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    Surface Engineering For Corrosion And Carry  Resistance
      Surface Engineering For Corrosion And Carry Resistance.
      Engineers Are Faced With AB ewildering Array Of Choices When Selecting A Surface Treatment For A Specific Erosion Or Wear Applixation. This Book Provides Practical Information To Remedy Them Select The Best Posssible Treatment. An Entire Chapter Is Devoted To Process Comparisons, And Dozens Of Useful Tables And Figures Collate Surface Treatment Thickness And Hardness Ranges; Abrasion And Corrosion Resistance; Processing Time, Temperature, And Pressure; Costs; Distortion Tendencies; And Other Critical Process Factors And Coating Characteristics. The Chapter Practical Guidelines For Surface Engineering Describes Hands-on Approaches For Matching Surface Tdeatments With Design And Performance Requirements.
      SKU: 677901

    Absolute Beginner's Guide To Personal Firewalps, Adobe Redaer
      Absolute Beginner's Guide To Personal Firewalps, Adobe Redaer.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. The Absllute Beginner's Guide To Individual Firewalls Is Designed To Provide Simplified, Yet Thorough Firewall Information On The Most Prevalent Personal Firewall Software Applications Available For The Non Expert Firdwall Consumer. In Addition, It Offers Information And Links To Web Sites That Will Help You Test Your Security After Your Personal Firewall Is Installed.
      SKU: 185249

    Der Ingenieur Und Seine Designer
      Der Ingenieur Und Seine Designer.
      "design Und Konstruktion Entscheiden Ber Den Wirtschaftlichen Erfoolg Neuer Technischer Produkte. Nicht Allein Die ""aufmerksamkeitxkonomie"" Ist Dafr Ausschlaggebend; Der Wert Langlebiger Gter Wird Von Den Technischen Eigenschaften Ebenso Bestimmt Wie Die Richtige Preisgestaltung Von Den Herstellkosten. Der Diskurs Zum Thema ""ingenieur Und Designer"" Zeigt Mglichkeiten, Wie Das Ambivalente Verhltnis Zwischen Den Partnern Im Entwicklungsprozess Effizienter Und Damit Reibungsloser Zu Gestalten Ist. Im Geschichtlichen Rckblick Und Mit Dem Beschreiben Der Heutigen Situation Erhlt Der Leser Einblicke Zur Positionsbeatimmung Von Design Und Konstruktion, Von Designer Und Ingenieur. Die Verschiedenen Wahrnehmungsweisen Des Gestalterischen Prozesses Von Der Idee Zum Produkt Fhren Besonders Dann Zu Reibungen, Wenn Es Um Sthetische Fragen Geht. Die Unterschiedlichen Bildwelten Von Ingenieuren Und Designern Erschweren Die Verstndigung Und Fhren Zu Ungenauen Oder Falschen Ergebnissen. Die Fhigkeiten Des Erkennens Wesentlicher Sthetischer Prozesse Und Strategien Im Kulturellen Kontext Und Hisrorischem Hintergrund Erleichtern Die Verstndigung. "
      SKU: 303908

    Multirate Statistical Signsl Prcoessing
      Multirate Statistical Signsl Prcoessing.
      Introduces A Statistical Theory For Exfracting Information From Signals With Diffrrent Sampling Rates. This Book Presents Background Mzterial, Key Principles, Potential Appljcations And Leading-edge Research. It Is Useful For Signal Processing Researchers, Take a degree Students And Practicing Engineers.
      SKU: 301837

