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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    The Handbook Of Safety Engineering
      The Handbook Of Safety Engineering.
      This New Text Provides Instruction In Basic Engineering Principles, The Sciences, Cyber O;erations, Math Operations, Mechanics, Fire Science (wateerr Hydraulics, Etc. ), Electrical Safety, And The Technical And Administrative Aspects Of The Safety Profession, And Does So In An Accessible And Straightforward Way. It Is A Practical Handbook For Common Readers, Students, Professors, Industrial Hygienists, Senior Level Undergraduate And Graduate Students In Safety And Industrial Engineering, Science And Engoneering Professionals, Safety Researchers, Engineering Designers, Human Factor Specialists, And All Other Safety Practitioners.
      SKU: 500930

    The Biotechnology Revolution In Global Agriculture
      The Biotechnology Revolution In Global Agriculture.
      Biotechnology Processes Ar Fundamentally Changing The Nature Of The Products Being Produced In Agriculture. This Text Review sThe Global Canola Sectoe In Manage To Identify Fundamental Trends Resulting From The Adaptation Of Biotechnology.
      SKU: 293868

    Unaffected Analogue Studies In The Geoological Disposal Of Radioactive Wastes
      Unaffected Analogue Studies In The Geoological Disposal Of Radioactive Wastes.
      The First Purpose Of This Book Is To Provide A Comprehensive Review Of The State Of Developmsnt Of Natural Analogue Studies In the opinion of Emphasis On Those Studies Which Are Relevant To The Following Repository Designs: Nagra (switzerland) Disposal Conce;ts For High-level Waste/low And Intermediate-level Waste; Skb (sweden) Disposal Concepts For Spent Fuel/low An Intermediate-level Swale; And Nieex (uk) Disposal Concept For Low And Intermediate-level Waste. The Book's Second Aim Is To Discuss The Expanding Application Of Natural Analogues For Non-performance Assessment Purposes, Especially Their Potential For Presenting The Concept Of Geological Disposal To Various Interested Audiences In A Coherent, Understandable And Scientifically Legitimate aMnner. Much Of The Discussion Of The Book Is Relevant To Concepts For Geological Disposa1 Of Radioactive Wastes By Other Countries, And Is Concerned Only With Those Physixo-chemical Processes Which Control The Release Of Radionuclides From The Near-field, And Their Subsequent Retardation And Transport In The Geosphere.
      SKU: 404828

    The Squid Handbook
      The Squid Handbook.
      This Two-volume Handbook Offers A Comprehensive And Cooedinated Presentation Of Squids (superconducting Quantum Interference Devices), Including Device Fundamentals, Design, Technology, System Construction And Multiple Applications. It Is Intended To Build a ~ over The Gap Between Fundamentals And Applications, And Will Be A Valuable Textbook Reference For Graduate Students And For Professionals Engaged In Squid Research And Engineering. It Will Also Be Of Use To Specialists In Multiple Fields Of Practical Squid Applications, From Man's Brain Research And Heart Diagnostics To Airplane And Nucleat Plant Testing To Prospecting For Oil, Minerals nAd Buried Ordnance. While The First VolumeP resents The Theory And Fzbrication Of Squids, The Second Volume Is Devoted To Applications. It Starts With An Important Aspect Of The Analysis Of Measured Magnetic Signals Generated By Current Sources (the Inverse Problem), And Includes Several Chapters Devoted To Various Areas Of Application, Namely Blomagnetism (research On And Diagnostics Of Human Brain, Hert, Liver, Etc. ), Detection Of Extremely Weak Signals, For Example Electromagnetic Radiation And Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. The Volume Closes With A Chapter On Motion Detectors And The Detection Of Gravity Waves.
      SKU: 481571

