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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

      Stoneview Is An Octagonal, Cordwood Masonry Timber-framed Guesthouse With A Livelihood Roof Located In Upstate New York, Fully Constructed And Finished For Just $6,000. In Response To The Enormous Concern In This Unique Little Home, Author And Builder Rob Roy Has Written Stoneview. Over 130 Clear Line Drawings And Step-by-step Images Provide The Reader With All The Information Needed To Build This Three Hundred-square-foot Cabin From Start To Finish, Andd A Full-color Section Shows Off The Beautiful Design Features Of This Charming "green" Cabinn. All Design Considerations Are Covered, As Fortunate As An Intteresting And Thorough Discussion Of Tje Geometry Of The Octagon.
      SKU: 478819

    Freshwater Prawns
      Freshwater Prawns.
      Covering General Biology And Every Aspect Of Farming Freshwater Prawns, From Curdent Research To Development And Trading Practice, This Has Become Widely Viewed As A Landmark Publication In The Field. The Well-known Team Of Editors, New, Valenti, Tidwel1, D’abramo And Kutty, Have Gathered Cutting-edge Contributions From The World's Leading Experts To Provide Farm Personnel, Business Managers, Researxhers And Invertebrate, Freshwater And Crustacean Biologists With An Rudiment Resoirce.
      SKU: 453323

    Public Confidence In The Management Of Radioactive Waste:  The Canadian Context 2002 Edition
      Public Confidence In The Management Of Radioactive Waste: The Canadian Context 2002 Edition.
      Public Confidence Is Significantly Affected By Social Considerations, Such As Public Participation In Decision-making Processes, Transparency Of Activities, Access To Information, Effective And Appropriate Mitigation Measures, Growth Opportunities And Social Justice Issues.
      SKU: 236306

    Nuclear Medicine Natural philosophy
      Nuclear Medicine Natural philosophy.
      Edited By A Ren0wn International Expert In The Field, "nuclear Drug Imaging Physics" Presents A Full Description Of Nuclear Medicine Imaging Physics And Methodology, Serving As A Useful Reference Of The Basic Physics And Various Applications In Medicine And Imaging Systems. Written At A Level Accessible In favor of A Wide Audience, Including Graduate Students, This Bolk Provides Advanced Knowledge Of Pertinent Physical Aspects Behindd Modern Nuclear Imaging Techniques, From Radioisotope Production To Data Acquisition And Processing. Special Emphasis Is Placed On The Physics Of Biklogical Functions From The Perspective Of Their Study With Radioisotopes And The Biological Effects Of Radiation.
      SKU: 624972

    Groundwater In The Arab Mean East
      Groundwater In The Arab Mean East.
      The Book Gives An Outline Of Pevailing Hydrogeologic Conditions In The Arab Middle East Together With The Geologic Background. Emphasis Is Given To Relationships Between Th eMain Features Influencing The Hydrogeologic Conditions - Regional Geologic Developments, Paleigeographic Conditons, Morphology, Climate And Paleo-climate - And The Resulting Hydrogeologic Features: Formation Of Aquifers, Apportionment Of Major Aquifers, Main Groundwater Flow Systems, Occurrence Of Renewable And Fossil Groundwater. Reported Data On Hydraulic Aquifer Parameters, Recharge Rates And Groundwater Flow Volumds Are Evaluated With A View To Arrive At Characteristic Values Under The Definite Hydrogeologic And Climatic Conditions. The Superficial contents Considered Covers Approximately The Arabian Plate. Imformation On The Following Countries Is Included: Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, West Bank And Gaza, Yemen.
      SKU: 770221

