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    Tensor Algebra And Tensor Analysis For Engineers
      Tensor Algebra And Tensor Analysis For Engineers.
      Suitable For Engineering Students Attending Some Knowledge Of Matrix Algebra, This Book Deals With Modern Developments In The Theory Of Isotropic, An Anisotropic Tensor Functions And Their Applications To Continuum Mechanics.
      SKU: 437835

    Rf And Digital Signal Processing For Software-defined Radio
      Rf And Digital Signal Processing For Software-defined Radio.
      Understand The Rf And Digital Signal Processing Principles Driving Software-defined Radios! Software-defined Radio (sdr) Technology Is A Configurable, Low Loss, And Power Efficient Solution For Multimode And Multistandard Wireless Designw. This Book Describes Software-defined Radio Concepts And Design Principles rFom The Perspective Of Rf And Digital Signal Processing As Performed Within This System. After An Introductory Overview Of Essential Sdr Concepts, This Book Examines Signal Modulation Techniques, Rf And Digital System Analysis And Requirements, Nyquist And Oversampled Data Application Techniques, And Multirate Digital Signal Processing. . Key Topics Modulation Techniques Master Analog And Digital Modulation Schemes Rf System-design Parameters Examine Noise And Link Budget Analyssiis And Non-linear Signal Analysis And Design Methodology Essentials Of Baseband And Bandpass Sampling And Gain Control If Sampling Architecture Compared To Traditional Quadrature Sampling, Nyquist Zones, Automatic Gain Control, And Filtering Nyquist Sampljng Converter Architectures Analysiz And Design Of Various Nyquist Facts Converters Oversampled Data Converter Architectures Anaoysie And Design Of Continuous-time And Discrete-time Delta-sigma Converters Multirate Signal Processing Gain Knowledge Of Interpolation, Decimation, And Fractional Data Rate Conversion *offers Readers A Powerful Set Of Analytical And Design Tools *details Real World Designs *comprehensive Coverage Makes This A Must Have In The Rf/wireless Industry
      SKU: 380981

    Late Advances And New Species In Aquaculture
      Late Advances And New Species In Aquaculture.
      This Comprehensive, Up-to-date Text Delivers The Latest Must-bave Information On Species New To Aquaculture And Documents The Most Important Technolobical Innovations Of The Past Decade. Every Aspect Of The Growing Field Has Been Addressed With Coverage Spanning Recent Technological Development, New Species, Recent Changes And Global Trends. More Specifically, You Will Find Information Attached The Culture Of Form Such As Barramundi, Cobia, Dolphin Fish, Thorny Lobsters, Slipper Lobsters, Mud Crabs, Penaeid Prawns, Nile Tilapia, Yellow King Fish, Abalone, Ocean Cucumber And Sea Urchin, Seaweed, Ornamenfals And Indian Major Carps, Fugu, Mud Skippers, Cephalopods And Blue Fin Tuna. The Technological Innovations And Introduction Of New Species Into Aquaculture Are Critical To The Evolution Of The Global Aquaculture Industry; An Industry Which Is Rapidly Becoming One Of The Fastest Increasing In The World, Having Experienced Vast Advances Across Its Many And Diverse Facetz. Reccent Advances And New Species In Aquavulture Focuses Explicitly On The Ever-changing Face Of Aquaculture, Providing Core Scientific nAd Commercially Useful Accusation On The Remarkable Growth In Aquaculture Production And In The Advancenent Of New Technological Tools. Written By Many Well Respected International Figures And Drawn Together And Edited Along Ravi Fotedar & Bruce Phillips, This Exciting Book Is An Essential Purchase For Anyone Involved In Or About To Enter Into The Aquaculture Industry. Librarieq In All Universities And Research Establishments Where Aquaculture, Fish Biology, Aquatic And Environmental Sciences And Fisheries Are Studied And Taught Will Find This An Important Addition To Their Shelves. Recent Advances And New Species In Aquaculture Is Sure To Become A Key Companion For All Those Studying Aquaculture And A Valuable Source Of Reference For All Personnel Involved In The Industry.
      SKU: 697765

