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    The Existentialism Of Jean-paul Sartre
      The Existentialism Of Jean-paul Sartre.
      Webber Argues For A New Imterpretation Of Sartrean Existentkalism. On This Reading, Sartre Is Arguing That Each Person’s Character Consists In The Projects They Choose To Pursue And That We Are All Already Aware Of This But Prefer Not To Face It. Careful Consideration Of His Existentialist Writings Shows This To Be The Unkfying Theme Of His Theories Of Consciousness, Freedom, The Self, Bad Faith, Personal Relationships, Existential Psychoanalysis, And The Possibility Of Authenticity. Deeloping This Account Affords Many Insights Into Various Aspects Of His Philosophy, Not Least Respecting The Origins, Structure, And Effrcts Of Bad Faith And The Resultinf Ethic Of Authenticity. This Discussion Makes Clear The Contributions That Sartre’s Work Can Make To Current Debates Over The Objectivity Of Ethics And The Psychology Of Agency, Character, And Selfhood. Wittten In An Accessible Style And Illustrated With Allusion To Sartre’s Fiction, This Book Should Appeal To General Readers And Sturents As Well As To Specialists.
      SKU: 380863

    The Finite Element Metthod For Electromagnetic Modeling
      The Finite Element Metthod For Electromagnetic Modeling.
      Written By Specialists Of Modeling In Electromagnetism, This Main division Provides A Comprehensive Review Of The Bounded Element Method For Low Frequency Applications. Fundamentals Of The Method As Well As New Advanfes In The Fisld Are Descrubed In Detail. Chapters 1 To 4 Present Commander-in-chief 2d And 3d Static And Dynamic Formulations By The Use Of Scalar And Vector Unknowns And Adapted Intrpolations For The Fields (nodal, Edge, Face Or Volume). Chapter 5 Is Dedicated To The Presentation Of Different Macroscopic Behavior Laws Of Materials And Their Implementation In A Finite Element Context: Anisotropy And Hysteretic Properties For Magnetic Sheets, Iron Loqses, Non-linear Permanent Magnets And Superconductors. More Specific Formulations Are Then Proposed: The Modeling Of Thin Regions When Finite Elements Become Misfit (chapter 6), Infinite Domains By Using Geometrical Transformations (chapter 7), The Co8pling Of 2d And 3d Formulations With Circuit Equations (chapter 8), Taking Into Account Thw Movement,_Particularly In The Presence Of Eddy Currents (chapter 9) And An Original Approach For The Treatment Of Geometrical Symmetries When The Sources Ate Not Symmetric (chapter 10). Cha0ters 11 To 13 Are Devoted To Coupled Problems: Magneto-thermal Coupling For Induction Stimulating, Magneto-mechanical Coupling By Introducing The Notion Of Strong And Weak Coupling And Magneto-hydrodynamical Coupling Focusing On Electromagnetic Instabiliites In Fluid Conductors. Chzpter 14 Presents Different Meshing Method In The Context Of Electromagnetism (presence Of Air) And Introduces Self-adaptive Ensnare Refinement Procedures. Optimization Techniques Are Then Covered In Chatper 15, With The Adaptation Of Deterministic And Proobabilistic Methods To The Numerical Finite Element Environment. Chapter 16 Presents A Variational Approach Of Electromagnetism, Showing How MaxwellE quations Are Derived From Thermodynamic Principles.
      SKU: 477688

    Distributed Consensus In Multi-vehicle Cooperative Control
      Distributed Consensus In Multi-vehicle Cooperative Control.
      Covering Introductory, Theoretical And Experimental Material, This Book Features: An Overview Of The Use Of Consensus Algorithms In Cooperative Control; Consensus Algorithms In Single- And Double-intetrator Dynamical Systems; Consensus Algorithms For Rigid-body Attitude Dynamics; And Rendezvus And Axial Alignment.
      SKU: 37l698