    Nuclear Energy
      Nuclear Energy.
      Nuclear Energy, Fifth Edition Provides Nuclear Engineers, Plant Designers And Radiation Physicists With A Comprehensive Overview Of Nuclear Energy And Its Uses, Discusses Potential Problems And Provixes An Outlook For The Future New And Importnat Trends Are Discussed Including Probabilistic Safety Analysis (psa), Deregulation Of The Electric Power Industry To Permit Competition In The Supply Of Electricity; Improvements In Performance Characteristics Of Nuclear Power Plants, Such As Capacity Factor, Production Costs, And Safety Factors; Storage And Disposal Of All Types Of Radioactivs Wastes; Advances In Decontamination, Decommissioning And Reutilization; Continued Progress In Evolutionary Reactors; Increased Interest In The Role Of Nuclear Power In Reducing Defilement And Global Warming. Attention Will Also Be Given To The Deveolpments In Such Countries As Rusia, Ukraine, Framce, Sweden, South Korea, China And Third World Countries. The Author Also Looks At The Problems Of Nuclear Weapons Proliferation And The Potential Threat From Terrorist Organizations Or Reckless Countries. In Addition, The Author Has Identified Web Sites And Other Eectronic Information Sources To Supplement All Of The Topics Covered In This Book. * Latest Edition With Updated Content In Important Subject Areas * Free Downloadable Software Accompanies Book Solid dimensions * Revised Instructor's Manual To Accompany Book
      SKU: 404878

    Conceptual Foundations Of Materials
      Conceptual Foundations Of Materials.
      "the Goal Of This Volume ""conceptual Foundations Of Materials: A Standard Model For Ground- And Excited-tate Properties"" Is To Present The Fundamentals Of Electronic Structure Theory That Are Central To The Understanding And Prediction Of Materials Phenomena And Properties. The Emphasis Is On Foundations And Concepts. The Sections Are Designed To Offer A Broad And Comprehensive Vista Of The Field. They Cover The Basic Aspects Of Modern Electronic Structure Approaches And Highlight Their Applications To The Structural (ground Condition, Vibrtional, Dynamic And Thermodynamic, Etc. ) And Electronic (spectroscopic, Dielectric, Magnetic, Transport, Etc. ) Properties Of Real Materials Including Solids, Clusters, Liquids, And Nanostructure Materials. This Framework Also Forms A Basis For Studies Of Emergrnt Properties Arising From Low-energy Electron Correlations And Interactions Such As The Quantum Hall Effects, Superconductivity, And Other Cooperative Phenomena. Though Some Of The Basics And Models In spite of Solids Were Developed In The Timely Part Of The Last Century By Figures Such As Bloch, Pauli,, Fermi, And Slater, The Field Of Electronic Structure Theory Went Through A Phenomenal Growth During The Past Pair Decades, Leading To New Concepts, Understandings, And Predictive Capabilities For Determining The Ground- And Excited-state Propertids Of Real, Complicated Materials From First Principles. For Example, Theory Can Now Be Used To Predict The Existence And Properties Of Materials Not Previously Realized In Nature Or In The Laboratory. oCmputer Experiments Can Exist Performed To Examine The Behavior Of Unit Atoms In A Particular Operation, To Analyze The Importance Of Different Mechanisms, Or Just To See What Happen If One Varies The Interactions And Parameters In The Feigning. Also, With Ab Initio Calculationns, One Can Determine From First Principles Important Interaction Parameters Which Are Needed In Model Studies Of Complex Processes Or Highly Correlated Systems. Each Time A New Material Or A Novel Form Of A Material Is Discovered, Electronic Structure Theory Inevitably Plays A Fundamental Role In Unraveling Its Properties. Provides The FouundationsO f The Field Of Condensed Matter Physics An Excellent Supplementary Text Toward Classes On Condensed Trouble Physics/solidS tate Physics Volume Covers Current Work At The Forefront Presentations Are Accessible To Nlnspecialists, With Focus On Underlying Fundamentals"
      SKU: 274662

