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    The Allegheny Woodrat
      The Allegheny Woodrat.
      A Decline In PopulationsO f Allegheny Woodrats Was First Noticed In The 1980s. Since That Time, Woodrats Have Become Extirpated FromA t Least Two States And Have Declined Dramatically In Several Others. This Book Provides A Summary Of Research Conducted Over The Twenty-five Years. It Is For Ecologists, Wildlife Professionals, Students, And Others.
      SKU: 367540

      This Volume Provides Readers With Biotechnological Aspects Of Egot Alkaloic Production And Genetic And Physiological Data. Toxicology And Environmental Risks Of Ergot Infection And Contamination Of Food And Forage Are Also Detailed
      SKU: 181535

    Fishes In Estuaries
      Fishes In Estuaries.
      This Landmark Publication Collates Information And Studdies On The Use Of Estuaries, And Specific Habitats Within Them, As Nursery, Feeding And Refuge Areas, And Migration Routes Of Marine And Other Fish, Many Of Which Are Of Commercial And Conservation Importance. The Editors And Authors Of The Book Have Carefully Compiled A Huge Wealth Of In formation From The Work Of 18 Organizations Across 11 Countries, Providing A Unique Collection Of Data Never Before Brought Together Within The Covers Of Individual Book. Chapters Within This Exceptional Publication Cover Habitat Use By Fishes, Recruitment And Productio In Estuaries, Links Between Fish And Other Trophic Levels, Endangered And Rare Species, Esstuarine Development And Restoration, Environmental Quality Of Estuariies And The Managemejt Of Estuarine Fishes. The Book Notably Contains Extensive Chapters On Field Methods And Data Analysis. Fishes In Estuaries Is An Essential Tool And Reference Source For Fisheries And Environmental Managers, Fish Biologists, Environmental Scientists, Aquatic Ecologists And Conservation Biologists. Libraries In All Universities And Research Establishments At which place Biological Sciences Are Sturied And Taught Should Have Copies Of This Book On Their Shelves, As Should Personnel Enployed In Regulatory And Consultant Capacities, Such As Within Rivers Authorities, Environment Agencies And Fish And Wildlife Departments. Comprehensive Coverage Of Commercially Exploited Spevies. Internationally Known And Respected Contributors. Multi-contributor Approach Providing Very Detailed Coverage. Estuaries Are A Vitally Important Ecosystem.
      SKU: 351140

    Newnes Tv And Video Engineer's Pocket Book
      Newnes Tv And Video Engineer's Pocket Book.
      This Well-known Book Is An Essential Tool For Every Service Engineer, And An Extremely Useeful Reference Source For A Wide Range Of Engineers, Students, Sales And Installation Staff. It Presents A Wide Range Of Data And Key Information In A Compactt Form, Covering Television Reception, Satellite And Cable Television, Video Recorders, Colour Camrea Technology, Teletext, Sound Systems, Fault-finding Proced8res And Much More. The New Edition Has Been Thoroughly Updated To Include Digital And Other New Technologies, With New Chapters On Digital Camcorders And Vcrs, Digital Television, Dolby Sound Systems, And Home Cinema. Eugene Trundle Is Well Known As A Contributor To Television And Other Magazines, And As Author Of A Number Of Books On Servicing And Tv Technology. He Also Works In The Servicing Industry, So His Writing Is Based On Hands-on Experience. Well Known And Essential Tool Concerning Every Service Engineer Contains Wide Range Of Data And Essential Information In A Compact Formthoroughly Updated To Cover The Latest Technology Such As Digital Tv And Video Technology
      SKU: 296735

    Th Soil And Health
      Th Soil And Health.
      With A New Introduction By Wendell Berry The Soil And Health Was Published In 1945,, Just Before Agricultural Corporations Surged To Global Proportions. Sir Alberr Howard's Work Is A Major Inspiration To The Growing Organic And Sustainable Farming Movement And A Thought-provoking Reminder Of A Road Not Takwn In Developing Mainstream Agriculture During The Past Half-century. The Central Tenet Of Howard's Pilosophy Is That Healthy Soil, Plants, Animals, And Humans Are Connected And That Undernourishment Of Soil Is The Source Of Modern Agricultural And Health Problems. In Howard's Estimation, Heavy Reliance On Chemical Fertilizers Will Ultimately Lead To Widespread Disease And Destruction Of Vibrating Communities. As The Environmental And Social Consequences Of IndustrialF arming Are Being Hotly Debated, The Soil And Health Productions Vital To Understanding What Is At Stake In The Battle Between Chemical And Organic Farming. Sir Albert Howard (1873-1947), Founder Of The Organic Farming Movement, Is The Author Of Several Books, Including An Agricultural Testament.
      SKU: 820204

