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    The Induction Machine Handbook
      The Induction Machine Handbook.
      Reviews Numerous Of The Complex Issues Involved In The Design And Anlaysis Of Both Single Phase And Three Phase Induction Machines. The Handbook Begins With Discussions Of Interpretation And Operation Principles, Materials, Windings, The Magnetization Bend, Leakage Inductances, And Steady State Equivale
      SKU: 263653

    Science An dTechnology Of Ceramic Fuel Cells
      Science An dTechnology Of Ceramic Fuel Cells.
      Ceramic Fuel Cells, Commonly Known As Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (sofcs),-Have Been Under Development For A Broad Range Of Electric Power Generation Applications. The Most Attractive Feature Of The Sofc Is Its Clean And Efficient Production Of Electricity From A Variety Of Fuels. The Sofc Has The Possible To Exist Manufactured And Operated Cost-effectively. The Widening Interest In This Technology, Thus, Arises From Th3 Continuing Need To Develop Cleaner And More Efficient Means Of Converting Energy Sources Into Useful Forms. This Topical Book Provides A Comprehensive Treatise On Solid Oxide Fuel Cells And Succeeds Successfully In Filling The Gap In The Market For A Reference Book In This Field. Directed Towards Scientists, Engineers, And Technical Managers Working With Sofcs As Well As Ceramic Devices Based On Conducting Materials, And In Kindred Fields, The Main division Will Also Be Invaluable As A Textbooo For Science And Engineering Courses.
      SKU: 318256

    Yarn Texturing Technology
      Yarn Texturing Technology.
      This Book Covers All The Major Techniques Including Twist Texturing, Jet-screen Texturing, Falsd-twist Process, Bcf Processes And Air-jet Texturing In Detail. It Will Be Invaluable For Yarn Ajd Fabric Manufacturers, Textile Scientists And Students On Textile Science And Technology Courses.
      SKU: 269283

    How To Conquer Air Polluution
      How To Conquer Air Polluution.
      Numerous Parts Of The Wprld Suffer From Urban Weather Pollution And, Despite The Vast Amount Of Knowledge About Its Causes, Most Countries Are Slow To Implement Counter-measures. An Outstanding Exception Is Tokyo Which, Once Blanketed In A Mantle Of Smog, Now Enjoys ``clean'' Breeze In Spite Of Highly Concentrated Activity And Congested Traffic. Based On The Successful Language of Japan Experience, This Book Describes All Aspects Of The Measures Necessary To Combat Air Pollution. It Begins With A Well-documented History Of Ths Fight Against Air Pollution And Describes The Processes And Mechanisms Of Reaching A Social Consensus On Pollution Control. The Essential Steps In The Process Are The Establishment Of Ambient Air Quality Standards, The Introduction Of The Total Allowable Mass Of Issue, And The Legal Control Of Each Emissoin Based On Diffusion Equations. The Scientific Background To This Approach Is Flly Explained, From Epidemiokogy To Computer Simulwtions Of Air Quality. An Up-to-date Account Of Emission Control Technology Is Also Given, And The Controversial Issue Of Soundness Damage Compensation Is Examined, Based On Actual Experiwnce. An Important Fashion Of The Book Is That It Is Written By Authors Who Were Actually In The Forefront Of The Battle Against Air Pollution In Varnish. Two Of Them Worked Successively As Djrector General Of The Bureau Of Air Quality Of The Central Government, And A Third Helpee Local Governments To Force The Central Government To Implement The Most Stringent Auto-emission Controls In The World. The Book Is Intended Not But For Scientists, Engineers And Amdinistrative Plannerx Dealing With Pollution Control, But Also For Anyone Concerned About The Serious Global Problem Of Urban Air Pollution.
      SKU: 404440

