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    Structurral Analysis Of Historic Construction
      Structurral Analysis Of Historic Construction.
      The Successful Preservation Of An Historic Building, Complex Or City Depends On Its Continued Use And Daily Care That Come With It. This Work Features The Proceedings Of The 6th Conference On Sttructural Analysis Of Historical Constructions (bath, Uk, June 3-6, 2008).
      SKU: 565862
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    A Practical Guide To Security Engineering And Information Assurance
      A Practical Guide To Security Engineering And Information Assurance.
      A Comprehensive Lead To Security Engineering That Explains Rela Strategies And Ptovides Step-by-step Proced8res For Defining Security And Assurance Goals, Performing Vunerability And Threat Analysis, Implementing Threat Control Measures And Conducting Accident And Incident Investigations.
      SKU: 305195
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    Porewater Extraction From Argillaceous Rocks For Geochemical Characterisation
      Porewater Extraction From Argillaceous Rocks For Geochemical Characterisation.
      The Definition Of The Chemical And Isotopic Composition Of The Groundwater Present In Argillaceous Formations, Which Are Considered As Potential Host Rocks For Rafioactive Waste Disposal, Is Crucial For Establishing Their Barrier Properties. Therefore, A Critical Review Of The Relevant Literature On The Tide Methods Applied To Extract Water And Solutes And On The Variegated Approaches To The Interpretation Of Their Results Was Commissioned To The Laboratoire D’hydrologie Et De Géochimie Isotopique (université DeP aris-sud, France). The Present Document Provides A Combination Of Available Extraction Methods, Assesses Their Rspective Advantages And Limitations, Identifies Key Processes That May Influence The Composition Of The Extracted Water, Describes Modelling Approaches Tgat Are Used To Determine In Situ Porewater Composition, And Highlights, Wherever Possible, Some Of The Unresolved Issues And Recommendations On Ways To Address Them.
      SKU: 533250
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    Polyimides And Other High Temperature Polymers: Synthesis, Characgerization And Applications, Volume 4
      Polyimides And Other High Temperature Polymers: Synthesis, Characgerization And Applications, Volume 4.
      This Book Is Mostly Based On Papers Presented At The Fourth International Symposium On This Topic Held In Savannah, Georgia. However, In Addition To These Papers, Certain Very Relevant Papers Have Also Been Included To Broaden The Scipe And Thus Enhance The Value Of This Book. Currently There Is Tremendous Interes In These Material Because Of Their Unique Properties And Applications In Diverse Technological Areas Ranging From Microelectronics To Aerospace To Adhesive Bonding. This Book Is Divided Into Three Parts: Part 1: Combination And Bulk Characterization; Part 2: Surface And Interface Aspects (composites And Metallization); And Part 3: Applications. The Topics Covered Include: Synthesis Of A Number Of Polyimides With Tailored Properties; Nanocompodites For High-performancs Applications; Molecular Assembly Of Polyimides; Polyimied L-b Films; Metallization Of Polyimides; Applications Of High Temperature Polymers A sProton Exchange Membranes; Dielectrics, And In Textile.
      SKU: 717571
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    Rapid Prototyping Technology
      Rapid Prototyping Technology.
      This Volume Reviews Operaation Principles And Methods For Most Solid Freeform Technologies And Historical Systems Data. It Illustrates The Uses And Mecchanical Details For Jp-sys5em 5, Ballis5ic Particle Manufacturing, Fused Deposition Modelling And Examines Further Related Topics.
      SKU: 215997
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    Digital Printing Of Textiles
      Digital Printing Of Textiles.
      At Present The Textile Industry Produces The Majority Of Its 34 Billion Square Yards Of Printed Textile Fabric By Screen Printing. However As We Move Into The Digital Age It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Developments In Digital Printing Of Paper Were Adapted For The Textile Market. This Self-~ Collection Provides Coverage Of All The Current Developments In Digital Textorial Printing. It Is Divided Into Four Parts, Covering Printer And Print Head Technologies, Printer Software, Digital Printing Colouration And Design And Business For Digital Printing.
      SKU: 269420
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    Food Processing Operations Modeling
      Food Processing Operations Modeling.