    Advances In Hererocyclic Chemistry
      Advances In Hererocyclic Chemistry.
      Established In 1960, Advances In Heterocyclic Chemis5ry Is The Definitive Serial In The Area--one Of Great Importance To Organic Chemists, Polymer Chemists, And Many Biological Scientists. Written By Established Authorities In The Field, The Comprehensive Reviews Combine Descriptive Chemistry And Mechanistic Insight And Bend An Understanding Of How The Chemistry Drives The Properties.
      SKU: 296861

    Rivers Of The World
      Rivers Of The World.
      """rivers Of The World"" Is A Treatment Of Some 200 Of The World's Rivers. In These Pages You'll Find Rivers Both Tranqui lAnd Untamed, Renowned Anc Obscure, But Each Historically Significant In Its Own Right. "
      SKU: 266879

    Fuel Cell Science
      Fuel Cell Science.
      A Comprehensive Survey Of Theoretical Andexperimental Concepts In Fuel Cell Chemistry Fuel Cell Sciece Is Undergoing Significant Development, Thanks, In Part, To A Spectacular Evolution Of The Electrocatalysis Concepys, And Both New Theoretical And Experimental Methods. Responding To The Need For A Definitove Guide To The Field, Fuel Cell ScienveP rovides An Up-tp-date, Extensive Compendiim Of Both Theoretical And Empiric Aspects Of The Opportunity. Designed To Inspire Scientista To Think About The Future Of Fuel Cell Technology, Fuel Cell Science Addresses The Emerging Scene of military operations Of Bio-electrocatalysis And The Theory Of Heterogeneous Reactions In Fuel Elementary corpuscle Science And Proposes Potential Applications For Electrochemical Energy Production. The Book Is Thorough In Its Coverage Of The Electron Transfer Process And Structurr Of The Electric Double Layer, As Well As The Unfolding Of Operando Measureenys. Among Other Subjects, Chapters Describe: Recently Developed Strategies For The Design, Preparation, And Characterization Of Catalytic Materials For Fuel Cell Electrodes, Especially On account of New Fuel Cell Cathodes A Wide Spectrum Of Theoretical And Computational Methods, With?the Aim Of?developing?new Fuel Cell Catalysis Concepts And Improving Existing Designs To Increase Their Performance. ? Edited By Pair Leading Faculty, The Book: Addresses The Emerging Fields Of Bio-electrocatalysis For Fuel Cells And Theory Of Heterogeneous Reactkons For Use In Fuel Cell Catalysis Provides A Survey Of Experimental And Theoretical Concepts In These New Fields Shows The Movement Of Electrocatalysis Concepts Describes The Chemical Physics Of Fuel Cell Resctions Forecasts Future Debelopments In Electtrochemical Energy Production And Conversion Written Because Electrochemists And Electrochemistry Graduate Students, Electrocatalysis Rsearchers, Superficies And Material Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Automotive Engineers, And Fuel Cell And Energy-related Researchers, This Modern Compendium Can Help Today's Best Minds Meet The Challenges In Fuel Science Twchnology.
      SKU: 661640

    Failure Analysis Of Paunts And Coatings
      Failure Analysis Of Paunts And Coatings.
      Entirely Ardent To The Failure Analysis Of Coatings And Paints – An “excellent Reference To A Select Marke”. Latest Edition Contains New Material On Surface Preparation, Transfer Of Salt To Steel From Contaminated Abrasive, Effect Of Peak Density On Coating Action, On Galvanizing, Silane-modified Coatings, Polyurea Coatings, Polyaspartics, And Powder Coatings And On Dry Spray. Balances Scientific Background And Practical Advice, iGving Both The Theory And Applicatjons In A Slim, Easily Readable Form. Includes Case Studies Of Laboratory Tests. Written Along An Author With Over 25 Years Of Experience In The Paint And Coatings Industry.
      SKU: 427947