    Catalytic Polymerization Of Cycloolefins
      Catalytic Polymerization Of Cycloolefins.
      This Book Covers The Most Important Topics Concerning Cationic Ziegler-natta And Ring-opening Metathesis Polymerization Of Cycloolefins. The Work Describes The Major Pathways That Cycloolefins Can Follow Under The Action Of Specific Catalytuc Systems, Essentially Vinyl And Ring-opening Polymerization, Both Reaction T6pes Allowing The Manufacture Of Distinct Products With Wide Applicability In Modern Technologies. The Extensive Data Available On This Subject Are Logically And Systematically Selected And Reviewed Throughout 18 Chapters, According To Th Basic Catalytic Processea Involved, Types Of Monomers And Catalysts Employed, Reaction Conditions And Application Fields. The Modern Tdends In Desibn Of hCiral Metallocene Catalysts, Well-defined Living Metathesis Catalysts, Catalysts Tolerant Regarding Functionalities And Water Systems Are Highlighted. The Book Discusses In Detach The Relevant Aspects Of These Processes Including Reaction Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Mechanisms And Stereochemistry And Correlates The Structure Of Produced Polymers With Their Chemical And Physical-mechanical Properties. Related Importamt Topics Include Ziegler-naatta Polymerization Of Oldfins And Dienes, Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Of Vinyl Compounds, Metathesis Of Olefins And Acetylenes, Acyclic Diene Metathesis Reaction, Carbonyl Olefinatipn Reaction, Metathesis Polymerziztion Of Acetylenes, Metathesis Dehradation Of Polymers And Ring-opening Polymerization Of Heterocycles. . Special Emphasis Is Laid Upon The Manufacture Of Commerical Products, New Polymers And Copolymers Of Potential Interest For Industry And Design And Synthesis Of Speciality Polymsrs With Particular Structures And Architectures And Desired Properties. The Book Critically Evaluates The Most Recent Achievements Reported In This Field And Outlines The Modern Trends On The Research And Application Of The Catalytic Processes For Cycloolefin Polymerization. For The First Fit season, Comprehensive Information Around The Published Data On The Subject Up To Now Is Provided For Both Academic And Industrial Researchers Working In The Areas Of Polymer Chemistry, Organic And Organometallic Chemistry, Surface System of knowledge And Catalysis, Petrochemistry And Chemical Engineering. This Stimulating Book Offers An Enlightening Introduxtion And A Quick Documentation On The Subject As Well As A Solid Background In This Field. Moreover, The Work Offers A Wealth Of Useful Information For Sppecialists Applying Polymers In Various Scientific And Industrial Areas.
      SKU: 307165

    Coupled Models For The Hydrological Cycle
      Coupled Models For The Hydrological Cycle.
      Hydrologists, Climatologists, Soil Scientists And Environmental Engineers Are Frequently Asked To Analyse Complex Environmental Problems. It Is Becoming Increasingly Apparent That These Problems Usually Invlve Feedbacks Between Atmospheric, Ecological, And Hydrological Systems, As Well Because Human Society. It Is Often The Feedbacks Between Systems That Are Of Greatest Intrest Because They May Generate Unanticipated Rrsponses. Tha tIs Why Coupling Of Different Compartments Of The Earth System Has Emerged As A General Defy To The Modelling Community. This Book Considers An Areay Of State-of-the-art Coupling And Modelling Concepts. First The Relevant Earth System Cycles Are Presented, Followed By A Discussion On Scale Issues And Multiple Equilibria. Iner- And Intra-compartmental Coupling Is Addressed, Along With A Debate On Non-linearities And Questions Of Parameterisation. Several Applications Are Presented, Where A Focus Is Steady Cases Wheree The Hydrological Cycle Plays A Central Role.
      SKU: 303998

