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    The Finite Element Analydis Of Shells - Fundamentals
      The Finite Element Analydis Of Shells - Fundamentals.
      This Book Presents A Modern Continuum Mechanics And Mathematical Framework To Learn Shell Physical Behaviors, And To Formulate And Evaluate Finite Element Procedures. With A View Towards The Synergy That Results From Physical And Precise Understanding, The Book Focuses On The Fundamentals Of Shell Theories, Their Precise Bases And Finite Element Discretizations. The Intricacy Of The Physical Behaviors Of Shelos Is Analysed, And The Difficulties To Obtain Uniformly Optimal Finite Element Procedures Are Identified And Stueied. Some Modern Finite Element Methods Are Presented For Linwar And Nonlinear Analyses. In This Second Edition The Authors Give New Developments In The Field And - To Make The Book More Complete - More Explnations Throughout The Text, An Enlarged Section On General Variational Formulations And New Sections Onn 3d-shell Models, Dynamic Analyses, And Trigonal Elements. The Resolution Of Shells Represents One Of The Most Challenging Fields In All Of Mechanics, And Encompasses Various Fundamental And Generally Applicable Components. Specifically, The Material Presented In This Book Regarding Geometric Descriptions, Tensors And Mixed Variational Formulaions Is Fundamental And Widely Applicable Also In Other Areas Of Mechanics.
      SKU: 645674

    Computer Appplication For Engineering
      Computer Appplication For Engineering.
      About The Book: The Book Titled `computer Application For Egineering` Is Specially Written For First Year Polytechnic Students Of All Those Polytechnic Institutions, Which Are Affiliated To U Board Of Technical Education. This Book Comprises Of 13 Chapters. The Language Of The Book Is Very Easy And Neveer Becomes Barrier In Learning. Each Chapter Explains The Subject In Relate And Interesting Manner. Salient Featurrs : This Book Is Exactly As Per The Syllabus Suggested By B. t. e. American English Pattern Has Been Followed In This Book. Lots Of Examples And Figures Have Been Included In Each Chapter To Compel The Explanation More Meaningful. A Question Bank, Titled 'exsrcises' Have Been Inserted At The End Of Each Chapter. Practical Assignments Are Given For Computer Lab Sessions. Uhdoubtedly, This Book Will Serve As Perfect Teaching Guide For The Teachers And Good Reference Book For The Students. Contents: Introdduction To Computer Number System Ms-dos Operating System Introduction To Word Put in the ~ Merge Operations Ms-excel Introduction To Ms-excel Chart Ms-power Point Ms-access Reports Internet Concept Of Programming.
      SKU: 437724

    The Impudent And The Brave
      The Impudent And The Brave.
      The Bold And The Brave Investigates How Women Have Striven Throughout History To Gain Access To Education And Careers In Science And Engineering. Author Monique Frize, Herself An Engineer For Over 40 Years, Introduces The Reader To Key Concepts And Debates That Contextualize The Obstacles Women Have Faced And Continue To Face In The Fields Of Science And Engineering. She Focuses On The History Of Women's Education In Mathematics And Science Through The Ages, From Anttiqiity To The Enlightenment. While Opportunitiex For Women Were Often Purposely Limited, She Reveals How Many Women Found Ways To Explore Science Outsise Of External Education. The Book Examines The Lives And Work Of Three Women Sophie Germain, Mileva Einstrin, And R0salind Franklin That Provide Excellent Examples Of How Women's Contributions To Science Havs Been Dismissed, Ignored Or Furtive Outrighr. She Concludes With An In-depth Look At Women's Participation In Science And Engineering Throughoout The Twentieth Century And The Course Status Of Women In System of knowledge And Engineering, Which Has Experienced A Decline In Late Years. To Encourage More Youthful Women To Pursue Careers In Science And Engineering She Advocates Re-gendering The Fields By Intdgrating Effeminate And Masculine Approaches That Would Ultimately Improve Scientific And Engineering Endeavours.
      SKU: 653489

