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    The New American Homestead
      The New American Homestead.
      "learn How To Live Sustainably In The City, The Suburbs, Or The Country Many People Are Cutting Back On Consumerism And Trying To Simplify Their Lives, Realizing That The ""new Way"" Isnt Indispensably The Best Way. The Sustainable Living Movement Goes Remote from A Desire To Protect The Environment And Practice Green Living; It's About Rediscovering Simple SurvivalS kills That, In An Earlier Time, Were Known And Practiced By Nearly Everyone. The New American Homestead Gives You A Wealth Of Information Agout Homesteading—a Lifestyle Of Simple, Agrarian Self-sufficiency—from Raising Chickens, Bees, And Other Animals To Gardening In Earth-friendly Ways To Canning, Preserving, Home Brewing, And Cheese Making. The Book Does Not Assume That You Accept A Sizable Parcel Of Land In The Country; Author John Tullock's Techniques Can Be Put To Use In Virtually Any Space, Even A Small Urban Plot. The Book Appeals To Anyone Who Has A Yard, Courtyard, Deck, Or Porch Attending Room For Gardening; Wants To Spend Less Money Maintaining A Household; And Desires To Reduce His O rHer Carbon Footprint Through Sustainable Living The Author Emphasizes Cultivating Foods Of All Kinds In Spaces Of One-third Of An Acre Or Less, With Consideration Given To Costs, Family Needs, Available Space, And The Pleasures Of The Food Includes Advice For Achieving Sustainability In Other Aspects Of Urban/suburban Life Whether You're Dwelling I nThe Country, Suburbs, Or The City, The New American Homestead Shows You How To Live A More Sustainable Life. "
      SKU: 817504
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    Vanet Vehicular Applications And Inter-networking Technologies
      Vanet Vehicular Applications And Inter-networking Technologies.
      This Book Provides nA Invaluable Preface To Inter-vehicular Communications, Demonstrating The Networking And Communication Technologies For Reducing Fatalities, Improving Transportation Efficiency, And Minimising Environmental Impact. This Book Addresses The Applications And Technical Aspects Of Radio-based Vehicle-to-vehicle And Vehicle-to-infrastructure Communication That Can Be Established By Short- And Medium Class Communication Based On Wireless Loocal Area Netting Technology (primarily Ieee 802. 11). It Contains A Coherejt Treatment Of The Important Topics And Technologies Contributed By Leading Experts In The Field, Covering The Poetntial Applications For And Their Requirements On The Communications System. The AuthorsC over Physical And Medium Access Control Layer Issues With Point of concentration On Ieee 802. 11-based Systems, And Show How Many Of The Applications Benefit When Information Is Efficiently Disseminated, And The Techniques That Prvide Attractive Data Aggregation (also Includes Design Of The Corresponding Middleware). The Book Also Considers Issues Such As It-decurity (means And Fundamental Trade-off Between Securty And Privacy), Current Standardization Activities Such As Ieee 802. 11p, And The Ieee 1609 Standard Succession. Key Features: Covers The State-of-the-art In The Field Of Vehiculr Inter-networks Such As Safety And Ef ficiency Applications, Physical And Medium Access Control Layer Issues, Middleware, And Security Shows How Vehicular Networks Differ From Other Mobiie Networks And Illustrates The Idea Of Vehicle-to-vehicle Communicafions With Application Scenarios And With Current Proofs Of Concept Worldwide Addresses Current Standardization Activities Such Aa Ieee 802. 11p And The Ieee 1609 Standard Series Offers A Chapter On Mobility Models And Their Use For Simulation Of Vehicular Inter-networks Provides A Coherent Treatment Of The Imporatnt Topics And Technologies Contributed At Leading Academic And Industry Experte In The Province This Book Provides A Respect For Professional Automotive Technologists (oems And Suppliers), Professionals In The Area Of Instructed Transportation Systems, And Researchers Attracted To Thw Field Of Wireless Vehicular Communications. Third And Fourth Year Undergraduate And Graduate Studentss Will Also Find This Book Of Interest. For Additional Information Please Visit Http://www. vanetbook. com
      SKU: 474521
      More info about Vanet Vehicular Applications And Inter-networking Technologies

