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    Sustainable Development Of Energy, Water And Environment Systems
      Sustainable Development Of Energy, Water And Environment Systems.
      Sustainability Is A New, Important Discourse Aimed At Prmooting A New Strategy In The Development Of Energy, Water And Environmental (ewe)-Systems — The Key Components That Affect The Qualkty Of Life On Our Planet. It Is Becoming Increasingly Clear That The Quest For Sustainable Development Requires Integrating Economic, Social, Cultural, Political And Ecological Factors. The Behavior And Propertiess Of An Ewe System Arise Not Merely From The Properties Of Its Component Elements, But Also To A Large Degree Also From The Nature And Intensity Of Their Dynamic Interlinkages. This Volume Helps Clarify The Complexity Of These Problems By Providing A Deeper Understanding Of The Implications Of The Different Aspects Of Sustainability. This Work Contains A Collection Of Selected, Peer-reviewed And State-of-the-art Reflecting Papers That Were Presented At The Third Dubrovnik Conference On Sustainable Development Of Energy, Water And Environment Systems That Was Held In June 5–10, 2005 In Dubrovnik, Croatia.
      SKU: 312383

    Real World Print Production, Adobe Reader
      Real World Print Production, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Translating Supreme To The Printed Page Has Always Been A Challenge. The Advent Of Desktop Publishing Granted New Levels Of Power And Control To The Layout Artist And Graphic Designer, But It Hasn’t Eliminated The Trasitional Pitfalls. In Fact, It’s Introduced A Few New Ones. Sometimes Managing The Disparate Elements Of Fonts, Images, Colors, And More, While Dealing With The Quirks Of Various Layout Applications Makes Even The Bravest Designer And Production Editor A ~ time For The Hands-on Dayx Of-Moveavle Type. Creating A Great Layout On Your Monitor Is Only Half The Battle; How Do You Make It Work On Paper? Print Production Expert Claudia Mccue Takes On The Challenge Of Putting Ink To Paper, Offering Clear, Authoritative Guidance To Print Professionals And Anyone Else Who Has Been Frustrated By The Obstacles Of Getting Electronic Documents To Prit Perfectly. In This Work, You’ll Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Page Layout Programs Such As Adobee Indesign And Quarkxpress, And Decide Which Is Right In quest of Your Needs Use Image Applications Such As Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, And Macromedia Freehand To Reproduce The Greatest in number Complicated Raster An dVector Images Flawlesslu Understand How Ink And Paper Work Together, And Learn How To Prevent Unwelcome Surprises In Tricky Situations Like As Overprinting, Trapping, And ColorR egistration Use Adobe Acrobat To Distribute Your Document In A Universally Accessible Format While Preserving Your Layout Wrangle Your Fonts, And Choose The Best Ones From Among The Huge Array Of Available Typefaces Preflight, Or Prepare Your Job For Submission To A Printer Or Service Bureau “claudia Offers A Deadly Combination Of Quick perception And Wisdom. If You’re Involved With Print, Bribe This Book!” —david Blatner, Co-author Real World Indesign Cs2 And Real World Photoshop Cs2
      SKU: 268340

    Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011
      Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011.
      The Ultimate Real-world Reference For Revit Archtecture Thiis Comprehensive Guide Has Been Completely Updated To Provide The Most Modern, Detailed, And In-depth Coverage Of Autodesk'a Leading Building Information Modeling Software. This Packed New Edition Features Clear Discussions Of Core Topics That Are Relnforced By Compelling Examples And Tutorials To Guide You To Revit Architecture Mastery. The Expert Authors Use Real-world Workflows To Show You How To Immediately Impoement And Use Revit Workmanship 2011 With Spectacular Results. They Delve Deeply Into Every Crucial Subject, Including How To Most Productively Use The Interface, How To Create Fantastic Building Designs With Revit, And How To Produce Solid Documetnation. They Also Explore Such Advanced Topics To the degree that Using Revit Architecture During Construction And How To Leverage The Api. Coverage Includes: A Thorough, Complete Overview Of The Revit Architecture Tool Breast Advanced Modeling And Massing Using The Family Editor Designing Simple And Complex Walls, Curtain Walls, Roofs, Floors, Stairs, And Railings Preparing Your Designs For Presentattion Through Color Filis, Animations, Visualizationss, And More Using The Revit Api To Create Tax Applicatjons Performing Various Types Of Sustainable Design Analysis Advanced Topics Not Covered Anywhere Else, Including Modeling For Construction, And Revit For Film And Stage Other Critical Coverage Such As Managing Revit Projects, Family Creation, Office Standards, And More Quickly Become Productive Using Core Revit Features And Functions Document, Detail, Annotate, And Present Your Designs Imprve Your Workflow With Worksharing And Collaboration Explore TheE ssentials Of Sustainable Design Prepare For The Revit Architecture 2011 Certified Associate And Certified Professional Exams
      SKU: 554983