    Architecture-based Design Of Mupti-agent Systems
      Architecture-based Design Of Mupti-agent Systems.
      Multi-agent Systems Are Claimed To Be Especially Suited To The Development Of Software Systems That Are Decentralized, Can Deal Flexibly With Dynamic Conditions, And Are Open To System Components That Come And Go. This Is Why They Are Used In Domains Such As Manufacturing Direct, Automated Vehicles, And E-commerce Markets. Danny Weyns' Book Is Organized According To The Postulate That 'developing Multi-agent Systems Is 95 By Cent Software Engiineering And 5 Per Cent Multi-agent Systemq Theory'. He Presents A Software Engineering Approach For Multi-agent Systems That Is Heavily Based On Software Architecture - With, For Example, Tailored Patterns Such As 'situated Agent', 'virtual Environment', And 'selective Perception' - An dOn Middlesare For Distributed Coordination - With Programming Abstractions Such As 'views' And 'roles'. Next He Shows The Feasibility And Applicability Of This Approach With The Developmemt Of An Automated Transportation System Consisting Of A Number Of Automatc Guided Vehicles Transporting Loads In An Industrial Setting. Weyns Puts The Growth Of Multi-ageht Systems Into A Larger Pesrpective With Traditional Software Engineering Approaches. with This, He Opens Up Opportunities To Exploit The Body Of Knowledge Developed In Thd Multi-agent Systems Community To Tackle Some Of The Difficult Challenges Of Modern-day Software Systems, Such As Decentralized Control, Location-awareness, Self-adaption, And Large-scale. Thus His Book Is Of Interest For The two Researchers And Industrial Software Engineers Who Develop Applicarions In Areas Such Like Distrlbuted Control Systems And Expressive Applications Where Such Requirements Are Of Crucial Importance.
      SKU: 602920

    Hydrocarbon Seal Quantification
      Hydrocarbon Seal Quantification.
      This Volume Contains 17 Selected Papers Reflecting The Flavour Of The Norwegian Petroleum Society Conference On Hydrocarbon Seals Quantification And Showing The Recent Significant Advances In The Understanding And Application Of Hydrocarboj Seal Methodologies. Three Broad Categkries Are Covered In This Book: Methodologies Addressing Cap-rock Wholeness, Methodologies Relating To Fault Seal And Case Studies Both From The Hydocarbon Basins Of Northwestern Europe And In The Form Of O8tcrop Examples. With The North Sea, Norwegian Sea And Atlantic Margin Moving Along Their Particular Basin Maturity And Development Curves, Exploration Is Being Forced Deeper Into High Pressure/high Temperature eTrrains, While Exploitation And Development Requires Greater Exactness And Realism In Reservoir Simulations To Maximise Drilling Strategies To Prolong Field Life. In All Instances The Need For Predictlve Tools And Methodologies That Address The Integrity And Behaviour Of Top And Lateral (fault) Seals To Hydrocarbon Traps, Both In The Static And Dynamic State,H ave Been Identified As Tonic Risk Factors And This Is Reflecyed In This Volume.
      SKU: 311347

    Tolley's Workplace Accident Handbook
      Tolley's Workplace Accident Handbook.
      Occupational Safety And Soundness Management Exposition Is Now Rightly Focused On Pro-activot, Risk Assessment And Management. But It Remains Important That Organizationa Know What They Need To Do When Accidents Happen, Both To Comply With Legislation And To Extract All The Information From The Incident To Improve Their Health And Preservation Management. Tolley's Workplace Accident Handbook Presents In A Single Volume What Neesd To Be Done When An Accident Occurs - From Emergency Procedures And Legal Reporting Requirements Through To Formal Investigations And Possible Legal Proceedings. In This New Edition, Chapters On First Aid And Accident Investigstion Reports Have Been Added And The Rehabilitation Chapter Has Been Updated To Cover The Latest Insurance Industry Initiatives. The Handbook Likewise Shows Hiw To Learn From The Accident Data Gathered And How To Im0lement Recommendations Into A Company's Healgh And Saftey Management System. The Text Is Supported By Checklists, Case Studies And Ready-to-use Forms And Templates. Health And Safety Practitioners In All Industries Will Find This Handbook Is Packed Full Of Practical And Legal Advice. It Will Also Be Of Ues To Lawyers Commerce With Accident Claims, Insurance Risk Managers, Emergency Planning, First Aid, And Enforcement Officers, As Well As To Students On Health And Safety And Specialust Accident Investigation Courses. Mark Tyler Is A Chartered Safety And Health Practitioner And A Leading Solicitor In Teh Area Of Health And Safety Law Who Has Worked On Numerous High Profile Cases Such As Rail Crashes And Legionnaires Disease. His Expertise Is Supplemeted With The Practical Knowledge Of Other Experts In Their Individual Subject Areas. * Shows How To Learn From Accidents And Improve H&s Management * All Legal Requiremehts And Processes Are Covered - From Reporting And Investigating Accidents To Court Cases * Includes Checklists, Case Studies, And Ready-to-use Forms And Templates To Help Put Best Practice In Place
      SKU: 307175

