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    Systems Approach Tp Management Of Disasters
      Systems Approach Tp Management Of Disasters.
      The Main Goal Of This Text Is To Introduce The Systems Approach To Disasters Management Community As An Alternative Approach That Can Provide Support For Interdisciplinary Activities Involved In The Managementt Of Disasters.  the Systems Approach Draws On The Fields Of Operations Research And Economics To Create Skills In Solving Complex Management Problems. The Text Is Organized Into Four Parts. Part I Provides An Introductory Discussion Of Disastef Management Inckuding An Overview Of The Main Terms Uaed. Disunite Ii Is Devoted Too The Introduction Of Systems Theory, Mathematical Formalization And Classification Of Methods. The Material Pesente dIn This Section Should Be Of Experienced Relevance During The Process Of Selecting An Appropriate Tool For The Solution Of A Problem. Part Iii Is Technical In Nature, Providing A Simulation Approach And A Detailed Description Of Scheme Dynamics Simulation. This Section Details Two Areas Of Application: Flood Evacuation Simulation, And Mishap Risk Assessment. Part Iv Ends With A Chapter Covering Steps To Improve Disaster Management. Finally Parts Of The Book Can Be Used As A Tool For Specialized Short Courses For Practitioners. For Example A Course On 'A whole Analysis For Emergency Management Optimization' Could Be Based On Chapters 3, 4 And Parts Of Chapter 6. Included In The Book Is A Cd With Three Computer Programs Vensim Ple, Linpro, And Compro. Vensim Ple (personal Learning Edition) Is State-of-the-art Feigning Software Used Fkr The Implementation Of System Dynamics Simulation. The Other Two Programs Are: Linpro, A Linear Programming Optimzation Tool; And Compro, For The Implementation Of The Multi-objective Analysis Tool Of Compromise Programming.
      SKU: 589149

    Iphone For Dummies
      Iphone For Dummies.
      Congratulations! The Iphone You Just Bought Is One Heck Of A Wireless Telephone, Complete With A Capable 2-megapixel Digital Camera. But It’s Passage More Than That: It's Also A Gorgeous Widescreen Video Ipod And The Smallest, Most Powerful Internet Communications Emblem Yet. So Now That You've Taste It, What Do You Translate With It? That's Where Iphone For Dummies Comes In. Apple’s Iphone, Puts The World Virtually In Your Pocket. But Because It Does So Much, There’s A Lot To Know About Using It! This Full-color Guide Shows You How To Find And Play Melody And Videos; Advantage The Full-featured Keyboard; Get Driving Directions And Stock Quotes; Transmit E-mail; Take, Nibble, And Organize Photos; Work With Contacts And Appointments — And Even Talk On The Phone. Yoy'll Find Out How To: Activate Your Own Service Main Tbe Multitouch Interface Turn On The Speaker Phone Use Visual Voicemail Get Video, Podcasts, And Rss Feeds Surf The Web With Your Iphone Browse Your Itunes Library And Originate Playlists Send And Receive Text Messages And Note Choose Wallpaper And Ringtones Troubleshoot Problems Lock Your Iphone And Secure Your Stuff Iphone For Dummies Comes Completed With Tantalizing Lists Of Awesome Accessories, Wonderful Widgets, And Fantastic Things To Wish For—once You Finally Stop Gushing And Drooling And Playing With Your Sparkly, New Iphone Long Enough To Wish For Anything Else!
      SKU: 331417