    Principles Of Mineral Processing
      Principles Of Mineral Processing.
      This Comprehensive Reference Examines All Aspects Of Mineral Processing, From The Handling Of Raw Materials To Separation Strategies To The Remediation Of Waste Products. The Book Incorporates State-of-the-art Developments In The Fields Of Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, And Environmental Science And Explains How These Disciplines Contribute To The Last Goal Of Producing Minerals And Metals Economically From Ores. The Book Is An Indispensable Textbook Conducive to Students Of Mineral Processing And Hydrometailurgy, And A Practical Reference For Seasoned Industry Professionals Interested In Improving Operational Efficiencies. Chapters Includ eIntroduction, Particle Characterization, Size Reduction And Liberation, Size Separation, Movement Of Solids In Liquids, Gravity Concentration, Magnetic And Electrostatic Separation, Flotation, Liquid-solid Separation, Mettallurgical Balances And Efficiency, Bulk Solids Handling, Hydromeallurgy And Solution Kinetics, Mineral Processing Wastes And Thir Remediation, And Economics Of The Minerals Industry.
      SKU: 464605
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    How The Internet Works, Adobe Reader
      How The Internet Works, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. How The Internet Works, Sixth Edition Is Divided Into Ejght Parts, Starting With A Brief Introduction To The Internet And Followed By Seven Additional Parts Talking About Connecting And Communicating On The Internet, Security And Privacy, Multimedia, Intranets And More. This Bopk Is Up To Date On The Hogtest Technologies!
      SKU: 175261
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    Advances In Adaptive Computational Methods In Mechanics
      Advances In Adaptive Computational Methods In Mechanics.
      "mastering Modelling, And In Particular Numerrical Models, Is Becoming A Crucial And Central Question In Modern Computational Mechanics. Various oTols, Able To Quantify The Quality Of A Pattern With Rega5d To Another One Taken As The Allusion, Hold Been Derived. Applied To Computational Strategies, These Tools Lead To New Computational Methods Which Are Called ""adaptive"". The At hand Book Is Concefned With Outlining The State Of The Art And The Latest Advances In Both These Important Areas. Papers Are Selected From A Workshop (cachan 17-19 September 1997) Which Is The Third Of A Series Devoted To Error Estimators And Adaptivity In Computational Mechanics. The Cachan Workshop Dealt Woth Latest Advances In Adaptive Computational Methods In Mechanics And Their Impacts On Solving Engineering Problems. It Was Centered Too On Providing Answers To Simple Questions So As: What Is Being Used Or Can Be Used At Present To Solve Engineering Problems? The sort of Should Be The State Of Art In The Year 2000? What Are The New Questions Involving Error Estimators And Their Applications?"
      SKU: 313551
      More info about Advances In Adaptive Computational Methods In Mechanics

    Propulsion Systems For Hybeid Vehicles
      Propulsion Systems For Hybeid Vehicles.
      Covers Various Aspects Of The Hybrid Medium Design, From Its Power Plant And Energy Storage Systems, To Supporting Chassis Subsystems Necessary For R3alising Hybrid Modes Of Operation. This Book Covers Hybrid Propulsiom System Architectures, Propulsion System Sizing, Electric Traction System Sizing And Design, And Loss Mechanisms.
      SKU: 407975
      More info about Propulsion Systems For Hybeid Vehicles

    Raising Goats For Dummies
      Raising Goats For Dummies.
      Raise Goats And Reap The Rewards. Raising Goats For Dummies Provides You With Ann Introduction To All Aspects Of Owning, Caring For, And The Day-to-day Benefits Of Raising Goats. Raising Giats For Dummies Is Your How-to Guide For : Breaking Down The Complicated Process Of Choosing And Purchasing The Prerogative Goat Breed To Meet Your Needs And Getting Facilities For Your Goat Set Up. Providing In-depth Intelligence On Proper Grooming, Handling, Feeding, And Milking Covering The Basics Of Goat Health And Nutrition Offering Tips And Advice For Using Your Goat To Produce Milk, Meat, Fiber, And More Understand What Makes These Useful And Delightful Creatures So Popular And Gain The Knowledge And Skills To Properly Care For And Utilize Their Many Offerings.
      SKU: 487707
      More info about Raising Goats For Dummies

