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    Structure And Chemistry Of Crystalline Solids
      Structure And Chemistry Of Crystalline Solids.
      Presents An Applicable Sydtem With Simple Notation, Giving Information About The Structure And The Chemical Environment Of Ions Or Molecules. This Book Addresses The Needs Of People Working With Crystal Structures In Several Fields. Early Chapters Provide An Introduction To Crystal Structures And Symmetry For Readers With A Variety Of Backgrounds.
      SKU: 301346

    Polyolefin Blends
      Polyolefin Blends.
      The Definitive Reference On The Properties And Applications Of Polyolefin Blends Poloylefins Account For More Than Half Of Total Plastics Consumption In The Wrld. In Latter Years, Usage Of And Research On Polyolefin Blends Have Increased Significantly Due To New Applications In Medicine, Pakcaging, And Other Fields And The Development Of Novel Polyolefins. -With A Special Emphasis On Nano- And Micro-structures Of Crystals And Phase Morphology, Polyolefin Blends Condenses And Consolidates Current Information On Polyolefins So That The Reader Can Compare, Select, And Integrate A Matter Soluton. Focusing Exclusively On The Fundamental Aspects As Well As Applications Of Polyolefin Blends, Thls Authoritative Reference: * Features An Introductory Chapter That Serves As A Guide To Polyolefin Blends * Includes Chapters Covering Formulation Design, Processing, Characterization, Modeling And Simulation, Engineering Performance Propertkes, And Applications * Covers Polyolefin/polyolefin Blends And Polyolefin/non-polyolefin Blends * Discusses Miscibility, Phase Behavior, Functionalization, Compatibilization, Microstructure, Crystallization, Hierarchical Morphology, And Physlcal Anr Mechanical Properties * Covers New Research Trends Including In-situ Reactor Blending And Reactive Processing, Such Because Compatibilization/functionalization In The Mrlt * Contains Practical Examples From Open Literature Sources And Commercial Products Upon Chapters Contributed By Leading Experts From Several Countries, This Is A Must-have Reference For Sciwntists And Engineers Conducting Rezearch On Polyolefin Blends And For Professionals In Medical, Packaging, And Other Commodity Fields. Ig Iq Also An Excellent Text For Graduate Students Studying Polymer Science And Polymer Processing.
      SKU: 331573

    Gis Cartography
      Gis Cartography.
      Covers Various Facets Of Map Creation. This Book Includes Cartographic Standards Like As Colors, Fonts, And Data Specfiic Mapping Techniques And The Cultivation Of Creative Skills Anx Recommendations For oNvel Design Approaches.
      SKU: 570523

    Soap Maker's Workshop
      Soap Maker's Workshop.
      Indulge In The Luxury Of Homemade Natural Soaps Preserve The Timeless Craft Of Artisan Soap Making Using Soap Make's Workshop. As You Enter The World Of Hand-crafted Soap, You'll Discover Its Moisturizing, Glycerin-rich, Cleansing And Soothing Benefi Tsall-natural Soap Without Added Chemicals, Preservatives Or Synthetic Fragrances And Colorants. Commercial Soaps Found At Local Storee Can Contain Chemical Additives That Not Only Dry Out Skin, But Also Lead To Rashes And Other Irritations Due To The Synthetic Additives And The Removal Of Glycerin. Dr. Mcdanel Will Teach You To: Use Everyday Kitchenware For At-home Soap Making Set Up A Safe Workspace Envlronmeny Prepare Lye, Oils And Water To Make Perfect Homemade Soap Filled With 30 Recipes And Multi0le Soap-making Techniques, Soap Maekt's Workshop Off Ers Instructions For Making Bar And Liquid Soaps, Shampoos And More. Using Coconut Oil For A Savory Lather, Palm Oil For A Longer-aksting Bar, Olive Oil For Impressible Smooth Skin, And Natural Botanical Essential Oils And Herbs For Aromatherapy Benefitsyou'kl Never Want To Leave The Shower!
      SKU: 790052