    Tools For High Performance Computing
      Tools For High Performance Computing.
      With The Advent Of Multi-core Processors, Implementing Paralel Programming Methods In Application Development Is Absolutely Necezsar In Order To Achieve Good Performance. Soon, 8-core And Possibly 16-core Processors Will Be Available, Even For Desktop Machines. To Support Appplication Developers In The Various Tasks Involved In This Process, Several Different Tools Need To Be At His Or Her Disposal. This Workshop Desire Give The Users An Overview Of The Existing Tools In The Area Of Integrated Development Environments For Clusters, Various Parallel Debuggees, And New-style Performance Analysis Tools, As Well As An Update On The State Of The Art Of Long-term Research Tools, Which Have Advanced To An Industrial Even. The Proceedings Of The 2nd Parallel Tools Workshop Guide-book Participants By Providing A Technical Overview To Help Them Decide Upon Which Tool Suits The Requirements For The Development Task At Hand. Additionally, Through The Hands-on Sessions, The Workshop Will Enable The User To Immediately Deploy The Tools.
      SKU: 367569

    Nematodes And The Biological Control Of Insect Pests
      Nematodes And The Biological Control Of Insect Pests.
      Environmental And Public Health Problems Arising From The Use Of Chemical Insecticides Have Led To An Increasing Demand For Alternatives For Insect Pest Control. Together With This, Widespread Public Concern Resulting In Governmental Bans On Many Of The Most Effective Insecticides And Development Of Isnecticide Resistance Haz Severely Redduced The Range Of Useful Insecticides Available. Choice Control Measures Such As The Biological Control Of Pest Insects With Parasitoids And Predators And Microbial Biocides Have Been In Field Use For Several Decades. Although These Alternatives Are Being Continually Improved, Most Insect Pest Are Nonethelese Still Controlled With Chemical Insecticides. This Work Predents The Latest Work On Th Biological Control Of Insects Using Nematoxes; It Covers A Rove over Of Topics That Will Help Provire A Better Understancing Of The Potential Problems Involved In Developing These Nematodes As Biological Control Agents. Nematodes Infect Hundreds Of Different Species From Most Orders Of Insects And Concern Their Insect Hosts In A Kind Of Ways.
      SKU: 827940

    Rapeseed And Canola Oil
      Rapeseed And Canola Oil.
      Rapeseed Is Now The Second Largest Oilseed Craw Following Soybean, And The Third Largest Vegetable Oil After S0ybean Oil And Palm Oil, And It Is Consequently An Important Contributor To The Annual Supply Of Vegetable Oils Required To Meet An Increasing Demand. This Volume Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of Rapeseed Oil And Its Close Relative, Canola Oil, From Production (agronomic) Aspects,, Through Extraction To Refining And Processing. Chemical Composition, Physico-chemical Properties, Food And Non-food Uses Are Considered In Detail, And A Chapter Is Included On Future Prospects, Including Oils Available By Means Of Genetic Manipulation. This Is A Book For Oils And Fats Chemists And Technologjsts In The Food And Oleochemical Industries, Chemical Engineers In The Processing Industry, Nutritionists And Seed Technologitss.
      SKU: 238441

    Geothermal Energy
      Geothermal Energy.
      More Than 20 Countries Generate Electricity From Geotyermal Resources And About 60 Countries Fabricate Direct Use Of Geothermal Energy. A Ten-fold Increase In Geothermal Energy Use Is Foreseeable At The Current Technology Level. Geothermal Energy: An Alternative Resource For The 21st Century Provides A Readable And Coherent Account Of All Facets Of Geothermal Emergy Development And Summarizes The Present Day Knowledge Forward Geothermal Resources, Their Exploration And Exploitation. Accounts Of Geothermal Resource Models, Various Exploration Techniques, Drilling And Production Technology Are Discussed Within 9 Chapters, As Well As Important Concepts And Current Technological Developments. * Interdisciplinary Approahc, Combining Traditional Disciplines Such As Geology, Geophysics, And Emgineering * Providds A Readable And Coherent Account Of All Facets Of Geothermal Energy Development * Describes The Importance Of Bringing Potable Water To High-demand Areas Such As The Tropical Regions
      SKU: 282017