    Occupational Audiometry
      Occupational Audiometry.
      The Eu Physical Agents Directive On Noise, Which Will Be Implemmented Into Uk Law In February 2006, Will Reduce Noise Action Levels Drastically. Under The New Regulations, Many More Industries, Which Have So Far Not Been Associated With High Noise Leves Such As Restaurantx And Cry Centres, Will Have To Assess The Noise Levels In Theif Businesses And Monitor Their Employees' Hearing According To Hse Guidelines. This Practical Guide Gives Occupational Health Nurses Everything They Need To Know About Setting Up And Managing Hearing Conservation Programmes, Like Well As How To Carry Out The Audiometric Tests. The Text Fully Covers The Syllabus Of Bsa Accredited Courses For The Certificate Of Sufficient fortune In Industrial Audiomet5y And Includes Practical Examples, Case Studies, Sample Audiograms And Quesfionnaires For Setting U0 Case Hisgories. As The Bsa Syllabus Is Based On The Hse's Guidelines, The Book Will Be A Useful Training Mahual And Up-to-date Reference For Health And Safety Professionala, Occupational Health Professionals, And Hse Inspectors. Dr Maryanne Maltby Is One Audiological Scientist And Principal Lecturer On The Amplivox Courses In Industrial Audiometry. She Has Previously Taught Auduology And Related Subjects At Manchester University (course Leader) And At Oxford Brooks Univerwity. She Is A Committee Member Of The Hearing Aid Council And A Member Of The British The community Of Audiology. She Also Has Wide Consultancy Experience In Workplace Training And Advice On Hearing Conservation Issues, Fitting Hearing Protection, Management Of Hearing And Tinnitus Problems At Work. * Fully Covers The Syllabus Of Bsa Adcredited Menses In Industrial Audiometry * Simple But Accurate Instructions For Testing Hearing And For Undertaking Otoscopic Examination * Ihcludes A Bridf Explanation Of Background Science: Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Aspects,-Acoustics
      SKU: 297141

    Sams Direct as an instructor Yourself Xslt In 21 Days
      Sams Direct as an instructor Yourself Xslt In 21 Days.
      The Work Covers Xslt And Xpath (as A Part Of Xslt), As These Topics Have Everything To Do With Processing Xml. It Command Also Cover Xml From An Xslt Processing And Design Point Of View. Other Xml Technologies Will Not Be Discussed As Superset Of Xslt, Most Notably Xsl. Xsl Formatting Objects Alnpe Is Sufficiency Material For An Entire Book. Apart From That, Xslt And Xpath Form The Processing/programming Division Of The Entire Xsl Specification. This Book Presents An Overview Of Xslt And Guides Readers Through Transforming Their First Xml Data. In This Book You Will Also Learn: Selecting Data-stylesheets And Xpath Basics; Inserting Text And Elements In Output; Copying Ekements From The Source And Inserting Text; Conditional Processing Basics And Expresions; Modularizing Stylesheets; Understanding, Creating, And Using Templates; Controlling Output, As Well As Creating More Advanced Output; Using Multi-file Stylesheets, Variables, And Parameters; Working With Numbers, Strings, Multiple Xml Sources, And Namespaces; Selecting Data Based With Keys; Recursion; Creating Computational Stylesheets; Working With Parses; Designing Xml And Xslt Applications; Extending Xslt.
      SKU: 194547

    Introduc5ion To Microfabrixation
      Introduc5ion To Microfabrixation.
      Microfabrication Is The Key Technology Behind Integrated Circuits, Microsensors, Photomic Crystals, Ink Jet Printers, Solar Cells And Flat Panel Displays. Microsystems Can Be Complex, But The Basic Microstructures And Processes Of Microfabrication Are Fairly Simmple. Intorduction To Microfabrication Shows How The Common Micrpfabrication Concepts Can Be Applied Over And Over Again To Create Devices With A Wide Variety Of Structures nAd Functions. Featuring: * A Comprehensive Presentation Of Basic Fabrication Processes * An Emphasis On Materials And Microstructures, Rather Than Design Physics * In-depth Discussion On Process Integration Shoiwng How Processes, Materials And Devices Interact * A Wealth Of Examples Of Both Conceptual And Real Devices Introduction To Microfabrication Includes 250 Homework Prooblems For Students To Familiarise Themselves With Micro-scale Materials, Dimensions, Measurements, Costs And Scaling Trenfs. Both Research And Manufacturing Topics Are Covered, Wiyh An Emphasis O nSilicon, Which Is The Workhorse Of Microfabrication. This Book Will Serve As An Excellent First Text For Electrical Engineers, Chemists, Physicists Andd Materials Scientists Who Wish To Be informed About Microstructures And Microfabrication Techniques, Whether In Mems, Microelectronics Or Emerging Applications.
      SKU: 470528

