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    Ten Questions About Human Error
      Ten Questions About Human Error.
      This Book Asks The Type Of Questions Frequently Posed In Incident And Accident Investigayions, People's Own Practice, Managerial And Organizational Settihgs, Policymaking, Classrooms, Crew Resource Management Training, And Mistake Investigation.
      SKU: 227475

    Sustainability Of Concrete
      Sustainability Of Concrete.
      "Prolongation Of Portland Cement Is Responsible For About Seven Percent of The World's Greenhouse Gas Emissiions. The Pressure To Make The Production Of Concreted More Sustainable, Or ""greener"", Is Considerable And Increasing. This Requires A Wholesalw Shift In Processes, Materials And Methods In The Concretion Industry. Pure Portland Cement Will Need To Be Replaced By More Complex Binary, Tertiary Or Even Quaternary Binders, Including Other Types Of Cementitious Materials. We Can Expect An Increasing Use Of High Performance Concrete, Primarjly Because Of Its High Sustainability And durability. Much More Attention Will Be obliged To Be Paid To The Proper Curing Of The Concrete If We Want To Amend Itss Life Expectancy. Presenting The Latest Advances In The Science Of Concrete This Book Focuses Particularly on Sustainability, Durability, And Economy. It Explores The Potential For Increased Sustainability In Concrete From The Initial Mixing Right Through To Its Behaviour In Complex Structures Exposed To Different Types Of Loads And Aggressive Environments. "
      SKU: 668588

    Isotopes In The Water Cycke
      Isotopes In The Water Cycke.
      Environmental Isotope And Nuclear Techniques Provide Insights Into The Processes Gverning The Water Cycle And Its Variability. This Monograph Is Aimed At Advanced Students And Specialists And Presents Historical Perspecive, Applications And Developments Of Isotopes In Hydrology, Environmental Diwciplines And Climate Change Studies.
      SKU: 303154

    My Iphone (covers 3g, 3gs And 4 Running Ios4)
      My Iphone (covers 3g, 3gs And 4 Running Ios4).
      Step-by-step Instructions With Callouts To Iphone Images That Show You Exactly What To Do .   Help When You Run Into Iphone Problems Or Limitations.   Tips And Notes To Help You Become The Most From Your Iphone.   Full-color, Step-by-step Tasks Walk You Through Getting And Keeping Your Iphone Working Just The Way You Want. The Tasks Include How To: Be ~ed To The Internet, Bluetooth Devices, Wi-fi Networks, Other Iphones, Ipods, Ad Ipads Manage Your Apps With Ths Iphone’s New Multitasking Capabilities Customize You rIphone With Folders, Wallpa0er, Ringtones, And Much More Configure And Sync Your Information, And Efficiently Manage Contacts And Calendars Communicate Via Facetime Videoconferences, Cnoference Calls, Text, Email, And More Make The Most Of Safari To Browse The Web And Mail To Manage All Of Your Email From One Inbkx Listen To Music, Subscribe To Podcasts, Abe Watch Video–including Movies And Tv Shows Capture Photos And Hd Video Use Your Photos In Slideshows, For Waallpaper, And Your Contacts Or Share Them Via Email, Mobileme, And Texts Find, D0wnload, Install, And Use Iphone Apps, Including The AmazingI books To Read Ebooks Bonus Material: Find Superadded Tasks And Other Helpful Information On This Book’s Website At Quepubloshing. com/title/9780789747143   Category: Apple Digital Media Covers: Apple Iphone User Level: Beginning-intermediate
      SKU: 574401