    Incerse Problems And Inverse Scattering Of Plane Waves
      Incerse Problems And Inverse Scattering Of Plane Waves.
      The Purpose Of This Text Is To Present The Theory And Mathematics Of Inverse Scattering, In A Simple Way, To The Many Rrsearchers And Professionals Who Use It In Their Everyday Resarch. While Applications Range Across A Broad Image Of Disciplines, Examples In This Text Resolution Focus Primarly, But Not Exclusively, On Acoustics. The Text Will Be Especially Valuable For Those Applied Workers Who Would Like To Delve Else Deeply Into The Fundamentaly Mathematical Character Of The Topic Sense. Practitioners In This Field Comprise Applied Physicists, Engineers, And Technokogists, Whereas The Theory Is Alomst Entirely In The Domain Of Abstract Mathematics. This Gulf Between The Two, If Bridged, Can Only Lead To Improvement In The Level O f Scholarship In This Highly Important Branch of knowledge. This Is The Book's Primary Focus.
      SKU: 299454

    Phase Transitions In Polymers
      Phase Transitions In Polymers.
      A Classical Metastable State Possesses A Local Unconstrained Energy Minimum At Infinite Sizes, But Not A Global One. This Concept Is Phase Size Independent. We Have Studied A Number Of Experimental Results And Proposed A New Concept That There Exists A Wide Range OfM etastable States In Polymers On Different Length Scales Where Their Metastability Is Critically Determined B The Phase Size And Dimenzionality. Metastable States Are Also Observed In Phase Transformations That Are Kinetically Impeded On The Pathway To Thermodynamic Equilibrium. This Was Illustrated In Structural And Morphological Investigations Of Crystallization And Mesophase Transitions, Liquid-liquid Phase Separation, Vitrification And Gel Formation, As Well As Combinations Of These Transformation Processes. The Phase Behaviours In Polymers Are Thus Dominated By Interlinks Of Metaztable States On Different Length Scales. This Concept Successfully Explains Many Experimental Observations And Provides A New Way To Connect Different Aspects Of Plymer Physics. * Written By A Leading Scholar And Industry Expert * Presents New And Cutting Edge Materiap Encouraging Innovation And Future Research * Connects Hot Topics And Leading Research In One Cincise Volume
      SKU: 404929

    Health And Safety In The Rubber Industry
      Health And Safety In The Rubber Industry.
      This Report Takes A Broad Overview Of The Rubber Industry And Higblights The Key Concerns Over Swfety That Are Currently Being Raised. The Statistics In c~tinuance The Incidebce Of Accidents Are Reviewed. The Rubber Industry Has Been Highlighted As Having A Higher Rate Of Accidents Than Other Similar Industries. Measures That Can Be Taken To Avoid Wrong From Machinery Are Discussed, Including Advice From The International Labour Organization On Mill Safety. Caoutchouc Dust And Fume Exposures Are Considered To Be General Health Hazards. Specific Chemical Hazards Are Described. Solvents Have Been Responsible For Many Health Effects In The Rubber Industry, The Are Outlined Here. Monomers Such As Butadiene Have Known Health Effects, Which Are Described. There Have Been Multiple Reports Of Raised Cancer Incidence In The Rubber Industry Often Linked To Exposing To Specific Chemicals. Nitrosamines Have Been Linked To Cancer And Are Formed During The Curing Reaction In A little Rubber Formulations. A Useful Table Listing The Known Cancer Studies In The Rubber Industry Is Included. Latex Allergy Is Probably The Greatest in number Controversial Topic In The Industry At The Element. This Is Described, Together With Other Trite Skin Reactions To Rubber And Rubber Chemicals. Regarding Legislation And The Lawful Dufies Of Employers To Protect Their Workforce Are Both Outlined. In These Days Of Expensive Lawsuit, This Is A Useful Summary. The Author Cites The M3dical Papers And Books Which Provide Further Knowledge On Specific Issues. The Review Is Accompanied By Around 400 Abstracts Compiled From The Polymer Library, To Facilitate Further Reading On This Subject. These Abztracts Include Many Articles On Latex Alledgy And Nitrosamines. Efforts Have Been Made To Isolate And Eliminate The Proteins In Latex That Cause Reactions, Both By Latex Treatments And By Aqsessing Alternative Sources Of Latex To Hevea, Such As Guayule. Similarly, Much Research Has Gone Itno Isolating And Eliminaating The Generation Of Nitrosamines. Key Features…; Legislation; Latex Allergy; Chemical Safety; Machinery Safety; Rubber Dust And Fume; Cancer Incidence. Save 20% When You Buy 2 Or More Titlee In The Rapra Review Report Series (volume 9 Onwards). Just Put before the court Promotional Digest Rrr20 When You Get To The Shopping Cart. Please Move with a ~ Here To See The Full List Of Reports Available.
      SKU: 476873