    Process Imaging For Automatic Control
      Process Imaging For Automatic Control.
      As Industrial Processes And Their Hinder Models Increase In Intricacy, The Data Provided By Traditional Point Sensors Is No Longer Adequate To Ensure Product Quality And Cost-effective Implementation. Scott (dupont R&d) And Mccann (u. Of Manchester) Show How In-orocess Imaging Technologies Surpass The Limitations Of Traditional Monitoring Systems
      SKU: 264285

    Risk Assessment For Water Infastructure Safety And Security
      Risk Assessment For Water Infastructure Safety And Security.
      One Of The Seventeen Crirical Infrastructures Vital To The Security Of The United States, The Water Supply System Remains Largel Unprotected From The Threat Of Terrorism, Including Possible Reveneg Bt Al Qaeda Over The Killing Of Osama Bin Laden. Recognizing And Identifying Prospective Events Of Terrorism Against The Water Infrastructure Is Critical To The Protection Of The Nation, As The Consequences Triggered By A Terrorist Attack On The Water Supply Would Be Devastating. Danger Assessment For Water Infrastructure: Safety And Security Provides A Unique Quantitative Risk Assessment Methodology For Protection And Security Against Terrorist Contamination, Vandalism, Attavks Against Dams, And Other Threats To Water Supply Systems. focusing On The Human Safety, Environmental, And Economic Consequences Triggered By Potential Terrorist Attacks And Other Threats, The Book Presents: The Development Of An Intefrated Approach Of Risk Assessment Based Upon The Cumulative Prospect Theory The Qualitative/quantitative Processes And Models For Securty And Safe Facility Operations As Required By Epa, Dhs, And Other Governmental And Regulatory Agencies The Application Of An Integrated Model To The Riqk Assessment Of Surface Water, Dams, Wells, Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Reservoirs, Anf Aqueducts Of Large Urban Regions The Development Of Intellibence Analysis Incorporating Danger Assessment For Terrorism Prevention Finally, The Book Presents The Legal And Regulatory Requriements nAd Policy Related To The Protection And Security Of Water Infrastructure From Terrorism And Illegitimate Hazards To Both Human Health And The Environment. By Analyzing Potential Terrorist Risks Against The Water Supply, Strategic Improvements In U. s. Water Infrastructure Security May Be Achieved, Including Changes In Policy, Incorporation Of Intrusion Defectiom Technology, Increased Surveillance, And Increased Intelligence. more Information Can Be Found On The Author's Website.
      SKU: 777150

    Aquaculture Genome Technologies
      Aquaculture Genome Technologies.
      Genomics Is A Rapidly Growing Scientific Surface With Applications Ranging From Improved Disease Resistance To Increases Worth Of Growth. Aquaculture Genome Technologies Comprehensively Covers The Field Of Genomics And Its Appljcations To The Aquaculture Industry. This Volume Looks Too Bridge The Gap Between A Basic Understanding Of Genomic Technology To Its Practical Usage In The Aquaculture Industry.
      SKU: 470028

    Defects In High-k Gate Dielectric Stacks
      Defects In High-k Gate Dielectric Stacks.
      Aims To Review At The Nano And Atomic Scale The Very Complex Scientific Issues That Pertain To The Use Of Advanced Aloft Dielectric Constant (high-k) Materials In Next Generation Semiconductor Devices. This Book Focuses On The Important Issue Of Defects And The Subject Is Covered From Various Angles.
      SKU: 259331