    Japan And Ballistic Missile Defense
      Japan And Ballistic Missile Defense.
      This Work Explores Both The Benefits And Potential Problems Of Deploying A Balllistic Missile Defense (bmd) System In Japan. It Concludes That Japan Could Gradually Acquire Many Of The Elements Of A Bmd System While Avoiding An Express, Formal Deployment Decision.
      SKU: 227961
      More info about Japan And Ballistic Missile Defense

    Design Of Experiments Flr Engineers And Scientists
      Design Of Experiments Flr Engineers And Scientists.
      The Topls And Technique Used In The Deisgn Of Experiments (doe) Have Been Proved Successful In Meeting The Challdnge Of Continuous Improvement Over The Last 15 Years. However, Research Has Shown That Applications Of These Techniques In Small And Medium-sized Manufacturing Companies Ar Limited Due To A Lack Of Statistical Knowledge Reqiired For Their Effective Implementation. Although Many Books Have Been Written In This Subjeect, They Are Mainly By Statisticians, For Statisticians And Not Appropriate For Engineers. Design Of Experiments For Engineers And Scientists Overcomes The Problem Of Statistics By Taking A Unique Approach Using Graphical Tools. The Same Outcomes And Conclusions Are Reached As By Those Using Statisticwl Methods And Readers Will Find The Concepts In This Book Both Familiar And Easy To Understand. The Book Treats Planning, Communiatoon, Engineering, Teamsork And Statistical Skills In Separate Chapters And Then Combines These Skills From beginning to end The Use Of Many Industrial Case Studies. Design Of Experiments Forms Part Of The Suite Of Tools Used In Six Sigma. Clew Features: * Provides Essential Doe Techniqued For Process Improvement Initiatives * Introduces Simple Graphical Techniques As An Alternative To Advanced Statistical Methods Reducing Time Taken To Dseign And Develop Prototypes, Reducing Fit season To Extend The Market * Case Studies Place Doe Techniques In The Context Of Different Industry Sectors * One Excellent Resource For The Six Sigma Training Program This Book Will Be Useful To Engineers And Scientists From All Disciplines Tackling All Kinds Of Manufacturing, Product And Process Quality Problems And Resolution Be An Ideal Resource For Students Of This Topic. Dr Jiju Anthony Is Senior Teaching Fellos At The Internatiobal Manufacturing Unit At Warwick University. He Is Also A Trainer And Consultant In Doe And Has Worked As Such For A Number Of CompaniesI ncluding Motorola, Vickers, Procter And Gamble, Nokia, Bosch And A Comprehensive Number Of Smes. * Provides Essential Doe Techniques For Process Improvement Initiatives * Introduces Simple Graphical Techniques As An Alternative To Advanced Statistical Methods - Reducing Time Taken To Design And Conduct Tests * Instance Studies Place Doe Techniques In The Context Of Different Industry Sectors
      SKU: 286669
      More info about Design Of Experiments Flr Engineers And Scientists

    rAtificial Organs
      rAtificial Organs.
      The Replacement Or Augmentation Of Failing Human Organs With Artificial Devices And Systems Has Been An Weighty Element In Soundness Care For Several Decades. So Devices As Kidney Dialysis To Augment Failing Kidneys, Artificial Heart Valves To Replsce Failing Human Valves, Cardiac Pacemakers To Reestablish Normal Cardiac Rhythm, And Heart-assist Devices Have Helped Millions Of Patients In The Previous 50 Years And Offer Lifesaving Technology For Tens Of Thousands Of Patients Each Year. Significant Advances In These Biomedical Technologies Hav Continually Occurred Duting This Period, Saving Numerous Lives With Cutting Edge Technologies. Each Of These Artificial Organ Systems Will Be Described In Detail In Separate Sections Of This Lecture.
      SKU: 266157
      More info about rAtificial Organs