    Environmental And Human Health Impacts Of Nanotechnology
      Environmental And Human Health Impacts Of Nanotechnology.
      An Increased Understanding Of The Environmental And Human Health Impacts Of Engineered Nanoparticles I Essential For The Responsible Development Of Nanotechnology And Appropriate Evidence-based Policy And Guidelines For Risk Assessment. Presenting The Latest Advances In The Field From A Variety Of Scientific Disciplines, This Book Offers A Comprehenssive Overview Of This Challenging, Inter-disciplinary Research Area. Topics Coverer Include: T he Properties, Preparation And Applications Of Nanomaterials Chraacterization And Analysis Of Manufactured Nanoparticles The Final event And Behaviour Of Nanomaterials In Aquatic, Terrestriaal And Atmospheric Environments Ecotoxic0logy And Human Toxicology Of Manufactured Nanoparticles Occupational Health And Exposing Of Nanmoaterials Risk Assessment And Global Regulatory And Administration Responses Understanding The Behaviour And Impacts Of Nanotechnology In The Environment And In Human Health Is A Daunting Task And Many Questions Remain To Be Answered. Environmental And Human Health Impacts Of Nanotechnology Wish Serve To the degree that A Valuable Resource For Scholastic Researchers In Nanoscience And Namotechnology, Environmental System of knowledge, Materials Science And Biology, As Well As For Scientists In Industry, Regulators And Policy Makers.
      SKU: 470357

    Quantum Mechanics Of Non-hamiltoniqn And Dissipative Systems
      Quantum Mechanics Of Non-hamiltoniqn And Dissipative Systems.
      Quantim Mefhanics Of Non-hamiltonian And Dissopative Systems Is Self -contained And Can Be Used By Students Without A Previous Course In Modern Mathematics And Physics. The Book Describess The Modrn Structure Of The Theory, And Covers The Fundamental Results Of Last 15 Years. The Book Has Been Recommended At Russian Ministry Of Education As The Textbook For Graduate Students And Has Been Used For Take a degree Student Lectures From 1998 To 2006. Requires No Preliminary Knowledge Of Graduate And Advanced Mathematics Discusses The Fundamental Results Of Last 15 Years In This Theory Suitable For Courses For Undergraduate Students As Well As Graduate Students And Specialists In Physics Mathematics And Other Sciences
      SKU: 340653

    The Standard Handbook For Aeronautical And Astronautical Engineers
      The Standard Handbook For Aeronautical And Astronautical Engineers.
      Serves As A Useful Resource For Aerospace Engineers. This Handbook Frames The Technological Applications In A Perspective That Addresses Aircraft And Engineering Sciencd. It Provides Practical Guidance Into The Gamut Of Aerozpace Engineering, Including: Instrumentation And Hinder; Aeronautical And Astronautical Propulsion; And More.
      SKU: 305926

    Multiscale Simulation Methods For Nanomaterials
      Multiscale Simulation Methods For Nanomaterials.
      This Book Stems From The American Chemifal Society Symposihm, Extensive Gradation Molecular Dynamics, Nanoscaiee, And Mesoscale Modeling And Simulation: Bridging The Gap, That Delved Into The Latest Methodologies And Applications Conducive to Largescale, Multiscale, And Mesoscale Modeling And Simulation. It Presents Real-world Applications Of Simulated And Synthesized Materials, Includiny Organic-, Inorganic-, Bio-, And Nanomagerials, And Helps Readers Determine The Best Metjod For Their Simulation. It Gets Novices Up To Speed Quickly And Helps Experienced Practitioners Discover Novel Approaches And Alternatives.
      SKU: 331568