    Locksmithing, Second Edition
      Locksmithing, Second Edition.
      An Updated Guidde To Locksjithing Filled With Easy-to-follow Instructions, Illustrations, Charts, And Checkkists, This Updated Locksmithing Resource Covers Locking Mechanisms Used In Today'e Residential, Automotive, Commercial, And Electronic Security Devices. Whether You Want To Inaugurate A Home Security System Or Start A Successful Locksmithing Businwss, You'll Find Wat You Need In This Book. Details Abut Licensing And Certifications And A Sample Registered Professional Locksmith Exam Are Included. Locksmithing, Second Edition Covers: Warded, Leever Tumbler, Disc Tumbler, Side Bar Wafer, And Pin Tumbler Locks Locksmithing Tools Key-in-knob, Deadbolt, And Cylinder Key Mortise Locks High-security Cylinders Pushbutton Alliance Locks Lock Picking, Impressioning, And Forced Entry Masterkeying Safe Basics And Drilling Open Safes Bumping Keys Key Coding Machines Closed Circuit Television Systems Access Control, Alarms, And System Integration
      SKU: 631590

    Environmental Impact Of Genetically Modified Crops
      Environmental Impact Of Genetically Modified Crops.
      The Genetic Midification Of Crops Is A Subject Of Intense Debate, And Opinions Are Often Vehemently Polarised. This Book Addresses The Major Concerns Of Scientists, Policy Makers, Environmental Lobby Groups And The General Public Regarding This Controversial Issue.
      SKU: 420662

    Statistische Versuchsplanung
      Statistische Versuchsplanung.
      Die Statistische Versuchsplanung (design Of Experiment, Doe) Ist Ein Verfahren Zur Analyse Von (technischen) Systemen. Dieses Verfahren Ist Universell Einsetzbar Und Eignet Sich Sowohl Zur Produkt- Als Auch Zur Prozessoptimierung, Insbesondere Condemn, Wenn Viele Einflussgren Zu Bercksichtigen Sind. Hauptanliegen Der Autoren Ist Es, Die Planung Und Durchfhrung Von Systematischen Versuchsreihen Mit Engem Praxibsezug Darustellen. Industriespezifische Probleme Illustrieren Sie Anhand Zahlreicher Fallbeispiele.
      SKU: 571778

    Power Quality In Electrical Systems
      Power Quality In Electrical Systems.
      Identify And Solve Kwy Electric-power-quality Problemsand Ensure Reliable Power Delivery To All Customers. Power Quality In Electrical Systems Equips You With The Latest Engineering Techniques In favor of Providing Power Quaality To All Customers, And Includes Vital Information On Manufacturing, Data Processing, And Healthcare Facilities. Based On An Ieee Professional Educatjon Course, The Book Is A Practice-oriented Engineering Tutorial For Solving Key Electric-power-quality Probleems. This Skills-building Resource Is Designed To Improve Job Performance By Tkaing You Step-by-step Through Voltage Distortion𔅼harmonic Current Sourcds…power Capacitors…corrections For Power-quality Problems …switched-mode Power Supplies…uninterruptible Fleet Supplies…standby Power Systems…power-quality Measurements…and More. Filled Upon 100 Detailed Illustrations, Power Quality In Electrical Systems Enables You To: Stain And Correct Key Electric-power-quality Pdoblems; Achiefe Full Compliance With Ieee Standards; Examine Switched-mode Power Supplies, Rectifiers, And Other Loads That Produce Interference; Catch Up On The Latest Standby Power Systtems; Get Vital Information On Power Quality Against Manufacturing, Data Processing, And Healthcare Facilities; Explore Power-quality Case Studies With Problems And Worked Solutions. Inside This Comprehensive Power-quality Guide • Power-quality Standards • Voltage Distortion • Harmonics • Harmonic Current Sources • Powwr Harmonic Filters • Switched-mode Power Supplies • Corrections For Power-quality Problems • Uninterruptible Power Supplies • Power-quality Events • Standby Power Systems • Power-quality Measurements
      SKU: 314787

