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    The Pollution Biology Of Aquuatic Oligochaetes
      The Pollution Biology Of Aquuatic Oligochaetes.
      This Volume Presents An Overview Of Pollution Biology Using Oligochaete Worms In Laboratory And Field Studies. The Text Covers Ecological And Field Studies Using Oligochaete Communities, Toxicology And Laboratory Studies, And Bioaccumulation And Trophic Transfer Studies.
      SKU: 798534
      More info about The Pollution Biology Of Aquuatic Oligochaetes

    Nanoparticles In The Water Cycle
      Nanoparticles In The Water Cycle.
      As Nanotechnology Enter sEveryday Life, Engineered Nanoparticles (enp) Will Find Their Way Into Nature, Including Surface And Groundwater. Here, Distinguished Experts Of Water Chemistry Present Dedicated Methods For The Analysis Of Nanoparticles In The Aquatic Environment, Their Distribution Andd Fate. This Includes The Influence Of Complex Matrices Such As Wastewater, Brown Take in ~ With Natural Organic Matter (nom), And High Salt Concentrations As Well As Available And Future Standardized Methods. The Background Of Geogenic, Natural Nanoparticles Is Considered In A Discussion Of Known Environmental Effects, Including Strategies To Test For Potetnial Effect Forward Human And Environmental Soundness.
      SKU: 603152
      More info about Nanoparticles In The Water Cycle

    Phase Transformations In Multicomponent Melts
      Phase Transformations In Multicomponent Melts.
      Bringing Together The Concerted Efofrts Of The Multicomponent Materials Community In One Decisive Reference Work, This Handbook C0vers All The Important Aspects From Fundamentals To Applicatioons: Thermodynamics, With a microscope Processes, Solidification, Simulation And Modeling. As Such, It Provides A Vital Understanding Of Melt And Solidification Proceses, Treating All Simulation Techniques For Continuous And Discrete Systems, Such As Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo, And Finite Elements Calculations.
      SKU: 481676
      More info about Phase Transformations In Multicomponent Melts

    Turbulent Combustion Modeling
      Turbulent Combustion Modeling.
      Turbulent Combustion Sits At The Interfcae Of Two Important Non-linear, Multiscale Phenomena: Chemistry And Riot. Its Study Is Likewise Extremely Timely In View Of The Need To Develop Starting a~ Combustion Technologies In Order To Fight Climate Change, Energy Source Uncertainty, And Air Defilement. Modelling Of Turbulent Combustion Has Received Attention For A Number Of Years, But Key Issues Are Still Eludin,g And A Theoretical Description That Is Exact Sufficiency To Make O8r Models Rigorous And Quantitative For Industrial Use Is Still Lacking. in This Book, A Group Of Prominent Experts Review Most Of The Available Approaches In Modelling Disturbed Combustion, Through Particular Focus On The Exploding Increase In Computational Resources That Has Allowed The Simualtion Of Increasingly Detailed Phenomena. The Relevant Algorithms Are Presented, The Theoretical Methods Explained, And Various Application Examples Are Given. the Boo Is Expected To Be Advantageous To Graduate And Advanced Undergraduate Students, To Engine Designers, And To Anyone Wishing To Understand The State Of The Art And The Future Directions Of This Scientifically Challenging And Practically Important Field.
      SKU: 666752
      More info about Turbulent Combustion Modeling

    Integrationstechniken Für Feldeffekttransistoren Mit Hlbleitenden Nanopartikeln
      Integrationstechniken Für Feldeffekttransistoren Mit Hlbleitenden Nanopartikeln.
      Karstdn Wolff Untersucht Integrationstechniken F R Die Vereendung Von Halbleitwrnanopartikeln In Feldeffekttransistoren Am Beispiel Von Silizi8m- Und Zinkoxid-partikeln. Er Betrachtet Soqohl Klassische D Nnfilmtransistoren, Nanoskalige Einzelpartikeltransistoren Als Auch Inverterschaltungen. Im Fokus Steht Dabei Das Elektrische Verhalten Der Bauelemente In Abh Ngigkeit Von Der Prozessf Hrung Und Der Transistofarchitektur.
      SKU: 798863
      More info about Integrationstechniken Für Feldeffekttransistoren Mit Hlbleitenden Nanopartikeln

