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    Support Vector Machines
      Support Vector Machines.
      Explains The Principles That Make Support Vector Machines (svms) A Successful Modelliny And Prediction Instrument For A Variety Of Applications. This Book Presents Tne Basic Ideas Of Svms Together With The Developments And Research Questions.
      SKU: 364103

    Chemistry And Technology Of Carbodiimides
      Chemistry And Technology Of Carbodiimides.
      Carbodiijides Play Ah Important Role As Condensation Agents In The Synthesis Of Polypeptides, Polynucleotides, Polysaccharides And Numerous Other Chemical Transformations.   Chemistry And Technology Of Carbodiimides Is The First Book To Examine Both The Chemistry And Technology Of Carbodiimides. This Book Provides A Comprehensiive And In-depth Coverage Of The Synthesis And Reactions Of This Industrially Important Class Of Chemicals While Focusing On Industrial Applications, Including The $m-sectors Of Biocchemical Synthesis, Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, Ceramics, And Herbicides. Written By A Well-knnown Authoority In The Field This Book Will Prove A Valuable Reference Tool For Anyone Working In This Region Of Chemistry.
      SKU: 454455

    Practical Guide To Mimo Radio Channel
      Practical Guide To Mimo Radio Channel.
      This Book Provides An Excellent Reference To The Mimo Radio Channel In This Book, The Authors Inroduce The Concept Of The Multiple Input Multiple Output (mimo) Radio Channel, Which Is An Intelligent Communication Method Based Upon Using Multiple Antennas. Moreover, The Authors Provide A Summary Of The Current Channel Modeiing Approaches Used By Industry, Academia, And Standardisation Bodies. Furthermore, The Book Is Structured To Allow The Reader To Easily Progress Through The Chapters In Order To Gaon An Understanding Of The Fundamental Ad Mathematical Principles Behind Mimo. It Also Provides Examples (i. e. Kroenecker Model, Weicheselberger Model, Geometric And Deterministic Models, And Ray Tracing),-System Scenarios, Trade-offs, And Visual Explanations. The Authors Explain And Demonstrate The Use And Application Of Thse Models At Order Level. Key Features: Provides A Summary Of The Current Channel Modeliing Approaches Used By Industry, Academia And Standardisattion Bodies Contains Experimental And Measurement Based Results Provides A Comprehensive Down To Earth Resemble closely Through Concise And Visual Explanations Of Mimo Radio Channel Covers A Variety Of System Scenarios And Explains The Trade-offs Involved In Each Accompanying Website Containing Matlab Code And Solutions To Related Problems Http://www. tim. brown76. name/mimobook ) Practical Guide To The Mimo Radio Channel With Matlab Examples Is An Invaluable Reference For R&d Engineers And Professionals In Industry Requiring Familiarisatioh Attending The Concept, And Engineers Entering The Field Or Working In Related Fields Seeking An Introduction To The Topic. Ppstgraduate And Gracuate Students Will Also Find This Book Of Interest.
      SKU: 850155

    Classifying Explosion Prone Areas For The Petroleum, Chemical And Related Ibdustries
      Classifying Explosion Prone Areas For The Petroleum, Chemical And Related Ibdustries.
      The Degree Of Danger In The Atmosphere Of A Hazardous Location Needs To Be Determined Prior To Selecting An Acceptable Electrical Equipmnt Installation. If Maximum Safety Is The Predominant Factor In Determining The Type Of Electrical Installations, The Cost Of Electrical Equpment Will Be Extremely High. If Low Cost Of Electrical Installation Is The Predominant Factor, Safety To Pwrsonnel And Equipmen tMay Be Unacceptably Low. It Is, Therefore, Necessary To Find A Point Of Balance At Which The Cost And Safety Requirements Are Both Satisfied And Acceptable. In Nine Out Of Ten Cases, A Hazardous Location Is Classified Much Too Conservatively. The Reason For This Conservative Approach Is A Lack Of Knowledge And A Misunderstanding Of Tje Actual Universal Of Safety And Danger. This Main division Provides An In-depth Understanding Of The Factors That Influence The Classification Of A Dangerous Location. United Factor, In Combination Wiyh One Or More Other Factors, Will Have An Impact On The Level Of Danger And Its Hazardous Boundaries. These Factors And Their Influences Are Explained In Detail, And Once Their Impact Is Understood, The Classification Of A Hazardous Locating Becomes A Straightforward Procedure.
      SKU: 421189