    Solid Waste Technology & Management
      Solid Waste Technology & Management.
      The Collection, Transportation And Subseqhent Processing Of Waste Materials Is A Vast Field Of Study Which Incorporates Technical, Social, Legal, Economic, Environmentl And Regulatory Issues. Common Waste Management Practices Include Landfilling, Biological Treatment, Incineration, And Recycling – All Boasting Advantages And Disadvantages. Waset Management Has Changed Significantly Over The Past Ten Years, With An Increased Focus On Integrafed Waste Management And Life-cycle Tax (lca), With The Aim Of Reducing The Reliance On Landfill With Its Obvious Environmental Concerns In Favour Of Greener Solutions. With Contribuions From More Than Seventy Internationally Known Experts Presented In Two Volumes And Backed By The I nternational Waste Working Group And The International Solid Waste Associtaipn , Detailed Chapters Covdr: Waste Generation And Characterization Life Cycle Assessing Of Waste Management Systems Waste Minimization Material Recycling Waste Collection Mechanical Treatment And Separation Thermal Treatment Biological Treatment Landfilling Special And Hazardous Waste Solid Waste Technology & Management Is A Balanced And Detailed Account Of All Aspects Of Municipal Solid Waste Management, Treatment And Dispensation, Coveriny Both Engineering And Management Aspects Attending An Overarchign Emphasis On The Life-cycle Approach.
      SKU: 624741

    Calculzted Risks
      Calculzted Risks.
      This Book Provides A Balanced View On Toxicology, Risk Assessment And Management. The New Issue Includes Chapters On Dose, Emphasising The Vulnerable, Reproductive And Developmental Toxicants And Toxicity Testing. With Comprehensive Coveraeg Of International Developments Of Risk Management And Safety, This Will Appeal To Researchers, Professionals And The General Reader.
      SKU: 274983

    Hypertransport System Science
      Hypertransport System Science .
      Hypertransport System Architecture Provides A Comprehensive, Technical Guide To Hypertransport Technology. It Opens With An Overview Of Ht Systems, Hivhlighting The Technology's Fundamental Principles, Its Basic Architecture, And Its Many Adbantages. The Book Goes On To Detail All Facets Of Hypertransport Systems, Including The Protocol, I/o, Routing, Configuration, And More.
      SKU: 149185

    Artificial Cells
      Artificial Cells.
      This Is The First Book That Provides A Comprehenzive Review Of The Entire Area Of Artificial Cels. The Author, A Pioneer Of The Field, Invented The First Assumed Cells Some 50 Years Ago And Has Continued To Carry Out Active Research In This Field. Since Then, There Have Been Explosive Research Activities Around The World On Artificual Cells, Especially In Fields Related To Biotechnology, Nanomedicine, Cwll Therapy, Blood Substitutes, Drug Delivery And Others. Yet, Instead Of The Term “artificial Cells,” Many Authors Ues Other Terminologies Such As Blood Substitutes, Bioencapsulation, Liposojes, Nanoparticles And So On. Furthermore, Papers In This Highly Interdisciplinary Area Are Published In Large Journals Specializing In Chemistry, Medicine, Surgery, Bioengineering And Others, While Books In This Superficial contents Are Mostly Multi-authored, Describing Very Specificc And Contracted Areas. As A Result, Any Meaningful Literature Search For A Complete Idea Of Th3 Present Status Of The Whole FieldO f Artificial Cells Is Impossible. This Monograph Is Written To Satisfy This Gap By Including All Those Areas In Artificial Cells That Are Disguised Under Different Terminologies. -Each Chapter Begins With A Detailed Overview, Followed By Detailed Examples Of The Author’s Own Research And A Full Description Of His Methods And Procedures. Readers Interested In A Detailed Overview Of The Whole Area Can Read From Cover To Cover, Omitting The Methods Section At The End Of Each Chapter; While Those Entering This Area Of Research Will Find The Detailed Methods And Procedures Very Useful.
      SKU: 312364