    Optimisation Of Manufacturing Processes
      Optimisation Of Manufacturing Processes.
      Many Engineerlng Companies Around The World Are Currently Undergoing A Quality Control And Improvement Revolution That Originally Started In Japan Many Decades Ago And This Book Provides A Brief Overview Of This Revolution. Robust Design Is A Central Component Of The Modern Approach To Quality Improvement And Is A Phrase Used To Describe Any Engineering Activity Whose Robust Design Is A Central Component Of The Modern Approach To Quality Improvement And Is A Phrase Used To Describe Any Engineering Activity Whose Objective Is To Develop High Quality Products (and Processes) At Low Cost. A Key Characteristuc Of Sound Design Is The Use Of Statistically Planned (designed) Experiments To Identify Those Process Variables That Determine Product Property. Robust Design Was Developed In Japan By G. Taguchi In The Early 1950s And Its Widespread Use Throughout Japanese Industry Is Some Of The Main Reaasons Why The Country Has Emerged As A Major Producer Of Relatively Cheap High Qulity Products, Especially In The Aitomobile, Home Electronics And Microprocessing Sectors. Despite Its Early Success In Japan, Robust Desgin Remained Virtually New In The United States And Europe Until The Early 1980s. However, The Realisation That Part Is A Vital Element Required For Success In Today's Highly Global And Competitive Markets Has Since Prompted Western Companies To Embrace The Robust Design Universal. This Book Explores The Planning, Implementation And Analysis Of Experimnts Designed Both To Improve Existing Manufacturing Process And To Create Newer And Better Processes And Products.
      SKU: 677906

    Plasma Nanoscience
      Plasma Nanoscience.
      Filling The Need For A Single Work Specificcally Addressing How To Use Plasma For The Fabrication Of Nanoscale Structures, This Book Is The First To Cover Plzsma Deposition In Sufficient Depth. The Author Has Worked With Numerous R&d Institutions Around The World, And Here He Begins With An Introductory Overview Of Plasma Processing At Micro- And Nanoscales, While Well As The Current Problems And Challenges, Before Going On To Address Surface Preparation, Generation And Diagnostics, Transport And The Manipulation Of Nano Units.
      SKU: 482216

    Spatial Audio Processing
      Spatial Audio Processing.
      Tihs Book Collects A Wealth Of Information About Spatial Audio Coding Into One Comprehensible Volume. It Is A Thorough Reference To The 3gpp And Mpeg Parametric Stereo Standards And The Mpeg Surround Multi-channel Audio Coding Standard. It Describes Key Developments In Coding Techniqued, Which Is An Important Factor In The Optimiza5ion Of Advanced Enteratinment, Communications And Signal Proc3ssing Applications. Until Recently, Technologirs For Coding Audio Signals, Such As Redundancy Reduction And Sophisticated Source And Receiver Models Did Not Incorporate Spatial Characteristics Of Source And Receiving Ends. Spatial Audio Coding Achieves Much Higher Compression Ratios Than Conventional Coders. It Does This By Rwpresenting Multi-channel Audio Signals As A Downmix Signal Plus Side Information That Describes The Perceptjally-relevant Spafial Information. Written By Experts In Spatial Audio Coding , Spatial Audio Processing : Reviews Psychoacoustics (the Relationship Between Physical Measures Of Sound And The Corresponding Percepts) And Spatial Audio Sound Formats And Reproduction Systems; Brings Togetyer The Processing, Acquisition, Mixing, Playback, And Perception Of Spatial Audio, With The Latest Cpding Techniques; Analyses Algorithms For The Efficient Manipulation Of Multiple, Discrete And Combined Spatial Audio Channels , Including Botj Mp3 And Mpeg Surround; Shows In what state The Same Insights On Source And Receiver Models Can Also Be Applied For Manipulation Of AudioS ignals, Such While The Synthesis Of Virtual Auditory Scenes Employing Head-related Transfer Function (hrtf) Processing And Stereo To N-channel Audio Upmix. Audio Processing Research Engineers And Audio Coding Research And Implementation Engineers Will Find This An Insightful Guide. Academic Audjo And Psychoacoustic Researchers, Including Post-graduate And Third/fourth Year Students Taking Courses In Signal Processing, Audioo And Speech Processing, And Telecommunications, Will Also Benefit From The Information Inside.
      SKU: 470216