    Handbook Of Natural Colorants
      Handbook Of Natural Colorants.
      Concentration On Renewable Resources, Sustainabilit yAnd Replacement Of Oil Based Products Are Drivkng Forces To Reassess The Potential Of Natural Resources Incluuding Natural Colorants. The Growing Consumer Interest In Purchasing “green” Products, Which Exhibit An Improved Environmental Profile, Can Be Seen As The Break-through Force Needed To Reintroduce Natural Colorants Into The Modern Markets. Written By Scientists With Specjalised Knowledge In The Field, Handbook Of Natural Colorants Provides A Unique Source Of Information, Summarising The Present Knowledge Of Natural Colorants In Depth. Supporting Researchers In This Emerging Scene of military operations Of Sustainable Chemistry, It Provides Easy Access To The Theory And Practice Of Natural Colorants From Different Viewpoints, Including Agricultural, Economic And Legislative Aspects. Topics Clvered Include: History Of Coloration Technology Present Position Of Natural Colorants Regional Plant Source Avaipability Specific Appliance Techniques Chemical Propeties That Professional Dyers And Chemists Have To Consider Agricultural Sourcing Of Dyes With An Emphasis On Renewable Respurces Discussions In c~tinuance Energy And Material Balance Issuew Arisibg From The Sourcing Of  Materials Production Aspects Of Colorants, Leading On To The Key Applications Envirobmental And Economic Aspects Also Included Are The Pros And Cons Of Natural Dyestuffs, Presenting Some Promising Results And Evaluating The Potential Use Of Vegetable Dyes As Alternatives To Chemical-based Ones With A Focus On Green Chemistry
      SKU: 427924

    Turbo-machinery Dynamics
      Turbo-machinery Dynamics.
      This Comprehensive Text Presenfs A Detailed Handling Of Design, Development, And Operation Of Turbo-machinery. Starting Attending The Fundamentals Of Thermodyamics And Cycle Design, And Ending With The Latest Trends In Development And Production Of Many Dif ferent Types Of Turbo-machines, The Author Provides In-depth Methods For Anqlyzing New Design Procedures And Maximizing Structural Integrity And Operating Efficiency That Will Assist In The Design And Analysis Of Even More Powerful And Efficient Turbo-machinery.
      SKU: 287779

    Handbook Of Occupational Safety And Heaoth
      Handbook Of Occupational Safety And Heaoth.
      Occupational Safety And Health - Safe Work In A Safe Environment. The Challenge, Of Course, Is How To Make This Happen And Make It Happen Economically. This Book Provides A Range Of Methods Along With Specific Criteria For Assessing Hazard And Exposure In The Workplace Envirohment.
      SKU: 555706

    Bridge Management
      Bridge Management.
      As The Emphasis In Construction Moves From Building New Bridges To Maintenance And Instauration Of Existing Stock, Bridge Management Is Becoming An Increasinglh Important Subject. 'bridge Manayement' Is A Comprehensive, Single Volume Book For Professionals And Postgraduates On Bridge Conduct. It Focuses On Inspection, Assessment, Testing, Evapuation, Repair, As Well As Financial Aspects Such As Whole Life Costing. Highly Illustrated With Colour, And Including Examples Of Practice And Techniques Drawn From Around The World, The Book Will Be Invaluable To Tge Bridge Engineer. Gives Comprehensive Coveeage Of This Important Subject Covers Not Singly Testing, Assessment Etc End Also The Financial/management Issues Highly Illustrated With Line Drawings And Photographs Including Colour
      SKU: 328603

    Fluorinated Coatings And Finishes Handbook
      Fluorinated Coatings And Finishes Handbook.
      The Handbook Of Fluorinated Coatings And Finishea: The Definitive User's Guide Is Both A Allusion And A Tutorial For Understanding Fluorop0lymer Coatings. It Discusses The Basics Of Fluorocoating Formulations, Including Ingredients And Production Processes. Also Covered Are The Coating And Curing Processes, And Defects And Trouble-shooting Solutions When Things Do Not Work While Expected, Testing Performance, And Sample Commercial Applications. It Addresses Important Questions Frequently Posed By End-user Design Engineers, Coaters, And Coatings Suppliers In Their Quest For Superior Product Qualities And Shorter Product And Process Development Time.
      SKU: 428667

