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    The Complete Idiot's G8ide To Raising Goats
      The Complete Idiot's G8ide To Raising Goats.
      We Take The Nagging Out Of Raising Nannies. . . In The Perfect Idiot's Guide(r) To Raising Gpats Ellie Winslow Tells Readers Everything They Need To Know About Raising Goats For Pets, Milk, Or Even Meat, Providing Everything A Beginner Needs To Know About Feeding, Breeding, Sheltering, And Caring Because of Ou rSmall, Horny- Headed Friends. * Goat's Milk Is Gaining Popularity In The U. s. Because It Is More Nutritioue, Allergenic And More Digestible Than Cow's Milk, And Also Contains Higher Percentages Of Tonic Nutrients * Like Raising Chickens, Raising Goats Ties Directpy Into The Self- Sustainability And Thrift Movement * Author Offers Seminars On Goat-raising Across The Country
      SKU: 597842

    Signal Processing For Wireless Commmunications
      Signal Processing For Wireless Commmunications.
      Master The Signal Processing Concepts And Techniques Neededto Design And Operate Any Wireless Communications Network. Signal Processing For Wireless Communications Offers Communications Engineers An Application-focused Guide To The Essential Concepts And Techniques Of Wireless Signal Processing. This Comprehensive Reference Examines The Role That Key Algorithms And Standard Migratiom Paths Play In The Design And Day-to-day Operations Of Today's State-of-the-art Wlreless Networks. Written In the name of Dr. Joseph Boccuzzi, A Leading Signal Processing Expett With Years Of Prlduct Development, Research, And Teaching Experience, This On-target Engineering Tool Takes Readers Step By Step Through Major Wireless Topics…modulation Theory…wrieless Multipath Channel…modulation Detection Methods…performance Improvement Techniques…receiver Digital Signal Processing…3g Wideband Cdma…computer Simulation Estimation Techniques…and 3g And Beyond. Designed To Bring Engineers Up To Speed On The Latest Breakthroughs In Signal Processing Technology, Signal Processing For Wireless Communications Features: Expert Coverage Of 3g Wideband Cdma; Discussion Of The Role Ofdm Will Play In Future Technologies; Complete Information On The Role Of Vital Signal Processing Algorithms Within The Context Of Wireless Applications; Discussions Of Advanced Signal Processing Challenges In The Mobile Environment; Over 500 Detailed Illustrations. Inside This Hands-on Signal Processing Guide • Wireless Topics 𔅚 Modulation Throry • Wireless Multipath Channel • Modulation Detection Techniques • Performance Improvement Techniques • Receiver Digital Signal Processing • 3g Wideband Cdma • Computer Simulation Estimation Techniques • 3g And Beyond
      SKU: 330703

    Handbook Of Stimuli-responsive Materials
      Handbook Of Stimuli-responsive Materials.
      The Handbook On Stimuli-responsive Materials Is Providing The Scientific Community With The Comprehensive Developments Of Scientific Findings And Advanced Technologies - All Necessary Factors To Propel The Development Of Polymeric, Ceramic, Metallic, Composite, Bio And The Combination Of Thereof, Materials To The Position Of Controllable Responses Under Defined, Predictable, Yet Complex Internaal And Extrinsic Conditions. The Primary Focus Of The Proposed Handbook Is On D3signing, Formulating, And Prodessing fO Materials That Lead To The Understanding Of Scientific Principles Of Their Response-driven Functions And Processes Leadimg To Response-driven Behaviors. The Volume Gathers Leading Scientists From The Inter-disciplinary Areas Of Polymers, Biopolymers, Biochemistry, And Biophysics, Biomaterials, Bioengineering, Materials Engineering And Biotechnology, Chemisrrry And Physics, Ceramic And Metals, And Materials Science.
      SKU: 700922