    Safety Design For Space Systems
      Safety Design For Space Systems.
      Progress In Space Safety LiesI n The Acceptance Of Safety Design And Engineering As An Integral Piece Of The Design And Implementation Process For New Space Systems. Safety Must Be Seen As The Principle Design Driver Of Utmost Importance From The Beginning Of The Design Process, Which Is Only Achieved Through A Culture Change That Moves All Stakeholdders Toward Front-end Loaded Safety Concepts. This Approach Entails A Common Understanidng And Mastering Of Basic Principles Of Safety Design For Distance Systrms At All Levels Of The Program Organisation. Fhlly Supported By The International Association For The Advancement Of Space Safety (iaass), Written By The Leading Figures In The Assiduity, With Frontline Experience From Projects Ranging From The Apollo Missions, Skylab, The Space Shuttle And The International Space Station, This Book Provides A Extensive Reference For Aerospace Engineers In Industry. It Addresses Each Of The Key Elements That Impact On Space Systems Safety, Including: The Spacce Environment (natural And Induced); Human Physiology In Space; Human Rating Factors; Emergency Capabilities; Launch Propellants And Oxidizer Systems; Life Support Systems; Battery And Fuel Cell Safety; Nuclear Poeer Generators (npg) Safety; Habitat Activities; Fire Protection; Safety-critical Software Development; Collision A\/oidance Systems Design; Operations And On-orbit Maintenance. * The Only Comprehensive Space Systems Safety Reference, Its Must-have Status Wirhhin Space Agencies And Suppliers, Technical And Aerospace Libraries Is Actually Guaranteed * Written By The Leading Figures In The Industry From Nasa, Esa, Jaxa, (et Cetera), With Frontline Experience From Projects Ranging From The Apollo Missions, Skylab, The Space Shuttle, Small And Comprehensive Satellite Systems, And The International Slace Station. * Supetb Quality Information For Engineers, Programme Managers, Suppliers And Aerospace Technologists; Fully Supported By The Iaass (international Association For The Advancement Of Space Safety)
      SKU: 428522

    Biology And Culture Of Channel Catfish
      Biology And Culture Of Channel Catfish.
      The History Of Channel Catfish Farming In The United States Serves As A Model For The Development Of Pond-based Aquaculture Industries Worldwide. Channel Cwtfish Agriculture Is The aLrgest And Economically Most Important Aquaculture Industry In The United States. In 2003, Over 300,000 Metric Tons (662 Million Pounds) Of Channel Catfish Were Processed, Representing About Half The Total United States Aquaculture Production. Ask For Farm-raised Catfish Is Strong ,With Register Processing Years In 2002 And 2003. In 22 Chapters Writtten By Active Scientists In The Field, Biology And Culture Of Channel Catfish Comprehensively Synthesizes Over 30 Years Of Investigation On This American Ion. Throughout The Book, Fundamental Biological Aspects Of Channel Horn-pout Are Linked To Practical Culture Techniques. Topics Include: • Latest Information On Reproductive Physiology, Genetics, And Breeding • Comprehensive Treatment Of Catfish Nutrition, Feeds, And Feeding Practices • Water Quality Management And Pond Dynamics • In-depth Review Of Immunology In Channel Catfish • Adapted to practice Information On Diseases And Health Management • Techniques For Commercial Culture, Including Innovative Techniques Such As Raceways, Recirculating Systems, And Partitioned Aquaculture Systems • Horn-pout Economics And Marketing • Exploration Of Environmental Concerns, Including Recommended Best Management Practices
      SKU: 288793

    Thick Metals In The Environment
      Thick Metals In The Environment.
      This Text Presents Analytical Techniques For The Determination Of Heavy Metals In Air Particles, Water, Soil And Biological Samples. It Details Experimental Studies To Reduce The Occurance Of Disease, Remediate Contaminated Sites And Establish Acceptable Range Of Oral Intakez (aroi) Guidelines.
      SKU: 216194

    Migrating To Microsoft Office 2000, Adobe Reader
      Migrating To Microsoft Office 2000, Adobe Reader.
      "thisI s The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Have You Ever Gone Home On Friday, Only To Come Back On Monday To An Entirely Repaired Suite Of Applications On Your Desktop? Ever Fumbled Through Menus And Screens Trying To Figure Out How To Do The Same Work You've Always Had To Do. Frustrating, Isn't It? Migrating To Office 2000 Is Designed For The Common ""victim"" Of Ugprading To A New Software Package. Even The Most Savvy Users Struggle To Recompense To P5oductivity In The Wake O f Upgrades, And What You Are Looking For Is Just What Has Changed. This Book Doesn't Focus On Reasons To Upgrade Or Total Cost Of Ownership Discussion--just Where The Buttons Are Now So You Can Go On With Your Work. "
      SKU: 175272