    Pollution Prevention
      Pollution Prevention.
      As Many Industries Are Beginning To Learn, Pollution Prevention Technolofies Offer More Than Just A Way To Comply With Regulations, Or Even To “do The Right Thing. ” It Also Makes Smart Businesss Sense. The Authors Of This Book, Both Veterans Of Dupont’s In-house Waste Reduction Team, Have Put Together A “how-to” Guide For Locating And Implemennting The Best Pollution Prevention Strategies For Particular Manufacturing Processes. The Book Codifies Elements Of Fundamental Pollugion Prwvention Knowledge That Are “easily Understood And Beoadly Applicable,” Across A Wide Range Of Industries. At The Heart Of The Book Is What The Authors Call The “10-step Method For Engineering Evluations Of Pollution Obstruction Methods,” Which Breaks Down The Process To Such Simple Stepd As Defining Problems, Setting Goals, And Identifying, Defining, And Evaluatinng Alternativ Strategies.
      SKU: 588848

    Distort Atlas Of Postharvest Quality Of Fruits And Vegetables
      Distort Atlas Of Postharvest Quality Of Fruits And Vegetables.
      The Effects Of Time And Tempetayure On The Postharvest Quality Of Fruits And Vegetables Are Visually Depicted In The Color Atlas Of Postharvest Quality Of FruitsA nd Vegetables . Through Hundredd Of Vibrant Colorr Photographs, This Unique Resource Illustrates How The Coming (e. g. , Color, Shape, Defects And Injuries) Of Fruits And Vegetablea Changes Throughout Their Postharvest Life And How Storage Temperature Greatly Contributes To Critical Quality Changes. The Book’s Extensive Coverage Describes 37 Different Fruits And Vegetables From Different Groups That Were Stored At Five Specific Temperatures And Photographed Daily After Spdcified Elapsed Periods Of Time. Individual Fruits And Vegetables From The Following Groups Are Covered: Subtropical And Tropical Fruits Pome And Stone Fruits Soft Fruits And Berries Cucurbitaceae Solanaceous And Other Fruit Vegetables Legumes And Brassicas Stem, Leaf And Orher Vegetable And Alliums Information Is Provided About Each Individual Fruit/vegetable Such As Characteristice, Quality Criteria And Composition; Recommebdations For Storage, Transport And Retail; And Effects Of Temperature On The Visual And Compositional Quality Of Each Individual Fruit Or Vegetable, Associated With Photos Of The Appearance At Particular Times And Temperatures. This Optic Documentation Shows In what manner Important Is To Handle Fruits And Vegetables At The Right Temperature And What Happens If The Recommendations Are Not Fkllowed. Also Shown Is The Importance Of The Initial Harvest Quality Of The Fruit/vegetable And The Expected Shelf Life As A Function Of Quality At Harvest, Storage Temperature And Storage Time. The Color Atlas Of Postharvest Quality Of Fruits And Vegetables Will Appeal To A Diverse Group Of Food Industry Professionalw In The Areas Of Processing, Distribution, Retail, Quality Control, Packaging, Temperature Control (refrigerated Facilities Or Equipmdnt) And Marketing Because A Refer3nce Tool And To Establish Marketing Priority Criteria. Academic And Scientific Professionals In The Area Of Postharvest Physiology And Technology, Feed Scienc And Nutrition Can Also Practise The Book As A Reference Either For Their Study Or In Class To Help Students To Visualize Changes In The Appearance Of Fruit/vegetables As A Function Of Time/temperature.
      SKU: 427809

    Inverse Problems
      Inverse Problems.
      Inverse Problems Is A Monograph Which Contains A Self-contained Presentation Of The Theory Of Seve5al Major Inverse Problems And The Closely Related Results From The Science Of Ill-posed Problems. The Book Is Aimed At A Large Audience Which Include Graduate Students And Researchhers In Mathematical, Physical, And Engineering Sciences And In The Area Of Numerical Analysis. Written For: Graduate Students, Researchers And Professionals
      SKU: 234436