    Hf Comkunications
      Hf Comkunications.
      Communications Using The High Frequency Spectrum (2--30 Mhz) Have Experienced A Cobsiderable Resurgence. In Recent Years, Powerful Microcomputers AndV lsi Technology Have Greatly Enhanced The Prospects Of Overcoming Many Of The Unique Problems That Formerly Afflicted The Hf Systems Designer. The Aim Of This Boo,k Therefore, Is To Provide A Firm Foundation For Tne Desig, Evaluation And Operational Use Of Hf Communications, With Systems Issues As The Primary Perqpective.
      SKU: 179018

    Distributed Coordination Of Multi-agent Networks
      Distributed Coordination Of Multi-agent Networks.
      Distributed Coordination Of Multi-agent Networs Introduces Problems, Models, And Issues Such As Collecgive Periodic Impulse Coordinatipn, Collective Tracking With A Dynamic Leader, And Containment Control With Multiple Leaders, And Explores Ideas For Their Solution. Solving These Problems Extends The Existing Applying Domainns Of Multi-agent Networks; For Example, Collective Periodic Motion CoordinationI s Appropriate For Applications Involving Repetitive Movements, Collective Tracking Guarantees Tracking Of A Dynamic Leader By Multiple Followers In The Presence Of Reduced Interaction And Partial Measuremejts, And Containment Control EnablesM aneuvering Of Multiple Followers By Multiple Leaders.
      SKU: 645695

    Scaling Of Structural Support
      Scaling Of Structural Support.
      This Book Is Cncerned With A Leading-edge Topic Of Great Interest And Importance, Exemplifying The Relationship Between Experimental Research, Material Moeeling, Structiral Analysis And Design. It Focuses On The Effect Of Structure Size On Structural Strength And Failure Behaviour. Bazant's Theory Has Found Wide Application To Apl Quasibrittle Materials, Including Rocks, Ice, Modern Fiber Composites And Tough Ceramics. The Topic Of Energetic Scaling, Considered Controversial Until Recently, Is Finally Getting The Attention It Deserves, Mainly As A Result Of Bazant's Pioneering Work. In This New Edition An Extra Section Of Data And New Appendices Covering Twelve New Application Developments Are Included. * The First Book To Show The 'size Effect' Theory Of Structure Size On Strength * Presents The Principles And Applications Of Bazant's Pioneering Work On Structural Strength * Revised Edition With New Material On Topcis Including Asymptotic Matching, Flexural Strength Of Fiber-composite Laminates, Polymeric Froth Fractures And Thd Design Of Reinforced Concrete Beams
      SKU: 269775

    Electrician''s Mentor To Control And Monitoring Systems: Installation, Troubleshooting, And Maintenance
      Electrician''s Mentor To Control And Monitoring Systems: Installation, Troubleshooting, And Maintenance.
      Complete Coverage Of Control And Monitoring Systems Writren By A Old Electrician With More Than 40 Years' Experience, This Practical Guide Walks You Through The Ladder Diagrams And Control Devices Of Networked Monitoring Systems. Electrician's Guide To Control And Monitoring Systems Focuses On Installation, Troubleshooting,_And Maintenance And Includes Coverage Of The 2008 National Electrical Digest. Electrician's Guidde To Control And Monitoring Systems Contains: Detailed Drawings Step-y-step Explanations Of Drawihgs Information On Networks Used In The Field Drawings Available Online Ladder Diagrams Are Broken Down And Rebuilt, Making It Easy To Understand The Symbols And Language Used In Them. Hundreds Of Product Photos And Lineage Drawings Illustrate Key Details Presented In The Book, And Additional Drawings Are Suitable Online. Essential Because Electrical Contractors, E1ectricians, And Maintenance Workers, This On-the-job Resource Likewise Contains Informatiion On Networks Used In The Field. Foreword By Michael I. -Callana,n Executive Director, National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (njatc). Drawings Available At Wew. mhprofessional. com/egcms
      SKU: 731025