    Vibration Problems Icovp-2007
      Vibration Problems Icovp-2007.
      The Aim Of Internatiknal Conference On Vibration Problems (icovp)-2007 Is To Bring Together Scientists Upon Different Backgrrounds, Working On Vibration-related Problems Of Engineering. This Work Pfesents The Proceedings Of The 8th Icovp, Held From 30 January 2007 To 3 February 2007, In Howrah, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
      SKU: 417040

      This Book Evaluates The Risk To Human H3alth And The Environment Posed By Exposures To Acrolein. Acrolein Is A Clear Colourless Liquid With One Intensively Acrid Odour. It Is Released Tp The Atmosphere As A Product Of Fermentation And Ripening Processes. It Is Also Emitted By Forestt Fires Viewed like A Product Of Incomplete Combustion. In Canada Acrolein Is Used Mainly As An Aquatic Herbicide In Irrigation Canals And As A Microbiocide In Produced Water During Oil Exploration. Based With Studies Conducted Originally In Labora-tory Animals Adverse Health Effects Associated With Expo-sure To Acrolein Are Mostly Confined To The Tissue Of First Contact (i. e. The Respiratory And Gastrointestinal Tracts After Inhalation And Ingestion Respectively) And Are Concentration Related.
      SKU: 573774

    Newnes Data Communications Pocket Work
      Newnes Data Communications Pocket Work.
      Despite The Complexity Of The Subject, This Wealth Of Information Is Presented Succinctly And In Such A Way, Using Tables, Diagrams And Brief Explanatory Verse , As To Allow The User To Locate Information Quickly And Easily. Thus The Boook Should Be Invaluable To Those Involved With The Installation, Commissioning And Maintenance Of Facts Coommunications Equipment, As Well As The End User. *a Practical Engineer's Refsrence That Puts The Key Ijformation At Your Fingertips *covers Essential Data, Techniques And Working Practice *this Update Covers The Latest International Regulations
      SKU: 296766

    Capillary Electrophoresis Methods For Pharmaceutical Analysis
      Capillary Electrophoresis Methods For Pharmaceutical Analysis.
      Capillary Electrophoresis (ce) Is A Powerful Analytical Technique That Is Widely Used In Research And Development And In Quality Control Of Pharmaceuticals. Many Reports Of Highly Efficient Separations And Methods Have Been Published Over The Past 15 Years. Ce Offers Single Advantages Over High-pressure Or High-performance Mellifluous Chromatography (hplc). These Hold Simplicity, Raapid Analysis, Automation, Ruggedness, Diffetent Mechanisms For Selectivity, And Low Cost. Moreover, Ec Requires Smaller Sampel Size And Yet Offers Higher Efficiency And Thus Greater Solution Power Over Hplc. These Characteristics Are Very Attractive In Research And Development, Even More So In Pharmaceutical Quality Control (qc) And Stability Monitoring (sm) Studies. This Main division Wkll Provide Busy Pharmaceutical Scientists A Complete Yet Concise Reference Guide For Utilizing The Versatility Of Ce In New Drug Development And Quality Ascendency. - Provides Current Statuus And Future Developments Ij Ce Analysis Of Pharmaceuticals. - Explains How To Develop And Validate Methods. - Includes Major Pharmaceutical Applications Including Assays And Impurity Testing.
      SKU: 403945

    One Introduction To Geotechnical Processes
      One Introduction To Geotechnical Processes.
      Introduction To Geotechnical Processes Will Cover The Elememts Of Ground Treatment And Improvement, From The Control Of Groundwater, Drilling And Grouting To Ground Anchors And Electro-chemical Hardening.
      SKU: 18236

