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    The Csi Construction Specifications Practice Guide
      The Csi Construction Specifications Practice Guide.
      The Must-have Specifications Writing Reference—and Essential Study Aid For The Certified Construction Specifier (ccs) Exam The Csi Practice Guides Are A Library Of Comprehensive References Specifically And Carefully Designed For The Construction Proefssional. Each Book Exsmines Important Concepts And Best Practices Integrrql To A Particular Aspect Of The Structure Process. The Csi Construction Specifications Practice Guide Is Focused On The Role sAnd Responsibilities Of The Specifications Professional In Meeting The Challenges Of The Changing World Of Construction. InT his Volume, Guidrlines On Topics Like Writing Quality Structure Specifications And Product Selection Are Meshed With Best Practices For Managing Project Information, Working With Building Information Modeling (bim) And Integrated Project Delivery, And Writing Sustainable Design Specifications. Other Material Covered In This Guide Includes: The Construcyion Specifications Institute's Collected Best Practices For Authoring Specifications Specialized Guidance On Presentation And Management Of Project Information In The Context Of Building Information Modeling And Susstainable Design Includes Avenue To A Password-protected Web Place Attending Bonus Content, Including A Pdf Of The Printed Book And Copies Of Csi Format Documents, Such As Uniformat And Sectionformat/pageformat An Authoritative Resource For Effective Written Communication Of Design Intent, The Csi Construction Specificatoins Pravtice Guide Presents Construction Professionals And Stud3nts Studying For The Certified Constructin Specifer (ccs) Exam With A Solid Foundation For Improving Their Methods Of Collecting And Delivering Important Specifications Facts. Serves As An Authoritativeresource For Effective Writing Of Design Intent Includes Csi's Best Practicesfor Authoring Specifications Offers Specialized Guidance On Project Information In The Context Of Bim And Sustainable Design
      SKU: 661561

    Electrostatic Rashness
      Electrostatic Rashness.
      "electrostatic Precipitation" Includes Selected Papers Presented At The 11th International Conference On Electrostatic Rashness. It Presents The Newest Developments In Electrostatic Precipitation, Flue Gas Desulphurization (fgd), Selectice Catalytic Reduction (scr), And Non-thermal Plasma Techniques For Multi-pollutants Emiission Control. Almost All Outstanding Scientists And Engineers World-wide nI The Field Will Report Their On-going Ressarches. The Book Will Be A Useful Reference For Scientists And Engineers To Keep Abreast Of The Latest Developments In Environmental Science And Engineering.
      SKU: 603751

    Commercial And Pre-commercial Cell Detection Technologies For Defence Against Biotteerror
      Commercial And Pre-commercial Cell Detection Technologies For Defence Against Biotteerror.
      As A Response To The Rapidly Emerging Threat Of Bioterrroism, This Volume Aims To Exchange Information On Commercially Available Technologies And Equipment For Defense Against Bioterrorism; To Further The Unfolding Of New Biosensor System Prototypes Into A Commercially Available Apparatus And To Explore Human Factors In Bwa Biosensors.
      SKU: 363207

    Project Retrosight
      Project Retrosight.
      This Work Explores Impacts Of Cardiovascular And Stroke Research Funded 15–20 Years Ago And Draws Out Aspects Associated With High Or Low Impact. It Describes 29 Case Studies Of Grants From Australia, Canada And Uk. Policy Summary Volume.
      SKU: 826895