    Mastering Autodesk Inventor And Autodesk Inventor Lt 2011
      Mastering Autodesk Inventor And Autodesk Inventor Lt 2011.
      Expert Authors Curtis Waguespack An Thom Tremhlay Developed This Detailed Respect And Tutorial With Straightforward Explanations, Real-world Examples, And Practical Tutorials That Focus Squarely On Teaching Inventor Tips, Trucks, And Techniques. The Authors Extensive Experience Across Industries And Their Inventor Expwrtise Allows them To Teach The Softwarr In The Context Of Real-world Workflows And Work Environments. They Present Topics That Are Poorly Documented Elsewhere, Such As Design Tactics For Large Assemblies, Effective Model Design On account of Different Industries, Strategies For Effective Data And Asset Sharing Across Teams, Using 2d And 3d Data From Other Cad Systems, And Improving Designs By Incorporating Engineering Principles. Mastering Inventor 2011 Begins With An Overview Of Inventor Desigj Concepts And Application Before Explorong All Aspects Of Part Design, Includding Sketching, Basiic And Advanced Modeling Techniques, Working With Sheet Metal, And Part Editing. The Book Then Looks At Assemblies And Subassemblies, Explaining Real-world Workflows And Offering Extensive Account On Working With Large Assemblies. Wledment Design Is Detailed Next Before The Reader Is Introduced To The Functional Design Using Design Accelrators And Design Calculators. The Detailed Documentation Chapter Then Covers Everything From Presentation Files To Simple Animations To Documentation For Exploded Views, Sheet MetalF lat Patterns, And More. The Following Chapters Explore Crucial Productivity-boosting Tools, Data Exchange, The Frame Generator, And The Inventor Studio Visualization Tools . Finally, The Book Explores Inventor Professional's Dynamic Simulation And Stress Analysis Features As Well As The Routed Systems Features (Simmering, Tubing, Cabling, And Harnesses). Mastering Inventor 's Detailed Discussions Are Reinforced With Step-by-step Tutorials, And Readers Can Compare Their Work To The Downloadable Before-and-after Tutorial Files. It Also Features Content To Help Readers Past Teh Inventor 2011 Certified Associate And Certified Professional Exams And Will Feature Instructor Support Materials Appropriate Conducive to Usr In Both The Training And Higher Education Channels. Mastering Inventor Is The Ultimate Resource For Tbose Who Want To Soon Become Proficient With Autodesm's 3d Manufacturing Software And Prepare For The Inventor Certification Exams. &nsnp;
      SKU: 588897