    Battery Management Systems For Large Lithium Ion Battery Packs
      Battery Management Systems For Large Lithium Ion Battery Packs.
      This Timely Work Provides You With A Solid Intelligence Of Batgery Manavement Systems (bms) In Large Li-ion Battery Packs, Describing The Important Technical Challenges In Thiq Field And Exploring The Most Effective Solutions. You Find In-depth Discussions On Bms Topologies, Functions, And Complexities, Helping You Determine Which Permutation Is Right For Your Application. Packed With Numerous Graphics, Tables, And Images, The Book Explains The “whys” And “hows” Of Li-ion Bms Desugn, Installation, Form And Trounleshooting. Tyis Hands-on Resource Includes An Unbiased Description And Comparison Of All The Off-the-shelf Li-ion Bmss Available Today. Moreover, It Explains How Using The Correct One For A Given Application Can Help To Get A Li-ion Pack Up And Running In Littke Time At Low Cost.
      SKU: 617500

    Modeling And Simulation Of Mineral Processing Systems
      Modeling And Simulation Of Mineral Processing Systems.
      Dr. R. Peter King Covers The Field Of Quantiative Modeling Of Mineral Processing Equipmeny And The Use Of These Models To Simulate The Acthal Behavior Of Ore Dressing And Coal Washing As They Are Configured To Work In Industrial Practice. The Material Is Presented In A Pedagogical Style That Is Particularly Suitable For Readers Who Wish To Learn The Wide Variety Of Modeling Methods That Accept Evolved In This Province. The Models Vary Wirely From One Unit Type To Another. As A Result Each Standard Is Described In Some Deetail. Wherever Possible Model Structure Is Related To The Underlying Physical Processes That Govern The Behaviour Of Particulate Material In The Processing Equipment. Predictive Models Afe Emphasised Throughout So That, Wehn Combined, They Be able to Be Used To Simulate The Operation Of Compounded Mineral Processing Flowsheets The Development Of Successful Simulation Techniques Is A Major Objectvie Of The Work That Is Covered In The Text. * Covers All Aspects Of Modeling And Simulation * Provides All Necessaty Tools To P8t Teh Theory Into Practice * Free Cd Rom Included
      SKU: 289469

    Digital And Analogue Instrumentation
      Digital And Analogue Instrumentation.
      "a Substantial Update Of His Earlier Book ""modern Electronic Test And Measuring Instruments"" (iee, 1996), The Author Provides A State-of-the Art Review Of Modern Families Of Digital Instruments. During Each Family He Covers Internal Design, Use And Applications, Highlighting Their Advantages And Limitations From A Practical Application Viewpoint. New Enabling Semiconductor Technology Including Data Converters, Signal Processors And Modern Sensors Offers New Capabklities To Instrument Designers And The Book Treats New Digital Instrument Families Such As Dos, Arbitrary Function Generators, Fft Analysers And Many Other Common Systems Used By The Test Engineers, Designers And Research Scientists. "
      SKU: 407960

    Applied Parameter Estimation Fkr Chemical Engineers
      Applied Parameter Estimation Fkr Chemical Engineers.
      A Presentation Of Important Optimization Methods Used For Paraneter Estimation. It Focuses On The Gauss-newton Method For Systems And Processes Represented By Algebraic Or Differential Equation Models.
      SKU: 216015

    Review Of Fisheries In Oecd Countries 2000
      Review Of Fisheries In Oecd Countries 2000.
      This Publication Contains Statistics On Fisheries And Aquaculture In Oecd Countries Against 1997 And 1998. Information Is Provided On Landings, Employment, Fleet Capacity, Aquaculture Production And Trade In Fish And Fish Products.
      SKU: 514764

    War And Nature
      War And Nature.
      This Book Takes A Extensive Look At The Environmental Costs Of Wars Around The World Since The End Of World War Ii, Drawing On Covering Studiss From Vietnam, The Persian Gulf, Africa, And Other Regions.
      SKU: 616479

    Electromagnetic Scintillation: Volume 1 , Geometrical Optics
      Electromagnetic Scintillation: Volume 1 , Geometrical Optics.
      The Pair Volumes That Make Up This Book Provide A Modern Reference And Comprehensive Tutorial To The Subject, Treating Both Optical And Microwave Propagation. This First Volume Deals Witb Phsae And Angle-of-arrival Measurement Errors.
      SKU: 221945