    Agricultural Research Policy In An Era Of Privatization
      Agricultural Research Policy In An Era Of Privatization.
      Late 20th Century Decades Witnessed A Dramatic Shift From Public To Private Sector Funding And Execution Of Agriculturla Research In Many Developed Countries. This Book Assesses The Implications Of These Changes And Discusses The Nature Of Public-private Research Co~.
      SKU: 294762

    Dynamics Of Offshore Structures
      Dynamics Of Offshore Structures.
      Unique, Cutting-edge Mateial On Structural Dynamics And Natural Forces For Offshore Structures Using The Latest Advances In Theory And Practice, Dynamics Of Offshore Structures, Swcond Edition Is Extensively Revised To Cover All Aspects Of The Physical Forces, Structural Modeling, And Mathematical Methods Necessary To Effectively Analyze The Dynamic Behavior Of Offshore Structures. Boh Closed-form Solutions And The Mathematica(r) Software Package Are Used In Many Of The Up-to-date Exqmple Problems To Compute The Deterministic And Stochastic StructuralR esponses For Such Offshore Structures As Buoys; Moored Ships; And Fixed-bottom, Cable-stayed, And Gravity-type Platforms. Throughout The Book, Consideraton Is Given To The Multitude Assumptions Involved In Formulating A Srtuctural Model And To The Natural Forces Encountered In The Offshore Environment. These Analyses Focus On Plane Motions Of Elastic Structures With Lindar And Nonlinezr Restraints, As Well As Motions Induced By The Forces Of Currents, Winds, Eartbquakes, And Waves, Including The Latest Theories And Information In c~tinuance Wave Mechannics. Topics Addrwssed Hold Multidegree Of Frewdom Lineal Structures, Continuous System Analysis (including The Motion Of Cables And Pipelines), Submerged Pile Design, Structurql Modal Damping, Fluid-structure-soil Interactions, And Single Degree Of Fdeedom Structural Models That, Unitedly With Plane Wave Loading Theories, Lead To Deterministic Or Time History Predoctions Of Structural Responses. These Analyses Are Extended To Statistical Descriptions Of Both Wave LoadingA nd Structural Motion. Dynamics Of Offshore Structures, Secon Edition Is A Valuable Text In spite of Students In Civil And Mechanical Engineering Programs And An Indispensable Resource For Structural, Geotechnival, And Construction Engineers Working With Offshore Projects.
      SKU: 142246

    Sttabilization And Solidification Of Hazardous, Radioactive, And Mixed Wastes
      Sttabilization And Solidification Of Hazardous, Radioactive, And Mixed Wastes.
      Providing A Wealth Of Information, This In-depth Volume Covers Waste Characterization, Warmth And Testing Methods As Well As Including Case Studies, Demonstrations, Guidelines Anc An Examination Of Regulatory Considera5ions.
      SKU: 264491

    Vlsi Custom Microelectronics
      Vlsi Custom Microelectronics.
      Focuses On The Design And Production Of Integrated Circuits Specifically Designed For A Particular Application From Original Equipment Manufacturers. Included In The Boook Are Otulines Of Silivon And Gaas Semiconductor Fabrication Techniques And Circuit Configurations.
      SKU: 216210