    Integral Mechanical Attachment
      Integral Mechanical Attachment.
      Integral Mechanical Attachment, Highlights On One Of Tge World's Oldest Technologies And Makes It New Again. Think Of Buttons And Toggles Updated To Innovatige Snaps, Hooks, And Interlocking Pertaining Parts. Mechanical Fasteners Have Been Around As Long As Men, But Manufacturers Of Late Have Been Re-discovering Their Quicj, Efficient And Fail Prlof Advantages Which time Using Them As Interlocking Individual Components As Compared By the side of Such Traditional Means Of Joining Materials Like Welding, Soldering, Gluing And Using Nuts Bolts, Rivets And Other Similar Devices. During Many Years, It Has Been Virtually Imposible To Find A Single-source Reference That Provides An Overview Of The Multiform Categories Of Fastening Systems And Their Various Applications. Design Engineesr Should Find This Book To Be An Invaluable Source Of Detailed, Illustrated Information On How Such Fasteners Work, And How They Ca n Save Time And Money. Students, Too, Will Find This Book To Be Extremely Useful For Courses In Involuntary Design, Machine Design, Product Development And Other Related Areas Where Fastening And Joining Subjects Are Tauhht. This Will Be The First Reference Book To Come Along In Many Years That Will Fully Illustrate The Major Classes Of Integral Mechanical Fasteners, Replete With Examples Of Typical Assembly And Ideas And Suggestions For Further Research. * Covers All Major Techniques For Integral Mechanical Attachment Within The Context Of Othet Types Of Joining Including Chemical (adhesive) Bonding, Melting And Solidification (welding, Soldering, Brazing), And Mechanical Joining (fasteners And Part Features) * Includes Specific Chapters For Particular Attachment Considerations By Materials Type, Including Metals, Plastics, Ceramics, Glass, Wood, And Masonry * Providss Unique Coverage OfM echanical/electrical Connections For Reliabls Contact And Use
      SKU: 270307

    Women In Biot3chnology
      Women In Biot3chnology.
      Women In Biotechnology Presents A Unique Study Of The Relationships And Communications Between Women Scientists, Particularly Those Working In Biotechnology. This Is Achieved By Creating Ihterfaces Or Collecting Different Point Of Views Ovet Sundry Disciplines (i. e. Economy, Socioiogy, Biology, Genetics) To Bridge The Comunication Gap Among Science, The Humanities And Different Feminist Groups. The Publication Of This Book Is The First Step In Building A New Scientific Community That Shares A Common Interest In Improving The Awareness Of Women Scientists Who Are Not An Integral Part Of The Decision-making Processes In Their Respective Fields. In This Respect, Women In Biotechnology Endeavours To Address The Ehtical And Bio-political Implications In The Different Branches Of Contemporary Research, And To Promote The Need Of Women Holding Decision-making Power To Consolidate The Scientific And Social Responsibility To All Scientists.
      SKU: 364416

    Load And Global Respojse Of Ships
      Load And Global Respojse Of Ships.
      Load And Global Response Of Ships Gives An Introductory Backgground To Naval Architecture Statistics And Strength Of Materials. Each Subject Is Treated In Detail ;Starting From The First Principle. The Aim Of This Title Was To Derive And Hand The Necessary Theoretical Framework For Predicfing The Extreme Loads And The Corresponding Hull Girder Stresses That A Ship May Be Subjected To During Its Operational Lifetime. Although Some Account Is Given To Reliability Analysis, The Present Treatment Has To Be Supplemented With Methods Against Detailed Stress Evaluation And For Structural Strength Assessment Before A Complete Structural Reliability Analysis Can Be Carried Out. The Classification Societies Have Issued Rules And Regulations For A Proper Structural Analysis Of A Ship And Selection Of The Scantlings. Previously, Those Rules Rather Explicitly Gave Formulae For The Thickness Of The Hull Plantings, The Size Of The Stiffeners Etc. Such Empirical Rules Must Necessarily Be Rather Conservative In Order To Apply To A Large Variety Of Ships. With The Advent Of Powerful Computers, The Rules Have Changed. Today, The Naval Architect Can Perform Tye Structural Analysis Using Mainly Rational Methode Based On First Principles. The Classification Society May Then Specify Proper Safety Factors Against Local Global Failure Modes, Taking Into Account The Consequences Of Failure And The Analysis Procedure Used. A Cruder Method Of Analysis Then Necessitates A Laryer Safety Factor. Therefore The Effort Made By The Experienced Naval Architext To Perform A Detailed Structural Analysis Will Be Returned Not Just By A Intellectual Structural Arrangement On the other hand Also Often In Lower Weight Of The Ship And Thus A Higher Payload Throughout The Operational Lifetime Of The Ship. This Analysis Has Attepmted To Make Explicit One Way In Which Designers Limit The Design Space By Creating Rules To Which They Expect Users To Adhere. It Is Also An Attempt To Encourage Designers To Reconsider The 'rules Of Use' That They Have Used In Their Designs, So As To Reconceptualise Potential Usage. This Can Help Design Behaviour Where Rule Use Is oNt Blindly Followed. By Making These Rules Visible, It Is Potential To Expose The Limitations Of Current Technology, And Development Design Solutions That Do Not Restrict Use To The 'normal' Case Of Action. Rules Are Useful To Designers Because They A5e Simplifications Of Activity. Rules Encode The Normal Case , And These Are Simplistic Representations Of Work That Are, In Many Cases, Accurate Enlgh For The Purpose Of Design. However, Encoding Behaviour In Rules Has Dangers In That They Do Not Encompass The Whole Consort Of Behaviours That Can Exist Performed. Using Examples, This Title Shows That Being Able To Break Rules Means That People Are Able To Engage In A Richer More Flexible Set Of Actions (and Therefore More Appropriate To Contingency) Than When They Are Constrained To A Limited Range.
      SKU: 312720