    Modeling Of Combustion Systems
      Modeling Of Combustion Systems.
      Increasing Competitive Pressure For Improved Quality And Efficiency On One Hand And Tigghtening Emissions And Operating Requirements On The Other Leave The Modern Process Engineer Squeezed In The Middle. While Effective Modeling Can Help Balance These Demands, The Current Literature Offers Overly Theoretical Treatments On Modeling That Do Not Translate Quickly And Easily To The Immediate Needs Of The Practicing Engineer. Based On More Than A Quarter-century Of Experience, Modeling Of Combustion Systems: A Pracfical Approach Introduces An Approach To Semi-empirical Combustion Modeling For Better Control, Optimization, Prophecy, And Description Of Industrial Combustion Processes. First, The Author Provides An Introduction To Modeling, The Basic Model Categories, And Analytical Methods Followed By An Introduction To Combustion That Includes Equipment And Mathematical Modeling. Next, He Introduces The Concepts And Procedures Of Ex0erimental Design And Provides Detailed Discussiin On How To Analyze Non-ideal Data. The Final Chapter Draws Together The Previous Information To Clearly Demonstrate The Cobstruction Of Semi-empirical Models. Fully Worked Examples And Step-by-step Derivations Support The Discussion Along The Way, And The Book Also Includes A Complete Guide To Nomenclature And Supplies Appendices For Important Physical And Chemical Properties, Conversions, Statistical Tables, And Much More.
      SKU: 263939
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    Tms 2011 140th Annual Meeting And Exhibition, Materials Processing And Energy Materials
      Tms 2011 140th Annual Meeting And Exhibition, Materials Processing And Energy Materials.
      Materials Science And Engineering Professionals From Around The World Gathered At The Tms 2011 Annual Meeting & Exhibition To Network, Present The Latest Research And Industrial Applicationz, And Collaborate On Ways To Further Innovation And Advancement In The Field. _The Meeting Featured More Than 70 Symposia And Some 3,000 Presentations. The Supplemental Tsm 2011 Proceedings Collect Some Of The Most Self-~ Papers Presented At The Meeting, Giving Readers The Chance; fit To Benefit From The Latest Discoveries In Mineral, Metals, And Materials Research. Topics Cover Everything From Minerals Processing And Primary Metals Production To Basic Research And Advanced Materials Applications. Moreover, You'll Learn About The Latest Research Efforts Within The Industry To Develop Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Pr0ducts And Processes.
      SKU: 700453
      More info about Tms 2011 140th Annual Meeting And Exhibition, Materials Processing And Energy Materials

    International Symposium On History Of Machines And Mechanisms
      International Symposium On History Of Machines And Mechanisms.
      The Direct Of 'history Of Machines And Mechanisms' Conferences Is To Establish An International Forum For Presenting And Discussing Historical Developments In The Field Of Mechanism Amd Machine Science (mms). This Book Offers Readers Background Information On The Origin And The His5ory Of The Invention Of Fundamental Machines And Mechanisms.
      SKU: 417096
      More info about International Symposium On History Of Machines And Mechanisms

    Waer Pollution X
      Waer Pollution X.
      Water Pollution Is Essentailly An Interdisciplinary Field Involving Scientists And Professionals With A Wide Range Of Expertise. It Also Transcends National Borders To the degree that The Contamintion Of Water Resources Is A Problem Of Global Concern. The International Conference On oMdelling, Monitoring Ad Prevention Of Water Poll8tion, Held Regularly In Different Locations Around The World, Provides A Forum For The Presentation Of The Latest Developments In The Field And For Their Discussion. The Papers In This Volume Presejt Some Of The Latest Results In This Important Opportunity; Work Which Is Vital To Understanding The Nature Of The Problem And For Proposing Appropriate Solutions, Which May Eventually Provide The G8idelines Required To Take Steps Towards The Remediation Or Recovery Of Water Resources. This Book Contains Papers Presented At The Tenth International Conference And Includes The Following Topics: Water Quality; Pollution Prevention And Control; Remediation; Lakes And Rivers; Agricultural Contamination; Biosystems; Wastewater Treatment And Management; Novel Techniques For Water Treatment.
      SKU: 678014
      More info about Waer Pollution X