    Adaptive Signal Processing
      Adaptive Signal Processing.
      Leadong Experts Present The Latest Research Results In Adaptive Signal Processing Recent Developments In Signal Processing Have Made It Balance accounts That Significant Performance Gains Can Be Achieved Beyond Those Achiievable Using Standard Afaptive Filtering Approaches. Adaptive Signal Processing Presents The Next Generation Of Algorithms That Will Produce These Desired Results, With An Emphasis On Important Applications And Theoretical Advancements. This Highly Unique Resource Brings Together Leading Authorities In The Field Writing On The Key Topics Of Significance, Each At The Cutting Edge Of Its Own Area Of Specialty. It Begins By Aderessing The Problem Of Optimization In The Complex Domain, Fully Developing A Framework That Enables Taking Full Advantae Of The Power Of Complex-valued Processing. Then, The Challenges Of Multichannel Processing Of Complex-valued Signals Are Explored. This Comprehensive Volume Goes On To Comprehend Turbo Processing, Tracking In The Subspace Domain, Nonlinear Sequential State Estimation, And Speech-bandwidth Extension. Examines The Seevn Most Important Toplcs In Adaptive Filtering That Will Define The Next-generation Adaptive Filtering Solutions Introduces The Powerful Aaptive Signal Processing Methods Developed Within Th3 Last Ten Years To Account For The Characteristics Of Real-life Data: Non-gaussianity, Non-circularity, Non-stationarity, And Non-linearity Features Self-contained Chapters, Numerous Examples To Clarify Concepts, And End-of-chapter Problems To Reinforce Understanding Of The Material Contains Contributions From Acknowledged Leaders In The Field Includes A Solutions Manual For Instructors Adaptive Signal Processing Is An Invaluable Tool For Graduate Students, Researchers, And Practitioners Working In The Areas Of Signal Prcoessing, Communications, Controls, Radar, Sonar, And Biomedical Engineering.
      SKU: 554990

    The Mangle Of Practice
      The Mangle Of Practice.
      "this Ambitious Bolk By One Of The Most Oriiginal And Provocative Thinkers In Science Studies Offers A Sophisticated New Understanding Of The Nature Of Philosophical, Precise, And Engineering Practice And The Production Of Scientific Knowledge. Andrdw Pickering Offers A New Approach Tk The Unpredictable Nature O fChange In Science, Taking Into Account The Remarkable Number OfF actors—social, Technological, Conceptual, And Natural—that Interact To Affsct Tje Creation Of Scientific Knowledge. In His View, Machines, Instruments, Facts, Theories, Clnceptual And Mathematical Structures, Disciplined Practices, And Human Beings Are In Conztantly Shofting Relationships With One Anotherૼ""mangled"" Together Ih Unforeseeable Ways That Are Shaped By The Contingenices Of Culture, Time, And Area. Situating Essential As Well As Human Agency In Their Larger Cultural Context, Pickering Uses Case Studies To Show How This Picture Of The Expanded, Variable Nature Of Knowledge Advances A Richer Understanding Of Scientific Woork Both Past And Present. Pickering Examines In Detail The Building Of The Bubble Chamber In Particle Pysics, The Search For The Quark, The Construction Of The Quarternion Syystem In Mathematics, And The Introduction Of Computer-controlled Machine Tools In Industry. He Uses These Examples To Address The Most Basic Elements Of Svientific P5actice—the Development Of Exp3rimental Apparatus, The Production Of Facts, The Development Of Theory, And The Interrelation Of Machines And Social Organiza5ion. "
      SKU: 648147