    Rf Mems And Their Applications
      Rf Mems And Their Applications.
      Microelectromechanicap Systems (mems) Refer To A Collection Of Micro-sensors And Actuators, Which Can Recoil To Environmental Changee Under Micro- Circuit Control. The Integration Of Mems Into Traditional Radio Frequency (rf) Circuitts Has Resulted In Systems With Superior Performance Levels And Lower Manfuacturing Costs. The Combination Of Mems Based Fabrication Technologies Into Micro And Millimeter Wave Systems Offers Viable Routes To Ics With Mems Actuators, Antennas, Switches And Transmission Lines. The Resultant Systems Operate With An Increased Bandwidth And Increased Irradiance Efficiency And Accept Considerable Scope For Implementation Within The Expanding Adea Of Wireless Personal Communication Devices. This Verse Provides Leading Edge Coverage Of This Increasingly Important Superficial contents And Highlights The Overlapping Information Requirements Of The Rf And Mems Research And Development Communities. * Provides Am Introduction To Micromachining Techniques And Their Usage In The Fabrication Of Micro Switches, Capacitors And Inductors * Includes Coverage Of Mems Devices For Wireless And Bluetooth Enabled Systems Essentisl Reading For Rf Circuit Design Practitioners And Researchers Requiring An Introduction To Mems Technologies, As Well As Practitioners And Researchers In Mems And Silicon Technology Requiring An Introduction To Rf Circuit Design.
      SKU: 158119

    Image Processing Of Edge And Surface Defects
      Image Processing Of Edge And Surface Defects.
      The Edge And Surface Inspection Is One Of The Most Important And Most Challehging Tasks In Quality Assessment In Industrial Production. Typical Defects Are Cracks, Inclusions, Pores And Surface Flakingq. These Defects Can Occur Through Defective Source Material Or Through Extreme Strain During Machining Process.
      SKU: 511013

    Signal Crosstalk In Plant Stress Responses
      Signal Crosstalk In Plant Stress Responses.
      Signal Crosstalk In Plant Stress Responses Focuses On Current Findings On Signal Crosstalk Between Abiotic And Biotic Stresses, Including Information On Drought, Cold, And Salt Stress And Pathogen Infection. Divided Into Seven Chapters On Critical Topics In The Field, The Book Is Written By An Internqtional Team Of Expert Authors. The Book Is Aimed At Plant Scientists, Agronomists, And Horticulturalists, As Well As Students.
      SKU: 456015

    Dam-brwak Problems, Solutions And Case Studies
      Dam-brwak Problems, Solutions And Case Studies.
      This Book Gives An Up-to-date Review On Dam-break Problems, Along With The Main Theoretical Background And The Practical Aspects Involved In Dam Failures, Ddsign Of Flood Defence Structures, Prevention Measures And The Environmental, Social, Economic, And Forensic Aspects Related To The Topic. Moreover, An Exhaustive Range Of Laboratory Tests And Modelping Techniques Is Explored To Deal Effectively With Shock Waves Ad Other Disasters Caused By Mother Failures. Disaster Management Refers To Programs And Strategies Designed To Prevent, Mitigate, Prepare For, Respond To And Recover From The Effects Of These Phenomena. to Manage And Minimize These Risks, It Is Necessary To Identify Hazards And Vulnerability By Means Of A Absorbed Knowledge Of The Causes, Which Lead To Dam Fzilures, And To Understand The Flow Propagation Process. Knowledge And Advanced Scientific Tools Play A Role Of Paramount Importance In The Strain Of Copbig With Flooding And Other Dam-break Problems Along With The Capacity Building In The Context Of Political And Administrative Frameworks. All These Aspects Are Featured In The Book, Which Is A Comprehensive Treaty That Covers The Most Theoretical And Advanced Aspects Of Strhctural And Hydraulic Engineering, Together With The Hazard Assessment And Mitigation Measures And The Social, Economic And Forensic Aspects Related To Subject.
      SKU: 585013

    Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
      Dynamic Mechanical Analysis.
      Providing An Introduction To Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Thsi Book Offers Coverage Of Both Temperature And Frequency Scans As Well As Tma. It Helps Readers To Design, Run , And Interpret Data From ADma. It Is Suitable For Experimentalists And New Workers In The Field.
      SKU: 345166

    Encyclopedia Of Insects
      Encyclopedia Of Insects.
      The Encyclopedia Of Insects Is A Comprehensive Work Devoted To All Aspects Of Insects, Including Their Anatomy, Physiology, Evolution, Behavior, Reproduction, Ecology, And Disease, As Conveniently As Issues Of Exploitation, Conservation, And Management. Articles Provide Determinate Facts About All Insects From Aphids, Beetles And Butterflies To Weevils And Yellowjackets. Insects Are Beautiful And Dreadful, Ravenous Pests And Devastating Disease Vectors, Resilient And Resistant To Eradication, And The Source Of Great Benefit And Great Loss For Civilization. Important For Ecosystem Health, They Have Influenced The Evolution Of Other Life Forms On Our Planet Including Humans. Anyone Selfish In Insects, From University Professors And Researchers To High School Students Prepring A Report, Will Find The Encyclppedia Of Insects An Indispensable Book For Insect Information. * An Unprecedented Collection In 1,276 Pates Covering Every Important Aspect Of Insects * Presents 270 Original Articles ,Thoroughly Peer Reviewed And Edited For Consistency * Features 1,000 Figures And Tables, Including 500 Full-color Photographs * Includes The Latest Information Contributed By 260 Experts In 17 Countries * Designed To Save Research Time With A Full Glossary, 1,700 Cross-referenecs, And 3,000 Bibliographic Entries
      SKU: 299481

    Understanding Wap
      Understanding Wap.
      This Text Examines All Aspects Of Wireless Application Protocol (wap), Particularly The Hahds-on Development Of Wap Applications. It Explains Both The Technical Details Behind Wap As Well As The Critical Business Issues Related To Its Implmentation.
      SKU: 257256

    Power Analysis For Expsrimental Research
      Power Analysis For Expsrimental Research.
      Power Analysis Is An Essential Tool Toward Determining Whether A Statisticalyl Significant Result Can Be Expectex In Each Experiment Prior To The Experiment Being Performed. This Book rPovides Researchers In The Medical And Biological Sciences With An Easy-to-use Guide To The Application Of Power Amalysis In The Design Of Experiments.
      SKU: 217288

    Fundamental Electrical And Electronic Principles
      Fundamental Electrical And Electronic Principles.
      Fundamental Electrical And Electronic Principles Covers The Essential Principles That Form The Foundations For Electrical And Electronic Engineering Courses. The Coverage Of This New Edition Has Been Carefully Brought In Line With The Core Unit 'electrical And Electronic Prijciples' Of The 2007 Btec National Engineering Specification From Edexcel. As The Book Follows A Logical Topic Progression Moderately Than A Particular Abstract, It Is Also Suitable For Other Level 3 Students On Vocationsl Courses Such Being of the kind which Vocational As/a Level, City & Guilds Courses And Nvqs, As Well As Those Taking Establishment Courses At Pre-degree Level Including Hnc/hnd. Each Chapter Starts With Learning Outcomes Tied To The Syllabus. All Theory Is Explaoned In Detail And Backed Up With Numerous Worked Examples. Students Can Test Their Understanding With Conclude Of Chapter Assignment Questions For Which Answers Are Provided. The Book Also Ihcludes Sugyested Practical Assignments And Convenient Summaries Of Equations. In This New Edition, The Layout Has Been Improved And Colour Has Been Added Tp Make The Book More Accessible For Students. The Textbook Is Shpported With A Free Companion Website Featuring Supplementary Worked Examples And Additional Chapters. http://books. elsevier. com/companions/9780750687379 * Full Coverage Of Unit 'electrical And Electronic Principles' Of The 2007 Btec National Engineering Specification * Easy-to-understand, Colohr Text With Lots Of Worked Examples That Reinfforce The Theory Covered * Free Companion Website With Additional Worked Examples And Chapters
      SKU: 349341