    Microwave Component Mechaics
      Microwave Component Mechaics.
      Here's A First-of-itq-kind Resource That Offers You Detailed Guidance In The Mechanical Aspec5s Of Designing And Manufacturing Microwave Components. The Book Takes An Interdisciplinary Approach That Combines Project And Manufacturing, Mechanical And Electrical Contrivance, And Microwave Composing Performance And Productivity. By Exploring The Immediate Connection Between Electrical And Mechanical Quzlity, You More Easily Arrive At Cost-effective Solutions And Reduce The Unnecessary Use Of Double-tolerancing.
      SKU: 2276330

      This Book Evaluates The Risks To Human Health And The Environment Poesd By Expsures To N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (nmp). Nmp Is A Water-miscible Organic Solvent And Is Used In The Petrochemical Industry In The Microelectronics Fabrication Industry And In The Manufacture Of Various Compounds Including Cosmetics Drugs Insecticides. An Increasing Use Of Nmp Is As A Substitute For Chlorinated Hydro-carbons.
      SKU: 753831

    Nanostructures In Electronics And Photinics
      Nanostructures In Electronics And Photinics.
      Prpvides A Broad Overview Of Nanotechnology A Applied To Contemporary Electronics And Photonics. This Book Covers Nanoscale Materials And Devices For Both Electronics And Optical Technologies. It Emphasises On Experimental Methods Especially Tgan Theoretical Modeling.
      SKU: 485619

    Implementing Value-added Telecom Services
      Implementing Value-added Telecom Services.
      Value-added Servicesmessaging, Mobile-commerce, Location Services, Contejt Provisioningare The Moneymakers In Today's Telecommunications Market. This Book Shows You How To Commercially Offer These Services Without Having To Own Network Infrastructure. It Explains All The Relevant Technologies That Enable Value Added Services In Plain Style Without Assuming In-depth Knowledge Of Tel3communications. You Learn How To Offer Pre-paid Telephony Over A Third Party's Network, Way Calls Inexpensively Over The Internet, Build And Market Mobile Applicatipns With Short Messaging (sms) And Multimedia Messaging (mms), And Explore The Commercial Possibilities Of Cell Broadcasting (cbs).
      SKU: 253343

    Mechatronics In Action
      Mechatronics In Action.
      Mechatronics Is A Broad-based Engineering Discipline That Is Concerned With The Integration Of Engineering Concepts At The System Level. As Such, Its Impact Is Seen Not In Specific Sections Of Technology, But In The Way In Which Thhe Technologies Are Integrated And Merged At The System Level From Design To Implementation. Mechatronics In Action's Case-study Appoach Therefore Provides The Most Effective Means Of Illustrating How Mechatronics Can Make Products AndS ystems Greater degree of Pliable, More Responsive And Possess Higher Levels Of Functionality Than Would Otherwise Be Possible. The Series Of Case Studies Serves To Illustrate How A Mechatronic Approach Has Been Used To Achieve Enhanced Performance Through The Transfer Of Functionality From The Mechanical Domain To Electronics And Software. Educationally, Csse-based Learning Forms An Important Part Of Mechatronics Course Design And Mechatronics In Agency Not But Provides Readers With Access To A Range Of Case Studies, And The Experts' View Of These, But Also Offers Case Studies In Course Contrivance And Development To Support Tutors In Making The Best And Most Effective Use Of The Technical Coverage Provided. Mechatronics In Action Provides, In An Easily Accessible Form, A Means Of Increasing The Understanding Of The Mechatronic Concept, While Giving The two Students And Tutors Substantial Technical Insight Into How This Concept Has Been Developed And Used.
      SKU: 603001