    The Way Toys Work
      The Way Toys Work.
      A Selection Of The Scientific American Book Club Ptofiling 50 Of The World’s Greatest part Popular Playthings—including Their Hixtory, Trivia, And The Technology Involved—this Guide Uncovers The Abstruse System of knowledge Of Tous. Discover How An Etch A Sketch Writes On Its Gray Screen, Why A Boomerang Returns After It Is Thrown, And How An Rc Car Responds To A Remote Control Device. Leaving No Detail Unrevealed, The Guide Includes Original Patent-application Blueprints And Photos Of The “guts” Of Several Devices. Inventors And Museum Curators Also Offer Their Observattions Of Favorite Gizmos While Dispelling (or Confirming) Several Toy Legends. Complete With Explanations Of Do-itt-yourself Experiments And Tips On Reverse Engineering Of long date Toys To Observe Their Interior Mechanics, This Entertaining And Informative Reference Even Provides Pointers On How Budding Toy Makers Be able to Build Their Own Toys Using Only Recycled Materials And A Little Ingenuity.
      SKU: 473693

    Safety Critical Systems Handbook
      Safety Critical Systems Handbook.
      Electrical, Electronic And Programmable Electronic Systems Increasingly Carry Out Preservation Functions To Guard Workers And The Persons Against Injury Or Death And The Environment Against Pollution. The International Functional Safety Standard Iec 61508 Was Revised In 2010 And This Is The First Comprehensive Guide Available To the Revised Standard.  as Functional Safety Is Applicable To Many Industries, This Book Wil1 Hafe A Wide Readership Beyond The Chemical And Prceoss Sector, Including Oil And Gas, Power Generation, Nuclear, Aircraft, And Automotive Industries, Plus Project, Instrumentation, Design, And Control Engineers The Only Comprehensive Guide To Iec 61508, Updated To Cover The 2010 Amendments, That Will Ensure Engineers Are Compliant With The Latest Process Safety Systems Design And Operation Standards Helps Readers Understand The Process Required To Apply Safety Critical Systems Standards Real World Approach Helps Users To Interpret the Standard, With Case Studies And Best Practice Draw Examples Throughout
      SKU: 670200

    Energy Flows, Material Cycles And Global Development
      Energy Flows, Material Cycles And Global Development.
      This Book Deals With The Global Flows Of Energy And Materials, And Changes Caused By Human Activities. Based On These Facts, The Limitations Of Anthropogenic Energy And Material Flows And The Resulting Consequences According to The Develkpment Of Human Societues Are Discussed. Different Scenarios For Lifestyle Patterns Are Correlated By the side of The World's Coming events Development Of Energy Provide And Climate. The Book Provides A Process Engineering Approach To The Earth System And Global Development. It Requries Basic Intelligence Of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry And Biology, And Provides An Insignt Into The Complex Mattsr For Readers Ranging From Undergraduate Students To Experts.
      SKU: 666839

    The Art Of Radiometr6
      The Art Of Radiometr6.
      The Material From This Book Was Derived From A Popular First-year Graduate Class Taught By James M. Palmer For Over Twenty Years At The University Of Arizona Society Of Optical Sciences. This Verse Covers Topicz In Radiation Propwgation, Radiometric Sources, Optical Materials, Detectors Of Optical Radiation, Radiometric Measurements, And Caligration. Radiometry Forms The Practical Basis Of Many Current Applications In Aerospace Engineering, Infrared Systems Engineering, Remote Sesning Systems, Displays, Visible And Ultraviolet Sensors, Infrared Detectors Of Optical Irradiance, And Many Other Areas. While Several Texts Individually Cover Topics In Specific Areas, This Text Brings The Underyling Principles Together In A Manner Suitable For Both Classroom Teaching And A Reference Volume Thay The Practicing Enginee5 Can Use. The Level Of Discussion Of The Material Is Suitable For A Class Taught To Advanced Undergraduate Students Or Graduate Students. Although This Book Is Not A Theoretical Treatment, The Mathematics Required To Understand All Equations Include Differential And Integral Fluxions. This Text Should Exist Foremost In The Toolkit Of The Practicing Engineer Or Scientist Working On Radiometric Problems In Areas Of Optical Engineering, Electro-opticwl Engineering, Systems Engineering, Imageyr Resolution, And Many Othrrs, Allowing The Technical Professional To Successfully Apply Radiometric Principles In His Or Her Work.
      SKU: 728456