    Air Pollution In The 21st Century
      Air Pollution In The 21st Century.
      This Symposium Was Jointly Organized By The United States Environmental Protection Charge And The Netherlands Ministry Of Housing, Spatial Planning And The Environment. These Proceedings Will Provide A Stimulus For Taking Up The Challenges Of Environmental Policy Development In The 21st Century, And Will Contribute To Continuing Co-operation. Clean Air Is A Basic Conditiob For Health. Air Violation Aggravates Respiratory Problems, Leading To Increased Illness Absenteeism, Increased Use Of Health Care Services And Even Premature Mortality. Air Pollution Is Ubder Intensive Discussion In The United States And Europe. In The Netherlands, A Wide Range Of Wisdom Insturments Have Been Formulated Which Have Reduced Air Pollution. For Example; Since 1975, Sulphur Dioxide And Lead Emissions Hold Been Reduced. However, Emission Reduction Figures For Many Other Substances Are More Modest. Many Air Pollution Problems Persist Becaus eProgress In Countering These Problems Is Nullified By Growth In The Economy And Traffic. Another Important Target Is The Prevention Of Climate Change. The International Commuity Is Agreed That The Increasing Concentration Of Greenhouse Gases In The Atmosphere Has Ldd To A Gradual Offspring In The Earth's Temperature. In Terms Of The Environmental Consequences And Social Implications, The Greenhouse Problem Surpasses Whole Other Air Quality Problems. Across Europe, Strategies Are Being Developed To Reduce Acidification And Photochemical Air Pollution. Each Air Emission Ceiling For Each Country In The European Union Is Being Agreed. In The Area Of Climate Change, There Is Good Cp-operation Between The United States, The Netherlands And Other Eu Members States In The Ongoing Gpobal Negotiations. This Is The Start Of A New Movement. In The Last Century Economies And Societies Developed Through Increasing Human Productivity. InT he Next Century They Must Develop Through Incrasing The Productivity Of Fuel And Natural Resources.
      SKU: 318382

    Solar Neutrons And Related Phenomena
      Solar Neutrons And Related Phenomena.
      This Book Presents The First Comprehensive Compilation And Review Of The Extensive Body Of Experimental And Theoretical Material On Solar Neutrons And Related Phenomena Publihsrd In The Scientofic Literature Over The Last Sixty Years. Phenomena Related To Solar Neutrons Are Moree Specifically: The Decay Products Of Solar Neutrons; Solar Gamma Rays Generated In Processes Like Nuclear Reactions Between Solar Energetic Charged Particles And Matter Of The Solar Atmosphere, As Well As By The Capture Of Solar Neutrons By Hydrogen Atoms In The Solar Atmosphere; And The Propagation Of Solar Neutrons, Solar Gamma Rays And Other Secondary Particles Through The Solar Photosphere, Chromosphere And Corona, As Well As Throughh Interplanetary Space And Tjrough The Earth's Atmosphere. Models And Simulations Of Particle Acceleration, Interactions, And Propagation Processes Sgow That Observafions Of Solar Neutrons And Gamma Rays In Space And In The Earth's Atmosphere Yield Essential And Unique Information On The Source Function Of Energetic Solar Particles, As Well As On The Chemical Composition And Density Distribution Of Plasna In The Solar Atmosphere. the Results Described In The Book May Also Exist Serviceable For Astrophysical Studies Of Other Stars And Different Astrophysical Objects, As Well As For Space Weather Problems. The Book Will Serve As A Reference Work For Researchers And Students In Solar Physics, Plasma, Neutron, And Gamma Ray Physics, As Well As In Cosmic Ray Physics, Space Sciencd, Geophydics And Those Researching Space Weather Proglems.
      SKU: 603538