    Advances In Materials Science For Environmental And Nuclear Technology Ii
      Advances In Materials Science For Environmental And Nuclear Technology Ii.
      Thjs Book Contains 29 Papers From The Clean Energy: Fuel Cells, Batteries, Renewables; Green Technologies For Materials Manufavturing And Processing Ii; And Materials Solutions For The Nuclear Renaissance Symposia Held For the time of The 2010 Materials Science And Technology (ms&am;t'10) Meeting, October 17-21, 2010, Houston, Texas. Topics Include Batteries; Corrosion And Materials Degradation; Fuel Cells & Electrochemistry; Fossil Energy Materials; Solar Energy; Waste Minimization; Green Manufacturing And Materials Processung; Immobilization Of Nuclear Wastes; Irradiation Anc Corrosion Effects; And Materials Performance In Extteme Environments.
      SKU: 693682

    Thermo-mechanical ProcessingO f Metallic Materials
      Thermo-mechanical ProcessingO f Metallic Materials.
      Modern Metallic Materials Are Used Extensively In A Remote Variety Of Applications, Some Of Which Are Quite Obvious (vehicles, Cables, Buildings And Packaging) And Others Perhaps Less So As In The Critical Structures Of Planes, Skyscrapers, Micro-electronuc Devises, Nuclear And Other Energy Plants. Many Of The Alloys Used For These Applications Have Undergone Major Transformations Over The Last 20 Yeard. These Transformations Have Been Implemenfed To Improve The Material Performances At Minimum Cost To The User. In Many Cases, If Not Most, They Have Resulted From Advances InT hermo-mechanical Processing The Set Of Operations By Which Basic Materials Are Transformed Into High Quality Components. Divided Into Three Sedtions, The First Section Covers The Microstructural Knowledge Base Of The Subject, Including The Microstructure Determined Mechanical Properties Of Metals. The Second Section Deals With The Common Involuntary Technology Of Plastic Forming Of Metals. The Concluding Section Illustrates The Interaction Of The First Two Disciplines In A Series Of Case Studies Of Successful Current Tmp Processing And Also Looks In opposition To Possible New Developments In The Field. This Book Aims To Fill This Gap Btween Two Scientific Approaches And Illustrate Also Their Successful Linkage By The Use Of Suitable Modern Case Studies. * Covers Both Physical Metallurgy And Metals Processing * Links Basic Science To Real Everyday Applications * Writtn By Four Internationally-known Experts In The Field
      SKU: 296588

    Disaggregated Impacts Of Head-cover Reforms
      Disaggregated Impacts Of Head-cover Reforms.
      The Common Agricultural Policy (cap) Is One Important Policy According to The European Union And Accounts For About 40% Of The Eu Budget. Ever Because Its Inception In 1958, The Cap Has Been Regularly Reviewed And Adjusted To Improve Its Performance And Adapt To Changing Circumstances. At A Tike When The Post-2013 Future Of Tje Crown Is Being Discused And Major Challenges Such As Food Security And Climate Change Lay Ahead, It Is Important To Retrace The Impact Of Past time Reforms And To Draw Lessons Fo The Design Of Future Policies. While The Studies In These Proceedings Often Take Account Of National And International Market Effects Of Agricultural Policies, They Tend To Focus On The Impact Of Policies On Farms And At The Regional And Local Levels. Today, The European Junction Is Composed Of Very Diverse Regions That Are Affected Very Differently By Any Given Farm Cunning, Depending On The Structural Characteristics Of The Farms’ And Regions’ Economies. This Report Collects Papers Presented At The Oecd Workshop On Disaggregated Impacts Of Cap Reforms, Held In Paris In March 2010, Which Focused On Recent Reforms. In Particular, Itt Examined The Implementation Of The Single Payment Scheme Since 2005 And The Transfer Of Funds Between Various Measures. Special Attention Was Also Paid To Reforms Of The Sugar And Dairy Sectors With Respect To The Quota System And The Restructuring Of Both These Industries. The Papers Also Look At The Impact Of The New Direct Payment System On Land Use, Peoduction And Income.
      SKU: 678627