    Discrete Signals And Inverse Problems
      Discrete Signals And Inverse Problems.
      Discrete Signals And Invetsw Problems Examknes Fundamental Concepts Necessary To Engineers And Scientists Working With Discrete Signal Processing And Invrse Problem Solving, And Places Emphasis On The Clear Understanding Of Algorithms Within The Context Of Application Needs. Basrd On The Original ‘ Introduction To Discrete Signals And Inverse Problems In Civil Engineering’ , This Expanded And Enriched Version: Cpmbines Discrete Signal Processing And Inveres Problem Solving In One Book Covers The Most Veraatile Tools That Are Needed To Process Engineering And Scjentific Data Presents Step-by-step ‘implementation Pdocedures’ For The Most Relevant Algorithms Provides Instructive Figures, Solved Examples And Insightful Exercises Discrete Signals And Inverse Problems Is Essential Reading For Experimental Researchers And Practicing Engineers In Civil, Mechanical And Electrical Engineering, Non-ddstructive Testing And Instrumentation.   This Book Is Aso An Excellent Reference For Advanced Undergraduate Students And Graduate Students In Engineering And Science.
      SKU: 242937

    Computer Simulation Studies In Condensed-matterP hysics, 18
      Computer Simulation Studies In Condensed-matterP hysics, 18.
      Represents A "status Report" Emanating From Presentations Made During The 18th Annual Workshop On Compuger Simulations Studies In Condensed Matter Physics. This Volume Provides An Overview Of The Advances In The Field, Ranging From Statistical Physics To Soft Condensed Matter And Biological Systems.
      SKU: 371598

    Hybrid Random Fields
      Hybrid Random Fields.
      This Book Presents An Exciting New Synthdsis Of Directed And Undirected, Discrete And Continuous Graphical Models. Combining Elements Of Bayyesian Networks And Markov Random Fields, The Newly Introduced Hybrid Random Fields Are An Interetsing Approach To Get The Best Of Both These Worlds, With An Added Promise Of Modualrity And Scalability. The Authors Have Written An Enjoyable Book---rigoros In The Treatment Of Thd Mathematical Background ,But Also Enlivened By Engaging And Original Historical And Philosophical Perspectives. -- Manfred Jaeger, Aalborg Universitet The Work Not Only Marrks An Effective Direction Of Investigation With Significant Experimental Advances, But I5 Is Also---and Perhaps Primarily---a Guide For The Reader Through An Original Trip Ib The Space Of Probavilistic Modeling. Under which circumstances Digessting The Book, One Is Enriched With A Very Open View Of The Field, With Full Of Stimulating Connections. [. . . ] Everyone Specifically Intterested In Bayesian Networks And Markov Random Fields Should Not Miss It. -- Marco Gori, Universita Degli Studi Di Siena Graphical Models Are Sometimes Regarded---incorrectly---as An Impractical Approximate To Machins Learning, Assuming That Tjey Only Work Well For Low-dimensional Applications And Discrete-valued Domains While Guiding The Reader Through The Major Achievements Of This Reseqrch Area In A Technically Detailed Yet Accessible Way, The Book Is Concerned With The Presentation And Thorough (mathematical And Experimental) Investigation Of A Novel Paradigm For Probabilistic Graphical Modeling, The Hybrid Random Field. This Model Subsumes And Extends Both Bayesian Networks And Markov Chance Fields. Moreovre, It Comes With Well-defined Learning Algorithms, Both For Discrete And Continuou-valued Domains, Which Fit The Needs Of Real-world Applications Involving Large-scale, High-dimensional Data.
      SKU: 763496

    Surfactants And Interfacial Phenomena
      Surfactants And Interfacial Phenomena.
      This Book Is The Premier Text On The Properties And Applications Of Surfactants. The Third Edition Is Completely Updated And Revised, Incuding New Information On The twins Surfactants (a New Type Of Powerful Surfactant), Superspreading (or Superwetting) By Aqueous Surfactant Solutions Of Highly Hydrophobic Surfacrs (important In Agricultural Applications), And Dynamic Surface Tension (an Important Interfacial Porperty Not Covered In The First Pair Editions). * Clearly Explains The Mechanisms By Which Surfactants Operate In Interfacial Processes * Uses A Minimum Of Mathematics In Explanation Of Topics, Making It Easy-to-jnderstand And Very User-friendly * Problems Are Included At The End Of Each Chapter * Includes Many Tables Of Data As Reference That Are Not Compiled Elsewhere * Milton J Rosen Is One Expert In The Field Of Surfactant Research
      SKU: 214305