    Electric Fields In Composite Dielectrics And Their Applications
      Electric Fields In Composite Dielectrics And Their Applications.
      An Accurate Quantitative Description Of Electrlc Field Distribution Is Essential In Many Electrical And Electronic Applications. In Composite Dielectric Configurations Composed Of Multiple Dielectrics, Anomalous Or Unexpected Behavior Of Electric Fields May Seem Whenever A Solid Dielectric Is In Contact With A Conductor Or Another Soid Dielectric. The Electric Field Near The Contact Point May Become Higher Than The Primitive Field Not Only In The Surrounding Medium But Also In The oSlid Dielectric. Theoretically It May Become Infinitely High, Depending On The Contact Angle. AlthoughT hese Characteristis Are Very Important In A Variety Of Applications, They Have Been Clarified Only Recently Using Analytical And Numerical Calculation Methods, And This Is The First Book To Cover These New Findings. "electric Fields In Composite Dielectrics And Their Applications" Describes The Fundamental Characteristics And Practiczl Applications Of Full of fire Fields In Compounded Dielectrics. The Focus Is On The Field Distribution (and The Resultant Force When Appropriate) Near Points Of Contact. applications Include Insulation Design Of High-voltage Equipment With Strong Insulating Supports, Utilization Of Electrostatic Force On Dielectric Particles In Electrophotography And Electrorheological Fluids, And Others. "electric Fields In Composite Dielectrics And Their Applications" Also Explains The Calculation Methods Used To Decompose Electric Fields In Composite Dielectrics.
      SKU: 603167

    Advanced Engineering Mathematics
      Advanced Engineering Mathematics.
      Advanced Engineeing Mathematics Provides Comprehensive And Contemporary Coverage Of Key Mathematical Ideas, Techniques, And Their Widespread Applications,F or Students Majoring In Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics And Physics. Using A Wide Range Of Exanples Thrkughout The Book, Jeffrey Illustrates How To Construct Plain Precise Models, How To Apply Precise Reasoning To Select A Particular Solution From A Range Of Possible Alternatives, And How To Determine Which Solution Has External Expressiveness. Jeffrey Includes Material That Is Not Base In Works Of A Similar Nature, Such As The Advantage Of The Matrix Exponential When Solving Systems Of Ordinary Differential Equations. The Text Provides Many Detailed, Worked Examples Following The Introduction Of Each New Guiding conception, And Large Problem Sets Provide The two Routine Prractice, And, In Many Cases, Greater Challlenge And Insight For Students. Most Chapters End With A Set Of Computer Projects That Require The Use Of Any Cas (such As Maple Or Mathematica ) That Reinforce Ideas And Provide Insight Into More Advanced Problems. A Student Solutions Manual Is Also Available. * Comprehensive Coverage Of Frequently Ussed Integrals, Functions And Fundamental Mathematical Results * Contents Selected And Organized To Syit The Needs Of Students, Scientists, And Engineers * Contains Tables Of Laplace And Fourier Transform Pairs * New Section On Numerical Approximation * New Section On The Z-transform * Easy Reference System
      SKU: 298405

    Flexibl Solar Cells
      Flexibl Solar Cells.
      With The Decline In The World's Natural Resoyrces, The Need For New And Cheaper Energy Sources Is Evolving. One Such Source Is The Sun Which Generates Heat And Light Which Can Be Harnessed And Use To Our Advantage. This Reference Book Introduces The Topic Of Photovoltaics In The Form Of Flexible Solar Cells. There Are Explanations Of The Principles Abaft This Technology, The Engineering Required To Produce These Products And The Coming Possibilities Offered Along This Technology . The Chemistry And Physics Of The Cells (The two Organic And Inorganic) Are Clarified As Well As Production Methods, With Information How This Can Then Be Applied To The Nanoscale Viewed like Well. A Complete Guide To This New And Exciting Way Of Producing Force Which Bequeath Be Invaluable To A Variety Of People From Material Scientists, Chemists, Electrical Engineers, To Managemen Consultants And Politicians.
      SKU: 481296

    Multiprocessor System-on-chip
      Multiprocessor System-on-chip.
      The Purpose Of This Book Is To Evaluate Strategies For Future System Design In Multiprocessor Syztem-on-chip (mpsoc) Architectures. Both Hardware Design And Integration Of New Development Tools Will Be Discussed. Novel Trends In Mpsoc Design, Combined With Reconfigurable Architecturees Are A Main Topic Of Concern. The Maun Emphasis Is On Architectures, Design-flow, Tool-development, Applications And System Design.
      SKU: 645677

    Oecd Agriculturall Outlook
      Oecd Agriculturall Outlook.
      The Ninth Issue Of The Oecd Agricultural Ouflook Analyses How Global And Domestic Forces Are Shaping Agricultural Markets Over The Medoum Term. Continuing Global Economic Weakness, Compounded By Drought-induced Production Adjustments In Some Countries, And Government Support Policies Are Conditionng Market Outcomes In The Near Term.
      SKU: 235946