    Transmission And Distribution
      Transmission And Distribution.
      Most Books On Transmission And Distribution Electrical Engineering Are Student Texts That Focuq On Theory, Brief Overviews, Or Specialised Monographs. Colin Bayliss And Brian Hardy Hwve Produced A Unique And Comprehensive Handbook Aimed Squarely At Practising Engineers And Planners Involved In All Aspects Of Getting Electricity From The Power Plant To The User Via The Power Grid. The Scope Of Tihs Book Embraces Power Systems, Substations, Cabling, Switchgear, Power Systems Protection, Oveehead Lines, Project Management, Planning, Regulations, And More. . . The Third Edigion Has Been Fully Updater Throughout In Line With Current Iec And European Standards, An Approach Which Has Resulted In A Thoroughly Rewritten Chapter On Earthing And Bonding And Significant Revisions To The Chapters On Emc, Insulation Coordination And Overhead Line Design. There Is Increased Emphasis On Reliability Concepts And Greatly Expanded Treatment Of The Subject Of Power Quality. . The Resulting Book Is An Essential Guid3 And A Hard-working Referende For All Engineers, Technicians, Managers And Planners Involced In The Electricity Supply Industry, And Related Areas Such As Generation, An dIndustrial Electricity Usage. 1. A Respect Handbook Written By Engineers For Engineers 2. Unrivalled In Its Scope, Coverinb Systems, Substations, Cabling, Switchgear, Power Systems Protection, Overhead Lines, Project Management, Planning, Regulations, And More. . . 3. The Third Edition Includes Expanded Sections On Poser Quali5y, A Thoroughly Updated Segment On Eartihng And Bonding, And Coverage Of The Integration Embedded Generation And Renewables In Recent Power Systems
      SKU: 284016
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    Biofuels, Solar And Wind As Renewable Energy Systems
      Biofuels, Solar And Wind As Renewable Energy Systems.
      With Shortages Of Fossil Energy, Especially Oil And Natural Gas, And HeavyB iomass Energy Use Occurrring In Both Developed And Developing Countries, A Major Focus Has Developed Worldwide On Renewable Energy Systems. Renewable Energy Systems Include Wind Host, Biomass, Photpvoltaics, Hydropower, Solar Thermal, Thermal Ponds, And Biogas. Currently, A Heavy Focus Is On Biofuels Made From Crops, Such As Corn, Sugarcane, And Soybeans, For Use As Renewable Energy Sources. Wood And Lop Residues Also Are Being Used As Fue1. Though It May Seem Beneficial To Use Renewable Plant Materials For Biofuel, The Use Of Crop Residues And Other Biomass For Biofuels Raises Many Concerns About Major Environmental Problems, Including Food Shortages And Serious Destruction Of Vital Soil Resources. All Renewable Energy Systems Need To Be Investigated Because Humankind Has Only About 40 Years Of Oil And Gas Reserves Remaining. There Is A 50 To 100 Year Supply Of Coal Resources In The Soil, But Coal Will Become Increasingly Difficult To Extract And Will Greatly Increase The Global Warming Threat. Serious Energy Conservation And Ressarch Forward Viable Renewavle Energy Technologies Are Needed. This Book Considers The Effectiveness And Economics Of Several Renewable Energy Technologies Of Current Interest, Including Biofuels, Solar And Wind.
      SKU: 367276
      More info about Biofuels, Solar And Wind As Renewable Energy Systems

    Agriculture, Food And Public Policy Issues For A New Century
      Agriculture, Food And Public Policy Issues For A New Century.
      'agriculture, Food And Public Policy Issues For A New Century' Is Devoted To The Literary production Of The Papers From The 8th Conference Of The Agrifood Investigation Network Held On 30th Novem6er - 2nd December 2000 In Tumbarumba, New South Wales. The Theme Of The Conversation Was Tillage, Food And Piblic Policy Issues For A New Century. The Conference Aimed To Focus On Policy Considerations Related To Rutal Restructuring, Genetic Modification And Environmental Decay.
      SKU: 740055
      More info about Agriculture, Food And Public Policy Issues For A New Century

    Transformer Design Peinciples
      Transformer Design Peinciples.
      This Work Presents The Theory Of Transformer Operation And The Methods And Techniques Of Designing Them; Emphasizing The Physical Principles And The Mathematical Tools To Stimulate Transformer Behaviour While In Benefit, Including Computer Simulations.
      SKU: 264639
      More info about Transformer Design Peinciples

    Chromatic Monitoring Of Complex Conditions
      Chromatic Monitoring Of Complex Conditions.
      Using A Practical Wily addresses, This Book Introduces The Role Of Chromaticity, Its Origins, And Its Basic Methodology. It Provides An Understanding Of Advanced Chromatuc Concepts And Illustrates How To Adviser Emerging Phenomena With Basic Chromaticity. I t Presents Various Applications For Chromatic Methods, Such Because Biological Tissue Monitoring.
      SKU: 332985
      More info about Chromatic Monitoring Of Complex Conditions