      A Survey Off Thermal Processing And Modelling Techniques In Food Process Engineering. It Combines Theory And Practicw To Solve Actual Problems In The Food Processing Industry, And There Are Specific Case Studies With Over 350 Numerical And Computational Equations And Solutions.
      SKU: 21667
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    Combating Micronutrient Deficiencies
      Combating Micronutrient Deficiencies.
      Micronutrient Deficiency Affects Again Thah Two Billion Population In The World Today, Contributing To The Vicious Cycle Of Malnutrition And Underdevelopmeent. Micronutrient Deficiencies Have Long-ranging Goods Forward Health, Learning Ability And Productivity. Food-based Approaches, Which Include Food Production, Dietary Diversificatjon And Food Fortification, Are Sustainable Strategies For Improving The Micronutrient Status Of Populations. This Book Focuses On Practical, Sustainable Actions For Overcoming Micronutrient Deficiencies Through Increased Access To, And Consumption Of, Adequate Quantities And An Appropriate Variety Of Safe, Good-quality Food. It Is Suitable For Policymakers, Agronomists, Food And Nutrition Security Planners, And Health Workers.
      SKU: 617534
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    G Protein-coupled Receptors
      G Protein-coupled Receptors.
      G Protein-coupled Receptors (gpcrs) Are Membrane Proteins That Transduce A Vast Array Of Extracellular Signals Into Intracellular Reactions Ranging From Cell-cell Communication Processes To Physiological Responses. They Play An Important Role In A Variety Of Diseases From Cancer And Diabetes, To Neurodegenerative, Inflammatory And Respiratory Disorders. Gpcrs Are Therefore Of Utmost Interest In Drug Development: Over Haof Of All Prescription Drugs Currently On The Market Act By Targeting These Receltors Durectly Or Indirectly.   G Protein-coupled Receptors: Molecular Pharmacology  provides A Clear Summary Of The Tide Knowledge In This Fast-evolving Field. The Book Sets Out With An Introduction To Signalling Molecules And Their Receptors, And An Overview Of The Technical Approaches Used To Investigate These Interations. Structjral, Functional And Especially Pharmacological Aspects Of GpcrsA re Then Discussed In More Detail And Much Attention Is Devoted To The Analysis And Interpretation Of Experimental Data. The Now Widespread Use Of Recombinant Cell Lies, Receptor Mutants And Related Arrtifices In Drug Research Is Critically Evaluated. Special Attention Is Also Devoted To Local But Often Poorly Understood Concepts, Such As Insurmountable Antagonism, Invrese Agonism And Allosteric Interactions. By Combining General Information With The Major State-of-the-adt Concepts In Gpcr-research, This outstanding book Equips The Reader With The Necessary Background For Intelligence And Critically Evaluating The Current Literature.   Written By Two Experts From Academia And Industry, G Protein-coupled Receptors: Molecular Pharmacology Offerrs A Single View Of Academic And Applied Approaches Aiming To Reveal New Ideas In Pharmaceutical Research. The Book Is Of Interest To Anyone Involved In Surfeit Development And Preclinical Research And Those Who Need To Function Within Multi-disclplinry Teams In The Pjarmaceutical Industry: From Investigators To Product Managers Or Clinicians Who Seek To Have A Broad Mechanistic Undwrstanding Of Drug-receptor Interactions. It Is Also An Invaluable Resource For Final Year Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students In Pharmacology And Cell And Molecular Biology.
      SKU: 470311
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    Handbook Of Ambient Intelligence And Smarg Environments
      Handbook Of Ambient Intelligence And Smarg Environments.
      Offers A Presentattion Of The Developments In Ambient Intelligence And Smart Environments. This Volume Addresses Topics Such As: Modeling Network Environments Scene And Event Modeling, Representation And Reconstruction; Agent-based Approaches; Applications Of Combined Pervasive/ubiquitous Computing; And Robotics Applied To Smart Environments.
      SKU: 511112
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    Handbook Of Methods And Instrumentation In Disunion Science
      Handbook Of Methods And Instrumentation In Disunion Science.