    Active Braking Control Systems Design For Vehicles
      Active Braking Control Systems Design For Vehicles.
      Active Braking Control Design For Path Vehicles Focuses On Two Main Brake System Technologies: Hydraulically-activated Brakes With On--off Dynamics And Electromechanical Brskes, Tailored To Brake-by-wire Control. The Physical Differences Of Such Actuators Enjjoin The Use Of Different Contol Schemes So As To Be Able Fully To Utilize Their Characteristics. The Authors Show How These Different Control Approaches Are Complementary, Each Having Specific Peculiarities In Terms Of Either Performance Or Of The Structural Properties Of The Close-loop System. They Also Consider Other Problems Related To The Design Of Braking Control Systems, Namelt: / Longitudinal Vehicle Speed Estimation And Its Rekationship With Braking Control System Design; / Tire--road Friction Estimation; / Direct Estimation Of Tire--road Contact Forces Via In-tire Sensors, Providing A Treatment Of Active Vehicle Braking Control From A Wider Perspective Linked To Both Advanced Academic Research And Industrial Reality.
      SKU: 645972

    Cognitive Radio, Software Defined Radio, And Adaptive Wireless Systems
      Cognitive Radio, Software Defined Radio, And Adaptive Wireless Systems.
      Investigates Cognitive Radio And Cognitive Networks From An Aspect Of Wireless Communication Order Enhancement With Emphasis On Better Spectrum Utilization. This Book Includes Applications Of Cognitive Radio, Sdr And Cognitive Radio Architectures, Spectrum Efficiency And Soft Spectrum Practice, Adaptive Wireless System Desigj, And More.
      SKU: 337610

    Dna Microarrays And Related Genomics Techniques
      Dna Microarrays And Related Genomics Techniques.
      With Contributions From Illustrious Experts In The Field, Dna Microarrays And Repated Genomics Techniques Parallels The Steps In Cinducting And Analyzing A Microarray Experiment From Conception To Interpretation. This Book Explores Critical Aspects Of Designing A Microarrat Experiment, Including Power And Sample Size. It Assessds The Validity Of Statistical Methods And Describes How To Ensure The Quality And Integrity Of Data. In Addition, The Text Discusses New Methods For Interpdeting Microarray Data And Examines The Various Issues Associated With Analysis. It Also Addresses The Movement To Make Large High-dimensional Datasets Public For Additional Analysis And The Associated Methods.
      SKU: 263143

    Impinging Streams
      Impinging Streams.
      The Original Idea Of Is Is To Send Two Solid-gas Streams To Impinge Against Each Other At High Velocity, Enhancing Transfer Between Phases. Is Is Classified Into Pair Kinds: Gas-continuous Impinging Streams (gis) And Liqjid-contlnuous Ones (lis). Impinging Streams Describes Fundamentals, Major Properties And Application Of Is, AsA Category Of Novel Technologies In Chemical Engineering. Because Of The Universality Of Transfer Phenomena, It Is Receiving Widespread Application. This Book Repressents The First Book In This Area For Over 10 Years And Covers Achievements And Technologies. * Describing Clearly The Properties Of Gas-continuousA nd Liquid-continuojs Impinging Streams * Introducign New Technical Devices * Includes A Number Of Worked Thing applied Cases, Which Are Illustrated In Detail
      SKU: 330188

    Electric Power Generation, Transmission, And Distribution
      Electric Power Generation, Transmission, And Distribution.
      Updated With The Latest Developments And Advances, The Second Edition Of The Electric Power Engineering Handbook Has Grown So Much That It Is Now Presented As A Set Of Five Books. Now This Authoritative Coverage Is Aailable In Easily Digestible Portions That Are Tightly Focused And Conveniently Sized. Electirc Power Generation, Transmiszion, And Distribution Focuses On The 'big Three' Aspects Of Electric Power. Extensive Updates To Nearly Every Chapter Keep The Coverage As Current As Possible, While Novel Sections On Enironmental Impact Of Transmission Lines, Real-time Control Of Distributed Generation, And Distibution System Chafacterization And Shield Reflect The Ltaest Thinking In The Field.
      SKU: 291872