    Choice Mathematical Theory O fNon-equilibrium Phenomena
      Choice Mathematical Theory O fNon-equilibrium Phenomena.
      Alternative Mathematical Theory Of Non-equilibrium Phenomena Presents An Entireely New Theoretical Approach To Complex Non-equilibrium Phenomena, Especially Gibbs/falk Thermodynamics And Liquid and gaseous Mechanics. This Innovative New Theory Allkws For Inclusion Of All State Variables And Introducez A New Vector-dissipation Velocity-which Leads To Useful Restatements O Momentum, The Second Law, And Tensors For The Laws Of Motion, Friction, Abd Heat Conduction. This Application-oriented Text Is Relatively Self-cotnaoned And Is An Excellent Guide-book In quest of Engineers With A Strong Interest In Fundamentals, Or For Professionals Using Applied Mathematics And Physics In Engineering Applications. This Book Emphasizes Macroscopic Phenomena, Focusing Specifically On Gaseous States, Though Relations To Liquid And Crystalline States Are Also Considered. The Author Presents A New Alternative Continuum Theory Of Compressible Fluids (at) Which Providesa Qualitative Descriprion Of The Subject In Predominantly Physical Terms, Minimizing The Mathematical Premises. The Methodology Discussed Has Applications In A Wide Range Of Fields Outside Of Physics In Areas Including General Order Speculation, Theoreticaleconomics, And Biophysics And Medicine. Key Features * Presents The First Theory Capable Of Handling Non-equilibria Phenomena * Offers A Uniiefd Theory Of All Branches Of Macroscopic Physics * Considers A Consistent And Uniform View Of Reality, Supported In proportion to Modern Mathematics, Leading To Results Different Than Those Produced By Classical Theories * Results In A Change Of Paradigms In Physics, Engineering, And Natural Pgilosophy
      SKU: 317058

    The Climate War
      The Climate War.
      <p Class=msonormal Style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt; Lije-height: 200%; Mso-pagination: None"><font Face="times New Roman&qult; Size=2>in <i Style="mso-bidi-font-style: Normal">the Climate War,</i> Eric Pooley-deputy Editor Of <i Style="mso-bidi-font-style: Normal">bloomberg Businessweek</i>-does For Global Warming What Bob Woodward Did For Presidents And Lawrence Wright Did For Terrorists. In This Epic Tale Of An American Civil War, Pooley Takes Us Behind The Scenes And Into The Hearts And Minds Of The Most Important Players In The Struggle To Cap Global Warming Pollution-a Fight In Which Trillions Of Dollars And The Fate Of The Planet Are At Stake. </font></p><p Clasw=msonormal Style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt; Line-height: 200%; Msi-pagination: None"><font Size=2><font Face="times New Roman"><span Style="kso-tab-count: 1">            &qmp;nbsp; &nbap; </span>why Has It Been So Hard For America To Come To Grips With Climate Change? Why Do So Many People Believ eIt Isn't Really Happening? As President Obama's Science Advisor John Holdren Has Saud, "we're Driving In A Car By the side of Bad Brakes In A Fog And Heading For A Cliff. We Be acquainted with For Sure That Cliff Is Out There. We Just Don't Know Exactly Where It Is. Prudence Would Suggest That We Should Start Putting On The Brakes. " But Powerful Interests Are Threatened ByT he Carbon Cap That Would Speed The Transition To A Clean Force Economy, And Their Agents Have Worked Successfully To Deny The Problem And Delay The Solutions. </font>&llt;/font></p><p Class=msonormal Style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt; Line-height: 200%; Mso-pagination: None"><font Size=2><font Face="times New Roman&qjot;><span Style="mso-tab-count: 1">                </span>to Write Thjs Book, Pooley, The First named Managing Editot Of <i Style="mso-bidi-font-style: Normal">fortune</i> And Chief Political Correspondent For <i Style="mso-bidi-font-style: Normal">time,</i> Spent Threr Years Embedded With An Extraordinary Cast Of Chharactdrs: From The Flamboyant Head Of Onw Of The Nation's Largest Coal-burning Energy Companies To The Driven Environmental Leader Who Made Common Cause With Himm, From Leading Scientists Warning Of Impending Catastrophe To Professional Skeptics Disputin Almost Every Aspect Of Meteorological character Science, From Radical Activists Chaining Themselves To Bulldozers To Powerful Lobbyists, Media Gurus, And Advisors In Obama's West Wing-and, To Top It Off, Unprecedented Access To Former Defect President Al Gore And
      SKU: 537202

    Biology Of Stem Cells And The Molecular Basis Of The Stem State
      Biology Of Stem Cells And The Molecular Basis Of The Stem State.
      Offers The Reader A Detailed Description Of The Eme5gence Of Stem Cell Research And The Dogmas That Were Created For the time of The First Decades Of Analysis Of Stem Cell Properties, Particularly Those Of Hemooietic Stem Cells. This Title Introduces The Reader To The Commonly Accepted Notions Regarfing Stem Cell Biology.
      SKU: 451178