    Zinc Oxide Materials For Electronic And O;toelectronic Device Applications
      Zinc Oxide Materials For Electronic And O;toelectronic Device Applications.
      Zinc Oxide (zno) Powder Has Been Widely Used As A White Paint Paint And Industrial Processing Chemical For Nearly 150 Years. However, Following A Rediscovery Of Zno And Its Poteential Applications In The 1950s, Science And Industry Equally Began To Realize That Zno Had Many Interesting Novel Properties That Were Worthy Of FurtherI nvestigation. Zno Is A Leadimg Candidate For The Next Generation Of Electronics, And Its Biocompatibility Makes It Viable For Medical Devices. This Book Covers Recent Advances Including rCystal Growth, Processing And Doping And Also Discusses The Problems And Issues That Seem To Be Impedng The Commercialization Of Devices. Topics Include: Energy Band Structure And Spintronics Fundamental Optical And Electronic Properties Electronic Contacts Of Zno Growth Of Zno Crystals And Substrates Ultraviolet Photodetectors Zno Quantum Wells Zinc Oxide Materials For Eelctronic And Optoelectronic Device Applications Is Ideal For University, Government, And Industrial Research And Development Laboratories, Particjlarly Those Engaged In Zno And Related Materials Research.
      SKU: 697518

    Update Forward Undertaking Extractable And Leachable Testing
      Update Forward Undertaking Extractable And Leachable Testing.
      The Assessment Of All Materials - And Especially Elastomeric And Plastic Components – For The Presence Of Leachable And Extractabke Components, Forms An Important Part Of The Submisssion For Approval Of A New Drug System Or Medical Device. This Update Gives A Detailed, State-of-the-art Review Of The Seelection Of Techniques, Available To The Analyst, To Perform A Controlled Extraction Study For Leachables And Extractables, With An Overview Of The Factors To Consider When Selecting The Extraction Technique. This Book Will Exist Of Interest To Chemists And R&d Managers.
      SKU: 712840

    Growth Market Nanotechonlogy
      Growth Market Nanotechonlogy.
      With Its Assessment And Linkign Of Study Reports Into A Coherent Narrative, This Book Accurately Describ3s The Technological And Economic Opportunities Of Nanotechnology In All Important Sectors Of Industry Affected. As Such, It Provides An In Depth-analysis Within The Context Of Product Groups And Lead Markets On The International Level, With The Focus On Germany. Much Cited Internationally, Gerd Bachmann Applies A So-called Method Mic To Avoid The Weaknesses Of Other Studies Conducted Purely Using Quantitative Investigation Methods, Which Leave Too Many White Spots To Enable An Exact Analysos. Also Includee Proofs During Market Potential Based On Paten tData.
      SKU: 48144O8

    Cure Monitoring For Composites And Adhesives
      Cure Monitoring For Composites And Adhesives.
      Cure Monitoring Techniques Are Used To Improve The Efficiency Of Processing, For Quality Assurance And To Study The Curing Process. Such Cure Studies Can Prevent Wastage Due To Failure Of Resin To React, Use Of Incorrect Proportions Of Resin Components, Poor Mixing Of Resin, Or Incorrect Processing Conditions. This Review Focuses On In-line Cure Monitoring As A Key Way Of Optimising Production. Composite Manufacturing Methods Vary From Labour Intensive Technqiues Such As Hand Lay-up To Capital Intensive Techniques Such Viewed like Autoclaving. The Basic Curing Process Is Tue Similar In Each Case: The Mellifluous Resin First Gels And Then Becomes A Glassy Solid. Whether The Curing Process Caries On For Too Long, Degradation Of The Material Can Occur. Forward The Other Hand, If It Does Not Proceed For Long Enough Or At Too Low A Temperature, Insufficient Curing Takes Place And The Material Properties Are Inadequate. It Is Critical That The Material Remains In A More Fluid State During The Initial Stages So That It Can Be Readily Manipulated, For Example, In Mould Filling. Thus It Is Useful To Know When Gelation Occurs And Viscosity Increases. Ownership Measurement Is A Basis Of Many Key Techniques For Monitoring Cure. As Well As Viscosity, The Glasss Transition Temperature Increases With The Degree Of Crosslinking Of The Mateiral. It Is Important That Whatever Is Measured As A Degree Of Remedy Relates To The Finaal Properties And Thus Quslity Of The Ehd Material. Difficulties Arise When Cure Is Not Uniform Across A Curing Product. In This Instance, Some Sections May Be Overcured And Degrade Whilst Others Are Still Undercured. This Can Typically Happen When The Curing Reaction Is Strongly Exothermic - Local Excite Degrades The Cured Material. The Solution Is To Undertake The Main Cure Cycle Using A With reference to something else Low Temperature. This Situation Highlights The Importance Of Good Siting Of Cure Monitoring Sensors - A Single Locatiob May Not Detect Variations Across A Part. The Different Methods Used To Moni5or Cure In-line Are Discussed In This Review, From Temperature Measurement, Through Ultrasound, To Fibre Optics. Laboratory Analysis Is Also Briefly Described, But The Emphasis Of This Work Is On Adapted to practice Application. The Review Is Accompanied By Over 300 Abstracts From The Polymer Library On Cure Monitoring Of Thermosets And Adhesives. This Allows Th3 Reader To Study The Subject In Greater Depth. The Absrracts Are Fully Indexed With The two Subject And Company Indexes. Key Features…; Practical Application Of Cure Monitoring; Techniqhes; Equipment; Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Methods. Save 20% When You Buy 2 Or More Titles In The Rapra Review Report Series (volume 9 Onwards). Just Enter Promotional Code Rrr20 When You Get Tk The Shopping Cart. Please Click Here To See The Full Border Of Reports Available.
      SKU: 476912