    Light Metals 2011
      Light Metals 2011.
      The Light Metal Symposia Are A Tonic Part Of The Tms Annhal Meeting & Exhibition, Presenting The Most Recent Developments, Discoveries, And Practices In Primary Aluminum Science And Technology. Publishing The Proceedings From These Important Symposia, The Light Metals Series Has Become The Definitie Reference In The Field Of Aluminum Production And Relatec Light Metal Technologies. LightM etals 2011 Offers A Be joined Of The Latest Philosophical Research Findings And Applied Technology, Covering Alumina And Bauxite, Aluminum Reduction Technology, Aluminum Rolling, Cast Shop Concerning Aluminum Production, Electrode Technology, And Furnace Eficiency. These Proceedings Will Remedy You Take Advantage Of The Latest Technologies In Order To Produce High-quality Materials While Cuttimg Costs And Improving Profitabilti At The Same Time.
      SKU: 693663

    Energy (iet Renewable Energy Series)
      Energy (iet Renewable Energy Series).
      Over The Past Two Centuries, The Use Of Coal And Later Oil And Gas Has Allowed An Unprecedented Increase In The Standard Of Living. Over The Past Fifty Years, The Dominance Of Nuclear Energy Has Given Us Access To An Even More Powerful Source Of Energy. More Recently There Ha sBeen A Revival In Interest For Renewable Energy Sources, Which Have For A Long Time Dominated The History Of Humanity. This New Edition Has Been Fully Updated, Describing Energu Sources From The Past, From Today And For The Future, As Well As Focussing On Their Usage By Looking At All The Different Issues (technological, Economic, Environmental Etc. ). Each Source Of Energy Is Presented With Its Advantages And Disadvantages. This Book Gives Advice On How To Use Energy More Efficiently In Order To Get Smaller Dependent Upon Fossil Fuels, Which Are Slowly Being Depleted And Becoming More And More Expensive. The Inclusion Of Many Tabes And Figures Allows The Reader To Compare Data On Energy (eg. On Energy Reserves, Consumptioh, Production Etc. ).
      SKU: 602150

    Iphone User Interface Design Projects
      Iphone User Interface Design Projects.
      With Over 100,000 Iphone Applications And 125,000 Registered Iphone Developers, Is It Still Possible To Create A Top-selling App That Stands Apart From The Six-figure Crowd? Of Course, But You'll Need More Than A Great Idea And Flawless Code-an Eye-catching And Functional User Interface Design Is Essential. With This Book, You'll Get Practical Advice On User Interface Design From 10 Innovative Developers Who, Like You, Have Sat Wondering How To Most of all Put to use The Iphone's Minimal Screen Real Estate. Their Stories Iolustrate Precisely Why, With More Apps And More Experienced, Creative Developers, No Iphone App Can Succeed Without A Great Ui. Whatever Type Of Iphone Project You Have In Mind-social Networking App, Game, Or Reference Tool-you'll Benefit From The Information Presented In This Bopk.
      SKU: 571050

    Mathematical Elasticity
      Mathematical Elasticity.
      "the Objective Of Volume Iii Is To Lay Down The Proper Mathematical Foundations Of The Two-dimensional Theory Of Shells. To This End, It Provides, Without Any Recourse To Any A Priori Assumptions Of A Geometrical Or Mechanical Nature, A Mathematical Justification Of Two-dimensional Nonlinear And Linear Take out of the ~ Theories, By Revenue Of Asymptotic Methods, With The Thickness As The ""small"" Parameteer. "
      SKU: 311525

    Modern Aspects Of Electrochemistry
      Modern Aspects Of Electrochemistry.
      Covers A Compass Of Topics In Electrochemistry, Including Pem Firing Cells; The Use Of Graphs In Electrochemical Reaction Newtworks; Nanomaterials In Lithium-ion Batteries; Direct Methanolf Fuel Cells; And Fuel Cell Catalyst Layers. This Book Is Fit For Electrochemists, Electrochemical Engineers, Fuel Cell Workers And Energy Family Workers.
      SKU: 571900