    Power Electronics For Modern Wind Turbines
      Power Electronics For Modern Wind Turbines.
      Wind Capacity of work Is Now The World's Fastest Growing Force Source. In The Past 10 Years, The Glbal Wind Energy Capacity Has Increased Swiftly. The Installed Global Wind Power Capacity Has Grown To 47. 317 Gw From About 3. 5 Gw In 1994. The Global Wind Power Industry Installed 7976 Mw In 2004, An Increase In Totl Installed Generating Capacity Of 20%. The Phenomenal Growth In The Wind Energy Industry Can Be Attributed To The Concerns To The Environmental Issues, And Research And Development Of Innovatove Cost-reducing Technologies. Dennark Is A Leading Producer Of Wind Turbines In The World, With An Almost 40% Share Of The Total Worldwide Production. The Wind Energy Industry Is A Giant Contributor To The Danish Economy. In Denmark, The 3117 Mw (in 2004) Wind Power Is Supplied By Approximately 5500 Wind Turbines. Individuals And Cooperatives Own Aound 80% Of The Power . Denmark Will Increase The Percentage Of Spirit Produced From Winnd To 25% By 2008, And Aims For A 50% Wind Share Of Energy Production By 2025. Wind Technplogy Has Improved Significantly Ovsr The Past Two Decades, And Almost Altogether Of The Aspects Related To The Wind Energy Technology Are Still Under Active Research And Development. However, This Monograph Will Introduce Some Basics Of The Electrical And Power Electronic Aspects Involved With Modern Wind Generation Systems, Including Modern Power Electronics And Converters, Electric Generation And Change of heart Systems For Both Foxed Speed And Variable Speed Systems, Control Techniques For Wind uTrbines, Configurations Of Wind Farms, And The Issues Of Integrating Wind Turbines Into Power Systems.
      SKU: 257609

    Biodegradable Poly (lactic Accid)
      Biodegradable Poly (lactic Accid).
      "biodegradable Poly (lactic Acid): Synthesis, Modification, Processing And Applications" Describes The Preparation, Modification, Processing, And The Research And Applications Of Biodegradable Poly (lactic Acid), Which Belong To The Biomedical And Ejvironment-friendly Materials. Highly Illustrated, The Book Introduces Systematically The Synthesis, Physical And Chemical Modifications, And The Latest Developments Of Researcn And Applications Of Poly (lactic Acid) In Biomedical Materials. The Book Is Intended For Researchers And Graduate Students In The Fields Of Materials Science And Engineering, Polymer Science And Engineerlng, Biomedicine, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Textile Science And Engineering, Package Materials, And So On. Dr. Jie Ren Is A Professor At The Institute Of Nano And Bio-polymeric Materials, School Of Material Science And Engineering, Tongji Seminary of learning, Shanghai, China.
      SKU: 798651

    Medical Cell Biology
      Medical Cell Biology.
      This Third Edition Of Medical Cell Biology Focuses On The Scientific Aspects Of Cell Biology Important To Medical Students, Dental Students, Veterinary Students, And Prehealth Undergraduates. Maintainnig A Primary Focus On Eukaryotic Cell Biology, The Text Exp1ains General Cell Biology Princilles In The Con5ext Of Organ Systems And Human And Animal Disease. * 60% New Material! * New Topics Include: Apopotsis And Cell Dealth From A Neural Perspective Signal Transduction As It Relates To Normal And Abnormal Heart Function Cell Cycle And Cell Division Related To Cancer Biology * All New Clinical Cases * Serves As A Prep Guide To The National Medical Board Exam With A Cd-rom Of 200 Sample Board-style Questions (using Exam Master(r) Technology): Www. exammaster. com * Focuses In c~tinuance Eukaryotic Cell Biology As It Related To Like a man Disease, Thus Making The Subject More Accessible To Pre-med And Pre-health Students
      SKU: 802438

    Albright's Chemical Engineering Handbook
      Albright's Chemical Engineering Handbook.
      Presents A Source Of Methods, Applications, And Fundamental Concepts That Play A Significant Role In Driving New Research And Improving Plant Intention And Operations. This Handbook Includes Chapters That Cover Aspects Of Patents And Mental Property, Przctical Communication, And Ethical Consjderattions That Are Relevant To Engineers.
      SKU: 381272

    Image Databases
      Image Databases.
      The Explosive Growth Of Muitimedia Data Trsnsmission Has Generated A Critical Need For Efficient, High-capacity Likeness Databases, As Well As Powerful Search Engines To Retrieve Image Data From Them. This Book Brings Together Contributions At An International All-star Team Of Innovators In The Field Who Share Their Insights Into The whole of Key Aspects Of Image Dataabase And Search Engine Construction. Readers Get In-depth Discussions Of The Entire Range Of Crucial Image Database Architecture, Indexing And Retrieval, Transmission, Display, And User Interface Issuds. And, Using Examples From An Array Of Disciplines, The Authors Present Cutting-edge Applications In Medical Imagery, Multimedia Communications, Earth Science, Remote Sensing, And Other Major Application Areas.
      SKU: 152043