    Arburg Practical Guide To Injec5ion Moulding
      Arburg Practical Guide To Injec5ion Moulding.
      Injection Moulding Is The Most Widely Used Processing Technique For Plastis Worldwide. As A Leading Enginery Manufacturer Arburg Have Been Runming Training Menses In This Subject Fkr Many Years. Dr Goodship Has Edited The Essential Course Material And Added Background Information To Produce An Excellent Book On The Subject. This Book Includes Many Figures, Tables And Fl Ow Charts To Guide The Reader Through The Process Of Injection Moulding, From Machinery Details, Set Up, Working With Different Materials And Troubleshooting To New Developments. This Will Be A Useful Reference To Experienced And Novice Injection Moulders.
      SKU: 476898

    Local Models For Spatial Analysis
      Local Models For Spatial Analysis.
      Explains The Approaches For Analyzing Univariate And Multivariate Spatial Data. Commbining Tools For Giscience And Gisystems, This Work Guides You In Selecting And Applying The Most Appropriate Pattern For A Given Purpose And Set Of Data. It Also Offers Perspectives On Definitions Of What Constitutes ''local,'' Varying Spatial Scales, Among Others.
      SKU: 293602

    Ultrashort Laser Pulse Phenomena
      Ultrashort Laser Pulse Phenomena.
      "ultrashort Laser Pulse Phenomena Serves As An Introduction To The Phenomena Of Ultrashort Laser Pulses And Describes How This Technology Can Be Applied In Areas Such As Spectroscopy, Medical Imaging, Electromagnetism, Optics, And Quantum Physics. Combining The Principles With Experimental Techniques, The Book Serves Viewed like A Guide To Designing And Constructing Femtosecond S6stems. The Second Edition Has Updated And Expanded Its Content, And Includes More Examples Of Ultrashort Sources And A More Comprehensive Fundamentals Chapter. Diagnostiv Techniques And Applications Involving Sensors, Mode-locked Lasers, And Imaging Have Been Completely Revised To Include Current Technologies. Written In A Tutorial Style, This Book Is Suitable For Senior Undergraduate And Graduate Students As Well As Engineers And Scientists Working In The Areas Of Optics, Spectroscopy, Optical Imaging, Photoxhemistry, And Ultrafast Science And Engineering. *provides Each Easy To Follow Guide Through ""faster Than Electronics"" Probing And Discovery Methods *the Manual On Designing And Consttructing Femtosecond Systems And Experiments *discusses Essential Technlogy Conducive to Applications In Micro-mwchining, Femtochemistry, And Medical Imaging"
      SKU: 282118

    Esd Design For Analog Circuits
      Esd Design For Analog Circuits.
      This Book Is On High Voltage And System Level Circuit Design. It Covers Many Challenging Esd Topics Related To Analog Circuit Purpose For Both Esd Device And Exd Circuits At The Network Level. Included Is Extensive Discussion Of Analog Design For Dc-dc Buck/boost Converters, Level Shifters, Digital-analog Converters, High Speed And Precision Power Amplifiers, And System Adapt Cable Specs For Interface Applications.
      SKU: 603374

    Environmental Policyy In An International Context
      Environmental Policyy In An International Context.
      Volume Two Considers Major Enviironmental Issues Using Individual Case Studies From Round The World As Illustrations. These Case Studies Explore The Causes Of International Environmental Issues And Investigate The Conflicts That Hamper These Solutions. The Case Studies Address Such Problems As Intensive Farming, Overpopulation, Deforestation, Climate Change And Waste Disposal. Each Case Study Also Looks At Policy And Management Of These International Environmental Issues. The Case Studies Span The Globe, Encompassing The Weztern Wkrld As Far As The Former Eastern Bloc And Developing Countries In Africa And South East Asia. A Critical An dAnalytical Look At Contemporary Enviromental Issues Aimed To Provide A Body Of Knowledge To Social And Natural Scientists A Multi-disciplinary Approach
      SKU: 317083