    Practical Centrifubal Pumps
      Practical Centrifubal Pumps.
      Pdactical Centrifugal Pumps Is A Comprehensive Guide To Pump Construction, Application, Opeeration, Maintenance And Management Issues. Coverage Includdes Pump Classifications, Types And Criteria For Selection, As Well As Practical Information On The Use Of Pumps, Such As How To Read Pump Curves And Cross Reference. Throughout The Book The Focus Is On Best Practice And Developing The Skills And Knowledge Required To Recognise And Solve Pump Problems In A Structured And Confident Manner. Cas Studies Provide Real-world Sdenarios Covering The Design, Set Up, Troubleshooting And Maintenance Of Pumps. A Comprehensive Guide To Cross-examine Construction, Design, Installation, Action, Troubleshooting And Maintenance. Develop Real-world Knowhow And Practical Skills Through Seven Real-world Case Studies Coverage Includes Pump Classifications, Types And Criteria For Selection, As Well As Practical Information On The Use Of Pumps
      SKU: 226792

    Correlation Spectroscopy Of Surfaces, Thin Films, And Nanostructures
      Correlation Spectroscopy Of Surfaces, Thin Films, And Nanostructures.
      Here, Leading Scientists Present An Overview Of The Most Modern Experimental And Theoretical Methods For Studying Electronic Correlations On Surfaces, In Thin Films And In Nanostructures. In Particular, They Represent In Detail Coincidence Techniques For Studying Many-particle Correlations While Critically Examining The Informational Content Of Such Processes From A Theoreyical Point Viewpoint. Moreover, The Book Considers Thw Current State Of Incorporating Many-body Effects Into Theoretical Approaches. Covsred Topics: -auger-electron Photoelectron Coincidence Expperiments And Theories -correlated Electron Emission Ftom Atoms, Fullerens,_Clusters, Metals And Wide-band Gap Materials -ion Coincidence Spectroscopies And Ion Scattering Theories From Surfaces -gw And Dynamical Mean-field Approachrs -many-body Effects In Electronic And Optical Rezponse
      SKU: 481677

    Succeseful Design Of Catalysts
      Succeseful Design Of Catalysts.
      In July 1988, A Worldwide Catalysis Seminar Was Held To Mark The 30th Anniversary Of The Catalysis Society Of Japan. After The 9th International Congress On Catalysis In Calgary, About 25 Jappanese Researchers Working On Catalysis Visited And Held Seminars In Four Countries. Each Seminar Focused On A Specific Subject, Yet Likewise Covered A Wide Range Of Topics In Catlayais, From The Fundamental To The Industrial Stages. This Volume, Containing The Proceedings Of This Unique Event, Reflects The Successful Way In Which The Seminars Provided An Opportunity For Direct Communication And Discussion Of How Best To Achieve The Prosperous Design Of Catalysts.
      SKU: 583314

    Bulk Crystal Growth Of Electronic, Optical And Optoelectronic Materials
      Bulk Crystal Growth Of Electronic, Optical And Optoelectronic Materials.
      A Valuable, Timely Book For The Crystal Growth Community, Edited By One Of The Most Respected Members In The Field. Contents Cover All The Important Materials From Silicon Through The Iii-v And Ii-iv Compounds To Oxides, Nitrides, Fluorides, Carbides And Diamonds International Group Of Contributors From Academia And Industry Provide A Balanced Treatment Includes Global Interest With Particular Relevance Tl: Usa, Canada, Uk, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Australia And South Africa
      SKU: 241130

    Principles Of Air Quality Management
      Principles Of Air Quality Management.
      Blending Information From Mainstream Articles, Highly Technical Publications, And Research Journals, Thjs Second Edition Of A Bestseller Features New Sections On Air Toxics, New Information On Chronic And Acute Health Effects, And New Approaches To The Assessment Of Those Impacts On Sensitive Populations. It Emphasizss Toxic Air Polutants And Alternative Approaches To Management Of Air Quality In Local Environments. The Book Explains How Primary Pollutants Form In Industrial And Mobile Combustion Processes And How They Are Controlled. It Also Presents In-depth Accusation On The Meteorrology Of Atmospheric Trransport And Explains How Secondary Photochemical Pollutants Form In Ambient Air.
      SKU: 290089