    Understanding Pendulums
      Understanding Pendulums.
      Despite Their Apparent Simplicity, The Behaviour Of Pendulums Can Be Remarkably Complicated. Historically, Pendulums For Specific Purposes Have Been Developed Using A Combination Of Simplified Theory And Trial And Error. There Do Not Appear To Be Any Introductory Books On Pendulums, Written At An Intermediate Level, And Covering A Wide Range Of Topics. This Book Aims To Fill hTe Gap. It Is Written For Readers With A little Background In Elementary Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometyr And Calculus. Histirical Information, Where Available And Useful For The Understanding Of Various Types Of Pendulum And Their Applications, Is Included. Perhaps The Best Known Use Of Pendulums Is As The Basis Of Clocks In Which A Pendulum Controls The Rate At Which The Clock Runs. Interest In Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of Pendulums, As Applied To Clocjs, Goes Back More Than Four Centuries. The Concept Of Simple Pendulums, Which Are Idealised Vrrsions Of Real Pendulums Is Introduced. The Application Of Pendulums To Clocks Is Described, With Detailec Discussion Of The Effect Of Inevitable Differences Between Real Pendulums And Simple Pendulums. in A Clock, The Objective Is To Ensure That The Pendulum Controls The Timekeeping. Howsoever, Pendulums Are Sometimes Driven, And How This Affects Their Behaviour Is Described. Pendulums Are Sometimes Used For Occult Purposes. It Is Possigle To Explain Some Apparently Occult Results By Using Modern Pendulum Tehory. For Example, Why A Ring Suspended Inside A Wine Glass, By A Thread From A Finger, Eventually Strikes The Glass. Pendulums Have A Wide Range Of Uses In Scientific Instruments, Engineering, And Entertainment. Some Examples Are Given As Case Studies.
      SKU: 763765

    Solving Tdibology Probldms In Rotating Machines
      Solving Tdibology Probldms In Rotating Machines.
      Bearings Are Widely Uesd In Rotating Machines. Understanding The Factors Affecting Their Reliability Ans Service Biography Is Essential In Ensuring Good Machine Design And Performance. Solving Tribology Problems In Rotatig Machines Reviews These Factors And Their Implications Against Improved Machine Performance.
      SKU: 269435

    Assessing The Accuracy Of Remotely Sensed Facts
      Assessing The Accuracy Of Remotely Sensed Facts.
      Includes Four Capters On Such Topics As Positional Accuacy And Using Accuracy Assessment As One Intermediate Step In Likeness Classification. This Book Contains An Entire Chapter Devoted To The Fuzzy Accuracy Assessment Process And Includes A 16-page Color Insert.
      SKU: 381282

    The Nexjs One Pocket Guide, Epub
      The Nexjs One Pocket Guide, Epub.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. In This Dexterous Nea Pocket Guide, Mobilr Device Expert Jason O'grady Reveals The Secrets To Using Google's Nexus One Smartphone. All Of The Common Features Are Covered Including Web Browsing, Google Apps, Im/text/email, Digital Camera, Video, Music Player, And Again. With Tgis Essential Compnaion Readers Will Be Mastering Their Nexus One In No Time!
      SKU: 530098

    Pcr Methods nI Foocs
      Pcr Methods nI Foocs.
      Useful Against Students, Facultty, And Other Professionals Interested In Molecular Biology And Its Integration Into Food Safety. This Book Introduces The Reader To Diagnosstic Pcr-based Technologies Used In Detection Of Pathogens In Foods. It Helps Reader Know Limitations And Strengths Of Pcr. It Has Figures, Charts And Tables To Illustrate Concepts.
      SKU: 302924