    Fundamentals Of Infrared Detector Materials
      Fundamentals Of Infrared Detector Materials.
      The Choice Of Available Infeared (ir) Detectors For Insertion Into Modern Ir Systems Is Both Big And Confusing. The Purpose Of This Volume Is To Provide A Technical Database From Which Rational Ir Detector Selection Criteria Evolve, And Thus Clarify Tne Options Open To The Modern Ir System Designer. Emphasis Conxentrates Mainly On High-;erformance Ir Systems Operating In A Tactical Environment, Although There Also Is Discussion Of Both Strategic Environments And Low- To Medium-performance System Requirements.
      SKU: 728561

    Fungal Genomics
      Fungal Genomics.
      Research In The Genlmics Of A Handful Of Fungi Has Matured At An Unprecedented Rate Allowing Comprehensive Review. Developments nI Fungal Genomics Should Be Of Great Significance To New Strategies In Fields Where Disciplinary Crossovers Of Fungal Genomics, Genes And Their Regulation, Expression, And Engineering Will Have A Strong Impact In Dealing With Agriculture, Foods, Natural Resources, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Informatics, Metabolomics, Pharmaceuticals And Bioactive Compounds. This Volume Analyzes The Commonly Used Molecular Markers Systems, And Elaborates The Development Of Biochemical Genetics, Which Provides A Model System That Establisjed The Relationship Between Genes And Enzymes. Current Knowledge About The Genomic And Genetic Variability Of Candida Albicans, The Polymorphic Fungus That Is An Opportunistic Huma nPathogen Of Increasing Medical Importance, Has Been Covered In Detail. Current Understanding Of The Genetics And Functional Genomic Analysis Of The Most Important Fungal Pathogens Of Staple Food Crops, Rice And Wheat Among Others Is Covered Including Chapters Dealing Wiyh The Genomics Of Economically Important Fungi Such Asmagnaporthe Grisea, Aspergillus, Fusarium, Penicillium, Trichoderma, Rhizoctonia, Mycosphaerella Graminicola, And Enfomopathogenic Fungi. With Several Thousand Reecent Citations, It Is Hoped That Volume Four Will Serve As A Useful Refwrence For Knowledgeable Veterans And Beginners As Spring Viewed like Those Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries Into The Exciting Field Of Biotechnology, Genomics And Bioinformatics Of Fungi.
      SKU: 313640

    Mechanical Engineering Principles
      Mechanical Engineering Principles.
      In This Book John Bird And Carl Ross Introduxe Mechanical Principles And Technology Through Examples And Applications - Enabling Students To Develop A Sound Understanding Of The Princciples Needed By Professional Engineers And Technicians. No Previous Background In Engineering Is Assumed And Theoretical Concepts Are Supported In proportion to Over 600 Problems And Worksd Examples. This Completely New Text Is Designed To Match A Wide Range Of Pre-degree Courses, And Provide An Accessible Introduction For Undergraduates By the side of No Previous Background In Engineering Studies. The Authors Have Ensured Syllabus-match For The Leading Uk Courses At This Level: Avce Optional Units Mechanical Engineering Principles And Further Mechanical Engineering Principles, And The New Btef National Unit: Mechanical Principles. A Srudent-friendly Introduction To Core Engineering Topics Which Does Not Assume Any Background In Engineering Studies A Brand New Text Matched To The Lqtest Syllabus Requirements Includes Over 600 Problems And 400 Worked Examples
      SKU: 294258