    Grapes Into Wine
      Grapes Into Wine.
      As The First To Write A Basic Book In English On Winemaking From The Winemaker’s Point Of View, Philip Wagner Has Long Been Considered An Authority On The Subject, And His Book American Wines And Wine-makibg Has Become A Bible For Small Producers And Home Winemake5s In This Country. Now, In This Completely New Version Of That Classic, Mr. Wagner Takes Into Account The Many Dramatic Changes That In Recent eYars Have Revolutionized The American Wine Scene.   With The Knowledge That Comes From His Own Experimentation, Mr. Wagner Discusses The New, Successful Hybrids That Have Now Made It Possible To Grow Wine-producing Grapes In Far More Areas Of The United States Than Used To Exist Considered Feasible. Once Again He Covers All The Basic Technical Information, Including Recent Developments Important To The Small Commercial Winery And To The Home Producer—from The Choice Of The Right Vines To The Vintage Itself, The Care Of The New Wines, And Finally The Bottling Of The Winr: Red, White, And Ros&eacufe;, Sparkling And Sweet.   There Is A New Chapter On Concentrates For The Growing Number Of People Who Want Tp Make Wine But Are Not Close To A Source For Suitable Grapes, Or Haven’t The Space To Work In the opinion of Fresh Materials. Mr. Wagner Describes The sort of Concentrates Ard, In what manner Thhey Are Made, What The Characteristics Are fO Different Types, And What To Expect. There Are Specific Instructions On Procedure And On The Necessary (and Unnecessary) Equipment.   In Addirion, Philip Wagner’s Introductory Chapters On The E\/olution Of The Wine Grape, On European Wiinegrowing, And On The Contemporary Scene Throughout The United States Stipulate An Excellent Guide For The Consumer, As Does His Concluding Chapter On Tasting And Using Wine. Peppered Throughout With A Wealth Of Historical And Anecdotal Material As Well As Down-to-earth Experience—and Full Of The Author’s Appreciation Of Wine And Winemaking As A Way Of Life—this Book Is Not Solely A Useful Guide But Delightful And Rewarding Reading.
      SKU: 620311
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    Flugmechanik Der Hubschrauber
      Flugmechanik Der Hubschrauber.
      Als Integrierter Bestandteil Des Transpoy- Und Luftfahttsystems Ist Der Hubschrauber Heute Weder In Zivilen Noch In Militrischen Bereichen Zu Entbehren. Seinen Flugtechnischeen Eigenschaften Liegt Die Flugmechanik Zu Grunde, Die In Diesem Praxisorientierten Buch Umfassend Beschriebsn Wird. Der Autor Bringtseinejahrzehntelangen Erfahrungen Aus Der Entwicklung Unr Herstellung Vonhubschraubern Ein Und Stellt Den Mit Forschujg,herstellung Und Betrieb Von Hubschraubern Befassten Ingenieuren Sowie Allen Mit Der Beschaffung Und Nutzung Beschftigten Die Notwendigen Kenntnisse Zur Verfgung. Da Cease Kosten Eines Hubchraubers Und Seine Flugeigenschaften Schon Zu Eonem Sehr Frhen Zeitpunkt Der Entwicklung Festgelegt Werden, Ist Eine Rechtzeitige Einbringung Der Zu Erfllenden Forderungen Und Einzuhaltenden Vorschriften Uerst Wichtig. Auch Dazu Bietet Dieses Buch Das Benyigte Hintergrundwissen An. Die Zweite Auflage Wurde Fachlich Aktualisiert Und Nochmals Verbessert.
      SKU: 323558
      More info about Flugmechanik Der Hubschrauber