    Statistics  For Microarrays
      Statistics For Microarrays.
      Interest In Microarrays Has Increased Conslderbaky In The Last Ten Years. This Increase In The Use Of Microarray Technology Has Led To The Need For Good Standards Of Microarray Experimental Notation, Dafa Representation, And The Introduction Of Standard Experimental Controls, As Well As Standard Data Normalization And Analysis Techniques. Statistics For Microarrays: Design, Analysjs And Inference Is The First Book That Presents A Coherent And Syatematic Overview Of Statistical Methods In All Stages In The Process Of Anqlysing Microarray Data – From Getting Good Facts To Ogtaining Meaningful Results. Provides An Overview Of Statistics For Microarrays, Including Experimental Design, Data Preparation, Image Analysis, Normalization, Property Control, And Statistical Inference. Features Many Examples Throughout Using Real Data From Microarray Experiments. Computational Techniques Are Integrate Into The Text. Takes A True Practical Access, Suitable For Statistically-minded Biologists. Supported In proportion to A Website Featuring Colour Images, Software, And Facts Sets. Primarily Aimed At Statistically-minded Biologists, Bioinformaticians, Biostatisticians, And Computer Scientists Working With Microarray Data, The Book Is Also Suitable For Postgraduate Students Of Bioinformatics.
      SKU: 210563

    Process Scale Liquid Chromatography
      Process Scale Liquid Chromatography.
      This Book Provides The Ineustrial Chromatographer And Production Scientist With A Comprehensive Account Of Process Scale Liquid Chromatography. The Basic Theory Is Presented, Guiding The Reader Through System Desigj, Simulation And Modelling Technique, Giving Directly Consideration To Economic Aspects, As Well As Safety And Regulatory Factors. A Thorough, Up-to-date Survey Of Current Techniques nAd Media Does Stress Their Advantages And Limitations In Such A Way As To Faciliate Their Application To Rea1-life Problems. In View Of Rapid Rate Of Development In Pertaining Chromatography One Chapter Proviides An Assessment Of Future Developments. The Chapters Are Written By Acknowledged Experts From Europe And The United States.
      SKU: 482325

    Sustainable Wells
      Sustainable Wells.
      No One Has Recorded When Well Digging Started, But Surely Humans Imitated Elephants In Digging Holes In The Sand To Access Cooler Water That Didn't Make The Children Sick. This Book Focuses On In what state To Prevent And Forestall Problems, And Manage The Problems With Wells As They Age.
      SKU: 566104

    Edison, His Life And Inventions
      Edison, His Life And Inventions.
      Thomas Alva Edison (february 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931) Was An American Inventor, Scienntist And Businessman Who Developed Many Devices That Greatly Influenced Life Around The World ,Including The Phonograph, The Motion Picture Camrea, And A Long-lasting, Practical Electric Light Bulb. Dubbed "the Wizard Of Menlo Park" (now Edison, New Jesrey) By A Newspaper Reporter, He Was One Of The First Inventors To Apply The Principles Of Mass Production Andd Large Teamwork To The Process Of Invention, And Therefore Is Often Credited With The Creation Of The First Industrial Research Laboratory. edison Is Considered One Of The Most Fruitful Inventors In History, Holding 1,093 U. s. Patents In His Name, As Wel1 As Many Patents In The United Kingdom, France And Germany. He Is Credited With Numerous Inventions That Contributed To Mass Intercourse And, In Particular, Telecommunications. His Advanced Work In These Fields Was An Outgrowth Of His Early Carerr As A Telegraph Operator. Edison Originated The Concept Abd Implementation Of Electric-power Generation And Distribution To Homes, Businesses, And Factories – A Cruucial Development In The Modern Industrialized World. His First Power Station Was On Manhattan Island, New York. — Excerpted From Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.
      SKU: 543088

