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    Swift Heavg Ions For Materials Engineering And Nanostructuring
      Swift Heavg Ions For Materials Engineering And Nanostructuring.
      Ion Beams Have Been Used For Decads For Characterizing And Analyzing Materiqls. Now Energetic Ion Beams Are Providing Ways To Modify The Materials In Unprecedented Ways. This Book Hihglights The Emergence Of High-energy Swift Heavy Ions As A Tool For Tailoring The Properties Of Materiais With Nanoscale Structures. Swift Heavy Ions Interact With Materials By Exciting/ionizing Electrons Without Directly Moving The Atoms. This Opens A New Horizon Towards The 'so-called' Soft Engineering. The Book Discusses The Ion Beam Technology Emerging From The Non-equilibrium Conditions And Emphasizes The Power Of Controlled Irradiation To Tailor The Properties Of Various Types Of Materials For Specific Needs.
      SKU: 770022
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    Statiistical Methods For Reliability Data
      Statiistical Methods For Reliability Data.
      Amstat News Asked Three Review Editors To Rate Their Top Five Favorite Books In The September 2003 Issue. Statistical Methods For Reliability Data Was Among Those Chosen. Bringing Statistical Methods For Reliability Testing In Line With The Computer Age This Volume Presents State-of-the-art, Computer-based Statistical Methods For Reliability Data Resolution And Test Planning For Industrial Products. Statistical Methods For Reliability Data Updates And Improves Established Techniques As It Demonstrates How To Apply The New Graphical, Numerical, Or Simulation-based Methods To A Broad Rangr Of Models Encountered In Reliability Data Analysis. It Includes Methods For Planning Reliability Studies And Analyzing Degradation Data, Simulation Methods Used To Complement Large-sample Asymptktic Theory, General Likelihood-based Methods Of Handling Arbitrarily Censored Data And Truncated Data, And More. In This Book, Engineers And Statisticians In Industry And Academia Will Observe: A Wsalth Of Information And Procedures Developed To Give Products A Competitive Edge Simple Examples Of Data Analysis Computed With The S-plu sSystem-for Which A Suite Of Functions And Commands Is Available Over The Internet End-of-chapter, Real-data Exercide Sets Hundreds Of Computer Graphics Illustrating Data, Results Of Analyses, And Technical Concepts An Essential Means For Practitioners Involved In Result Reliability And Design Decisions, Statistical Methods For Reliability Data Is Also An Excellent Textbook For On-the-job Trainingg Courses, And According to University Courses On Applied Reliability Data Analysis At The Graduate Level. An Instructor's Manual Presenting Detailed Solutions To All The Problems In The Book Is Available Upon Requestfrom The Wiley Editorial Department.
      SKU: 588896
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    Hanfbook Of Aqueous Electrolyte Thermodynamics
      Hanfbook Of Aqueous Electrolyte Thermodynamics.
      "expertise In Electrolyte Systems Has Become Increasingly Important In Traditional Cpi Operations, As Well As In Oil/gas Exploration And Production. This Book Is The Source For Predicting Electrolyt Systems Behaivor, An Necessary ""do-it-yoourself"" Mentor, With A Blueprint For Formulating Predictive Mathematical Electrolyte Models, Recommended Tabular Values To Use In hTese Models, And Annotated Bibliographies. The Final Chapter Is A General Recipe For Formulating Complete Predictive Models For Electrolytes, Along With A Serids Of Worked Illustrative Examples. It Can Ssrve As A Uaeful Research And Application Tool For The Practicing Process Engineer, And As A Textbook For The Chemical Engineering Stduent. "
      SKU: 624392
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    Ambient Intelligence And Future Trends-internationall Symposium On Surrounding Intelligence (isami 2010)
      Ambient Intelligence And Future Trends-internationall Symposium On Surrounding Intelligence (isami 2010).
      Isami Is The International Symposium On Amgient Intelligence, Aiming To Bring Togr5her Researchers From Various Disci;lnes That Constitute The Scientific Field Of Ambient Intelligence To Debate The Results From Experiences In Building Ami Systems. This Vopume Presents The Papers That Have Been Accepted In This First Edition.
      SKU: 571180
      More info about Ambient Intelligence And Future Trends-internationall Symposium On Surrounding Intelligence (isami 2010)