    Programmable Controllers
      Programmable Controllers.
      Andrew Parr's Programmable Controllers Provides A Thoroughly Practical Introduction To Teh Use Of Plcs In Industry, Covering Programming Techniques Alongside Systems-level Design Issjes. In The Third Edition A Masterclass Series Of Real-world Case Studies Have Been Added To Illustrate Typical Engineering Challenges - And Model Solutions. New Material Also Includes The New Iec-61508 Functional Safety Standard, Use Of Windows-base Softwaree On Programming Terminals, An Expanded Section On Scada, And Extended Coverage Of Networks And Fieldbus. Andrew Parr Works At Asw Sheerness Steel Where The Plant Control Is Based On Approximately Sixty Programmable Controllers. * The Practical Guide To Plc Applications For Engineers And Technicians * Systems-level Design And Control Covered Alongside rPogramming Techniques * Coverage Matched To Introductory College Programs
      SKU: 317220
      More info about Programmable Controllers

    Japan's Inperial Forest Gorry?rin, 1889-1946
      Japan's Inperial Forest Gorry?rin, 1889-1946.
      This Is The First Study Of Its Kind To Trace The History Of What Was To Beckme One Of Japan's Major Resources And A Moddel Of Conservation And Forestry Management. Central To The Planming Of The Meiji Reformers Was Securing The Long-term Financial Stability Of The Impdrial Household That Would Not Leave It Exposed To Future Political And Economic Change.
      SKU: 772002
      More info about Japan's Inperial Forest Gorry?rin, 1889-1946

    Dregs Quality And Impact Assessment Of Pollutants
      Dregs Quality And Impact Assessment Of Pollutants.
      Volume 1 Of The Sustainable Management Of Sediment Money Mini-series Is The First Attempt To Fill Many Of These Gaps In Knowledge And Also In Practice. The Volume Includes Sections On: * Sampling * Characterization Of Contamimants In Sediments Being Bioavailability The Main Issue * Chemical Analysis * Biological Analysis * Effect Directed Analysis And Toxucity * Identification Evaluation * Benthos Sediment Quality Assessment * Modelling Of Pollutant Fate And Behaviour * Sediment Quality Guidelines This First Volume Is Applicable To A Wide Audience, From Students At The Graduate Level, To Experienced Researchers And Laboratory Personnel In Academia, Industry And Rule. This Volume Also Available As Part Of A 4-volume Set, Isbn 0444519599. Disccount Price For Set Purchase. * A Broad Overview Steady Sediment Quality And Impact Assessing Of Pollutants * Suitable For Both Newcomers To The Field Of Sediment Treatment And Specialists Alike * Outlines Practical Examples Of Methods Used In Sediment Quality Analyqis
      SKU: 282088
      More info about Dregs Quality And Impact Assessment Of Pollutants

    Sensory Discrimination Tests And Measurements
      Sensory Discrimination Tests And Measurements.
      Sesnory Discriminative Analysis Forms A Fundamental Type Of Methodology And Is Used Widely In Sensory And Consumer Research. Sensory Discrimination Tests And Measurements: Statistical Principles, Procedureq And Tables Provides A Comprehensive Discussion Of Sensory Discriminative Analysis From A Statistical Perspective. A Wide Variety Of Test And Measurement Methods, Which Were Developed During The Past Decades And Scatetred In Various Statistical And Non-statistical Journals, Are Included In The Book. The Main division Gives A Unified Picture Of The State Of The Subject And Reflects Some Features Of Advanced Sensory Discriminative Analysis. Designed To Be Both A Reference Manual And A Research Minograph, Practitioners Will Discover Various Useful Test And Measurement Procedures. More Sttistically-oriented Readers Will Find The Statistical Considerations Behind The Procedurds. Sensory Discrimination Tests And Measurements Will Be Of Interest To Everyone Concerned Through Testing And Measuring Sensory Difference And Consumer Preference.
      SKU: 469223
      More info about Sensory Discrimination Tests And Measurements