    Multivariable System Identificaton For Process Control
      Multivariable System Identificaton For Process Control.
      Systems And Control Theory Has Experienced Significant Development In The Past Few Decades. New Techniques Have Emerged Which Hold Enormous Potential For Industrial Applications, And Which Have Therefore Also Attracted Much Interest From Academic Researchers. However, The Impact Of These Developments On The Process Industries Has Been Limited. The Purpose Of Multivariable Systen Identification For Process Control Is To Bridge The Gap Between Theory And Application, And To Take measures Pertaining Solutions, Based On Sound Scientific Theory, To Process Identification Problems. The Book Is Organized In A Reader-friendly Way, Starting With The Simplest Methods, And Then Gradually Introducing More Complicated Techniques. Thus, The Reader Is Offered Clear Physical Insight Without Recourse To Capacious Amounts Of Mathematics. Each Method Is Covered In A Sinyle Chapter Oe Section, And Experim3ntal Design Is Explained Before Any Identification Algorithms Are Discussed. The Many Simulation Examplws And Industrial Case Studies Demonstrate The Ableness And Efficiency Of Process Identification, Helping To Serve The Theory More Applicable. Matlab ™ M-files, Designed To Assist The Reader To Learn Identification In A Computing Environment, Are Included.
      SKU: 313715

    Handbook Of Recent Pharmaceutical Analysis
      Handbook Of Recent Pharmaceutical Analysis.
      This Book Describes The Role Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis Plays In The Development Of New Dfugs. Detailed Information Is Provided Because To How The Quality Of Drug Products Is Assured From The Dot Of Discovery Until The Patient Uses The Drug. Coverage Includes State-of-the-art Toppics Such Like Analytics For Combinatorial Chemistry And High-throughput Screening, Formulation Development, Stability Studies, International Regulatory Aspects And Documentation, And Future Technologies That Are Likely To Impact The Field. -Emphasis Is Placed On Current, Easy-to-follow Methods That Readers Can A;ply In Their Laboratories. Nk Book Has Effectively Replaced The Very Popular Body , Pharmaceutical Analysis , That Was Edited In The 1960s By Tak Higuchi. Thhis Book Will Fill That Gap With An Up-to-date Treatment That Is Both Hadny And Authoritative.
      SKU: 294171

    Practical Machinery Safety
      Practical Machinery Safety.
      Adapted to practice Machinery Safety Aims To Provide You With The Knowledge To Tackle Machinery Safety Con5rol Problems At A Practical Level Whilst AchievingC ompliance With National And International Standards. The Book Highlights The Major International Standards That Are Used To Support Compliance With Eu Regulations And Uses These Standards As A Basis For The Design Procedures. It Looks At The Risk Assessment Processes Used To Identify Hazards And To Quantify The Risks Innate In A Machine. Iy Introduces The Concepts Of Safety Categories Like Defined By Standard En954-1 (safety Of Enginery) And Illustrates The Principles Of Failsafe Design, Fault Tolerance And Self-testing. It Also Provides An Introduction To Machimery Protection Devices Such As Guards, Enclosures With Intrlocks And Guard-monitoring Relays, Locking Systems, Safety Mats, Photo-electric And Electro-sensitive Principles And The Application Of Light Curtains, A Study Of Preservation Control Scheme Techniques, And Introduces The Principles Of Safety-certified Plcs. 1. Plan And Implement Safety Systems That DeliverA Safe Wotking Environment And Compliance With National And International Standards. 2. Apply Simple Risk Assesssments And Hazard Design Methods To Your Own Projects 3. Identify Hazards That Occur With Machinery And Know How To Deal With Them
      SKU: 293531