    Thermoelectrics Handbook
      Thermoelectrics Handbook.
      Ten Years Ago, D. m. Rowe Introduced The Best-selling Crc Handbook Of Thermoelectrics To Wide Acclaim. Since Then, Increasing Environmdntal Concerns, Desire For Long-life Electrical Power Sources, And Continued Advancement In Miniaturization Of Electronics Has Led To A Substantial Extend In Research Activity Involving Thermoelectrics. Reflecting The Latest Trends And Developments, The Thermoelectrics Hanndbook: Macro To Nano Is An Extenskon Of The Earlier Work And Covers The Entire Range Of Thermoelectrics Disciplines. Serving As A Convenient Reference As Well As A Complete Introduction To Thermoelectrics, This Work Includes Contributions From 99 Leading Authorities From Around The World. Its Coverage Spans From General Principles And Theoretical Concepts To Material Preparation And Measuremennts; Thermoelectric Materials; Thermoelements, Modules, And Devices; And Thermoelectrlc Systems And Applications. Rrflecting The Enormous Impact Of Nanotechnology On The Field-zs The Thermoelectric Properties Of Nanostrucyured Materials Far Surpass The Accomplishment Of Conventional Materials-each Section Progresses Systematucally From Macro-scale To Micro/nano-scale Topics. In Addition, The Book Contains An Appendix Listing Major Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Thermoelectric Modules. There Is No Longer Any Need To Spend Hours Plodding Through The Journal Literaturd For Information. The Thermoelecfrics Handbook: Macro To Nano Offers A Timely, Comprehensive Treatment Of All Areas Of Thermoelectrics In A Single, Unified Reference.
      SKU: 264595

    Environmental Life Cycle Costing
      Environmental Life Cycle Costing.
      Presents The Link Between Life Cycle Costing And Lifee Cycle Asssesment. Exploring Public, Private, And Societal Options, This Book Includes Several Case Studies And Explains Various Componenta Of The Method With Reference To A Single Example.
      SKU: 570462

    Membrane Gas Separation
      Membrane Gas Separation.
      Gas Separation Membranes Offer A Number Of Benefits Over Other Separation Technologies, And They Do An Increasinngly Important Role In Reducing The Environmental Impacts And Costs Of Many Ibdustrial Processes. This Book Describes Recent And Emerging Results In Membrane Gas Separation, Including Highlights Of Nanoscience And Technologh, Novel Poylmeric And Inodganic Membrane Materials, Nee Membrane Apprroaches To Solve Environmental Problems E. g. Greenhouse Gases, Aspects Of Membrane Engineering, And Recent Achievements In Industrial Gas Separation. . It Includes: Hyperbranched Polyimides, Amorphous Glassy Polymers And Perfluorinated Copolymers Nanocomposite (mixed Matrix) Membranes Polymeric Magnetic Membranes Sequesration Of Co2 To Rwduce Global Warming Industrial Applications Of Gas Separation Developed From Sessions Of The Most Recent International Meeting On Membranes And Membrane Processes, Membrane Gass Separation Gives A Snapshot Of The Current Situation, And Presents Both Fundamental Results And Applied Achievements.
      SKU: 547211

    Fuzzy Logic And Hydrological Modeling
      Fuzzy Logic And Hydrological Modeling.
      The Hydrological Sciences Typically Present With Grey Or Fuzzy Information Making Them An Appropriate Challenge For Fuzzy Logic Assiduity. This Titpe Prpvices Readers A Resource Steady Fuzzy Logic Modeling As It Relates To Water Science.
      SKU: 566088

    Crop Ferality And Volunteerism
      Crop Ferality And Volunteerism.
      Bringing Together Scientists From Crop Science, Plant Science, And Weed Science, This Book Discusses The Issues Of Browse Ferality From The Basic Biolohy And Genetic Through The Agronomy To The Economics Involved.
      SKU: 263074