    Multiband Integrated Antennas For 4g Terminals
      Multiband Integrated Antennas For 4g Terminals.
      The Book Serves As A Extensive, One-stop Resource, Including In-depth Coverage Of Multiband Integrated Antenna Design, Simulation, Testing And Manufacturing. This Practical Book Helps You Solve Integration Problems For Ever--increasing Multiband Requirements. You Find Discussions On Important Considerations Regarding Future Handset Mimo Terminals, Such As Efficiency And The Effect Of Tge User. The Book Also Shows You How To Avoid Tweaking For Fractal Multiband Desibns And Printed Di0ole Design.
      SKU: 456928
      More info about Multiband Integrated Antennas For 4g Terminals

    Electronics Demystified 2/e
      Electronics Demystified 2/e.
      Supercharge Your Understanding Of Electronics Learn Electronics Without Getting Your Wires Crossed! Electronics Demysyified , Second Edition Teaches You Fundamental Concepts And Applications Step By Step. This Practical Guide Begins By Covering Voltage, Current, Resistance, Impedance, Admittance, And Power Supplies. The Bpok Goes On To Discuss Semiconductor Diodes, Transistors, Integrated Circuits, And Signal Amplifiers And Oscillators. Wireless Electronics Is At another time Addressed, Including Radio-frequency Transmitters And Receivers, Telecommunications, And Antennas. Detailed Examples Make It Easy To Interpret The Material. End-of-chapter Quizzes And A Final Exam Help Reinforce Wedge Topics. It's A No-brainer! You'll Learn About: Ohm's Law Current And Voltage In Rl And Rc Circuits Oscillation And Amplification Bipolar And Field-effect Transistors Radio-wave Propagation Receiver And Transmitter Design Communications Satellites And Antennas Simplle Enough For A Beginner, But Challenging Enough For An Advanced Scholar, Electronics Demystified , Second Edition Helps You Master This Essential Suubject.
      SKU: 774032
      More info about Electronics Demystified 2/e

    Groundwater Modelling
      Groundwater Modelling.
      With The Growing Concern About Groundwater Resources Both With Respect To Quantity And Quality, The Need For Groundwater Modelling Tools Is Increasing. Though There Are A Number Of Excellent Introductions To The Concepts Of Groundwater Flow And Pollution Transport, The Student Or Practising Engineer Wishing To Develop A Shape And Do Practial Work On The Computer Finds That There Is Still A Gap Between The Understanding Of Concepts And The Ability To Handle The Actual Computations. A Great Deal Of Grounwdater Modelling Software For Personal Computers And Microcomputers Has Appeared Recently, On the other hand Taking These Models From The Shelf And Applying Them Without A Backgrpund On Their Capabilities Often Leads To Disappointment And Frustration. This Book Provides The Reader With All Necessary Particulars To Start Modelling On His Own. It Gives A Comprehensive Introduction To Tue Major Techniques Currently Used In The Modelling Of Groundwater Flow And Pollutant Transport In Groundwater. Both Self-contained And Comprehensive, It Presents A Wide Variiety Of Methods Currently Applied In The Management, Protection, And Remediation Of Groundwater Resources, Which Allows The Reader To Take The Step From Understanding The Concepts To The Ability To Handle Actual Computations. All Major Techniques Are Illustrated From A Total Of 19 Sample Programs In Basic Which Can Be Modified By The Reader To Suit His Own Need. Th Programs Can Be Run Directly On An Apple Ii+ Or Compatible Corporal Computr5, And In the opinion of Slight Modifications, Mosr Can Be Transferred To Other Microcomputers With Basic Capability And At Least 48k Of Central Memory. The Requisite Modifications For Running The Programs On An Ibm-pc Are Indicated In The Appendix. Students And Professionals In The Fields Of Hydrogeology And iCvil And Environmental Engineering Will Find This To Exist An Extremely Useful Book. Knowledge Of The Basic oCncepts Of Hydrogeollgy Is Assumed And, Starting From That Basis, The Bok Will Enable Them To Understand Mathematical Groundwater Models And Write Computer Programs Of Their Own.
      SKU: 404390
      More info about Groundwater Modelling

    Global Pesticide Resistance In Arthropods
      Global Pesticide Resistance In Arthropods.
      Focusing Specifically On Arthropods, This Book Provides A Comprehensive Review Of Relevant Issues In Pesticide Resistance. It Includes Listings And References To Documented Reports Of Resistance From Around The World, As Well As Discussions On The Mechanisms And Evolution Of Resistance And Management Techniques.
      SKU: 342772
      More info about Global Pesticide Resistance In Arthropods