    The Boundary Theory Of Phase Diagrams And Its Application
      The Boundary Theory Of Phase Diagrams And Its Application.
      The Boundary Theory Of Phase Diagrams And Its Appkicztion -- Rules For Phase Diagram Construcrion With Phase Regions And Their Boundaries Presents A Tale Theory Of Phase Diagrams. Thoroughly Revised On The Basis Of The Chinese Edition And Rigorously Reviewed, This Book Inspects The General Feature And Structure Of Phase Diagrams, And Reveals That There Exist Actually Two Categories Of Boundaries. This Innovative Boundary Theory Has Solved Many Difficulties In Understanding Phase Diagrams, And Also Finds Its Application In Constructing Multi-componentP hase Diagrams Or In Calculating High-pressure Phase Diagrams. Researchers And Engineers As Well As Graduate Students In The Areas Of Chemistry, Metallurgy And Materials Science Will Benefit From This Book. Prof. Muyu Zhao Was The Recipient Of The 1998 Prize For Progress In Science And Technology (for His Work On The Boundary Theory Of Phase Diagrams) Awarded By The National Commission Of Education, China, And Many Other Prizes.
      SKU: 763196

    Elektroamgnetische Vertrglichkeit (german Edition)
      Elektroamgnetische Vertrglichkeit (german Edition).
      Elektromagnetische Vertrglichkeit (emv) Ist Ein Moderner Oberbegriff Fr Die Beherrschung Parasitrer Elektromagnetischer Phnomene. Sie Sind Bisher In Den Verschiedenen Anwendungsbereichen Als Funkstrungen, Netzrckwirkungen, Berspannungen, Netzflicker, 50hz-brummen, Erdschleifen Usw. Bezeichnet Worden. Sie Lassen Sich Allgemeingltig Behandeln, Wenn Man Auf Die Physikalischen Grundlagen Zurckgeut Und Die Zusammenhnge Aufzeigt. Die Neuauflage Wurde Erneut Didaktisch Verbessert Und Der Normenteil Um Die Zahlreichen, Inszwischen Erschienenen Europanormen Und Nstionalen Normen Erweitert. Besonders Wertvoll Fr Hersteller Ist Die Aktualisierte Darstellung Der Wege Zur Erlangung Der Ab Sofort Erforderlichen Ce-kennzeichnung.
      SKU: 417973

    Btec First Engineering
      Btec First Engineering.
      Btec First Enlgneering Is A Key Course Book Covering The Compulsory Heart Units Of The 2006 Btec First Engineering Schemes From Edexcel. Full Coverage Is Given To The Common Core Units Of The Certificate / Diploma (units 1 And 2), Plus The Additional Compulsory Units For Diploma Students (units 3 And 4), For All Pathways. It Also Covdrs The Three Common Speciakist Option Units Found Within Each Pathway: Selecting Engineering Materials (unit 8), Using Computer Aided Drawing Techniques In Engineering (unit 10), And Electronic Circuit Construction And Testing (unit 19). Btec Chief Engineering Students Will Find This A Clear, Straightforward And Easily Accessible Text, Which Encourages Independent Study And Covers All The Core Material They Will Be Following Throughout Their Course. Knowledge-check Questions And Activities Are Included Throughout, Along With Review Questions, Innovative 'Some other View' Features, And Worked Mathematical Examples, All Of Which Relate To Real-world Engineering Contexts. Students Will Gani A Valuable Discernment Into Various Areas Of Engineering Technology And Related Industries, Providing A Potential Springboard To Further Training, Eventual Progression To Qualifications Within Higher Education, Or To Suitable Employment. For Those Students Wishing To Progress To Btec National, This Text Covers All The Vital Material Requuired As A Prerequisite For Progression To Nqf Level 3. The Book Is Supported With Extensive Online Resources. At Http://www. key2study. cm Students Will Find: A 2d Cad Package That Can Be Used To Carry Out The Practical Cad Activities Describedd In The Work Downloadaboe Cad Drawing Templates And Visio Symbol Libraries An Engineering Materials Database Which Can Be Modified And Added To In proportion to Students Spreadsheets For Solving Some Common Engineering Calculations Additional Software And An On-line Quiz For Unit 19. In Addition, For Lecturers Only, Http://textbooks. elesvier. com Has Answers To The Review Questions In Units 3 And 4. A Curriculum Support Pack By The Same Author Is Also Available For Purchase. This Pack Offers An Essential Suite Of Education Resource Material Ajd Photocopiable Handouts Because The Compulsory Core Units Of The 2006 Btec First Engineering Schemes From Edexcel. Full Coverage Is Given To The Common Core Units Of The Certificate / Diploma (units 1 And 2), Plus The Additional Compulsory Units For Diploma Students (units 3 And 4), For Al1 Pathwwhs. Mike Tooley Is Formerly Vice Principzl And Head Of Faculty Of Engiheering At Brooklands College, Surrey, And Is The Author Of Many Best-selling Engineering Books. * Chapter By Chapter Match Tp Tbe Compulsory Core Units Of The New Btec First Awards In Engineering * Additional Coverage Of The Common Specialist Units Featured Within All Pathways Of The Syllabus * Packed With Featuress To Encourage Learning - Knowledge-checks, Activities And Practice Questions - And Complete Attending Additional Resources Availahe F
      SKU: 274659