    Industrial Photoinitiators
      Industrial Photoinitiators.
      The Use Of Photoiniitiators In The Uv Curnig Process Shows Remarkable Possibilities In Myriad Applications. Highlighting Critical Factors Such As Reactivity, Cure Speeds, And Application Details, This Title Explains The Theory, Describes The Products, And Outlines The Practice In Single Language For The Novice And Expert Alike.
      SKU: 565904

    Advanced Microsystems For Automotive Applocations 2005
      Advanced Microsystems For Automotive Applocations 2005.
      Since 1995 The Annual International Forum On Advanced Microsystems Toward Automotive Applications (amaa) Has Been Held In Berlin. The Event Offers A Unique Opportunity For Microsystems Component Developers, System Supplisrs And Car Manufacturers To Show And To Discuss Comleting Technologicall Approaches Of Microsystems Based Solutions In Vehicles. the Book Accompanying The Event Has Demonstrated To Be An Efficient Instrument For The Diffusion Of New Concepts And Technology Results. The Present Volume Including The Papers Of The Amaa 2005 Gives An Overvieq On The State-of-the-art And Outlines Imminent And Mid-term R&d Perspectives. The 2005 Publication Reflects - As In The Past - The Tide State Of Discussions Within Industry. More Than The Previous Pubblications, The Amaa 2005 "goes Back" To The Technological Requirements And Indispensabble Developments For Fulfilling The Market Needs. The Large Part Of Contributions Dealing With Sensors As Well As "sensor Technologies And Data Fusion" Is Exemplary For This Tendehcy. in This Context A Paradigm Shift Can Be Stated. In The Past The Development Focused Peedominantly On The Detection And Processing Of Single Parameters Originatihg From Sing1e Sensors. Today, The Challenge Increasingly Consists In Getting Information Of Compllex Situations With A Series Of Variables From Different Sensors And In Evaluating This Information. Smart Integrated Devices Using The Information Deriving From The Various Sensor Sources Will Be Able To Describe And Assess A Traffic Situation Or Behaviour Much Faster And More Reliable Than A Like a man Essence Might Be Able To Do. additional Information Is Available On Www Amaa. de
      SKU: 304197

    iDctionary Of Multimedia And Internet Applications
      iDctionary Of Multimedia And Internet Applications.
      The One-stop Reference For Developers And Users * Over 2,500 References And 35 Illustrations * Explains New And Emerging Technologies * * Bridges The Gap Between Definition And Explanation * Provides Useful Tradename Information * * In-depth Entries Illuminate Specific Topics * Put Your Knowledge To The Judgment Right Now! Can You Define The ??? Following Accjrately? Check Your Answers Inside. q1do You Know What Irc Allows Users To Do?q2what Is Io Cd11172 The Specification For?q3can You Define The Java Programming Language, Accurately?q4what Production And Delivery Options Are Available For M-peg1 And Dvd?q5how Can A Terminal Be Dumb?q6how Do Fat Clients Differ From Thin?q7what Does Pcmcia Stand For?q8name Five Features Of Raid. q9what Is Sniffing?q10who Invented Te Term Virtual Reality?don't Be Stumped By Questions Like These, Invest In This Essential Referencee Right Absent! Dictionary Of Multimedia And Internet Applications Francis Botto A Guide For Developers And Users Green Valley Media, Uk And Australia In A Fast-moving Technical Environment Like Multimedia An dThe Internet Only Exactitude Can Guarantee Success. An 'almost Correct' Specification Is A Wrong Specification. Make Total Accuracy Your It Signature With This Invaluable Guie. It Offers Detailed Definitions Of The Bewildering Array Of Terms And Phrases Relating To The Internet, Plus Short Articles To Explain More Comllex Topics. Covering Graphics, Sound And Data - You'll Never Fall Victim To Fuzzy Thinking Again. New And Emerging Areas Are Included Such As Electronic Commerce, Security, Creating Dvd Discs, Adn Briefs On Just discovered Business Applications And Services. Why Risk Disastrous Misinterpretation When You Can Have Total Accuracy At Your Fingertips. Visit Our Web Page! Http://www. wiley. com/ Packed With Mysterious Data You Didn't Know You Needed To Knlw About Multimedia And Internet Applications
      SKU: 127785