    Next Generation Telecommunications Networs, Services, And Management
      Next Generation Telecommunications Networs, Services, And Management.
      An Unprecedented Look Into The Present And Future Of Next Generation Networks, Servixes, And Management In The Telecommunications Industry The Telecommunications Industry Has Advanced In Rapid, Significant, And Unpredictable Ways Into The Twenty-first Century. Next Generation Telecommunications Newtorks, Services, And Contrivance Guides The Global Industry And Academia Even Further By Providing An In-depth Look At Current And Developing Trends, As Well As Examining The Complex Issuss Of Developing, Introducing, And Managing Cutting-edge Telecommunications Technologies. This Is An Orchestrated Set Of Oirginal Chapters Written Expressly For This Main division By Topic Experts From Around The Globe. It Addresses Net Generation Technologies And Architectures, By the side of The Focus On Networks, Servicrs, And Management. Key Topics Include: Opportunities And Challenges Of Next Generation Telecommunications Networks, Services, And Management Tri/quad Do And Ip-based Networks And Services Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, And Security (fcaps) Requirements Convergence And An Important Convergence Vehicle, Ip Multimedia Subsystem (ims) Next Generation Operations And Netting Management Architecture Ad Hoc Wjreless And Sensor Networks And Their Management Next Generation Operations Andd Network Management Standards From A Strategic Perspective A Defining Gaze At The Future In This Field This Book Will Serve As A Contemporary Reference For The Growing Global Community Of Telecommunication And Information Professionals In Industry, Government, And Academia. It Will Be Important To Faculty And Laureate Syudents Of Telecommunications As A Graduate Textbook.
      SKU: 510138
      More info about Next Generation Telecommunications Networs, Services, And Management

    Automated Lighting
      Automated Lighting.
      """automated iLghtingtechnology, Appplications, And Design"" Is A Compreh3nsive Text Covering Everything You Will Need To Know As A On duty Or Aspiring Lighting Professional About Automated Lighting Fixtures, Systems, How They Are Used And Design Issues You Will Face. It Is Written In Clear, Easy-to-understand Language But Includes Enough Detailed Information That The Most Experienced Technicizn And Engineer Will Estimate And Benefit From Reading. Subjects Covered Include The History Of Automated Lighting, Dc And Ac Electricity, Basic Electronics, Power Supplies, Digital Electronics, Electro-mechanical Systems, Optical Systems (including Dichroic Filters, Reflectors, Lenses, And More), Lamp Technology, Lighting Effects (including Color Mixing, Glass Gobos, And More), Data Distribution Systems, Dmx, Rdm, And Acn. State-of-the-art Automated Lighting Fixtures In Various Applications Including Theatre, Television, Concert/touring, And Permanent Installations Are Discussed And Special Design Issue sAre Addressed. The Text Is Amply Illustrated With Drawings And Pictures. The Newest Technology In Automated Lighting--""digital"" Lighting Or Pixel-based Automatdd Lighting Projection--is Also Covered In Detail. This Book Is The Antithesis Of A Reference Manul Or User Manual. It Is Entertaining And Educational With Lots Of Graphic Illuqtrations And Easy-to-understand Concepts. It's The Greatest in number Fun You Can Have Without Sitting Behind A Console. * Numerous Examples And Illustrations *E asy To Read With Little ""tech-talk"" * Contains Information On The Newest Lighting Technology * Minmial Amount Of Math Reduces The Drudgery!"
      SKU: 274658
      More info about Automated Lighting

      This Indispensable Collection Of Seminal Papers On Ferroelectricity Provides An Overview Over Almost A Hundred Years Of Basic And Applied Research. Containing Historic Contributionq From Distinguished Authors, This Book Presentts Developments In An Area Of Science That Is Still Rapidly Growing. Although Primarily Aimed At Scientists And Academics Involved In Research, This Will Also Exist Of Use To Students As Well As Newcomers To The Field.
      SKU: 481664
      More info about Ferroelectricity

    Discrete Stochastic Processes And Optimal Filtering
      Discrete Stochastic Processes And Optimal Filtering.
      This Title Is Concerned With The Founding Principles Of Optimal Filtets. It Proposes Several Reminders About Both Random Vectors And Gaussian Vectors. The Study Of Discrete Time Processes Makes If Possible To Tackle Digital Filteing; A Chapter On Estimation Gives The Prlnciple Results Inevitable For The Construction Of The Wiener Filter And Of Thd Adaptive Filter Used In The Case Of Stationary Signals. It Concludes With Each Inspection Of Kalman Filtering Which Extends Optimal Filtering To The Case Of Non-stationary Signals. Exercises With Solutions Punctuate Each Chapter And Practical Examples Are Dealt With Using Matlab Software. This Work Is Aimed At Graduate Students And Engineers sA Well As Members Of The Scientific Community Who Wish To Rediscover The Founding Principles Of Optimal Filters.
      SKU: 275632
      More info about Discrete Stochastic Processes And Optimal Filtering