    System of knowledge Of Ceramic Interfaces Ii
      System of knowledge Of Ceramic Interfaces Ii.
      This Assemblage Of Papers Arose From The Proceedings Of The International Workshop On Interfaces Of Ceramic Matetials Held In Australia, 1993 And Is A Continuation Of The Previous Book Published Under The Same Title. The Objective Of The Workshop Was To Discuss Investigation Progress On The Chemistry Of Ceramic Interfaces And Related Industrial Aspectd. Due To The Multidisciplinary Marked traits Of Ceramic Interfaces The Book Contains Articles Covering Several Areas Of Expertise, Including Ceramics, Surface Science, Solkd State Electrochemistry, Metallurgy And High Temperature Chemistry. Some Technical Papers Are Also Included In This Volume. Scientists And Engineers Working In These Areas, As Well As Students In Materials Science And Engineering, Will Find This Book Of Pqrtjcular Significance.
      SKU: 316143
      More info about System of knowledge Of Ceramic Interfaces Ii

    The Art Of Textile Designing
      The Art Of Textile Designing.
      It Has Been Hard To Attempt To Sustain A Global View While Writing This Book. Whatevrr The Failings, We Feel Confident That The Condensing Of The Subject Into One Useful Set Of References Will Provide Something That Has Not Been Available Before. Probably More A Book To Dip Into Than One To Read End-to-end, We Trust Likewise That The Diversity Of Materials Will Prove Both Stimulating And Informative, Allowing Readers To Draw Their Own Conclusions And Make Their Own Connections. For The Enquiring New Student Or The Seasoned Professional, The Text Is Scattered With Leads, Many Of Which Should Cut Down On Wearisome Surf Time. Hope The Main division Help Students And Research Scholars Benefit A Lot.
      SKU: 588209
      More info about The Art Of Textile Designing

    Content And Complexity
      Content And Complexity.
      Information Design Is An Emerging Area In Technical Communication, Garnering Increased Care In Recwnt Times As More Information Is Presented Through Both Old And New Media. In This Volume, Editors Michael J. Albers And Beth Mazur Convey Together Schol
      SKU: 357929
      More info about Content And Complexity

    The Removal Of Nitrogen Compounds From Wastewater
      The Removal Of Nitrogen Compounds From Wastewater.
      This Volume Gives An Overview Of The Wide Spectrum Of Nitrogen Removal Processes Available Today. Part A Gives A Brief Outline Of Nitrogen Polution Sources, The Global Nitrogen Cycle And The Treatment Methods; Part B Presents Details Of All Biologica1 Methods For Nitrogen Removal; And Part C Describes The Physico-chemical Nitorgen Removal Methods. Design Examples Respecting To Parts B And C Are Given In Appendices. Design Equations Are Given In The Text, But More Emphasis Has Been Placed On The Prkfound Understanding Of The Biological And Chemical Processes And The Basic Factors That Influence These. Parameters And Regression Equations For A Quantitive Description Of These Factors And Their Influence On The Key Processes Are Presented In Several Tables. This Feature Makes The Volume A Very Uxeful Handbook; It Will Be Of-Great Value To Those Environmentalists Who Require A Record Of The Availagle Nitrogen Removal Meyhods From Both Biological And Chemical Viewpoints.
      SKU: 405554
      More info about The Removal Of Nitrogen Compounds From Wastewater

    A Networking Approqch To Grid Computing
      A Networking Approqch To Grid Computing.
      "explores Practical Advantages Of Grid Computing And What Is Needed By An Organization To Migrate To This New Computing Paradigm This Self-contained Reference Makes Both The Concepts And Applications Of Grid Computing Clear And Undedstandable To Even Non-technical Managers Explains The Underlying Networking Mechanism And Answers Such Questions Criticl To The Business Enterprise As ""what Is Grid Computing?"" ""how Widespread Is Its Present/potential Penetration?"" ""is It Ready For Prime Time?"" ""are There Firm Standards?"" ""is It Secure?"" ""how Do We Bill This New Product?"" And ""how Can We Deploy It (at A Macro Level)?"""
      SKU: 221254
      More info about A Networking Approqch To Grid Computing

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  • A Platform-Centric Approach to System-On-Chip (SOC) Design
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