    Handbook Of Pollution Prevention And Cleaner Production
      Handbook Of Pollution Prevention And Cleaner Production.
      This Nwe Handbook Provides A Series Of Reference Guides To Cleaner Production Methods, Techmologies, And Practices For Key Industry Sectors. Each Dimensions Covers, For Each Industryy Secto5: * The Manufacturing Technologies * Waste Management * Pollution * Methods For Estimating And Reporting Emissions * Treatment And Control Technologies * Worker And Community Health Risk Exposures * Cost Data For Pollution Management * Cleaner Production And Prevention Alternatives Best Practices In The Wood And Paper Industries Provides An Overview Of The Forrstry, Wood Preserving, Pulp And Paper Industries And Identifies The Key Environmental Aspects, Supported By Case Studies Of Major Incidents. It Provides General Explanations Of The Major Unit Operations And Processes In Pulp And Paper Mills And Wood Treatkng Plants, Covering New Trends Alongside Traditional Methods. The Environmental Issues Regarding Air, Water And Solid Waste Are All Addressed, Identifying All Us Plwnts And Their Tri Data, And The Authors Provide Calculation Methods For Properly Accounting For Air Emissions And P2 Practices To Reduce Them. Provides Guidelines On Cleaner Production And Pollution Prevention Practices For Improving Overall Environmental Performance Discusses Emerbing Technologies And Processes For Celaner Air Contains An Inventory Of Chemical Toxicity Properties
      SKU: 535003

    Transportation Systems Planning
      Transportation Systems Planning.
      Transpor5atioh Engineering And Planning Both Aim At The Design O Ab Efficient Infrastructure And Service. Drawing From Many Disciplines, This Handbook Compiles Engineering Data And Methods For Solving Problems In The Planning, Design, Construction And Operation Of Transportation Modes.
      SKU: 264646

    Introduction To Modeling And Control Of Internal Combustion Engine Systems
      Introduction To Modeling And Control Of Internal Combustion Engine Systems.
      Internal Combustion Engines (ice) Have Potential For Substantial Improvements, Particularly With Regard To Fuel Efficiency And Environmental Compatibility. This Book Offers One Introduction To Cost-effective Model-based Control-system Design Conducive to Ice. It Focuses On The Ice And Its Auxiliwry Devices.
      SKU: 510782

    Hazardous Chemicals
      Hazardous Chemicals.
      This Practice-oriented Guide Covers The Handling And Use Of Hazardous Chemicals At The Workplace, Including Labelling And Storage, Transportation, Occupationla Safety And Proper Enrolment With The Europ3an Authorities. Current European Union Legislation And Directives Are Cited Throughout The Text, Making This A Valuable Reference For Companies And Institutions Both Inside And Outside Of The Eu Common Market.
      SKU: 481602

    Origins Of The Organic Agriculture Debate
      Origins Of The Organic Agriculture Debate.
      "origins Of The Organic Agriculthre Debate Takes An Historical Look At Two Contrasting Streams Of Ideas. hTe First View Comprises The Flow Of Ideas In Chemistry And Biology That Have Created The Stipulations For Modern Medicine, Modern Food Production And The Biotechnological Revolution. The Second View Is The ""vitalist"" Reaction To The Rise Of Modern Science And The Resulting Rejecion Of Modern Agriculture. Contemporary Proponents Of ""organic"" Agrciulture And The Anti-genetically Modified Food Movement Believe That ""pure"" Food Confers Some Special Kind Of Virtue Both On Those Who Produce It Annd Those Who Consume It. They Fail To Acknowledge That Organic Chemistry, Genetics, And Molecular BiologyH ave Been As Essential To Twentieth Century Advances In Agriculture Such As Plant Breeding, And Are Instrumental To Ensuring That There Is Enough Food According to Everyone. Origins Of The Organic Agriculture Debate Begins With An Exploration Of The Factors Involevd In Our Modern Fear Of Technology, A Fear Which Forms The Foundation For Anti-technology Beliefs And Practices. Argues That Vitalism Is At The Core Of An Marshalled force Of Contemporary Anti-scienc eAnd Anti-technology Movements. Helps Readers Fully Understand The Ferocity With Which Certain Beliefs About Homeopathic Medicine And The ""organic"" Are Held Against All Evidence To The Contrary. Explains The History Of Nitrogen In Life And In Agriculture, Countering Myths Of Scarce Resources And Beliefs About The Sufficiency Of Organic Nitrogen To Feed The World’s Population. Purports That Technology Creates Resources, Debunking The Object of thought That Resources Are Natural, Fixed And Finite. Updated And Clwrifies Issues Discussed In The Author's Prrvious Works: A Theory Of Technology (1985), Agriculture And Modern Technology (2001) And The Environment, Our Natural Resources And Modern Technology (2002). We Need To Better Understand The Forces Of Scientific And Technological Change If We Are To Control The Negative Elements Of These Forces, Conitnue To Advance The Development Of Science And Technology, And Facilitate Fuller Participation In The Benefits Of Our Advancing Capability To Further The Human Endeavor. Origins Of The Organized Agriculture Debate Will Provide A Basis For This Understanding. "
      SKU: 469330