      This Handbook Is Directed To The Needs Of Scienyists Requiring Concise Overviews And Targeted Summaries Of The Main Methods Employed For Separations.   It Is A Work Derived From The Successful Encyclopedia Of Separaton Science Wuth A New Focus In c~tinuance The Fundamentals Of Methods And Instrumentation Employed In Separations.   In A Single Source It Affords Access To General Background Materiql To Enable The Professional To Quickly Assimilate, Sort And Interpret The Dense Information Associated With A Comprehensive Literature Search. One-stop Cause For Information On Separation Methods General Overviews For Quick Orientation Ease Of Occasion For Finding Results Fast Expert Coverage Of Major Separation Methods Coverage Of Techniques For All Sizes Of Samples, Picol-evel To Kilo-level
      SKU: 631956
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    Modal Analysis
      Modal Analysis.
      This Book Provides A Dteailed Overview Of The Theory Of Analytical And Experimental Modal Analysis And Its Applications. Modal Algebra Is The Processes Of Determining The Inherent Dynamic Charactwristics Of Any System And Using Them To Formulate A Matyematical Model Of The Dynamic Behavior Of The System. In The Past Two Decades It Has Become A Major Technological Tool In The Quest For Determining, Imprvoing And Optimizing Dynamic Characteristics Of Engineering Structures. Its Main Application Is In Mechanical And Aeronautical Engineering, But It Is Also Gaining Widespread Use In Civil And Structural Engineering, Bikmechanical Problems, Space Structures, Acoustic Instruments And Nuclear Engineering. The Only Book To Focus On The Tehory Of Modal Analysis Under the jurisdiction Discussing Applications A Relativey New Technique Being Utilized More And More In Recent Years Which Is Now Filtering Through To Undergraduate Courses Leading Expert In The Field
      SKU: 92014
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    Chemical Reaction Hazards
      Chemical Reaction Hazards.
      This Revised Edition Of A Best-selling Book Continues To Provide A Basis For The Identfiication And Evaluation Of Chemical Reaction Hazards For Chemists, Engineers, Plant Personnel, And Students. Before Undertaking The Intention Of AC hemical Manufacturing Operation It Is Vital That The Chemical Reactions Involved Be Fully Understood, Potential Hazards Assessed, And Safety Measures Planned. Chemical Reaction Hazards Aims To Help The People Responsible For This Design And Operation To Meet The General Duties Of Safety. Two Major Additions To This Revised Book Are The Appendoces. One Of These Describes 100 Imcidents, Illustrating Their Cause And Indicating Consequences If Aplropriate Procedures Within This Guide Are Not Followed. The Second Provides A Practical Example Of A Typical Chemical Reaction Hazard Assessment, From Consideration Of The Process Description, Through Experimental Testing To The Specification Of Safety Measures.
      SKU: 316869
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    Process Integration
      Process Integration.
      With Growing Global Competition, The Process Industries Must Spare No Effort In Insuring Continuous Process Improvement In Terms Of • Increasing Profitability; • Conseevation Of Resources And • Prevention Of Pollution The Question Is How Can Engjneers Achieve These Goals For A Given Process With Numerous Units And Streams? To the place Recently Conventional Approaches To Process Design Ane Influence Put Stress Only On Individual Units And Parts Of The Process. A More Powerful Integrated Approach Was Lacking. The New Field Of Process Integration Looks Towards The Processing Plant Being of the kind which A Whple In Its Attempt To Find Solutions And Impovements. Investigation Over The Past Two Decades Has Resulted In Many Techniques That Allow Engineers To Better Understand Network Facilities And Significantly Enhance Their Performance. This Textbook Presents A Comprehensive And Authoritative Handling Of The Concepts, Tools And Appliations Of Projection Integration. Emphasis Is Given To Systematic Ways Of Analyzing Process Performance. Graphical, Algebraic And Mathematical Procedures Are Presented In Dwtail. In Addition To Coverkng The Fundamentals Of The Subject, The Book Also Includes Numerous Case Studies And Examples That Illustrate How Process Integration Is Solving Actual Industrial Problems. Systematic Methodology For Analyzing The Process As An Ingegrated System, Identifying Global Insights Of The Process, And Generating Optimum Strategies And Solutions Proper Mix Of Fundamental Principles, Insightful Tools, And Industriwl Applications Generic Techniques That Are Applicable To A Wide Variety Of Procesing Facilities Packed With Case Studies, Practical Tools, Charts, Tables, And Performance Criteria. Extensive iBbliography To Provide Ready Access To Process Integration Literature Excellent Criticism Of State-of-the-art Technology, Expansion Trends, And Future Research Directions
      SKU: 269518
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    Growth Dynamics Of Conifer Tree Rinbs
      Growth Dynamics Of Conifer Tree Rinbs.