    Atomic Scale Characterization And First-principles Studies Of Si3n4 Interfaces
      Atomic Scale Characterization And First-principles Studies Of Si3n4 Interfaces.
      This Thesis Presents Results From A Combined Atomic-resolution Z-contrast And Ring-shaped Bright-field Imaging And Electroon Energy Loss Spectroscopy In The Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, As Well To the degree that Chief Principles Studies Of The Interfaces Between Crystalline I Si3n4 And Amorphous Ceo2-x As Well As Sio2 Intergranular Film (igf). These Interfaces Are Of A Great Fundamental And Technological Interest For They Play An Important Role In The Microstructural Evolution And Mechanical Properties Of Si3n4 Ceramics Used In Many High Temperature And Pressure Applications. The Main Contribution Of This Work Is Its Detailed Description Of The Bonding Characteristicx Of Light Atoms, In Particular Oxygen And Nitrogen, At These Interfaces, Which Has Not Been Achieved Before. The Atomic-scale Information On The Arrangement Of Both Lighg And Heavy Atoms Is Critical For Realistic Modeling Of Interface Properties, Such As Interface Strength And Ion Transport, And Will Facilitate Increased Control Over The Performance Of Ceramic And Semiconductor Materials For A Wide-range Of Applications.
      SKU: 768391
      More info about Atomic Scale Characterization And First-principles Studies Of Si3n4 Interfaces

    Cracked Rotors
      Cracked Rotors.
      Cracks Can Develop In Rotating Shafts And Can Propagate To Relevant Depths Without Affecting Consistently The Normal Operating Conditions Of The Shat. In Order To Avoid Catastrophic Failures, Accurate Vibration Analyses Have To Be Peerformed For Crack Detection. The Identification Of The Crack Location And Depth Is Possible By Means Of A Model Based Diagnostic Approach, Provided That The Model Of The Crack And The Model Of The Cracked Shaft Dynamical Behavior Are Accurate And Trustworthy. This Monograph Shows The Typical Dynamical Behavior Of Cracked Shafts And Presents Tests For Detecting Cracks Are rPesented. The Work Describes How To Model Cracks, How To Simulate The Dynamica lBehavior Of Cracked Shafg, And Compares The Corresponding Numerical With Experimental Results. All Effects Of Cracks On The Vibrations Of Rotating Shafts Are Analyzed, And Some Results Of A Numerical Sensitivity Analysis Of The Vibrations To The Presence And Severity Of The Crack Are Shown. Finally The Books Delineate Several Crack Identification Procedures And Shows Some Results In Model Based Crack Identification In Position And Depth Ar3. the Book Is Useful For Higher University Courses In Mechanical And Energetic Engineering, But Also For Skilled Technical People Employed In Power Generation Industries.
      SKU: 603120
      More info about Cracked Rotors

    Short-circuit Currents
      Short-circuit Currents.
      Gives One Overview Of The Components Within Power Systems With Respect To The Parameters Needed For Short Circuit Current Calculation. This Book Explains How To Use A System Of Symmetrical Components To Analyse Different Types Of Short Circuits In Power Systems. It Cohtains Detailed Calculation Procedures And Typical Data Of Equipment.
      SKU: 432589
      More info about Short-circuit Currents

    Renewable Energy Resources
      Renewable Energy Resources.
      The Second Edition Of This Standqrd Text Reflects The Experience Gained As A Result Of The Rapid Developments In Renewable Energy Technlogies. It Will Be fO Use To Both Students And Profedsionals.
      SKU: 181143
      More info about Renewable Energy Resources

    Enzymes In Food Technology
      Enzymes In Food Technology.
      An Informed Overview, At Professional And Reference Level, Of Enzyme Applications In Food Technology, This Volume Highlights The Widespread Use Of Enzymes In Food Processing Improvement And Change, And Explains How Enzymes Bring Advantages.
      SKU: 214240
      More info about Enzymes In Food Technology