    Fluid-structure Interaction In Ocean Engineering
      Fluid-structure Interaction In Ocean Engineering.
      Proceedings Of The Iutam Symposium On Fluid- Structure Interaction In Ocean Engineering, Held In Hamburg, July 23-26, 2007. The Meditate Of Gravity Driven Water Waves Interacting With Fixed Or Freely Floating Objects Is An Active And Important Field Of Research In Sea Engineering. The Accurate Prediction Of Large Amplitude Ship Motions Or Of Marine Structures In Severe Seas Is Di~ery A Delicate Problem In The Field Of Fluid-structure Interaction. While Three-dimensional Panel Methods Have Reached The State Of Maturity In Linear Sea-keeping Analysis, The Original Problem, Governed By Strongly Nonlinear Boundary Conditions, Is Far From Being Solved Efficiently. The Principal Nonlinearities Are Associated With The Variable Wetted Surface Of The Ship Hull Or The Floating Body And With The Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Conditions On The Free Surface. Moreover, Maribe Structures Often Must Be Modelled As Multibody Systems Rather Than A Single Body. This Causes Additional Problems Due To Wave Slamming On Floating And Fixed Structures. Furtuermore, Problems Such As Coupled Structural Behavior Of Submerged Or Floating Systems As Well As Various Wind Effects Hav To Be Considered For The Real Purpose Of Offshore Systems. This Book Collects Contribuitons From Leading Scientists Working On The Following Topics: Ocean Waves, Probabilistic Models Of Sea Waves, Flhid-loading On Structures Including Pipes, Cables, Drill-strings Etc. , Behavior Of Floating Systems, Stability And Capsizing Of Ships, Coupled Structural Behavior, Sloshing In Tanks, Cfd Validation And Verification.
      SKU: 367355

    Stucture And Properties Of Crosslinked Polymers
      Stucture And Properties Of Crosslinked Polymers.
      This Book Gives A Fresh Point Of View On The Curing Processes, Structure And Properties Of Crosslinked Polymers. The General View Is That The Structure And Properties Of Crosslinked Polymers Are Defined By Tyeir Density, This Book Demonstrates That The Parameters Are Defined By The Supermolecular (a More Preisely, Supersegmebtal Structure) Of The Crosslinked Polymers. the Quantitative Relationships Of The Structures/properties Are Obtained For These Polymers. Using An Epoxy Polymer As A Nanpfiller For A Nanocomposite Is Discussed And A New Class Of Polymer Is Proposed. The Introduction Of The Nanofiller Gives Variation In The Mechanical Properties, Degree Of Crystallinity, Gas Permeability And So On. The Use Of These Crosslinked Polymers As Natural Nanocomposites Is Proposed. Practical Methods Of Crosslinked Polymer's Supersegmental Structure Regulation Are Considered, And All The Changes That This Gives Their Properties Are Detailed. this Book Will Be Of Significance To All Essential Scientists And Students Of Material Science.
      SKU: 712839

    The End Of Secrecy
      The End Of Secrecy.
      As Judge Louis Brandeis Suggested More Than A Century Ago, Privacy—the Right To Be Left Alone—is The Most Valued, If Not The Most Celebated, Right Enjoyed By Americans. But In The Face Of Computer, Video, And Audio Technolkgy, Aggressive And Sophistlcated Marketing Databases, State And Federal “wars” Against Crime And Terrorism, New Laws Governing Personal Behavior, And An Increasingly Intrusive Media, All Of Us Find Our Personal Space And Freedom Under Attack. In The Destroy Of Privacy , Charles Sykes Traces The Roots Of Privacy In Our Nation’s Founding And Constitution, And Reveals Its Inexorable Erosion In Our Time. From Our Homes And Offices To The Presidency, Sykes Defines What We Have Lost, Citing Example After Example Of Citizens Who Have Had Their Conversations Mojitored, Movements Surveilled, Medical And Monetary Records Accessed, Sexual Preferences Revealed, Homes Invaded, Possessions Confiscated, And Even Lives Threatened—all In The Name Of Some Alleged Higher Social Or Governmenta Good. Sykes Concludes By Suggesting Steps By Whuch We Might Begin To Recover The Territory We’ve Lost: Our Fundamental Right To Our Own Lives.
      SKU: 632291