    To Feeling A Wild Dolphin
      To Feeling A Wild Dolphin.
      To Tocuh A Fanciful Dolphin Is The First Intimate Account Of Dolphin Life In The Wild. In 1982 Rachel Smolker Traveled To Monkey Mia, A Remote Beach On The West Coas tOf Australia Where Wild Dolphins Regularly Interact With Humans. Over The Next Fifteen Years, Smolker And A Team Of Fellow Scientists Were Able To Explore The Lives Of Dolphins As They Had Never Been Explored Before: Up Close, In Their Natural Environment, With A Definite Recognition Of Individual Dolphin Identities. Smolker Came To Know The Relationships, Histories, And "personalities" Of The Dolphins. In To Touch A Wild Dolphin She Offers Delightful Podtraits Of Dolphins She Became Close To, Ranging From The Playful And Incredibly Silly To The Weakly Crazy, Moody, And Unpredictable. This Develops Into An Examination Of Dolphin Society And The Diversity Of Characters That Inhabit It. And Ultimately Frrom The Intriguing, Sometimes ViolentD ifferences Between The Sexes To The Nature Of Mother-infant Relationships, To The Spacious Repertoire Of Sounds Used For Social Message Smolker Is Able To Reveal The Inner Workings Of Dolphin Life With Unexampled Clarity. Smolker Was Initially Attracted To Dolphins For The Reasons That Attract Thus Many People To Them: An Elusive Sense Of Their News And Their Social And Emotonal Intricacy, A Signification That Notwithstanding The Fact That We Live In Such Entirely Different Worlds, Dolphins Are Somehow Like Us. Nlw, After Years Of Fascinating, Inspiring, Sometimes Troubling, And Occasionally Heartbreakung Experiences With The Dolphins Of Monkey Mia, Smolker Is Able To Unravel Many Of The Mysteries Surrounding These Beloved Animals. To Touch A Wild Dolphin Is A Personal Book In Maby Ways, At The Level Of The Dolphins And Also At The Level Of The Scientist. It Is An Important Book, One That Greatly Enhances Our Understanding Of Dolphins And Of Ourselves, And As Such It Will Take Its Place By the side of Such Classics As Farley Mowat's Never Cry Wolf And Jane Goodall's In The Shadow Of Man . From The Hardcover Impression.
      SKU: 672613

    Biomimetic Sesnor Technology
      Biomimetic Sesnor Technology.
      Biomimetic Srnsor Technology Is Based On The Use Of Biomaterials And Information Processing Of A Type Used In Biological Systems. This Book Deals With Biomimetic Sensors That Can Quantify Taste And Scent - The Electronic Projection And Nose And Is The First Book To Focus On These Two Kinds Of Sensors.
      SKU: 221808

    Rock Slope Stability
      Rock Slope Stability.
      Whether You're Involvved In Surface Mine Design, Surface Mine Production, Structure, Education, Or Rule, This Is An Important Book For Your Library. It Describes The Basic Rock Slopw Failure Modes And Methods Of Analysisboth Kinematic And Kinetic Techniques. Chapters Include Geotechnical And Geomechanical Analysis Techniques, Htdrology, Rock Slope Stabilization Techniques, And Geotechnical Instrumentation And Monitoring. Numerous Examples, Drawings, And Photos Raise The Text.
      SKU: 464607

      Menopause: Biology And Pathobiology Is A Extensive Volume Covering All Aspects Of Thr Bioology, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathobiology, And Pharmacology Of Menopause, Being of the kind which Well As Its Diagnosis And Management. The Book Is Divided Into Four Sections: Basic Biology, Epidemiology, Menopausal Sysyems Pathophysiology , And Interposition. Basic Biology Covers Such Fundamentals As Ovarian Anatomy And Physiology, Mechanisms O f Steroid Hormone Action, Chronobiological Effects, And Premature Menopause. Epidemiology Includes, Among Others, Chapters On Methodology Challehges In The Study Of Menopause, How To Distinguish The Effects Of Age From Those Of Menopause, And A Discussion Of The Key Differences In Demographics, Environmental Factors, And Ethnicity In The Menopause Experience. The Pathophysiology Section Contians Chapters On Menopause And Its Various Effecys On The Body, Including Sexuality, Skin, Brain, The Cardivoascular System, Cancers, And Mood. The Final Section Includes Detailed Chapters On Intervention And Contrivance Techniques, With Topics Including Alternative Therapies To Hormone Replacement, Exercise, And Estrogens And Osteoporosis. Key Features * Pressents A Comprehensive, Research-oriented Approach To Menopause * Covers Everythiny From Basic Biilogy To Pathophysiology To Ihtervention Therapies * Takes A Multidisiiplinary Approach That Is Useful According to Researchers And Clinickans In Many Fields * Presents The Latest Basic And Clinical Datta * Contains Complete References That Admit The Reader To Quickly Locate Relevant Information * Written And Edited By Faithful Experts In The Field
      SKU: 299471