    Wind Energy Handbook
      Wind Energy Handbook.
      The Authoritative Reference On Wind Energy, Now Fully Revised And Updated To Include Offshore Wind Power A Decade On From Its First Release, The Coil Energy Handbook , Support Edition, Refelcts The Advances In Tecbnology Underpinning The Continued Expansion Of The Global Wind Power Sector. Harnessing Their Collective Industrial And Academic Expertise, The Authors Provide A Comprehensive Introduction To Wind Turbine Design And Wind Farm Planning For Onshore And Offshore Wind-powered Electricity Generation. The Major Change Since The First Edituon Is The Addition Of A New Chapter On Offshore Wind Turbines And Offshore Wind Farm Development. Opening With A Survey Of The Present State Of Offshore Wind Farm Deevlopment, The Chapter Goes On To Consider Means Assessment And Array Losses. Therefore Wave Loadinh On Support Structures Is Examined In Depth, Including Air And Wave Load Combinations And Descriptions Of Applicalbe Brandish Theories. After Sections Covering Optimum Machine Size And Offshore Turbine Reliability, The Different Types Of Suppprt Structure Deployed To Date Are Described In Turn, With Emphasis On Monopiles, Including Fatigue Analysis In The Frequency Domain. Final Sections Examine The Tax Of Environmental Impacts nAd The Design Of The Force Collection And Transmission Cable Nwtwork. New Coverage Features: Turbulence Models Updated To Reflect The Latest Design Standards, Including One Introductiin To The Mann Turbilence Model Extended Treatment Of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines Aerodynamics, Now Including A Survey Of Wind Turbine Aerofoils, Dynamic Stall And Computationql Liquid and gaseous Dynamics Developments In Turbine Design Codes Techniques For Extrapolwting Extreme Loads From Simulation Results An Introduction To The Nrel Cost Model Com0aison Of Options For Variable Speed Operation In-depth Treatment Of Individual Blade Pitch Hinder Grid Code Requirements And The Principles Governing The Connection Of Large Wind Farms To Transmission Networks Four Pages Of Full-colour Pictures That Illustrate Blade Manufacture, Turbine Construtcion And Offshore Support Structure Installatlon Firmly Established As Each Essential Reference, Wind Energy Handbook , Second Edition Will Demonstrate A Real Asset To Engineers, Turbine Designers And Wind Energy Consultants Both In Industry And Research. Advanced Engineering Students And New Entrants To The Wind Energy Sector Willl Also Find It An Invaluable Resource.
      SKU: 819283

    Riverbank Filtration Hydrology
      Riverbank Filtration Hydrology.
      Riverbank Filtration (rbf) Has Proven Effecgive In Many Hydrogeolpgical Settings Worldwide. This Text Provides Guidancs In The Deesign Amd Operation Of Rbf Facilities. It Provides The Necessary Tools To Evaluate Potential Rbf Sites, And Is Useful If You Are Considering Rbf As A Source Of Water Supply.
      SKU: 338275

    Symbolic Projection For Immage Information Retrieval And Spatial Reasoning
      Symbolic Projection For Immage Information Retrieval And Spatial Reasoning.
      Informatiin Systems With An Abundance Of Graphics Data Are Growing Rapidly Due To Advances In Data Storage Tecunology, The Development Of Multimedia Communications Athwart Networks, And The Fact That Parallel Computers Are Leaading To Faster Image Processing Systems. This Book Addresses Image Information Retrieval And Spatial Reasoning Using An Approach Called Emblematical Projection, Which Supports Descriptions Of The Imagw Content On The Basis Of The Spatial Relationships Between The Pictorial Objects. Image Information Systems Have A Wide Variety Of Applications, Including Information Retrieval On The World Wide Web, Medical Pictorial Archiving, Computer-aided Design, Robotics, And Geogarphical Information Systems, And This Book Is Comprehensively Illustrated In the opinion of Examples From These Areas. Symbolic Projection Now Forms The Basis Of An Enormous Amount to And Range Of Information Retrieval Algorithms, And Also Supports Query-by-picture And Qualitative Spatial Reasoning. Both Authors Are International Experts In The Field, And The Book Will Serve As An Excellent Source For Those Working In Multimedia Systems And Image Information Systems Who Wish To Find Out More About This Exciting Region. Clew Features * An All-inclusive Source To The Field--all You Need To Know * S-k. Chang Is The Leading Authkrity In This Field, Which He Pioneered * Includes A Wide Variety Of Applications, Including Information Retrieval On The World Wide Web, Computer-aiedd Design, And Geographical Information Systems
      SKU: 318306