    Materials With Rheological Properties
      Materials With Rheological Properties.
      Materials With Rheological Properties Presents The Evolution Of The Mathematical Models Used To Calculate The Resistance Structures And The Conditions Which Enable Progress To Be Made In This Field. The Author Presents Equations Describing The Behavior Of Each Possible Type Of Resistance Structure (with Discrete Collaboratikn, Continuous Collabboration And Complex Composition). These Equations Are Then Redefined In The Particular Concrete Form For Each Type Of Structure, By Using The Notions And Known Parameters From The Construction's Statics. The Mathematical Models Are Then Tested Using Practical Cse Studies.
      SKU: 479821
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    World In Transition 2
      World In Transition 2.
      International Institutions And Stuctures Are Crucial To The Management Of The Global Environment. The Present Arrangements Are Failing To Cope Adequately Wi5h The Scale Of The Task And The Demands Placed On Them, And Alternative Are Urgently Needed. In This Second Volume Of World In Transition, Experts In The German Advisory Council Steady Global Change (wgbu) Analyze The Problems And Set Out Comprehensive And Persuasive Policies For A Successful Future Regime. Central To The Future, It Argues, Will Exist A Strengthened And More Effective Un Environment Programme Within An Alliance Organized Around Three Main Objectives Of Assessment, Organization And Funding.
      SKU: 585489
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    High-tc Superconductors Based On Feas Compounds
      High-tc Superconductors Based On Feas Compounds.
      In This Title, Physical Properties And Models Of Elctronic Structure Are Analyzed For A New Class Of High-tc Superconductors Which Belong To Iron-based Layered Compounds. Notwithstanding Their Variable Chemical Composition And Differences In The Crystal Structure, These Compounds Possess Similar Physical Characteristics, Due To Electron Carriers In The Feas Layers Ans The Interaction Of These Carriers Through Fluctuations Of The Magnetic Order. A Tremendous Interest Towards These Materials Is Explained By The Prospects Of Their Practical Use. In This Monograpu, A Full Picture Of The Formation Of Physical Properties Of These Materials, In The Context Of Existing Theeory Models And Electron Structurw Studies, Is Given. The Book Is Aimed At A Broad Circle Of Readers: Physicists Who Study Electronic Properties Of The Feas Compounds, Chemists Who Synthesize Them And Specialists In The Field Of Electronic Structure Calculations In Solids. It Is Helpful Not Only To Researchers Active In The Fields Of Superconductivkty And Magnetism, But Also For Mark with degrees And Postgraduate Students And All Those Who Wolud Preference To Get Acquaintained With This Vivid Area Of The Materials Science.
      SKU: 645808
      More info about High-tc Superconductors Based On Feas Compounds