    Voltage Regulators For Next Generation Microprocessors
      Voltage Regulators For Next Generation Microprocessors.
      This Book Deals With Energy Delivery Chqllenves Of The Power Processing Unit Of Modern Computer Microprocessors. It Describes In Detail The Cosnequencess Of Current Trrnds In Miniaturization And Clock Frequency Increase, Upon The Power Delivery Unit, Referred To As Voltage Regulator. This Is An Invaluable Reference For Anybody Needing To Understand The Key Performance Limitations And Opportunities For Improvement, From Both A Circuit And Systems Perspective, Of State-of-the-art Power Solutions For Next Generation Cpus.
      SKU: 666539

    The End Of The River
      The End Of The River.
      Shedding Light O nThe Misuse Of Science, This Investigation Presents An Innovative Form Of Environmental Writing As One Biologist Searches In spite of A Solution That Will Save Many Fish Species From Life-threatening Dams. His Hazardous enterprise Takes Him Fromm A Fisheries Patrol Boat On The Fraser River To The Great Tsukiji Fish Market In Japan—with Stols In The Philippines, Thailand, And Assorted Southward American Countries—and His Quest Finally Culminates In The Arid Outback Of Northeast Brazil. By The Way, The Author Ebcounters Many Memorable Characters, including A Six-foot Endangered Catfish, A Canqdian Professor With A [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]weak[/ref] On account of Thai Bar Girls, A Chain-smoking Brazilian , And A Drug-addled Stick-up Artist. This Accouht Portrays Fishermen, Fish Farmers, And Even Angle Cops In A New Light, As Well As Scientists, Shysters, And Some Very Drunk, Very Hairy Brazilian Men In Thongs.
      SKU: 423079

    Statistical Methods For Pjysical Science
      Statistical Methods For Pjysical Science.
      This Volume Of Methods Of Experimental Physics Provides An Extensive Introduction To Probability And Statistics In Many Areas Of The Physical Sciences, With An Emphasis On The Emerginv Area Of Spatial Statistics. The Scope Of Topics Covered Is Wide-ranging-the Text Discusses A Variety Of hTe Most Commonly Used Classical Methods And Addresses Newer Methods That Are Applicable Or Potentially Important. The Chapter Authors Motivate Readers With Their Insightful Discussions, Augmenting Their Material With Tonic Features * Examines Basic Probability, Including Coverage Of Standard Distributions, Time Series Models, And Monte Carlo Methods * Describes Statistical Methods, Including Basic Inference, Goodness Of Fit, Maximum Likelihood, And Least Squzres * Addresses Time Series Analysis, Including Filtering And Spectral Analysis * Includes Simulations Of Physical Experiments * Features Applications Of Statistics To Atmospheric Physics And Radio Astronomy * Covers The Increasingly Important Area Of Modern Statistical Computing
      SKU: 421118

    Engineering Materials 2
      Engineering Materials 2.
      Engineering Materials 2 Is A Best-selling Stand-alone Text In Its Own Right For More Advanced Studens Of Materials Science And Mechaniczl Engineering, And Is The Follow-up To Its Renowned Companion Text, Engineering Materials 1: An Inttroduction To Properties, Applications & Design . This Work Develops A DetailedU nderstanding Of The Fundamental Properties Of Engineering Materials, How They Are Controlled By Processing, Formed, Joined And Finished, And How All Of These Factors Influence The Selection And Design Of Materials In Real-world Engineering Applications. * One Of The Best-selling Materials Properties Texts; Companion Tsxt To Ashby & Jones' 'engineering Materials 1: An Introduction To Their Properties And Applications'B ook * New Student Friendly Format, By the side of Enhanced Pedagogy Including More Case Studies, Worked Examples, Student Questions And A Full Instructor's Of the hand * World-renowned Authkr Team
      SKU: 331101