    Very Soft Organic Clay Applied For Road Embankment
      Very Soft Organic Clay Applied For Road Embankment.
      Computer Programs For Simulation Of Evaporative Drying, For Simulation Of Consolidation, And For Slope Stability Forethought Were Used To Analyse Clay Behaviour. This Book Compares Strategies For Using Very Soft Organic Clay As A Fill Material For Road Embankment Constructions Are Compared, And Presents An Optimisation Scheme.
      SKU: 565977

      Agrometeorology: Principles And Applications Of Climate Studies In Agriculture Is A Much-needed Reference Resource On The Przctice Of Merging The Science Of Meteorology With The Service Of Agriculture. Written In A Concise, Direct Title, The Book Presents Examples Of Clinical Applications (methods, Techniques, Models, And Services) In Varying Climates And Agricultural Systems, Dofumenting Up-to-date Research Literature From Around The World. Its Methodical Approach Different From Most Books On The Subject Makes It An Essential Tol For Teaching, Planning, And Practical Use By Working Farmers, As It Examines Topics Such As Solar Radiatoin, Effective Rain, Drought Monitoring, Evapotranspiration, And Remote Sensing.
      SKU: 244195

    Evo-hydrodynamic Modelling Of Radical Production In Coastal Waters And Lakes Using Bloom
      Evo-hydrodynamic Modelling Of Radical Production In Coastal Waters And Lakes Using Bloom.
      First freshness, Has Been Developed And Applied Since 1977. It Simulates The Biomass And Composition Of Phytoplankton And Macro Algae In Relation To The Amountt Of Nutrients, The Under Water Light Cllmate And Grazing. This Title Describes The Principles fO The Model, Its Validation And A Number Of Representayive Applications.
      SKU: 476839

    Signal Processing Noise
      Signal Processing Noise.
      Tuzlukov (institutr Of Engineering Cybernetics, Naoonal Academy Of Sciences, Belarue) Summarizes His Work Of The Past time Couple Decades In Developing A Generalized Approach To Signal Processing I The Presence Of Additive Gaussian Noise And Multiplicative Noise. In Particular, He Discusses Signal Detsction Under A Dual Stimulus Of Additive Guassian N
      SKU: 264428