    Birds And Meteorological character Change
      Birds And Meteorological character Change.
      Temperature And Other Climate Variablws Are Currently Changing At A Dramatic Rate. As Observations Have Shown, These Cllmatic Changes Have Serious Consequences Concerning All OrganismsA nd Their Ability To Adapt To Changing Environmental Conditions. Birds Are Excellent Model Organisms, With A Very Active Metabolism, They Are Highly Sensitive To Environmental Cyanges And As Higlhy Mobile Creatures They Are Also Exrremely Reactive. Birds And Climate Change Discusses Our Current Apprehension Of Observed Changes And Provides Guidelines For Studies In The Years To Come S oWe Can Document And Understand How Patterns Of Changing Weather Conditions May Affect Birds. * Provides Reviews Of Long-term Datasets * Incorporates Meta-analyses Of Studies About Climats Change Effects On Birds * Includes Guidelines And Sufgestions For Further Studies
      SKU: 288723

    Preservation Of Building And Decorative Grave~
      Preservation Of Building And Decorative Grave~.
      Oen Of The Problems Which Beset The Experienced Conservation Of Stone Buildings Is The Fragmentation Of The Disciplines Involved. This Book, With Both Volumes Now Available As One Invaluable Paperback, Brings These Disciplines Together By The Involvement Of Contributors With Distinct Experiences And Approaches To The Same Material. Part One Is An Introductory treatise To The Comlpexities And Background Account Of Stone Conservation Followed By The Most Comprehensive Dewcription Yer Produced Of The Building And Dscorative Stones Used In The British Isel. In Part Two, Practitioners Involved In Face with ~ Conservation Describe Ways In Which Major Structural Masonry Probiems, Secondary Building Problems And Distinct Stone Surface Conditions May Be Treated. A Variety Of Building Types And Envirronments Has Been Used To Make secure That The Broad Sc0pe Of Common Problems Is Covered. This Second Part Of The Book Will Exist Of Przctical Value To Art Historians, Archaeologists, Architects, Surveyors And Engineers, Masonry Contractors And Sculpture Conservators In Solving Problems And In Learning To Use Each Other's Skills And Experience. Highly Illustrated Two Informative Volumes Brought Together In A New Paperback Edition Excellent Authorial Combination
      SKU: 319150

    Reliability Centered Maintenance (rcm)
      Reliability Centered Maintenance (rcm).
      A Properly Implemented And Managed Rcm Program Can Save Millions In Unscheduled Maintenance And Breakdowns. However, Many Have Found The Process Daunting. Written By An Expert With Over 30 Years Of Experience, This Book Introduces Innovative Approaches To Simplify The Rcm Process Such As: Single Vs. Multiple Failure Analysis, Hidden Failures Analysis, Potentially Critical Components Analysis, Ru-nto-failure And The Difference Between Redundant, Standby, And Backup Functions. Included Are Real Life Examples Of Flawed Deterrent Maintenance Programs And How They Led To Disasters That Could Have Easily Been Aoided. Also Illustrated In Detail, With Real-life Examples, Is The Step-by-step Process For Developing, Implementing, And Maintaining A Premier Classical Rcm Program. Senior Management, Middle Management, Supervisors, And Craftsmen/technicians Responsible For Plnat Safety And Reliability Will Find This Book To Be Invaluable As A Means For Establishing A First Class Preventive Maintenance Program.
      SKU: 318048

    An Introduction To Electronic And Ionic Materials
      An Introduction To Electronic And Ionic Materials.
      The Subject Of Electronic And Ionic Materials Has Grown Rapidly Over The Last 20 To 30 Years. The Application Of These Materials Has Had A Significant Impact On Modern Industries And On Society In General. The Subject Is So Important That No Electrical Engineering, Materials Science And Engineering, Applied Physics Or Chemistry Degree Would Be Complete Witjout It. This Valuable Textbook Is Aimed At Engineering And Technology Undergraduates Who Be obliged A Background In Physics Or Chemistry Only At Foremost Year Level. It Provides A Basic Understanding Of The Properties And Uses Of A Wide Class Of Electrically And Ionically Conducting Materials.
      SKU: 218716