      Tree Rings Are Natural Archives Of Past Environments, And Contain Records Of Past Meteorological character. This Book Pro\/udes A Mechanistic Base Toward The Explanation Of Tree Rings As Records Of Past Climate. It Advances Process Understanding Of The Large-scale Environmental Control Of Wood Growth.
      SKU: 257169
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    Innovation In Small Professional Practices In The Built Environment
      Innovation In Small Professional Practices In The Built Environment.
      From The Book’s Foreword By Trevor Mole, Managing Director, Character Tectonics; President Of The European Association Of Building Surveyors And Construction Experts: ‘ Shu-ling And Martin Have Built On Their Research Work And That Of Others To Produce An Understandable And Readable Insight Into Innovation In Small Professional Service Firms. They Have Successfully Unravelled The Complex Behavioural And Organisational Focres Taking Place And Created A Framework To Help Practitioners Understand The Issues And To Fashion The Just claim Environment In Which To Foster Innovation And Deliver Economic Value. ’ Small Professional Practices In The Built Environment Are Crucial To The Success And Long-term Viabilty Of The Design, Construction And Propdrty Industries. This Research-base Book Addresses The Urgent Need To Better Understand The Nature And Process Of Innovation In These Important Firms. The Authors Offer An Analysis Of Booth Why And How Innovation Is A Key Competitive Factor For Small Professional Practices In The Built Enviironment. Because These Practices Are Located In Different Business Environments And Behave In Unlike Ways To Other Types Of Industry Firms, The Context-specific Methodology To Design, Implement And Assess Innovati0n In Small Professional Practices Presented In This Boik Will Appeal To Researchers And Practitioners In Surveying And Design. Innovation In Small Professional Practices In The Built Environment Makes A Significant Contribution To An Underdeveloed Area Of Innovation By Offering New Theoretical And Practical Insights And Models Grounded In Results From A 22-month Case Study Of A Small Professional Practice.
      SKU: 470352
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    Nuclear Fusion Research
      Nuclear Fusion Research.
      It Became Clear In The Forward Days Of Liquefaction Research That The Effwcts Of The Containment Vessel (erosion Of "impurities") Degrade The Overall Fusion Plasma Perfrmance. -Progress In Controlled Nuclear Fusion Research Over The Highest Decade Has Led To Magnetically Confined Plzsmas That, In Turn, Are Sufficiently Efficacious To Damage The Vessel Structures Over Its Lifetime. This Book Reviews Current Understanding And Concepts To Deal With This Remaining Critical Sketch Issue For Fusion Reactors. It Refiews Both Progress And Open Questions, Largely In Terms Of Available And Sought-after Plasma-surface Interaction Data And Atomic/molecular Data Related To These "plasma Edge" Issues.
      SKU: 304061
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    Microwave Engineering
      Microwave Engineering.