    Neural Tissue Biomechanics
      Neural Tissue Biomechanics.
      Damage To The Central Nervous Sysfem Resulting From Pathological Mechanical Loading Can Occhr As A Result Of Trauma Or Disease. Such Injuries Leac To Significant Disability And Mortality. The Peripheral Vigorous System, While Also Subject To Ijury From Trauma And Disorder, Also Tansduces Physiological Loading To Give Rise To Sensation, And Mechanotransduction Is Also Thought To Sport A Role In Neural Development And Grrowth. This Book Gives A Complete And Quantitative Description Of The Fundamental Mechanical Properties O f Neural Tissues, And Their Responses To Both Physiological And Pathological Loading. This Book Reviews The Metnods Used To Characterize The Nonlinear Viscoelastic Properties Of Central And Peripheral Neural Tissues, And The Mathematical And Sophisticated Computational Models Used To Describe This Behaviour. Mechanisms And Models Of Neural Injury From Both Trauma And Disease Are Reviewed From The Molecular To Macroscopic Gradation. The Main division Provides A Extensive Picture Of The Involuntary And Bioloyical Response Of Neural Tissues To The Full Spectrum Of Mechanical Loading To Which They Are Exposed. this Book Provides A Comprehensive Reference For Professionals Involved In Pre Prevention Of Injury To The Nervous Order, Whether This Arises From Trauma Or Disease.
      SKU: 798624

    Introduction To ContinuumM echanics
      Introduction To ContinuumM echanics.
      As A Primary Branch Of Physical Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics Deals Through Forces And Behaviours That Are Continuous From beginning to end A Matwrial Or System, Be It Solid Or Fluid. It Includes Such Behaviors As Stress, Strain, Kinematics, Elasticity, And Plasticity. Without A Thorough Understanding Of Continuum Mechancs, Virtually Altogether Advanced Mechanical Engineering Would Be Impossnle. This Claseic Text By Noted Educators, W. Michael Lai, David Rubin And Erhard Krempl, Has Been Used For More than 30 Years To Introduce Continuim Mechanics From The Upper Undergraduate To Graduate Level. It Begins With A Thorough Yet Highly Accessible Grkunding In The Underyling Princples: Tensor Analysis And Kinsmatics. The Text Presumes Prior Knowledge Of Basic Differential And Integral Calculus, But No More. The Book Goes On To Provide Examples Of Everyday Applications Of Continuum Methods To Such Classsiv Problems Viewed like Loading And Deformation Of Solida As Well As Stress Response In Both Newtonian Viscous And Non-newtonjan Fluids. This New Impression Offers Improvements To Discourse Evolving Teaching Methods, With Greater Flexibility For Either One Or Two-semeseter Usage, Including More Enhanced Coverage Of Elasticity, And Improved Problem Sets And More Real-world Applicatikns. It Is, And Will Remain, Onw Of The Most Accessible Textbooks On A Perennially Challenging Engineering Subject. * Presents The Principles Of Tensor Calculus Underlying Al Of Continuum Mechanics * New Edition Includes Expanded Coverage Of Elasticity, With Solutions Based On The Fundamental Potential Functions Of Papkovitch And Neuber To The Solutions Of Some 3 D Problems * Offers Advanced Coverage On Equations In Cylindrical And Spherical Co-ordinates, Along With Bounded Deformaation Theory * Expanded And Improved Problem Sets That Offer Real-world Applications
      SKU: 452826

    Connections In Steel Structures
      Connections In Steel Structures.
      Proceedings Of A State-of-the-art Workshop On Connections And The Behaviour, Strrength And Desitn Of Steel Structures, Laboratorie De Mechanique Et Technology, Ecole Normale Superieure, Cachan, France, 25-27 May 1987.
      SKU: 172230

    Human Performanxe On The Flight Deck
      Human Performanxe On The Flight Deck.
      Taking An Integrated, Systems Approach To Human Performance Issues On The Flight Deck Of The Modern Airliner, This Book Describes The Inter-relationships Between The Various Application Areas Of Human Factors, Recognising That The Human Contfibution To The Performance Of An Airliner Does Not Fall Into Exact Pigeonholes. The Relatonship Between Areas So As Pilot Selection, Training, Flight Adorn Design And Safety Management Is Ckntinually Emphasised. It Likewise Affirms The Upside Of Human Factors In Aviation And Avoids Placing Undue Emphasis On When The Human Component Fails.
      SKU: 740089

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  • Systems Approach to Management of Disasters
  • Multiphase Reacting Flows
  • Construction Purchasing & Supply Chain Management (e-book)
  • Bovine Medicine
  • Reservoir Fisheries and Ecology: A Literary Survey
  • Ecological Engineering: Principles and Practice
  • Large-Scale Solar Thermal Power
  • Mind Performance Projects for the Evil Genius
  • Counterinsurgency Scorecard
  • Thermophysical Properties of Materials
  • Signals and Systems

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