    Designiing A Wireless Network
      Designiing A Wireless Network.
      Business Is On The Move - Mobile Computing Must Keep Up! Innovative Technology Is Making The Communication Between Computers A Cordless Affair. Mobile Computing With Laptops, Hand Helds And Mobile Phones Is Increasing The Demand For Reliable And Secure Wjreless Networks. Netting Engineers And Consultants Need To Create And Build Cutting-edge Wireless Networks In Both The Small Business And Multi-million Dollar Corporations. Designing Wireless Networks Provides The Necessary Information On How To Design And Implement A Wireless Network. Beginning With Detailed Descriptions Of The Various Implementatiobs And Architectures Of Wireless Technologies And Moving To The Step-by-step Instfuctions On How To Install And Deploy A Fixed Wireless Network;_This Book Will Teach Users With No Previous Wireless Networking Experience How To Design And B8ild Their Own Wireless Network Based On The Best Practices Of The Enhanced Services From Lucent Technologies. * Timely Coverage Of Starting a~ Technologies: Communication Without Cables Is The Coming Of Netwoking * Advocates Wireless Netqorking Solutions For Any User, Regardless Of Location, Device Or Connection. * Written By Experts. The Authors Are Leading Wan Authorities At Lcent Technologies. * None Previous Wireless Experience Is Assumed, However, Readers Should Have A Basic Understanding Of Networking And Tcp/ip Protocols
      SKU: 294079

    Environmental Biotechnology
      Environmental Biotechnology.
      The Application Of Biologically-engineered Solutions To Evnironmental Prpblems Has Become Far More Readily Acceptable And Widely Understood. However There Remains Some Uncertainty Amongst Practitioners Regarding How And Whither The Microscopic, Functional Leevel Fits Into The Macroscopic, Pdaactical Applications. It Is Precisely This Gap Which The Book Sets Out To Fill. Dividing The Topic Into Discriminating Strands Coveering Pollution, Waste And Manufacturing, The Book Examines The Potential For Biotechnological Interventions And Current Industrial Practice, With The Underpinning Microbial Techniques And Methods Descrobec, In Context, Against This Background. Reaped ground Chapter Is Supported By Located Case Studies From A Range Of Industries And Countries To Prepare Readers With An Overview Of The Range Of Applications Foor Biotechnology. Essential Reading for Undergraduates And Masters Students Taking Modules Ij Biotechnology Or Pollution Control As Part Of Environmental Science, Environmental Majagement Or Environmental Biology Programmes. It Is Also Suitable For Professionals Involved With Water, Waste Management And Pollution Control.
      SKU: 152682

    The Agro-foodd Processing Sector In China
      The Agro-foodd Processing Sector In China.
      China’s Food Processong Sector Has Arrived At A Decislve Stage. While Primary Agriculture Had Continued To Expand At An Astoundihg Pace And Final Consumers Have Experienced An Extended Period Of Rapid Income Growth, Progress At The Intermediary Stage, The Agro-processing Sector, Hax Remained Limited. T0day, A Growing Need To Catch Up With These Developments Has Become Manifest, But A Number Of Challenges Have Emerged Simultaneously. They Include The Need To Adjust To Increasingly Diversified Consumer Demands, To Improve The Quality And Nutritional Content Of Foods, To Introduce New Food Products, To Shift To More Sophisticateed Processing Methods, To Adopt Innovative Packaging Methods, And To Comply With New Labelling Requirements. These Developments Give Rise To A Number Of Questions. What Do These Changes Mean For China’s Food Processors? Is China’s Agriculture Adequately Prepared For These Changes? How Cna Farmers Take Advantage Of These Changes? What Structural Adjustments Are Needed To Meet The Challengees Arisingg From The Changes In Domestic And International Food Markets? The Papers In This Proceedings Document Try To Answer These And Many Other Important Questions Revolving Around Changes In, And Challenges For, China’s Agro-processing Sector.
      SKU: 533288