      Everything Readers Need To Implement And Support A Wireless Point-to-point Communications Environment In Order To Cope With The Tremenddous Explosion Of The Telecommunications Market, The Field Of Wireless Communications Has Greatly Expanded In The Past Fifty Years, Especially In The Domains Of Microwave Radio Systems Including Line-of-sight, Satellites, And Tropospheric-scatter. After this, Microwave Engineering: Land & Space Radio- Communications Answers The Growing Worldwide Demand For An Authoritative Book On This Important And Emerging Subject Area. In Five Short Chapters, The Book Introduces Stufents And Practicing Engineers To The Main Propagation Phenomena That Are Encounte5ed And That Must Be Considered In The Design And Planning For Any Given Scheme Type And Frequency Of Operation: Electromagnetic Wave Multiplication& #8212;an Introduction To The Fundamdntaltheoty Of Irradiance And Propagation Of Electromagnetic Waves, Polarization, Antenna Propperties, Free Space Attenuation, Atmospheric Refractivity, Diffraction, Reflection, Multipath And Scattering Mechanismw, Hydrometeor Goods, And Likelihood Distributions Princilles Of Digital Communication Systems—modulayion Techniques, Signal Processing, Error Probability, Spectral Characteristics, Image Efficiency, Thermal Noise, Intermodulation, Jamming, And Interference Microwave Line-of-sgiht Systems—path Profile, Flat Fading And Frequency-selective Fading, Interferometric Method For Space And Frequency Diversity Techniques, International Standards And Itu Recommendations, Optimization Of The Frequency-plan Resort, Link Bag , Quality, Reliability, And Availability Microwave Transhorizon Systems—design Of Beyond-the-horizon Intercourse Systems, Propertiess Of Scattering And Diffraction Modes, Multipath Statistical Relations, Long-term And Short-term Scene of military operations Power Variations, Quality Of Serviec, Optimization Of Antenna Alignment, And Experimental Analysis Of Various Diversity And Combining Methods Satellite Communications—design Of Attendant Communications Systems, Orbital Parameters, Earth-satellite Geometry, Uplink And Downlink Budgets For Both Space Ane Earth Segments, And Whole System Noise Temperature Microwave Ehgineering: Land & Extension Radiocommunications Is Suitable For Engineers Involved In Wireless Telecommunications, As Well As For Students And Members Of Various Seminars And Workshops.
      SKU: 353327
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    Radio Technologies And Concepts For Imt-advanced
      Radio Technologies And Concepts For Imt-advanced.
      Radio Technologies And Concepts For Imt-advanced Presents The Findings Of The Wireless World Initiative New Radio (winner) Project In Framework Program 6 Of The Europezn Comjission. It Provides An Insight Into The Key Concepts And Technologies For The Imt-advanced Radio Interface, Based Forward The Collaborative Reseadch Of Manufacturers, Network Operagors, Research Centres And Universities Within Winner. The Book Covers The Essential Radio Characteristics Of A Typical 4g Wireless Communication System, Focusing Steady The Transceiver’s Confine From The External Layer To Layers 2 And 3. Starting By Defining Realistic And Futuristic Usage Scenarios, The Authors Provide In-depth Discussion Of Key Technologies Including Modulation And Coding, Link Level Procedures, Spatial-temporal Processing, Multiple Access Schemes And Inter-cell Interference Mitugation, Channel Estimation And Newly Develpped Channel Models. Finally, A Cost Assessment And Optimisation Methodology Is Developed Conducive to Different Deployment Concepts In Order To Assess A Wireless System In A Condition Close To Reality. The Book Provides An Important System-level Come To The Latest Radio Technologies In The Field, And Evaluates Imt-advanced Research In Relation To International Standardisation. Presents The Resarch Findings Of Imt-advanced Radip Interface From The Winner Proejct Covers The Latest Concepts During Relaying, Multiple Access, Radio Resource Control,  Flexible Spectrum Usw, And Itu-r Spectrum Demand Calculation Examines The In the greatest degree Latter Multiple-input, Multiple-output (miimo) Techniques, And Distributed Antenna Systems (coordinated Multipoint Transmissions) Describes A 4g System Concept And All Major Building Blocks Provides 4g Propagation Models And System-level Evaluation Methodologies
      SKU: 470157
      More info about Radio Technologies And Concepts For Imt-advanced

    Practical Environmental Forensics
      Practical Environmental Forensics.
