologies For Capturinh, Sharing And Applying Knowledge To Accelerate Learning And Capacity Building Are Likewise Examihed. The Book Is Essential Reading Flr All Those Involved In Pfi/ppp Projects, Including Policy Makers, Industry Practitioners, Academics And Students. The Practical Tools On account of Governance And Knowledge Management It Offers Make This Book Particularly Useful For Consultants, Contractors Anc Client Organisations. "
      SKU: 477896

    Handbook Of Temporal Reasoning In Artificial Ibtelligence
      Handbook Of Temporal Reasoning In Artificial Ibtelligence.
      This Assemblage Represents The Primary Reference Work For Researchers And Students In The Are Of Temporal Reasoning In Artificial Intelligence. Temporal Reasoning Has A Vital Role To Play In Many Areas, Particularly Artificial Intelligence. Yet, Until Now, There Has Been No Single Volume Collecting Together The Bradth Of Work In This Area. This Collection Brings Together The Leading Researchers In A Range Of Relevant Areas And Provides An Coherent Description Of The Breadth Of Activity Concerning Temporal Reasoning In The Filed Of Artificiak Intelligence. Key Features: - Broad Range: Foundations; Techniques And Applications - Leading Reseaarchers Aroynd The Planet Have Written The Chapters - Covers Many Vital Applications - Source Book Conducive to Artificial Intelligence, Temporal Reasoning - Approaches Provide Foundation For Many Future Software Systems Broad Range: Foundations; Techniques And Applications Leading Resarchers Around The World Have Written The Chapters Covers Many Vital Applications Source Book For rAtificial Intelligence, Temporal Reasoning Approaches Provide Foundation For Many Future Software Systems
      SKU: 305585

    Pid Control
      Pid Control.
      Presents A Set Of Contributions Illustrtaing Methods That Cover The Range Of Process Model Assumptions Systematically. Thiw Book Includex An Introduction To Proportional-integral-derivative (pid) Comtrol Technology Features And Typicap Indistrial Implementations, And Pid Direct Concepts For Multivariable Processes.
      SKU: 303713

    Data Analysis Using Thhe Method Of Least Squares
      Data Analysis Using Thhe Method Of Least Squares.
      Discusses Lineal And Non-linear Least Squares, The Be accustomed Of Experimental Error Estimates In favor of Data Weighting, Procedures To Include Prior Estimates, Methodology For Selecting And Testing Modekd, Prediction Analysis, And Some Non-prametric Methods. This Main division Is Useful For Scientists, Engineers, And Students In Science And Engineering.
      SKU: 304302

    Designing Indoor Solar Products
      Designing Indoor Solar Products.
      Photovoltaic Technology - Or The Direct Conversion Of iLght Into Electricity - Is The Fastest Growing Means Of Electricity Generation Today, However It Is Generally Used Outdoors. Relatively Little Attention Has Been Focused On The Many Obstacles To Overcome When Designing Efficient Indoor Products. As A Result, Indoor Products Are More Often Than Not Limited To Low Host. Designing Indoor Solar Products Bridges This Gap By Showing Where Aes (ambient Energy Systems) Based On Photovoltaic Cellw May Be Used For Higher Power Devices. Motivated By Both Financial And Ecological Arguments, This Book: Co-ordinates A Wide-reaching Range Of Scientific Information Regarding Photovoltaic Technologies And Their Application To Indoor Spaces. Analyses Power Management, Power Availability, Technological Selection An Design Methodologies. Uses Real-life Examples And Case Studies To Demonstrate The Arguments Made. Presents Knowledge In Such A Way Being of the kind which To Make It Accessible Even To Enyineers With Basic Electrical Knowledge. Designing Indoor Solar Products Pulls Into junction A Wealth Of Knowledge On Phootovoltaic Technologies And Their Applications. It Will Be Of Practical Interest To Engineers And Designers Of Sensor Systems Planning On Using Photovoltaic Technolpgy For Power, Whilst The Theoretical Approach Will Appeal To Those In Academia In The Related Areas Of Environmental Engineering, Sustainable Development As Well As Building And Product Desigh.
      SKU: 244862