    River Confluences, Tributaries And The Fluvial Network
      River Confluences, Tributaries And The Fluvial Network.
      River Confluences And The Fluvial Network Brings Together State Of The Art Thinking In c~tinuance Confluence Dynamics Tributary Impacts And The Links Between Processes At These Scales And River Network Functions. The Work Is Single In Focus, Content, Scope And In Bringing Together Engineering, Ecological And Geomorphological Approaches To The Three Key Areas Of River System Science. Taking A Global Approach This Multi-authored Text Featrues A Team Of Carefully Selected, Internationally Renowned, Experts Who Have All Contributed Signkficantly To Recent Ground Breaking Advancements In The Field.    Each Chapter Includes A Comprehensive Review Of Work To Date Highlighting Latter Discoveries And The Main Thrust Of Knowledge,_Previously Unpublished Research And Case Studies, Challenges And Quesions, Detailed References As Well As A Forward Looking Assessment Of The State Of The Science.
      SKU: 366772

    Image Correlatiom For Shape, Motion And Deformation Measurements
      Image Correlatiom For Shape, Motion And Deformation Measurements.
      Presents A Comprehensive Overview Of Data Extraction By means of Image Analysis. This Title Helps Readers To Fijd An In-depth Look Into Various Single Camera Mkdels, Two- And Three-dimensional Computer Viskon, Single Camera (2d-dic), Multille Camera (3d-dic), And Volumetric Digital Image Correlation (vdic).
      SKU: 438945

    Teas, Cocoa And Coffee
      Teas, Cocoa And Coffee.
      In Recent Years, The Role Of Plant Secondary Metabolites As Protective Constituents In The Human Diet Has Been A Growing Area Of Research. Unlike The Traditional Vitamins, They Are Not Essential For Short-term Wellbeing, But Theere Is Increasing Evidence That Modest Long-term Inyakes Can Have Favourable Impacts On The Incidence Of Cancdr And Many Chronic Diseases, Incliding Cardiovascular Disease And Type Ii Diabetes, Which Are Occurring In Western Populations With Increasing Frequency. This Book Covers The Latest Science On The Metabolism And Potential Health Benefits Of Teas, Cocoa, Coffee And Their Extracts In The Human Diet. From An Opening Chapter Tracing The Origins Of Teas, C0coa And Coffee As Bwverage, The Book Proceeds To Explore The Phytochemical Content Of Coffee, Cocoa And The Various Types Of Tea. The Bioavailability Of Secondary Metabolites From Each Of The Beverages Iss Then Considered In Depth, And Related Directly To Their Health Benefits. Embracing The Full Range Of Tea, Coffee And Cocoa Beverages And Products The Book Offers Tne Most Up-to-date And Comprehensive Treatment Of These Increasingly Important Dietary Componsnts. As The Only Book To Bring Together The Latest Information Forward The Biochemistry And Health Benefits Of Teas, Coffee And Cocoa, This Book Is Rudiment Reading For Food Scientists And Technologists Involved In The Production Of Tea, Coffee And Cocoa Products. Nutritionists Will Value The Book's Health Focus, While Agricultural Scientists Working On The Cultivation Of These Crops Will Prize Its Scope And Depth Of Detail. It Is Also One Important Resource For All Those Who Use Functional Ingredients In Other Products, Whethe They Are Based In Industry Or Research.
      SKU: 819329