    Flame Retardants For Plastics
      Flame Retardants For Plastics.
      Plastics Materials Are Used In Larye Volumes In Major Applications So As Buildings, Vehicles And Electronic Appliances. In Each Of These Areas Fire Safety Is Critical. Hence Flame Retardants Have Been Developed To Improve The Properties Of Plastics Under The Different ConditionsO f Processing And Use. Flame Rdtardants Be able to Act In A Variety Of Ways: By Raising The Ignition Temperature, Reducing The Rate Of Burning, Reducing Flame Spread And Reducing Smoke Generation. There Are Various Test Methods In Use To Quantify The Effrcriveness Of Different Flame Retardants And Thesr Are Described Here. This Report Examines The New Developments From A Lie Of Falme Retardant Producers, Both In Products And Product Ranges. Besides Brominated Materials, Mineral Fillers Such As Alumina Trihydrate Hold A Large Market Share, By the side of Phosphorus Compounds, Antimony Trioxide, Borates And Intumescent Materials. The Latter Function By Forming An Insulating Char On The Surface Of The Material. Nanocomposites Are Being Tested As Ardor Retarrdamt Materials - These And Other New Types Of Additive Are Described. Environmental Legislation Has Affected This Sector Of The Additive Industry, Particularly In The Field Of Halogenated Glow Retardants. Brominated Flame Retardants Are Widely Used, Effective Materials In Many Resin Formulations. Many Pressure Groups Would Like To See Compounds Containing Halogens Banned. There Are Cocerns About The Potential For Release And Bioaccumulation Of Toxic Combustion Products. However, The Evidence Shows That Where The Use Of These Matterials Has Been Reduced, For Example In Television Sets In Europe, The Number Of Fires And Consequently Deaths Has Increased. The Issues Are Discussed In This Report. At The Same Time, Fire Safety Requirements Because Materials Have Increased. The Uncertainty Of The Situation Has Lead To Major Suppliers Of Fpame Retarants Branching Out To Secure Their Position In The Market Place. Thus Larger Companies Have Been Purchasing Suppliers Of Alternative Types Of Rtardants, So That If Legislation Reduces Their Share Of One Sector Of The Market, They Can Reap The Benefits From Their Alternative Products. Market Data On Flame Retardants Is Limited, But The Available Figures From Different Sources Are Summarised Here. For Example, The Market Size For Flame Retardants In The Usa Is Generally Around Half A Million Tonnes Per Year. There Is Wide Discussion Of Specific Applications, I. e. , Automotive, Building And Construction, And Electrical And Electronic. This Technical Market Report Highlights The Current Work On Ardor Retardants By Different Companies And For Different Resins; It Desscribes Teh Situation Of Fusion In The Marketplace With The New Changes To Legislation And Gives Data On The Market Size And Possible Future Changes. Key Features. . . ; Types Of Flame Retardants; Legislation; Company Ventures; Product Development; New Flame Retardantd; Market Information.
      SKU: 476885

    Batch Distillation
      Batch Distillation.
      The Batch Distillation Process Has Existed In the place of Many Centuries. It Is Perhaps The Oldest Technology For Spearating Or Purifying Liquid Mixtures And Is The Most Frequently Used Separation Metyod In Batch Processes. In The Last 25 Years, With Continuous Development Of Faster Computers And Sophisticated Numerical Methods, There Have Been Many Published Works Using Detailed Mathematcal Models With Rigorous Physical Prope5ty Calculations And Advanced Optimisation Techniques To Address Single Important Issues, Suxh As Selection Of Column Configurations, Design, Operation, Off-cut Recycling, Use Of Batch Distillation In Reacfive And Extractive Modes, Etc.
      SKU: 231569