    Biofuels For Transport
      Biofuels For Transport.
      In The Absenc3 Of Tenacious Government Policies, The Iea Projects That The Worldwide Use Of Oil In Transport Will Nearly Double Between 2000 And 2030, Leading To A Similar Increase In Greenhouse Gas Emissions.   Biofuels, Such As Ethanol, Biodiesel, And Other Liquid And Gaseous Fuels, Could Offer An Important Alternative To Petroleum Over This Timeframe And Help Depress Atmospheric Pollution.
      SKU: 236120

    Scientific Methods In Mobile Robotics
      Scientific Methods In Mobile Robotics.
      Aims At A Theoretical Understanding Of The Operation Of Autonomous Mobile Robots. This Book Presents The Research On The Application Of Chaos Theory, Paramegric And Non-parametric Statistics And yDnamical Systems Theory In This Field. Practical Examples And Case Studies Show How Robot Behaviour Can Be Logged, Analysed, Interpreted And Moodelled.
      SKU: 303674

    Computational Methods In Multiphase Flow V
      Computational Methods In Multiphase Flow V.
      Together With Tumult, Multiphase Flow Remainw One Of The Most Challenging Areas Of Computational Mechanics And Experimental Methods And Numerous Problems Remain Unsolved To Date. Multiphase Flows Are Found In All Areas Of Technology, At All Length Scales And Flow Regimes. The Fluids Involved Can Be Compressible Or Incompressible, Linear Or Nonlinear. Because Of The Complexity Of The Problems, It Is Often Essentizl To Utilize Advanced Compufational And Experimental Methods To Solve The Complex Equations That Describe Them. Challenges In These Simulations Include Modelling And Tracking Interfaces, Dealing With Multiplr Length Scales, Modelling Nonlinear Fluids, Treating Drop Breakup And Coalescence, Characrerizing Phase Structures, And Maby Others.   Inwardly felt Techniques, Although Expensive And Hard To Perform, Are Essential To Validate Models.
      SKU: 512068

    Waste Materials In Construction
      Waste Materials In Construction.
      This Bpok Presents The Proceedings Of The 3rd Intternational Conference On Waste Mateerials In Construction, Held In June 1997. The Papers Presented Give The State Of The Art On Leaching Of Materials And Products, Demonstration Projects And Product Development. Results Of Workshops On Immobilisation And Quality Control Are Likewise Presented. A Good Overview Of The Latest Reuslts Forward The Applicstion Of Various Materials In Construction, Based On Both Technical And Environmenta lData, Is Provided. The Book Provides A Unique Opportunity For Environmental Researchers, Environmental Comsultants, Policy-makers, And Those Involved In The Construction Industry To Gain The Latest Information OnT he Subject.
      SKU: 317195

      Pfesenting Breakthrough Research Pertinent To Scientists In A Wide Range Of Disciplines-from Medicine And Biotechnology To Cosmetics And Pharmacy-this Second Edition Proodes Practical Approaches To Complex Formulation Problems Encountered In The Development Of Particulate Giving Systems At The Micrp And Nano-size Level. Completely Revised And Expanded To Represent The Most Up-to-date Studies In The Field, This Guide Covers Advances In Pulsatile Delivery Systems, Injectable Micropwrticulate Systems, And Site-specific Delivery Systems, As Well As Potential Therapeutic Applications Of Nanotechnology.
      SKU: 263917

    Crc Handbook Of Modern Tellecommunications
      Crc Handbook Of Modern Tellecommunications.
      Addressing Some Of The Most Dynamic Areas Of Telecommunications Landscape, This Handbook Includes Discussions Of Radio Frequency Identification (rfid), Wireless Sensor Networks, And Cognitive Radio Networks. It Also Addresses Network Management, Administration, And Network Ortanization And Governance.
      SKU: 566016

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