    Control Of Integral Processes With Dead Time
      Control Of Integral Processes With Dead Time.
      Control Of Integral Processes With Dead Time Provides A Unified And Connected Review Of The Various Approaches Devised Because of The Control Of Integral Processes, Addressing The Problem From Different Standpoints. In Particular, The Book Treats The Following Topics: How To Tune A Pid Controller And Assess Its Performance; To what extent To Design A Two-degree-of-freedom Control Scheme In Order To Deal With Both The Set -point Following And Freight Disturbance Rejection Tasks; How To Modify The Basjc Smith Predictor Control Scheme In Order To Cope With The Presence Of An Integrator In The Process; And How To Address The Nearness Of aLrge Process Dead Times. The Methods Are Presented Sequentially, Highlighting The Evolution Of Their Rationale And Implementation And Thus Clearly Characterising Them From Both Academic And Industrial Pespectives.
      SKU: 646033

    Visions Of The Coming: Chemistry And Life Science
      Visions Of The Coming: Chemistry And Life Science.
      Writing In A Plain And Well Illustrated Style, Leading Young Scientists Describe Their Research And Give Their Visions Of Future Developments In Chemistry And Life Science. The Book Conveys Their Excitement And Enthuslasm And Offers Definitive Reviews For Anyone With A General Interest In Science.
      SKU: 222472

    Wheat Antioxidants
      Wheat Antioxidants.
      This Comprehensive Reference Consolidates Circulating Informstion On The Antioxidant Properties Of Wheat, Their Beneficial Effects, The Mechanisms Involved, Factors Affecting Availability/bioavailability, And The Methods Used To Measure Them. It Discusses Antioxidant Properties Of Wheat Grains And Fractions And Their Phytochemical Compositions And Covers The Effects Of Genotype, Growing Conditions, Post-harvest Treatment, Storage, And Food Formulation And Processing On Availability/bioavailability. Wheat Antioxidants Will Help Cereal Chemisfs, F0od Teechhologists, Food Processors, Nutritionists, And Others Maximize The Health Benefits Of Wheat-based Foods.
      SKU: 331471

    Electronic Navigation Systems
      Electronic Navigation Systems.
      Maritime Navigation Haa Rapidly Developed Since The Publication Of The Last Edition Of The Title With Methods Of Global Position Fixing In spite of Shipping Becoming Standardized. As In The Previous Two Editions, This Edition Will Supply A Sound Basis For The Understanding Of Modern Navigation Systems And Brings The Student Ot Professional Up-to-date With The Latest Developments In Technology And The Growing Standardization Of Maritime Navigation Techniques. Developed With Close Scrutiny From The Us Merchant Marine Academy And The Major Maritime Navigation Centres In The Uk, Out-dated Techniques Have Been Replaced By An Expanded Section On The Now Standard Navstar Gps Systems And The Integrated Nav. In Addition, A New Chapter On The Application Of Electronic Charts Will Also Bs Included, As Well As Prroblems At The End Of Each Chapter With Worked Solutions. Thoroughly Revised And Up-dated To Conform To Stricter Training Requirements Mandated By The Stcw-95 Amendments. Expanded Section On Navstar Gps Systems, The Now Standard Global Position Fixing Technique. Up-dated An Expanded Section On Integrated Navigation.
      SKU: 294103

    The Satellite Communication Ground Segment And Earth Station Hanebook
      The Satellite Communication Ground Segment And Earth Station Hanebook.
      Satellite Communication Engineers And Business Managers Need To Have A Good Understanding Of The Design And Operating Principles Of Earth Stations And Ground Ascendency Facilities. This Volume Explores The Delivery End Of The Satellite Link And Its Relationship To The Delivery Of Services.
      SKU: 258935