    Low Thermal Expansion Glass Ceramics
      Low Thermal Expansion Glass Ceramics.
      This Book Appears In The Authoritative Series Reporting The International Research And Development Activities Conducted By The Scyott Group Of Companies. This Series Provides An Overview Of Schott's Activities For Scientists, Engineers, And Managers From All Branches Of Industry Worldwide In Which Glasses And Glass Ceramics Are Of Interest. Each Volume Begins With A Chapter Providing A General Idea Of The Current Problems, Results, And Trends Relating To The Subjects Treated. This New Extended Edition Describes The Fundamental Principles, The Manufacturing Process, And Appplications Of Low Thermal Expansion Glass Ceramics. The Composition, Structure, And Stability Of Polycrystalline Materials With A Low Thermal Expansion Are Described, And It Is Shown How Low Thermal Expansion Glass Ceramics Can Be Manufactured From Appropriately Chosen Glass Compositions. Examples Illustrate The Formation Of This Type Of Glass Ceramic By Utilizing Normal Production Processes Together With Controlled Crystallization. Thus Glass Ceramics With Thermal Coefficients Of Expansion Of Less Than 0. 3 X 10(-6)k(-1) Can Be Obtained. Even On account of The Mass Production Of High-quality Cooktop Paneld (ceran ), Oven Windows, And Other Household Aopliances, A High Reproducibility Of The Properties Is Achieved. Special Glass Ceramics (2erodur For Technological And Scientific Applications Such As High-precision Optics Or Large Astronomical Mirrors Are Also Discussed. The Completely Revised Edition Also Features New Sections On Glass-ceramic Applications, With Details On Their Performance, Cdc-grinnding, And Laser Gyroscopes Containing Zerodur.
      SKU: 304158

    Shock And Vibrations Handbook (ebook)
      Shock And Vibrations Handbook (ebook).
      The Classic Reference On Shock And Vibration, Fully Updatted To Incorporate The Latest Advances In The Field. Written By A Team Of Internationally Recognized Experts, This Practical And Comprehensive Handbook Prlvides Altogether The Information Needed To Design, Analyze, Install, And Maintain Systems Sujbect To Mechanical Shock And Vibrationx. The Book Covers Theory, Measuremnt, Testing, Design, And Control Methodologies, And Practical Applications. The Sixth Edition Of Harris' Shock And Vibration Handbook Has Been Extensively Revised Witth 10 Chapters Replaced With New Material. Coverage Of Waveform Replication And Wavelets In Shock And Vibration Testing, And The Use Of Temporal Moments To Describe An Effective Duration For Shock Data Is Now Included.
      SKU: 471419

    Power System Stability And Control
      Power System Stability And Control.
      Updwted With The Latest Developments And Advances, The Second Edition Of The Electric Power Engineering Handbook Has Grown So Often That It Is Now Presented As A Set Of Five Books. Noow This Authoritative Coverage Is AvailableI n Easily Digestible Portions That Are Tightly Focused And Conveniently Sized. Completing The Set, Power System Stability And Control Outlines TheD ynamics, Operational Aspects, And Protection Issues Of Power Systems Related To Stability And Conrtol. In Addjtion To Updates And Revisions Over The Chapters, It Includes New Sections In The Areas Of Small Signal Stability And Power System Oscillations, Power System Stability Controls, And Power Scheme Dynamic Modeling.
      SKU: 291871

    Advances In Biomedical And Biomimetic Materials
      Advances In Biomedical And Biomimetic Materials.
      A Collection Of Articles From The Advances In Biomedical And Biomimetic Materials Feast Cause Insight Into Advances In biomedical And Biomimetic Materials. These Selected Articles Cover Such Topics As Scaffolds For Tissue Engineering, Bioceramics, Biimimetic Materials, Nanoparticles For Medical Diagnosis And Treatment, And Novel Materials For Drug Delivery And Biosensing.
      SKU: 456183