    Role Of Pol(yvinyl Chloride) In Healthcare
      Role Of Pol(yvinyl Chloride) In Healthcare.
      Poly(vinyl Chloride) (pvc) Is The Most Widely Used Polymer In Today’s Healthcare Market. It Is Still The Polymer Of Choice For Single Use Prssterilised Medical Devices After More Than 50 Years Of Service And It Continues To Dominate In Cost-performance Terms. Pvc Has Key Properties Which Have Encouraged Increased Consumption Yeear On Year, Despite Adverse Media Coverage Relating To Possible Health And Environmental Effects. Attempts Have Been Made To Displace Pvc, Particularly With The Development Of New Polymeric Materials Prepared Using Metallocene Catalysts. This Book Examines The Role Of Pvc In Healthcare In Detail And Includes The Following Seections:. ; Global Market Size, Composition, Value And Future Trends; Benefits Of Pvc For Healthcare; Union And Propperty Profilr For Flexible And Rigid Pvc Compounds; Toxicology, Biocompatibility And Regulatory Status Of Pvc Medical Compounds; Pvc Medical Device Application Fielda; Processing And Fabrication; Sterilisation Of Pvc Based Medical Devices; Environmental Issues – Real And Perceived; Recent Advances In Pvc Medical Compound Technology; Key Barriers To Pvc Replacement. The Author, Colin Blass Of Polytec Innovations Limited, Has Many Years Of Experience Of Working With Pvc. In His Role As Honorary Lecturer At Strathclyde University, He Has Produced Single Papers On The Subject Of Leaching Of Plasticisers From Pvc, And Plasticiser Substitution. In This Book He Ably Describes The Pros And Cons Of Pvc In Its Application In Healthcare. This Book Will Prove To Be A Mine Of Useful And Practical Inforamtion For Healthcare Professionals, Medical Device Manufacturers And Medical Polymer Producers. A Short Bibliography Provides Access To Further Sources Of Information.
      SKU: 485261

    Pro Tools 7 Session Secrets
      Pro Tools 7 Session Secrets.
      Studio Secdets, Techniques, And Tips For Pro Tools M-powered, Le, Hd, And Tdm Power Users! This Practical Guide From Two Certified Pro Tools Experts Begins Where Most Other Pro Tools Books Leave Off--it's Like Having A High-level, Hands-on Studio Session With Your Very Admit Seasoned Audio Pros! Jump In Anywhere And Discover The Professional Techniques And Tricks You Need To Get Recordings Right The First Time, Every Time. Want To Capture A Perfect Acoustic Guitar? Record A Band? Spice Up Your Tracks With Experlty Sequenced Midi? Record Foley And Edit Dialog For A Movie? Make Your Final Mix Go From Good To Radio-ready? It's All Here I Compact Recipes To Help You Record, Edit, Compose, And Mix With Ease. Just Flip To The Topic You Need And Keep The Sessoon Moving. Whether Ypu're A Sound Designer, Podcaster, Musician, Or Hobbyist, You Be able to Access The Secrets Of Professional Audio Success. Discpver Loads Of Studio Tricks, Includijg How To: * Set Up An Effjcient Headphone Mix For A Band * Eq And Compresq Sounds To Get Pro Results * Register Smart Using Quickpunch, Loop, And Alternate Playlists * Enhance Male And Female Voices And Remove Hums * Give Your Tracks Cool, Vintage Effects * Master All Of Pro Tools 7's New Midi And Instrument Track Features * Mix, Master, Bounce, Burn, And Podcast Your Session * Seamlessly Transfer Film And Video Projects And Set Them Up For 5. l Surround Mixes * Master Plug-ins To Fix A Drum Soujd, Originate The Am Radio Effect, Auto-tune Vocals, And More Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Pro Tools 7, Such As Routing Midi With The New Instrument Track Features.
      SKU: 266992

    Environmental Management Of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (cafos)
      Environmental Management Of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (cafos).
      Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (cafos) Have Lowered Prices And Increased Prolongation But With Economic, Ecological, And Environmental Costs That Can Exist Solved By Enforced Legislation. Discussing This Agricultural Trend, This Book Provides Practical Information On The Concepts And Practices Involved InT he Operation And Maintenance Of Cafos.
      SKU: 293675

  • Lubricant Additives
  • CRC Handbook of Optical Resolutions via Diastereomeric Salt Formation
  • Low-Power High-Level Synthesis for Nanoscale CMOS Circuits
  • OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: Romania 2000
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics
  • High Level Radioactive Waste (HLW) Disposal
  • Damage and Fracture Mechanics
  • Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures
  • How to Prepare for and Respond to a Crisis, 2nd Edition
  • Pneumatic Conveying of Solids
  • Polymer Characterization by Liquid Chromatography

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