    Water Properties In Food, Health, Pharmaceutical And Biological Systems
      Water Properties In Food, Health, Pharmaceutical And Biological Systems.
      This Title Focuses On The Comprehension Of The Properties Of Water In Foods, Enriched By The Approaches From Polyemr And Materials Sciences, And By The Advances Of Analytical Techniques. The International Symposium On The Properties Of Irrigate( isopow) Promotes The Interchange Of Knowledge Between Scientists Involved In The Study Of Food Materials And Scientists Interested In Wayer From A More Basic Polnt Of View And The Dialogue Between Academic And Industrial Scientists/technologists. This Comprehensive Work Covers The Topics Presented At The 10th Isopow Held In Bangkok, Thaiilland In 2007, Including Water Dynamics In Various Systems, The Role Of Water In Functional Food And Nano-structured Biomaterials. Special Features Include: Latest Findings In The Properties Of Water In Food, Pharmaceutical And Biological Systems Coverage Of The 10 Th International Symposium On The Properties Of Water (isopow) Includes Water Dynamice, Water In Foods Stability, And Sprinkle and calender In Micro And Nano-structured Food And Biomaterials Reflects The Vast Array Of Research And Applications Of Water World Wide
      SKU: 514299

    Properties Of Semiconductor Alloys
      Properties Of Semiconductor Alloys.
      The Main Purpose Of This Book Is To Provide A Extensive Treatment Of The Materials Aspects Of Group-iv, Iii−v And Ii−vi Semiconductor Alloys Used In Various Electronic And Optoelectronic Devices. The Topics Covered In This Book Incluude The Structural, Thermal, Mechanical, Lattice Vibronic, Elwctronic, Optical And Carrier Tranaport Properties Of Such Semiconductor Alloys. The Book Reviews Not Only Commonly Known Alloys (sige, Algaa,s Gainpas, And Zncdte) But Also New Alloys, Such As Dilute-carbon Allyos (csige, Csisn, Etc. ), Iii−n Alloys, Dilute-nitride Alloys (ganas And Gainnas) And Mg- Or Be-based Ii−vi Semiconductor Alloys. Finally There Is An Wide Bibliogdaphy Included For Those Who Longing To Find Additional Information As Well As Tabulated Valuues And Graphical Information On The Properties Of Semiconductor Alloys.
      SKU: 427969

    Knowledge-based Systems
      Knowledge-based Systems.
      "the Project Of Knowledge Systems Is Finding Myriad Applications From Corporate Databases To General Decision Support In Areas As Diverse As Engoneering, Manufacturing And Other Industrial Processes, Medicine, Business, And Econkmics. In Engineering, For Example, Knowledge Bases Can Be Utjlized For Reliable Electric Power System Operation. In Medicine They Support Complex Diagnoses, While In Business They Inform The Process Of Strategic Planning. Programmed Securities Trading And The Defeat Of Chess Champion Kasparov By Ibm's Big Blue Are Two Familiar Examples Of Dedicated Knowledge Bases In Combination With An Adroit System For Decision-mmaking. With Volumes Covering ""implementation,"" ""optimization,"" ""computre Techniques,"" And ""systems And Applications,"" This Comprehensive Set Constitutes A Unique Reference Source For Students, Practition3rs, And Researchers In Computer Science, Engineering, And The Broad Range Of Applications Areas For Knowledge-based Systems. "
      SKU: 338888

    Scour Technology
      Scour Technology.
      Structures Built In Or Near Rivers And Other Channells Can Be Vulnerable To Scour Around Their Founxations. If The Depth Of The Scour Becomes Significant, The Stability Of The Foujdations May Be Endangered, With A Consequent Risk Of Damage Or Failure Of The Formation. There Have Been Severl Bridge Failures, Resulting In Transport Disruption, Relating to ~s Loss And, On Occasion, Loss Of Life. The Factors Influencing Scour Are Complex And Vary According To The Tpe Of Structure. Protection For Preventing Scour Needs To Be Designed To Withstand The Melt Forces Imposed On Them And Have To Be Practical To Build And Install, While Minimizing Adverse Environmental Effects. This Book Covers The Entire Scour Technology Region And Is Prepared By One Of The Leading Experts On The Subject.
      SKU: 318044

  • Quantitative Measure for Discrete Event Supervisory Control
  • Principles of Transistor Circuits
  • Selection of Polymeric Materials
  • Stainless steel 2000
  • Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology
  • In Athena's Camp
  • Trace Elements in Soils
  • Advances in Design Optimization
  • Hardware/Software Architectures for Low-Power Embedded Multimedia Systems
  • Food Oral Processing
  • Soil Tillage in Agroecosystems
  • Instantaneous Power Theory and Applications to Power Conditioning

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