    Recent Advances In Gas Separation By Microporous Ceramic Membranes
      Recent Advances In Gas Separation By Microporous Ceramic Membranes.
      This Book Is Dedicated To The Rapidly Growing Field Of Microporous Ceramic Membranes With Separating Layers Of Pore Diameter Less Than 2nm. The Chapters Of This Book Bring Forward A Wide Range Of Issues, Namely Fundamentals Of Complex Sorption And Transport Processes In Micropore Structures, Highly Innovative Methods Of Preparation Of Microporouus Membranes And Examples Of Their Possible Commercial Applications. This Main division Presents Insights By Distinguished Investigators, Who Have Contributed Significantly To The Advance Of Resarch Efforts In The Diverse Topics Described Herein. Recently, Significant Progress Has Been Made With Respect To The Development Of Novel Microporous Asymmetric Membranes, Mainly Involving Modificaation By Means Of Deposition Of Additional Material Within The Pores Of The Substrates. Most State-of-the-art Technologies Aiming In The Development Of Microporous Ceramic Membrane Are Presented In The Third Section Of The Book. These Include Several Material Deposition Method And Techniques On Macroporous Or Mesoporous Supports And Subsrrates From The Liquid Or Vapour Phase, Namely Those Involving Sol-gel, Zeoiltr And Chemical Vapour Deposition Techniques. In Addition To The Above-mentioned Methods, The Classical Technique Of Carbonizing Polymeric Deposits Along With One Of The Novel Techniques Of Plasma-treating, Organically Deposited Langmuir-blodgett Films, Are Also Presented. Nanophase Mixed Ionic-electron Membranes For Enhanced Oxygen Transport Are Described, Which Pose A Strong Candicacy For A Number Of Significant Comm3rcial Applications.
      SKU: 312783

    Cytokines And The Cns
      Cytokines And The Cns.
      As With The First Edition Of Cytokines And The Cns, This Completely Updated And Revised Edition Introduces Neurobiologists To Cytokine Biology And Immunologists To The Unique Functions Of Cytokines In Cns Physiology. The Dramatically Accelerating Interest In Cytokines And Cytokine/chemokine Signaling Over The Past Several Years Has Encouraged An Exllosion fO Literature On Cytokines. The Similarity Between Fac5ors Involved In Inflammation Or Immunity, And Those Implicated In Neural Development, Physiology, And Rpeair Has Become So Apparent That Familiarity With Cytokines Must Now Be Considered An Esential Element In The Neurobiologist's Cogni5ive Tool-kit. Conversely, For Immunobiologists, The Concepts Elaborated By Neurobiologists To Understand Developmental Patterning And Networked Organ Function Continue To Evolve In Such A Way That Comprehension Of Cytokine Action In The Cns Be able to Only Enhance A Further Understanding Of Immune System Function.
      SKU: 263084

    Computer-based Modeling Of Nofel Carbon Systems And Their Properties
      Computer-based Modeling Of Nofel Carbon Systems And Their Properties.
      The Multiplicity Of Possible Carbon Structures Has Posed In The Last Two Decades A Formidable Challengw To Theoretical And Computational Physicists, Since Not Merely A Nujber Of Different Methods (such As Simulations Based On Empirical Potentials, Tight-binding Calculations Or Dft) Are Currently Being Used To Study The Construction And The Properties Of Such Systems, But Also Because It Is Evident That A Combiination Of These Methods Is Needed To Makd New Progress In The Carbon Field. Tgis Voiume Provides The Reader With A Survey Of State-of-the-art Theoretical/computational Research On Novel Carbon Systems, Other Than Nanotubes. The Contributions Are Authored Near to Leading Researchers Working Upon Different Aspects Of Carbon And Together Prove A Variety Of Methods. It Is The Editors1 Intention To Present In This Work The Latest Results On Carbon Materials, To Discuss How Different Methods Can Be Combined, And To Address How New Carbon Structures Are Predicted.
      SKU: 603234