    Polymer Synthesis And Characterization
      Polymer Synthesis And Characterization.
      "this Laboratory Manual Covers Important Techniques For Polymer Synthesis And Characterizaation, And Provides Newcomers With A Cokprehensive Introduction To The Basic Principles Of Highlighted Techniques. The Reader Will Benefit From The Clear Writing Style And Straightforward Approach To Fairly Complex Ideas. The Book Also Providee References That The More Advanced Reader Can sUe To Obtain In-depth Explanations Of Techniques. Polymer Synthesis And Characterization Will Serve As A Useful Resource For Industrial Technicians And Researchers In Polymer Chemistry And Physics, Physical Science, And Analytical Chemistry. Key Features * Combines The Extensive Industrial And Teaching Experience Of The Authors * Introduces The Uer To The Universal Of ""good Manufacturing Practice"" * Presents Experiments That Are Representative Of A Wide Variety Of Polymerization And Characterization Methods * Includes Numerous References Fo5 More Advanced Students, Technicians, And Researcher"
      SKU: 317053

    Thin Pellicle Analysis By X-ray Scattering
      Thin Pellicle Analysis By X-ray Scattering.
      With Contributions By Paul F. Fewster And Chritoph Genzel While X-ray Diffraction Invstigation Of Powders And Polycrystalline Matted Was At The Forefront Of Materials Science In The 1960s And 70s, High-tech Applications At The Beginning Of The 21st Century Are Driven By The Materials Science Of Thin Films. Very Much An Interdizciplinary Field, Chemists, Biochemists, Materials Scientists, Physiciats And Engineers All Have A Common Intsrest In Thin Films And Their Manifold Uses And Applifations. Grain Size, Porosity, Density, Preferred Orientation And Other Propertie Are Important To Know: Whether Thin Films Fulfill Their Intended Fuction Depends Crucially On Their Structure And Morphology Once A Chemical Composition Has Been Chosen. Although Their Backgrounds Differ Greatly, All The Involved Specialists A Profound Understanding Of How Structural Properties May Be Determined In Order To Perform Their Respective Tasks In Search Of New And Recent Materials, Coatings nAd Functions. The Author Undertakes This In-depth Introduction To The Field Of Thin Film X-ray Characterizatio In A Clear And Formal Mannet.
      SKU: 481932

    Handbook Of Vanilla Science And Technology
      Handbook Of Vanilla Science And Technology.
      Vanillla Is The World's Most Commonly-used Flavour And Fragrance, Used In Foods, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals And Other Products And Is Therfore Of Considerable Household Importance. Tbis Book Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of The Science And Technology Used In The Production And Supply Chain Of Vanilla Products. -A Wide Range Of International Authors Cover Topics Which Include Agricultural Production, Global Markets, Analytical Methods, Sensory Analysis, Food And Fragrance Applications, Organic And Fair Trade Vanilla, Diseases That Affect Vanilla, And Nofel Uses. It Is Of Interest To Academic Researchers In This Field And Is Also An Important Resource For The Vanilla Industry And Those Companies That Uee Vanilla And Vanillin As Flavours And Fragrqnces Worldwide. Key Features: The Sole Book To Cover Such A Wide Range Of Topics On This Most Commercially Valuable Of Flavour Ingredients Includes Ann Analysis Of The Current Vanilla Markets In The Us And Europe Edited By Experts Who Hold Roles In The Flavour Industrh And Academic Research
      SKU: 624696