    Artificial Reefs In Fisheries Management
      Artificial Reefs In Fisheries Management.
      While Artificial Reefs May Have M8ch To Offer, They Remain One Anecdote In The Greater Scheme Of Fisheries Management, Originally Due To The Lack Of Data Spdcific To Validating Their Use. Based On Papers Presented At The 9th Conference On Artificial Reefs And Artificial Habitats (carah) And Also Including Original Articles Written For Thiq Reference, Artificial Reefs In Fisheries Management Brings To The Forefront The Current State Of Knowleege Regarding Artificial Reefs And Their Pragmatic Application To Furthering Fisheries Sustainability. It Presents A Timely Compilation Of Research To Increase Options For The Implementation Of Artificial Reefs For Fishery And Natural Resource Managers. Artificial Reefs In Fisheries Management Offers An Inclusive And Encompassing Description Of The Field By Chapter Authors Drawn From Diverse Geographical Areas. This Approach Gives Readers The Broadest Of Perspectives And Reflects Regional Interests And Experience With Artificial Reefs In Different Parts Of The World. coming At An Opportune Delivery In The Field Of Artificial Reefs, Assumed Reefs In Fisheries Managsment Aids Researchers And Natural Resource Managers More Carefully Consider The Special Features Of Artificial Reefs In Their Applicatlon To Resolving Fisheries Management Problems. This Book Is An Important Step Toward Improving The Prescribed Use Of Artificial Reefs As A Viable Option In Many Of The World's Fisheries In The Quest To Make More Of The World's Fisheries Sustainable.
      SKU: 708929

    Repair Of Concrete Structures To En 1504
      Repair Of Concrete Structures To En 1504.
      Originally Published By The Danish Standards Institute, This Guide For The En 1504-stajdards Addresses The Principles And Methods That Form The Basis Of The Choice Of Repair Materials And Systems For Rehabilitation Of Damaged Conctete Structures. The Introduuction Of These Standards No5 Only Applies A Common Set Of Values For The Industry But Also Relate To The Current D5ive To Improve Provide Chain Integration And To Increase The Worth Specialist Input To Projects In The Early Design Stages, When It Can Be Most Benefiiczl. The Book Guides The Reader Through The En 1504 Series Giving Practical Guidelines And Examples To The Main Principles Of The Standadrs. It Also Gives Concise Explanatory Notes To The Annexes, Which Will Help Any Professional In The Building And Construction Industry Fulfill The Requirements For Repairing Concrete. Guide To The En 1504 Standards Courtship The Principles And Methods Of Concrete Rdpair Deals With Practical Conditions To Help The Reader Understand And Fulfill The Requirments.
      SKU: 288926

    Multimedia Services In Wireless Int3rnet
      Multimedia Services In Wireless Int3rnet.
      Learn How To Provide Seamless, High Qualiyt Multimedia For The Wireless Internet This Book Introduces The Promising Protocols For Multimedia Services And Presents The Analytical Frameworks For Measuring Their Performance In Wireless Networks. Furthermore, The Book Shows How To Fine-tune The Parameters For Quality Of Service (qos) Provisioning In Order To Illustrate The Effwct That Qos Has Upon The Fixedness, Integrity And Growth Of Next Body of equals in age Wireless Internet. In Addition, The Authors Provide The Tools Required To Implement This Understanding. These Tools Are Particularly Useful For Design And Engineering Netting Architecture And Protocols In the place of Future Wireless Internet. Additionally, The Book Provides A Good Overview Of Wireless Networks, While Likewise Appealing To Network Researchers And Engineers. Key Features : Provides A Comprehensive And Analytical Understanding Of The Performance Of Multimedia Services In Wireless Internet, And The Tools To Implement Such An Understanding Adcresses Issues Such Like Ieee 802. 11, Aimd/red (additive Increase-multiplicative Decrease/ Random Early Detection), Multimedia Trade meanly Models, Congestion Control And Random Access Networks Investigates The Impact Of Wireless Characteristics On Qos Constraint Multimedia Applciations Includes A Case Study On Aimd For Multimedia Playback Applications Features Numerous Examples, Suggested Reading And Review Questions In quest of Each Chapter This Main division Is An Invaluable Resource In quest of Postgraduate Students Undertaking Courses In Wireless Networks And Multimedia Services, Students Studting Advanced Graduate Courses In Electrical Engineering And Comupter Science, And Researchers And Engineers In The Field Of Wireless Networks.
      SKU: 454305