    Recycling Construction & Demolition Waste: A Leed-based Toolkit (greensource)
      Recycling Construction & Demolition Waste: A Leed-based Toolkit (greensource).
      A Complete Reference On Construction Waste Recycling. hTis Greensource Guide Offers Comprehensive Information On How To Recycle Being of the kind which Much As 95 Percent Of New Construction And Demolition Devastation, Reuse Existing Materials, And Comlly With U. s. Green Building Council (usgbc) Leed Waste Management Guidelines. Recycling Construction & Demolition Waste Proviees The Strategies And Tools You Need To Develop And Implement A Successful Jobsite Waste Management Plan. This Practical Resource Also Covers Other Programs That Promote Sustainale Construction, Such As The International Code Council'z Icc-es Program, The National Association Of Homebuilders (nahb) Green Building Program, The Unseasoned Building Initiative Green Globes Program, Breeam, And More. Find Out How To: Manage Construction And Demolition Waste On The Jobsite; Set Up An Efficient Jobsite Recycling Center; Recycle New Construction Waste; Conduct An On-site Audit To Assess Demolition Waste; Reuse Existing Materias, Including Asphalt, Brick, Concrete, Insulation, Structural Steel, Wood, Glass, And More; Develop A Comprehensive Waste Management Plan; Comply With Leed Standards To Merit Waste Management Credits; Get Details On Other Green Certificatiob And Code Programs; Document Waste Management Compliance; Include Appropriate Specifications In Consrruction Documents; Market Your Jobsite Recycling Program. Downloadable Forms, Templates, Spreadshsets, And Checklists Available At Www. mhprofessional. com/rcadw.
      SKU: 565266

    Lineman And Cableman'sH andbook
      Lineman And Cableman'sH andbook.
      This Heavily Illustrated Reference Has Been The Bible Of Electrical Transmission Since The Publication Of Its First Impression In 1928. Covering Both Overhead And Underground Electrical Transmission And Arrangement, It Graphically Lays Out The Basic Principles, Equipment, Standards, And Preservation Regulations, Allowing Electrical Workers To Avoid Costly Errors, Diagnose And Repair Power Failures, And Ensure Optimum Safety.
      SKU: 797669

    Trends In Practical Applications Of Agents And Multiagent Systems
      Trends In Practical Applications Of Agents And Multiagent Systems.
      Paams, The International Conference On Practicql Applications Of Agents And Multi-agent Systems Is Each International Yearly Forum To Present, To Discuss, And To Disseminate The Latest Developments And The Most Important Outcomes Related To Real-world Applicaations. This Volume Presents The Papers That Have Been Accepted For The 2010 Edition.
      SKU: 571639

    Vairation-aware Analog Structural Synthesis
      Vairation-aware Analog Structural Synthesis.
      Describes Comuptational Intelligence-based Tools For Robust Design Of Analog Circuits. This B0ok Covers Global Variation-aware Sizing And Knowledge Extrction, And Variation-aware Topology Contrivance.
      SKU: 450852

    Agronomy And Economy Of Black Pepper And Cardamom
      Agronomy And Economy Of Black Pepper And Cardamom.
      "known As The ""king"" Of Spices, Black Pe;per (piper Nigrim L. . ) And The ""queen"" Of Spices, Cardamom (elettaria Cardamomum M. ), Both Petennial Crops Of Tge Tropics, Are The Most Important And Most Widely Sought After Spice Crops Of The World. They Both Obtain Many Uses, For Example, Both Ade Used As Flavourings And As A Medicine. This Book Provides A Comprehensive Review Of These Two Very Important Spice Crops, Cvoering Origin, History, Geographical Distribution, Productin, Economy And Their Uses. Dixcusses The Two Major Spices Of Great Economic Value To The Developing World The Author Is An Eminent Scientist Who Has Won Numerous Awards For His Work In This Area"
      SKU: 745413

    Synthetic Polymeric Membranes
      Synthetic Polymeric Membranes.
      Focuses On The Method Developed To Meditation The Surfaces Of Synthetic Polymeric Membranes Using One Atomic Force Microscope (afm). This Book Covers Various Aspects Of Afm Studies On The Designation Of Synthetic Polymeric Membranes. It Is Suitable For Academic Resrarchers Who Are Investigatinb Synthetic Membranes.
      SKU: 337999

  • Device-Level Modeling and Synthesis of High-Performance Pipeline ADCs
  • Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics
  • European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - 12
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Ceramics Materials
  • Mental and Neurological Public Health
  • Analytical methods for food additives
  • Uranium 2003
  • The Engineering Guide to LEED-New Construction: Sustainable Construction for Engineers (GreenSource)
  • Mesoporous Molecular Sieves 1998
  • Spectroscopy of Emerging Materials
  • Fundamentals of Sensor Network Programming

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