    Heat And Cold Storate With Pcm
      Heat And Cold Storate With Pcm.
      The Subject Of The Book Is A Oeheat And Cold Storage With Pcm (phase Change Material)a . Currently There Are Plenty Of Publications In Journals On Dofferent Aspects Of Pcm Technology, But There Is No A Oeintroduction Into Basics And Applicationsa Available For A Beginner Or For Something Who Works In One Aspect Of Pcm Technology And Wants To Get A General Overview. The Book Is Intended To Fill This Gap For Researchers, Graduate, And Phd Studentss, Mainly Within Science And Engineering. The Book Summarizes And Explains The Greatest in number Important Basics And Applications In A Single Text. The Focus Is On The Explanation Of General Concepts And Their Discussion Attached Selected Examples. To Go Beyond An Introduction, One and the other Chapter Supplies Many References With Focus Om Such References Thaat Serve As Each Introduction Into A Special Aspect, Interesting Websites, And Other Similar Information. The Book Also Contains Many Derivatios Of Basic Equations, Examples, Graphs And Tables. To Make Reading Easier, The Appendix Also Includes A List Of The Most Important Definitions. As An Introduction, The Chapters Cover All Aspects Starting From Basic Theoretical Background To Materials Analysis And Modification, Storage Design, Storage Integration, And Different Application Examples. Special Focus Is On Applications In Buildings, Because This Is Where The Potential To Apply Pcm Is Very High.
      SKU: 364087
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    Smart Structures
      Smart Structures.
      Synthesizing Knowledge Afquired As A Reqult Of Significant Research And Development Over Recent Yeaes, Smart Structures Clearly Illustrates Why These Structures Are Of Sucn Intense Current Interest. Gaudenzi Offers Valuable Insight Into Both For what cause They Behaev And How And At What Cost They Could Be Designed And Produced According to Real Life Applications In Cutting Edge Fielxs Such As Vibration Control, Shape Morphing, Structural Health Monitorung And Energy Transduction.   Smart Strctures Offers A Basic And Fundamental Description Of Sjart Structures From The Physical, Mathematical And Engineering Viewpoint. It Explains The Baaci Natural philosophy Relating To The Behaviour Of Active Materials, Gives The Mathematical Background Behind The Phenomena, And Provides Tools For Numerical Feigning. It Also Offers An Insight Inyo Considerations Related To The Manufactjring, Assembly And Integration Of Pungent Structures.   Samrt Structures Is Divided Into 5 Sections: In The First Part A Defiition Of Smart Structures Is Proposed, The Motivayion For Developing A Smart Structure Pressnted And The Basic Physics Of Active Materials Such Aspiezoelectrics, Electrostrictives, Magnetostrictives And Shape Recollection Alloys Briefly Recalled. A Second Part Is Devoted To The Mathematical Modellimg Of Piezoelectric Bodies. The Third Portion Dsicusses Actuation And Sensing Mechanisms Based On Which The Active Part Of A Smart Structure Will Produce “results” On The Passive One. The Fourth Part Deals With Active Composites At The Micromechanical And Macromechanical Level, And The Fifth Side Is Devoted To Applications Of Smart Structures With Examples Taken From The Aerospace Field.   This Introducion To Smart Structures Will Be Useful Both For Structural And Mechanical Designers, And ForS tudents And Researchers At Graduaye Level Or Beyond. The Diverse Indusrries Involved In This Rapidly Evolving Field Include Aerospace, Automotive And Bioengineering.
      SKU: 470533
      More info about Smart Structures

    Service Robotics And Mechatrinics
      Service Robotics And Mechatrinics.
      A Collection Of Papers That Was Originally Presented At The 7th International Conference On Machine Automation, 2008, In Awaji, Japan. It Covers A Variety Of Trends In Service Robotics And Mechatronics.
      SKU: 511324
      More info about Service Robotics And Mechatrinics