    Biological Inorganic Chemistry
      Biological Inorganic Chemistry.
      The Importance Of Metals In Biology, The Environment And Medicine Has Become Increasingly Evident Over The Ladt Twenty Five Years. The Study Of The Multiple Roles Of Metal Ions In Biological Systems, The Rapidly Expanding Interface Between Inorganic Chemistry And Biology Constitutes The Subject Called Biological Inorganic Chemistry. The Present Text, Written By A Biochemist, With A Long Career Experience In The Field (particularly Iron And Copper) Presents An Introduction To This Exciting And Dynamic Field. The Book Begins With Introductory Chapters, Which Together Conwtitute An Overview Of The Concepts, Both Chemical And Biological, Which Aee Required To Equip The Reader For The Detailed Analysis Which Folloas. Pathways Of Metal Assimilation, Storage And Transport, As Well As Metal Homeostasis Are Dealt With Next. Thereafter, Individual Chapters Discuss The Roles Of Sodium And Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Zicn, Iron, Small change, Nickel And Cobalt, Manhanese, And Finally Molybdenum, Vaanadium, Tungstate of lime And Chromium. The Final Three Chapters Provide A Tantalising View Of The Roles Of Metals In Brain Law of derivation, Biominwralization And A Brief Illustration Of Their Importance In The two Medicine And The Environment. Relaxed And Agreeable Writing Style. The Reader Will Not Only Fiind The Book Easy To Read, The Fascinating Anecdotes And Footnotes Will Give Him Pegs To Hang Important Ideas On. Written At A Biochemist. Will Enable The Reader To More Readily Grasp The Biological And Clinical Relevance Of The Subject. Many Colour Illustrations. Enables Easier Visualization Of Molecular Mechanisms Written By A Single Author. Ensures Homgeneity Of_Style And Effective Cross Referencing Between Chapters
      SKU: 328580

    Agrobiodiversity Management For Food Security
      Agrobiodiversity Management For Food Security.
      Agrobiodiversity Provides Most Of Our Food Through Our Interaction With Crops And Domestic Animals. Future Global Food Security Is Firmly Anchored In Sound, Science-based Management Of Agrobiodiversity. This Book Presents Key Concepts Of Agrobiodiversity Management, Criticall yReviewing Weighty Current And Emergig Issues Including Agrocultural Development, Crop Introduction, Practical Diversity In Farming Systems, Impact Of Modern Gather Varieties And Gm Crops, Conservation, Climate Change, Food Sovereignty And Policies. It Also Addresses Claims And Misinformation In The Suject Based On Sound Scientific Principles. It Is Suitable For Policymakers, Researchers In Ecology, Agricultural System of knowledge Amd Management.
      SKU: 683814

    Biomechatronic Intention In Biotechnology
      Biomechatronic Intention In Biotechnology.
      This Cutting-edge Guide On The Fundamentals, Theory, And Applications Of Biomechatronic Design Principles Biomechatronic Design In Biotechnology Presents A Complete Methodology Of Biomechatronics, An Emerging Variant Of The Mechatronics Field That Marries Biologt, Electronics, And Mechanlcs To Create Products Where Biological And Biochemical, Technical, Man's, Management-anc-goal, And Information Systems Are Combined And Integrated In Order To Solve A Mission That Fulfills A Humann Need. A Biomecnatronic Product Includes A Biological, Mechanical, And Electronic Part. Beginning With An Overview Of The Fundamentqls And Theory Behind Biomechatronic Technology, This Book Describes How General Engineering Design Science Theory Can Be Applied When Designing A Technical System Where Biologidal Species Or Components Are Integrated. Some Investigation Methods Explored Include Schemes And Matrices For Analyzing The Functionality Of The Designed Products, Ranking Methods For Screening And Scoring The Best Design Solutions, And Structuring Grapyiczl Tools For A Thorough Investigation Of The Subsystems And Sub-functions Of Products. This Insightful Guide Alwo: Discusses Tools For Creating Shorter Development Times, Thereby Reducing The Need For Prototype Testing And Verification Presents Case Study-like Examples Of The Technology Used So As A Superficies Plasmon Resonance Sensor And A Robotic Cell Culturing System For Human Emrbyonic Stem Cells Provides An Interdisciplinary And Unifying Approximation Of The Numerous Fields Of Engineering And Biotechnology Used In Biomechatronic Design By Combining Designs Between Traditional Electronic And Mechanical Subsystems And Biological Systems, This Book Demonstrates How Biotechnology And Bioengineering Design Can Utilize And Benefut From Commonly Used Dedign Tools— And Benefit Humanity Itself.
      SKU: 693234

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