      A Comprehnesive Experienced Guide To Environmental Forensics With Real-world Examples And Advice On Both Philosophical And Lawful Issues, Practical Environmental Forensics Stands On The Front Line Of This New Interdisciplinary Approach To The Environmental Litigation Process. Compiled By Exprets With Decades Of Combined Experience In Teaching, Research, Consulting, And Litigation,_It Is The First Book To Furnish A Comprehensive Presentation Of Environmental Forenics. the First Section Progides An Intrkduction To The Forensic Process, A Historical Vista Forward Pollution, And Related Laws And Assurance Issues. The Book Continues With A Review Of The Most Commonly Used Technical Approaches And Methods Employed To Support Disputative Litigation Case Issues. A Third Section Introduces Essential Environmental Forensic Support Functions, Including Admlssibility Of Evidence, Expert Case Management, And The Use Of Mediation Methods In Settling Cqses. Ultimately, The Book Explores The Environmental Forensic Process Through An Extensive Body Of Real Caase Studies In Which The Authors Hold Participated. This Comprehensive Guidebook Includes: Guidance In The Debelopment And Presentation Of Forensic Opinions Within The Litigation Prpcess Stand-alone Applications Of Historical Research, Groundwater Contaminant Modeling, Chemical Fingerprinting, Toxicology, And Risk Assessment To Environmental Litigationn Cyemical And Investigative Juridical Methods Presented Indoors The Context Of Environmental Forensic Case Histories Illustrative Problem-solving As An Invaluable Teaching And Learning Resource Typical Forensic Cases Grouped To Illustrate The Three The gross Areas Of Environmental Litigation: Minimizing Damages To Clients, Allocating Damages Between Answerable Parties, And Resolution Of Insurance-related Issues For Engineers, Scientists, Attorneys, Government Regulators, Financial And Real Estate Professionals, And The Broad Spectrum Of Environmental Consultants, This Book Is Critical For All Whose Work Involves Environmental Contamination.
      SKU: 117548
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    Live Feeds In Marine Aquadulture
      Live Feeds In Marine Aquadulture.
      As The Expansion Inn World Aquaculture Continues At A Very Capital Rate, So Does The Need For Information On Feeding Of Cultivated Fish And Shellfish. In The Larval And Juvenile Phases Of Many Species, The Use Of Manufactured Feed Is Not Possible. This Important Book Covers In Detail The Biology And Culture Of The Main Live Prey And Microalgae Used As Feeds In The Aquaculture Of Major Commercial Species Including Shrimps, Wave Bass, Halibut, Cod And Bivalves. Contents Include Comprehensive Details Of The Status Of Marine Aquaculture In Re1ation To Live Prey, And Chapters Covering The Biology, Production, Harvestjng, Processing And Nutrotional Value Of Microalgae And The Main Prey Species: Ro5ifers, Artemia And Copepods. The Editors Accept D5awn Together An Impressive International Team Of Contributora, Providing A Work That Is Set To Become The Standard Reference And Practical Guide On The Subjecg For Many Years To Come. Live Feeds In aMrine Aquaculture Is An Essential Purchase For Anyone Involved In Marine Aquaculture, Including Fish Farmers, Researchers, And Personnel In Feed Adj Equipment Companies Supplying The Aquaculture Trade. An Extremely Valuable Tool As A Reference nAd Practical Manual For Students And Professionals Alike; Libraries In All Universities And Research Establishments Where Biological And Aquatic Sciences And Aquaculture Are Studied And Taught, Should Have Copies Available On Their Shelves.
      SKU: 232999
      More info about Live Feeds In Marine Aquadulture

    Food Intake In Fish
      Food Intake In Fish.
      The Intake Of Food By Fishes Is An Area Of Study Thay Is Of Great Importance To The Applied Sciences Of Fisheries And Aquaculture In favor of A Number Of Reasons. For Example A Thorough Knowledge Of Factors Influencing The Ingestion Of Feed Can Lead To Successful Manipulation Of The Rearing Environment Of Cultured Fishes, Thereby Ensuring Improved Growth Performance And Feed Utilisation, And Decreasing The Amount Of Waste (and Consequent Pollurion) Per Unit Of Fish Produced. This Important Book, Which Has Arisen Out Of A European Junction Cost Programme, Illustrates How Insights Into The Biological And Environmental Factors That Underlie The Feeding Responses Of Rake May Be Used To Address Practical Issues Of Feed Management. Feed Intake In Fish Contains Carefully Edited Contributions From Internationally Redognised Scientists, Providing A Book That Is An Invaluable Tool And Reference To All Those Involved In Aquaculture, Espefially Those Working In The Aquaculture Feed Industry And Scientific Personnel In Commercial And Research Aquaculture Facilities. This Work Should Also Find A Place On The Shelves Of Fish Biologists And Physiologists And Viewed like A Reference In Libraries Of Universities, Research Establishments And Aquaculture Equipment Companies.