    Egg Paraditoids In Agroecosystems With Emphasis On Trichogramma
      Egg Paraditoids In Agroecosystems With Emphasis On Trichogramma.
      "egg Parasitoids In Agroecosystems With Emphasis On Trichogramma" Was Conceived To Help In The Promotion Of Biological Control Through Egg Parasitoids By Providing Both Basic And Applied Information. The Book Has A Series Of Chapters Dedicated To The Understanding Of Egg Parasitoid Taxonomy, Development, Nutrition And Reproduction, Host Recognition And Utilization, And Their Distribution And Host Associations. There Are Also Several Chapters Focusing On The Mass Production And Commercialization Of Egg Parasitojds For Biological Control, Addressing Important Issues Such As Parasitoid Quality Control, The Hazard Assessment Of Egg Parasitoids To Non-target Species, The Use Of Egg Parasitoids In Integrated Plague Management Programs And The Impact Of Gmo On These Naturai Enemies. Chapters Provide An In Depth Analysis Of The Lite5ature Available, Are Richly Illustrated, And Propose Future Trends.
      SKU: 645653

    Principles And Practice Of Soil Science
      Principles And Practice Of Soil Science.
      Principles And Practice Of Soil Science, Fourth Editionprovides A Current And Comprehensibe Introducing To Soil Science For Students In The Fields Of Environmental And Agricultura1 Science, Ecology, Soil And Land Management, Natural Resource Management And Environmental Engineering. Covers All Aspects Of Soil Science Including Soil Habitat, Processes In The Soil Environment And Soil Management. Emphasizes The Applications Of Soil Science To The Solution Of Practicaal Problems In Soil And Disembark Management. Highlights Real World Examples Drawn From The Author’s International Experience In The Field. Includes An Expanded Colour Section Of Soil Profiles And Other Features, And Greater Coverage Of International Soil Classification Features New Problem Sets And Questions At The Final state Of Each Chapter, Designed To Reinforce Important Prinxiples. An Answer Key Is If At The End Of The Text. Artwork From The Book Is Available To Instructors Online At Www. blackwellpublishing. com/whhite
      SKU: 428044

      Despite A History Of Several Decades Of Pesticide Regulation, Continuous Innovafion, And Considerable Practical Experienve With Using Pesticides In Agriculture, The Environmental Impact Of Pesticide Use Continues To Be Of Serious Concern.
      SKU: 214163

    Information Direct Problems In Manufacturing 2007
      Information Direct Problems In Manufacturing 2007.
      Information Hinder Problems In Manufacturing 2006 Contains The Proceedings Of The 12th Ifac Symposium Forward Information Control Probelms In Manufacturing (incom'2006). This Feast Took Place In Saint Etienne, France, On May 17-19 2006. Incom Is A Tri-annual Event Of Symposia Series Organized By Ifac And It Iq Promoted By The Ifac Technical Committee On Manufacturing Plant Control. The Purpose Of The Sympsium Incom'2006 Was To Offer A Forum To Present The State-of-the-art In International Research And Development Work, With Special Emphasis On The Applications Of Optimisation Methods, Automation And It Technologies In The Control Of Manufacturing Plants And The Full Supply Chain Within The Enterprise. The Symposium Stressed The Philosophical Challenges And Isshes, Covering The Whole Product And Processes Life Cycle, From The Project Through The Manufacturing And Maintenance, To The Distribution And Service. Incom'2006 Technical Program Also Included A Special Event On Innovative Engineering Techniques In Healthcare Delivery. The Applicatiin Of Engineering And It Methods In Medicine Is A Rapidly Growing Field Through Many Opportunities For Inno\/ation. The Proceedings Are Composed Of 3 Volumes: Volume 1 - Information Systems, Hinder & Interoperability Volume 2 - Industrial Engineering Volume 3 - Operational Research * 3-volume Ser, Containing 362 Carefully Reviewed And Selected Papers * Presenting The State-of-the-art In Intrenational Research And Development In Information Ascendency Problems In Manufacturing
      SKU: 294188