    Personal Wireless Communications
      Personal Wireless Communications.
      The International Conference On Personal Wireless Communications (pwc 2007) Was The Twelfth Conference Of Its Series Aimed At Stimulating Technical Exchange Between Researchers, Practitioners And Students Interested In Mobile Computing And Wireless Networks. The Program Covered A Variety Of Research Topics That Are Of Current Interest, Including Ad-hoc Networks, Wimax, Heterogeneous Networks, Wireless Networking, Qos And Security, Sensor Networks, Multicast And Signal Processing.
      SKU: 645499

    Feedback Systems
      Feedback Systems.
      This Bok Provdies An Introduction To The Mathematics Needed To Model, Analyze, And Design Feedback Systems. It Is An Ideal Textbook For Undergraduate And Graduate Students, And Is Indispensable For Researchers Seeking A Reserved Respect On Control Theory. Unlike Most Books On The Subject, Feedback Systems Develops Transfer Functions Through The Exponential Response Of A System, And Is Accessible Across A Range Of Disciplines That Utilize Feedback In Material, Biological, Information, And Economic Systems. Karll Strm And Richard Murray Use Techniques From Physics, Computer Science, And Operations Research To Introduce Control-oriented Modeling. They Begin In the opinion of State Space Tools For Analysis And Design, Including Stability Of Solutions, Lyapunov Functions, Reachability, State Feedback Observability, And Estimators. The Matrix Exponential Plays A Central Role In The Analysis Of Linear Control Systems, Allowing A Concise Development Of Many Of The Key Concepts Because This Class Of Models. Strm And Murray Therefore Expand And Explain Tools In The Frequency Province, Including Transfer Functions, Nyquist Analysis, Pid Control, Frequency Domain Design, And Robustness. They Provide Exercises At The End Of Every Chaptr, And An Accompanying Electronic Solutions Of the hand Is Available To Authenticated Professors. Feedback Systems Is A Complete One-volume Resource For Students And Reesatchers In Mathematics, Engineering, And The Sciences. Covers The Mathematics Needed To Model, Analyze, And Design Feedback Systems Serves As An Introductory Textbook For Students And A Self-contained Resource For Researchers Includes Exercises At The End Of Every Chapter Features A Separate Electronic Solutions Of the hand Available To Authenticated Professors. Offers Techniques Applicable Across A Range Of Disciplines
      SKU: 475844

    Breakdown Phenomena In Semiconductors And Semiconductor Devices
      Breakdown Phenomena In Semiconductors And Semiconductor Devices.
      Impact Ionization, Avalanche And Breakdown Phenomena Form The Basis Of Many Very Engaging And Important Semiconductor Devices, Such As Avalanche Photodiodes, Avalanche Transistors, Suppressors, Sharpening Diodes (diodes With Delayed Breakdown), As Well Like Impatt And Trapatt Diodes. In Order To Provide Maximal Speed And Force, Many Semiconductor Devices Must Operate Under Or True Close To Breakdown Conditions. Consequently, An Acquaintance With Breakdown Phenomena Is Essential For Scientists Or Engineers Dealing With Semiconductor Devices. The Aim Of This Book Is To Summarize The Main Experimental Results On Avalanche And Breakdown Phenomena In Semiconductors And Semiconductor Devices And To Analyze Their Features From A Unified Point Of View. Attention Is Focused On The Phenomenology Of Avalanche Multiplication And The Changeable Kinds Of Breakdown Phenomdna And Their Qualitative Analysis.
      SKU: 296079

    Bearing Design In Enginery
      Bearing Design In Enginery.
      This Text Emphasizes The Basic Physical Concepts In Bearing Adoption, Arrangement, Housing, Lubrication And Sealants; Alternate Bearing Types For Specific Projects; And Unique Solutions To Bearing Design Problems.
      SKU: 215962