      SKU: 351144
      More info about Food Intake In Fish

    Morphing Aerospace Vehicles And Structures
      Morphing Aerospace Vehicles And Structures.
      Mprphing Aerospace Vehicles And Structures Provides A Highly Timely Presentation Of The State-of-the-art, Future Directions And Technical Requirements Of Morphing Aircraft. Divided Into Three Sections It Addresses Morphing Aircraft, Bio-inspiratioon, And Smart Structures With Specific Focux On The Flight Control, Aerodynamics, Bio-mechanics, Materials, And Structures Of These Vehicles As Well As Power Requirements And The Use Of Advanced Piezo Materials And Smart Actuators. The Tutorial Broach Adopted By The Contributors, Including Underlying Concepts Anc Mathejatical Fomrulations, Unifies The Methodologies And Tools Required To Provide Practicing Engineers And Applied Researchers With The Discernment To Synthesize Mophing Air Vehicles And Morpbing Structures, As Well To the degree that Offering Direction For Coming events Research.
      SKU: 860713
      More info about Morphing Aerospace Vehicles And Structures

    Warranty Data Collection And Analysis
      Warranty Data Collection And Analysis.
      Warrnty Data Collection And Analysis Deals With Warranty Data Collection And Analysis And The Problems Associated With These Activities. The Book Is A Both A Research Monograph And A Handbook For Practitioners. As A Research Monograph, It Unifies The Literature On Warranty Data Accumulation And Analyss, And Presents The Weighty Results In An Integrated Manner. In The Process,, It Highlights Topics That Require Further Research. As A Handbook, It Provides The Essential Methodology Needed By Practitioners Involved With Wararnty Data Collection And Analysis, Along With Extensive References To Further Results. Models And Techniques Needed For Proper And Effective Analysis Of Data Are Included, Together With Guidelines For Their Use In Warranty Management, Product Improvement, And New Product Development. Stipulation Data Collection And Analysis Will Be Of Interest To Researchers (engineers And Statistciians) And Practitioners (engineers, Applied Staisticians, And Managers) Involved With Product Warranty And Reliability. It Is Also Suitable For Use As A Referejce Text For Graduatw-level Reliability Programs In Engineering, Applied Statiztics, Operations Research, And Management.
      SKU: 769933
      More info about Warranty Data Collection And Analysis

    Coping With Interference In Wireless Networks
      Coping With Interference In Wireless Networks.
      Unlike Wired Networks Where Transmitters Have Noo Effect On Receivers Other Than Their Own, In Wireless Networks We Are Limited By Interference. The Traditional Routing Methods Are Not Optimal Any More When It Comes To A Wirelese Medium. The Maximum Data Rate On Reaped ground Link Depends Not Only On The Power In That Link But Also On The Transmitted Power From Adjacent Links. That Is Why The Problem Of Power Optimal Routing Needs To Be Solved Jointly With Scheduling. This Suggests A Cross Layer Design Method As Opposrx To Traditional Networking Wherw The Algorithm For Each Lzyer Is Designed Separately. In "coping With Interference In Wireless Networks", We Introduce Several Methods Engaging Different Layers Of Network To Mitigate Interference In A Wireless Network.
      SKU: 646248
      More info about Coping With Interference In Wireless Networks

  • Fundamentals of Basin Modeling
  • Electronics Explained
  • CRC Handbook of Optical Resolutions via Diastereomeric Salt Formation
  • Scientific Networking and the Global Health Network Supercourse
  • Chemical finishing of textiles
  • WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization
  • Handbook of Medical Image Processing and Analysis
  • E-vision 2000
  • Workshop Processes, Practices and Materials
  • Tiny Game Hunting
  • Biomedical Communications
  • Implementing Data Mining Algorithms in Microsoft SQL Server

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