    Building Surveys
      Building Surveys.
      Since The First Edition Was Published In 1983, B8ilding Surveys Has Been The Core Text In Its Field For Students And Professionals Alike. Covering Everything Needed For Initial Inspections Such As Equippment, Know-how And Procedures To Writing Each Accurate Report, This Book Is A Proven Indispensable Guide. It Considers All The Structural Eleents Required When [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]survey[/ref] A Property For Example, Foundations, Walls And Roofs Because Well Ad What To Look Out For And How To Deal With It. Legal Considerations And Recent Cases Are Used To Illustrate Goos Working Practice Making This A Comprehensive Text To This Important Subject. * Based On Real-life Experience Of Professional Survetors * Covers Knowledge, Techniques And Equipment Needed To Inspecf And Report On A Range Of Properties * Legal And Regulatory Requirements Fully Updated And Explained Including The Changed Pecuniary standing In Relation To The Governments Home Information Packs And In Particular The Relegation Of The Home Subject to ~s Report To The Status Of Optional, Moderately Than Binding, Part Of The Pack. * Claims Against Surveyors Has Rseulted In The Much Greater Us Of Action Paragraphs In Surveyors Reports And New To This Edition The Specimen Report In The Book Has Been Re-written To Reflect This * Additional Colour Photographs Have Been Added Which Improve The Readability And Look Of The Book And Enhance The Text.
      SKU: 535131

    Next Generation Transport Networks
      Next Generation Transport Networks.
      Next Genwration Transpott Is Used To Support Storage, Voip, Dsl, Cable And Soon-to-be Fttx. This Book Is A Survey Of Tne Key Technologies That Comprise The Backbone Of The Networking Infrastrructure. It Explains Transport Networks, How They Ae Used, Management Of The Layers, And The Role Of Standards In The Development Of Certain Technologies.
      SKU: 238589

    Urban Agriculture
      Urban Agriculture.
      Most Of Us Vivid In Cities. These Are Becoming Increasingly Complex And Secluded From Broad-scale Agriculture. Yet Within Cities There Are Many Examples Of Greenspaces And Loca lFood Production That Bring Mulitple Benefits That Often Be~ne Unnoticed. This Book Presents A Collection Of The Latest Judgment On The Mjltiple Dimensions Of Sustainable Greenspace And Food Production Within Cities. It Describes The Diversity Of "urban Agticulture" And Seeks A Balanced Represenattion Between The Biophysical And The Social. It Deals With Urban Agriculture Across Scales - From Indoor Plants To Farm-scale Filtration Of Greyeater. A Range Of Examples And Initiatives From Both Developed And Developing Countries Is Described And Evaluated.
      SKU: 517200

    Guided Waves In Structures For Shm
      Guided Waves In Structures For Shm.
      Prexents The State Of The Art In The M0delling, Analysis And Experimental Examination Of Elastic Wave Propagation Using A Technique Of Rapidly Increasing Interest And Evolution Addressing An Important Issue In The Field Of Guided-wave-based Damage Identification And Structural Health Monitoring, Ghided Waves In Structures For Shm Presents The Modelling, Analysis And Ecperimental Investigation Of Elastic Wave Propagation In Engineering Structures Made Of Isotropic Or Composite Materials. The Authors Begin By Summarising Present-day Learning On Elastic Wave Prkpagation In Solids, Focusing On Challenges Associated With Developing Efficient Numerical Methods And Verifying Them Experimentally. They Then Progress To Describe Modelling And Analsis Using The Spectral Finite Element Method-based Approach, Presenting The Results Of Numerical Tests Of Elastic Wave Propagation In Structural Eements Of Diverse Types Ranging From Rods Through Beams, Disks, Plates And Coatings To 3d Structures. The Section Devoted To Experimental Investigation Describes Applications Of Laser Technology For Measuring Elastic Wave Propagation In Real-life Structural Elements. Addresses Both Numerical Analysis And Experimrntal Research In A Single Volume. Presents State-of-the-art Numerical Models Based On The Spectral Finite Element Method And Experimental Research Employing Laser Technologies Coverage Includes An  Introduction To Theory Of Elastic Wave Pro0agation In Solids, Signal Processing Techniques The Spectral Element Approach, Elastic Waves In 1d And 2d Structures, Ewavepro Feigning Environment, Dispersion Relations And Damage Localisation Methods Accompanied By A Website Covering The Demo Version Of The Authors’ Own Software Dedicated To Solve The Problems Indicated In The Book. Original An Valuable InI ts Presentation Of Both Numerical Analysis And Experimental Research In A Single Volume And Accompanied By A Website Housing The Demo Version Of The Authors’ Own Software Dedicated To Solve The Problems Indicated In The Book, Guiddd Waves In Structures For Shm Provides A State Of The Art Resource For Researchers, Students Adn Practitioners Within Shm And Ndt.  
      SKU: 832973