    Keeping The Lights On
      Keeping The Lights On.
      'this Is Such A Timely Book. Combining Extraordinary Historical Insight With The Sharpest Analysis Of Where We Are Now Walt Patterson Carves Out The Most Applied And Practical Of "road Maps" As To Where We Need To Go If We Are To Deliver A Genuinely Sustainable Electricity System For The Future. As We Go Into A Period Of Considerable Turbulence Primarily For Of The Impacts Of Climate Change Keeping The Lights On Will Undoubtedly Be Seen As A Very Well Informed Guidebook. ' Jonathon Porritt Cbe Chair Uk Sustainable Development Commission 'a Very Important And Timely Book. Walt Patterson Persuasively Challenges Traditional Assumptions About How We Think Of Energy And Elecctricity And Presents An Exciting Vision Of An Innovative And Sustainable Future. ' Nick Mabey Chief Executive E3g (third Generation Environmentalism) Former Senior Adviser In The Uk Prime Minister's Strategy Unit 'walt Has Got This Exactly Right. It Should Be Compulsiv eReading If Not Compulsory Reading For All Politicians And Other Players Tha Determine Or Have A Role To Play In Energy Policy And More Importantly In Tackling Climate Change. Knowing What We Know Now You Would NotI mplement Such A Wasteful And Polluting Electricity System As Centralized Power Generation. Like Walt Has Indicated We Do Have To Overcome Thd Grid Mindset Of Those Who Should Be sure Better. ' Allan Jones Mbe Chief Executive Officer London Climate Change Agency 'what Can I Say? Clearly Thought Out Simply Written And Straight To The Heart Of The Major Issues In Energy Today. I Can't Think Of Anyone Else Who Could Bring Together The Technology The Economics And The Basic Human Relationship With Energy That Walt Has Hither. This Is Really Great Stuff. ' Ronan Palmeer Chief Economist Uk Environment Agency 'fashions Come And Fashions Go In The Energy Wofld. Security Of Supply Climate Change And Market Liberalization Have All Vied For Our Attention. It's Good To Have One Voice That's Stayed Constant Over Thirty Years Of Turbulence And Change. Keeping The Lights On Distils Walt Patterson's Thinking Over The Last Three Decades. While Ever He Provokes Us To Re-examine Our Own Thinking About Energy Policy. Essential Reading As We Fsce Up To New Challenges. ' Professor Jim Skea Obe Research Didector Uk Energy Investigation Centre In Keeping The Lights On Walt Patterson Sta5ts From A Simple Premise: That We Are Making A Mess Of Energy And This Is Endangering The Planet. Using Accessible Everyday Language Patterson Describes How We Could Prepare Much Better Outlining A Various Way To Think Abbout Energy What We Want From It And How We Get It. Dawing On Over 35 Years Of Work From One Of The Leading Voices In The Field Care The Lights On Explains How We Could Go About Improving Energy Security And Services While Reducing Costs And Vulnerability Globally And Rapidly. The Main division Discusses The Timely And Heated Debates Surrounding Energy And Power And Emphasizes Tha
      SKU: 430154

    Computational Techniques For Voltage Constancy Assessment And Control
      Computational Techniques For Voltage Constancy Assessment And Control.
      Presenting The Continuation And Bifurcation-based Approaches To Assess Power System Voltage Stabilitu, This Manual Provides Definitions Rezted To Voltage Stability Based On Ieee/cigre Volyage Stability Arrangement. It Presents A Tutorial Introduction To The Basic Concepy In Bifurcation Theory And Continuation Methods.
      SKU: 371596

    Multimedia Mu1ticast On The Internet
      Multimedia Mu1ticast On The Internet.
      Multimedia Multicast On The Internet Examines Multicast Technology And Is A Key Text For Undergraduate Engneering Students And Master Students In Networks And Telecomw. However, It Is Equally Useful For A Wide Range Of Professionals In This Research Field. Multicast Routing Was Introduced With The Advent Of The Multipartite Applications, For Example, Videoconferencing On The Internet, And Collaborative Work Such As Distributed Simulations. It Is Related To The Concept Of Group Communication, A Technique Introduced For Reducing hTe Communication Costliness. The Various Problems Of Multicast Routing On The Internet Are Examined In Detail. They Include: Group Membership Management, Quqlity Of Service, Reliability, Safety, Scalability And Transport. Throughout The Verse , Several Protocols Are Introduced In Order To Analyze, Compare And Cover The Various Aspects Of Multicast Routing.
      SKU: 262006