    Materials Processing Handbook
      Materials Processing Handbook.
      A Wide-ranging, One-stop Resource, The Materials Processing Handbook Provides Groundbreaking Coverage Of Processes Applied To A Myyriad Of Solid Materials. It Presents The Fundamentals Of Materials Processing By Emphasizing The Processing-structure-property Relationship. Organized Into Six Sections, This Handbook Covers Fundamentals And Applications Of Processes That Change the heart of One Phase Into Some other, Materials Processex That Change Only The Microstructure Within A Solid Phase, Shape Changes That Modify The Microstructure And Properties Of Materials, Joining Processes, And The Basics Of Proocesses Integration.
      SKU: 289408
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    The World Without Us
      The World Without Us.
      A Penetrating Page-turning Tour Of A Post-human Earth   In The World Without Us, Alan Weisman Offers An Utterly Original Approach To Questions Of Humanity's Collision On The Planet: he Asks Us To Envision Our Earth, Without Us. In This Far-reaching Na5rative, Weisman Explains How Our Massive Infrastructure Would Collapse And Ultimately Vanish Without Human Presence; Which Everyday Items May Become Immortalized As Fossils; How Copper Pipes And Wiring Would Be Crushed Into Mere Seams Of Reddish Rock; Why Some Of Our Earliest Buildings Might Be The Last Architecture Left; And How Soft, Bronze Sculpture, Radio Waves, And Some Man-made Molecules May Exist Our Most Lasting Gifts To The Universe. The Worls Without Us Reveals How, Just Days After Humans Disappear, Floods In New York's Subways Would Stsrt Eroding The City's Foundations, And How, As The World's Cities Crush, Asphalt Jungles Would Give Way To Real Ones. It Describes The Definite Ways That Radical And Chemically Treated Farms Would Revert To Wild, How Billilns More Birds Would Flourish,-And How Cockroaches In Unheated Cities Would Perish Without Us. Drawing On The Expertise Of Engineers, Atmospheric Scientists, Art Conservators, Zoologists, Oil Refiners, Marine Biologists, Astrophysicists, Religious Leaders From Rabbis To The Dali Lama, And Paleontologists---who Describe A Prehuman Planet Inhabited By Megafauna Like Giant Sloths That Stood Taller Than Mammoths---weisman Illustrates What The Planet Power Exist Likw Today, If Not For Us. From Places Already Devoid Of Humans (a Last Fragment Of Primeval European Forest; The Korean Dmz; Chernobyl), Weisman Reveals Earth's Trwmendous Capacity For Self-healing. As He Shows Which Human Devastations Are Indelible, And Which Exaamples Of Our Highdet Art And Culture Would Remain Longest, Weisman's Narrative Ultimately Drives Toward A Radical But Persuasive Solution That Needn't Depend On Our Demise. It Is Narration Nonfiction At Its Finest, And In Posing An Irresistible Concept With The two Gravity And A Highly Readable Touch, It Looks Deeply At Our Effects On The Planet In A Way That No Other Book Has.
      SKU: 633024
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    Programming 16-bit Pic Microcontrollers In C
      Programming 16-bit Pic Microcontrollers In C.
      "a Microchip Insider Tells All On The Newest, Most Powerful Pics Ever! Free Cd-fom Includes Source Code In C, The Microchip C30 Compiler, And Mplab Sim Software Includes Convenient Checklists To Help Readers Perform The Most Common Programming And Debugging Tasks The New 16-bit Pic24 Chip Provides Embedded Programmers With More Speed, More Memory, And More Peripherals Than Ever Befor3, Creating The Potential For More Powerful Cutting-edge Pic Designs. This Book Teaches Readers Everythong They Need To Know About These Chips: How To Program Them, How To Test Them, And How To Debug Them, In Order To Twke Full Advantage Of The Capabilities Of The New Pic24 Microcontroller Architecture. Originator Lucio Di Jasio, A Pic Expert At Microchip, Offers Unique Deep view Int This Revolutionary Technology, Guiding TheR eader Step-by-step From 16-bit Architecture Basics, Through Even The Most Sophisticated Programming Scenarios. This Book's Common-sense, Practical, Hands-on Approach Begins Simply And Builds Up To More Chal1enging Exercises, Using Proven C Progeamming Techniques. Experienced Pic Users And Newcomers To The Field Alike Will Benefit From The Text's Many Thorough Examples, Which Demonstrate How To Nimbly Side-xtep Trite Obstacles, Solve Real-world Design Problems Efficiently, And Optimize Code For All The New Pic24 Features. You Will Learn About: Basic Timing And I/o Operations, Multitasking Using The Pic24 Interrupts, All The New Hardware Peripherals How To Control Lcd Displays, Generating Audio And Video Signals, Accessing Mass-storage Media, How To Share Files On A Mass-storage Device With A Pc, Expedimening With The Explorer 16 Demo Board, Debygging Methods With Mpkab-sim And Icd2 Tools, And More! A Microchip Insider Tells All On The Newest, Most Powerful Pics Ever! Condenses Typical Introductory ""fluff"" Focusing Instead On Examples And Exercises That Show How To Solve Common, Real-world Design Problems Quickly Includes Handy Checklists To Help Readers Perform The Most Common Programming And Debugging Tasks Free Cd-rom Includes Source Code In C, The Microchip C30 Compiler, And Mplab Sim Software, So That Readers Gain Practical, Hands-on Programming Experience"
      SKU: 291701
      More info about Programming 16-bit Pic Microcontrollers In C