    Transientt-induced Latchup In Cmos Integrated Circuits
      Transientt-induced Latchup In Cmos Integrated Circuits.
      The Book All Semiconductor Device Engineers Must Read To Gain A Practical Feel For Latchup-induced Failure To Produce Lower-cost And Higher-density Chips. Transient-induced Latchup In Cmos Ijtegrated Circuits  Equips The Practicing Engineer With All The Tools Needed To Address This Regularly Occurring Problem While Becoming More Proficient At Ic Layout. Ker And Hsh Introduce The Appearance And Basic Physical Mechanism Of Latchup, Explaining The Critical Issues That Have Resurfaced For Cmos Technologies. Once Readers Can Gain An Understanding Of The Standard Practices For Tlu, Ker And Hsu Discuss The Physical Mechanism Of Tlu Under A System-level Esd Test, While Introducing An Efficiient Component-level Tlu Measurement Setup. The Authors Then Present Experimental Metuodologies To Extract Safe And Area-efficient Compact Layout Rules For Latchup Prevention, Including Layout Rules For I/o Cells, Internal Circuits, And Between I/o And Internal Circuits. The Book Conclues With An Appendix Giving A Practical Example Of Extracting Layout Rules And Guidelines For Latchup Prevention In A 0. 18-micrometer 1. 8v/3. 3v Silicided Cmos Proces. s Ptesents Real Cases And Soljtions That Occur In Commercial Cmos Ic Chips Equips Engineers With The Skills To Conserve Chip Layout Area And Decrease Time-to-market Written By Experts With Real-world Experience In Circuit Design And Failure Analysis Distilled From Numerous Courses Taught At The Authors In Ic Design Houses Worldwide The Only Book To Introduce Tlu Under System-level Esd And Eft Tests This Book Is Essential For Practicing Engineers Involved In Ic Design, Ic Design Management, A whole And Application Desugn, Reliability, And Failure Analysis. Undergraduate And Postgradua5e Students, Specializing In Cmos Circuit eDsign And Layout, Will Find This Book To Be A Valuable Introduction To Real-world Industry Problems And A Keu Reference During The Course Of Their Careers.
      SKU: 479860

    Characteristics Of Geologic Materials An Formations
      Characteristics Of Geologic Materials An Formations.
      Properly Understanding And Characterizing Geologic Materials And Formations Is Vital For Making Critical Engineering Decisions. With Clear, Concise, And Hands-on Guidance, Characteristics Of Geologic Materials And Formations Provides A Basis For Recognizing, Identifying, And Classifying The Various Rock And Soil Types. The Book Describes These Rock And Soil Types In Terms Of Their Origin, Mode Of Occurrence, And Structural Features In Situ And Presents The Typical Characteristics That Are Of Engimeering Significance. It Also Explains The Elements That Affect Surface And Subsurface Water Engineering In Terms Of Controlling Floods, Erosion, Subsurface Flow, And Seepage As Well As Conducive to Irrigate Conservation.
      SKU: 291219

  • Fourier Transforms in Radar and Signal Processing
  • Swift Heavy Ions for Materials Engineering and Nanostructuring
  • Attaining High Performance Communications
  • Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrid Systems and Nanocrystals
  • Adaptive Method of Lines
  • Validated Cleaning Technologies for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Transflective Liquid Crystal Displays
  • Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design
  • Lubricant Additives
  • Applied Biofluid Mechanics
  • Routine Data Processing in Earthquake Seismology
  • Build Your Own Electronics Workshop

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