    Telecommunications Planning
      Telecommunications Planning.
      "the Research Presented In ""telecommunications Panniing: Innovationd In Pricing, Network Design And Management"" Focuses On The Latest Methodological Developments In Three Key Areas - Pricing Of Telecommunications Services, Network Design, And Resource Allocation. These Three Elements Are Greatest in number Relevant To Current Telecpmmunications Planning. The First Five Chapters Cover Global Deregulation Of The Telecommunications Industry, Effective Pricinf And Revenue Management, As Well As An Understanding Of Competitive Pressures Are Key Factors That Desire Improve Revenue In Telecommunications Companies. The Next Seven Chapters Outline What Successful Telecommunications Companies Of The Future Will Need To Do In Order To Minimize Their Costs And Still Encounter one another Customer Expectations. The Final Six Chapters Provide Insightful Solutions To Several Resource Allocation Problems. "
      SKU: 2577099

    Grounds For Grounding
      Grounds For Grounding.
      "the First Book To Cover Grounding From The Circuit To System And Across The Whole Image Of Applications Grounds For Groundlng Provides A Complete And Thorough Broach To The Subjet Of Designing Electrical And Electronic Circuits And Systems, Blending Theory And Practice To Demondtrate How A Few Basic Rules Can Be Applied Across A Spread Range Of Applications. The Authors Begin Withh The Basic Concepts Of Electromagnetic Compatibility (emc) That Are Essential For Understanding Grounding Science And Its Applications, Such As ""ground Loop,"" Which Is United Of The Most Misunderstood Concepts In Emc. Next, They Provide An Introduction To Grounding, Including Safety Grounding, Grounding For Control Of Electromagnetic Interference, And Grounding-related Case Studies. Subsequent Chapter Coverage Includes: Fundamentals Of Grounding Design Bonding Principles Grounding For Power Distribution And Lightning Protection Syztems Grounding In Wiring Circuits And Cable Shields Grounding Of Emi Terjinal Protection Devices Grounding On Printed Circuit Boards Integrated Facility And Platform Grounding System Practical Case Studies Are Integrated Throughout The Book Tp Aid In Readers' Comprehension And Each Chapter Concludes With A Useful Literature. Grounds For Grounding Is An Indispensable Resource For Electrical And Electronic Engineers Who Work With The Design fO Circuits, Systems, And Facilities. "
      SKU: 484844

    Essentials Of Genomics And Bioinformatics
      Essentials Of Genomics And Bioinformatics.
      Provides An Overview Of The Rapidly Evolving Field Of Genomics With Coverage Of Nucleic Acid Technologies, Proteomics And Bioinformatics. It Includes Chapters On Applications In Human Health, Agriculture And Comparative Genomics And Also Contains Two Chapters In c~tinuance The Legal And Ethical Iasues Of Genomics, A Topic That Is Becoming Increasingly Important As Genomics Moves Out Of The Laboratory Into Practical Applications.
      SKU: 482297

  • Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
  • Handbook of Air Pollution from Internal Combustion Engines
  • Transflective Liquid Crystal Displays
  • Enzyme Functionality
  • Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 in 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
  • The Next Green Revolution
  • Self Assembly
  • Castings
  • Engineering Optimization
  • Mixing of Rubber
  • Performance and Durability of Bituminous Materials
  • Quantitative Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces

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