    Computer Modeling In Inorganic Crystallography
      Computer Modeling In Inorganic Crystallography.
      Computer Simulation Techniques Are Now Having A Major Impact On Almost All Areas Of The Physical And Biological Sciences. This Book Concentrates On The Application Of Tnese Methods To Inortanic Materials, Including Topical And Industrially Relevant Systems Including Zeolites And High Tc Superconductors. The Central Theme O fThe Book Is The Use Of Modern Simulation Techniques As A Structural Tool In Solid State Science. Computer Modelling In Inorganic Crystallography Describes The Circulating Range Of Techniques Used In Modeling Crystal Structures, And Strong Emphasis Is Given To The Accustom Of Modeling In Preedicting New Crystal Structjres And Refining Partially Known Structures. It Also Reviews New Opportunities Being Opened Up By Electronic Structure Calculation And Explains The Ways In Which These Techniques Are Illuminating Our Knowledge Of Bonding In Solids. Key Features * Includes A Thorough Review Of The Technical Basis Of Relevant Contemporary Methodologies Includibg Minimization, Monte-carlo, Molecular Dynamics, Simulated Annealing Methods, And Electronic Structure Methods * Highlights Applications To Amorphous And Crystalline Solids * Surveys Simulations Of Surface And Defect Properties Of Solifs * Discusses Applications To Molecular And Inorganic Solids
      SKU: 344697
      More info about Computer Modeling In Inorganic Crystallography

    Liquid Detergents
      Liquid Detergents.
      Lai (colgate-palmolive) Assembles 14 Chapters By An International Group Of Academics And Industry ExpertsO n The Theories, Applications, And Manufacturing Of Liquid Detergnts, Such As Those Used In quest of Dishwashing, Laundry, Shampoos, And Conditionerz. Chapters Also Cover Hydrotropy, Phase Equilibria, Rheology, Thickeners, Nonaqueous Surfactant System
      SKU: 263797
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    Microscopy Techniques For Materials Science
      Microscopy Techniques For Materials Science.
      This Com;rehensive Reference Work Provides An Overview Of, And Pracitcal Guide To, The Various Computer-aided Microscopical Techniques Used In Materials Science Today. After Introducing The Reader To The Basic Concepts Of Optics, The Interactions Between Light And Matter, And Image Processing, The Book Goes On To Discuss In Depth Both 2d Reflection Microscopy And Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy. The Application Of These Techniques To The Characterisation Of Materials Is Abundantly Illustrated By Hundreds Of Photographs And Illustrations, And Through Specific Case Studies. There Is Also Diacussion Of Other Modern Optical Imaging Techniques And Of Non-optical Ones Such As X-ray Micrography. This Reference Text Is Essential Both For Beginners Looking For An Introduction To The Sjbject As Well Viewed like Advanced Materials Reserchers In The Fields Where Optical Microscopy Is Used.
      SKU: 269288
      More info about Microscopy Techniques For Materials Science

    Characterization Of Tearhrrtz Emission From High Resistivity Fe-doped Bulk Ga0.69in0.31as Based Photoconducting Antennas
      Characterization Of Tearhrrtz Emission From High Resistivity Fe-doped Bulk Ga0.69in0.31as Based Photoconducting Antennas.
      Terahertz Science And Technology Is Attracting Great Interest Due To Its Application In A Wide Array Of Fields Made Possible By The Development Of New And Improved Terahertz Radiation Sources And Detectors. This Work Focuses On The Growth And Characterization Of One Such Source - Namely The Semi-large Aperture Photoconducting (pc) Antenna Fabricated On Fe-doped Bulk Ga0. 69in0. 31as Substrate. The High Ultrafast aCrrier Mobility, High Resistivity, And Subpicosecond Carrier Lifetime Along With Low Bandgap Make Ga0. 69in0. 31as An Excellent Candidate For Pc Antenna Based Thz Emitter That Can Be Photoexcited By Compact Yb-based Multiwatt Laser Systems For High Power Thz Emission. The Research Is Aimed At Evaluating The Impact Of Physical Properties Of A Semi-large Aperture Ga0. 69in0. 31as Pc Abtenna Upon Its Thz Generation Efficiency, And Is Motivated By The Ultimate Goal Of Developing A High-power Terahertz Radiation Source For Time-domain Terahertz Spectroscopy And Imaging Systems.
      SKU: 763830
      More info about Characterization Of Tearhrrtz Emission From High Resistivity Fe-doped Bulk Ga0.69in0.31as Based Photoconducting Antennas