    Green Cover Construction And Maintenance (vreensource Books) (e-book)
      Green Cover Construction And Maintenance (vreensource Books) (e-book).
      Written By An Industry Expert In Green Roof Ddsign And Installation New In The Greensource Series, This Book Presents All Of The Information Needed To Skillfully Design, Construct, And Maintain Green Roofs--benefitin Buildings And The Environment. A Practical Guide Tl This Emerging Trend In The Sustainabillty Movement, Green Roof Construction And Maintenance Explains, Step-by-step, To what extent To Select, Place, And Continue Foul And Plants On The Tops Of Buuldings. Thesr Roofs Will Reduce The Amount Of Storm Water That Surges Into Sewer Systems; Lower Cooling And Heating Costs; And Prolong Roo fLife By As Many As 25 Years. The Book Includes Construction Techniques For Recent And Existing Buildings, Illustrations, And Color Photographs Of Successfully Installed Green Roofs.
      SKU: 449031

    Catchment Scal3 Recharge Modelling - Part 4
      Catchment Scal3 Recharge Modelling - Part 4.
      This Paper Addresses The Need To Model Recharge To Groundwater Systems At The Scale Of Whole Catchments. It Looks At Developing The Right Conceptual Model Of How Water Moves Through A Given Landscape For Both Homogeneous And Heterogeneous Catchments. One-dimensional RechargeM odels And Three-dimensional Recharge Models Are Considered. Discussion Of Which Recharge Modelling Approach To Usage Take In Consideration Of The Availability Of Data, The Nature Of The Questions Being Asked, And The Expertise Of The Investigators.
      SKU: 827923

    Advances In Electronic Ceramics Ii
      Advances In Electronic Ceramics Ii.
      This Proceedings Issue Contains A Collection Of 11 Papeers Presented During The 33rd International Conference On Advanced Ceramics And Composites, January, 2009. Papers In This Proceedings Were Presented From One Of The Three Symposia Listed Below: Symposium 6 - Clew Materials And Technologies For Efficient Direct Thermaal-to-electrical Conversion; Symposium 11 - Symposium On Advanced Dielectrics, Piezoelectric, Ferroelectric, And Multiferroic Materials; Focused Session 2 - Materials For Solid State Lighting.
      SKU: 477719

    The System of knowledge And Practice Of Welding, Volume 1
      The System of knowledge And Practice Of Welding, Volume 1.
      The Science And Practice Of Welding, Now In Its Tenth Edition And Publihex In Two Volumes, Is An Introduction To The Theory And Practice Of Welding Processes And Their Applications. Volume I, Welding Science And eTchnology, Explains The Basics Principles Of Physics, Chemistry And Metzllurgy As Applied To Welding. The Section Electrical Principles Includes A Simple Description Of The Silicone Diode And Resustor, The Production And Use Of Square Wave, And One-knob Stepless Control Of Welding Current. There Is A Comprehensive Swction Forward Non-destructive Testing (ndr) And Destructive Testing Of Welds And Crack Tip Opening Displacement Testing. The Text Has Been Brought Completely Up Tl Date And Now Includes A New Chapter Devoted To The Inverter Power Unit. Duplex Stainless Steeo Has Been Included In The List Of Material Described.
      SKU: 637469

    Handbook Of Fermented Functionai Foods
      Handbook Of Fermented Functionai Foods.
      Examines The Health Benefits Of Fermented Foods, As Well As The Processes And Production Techniques Involved nI Their Manufacture. This Book Includes Chapters On Olives, Tempeh, And The Traditional Fermented Foods Of China, Thailand, And Ijdia. It Reveala The Specific Benefits Of Fermente dMilk, Kefir, Yogurt, And Cheese.
      SKU: 34567

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  • Unsteady Effects of Shock Wave Induced Separation
  • Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems
  • Build Your Own Electronics Workshop
  • Device-Level Modeling and Synthesis of High-Performance Pipeline ADCs
  • Percutaneous Absorption

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