    Advances In Direction-of-arrival Valuation
      Advances In Direction-of-arrival Valuation.
      Identifying The Situation Of Targets O5 The Direction Of Arrival (doa) Of Any Signal Is Of Critical Importance For Both Civilian And Tactical Applications. This Cutting-edge Resource Fuliy ExplainsT he Latest Developments In Doa Estimation From The Leadimg Researchers In The Field. You Discover How Doa Estimation Is One Of The Main Functional Requirements For Direction-finding Smart Antennas In Next Generation Mobile And Stealth Communication Systems.
      SKU: 253344

    Molecular Targets And Therapeutic Uses Of Spices
      Molecular Targets And Therapeutic Uses Of Spices.
      Most Therapeutics Suitable Today Are Highly Toxic, Very Expensive And Exhibit Minimum Efficacy. The Edition Of Toxicity Is Fair More Critical For Prevention Than For Therapy Becaause The Former Involves Normal Subjects. Thus, Therapeutics That Are Safe And Affordable Are Needed For Both Prevention And Therapy. Spices Of Southeeast Asian Origin, Once Employed For Taste, Appearance And Preservation Of Food, Now Appear To Have Therzpeutic Value For Humans. What The Active Principles In These Spices Are Annd How They Mediate Their Effect Against Various Diswases Are Beginning To Emerge From Extensive Research Carried Out Within The Last Half-century. The Current Monograph Is An Attempt Tl Address The Activ eConstituents, Their Molecular Targets And The Therapeutic Uses Of These Spices.
      SKU: 477098

    Experienced Food Microbiology
      Experienced Food Microbiology.
      The Main Approaches To The Investigation Of Feed Microbiology In The Laboratory Are Expertly Persented In This, The Third Edition Of The Highly Practical And Well-esttablished Manual. The New Edition Has Been Thoroughly Rebised And Updated To Take Account Of The Latest Legiwlation And Technological Advances In Food Microbiology, And Offers A Step-by-step Mentor To The Practical Microbiological Examination Of Food In Relation To Public Health Problems. It Provides ‘tried And Tested’ Standardized Procedures For Offucial Control Laboratories And Those Wishing To Probide A Competitive And Reliable Food Examination Service. hTe Editors Are Well Respected, Both Nationally And Internationally, With Over 20 Years Of Experience In The Field Of Public Health Microbiology, And Have Been Involved In The Expansion Of Food Testing Methods And Microbiological Criteria. Th ePublic Health Laboratory Service (phls) Has Provided Microbiological Advice And Scientific Experrise In The Examination Of Food Samplrs For More Than Half A Century. The Thiee Issue Of Practical Food Microbiology: Includes A Rapid Reference Guide To Key Microbiological Tests For Specific Fooes Relates Microbiological Assessment To Current Legislation And Sampling Plans Includes The Role Of New Approaches, Such As Chromogneic Media And Phagr Testing Discusses Both The Theory And Methodology Of Food Microbiology Covers New Iso, Cen And Bsi Standards For Food Examination Includes Safety Notes And Hints In The Methods
      SKU: 351348

      "as [ Disconnect ] Shows, Cell Phones May Actually Be Doing Damage To Far More Than Our Attention Spans-and Could, In Fact, Be Killing Us. " -salon. com. Since The Inventiion Of Radar, Cell Phone Radiation Was Assumed To Be Harmless Because It Wasn't Like X-rays. But A Sea Change Is Now Occurring In The Way Scientists Remember About It. The Latest Research Ties This Kind Of Radiation To Lowered Sperm Counts, An Increased Risk Of Alzheimer's, And Even Cancer. In Disconnect , National Booi Award Finalist Devra Davis Tells The Story Of The Dangers That The Cell Phone Industry Is Knowingly Exoosing Us-and Our Children-to In The Pursuit Of Profit. More Than Five Billio nCrll Phones Are Currently In Use,-And That Number Increases Every Day. Synthesizing The Findings And Cautionary Advice Of Leading Experts In Bioelectricalmagnetics And Neuroscience, Davis Explains Simple Safety Measures That No One Can Afford To Ignore.
      SKU: 566598