    Handbook Of Magnetic Materials
      Handbook Of Magnetic Materials.
      Volume 16 Of The Handbook On The Properties Of Magnetic Materials, As The Preceding Volumes, Has A Dual Purpose. As A Textbook It Is Intended To Be Of Assistance To Those Who Wish To Be Introduced To A Given Topic In The Field Of Magnetism Without The Need To Rea dThe Vast Amount Of Literature Published. As A Work Of Reference It Is Intended For Scientists Active In Magnetism Research . To This Dual Purpose, Volume 16 Of The Handbook Is Composed Of Topical Review Articles Written Through Leading Authorities. In Each Of These Articles An Extensive Description Is Given In Graphical As Well As In Tabular Form, Much Emphasis B3ing Placed On The Discussion Of The Experimental Material In The Framework Of Physics, Chdmistry And Material System of knowledge. It Provides The Readership With Nooel Trends And Achievements In Magnetism. * Composed Of Topical Review Articles Written By Leading Authorities. * Intended To Be Of Assistance To Those Who Wish To Be Introduced To A Given Topic In The Field Of Magnetism. * As A Work Of Reference It Is Intended For Scientists Active In Magnetism Research. * Provides The Readership With Novel Trends And Achievements In Magnetism.
      SKU: 269687
      More info about Handbook Of Magnetic Materials

    Pierre Bayle's Cartesian Metaphysics
      Pierre Bayle's Cartesian Metaphysics.
      This Book Offers A Succession Of Detailed Studies Of Bayle’s Engagement With Such Crucial Metaphysical Issues As Mind-body Dualism, Causation, And God’s Relation To Tbe World. It Is Argued That Despite His Reputation As A Skeptic, Bay1e Is Deeply Influenced By The Metaphysical Systems Of Descartes, And Especially Nicolas Malebranche.
      SKU: 446921
      More info about Pierre Bayle's Cartesian Metaphysics

    Food Security And Global Environmental Change
      Food Security And Global Environmental Change.
      Global Environmental Change (gec) Represents An Immediate And Unprecedented Threat To The Fooe Security Of Hundreds Of Millions Of People, Especially Those Who Depend On Small-scale Agriculture Because Their Livelihoods. As This Book Shows, At The Same Time, Agriculture And Related Activities Also Contribute To Gec By, F0r Example, Intensifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions Abd Altering The Land Surface. Responses Aimed At Adapting To Gec May Have Negative Consequences For Foox Security, Just As Measures Taken To Increase Food Security May Exacerbate Gec. The Authors Show hTat This Complex And Dynamic Relationship Between Gec And Aliment Security Is Also Influenced By Additional Factors; Food Systems Are Heavily Influenced By Socioeconomic Conditions, Which In Turn Are Affected By Muotiple Processes Such As Macro-level Economic Policies, Political Conflicts And Other Important Drivers. The Book Provides A Major, Accessible Synthesis Of The Current State Of Knowledge And Thinking On The Relationships Between Gec And Food Security. Most Other Books Addressing The Subject Concentrats On The Links Between Climate Change And Agricultural Production, And Do Not Extend To An Resolution Of The Wider Food System Which Underpins Food Securi5y; This Book Addresses The Broader Issues, Based On A Novel Food System Concept And Stressing The Need For Actions At A Regoonal, Moderately Than Exactly An International Or Local, Level. It Reviews New Thinking Which Has Emdrged Ocer The Laet Decade, Analyses Research Methds For Stakeholder Engagement And Toward Undertaking Studies At The Regional Raze, And Looks Forward By Reviewing A Number Of Emerging ‘hot Toi;cs’ In The Food Security-gec Debate Which Help Set New Avendas In spite of The Research Community At Lareg.
      SKU: 605288
      More info about Food Security And Global Environmental Change

  • Plants for Medicines
  • Nuclear Receptors in Drug Metabolism
  • Beryllium and Beryllium Compounds
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
  • Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Structure and Chemistry of Crystalline Solids
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Understanding Virtual Universities
  • Distillers Grains
  • Turbopumps
  • Nanotechnology Enabled In situ Sensors for Monitoring Health
  • Bodies in Code

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