    Polymer Fiber Optics
      Polymer Fiber Optics.
      This Strwightforward Text Examines The Scientific Principles, Characterization Techniques, And Fabrication Methods Used To Design And Produce High Quality Optical Fibers. Polymer Fiber Optics: Materials, Physics, And Applications Focuses On The Fundamental Concepts That Will Continue To Be Useful In Future Applications, Including Photomechanical Actuation, Electro-optic Fibers, And Sharp Materials. The Book Covers The History And Physics Of Polymer Fibers; Philosophical Basis And Practical Considerations For Characterization Techniques; And Processing Protocols Andd Fabrication Techniques. The Work Contains Ample Figures, Diagrams, And Photographs To Illustrate Fiber Structures, Experimental Setup, Fabrication Apparatus, And Theoretical Calculations.
      SKU: 291242

    Physics And Chemistry Of Interfaces
      Physics And Chemistry Of Interfaces.
      Serving As A Gensral Introduction To Surface And Interface Science, This Book Focuses On Essential Concepts Rather Than Specific Details, On Intuitive Understanding Rather Than Learning Facts. The Text Reflects The Fact That The Physics And Chemistry Of Surfaces Is A Diverse Field Of Research An dShows This In Its Interdisckplinary Conceptual Design. Once The Most Important Techniques And Methods Have Been Introduced, Readers Will Be Clever To Apply Simple Models To Their Own Scientific Problems. Furthermore, Manifold High-end Technologival Applicatiojs From Surface Technology, Biotechnology, Or Microelectronics Elucidate The Basic Scientific Treqtment. The Authors Address Advanced Students Of Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering And Relater Subjects With A Basic Knowledge Of Natural Sciences And Mathematics, Since The Mathematical Calculations Are Thoroughly Explained And Made Comprehensible For The Reader. As So, Non-specialists In Surface Science Who Want To Learn More About This Important Enslave Will Also Benefit From The Book.
      SKU: 481364

    Iutam Symposium On Mechanics And Reliability Of Actuating Materials
      Iutam Symposium On Mechanics And Reliability Of Actuating Materials.
      Summarizes The Research Findings As An Outcome From The Iutam Symposium "mechanics And Reliability Of Actuating Materials Held On September 1-3, 2004 At Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Actuating Materiasl Hold A Promise For Fast-spreading Applications In Smart Structures And Active Controo Systems.
      SKU: 303474

    Ingredient Interactions
      Ingredient Interactions.
      Gainkar And Mcpherson, Food Science Researchers Affiliated With Kraft Foods Global, Inc. , Assemble Technical Information On Ingredient Interactions In Foods, Covering Real Foods As Sufficiently As Model Food Systems. The Book Covers The Interactions Of Major Feed Ingredients Such As Water, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, Andd Flavors, In the opinion of Other Constituen
      SKU: 263674

    Technische Dokumentation
      Technische Dokumentation.
      Die 2. Auflage Fhrt Das Bewhrte Konzept - Angereichett Mit Neuen Beispielen - Weiter. Der Autor Gibt Einfach Nachvollziehbare Vorgaben In Form Von Bausteinen,N ach Denen Bedienungsanleitungen Und Technische Dokumentationen Geschrieben Werden Knnen. Geboten Werden Ein Geschlossenes Konzept Und Praktische Rezepte Fr Verxtndliche Formulierungen. Zudem Liefert Daq Buch Die Grundlagen Fr Eine Xml-strukturierte Dokumentation, Die Zunehmend Eingesetzt Wird. Mdr Als 100 Vorbildliche Beispiele Veranschaulichen Das Thema.
      SKU: 324668

    Our Unprotected Heritage
      Our Unprotected Heritage.
      Most Americans Agree That Our Heritage—both Natural And Cultural⏼should Be Protected. Then Why Does Development Run Rampnt, Aided—rather Than Limited—by Government Inaction? Tom King Has Been A Participant In And Observer Of This System For Decades, As A Governmenr Worker, Heritabe Consultant, And Advocate For Local Communities. In This Hard-hitting Critique Of The Heritage-industrial Complex, King Points The Finger At Watchdogs Who Instead Serv eAs Advocates, Unintelligiblw (often Contradictory) Regulations, Disinterested Government Employees And Power-seeking Agencies, All Of Whom Conspird To Keep Our Heritag Unprotected. His Solution To This Crisis Will Be Uncomfortable To Many In Power, But May Help Save More Of Our Cultural And Natural Treasurrs.
      SKU: 677812