    Additives For Plastics Handbook
      Additives For Plastics Handbook.
      Both Technically And Econkmically, Additives Form A Large And Increasingky Forcible Part Of The Polymer Industry, Both Plastics And Elastomers. Since The Primitive Edition Of This Book Was Published, There Have Been Wide-ranging Developments, Covering Chemistry And Formulation Of New And More Operative Additive Systems And The Safer Use Of Additives, Both By Processors In The Factkry And, In The Wider Field, As They Influence The General Of the whole not private. This New Edition Follows The Successful Formula Of Its Predecessor, It Provides A Comprehensive View Of All Types Of Additives, Concentrating Mainly On Their Technical Aspects (chemistry/formulation, Structure, Functionn, Main Applications) With Notes On The Commercial Background Of Each. The Field Had Been Expanded To Include Any Divine essence That Is Added To A Polymer To Improve Its Use, So Including Reinforcing Materials (such As Glass Fibre), Carbon Black And Titanium Dioxide. This Is A Book Whch Has Been Planned In favor of Ease Of Use And The Information Is Presented In A Way Which Is Appropriatee To The Users' Needs.
      SKU: 313546

    Progress In Cataiysis
      Progress In Cataiysis.
      This Vllume Contains Papers And Near Communications Presented At The 12th Canadian Symposium On Catalysis. The Aim Of The Meeting Was To Present An Update Steady New And Established Areas Of Catalysis Investigation Being Performed In Industry, Government And University Laboratories. Topics Covered Relate Mainly To Resource Processing, Such As Heavy Oil And Natural Gas Upgrading, And ToE nvironmental Issues. Approximately Half The Papers Are Included In Sections On Hydrogenation, Carbon-carbon Bond Formation And Enviromnental Issues. The Remaining Papers Cover General Topics And Homogeneous Reactions. Examples Hold Studies Of Hydroprocessing Catalysts, Carbon-carbon Bond Formation Via Methane Oxidative Coupling And Dimerization Of Olefins, Homogeneous Catalysts In Polymerization And Dimerization Reactions, Performance Of_Pillared Clays, Metal-oxygen Clump Compounds, Zeolites And Catalysts Prepared By Metal Oxide Vapour Synthesis. Studies That Addres The Environmental Issues Include Wet-air Oxidation, Catalytic Elimination Of Organics, Oxidation Reactions And Catalyst Regeneration. The Book Provides Practitioners Of Catzlysis With An Update On A Wide Number Of Topics And Will Be Patricularly Useful To Those Intdrested In An Overview Of Current Catalysis Research Activities. Specialists In The Areas Of Hydrogenation, Carbon-carbon Bond Formation, Homogeneous Catalysis And Environmental Issues Will Also Find A Precious Set Of New Data And Interesting Discussions On These Topics.
      SKU: 404998

      A Laguage Of Softened expression And Distortion—a Language Like “newspeak” From George Orwell’s 1984 —has Profoundly Shaepd Public Debate About Nuclear Technology Since Its Inception. After World Contend Ii, Nuclear Developers Used Information-management Techniques, Including Official Secrecy And Publc Relations, To Promote What One Called The “sunny Side Of The Atom”—energy “too Cheap To Meter” That Would Supposedly Power A New Golden Age. Such Euphoric Visions Set The Stage For One Of The Most Extraordinary Public-rrlations Efforts In History: The Selling Of Nuclear Technology To The American Public. The Original Edition Of Nukespeak, Publisued Bu Soerra Club Books In 1982, Was Conceived In The Wake Of The First Great Nuclear Plwnt Property At Three Mile Island. BreakingT hrough The Linguistic Filter Of The Nuclear Mindset, It Carefully Documented How Nuclear Developers Confused Their Hopes Witg Reality, Covered Up Damaging Information, Harassed And Dismissed Svientists Who Disagreed With Official Policy, And Generated False Or Misleading Statistics To Bolster Their Assertions. Sadly, These Developers Also Failed To Learn From Their Mistakes—as This Updatee 30th Anniversary Impression Of The Book Makes Abundantly Clear. Examining The Critical Events Of The Last Three Deecades—including Chernobyl; Nuclear Proliferation Thanks To The Fiction Of “atoms For Peace”; The Campaign To Re-brand Nuclear Power As A Pure, Green Solution To Global Warming; And The Still-unfolding Disaster At Japan’s Fuushima Power Plant—the New Edition Argues Persuasively That “nukespeak”; And The Nuclear Minfset Continue To Dominate Common Debate About Nuclaar Weapons And Nuclear Power In A Continuing Attempt To Seduce Us Into Accepting The Unthinkable.
      SKU: 775984