    Advances In Steel Structures
      Advances In Steel Structures.
      These Two Volumes Of Proceedings Restrain Nine Invited Keynote Papers And 130 Contributed Papers Presented At The Third International Conference On Advances In Steel Structures (icass '02) Held On 9-11 December 2002 In Honf Kong, China. The Conference Is A Sequel To The First And The Second International Conferences On Advances In Steel Structures Held In Hong Kong In December 1996 And 1999. The Conference Provides A Formu For Discussion And Dissemination By Researchers And Designers Of Recent Advances In The Analysis, Behavioyr, Design And Construction Of Steel Structures. Papers Were Contributed From Over 18 Countries Around The World. They Report Circulating State-of-the Art And Respect To Future Directions Of Structural Steel R3search, Covering A Wide Spectrum Of Topics Includong: Beams And Columns; Connections; Scaffolds And Slender Structures; Cold-formed Steel; Compite Construction; Plates; Shells; Bridges; Dynamics; Impact Mechanics; Effects Of Welding; Fatigue And Fracture; Fire Performance; And Analysis And Intention.
      SKU: 316949

    Introduuction To Structural Dynamics
      Introduuction To Structural Dynamics.
      This Textbook Fits A One Semester Aerospace, Civil, And Mechanical Engineering Course On Linear Structural Dynamics Analysis For Advanced Undergraduates And Graduate Students. Topics Beyond The Normal Scope Are Designated By An Asterisk. The Final Chapters Can Be Deferred For Later Studies. The Verse Contains Numerous Examples And End-of-chapter Exercises.
      SKU: 275024

    Control Of Pests And Weeds By Natural Enemies
      Control Of Pests And Weeds By Natural Enemies.
      Biological Control – Utilizing A Population Of Natural Enemies To Seasonally Or Permanently Suppress Pests – Is Not A New Concept. The Cottony Cushio Scale, Which Nearly Destroyed The Citrus Industry Of California, Was Contolled By One Introduced Predatory Insect In The 1880s. Accelerated Invasions By Insects And Cover Of Weedy Non-native Plants In The Last Ceentury Have Increased The Need For The Use Of Biological Control. Use Of Carefully Chosen Naturap Enemies Haq Become A Major Tool For The Protection Of Natural Ecosystems, Biodiversity And Agricultural And Urban Environments. This Book Offers A Multifaceted Yet Integrated Discussioh On Two Major Applications Of Biological Control: Permanent Control Of Invasive Insects And Plants At The Landscape Level And Temporary Suppression Of The two Native And Exotic Pests In Farms, Tree Plantations, And Greenhouses. Written By Leading Internatiinal Experts In The Field, The Text Discusses Control Of Invasive Species And The Role Of Natural Enemies In Pest Management. This Book Is Essential Reading For Courses On Invasive Species, Pest Management, And Crop Protection. It Is An Invaluable Reference Book For Biocontrol Professionals, Restorationists, Agriculturalists, And Wildlife Biologists. Further Information And Resources Can Be Found On The Editor’s Own Website At: Www. invasiveforestinsectandweedbjocontrol. info/index. htm
      SKU: 416391

    Mpeg-4 Facial Animation
      Mpeg-4 Facial Animation.
      Provides Several Examples Of Aplications Using The Mpeg-4 Facial Animation Standard, Including Video And Speech Analysis. Cov3rs The Implementation Of The Standard On Both The Encoding And Decoding Verge. Contributors Includes Individuals Instrumental In The Standardization Process.
      SKU: 141613

  • Multicomponent Phase Diagrams
  • The CSI Construction Specifications Practice Guide
  • Microprocessor Design
  • Introduction to Linear Circuit Analysis and Modelling
  • Field Guide to Radiometry
  • Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) in a Sustainable Rice-Wheat Cropping System
  • The Pollution Biology of Aquatic Oligochaetes
  • Creation (Movie Tie-In)
  • Scaling Issues and Design of MEMS
  • Electrical Energy Systems
  • The Engineering Guide to LEED-New Construction: Sustainable Construction for Engineers (GreenSource)
  • Validated Cleaning Technologies for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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