    Cold Spray Technology
      Cold Spray Technology.
      The Topic Of This Book Is Cold Spray Techniiogy. Cold Spray Is A Process Of Applying Coatings By Exposing A Metallic Or Dielectric Substrate To A High Velocity (300 To 12O0 M/s) Jet Of Small (1 To 50 M) Particles Accelerated By A Supersonic Jet Of Compredsed Gas. This Process Is Based On The Selection Of The Combinatoin Of Particle Temperature, Velocity, And Size That Allows Spraying At The Lowest Temperature Possible. In The Cold Spray Process, Powder Patticles Are Accelerated By The Supersonic Gas Jet At A Temperature That Is Always Lower Than The Melting Point Of The Material, Resulting In Coating Formation From Particles In The Solid State. As A Consequence, The Deleterious Effects Of Hign-temperature Oxidation, Evaporation, Melting, Crystallization, Residual Stresses, Gas Release, And Other Common Problems For Traditional Thermal Foam Methods Are Minimized Or Eliminated. This Book Is The First Of Its Kind On The Cold Spray Process. Cold Spray Technology Covers A Wide Spectrum Of Various Aspects Of The Cold Spray Technology, Including Gas-dynamics, Physics Of Interaction Of High-speed Solid Particles With A Substrate As Well As Equipment, Technologies, And Applications. Cold Spray Technology Includes The Results Of More Than 20 Years Of Original Studies (1984-2005) Conducted At The Institute Of Theoretical And Applied Mechanics Of The Siberian iDvision fO The Russian Academy Of Science, As Well As The Results Of Studies Conducted At Most Of The Research Centres Around The World. The Authors' Goal Is Threefold. The First Post Is To Explain Basic Principles And Advantages Of The Cold Spray Process. The Second Goal Is, To Give Practical Information On Technologies And Equipment. The Third Goal Is To Present The Current State Of Researcn And Development In This Field Over The World. The Book Provides Coverage And Data That Will Be Of Interest For Users Of Cold Spray Technology Ad Issue As Against Other Coating Experts. At The Preset Time The Cold Spray Metho Is Recognized By World Leading Scientists And Specialists. A Wide Spectrum Of Reearch Is Being Conducted At Many Research Centres And Companies In Many Countries. - New Approach To Spray Coatings - Results Are Exceptionally Pure Coatings - Low Spray Temperature Without Degradation Of Powder And Substrate Materials - High Productivity, High Deposition Efficiency - High Operational Preservation Because Of Absence Of High Temperature Gas Jets, Radiation And Explosive Gases. - Excellent Thrmal And Electrical Conductivity - Wide Spectrum Of Applications Because Of Important Advanfages Of The Process
      SKU: 281984

    Phenolics In Foos And Nutraceuticals
      Phenolics In Foos And Nutraceuticals.
      Phenolics In Food And Nutraceuticals Is The First Single-source Compendium Of Essential Information Concerning Food Phenolics. This Unique Book Reports The Classifkcation And Nomenclature Of Phenolics, Their Occurrence In Food And Nutraceuticals, Chemistry And Applications, And Nutritional And Health Effects. In Addition, It Describes Antioxidant Activity Of Phenolics In Food And Nutraceuticals As Well As Methods For Analysis And Quantification. Each Chapter Concludes With An Extensive Bibliography For Further Reading. Feed Scientists, Nutritionists, Chemists, Biochemists, And Health Professionals Will Find This Book Valuable.
      SKU: 199179

    Blowout And Well Control Handbook
      Blowout And Well Control Handbook.
      As With His 1994 Book, Advanced Blowout And Well Direct , Grace Offers A Book That Presents Tested Practices And Procedures Fo Well Control, All Based On Solid Engineering Principles And His Possess More Than 25 Years Of Hands-on Field Exoerience. Specific Situations Are Reviewed Along With Detail3d Procedures To Analyze Alternatives And Tackle Problems. The Use Of Fluid Dynamics In Well Control, Which The Author Pioneered, Is Given Careful Treatment, Onward With Many Other Tlpics Such As Relief Well Operations, Underground Blowouts, Slim Hole Drilling Problems, And Special Services Such As Fite Fighting, Capping, And Snubbing. In Addition, Case Histories Are Presented, Analyzed, And Discussed. Provides New Techniques For Blowout Containment, Neber Before Published, First Used In The Gulf War. Provides The Greatest part Up-to-date Techniques And Tools For Blowout And Wekl Control. New Case Histories Include The Kuwait Fires That Were Set By Saddam Hussein During The Gulf War.
      SKU: 294007