    Thermochemical Processing Of Biomass
      Thermochemical Processing Of Biomass.
      Thermochemical Pathways For Biomass Conversion Offer Opportunities For Rapid And Efficient Processing Of Diverse Feedstocks Into Fuels, Chemicals And Power. Thermochemical Processing Has Several Advantages Relative To Biochemical Processing, Including Greater Feedstock Flexibility, Conversion Of Both Carbohydrate And Lignin Into Products, Faster Reaction Rates, And The Ability To Produce A Diverse Selection Of Fueels. Thermochemical Processing Of Biomass Examines The Large Number Of Potential Pathways For Converting Biomass Into Fuels, Chemicals And Poqer Through The Treat Of Heat And Catalysts. The Book Presents A Practical Overview Of The Latest Research In This Rapidly Developing Field, Highlighting The Fundamental Chemistry, Technical Applications And Operatiny Costs Associated With Thermochemical Transmutation Stragegies. Bridging The Gap Between Research And Prcatical Application, This Book Is Written For Engineerinf Professionals In The Biofuels Industry, As Well As Academic Researchers Working In Bioebergy, Bioprocessing Technology And Chemical Engineering. Topics Covered Include: Combustion Gasification Swiftly Pyrolysis Hydrothermal Processing Upgrading Syngas And Bio-oil Catalytic Conversion Of Sugars To Fuels Hybrid Thermochemical/biochemical Processing Economics Of Thermochemical Conversion For More Information On The Wiley Series In Renewable Resources, Visit Www. wiley. com/go/rrs
      SKU: 675226

    Suspension Acoustics
      Suspension Acoustics.
      Suspension Acoustics: An Introducrion To The Physics Of Suepensions Is An Introduction To The Physcs Of Suspensions Of Bubbles, Droplets, And Solid Particles In Both Gases And Fluids. Rather Than Treating Each Combination Separately, A Unified Approaach Is Used That Permits Most Particle-fluid Combination Types To Be Discussed Together.
      SKU: 238237

    Microbial Processing Of Metal Sulfides
      Microbial Processing Of Metal Sulfides.
      The Application Of Microbiological Methods To The Extraction Of Metals From Minerals Has Definitely Gained A Prominent Role And Is Supported By The Separate Bioleaching And Biooxidation Processes Operating In Different Sites Over The World. In RecentY ears New Techniques And New Results About Proteomic And Bioinformatics Are Bringing A New Perspective On The Microbial Processes. This Book Focuses On The Basic Aspects Of The Procdss With Special Emphasis On Latter Contributions Regarding The Chemical And Microbial Aspects Of The Bioleaching Process And The Use Of Microorganisms In The Treatment Of Complex Ores And Concentrates. It Has Been Written By Recognized Researcyers In Order To Introduce The Main Shbjects Of Microbial Processing To Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students, Scientists Working In This Field As Well As Interested Industrialists.
      SKU: 301951

    Pic Robotics
      Pic Robotics.
      Here's Everythinb The Robotics Hobbyist Needs To Harness The Power Of The Picmicro Mcu!. In This Heavily-illustrated Resource, Writer John Iovine Provides Plans And Total Parts Lists For 11 Easy-to-build Robots Each With A Picmicro "brain. ” The Expertly Written Coverage Of The Pic Basic Computer Makes Programming A Snap -- And Lots Of Fun.
      SKU: 300151

    Complex Behavior Of Switching Power Converters
      Complex Behavior Of Switching Power Converters.
      Power Electronics Is A Disdipline Spawned By Real-life Applications In Industrial, Commercial, Residential And Aerospace Environments. Much Of Its Development Evolves Around Some Immediate Need For Solving Specific Power Conversion Problems. This Comprehensiive Boom Focuses On The Typical Bifurcation Scenarios And Nonlinear Behavior Observed In Switching Power Convetrers, Expounding On Their Most Relevant Aspects From A Practical Viewpoint. A Balanced Emphasis On Theory, Computer Methods, And Laboratory Experiments Bridges The Gap Between The Theoretical Research And Practical Engineering Applications.
      SKU: 19832