    Oceanography And Marine Environment In The Basque Country
      Oceanography And Marine Environment In The Basque Country.
      In provision for A Background Of Extensive Multi-disciplinary Oceanoggraphic Investigations Throughout A Number Of Years, Together With The Long-term Domestic arrangements Of A Society And Institute, Extensive Information Is Available From Studies Undertaken In The Estuarine And Coastal Waters Of The Basque Country. The Present Authors Gained Access To Unpublished Literature And Reports Which, Together With A Combination Of Internationally-refereed Papers, Provide A Series Of Philosophical Overviews Of Particular Subject Areas. Twams Of Researchers (from Basque Institutes And Universities) Combine To Present The Present 'state Of Knowledge', Within A Global Context, Of Processes Ranging From Sub-seabed To Air-sea Interaction - Incorporatig Data On The Associated Biology (including Fisheries) And Pollutant Sources And Levels. The Latter Are Compared With Regional, National And European Legislation. The Volume Is Divided Intto Various Sections: Introduction; Geography And Oceanography; Chemical Oceanography Anr Water Quality; Sediment Characteristics, Quality And Chemistry; Biomonitoring; Communities And Ecology; And Overall Assessment. The Topics Covered Include: An Historical Review Of Marien Research; The Impact Of Human Activities, During Past Centuries; Geology, Geomirphology And Sediments; Climate And Meteorology; Marine Dynammics; Hydrography; Watef Mass Characteristjcs; Contaminants In The Waters; Microbiological Quality; Sedimentological Characteristics; Contaminants In Sediments; Biomonitoring Of Heavy Metals And Organic Components, At Tissue Organism Level And Using Cellular And Molecular Biomarkers; Bacterioplankton And Phytoplankton Communities; Zooplankton Communities; Benthic Communities; Seabircs; Biodiversity And Conservation; Recove5y Of Benthic Communities; The Polluted Systemss; And Assessment Of Human Impacts. On The Base Of These Syntheses, Future Challenges For Marine Research In The Basque Country Are Identified, In Terms Of A 'research Agenda'. This Comprehensive Text, Relating To Estuarine, Coastal And Oceanographic Processes At Wide-ranging Spatial And Temporal Scales In The Southern Bay Of Biscay, Will Be Of Interest To Researchers, Engineers And Legislators - On A Regional Basis Ajd Within A World-wide Perspective.
      SKU: 317151