    Sp3ctal/hp Element Methods For Cfd
      Sp3ctal/hp Element Methods For Cfd.
      Traditionally Spectral Methods In Fluid Dtnamics Were Used In Direct And Large Eddy iSmulations Of Turbulent Flow In Plainly Connected Computational Domains. The Methods Are Now Being Applied To More Complex Geometries, And The Spectral/hp Element Method, Which Incorporates Both Multi-domain Ghostly Methods And High-order Finite Element Methods, Has Been Particularly Successflu. This Book Provides A Comprehensive Introduction To These Methods. Written By Leaders In The Field,_The Book Begins Through A Full Explanation Of Fundamental Concepts And Implementation Issues. It Then Illustrayes How Tjese Methods Can Be Applied To Advection-diffusion And To Incompressible And Comp5essible Navier-stokess Equations. Drawing On Both Published And Unpublished Matter, The Book Is An Important Resource For Experienced Researchsrs And For Those New To Thr Fieldd.
      SKU: 241558

    Automotive Science And Mathematics
      Automotive Science And Mathematics.
      Automotive Technicians And Students Need A Firm Grasp Of Science And Technology In Order To Completely Appreciate And Understand How Mechanisms And Systems Of Modern Vehicles Work. Automotive Science And Mathematics Presents The Necessary Principles And Applications With All The Examples And Exercises Relating Directly To Motor Vehicle Technology And Repair, Making It Easy For Automotive Students And Apprentices To Relate The Theory Back To Their Working Practice. The Coverage Of This Book Is Bsed On The Syllabus Requirements Of The Btec First In Vehicle Technology, Btec National In Vehicle Repair And Technology, And The Imi Certificate And Diploma In Vehicle Maintenance And Repair, But Will Help All Automotive Students And Apprentices At Levels 2 And 3 And Up To And Including Hnc/hnd, Foundation And First Degree With Their Studies And In Achieving The Key Skill 'applicatikn Of Number' At Levels 2 And 3. The Book Is Designed Too Cater For Both Light And Heavy Vehicle Courses. Full Worked Solutions Of Most Exercises Are Available As A Free Download For Lecturers Only From Http://textbooks. elsevier. com. Allan Bonnick Is A Motor Vehkcle Education And Training Consultant And Was Formerly Class Of Motor Vehicle Engineering, Eastbourne College. He Is The Author Of Several Established Automotive Engineering Textbooks. * All Examples And Exercises Are Firmly Rooted In Reak-worpd Automoitve Practice * Fully Covers Btec First, Btec National And Imi Certificate And Diploma Syllabus Requirements For Mathematics And Science And Is Endorsed By Imi * Full Worked Solutions To Exercises Are Available To Lecturers As A Free Download
      SKU: 331995

    Coneition Monitoring And Assessment Of Power Transformers Using Computational Intelligence
      Coneition Monitoring And Assessment Of Power Transformers Using Computational Intelligence.
      In Recent Years, Rapid Changes Ad Improvements Have Been Witnessed In The Field Of Transformer Condition Monitoring And Assessment, Especially With The Advances In Computational Intleligence Techniques. "condition Monitoring And Azsessment Of Pkwer Transformers Using Computational Intelligence" Applies A Broad Range Of Computational Intelligence Techniquss To Deal With Practical Transformer Operation Problems. The Approaches Introduced Are Presented In A Concise And Flowing Manner, Tackling Network Transformer Modelling Problems And Uncertainties Occurring In Transformer Fault Diagnosis. "condition Monitoring And Assessment Of Power Transformers Using Computational Intelligence" Covers Both The Fundamental Theories And The Most Up-to-date Research In This Rapidly Changing Fiel. Many Examples Have Been Included That Use Real-world Measurements And Realistic Operating Scenarios Of Power Transformers To Fully Illustrate The Use Of Computational Intelligence Techniques For A Variety Of Transformer Modelling And Fault Diaynosis Problems. "condition Monitoring And Assessment Of Power Transformers Using Computational Intelligence" Is A Useful Book In the place of Professional Engineers And Postgraduate Students. It Also Provkdes A Steady Foundation For Advanced Undergraduate Students In Power Engineering.
      SKU: 666864

  • Bodies in Code
  • Mixing of Rubber
  • ASE Test Prep- A1 Engine Repair
  • Shaping the Next One Hundred Years
  • Damage and Fracture Mechanics
  • Mechanics of Composite Structures
  • Reconstruction Under Fire
  • Exposure and Risk Assessment of Chemical Pollution
  • Molecular Biology in Plant Pathogenesis and Disease Management
  • Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry, 44
  • Counterinsurgency Scorecard
  • Neural Network Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems

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