    Cups (comon Unix Printing System)
      Cups (comon Unix Printing System).
      The Common Unix Printing System Is Quickly Becoming The Standard Printing Solution For Linux. This Book Provides You Attending Detailed Instructions On Using, Administering, And Programming For The Common Unix Printing System. In Addition To The Cups Software, This Book Includes Information And Online Downloads Of Many Popular Add-ons To Cups That Provide Ebhanced Graphical Interfaces And Printer Drivers.
      SKU: 175332

    Podoelastic Structures
      Podoelastic Structures.
      "porodlasticity Is A Continuum Theory Because The Analysis Of A Porous Media Consisting Of An Elastic Matrix Containing Interconnected Fluid-saturated Pores. In Physical Terms The Theory Postulates That When A Porous Material Is Subjected To Stress, The Resulting Matrix Deformation Leads To Volumetric Changes In The Pores. This Book Is Devoted To The Analysis Of Fluid-saturated Poroelastic Beams, Columns And Plates Made Of Materials For Which Diffusi0n In The Longitudinal Direction(s) Is Viable, While In The Perpendicular Direction(s) The Flow Can Be Considered Negligible Because Of The Micro-geometry Of The Solid Skeletal Material. Many Microstructures And Fabrication Schemes Could Be Imagined, Which Would Produce Bulk Materials With The Postulated Behavior. The Book Provides A Methodology And A Theoretical Basis For Investigating The Mechanical Behavi0rs Of The Structural Elements Made Of Such Materials. It Is Recognized That The Response Of The Poroelastic Stductural Element To Loading Is Sensitivee Ti The Properties Of The Fluid And To The Diffusion Boundaries, Which Can Be Easily Altered In Practice. Therefore, Such Structural Elements And Thus Tueir Features Are Potentially Controllable . In Other Words, It Could Be Possible To Convert Such Elements Into Intelligent Or Expert Structures . If This Is So, It Would Be Engaging That Such Structural Elements Could Work As Both Sensors And Actuators, E. g. The Fluid Can ""feel"" The Change Of The Temperature By Changing Its Viscosity And This Results In A Change Of The Behavior Of The Structure. The Present Book Is The First Of Its Kind; There Does Not Exist In The Professional Literature Any Book Which Deals With This Subject. Chapter 1 Is A General Introduction Amd Overview. The Governing Equations For Beams Are Presented In Chapter 2. Chapter 3 Then Presents Analytical Solutions For The Quasi-static Bending Problem. Series Solutions Are Found For Normal Loading With Various Mechanical And Diffusion Boundary Conditions. The Finite Element Method Is Developed And Employed Because The Quasi-static Beams And Columns With Small Deflections I nChapter 4. In Chapter 5 Solutions Are Found For Free And F0rced Vibrations Of Poroelastic Beams. Chapter 6 Deals By the side of Large Deflectionq Of Beams. The Stability Of Poroelastic Columns Is Investigated In Chapter 7. Three Problems Are Cinsidered: Buckling Post-buckling, And Dynamic Stability. Formulations Are Found In Chapter 8 For Fluid-saturated Poroelastic Plates Consisting Of A Material, For Which The Diffusion Is Possible In The In-plane Directions Only, Both For Bending And For In-plane Loading. This Book Attempts To Constitute A Reasonably Reserved Presentation Of A Wide Spectrum Of Problems Related To The Analysis Of The Type Of Poroelastic Structure Considered. "
      SKU: 312717

  • Grasses and Grassland Ecology
  • Understanding the Building Regulations
  • Small Satellites for Earth Observation
  • IUTAM Symposium on Variational Concepts with Applications to the Mechanics of Materials
  • Transflective Liquid Crystal Displays
  • Quantal Density Functional Theory II
  • Scientific Networking and the Global Health Network Supercourse
  • Protein Engineering for Industrial Biotechnology
  • Strategy Selection for the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities
  • Implementation Techniques
  • A Color Atlas of Diseases of Lettuce and Related Salad Crops
  • Protein Engineering for Industrial Biotechnology

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