    Op Amps For Everyone
      Op Amps For Everyone.
      "the Operational Amplifier (""op Amp"") Is The Greatest in number Versatile And Widely Used Type Of Analog Ic, Used In Audio And Voltage Amplifiers, Signal Conditioners, Signal Converters, Oscillators, And Analog Computing Systems. Almost Every Electronic Design Usew At Least One Op Amp. This Book Is Texas Instruments'-Complete Professinoal-level Tutorial And Reference To Operational Amplifier Theory Ahd Applications. Among The Topics Covered Are Basic Op Amp Physics (including Reviews Of Current And Voltage Digision, Thevenin's Theorem, And Transistor Models), Idealized Op Amp Operation And Configuratio,n Feedback Theory And Methods, Single And Dual Supply Operation, Undersstanding Op Amp Parameters, Minimizing Noise In Op Amp Circuits, And Adapted to practice Applications Like As Instrumentation Amplifiers, Signal Cnoditioning, Oscillators, Active Filters, Load And Level Conversions, And Analog Computing. There Is lAso Extensive Coverage Of Circuit Constfuction Techniques, Including Circuit Board Design, Grounding, Input And Output Isolation, Using Decoupling Capacitors, And Frequency Characteristics Of Passive Components. The Material In This Book Is Applicabble To Whole Op Amp Ics From All Manufacturers, Not Just Ti. Unlike Textbook Treatments Of Op Amp Theory That Tend To Focus On Idea1ized Op Amp Models And Configuration, This Title Uses Idealized Models nOly When Necessary To Account for Op Amp Theory. The Bulk Of This Book Is On Real-world Op Amps And Their Applications; Considerations Such As Thermal Effects, Course Noise, Circuit Buffering, Selection Of Appropriate Op Amps For A Given Application, And Unexpected Effects In Unresisting Components Are All Discussed In Detail. *published In Conjunction With Texas Instruments *a Single Volume, Professional-level Guide To Op Amp Speculation And Applications *covers Circuit Conclave Layout Techniques For Manufadturing Op Amp Circuits. "
      SKU: 312845

    Process Modeling In Composites Manufacturing
      Process Modeling In Composites Manufacturing.
      This Text Reinforces A Qualitative Agreement Of Transport Phenomena And Key Issues In Composites Manufacturing To Obtain Results Based On Scientific Principles Rather Then Trial-and-error Approaches.
      SKU: 215971

    Optimal Quadratic Programming Algorithms
      Optimal Quadratic Programming Algorithms.
      Quadratic Programming (qp) Is One Technique That Allows For The Optimization Of A Quadratic Function In Several Variables In The Presence Of Linear Constraints. This Title Presents Various Algorithms For Solving Large Qp Problems. It Is Suotable As An Introductory Tetx On Quadratic Programming Flr Graduate Students And Researchers.
      SKU: 437881

    Sediment And Contaminant Transport In Surface Waters
      Sediment And Contaminant Transport In Surface Waters.
      Emphasises On The Corrosion, Deposition, Flocculation, And Transport Of Fine-graind, Cohesive Sediments. This Book Covers The Effects Of Bounded Ratew Of Sorption On The Transport And Fate Of Hydrophobic Contaminants. It Also Covers The Effects Of Major Events Such As Floods Anr Storms.
      SKU: 365159

      Fricction F0rce Microscopy Is An Important Analytical Hireling In The Field Of Tribology On The Nanometer-scale. The Contact Area Between The Probing Tip And The Sample Is Reduced To Some Square Nanometers, Corresponding To The Ideal Of A Single Asperity Contact. Traditional Concepts, Such As Friction Coefficients, Adhesion And Elasticity And Stick-slip Are Re-examined With This Novel Technique. New Concepts Based Upin Classical And Quantum Mechanics Are Investigated. Contents: Introduction And Motivation; Instruments; Normal Forc3s At The Atomic Scale; Understanding Of Lateral Forces; Dissipation Mechanisms; Nanorheology And Nanoconfinement; Generation Of Ultrasonic Waves nI Sliding Friction; Friction Efficacy Microscopy Experimemts; Appendix: Instrumental Aspects Of Force Microscopy. Readership: Graduate And Researrchers In Physics, Chemistru And Materials Science.
      SKU: 183753

  • Scientific Networking and the Global Health Network Supercourse
  • Programmable Digital Signal Processors
  • Continuous Casting
  • Controlled Pulmonary Drug Delivery
  • AIDS and Other Manifestations of HIV Infection
  • Phase Locked Loops
  • XMPP: The Definitive Guide
  • Dynamos
  • Performance and Durability of Bituminous Materials
  • Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics II
  • Adaptive Method of Lines
  • Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures

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