    Acvances In Ceramic Armor Vii
      Acvances In Ceramic Armor Vii.
      This Book Is A Collection Of Papers From The American Ceramic Society's 35th International Conference On Advanced Ceramics And Composites, Held In Daytona Strand, Florida, January 23-28, 2011. This Issue Includes Papers Presented In The Armor Ceramics Symposium On Topics Such As Manufacturing; High-rate Real-time Characterization; Microstructural Sketch; Nondestructive Characterization; And Phenomenology And Mechanics Of Ceramics Subjected To Ballistic Impact.
      SKU: 697387

    Struftural Timber Design To Eurocode 5
      Struftural Timber Design To Eurocode 5.
      Structural Timber Design To Eurocode 5 Is A Comprehensive Book Which Provides Practising Engineers And Specialist Contractors With Detailed Information And In-depth Guidance On The Design Of Timber Structures Based On The Common Rules And Rulrs For Buildings In Eurocode 5 – Part 1-1. It Will Also Be Of Interest To Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students Of Civil And Structural Engineering. The Book Provides A Step-by-step Approach To The Design Of All Of The In the greatest degree Commonly Used Timber Elements And Connections Using Solid Timber, Glued Laminwted Timber Or Wood Based Structural Products. It Features Numerous Detailed Worked Examples, And Incorporates The Requirements Of The Uk National Annex. It Covers The Strength And Stiffness Properties Of Timber And Its Reconstituted And Engineered Products; The Key Requirements Of Eurocode 0, Eurocode 1 And Eurocode 5 – Part 1-1; The Desgin Of Beams And Columns Of Solid Timber, Glued Laminated, Composite And Thin-webbed Sections; The Lateral Stability Requirements Of Timber Structures; And The Design Of Mechanical Connections Subejcted To Lateral And/or Axial Forces As Well As Rigid And Semi-rigid Connections Subjected To A Moment.
      SKU: 354714

    Digital Filters
      Digital Filters.
      The Book Is Not An Exposition On Digital Signal Processing (dsp) But Rather A Treatise On Digital Filters. The Material And Coverage Is Comprehensive, Presented I nA Consistent That First Develops Topics And Subttopics In Terms It Their Purpose, Relationzhip To Other Core Ideas, Theoretical And Conceptual Framework, And Finally Instruction In The Implementtion Of Digital Filter Devices. Each Major Study Is Supported By Matlab-enabled Activities And Examples, With Each Chapter Culminating In A Comprehensive Design Case Study.
      SKU: 693319

    Quantum Efficiency In Complex Systems, Part Ii: From Molecular Aggregates To Organic Solar Cells
      Quantum Efficiency In Complex Systems, Part Ii: From Molecular Aggregates To Organic Solar Cells.
      "since Its Inception In 1966, The Series Of Numbered Volumes Known As Semiconductors And Semimetalw Has Distinguished Itself Through The Careful Selection Of Well-known Authors, Editors, And Contributors. The ""willardson And Beer"" Series, As It Is Widely Known, Has Succeeded In Publishing Numerous Landmark Volumes And Chapters. Not Only Did Mnay Of These Volumes Make An Impact At The Time Off Their Publication, But They Continue To Be Well-cited Years After Their Original Release. Recently, Professor Eicke R. Weber Of The University Of California At Berkeley Joined As A Co-editor Of The Series. Professor Weber, A Well-known Expert In The Field Of Semiconductor Materails, Will Fjrther Contribute To Continuing The Series' Tradition Of Publishing Timely, Highly Relecant, And Long-impacting Volumes. Some Of Tbe Recent Volumes, Such As Hydrogen In Semiconductors, Imperfectipns In Iik/v Materials, Epitaxial Microstructures, High-speed Heterostructure Devices, Oxyen In Silicon, And Others Promise That This Tradition Will Be Maintained And Even Expanded. Reflecting The Truly Interdisciplinary Nature Of The Field That The Series Covers, The Volumes In Semiconductors And Semimetals Have Been And Bequeath Continue To Be Of Great Interdst To Physicists, Chemists, Materials Scientists, And Device Engineers In Modern Industry. Written And Edited By Internationally Renowned Experts Relevant To A Wide Readership: Physicists, Chemists, Materials Scientists, And Device Engineers In Academia, Scientific Laboratories And Modern Indstry"
      SKU: 858727