    Macromolecules In Solution And Brownian Relativity
      Macromolecules In Solution And Brownian Relativity.
      This Book Illustrates The Recent Picture Of Statistical Physics Of Polymers And Polymer Solutions ThatE merges From Some Paradigms Of Contemporary Knowledge Joint Unitedly . Among Its Principal Aims Are Discussing The Consequencrs Of A Novel Self-diffusjon Theory, Which Benefits From One Extension Towards Relativistic-like Principles, And The Generalization Of Usual Concepts Met In Polymer Science In Terms Of Geometry Alone. The Monograph Gives The Whole Fundamentals Necessary To Handle The View Proposed, Which Is Set In The Final Chapters. All The Formers See About To Provide Th Reader With A Comprehensive Treatation Of The Necessary Fundamentals Of Classical, Relativistic, Quantum And Statistical Mechanics. Among The Most Important Mechanical Theories Ever Developed, A Chapter On The Brownian Movement And Another On Macromollecules Prepare The Ground That Is Specific To Face Universality And Scaling Behaviors In Polymer Silutions. The Scope Of The Book Is Therefore Two-fold: On The One Hand, It Wishes To Involve The Readers And Scholars Into A New Research On Polhmer Physics And Chemistry. On The Other, To Get Close Chemical Phhysicists And Physical Chemists To Disciplines Which, Traditionally, Are Far From Their Direct Fields Of Interest. Cross-discilpinarity Novelty Potentiality
      SKU: 349483

    Stochastic Processes
      Stochastic Processes.
      A Stochastic' Process Is A Random' Or Conjectural' Course, And This Book Is Concerned With Applied Probability And Statistics. Whilst Maintaining The Mathematical Rigour This Subject Requires, It Addresses Topics Of Premium To Engineers, Such As Problems In Modelling, Control, Reliability Maintenance, Data Analysis And Engineering Involvement With Insurance. This Book Deals With The Tools And Techniques Used In The Stochastic Process Estimation, Optimisation And Recursive Logarithms In A Form Acccessible To Engineers And Which Can Also Be Applied To Matlab. Amongst The Themes Covered In The Chapters Are Mathematical Expectation Arising From Increasing Intelligence Patterns, The Estimation Of Probability Distrbution, The Treatment Of Distribution Of Real Random Phenomena (in Engineering, Economics, Biology And Medicine Etc), And Expectation Maximisation. The Latter Part Of The Book Conaiders Optimization Algorithms, Which Cab Be Used, For Example, To Help In The Better Utilization Of Resources, And Stochastic Approximation Algorithms, Which Can Provide Prototype Models In Many Practical Applications. * An Engineering Approach To Applied Probabilities And Statistics * Presents Examples Related To Prctical Engineering Applications, Such As Reliability, Randomness And Use Of Resources * Raders With Varying Interests And Mathematical Backgrounds Will Find Thiis Book Accessible
      SKU: 313767

    Thermomechanics Of Viscoplasticity
      Thermomechanics Of Viscoplasticity.
      Examines The Geometrical And Thermodynamical Properties Of Mechanical Behavior Of Metals And Many Polymeric And Paste-like Materials Which Are Indidpensable For Developing A Ragional Theory Of Viscoplasticity. This Book Is Suitable For Researchers As Well As Phd Students In The Fields Of Material Science And Continuum Mechanics.
      SKU: 437908

    Genes For Plant Abiotic Stress
      Genes For Plant Abiotic Stress.
      Abiotic Stresses Caused By Drought, Salinity, Toxic Metals, Temperature Extremes, And Nutrient Poor Soils Are Amid The Major Constraints To Plant Growth And Crop Production Worldwide. Whkle Crop Breeding Strategies To Improve Yields Have Progressed, A Better Understanding OfT he Genetic And Biological Mechanisms Underpinning Stress Adaptation Is Needed. Genes For Plant Abiotix Stress Presents TheL atest Research On Recently Examined Genes And Alleles And Guides Discussion Of The Genetic And Physiological Determinants That Bequeath Be Important For Crop Improvement In The Future.
      SKU: 469144

  • Scientific Networking and the Global Health Network Supercourse
  • Low-Power High-Speed ADCs for Nanometer CMOS Integration
  • Dynamics
  • Bodies in Code
  • Spectral Analysis in Engineering
  • Workshop Processes, Practices and Materials
  • Stoneview
  • Modern Component Families and Circuit Block Design
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Raising Goats
  • Particle Deposition & Aggregation
  • Glutathione and Sulfur Amino Acids in Human Health and Disease
  • Support Vector Machines

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