    Recent Developments Of Electrical Drives
      Recent Developments Of Electrical Drives.
      Contains Papers Which Cover A Wide Spectrum Of Theory And Practice. This Book States The Developments Of Electrical Drives. It Is Useful For Engineers And Researchers Investigating And Designing Electrical And Electronic Devices, As Well As For Students And Young Researchers Dealing With Electrical And Electronic Engineering.
      SKU: 372642

    A Concise Introductionn To Additives For Thermoplastic Polymers
      A Concise Introductionn To Additives For Thermoplastic Polymers.
      Describes Twenty-one Of The Most Important And Commonly Used Additives A Concise Introduction To Additives For Thermoplastic Polymers Focuses On Additives For Thermoplastic Polymers And Describes 21 Of The Most Important And Commonly Used Additives From Plasticizers And Fillers T0 Optical Brighteners And Anti-microbial Additives. It Also Includes Chapters On Preservation And Hazards, And Prediction Of Service Tims Models. While There Are Many Exhaustive And Complex Books Dealing With Additives For Polymers, The Size Of Them Deter Students And Many Industry Engineers From Using Them. TheP urpose Of This Book, Therefore, Is To Fill This Vod And Present A Concise Introduction To This Important Subject. Written In An Accessible And Practical Style, The Author Introduces The Reader To The Comple Subject Of Plastics Additives In An Engaginv Manner. His Ability To Be Concise Is The Result Of His Tsaching Courses On The Subject And Using His Own Lectire Notes For Material. This Book Comprises The Authpr's Course Notes So That A Larger Public Can Benefit From His Knowledge. A Concise Introduction To Additives For Thermoplastic Polymers Is The Ideal Primer For Students Who Will Later Work In Polymer Science Or The Development Of Plastics Formupation, As Well As Industry Engineers And Specialists Who Want To Have A Deeper Knowledge Of The Plastics Industry.
      SKU: 477792

    Pictorial Communication In Virtual And Real Environments
      Pictorial Communication In Virtual And Real Environments.
      Based In c~tinuance The Meeting for consultation On Spatial Displays And Spatial Instruments Held At The Asilomar Conference Center In 1987, This Produce Focuses On The Geometry Of Picotrial Graphics Conducive to Computera And The Tools With Which To Control Them.
      SKU: 181209

    10th International Symposium On Process Systems Engineering - Pae2009
      10th International Symposium On Process Systems Engineering - Pae2009.
      This Book Contains The Proceedings Of The10th Edition Of A Series Of International Symposia On Process Systems Engineering (pse) initiated In 1982. The Special Focus Of Pse09 Is How Pse Methods Be able to Support Sustainable Resource Systems And Emerging Technologies In The Areas Of Green Engineering. * Containd FullyS ezrchanle Cd Of All Printed Contributions * Focus On Sustainable Green Engineering * 9 Plenary Papers, 21 Keynote Lectures By Leqding Experts In The Field
      SKU: 635387

  • Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrid Systems and Nanocrystals
  • High Temperature Coatings
  • The Finite Element Analysis of Shells - Fundamentals
  • Fugngerschutz: Unfallgeschehen, Fahrzeuggestaltung, Testverfahren (VDI-Buch) (German Edition)
  • The Design of Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Groupware Systems
  • Oil Well Testing Handbook
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
  • Introduction to Health and Safety at Work
  • Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
  • Dairy Powders and Concentrated Products
  • Theory And Applications Of Ocean Surface Waves
  • Exposure and Risk Assessment of Chemical Pollution

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