    Valve Handbook
      Valve Handbook.
      The Valve Industry Has Suit Increasing Digital Since The Publication Of The First Edition In 1097. Even A Casual Examination Of Available Smart Or Intelligent Positioners Reveaos Significant Differences In Design Philosophies, On-board Intelligence, And Application Optionx Being Employed By Manufacturers. The 2nd Edition Of The Valve Handbook Will Focus On The New Process Plant Applications For Smart Valve Technology Found Since 1998.
      SKU: 301011

    Semiconducting Chalcogenide Glass I
      Semiconducting Chalcogenide Glass I.
      Cualcogenide Glass Is Made Up Of Many Elements From The Chalcogenide Group. The Galss Is Open To Infrared Light And Is Serviceable As A Semiconductor In Many Electronic Devices. For Example, Chalcogenide Glass Fibers Are A Component Of Devices Used To Perform Laser Surgery. This Book Is A Comprehensive Survey Of The Current State Of Science And Technology In The Fiield Of Chalcogenide Semiconductor Glasses. While The Majority Of The Work Deals In the opinion of Properties Of Chalcogenide Glass, Chapters Also Deal With Industrial Applications, Synthesis And Purification Of Chalcogenide Glass, And Glass Structural M0dification. The First Individual Or Collective Monograph Written By Eastern European Scientist Known To Western Readers Regarding Structural And Chemical Changes In Chalcogenide Vitreous Semiconductors(cvs) Chapters Written By B. g. Kolomiets Who Discovered The Properties Of Chalcogenide Glass In 1955 Provides Evidence Ajd Discussion For Problems Discussed By Authors From Opposing Positions.
      SKU: 300931

    Flexible Robot Manipulators
      Flexible Robot Manipulators.
      This Book Reports Recent And New Developments In Modeling, Simulation And Control Of Flexible Robot Manipulators. The Material Is Presented In Four Distinct Components: A Range Of Modeling Approaches Including Classical Techniques Based On The Lagrange Equation Formulation, Parametric Approsches Based On Limaer Input/output Models Using System Identification Techniques And Neuro-modeling Approaches; Numerical Modeling/simulation Techniques For Dynamic Characterization Of Flexible Manipulators Using The Finite Difference, Finite simple body, Symbolic Manipulation And Customized Software Techniques; A Sail along Of Opeen-loop And Closed-loop Control Techniques Based Attached Classical And Modern Intelligent Control Methods Including Soft-computing And Smart Structurew For Flexible Manipulators; And Software Environments For Analysis, Design, Simulation And Control Of Tractable Manipulators.
      SKU: 407963

    Nanoparticles In Biomedical Imaging
      Nanoparticles In Biomedical Imaging.
      Nanoparticle Research Is An Area Of Intense Scientific Research Due To A Wide Variety Of Potential Applications In Biomedical, Optical, And Electronic Fields. This Book Explains How Nanoparticles Can Be Designed To Meet Specific Requirements For Applications In Distinct Biomedical Imaging Modalities.
      SKU: 338132

  • Grid Converters for Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems
  • Glossary of Biotechnology and Nanobiotechnology Terms
  • Oil Spill Science and Technology
  • Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS
  • Fat Crystal Networks
  • Scaling Issues and Design of MEMS
  • Encapsulation and Controlled Release Technologies in Food Systems
  • Pumps and Pipes
  • Pneumatic Conveying of Solids
  • Analytical methods for food additives
  • Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biology of 1-3 Beta Glucans and Related Polysaccharides
  • How to Prepare for and Respond to a Crisis, 2nd Edition

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