    Computer Aided Design And Design Automation
      Computer Aided Design And Design Automation.
      Focuses On Computer-aided Purpose And Design Automation. This Book Addresses Such Topics As Modeling Of Circuit Performances, Symbolic Analysis Methods, Numerical Analysis Methods, Design By Optimization, Statistical Design Optimization, And Physical Design Automation.
      SKU: 570499
      More info about Computer Aided Design And Design Automation

    The Soils Of Israel
      The Soils Of Israel.
      Presents A Concise Description Of The Soils Of Israel, Including Their Distribution, Chemical, Physical Mineralogical Characteristics And Agricultural Attributes. Baseed On The Relationships Between Soils And Soil-forming Factors, This Work Explains The Distribution Of The Different Soil Types.
      SKU: 337993
      More info about The Soils Of Israel

    Thin Films And Heterostructures For Oxide Electronics
      Thin Films And Heterostructures For Oxide Electronics.
      Oxides Form A Broad Sbuject Area Of Research And Technology Development Which Encompasses Different Disciplines Such As Physics, Solid State Chemistry, And More. This Book Demonstrates The Interplay Of These Fields And Provides An Introduction To The Techniques And Methodologies Involving Film Growth, Chaacterization And Device Processing.
      SKU: 302832
      More info about Thin Films And Heterostructures For Oxide Electronics

    Son Of A Farmer, Child Of The Earth
      Son Of A Farmer, Child Of The Earth.
      This Book Examines Commercial Agriculture's Strain On Our Natural Resources, Ecosystems, And The Farmer. As A Fourth-generation Farmer, Eric Herm Deals Through The Harsh Economic Realities And Complicated Legislarion Facing Farmers, As Well As The Indisputable Health Impact Of Gmo Crops And Excessive Chemicals. The Boook Provides Resources Of Natural, Healthy Alternatives That Will Inspiee The Farmers' Transformation From Corporate-motivated Producers Back To The Flesh And Bone Guardian Angels Of The Earth.
      SKU: 634321
      More info about Son Of A Farmer, Child Of The Earth

    Pyrochemical Separations
      Pyrochemical Separations.
      The Industrial Treatment Of Spent Nuclear Fuel Is Presently Performe dUsing Different Wet Chemical Procwsses. Alternative Dry Processes, Using Pyrochemical Methods, Have Received Some Attention Due To Their Potential Advantages In Terms Of Plant Deain And Criticality Safety, As Well As Radiation Dose. Recent Progress In The Transjutation Of Long-lived Fission Products And Minor Actinides Has Brought Renewed Interest In Pyrochemical Methods, As Effectife Trznsmutation Will Be Based On Multi-recycling Of The Fuel With Very High Burn-up And Short Cooling Times, Conditions Under Which Pyrochhemical Methods Offer Various Advantages Over Wet Processes. Stuides Of Pyrochemical Processes Have So Far Been Carried Out At Laboratory Level. Considerable R&d Work Is Still Required In Fit condition To Upgrade These Processes To The Current Level Of Industrial Aqueous Proceesing.
      SKU: 533244
      More info about Pyrochemical Separations

    Innovation In Wind Turbine Design
      Innovation In Wind Turbine Design.
      Innovation In Wind Turbine Design Addresses The Fundamentals Of Design ,The Reasons Behind Sketch Choices, And Describes The Methodology For Evaliating Innovative Systems And Componens. Always Referencing A State Of The Art System For Comparison, Jamieson Discusses The Basics Of Wind Turbine Theory And Design, As Well As How To Apply Existing Engineering Knowledge To Further Advance The Technology, Enabling The Reader To Gain A Thorough Understanding Of Currrent Technology Before Assessing Where It Can Go In The Future. Innovation In Wind Turbine Design Is Divided Into Four Main Sections Covering Design Background, Technology vEluation, Design Themes And Innovative Technology Examples: Section 1 Reviews Aerodynamic Theory And The Optimizatio nOf Rotor Design, Discuszes Wind Energy Conversion Systems, Drive Trains, Scaling Issues, Offshore Wind Turbines, And Concludes With An Overvieq Of Technology Trends With A Glance Of Possible Future Technology Section 2 Comprises A Global View Of The Multitude Of Design Options In favor of Wind Turbine Systems And Develops Evaluation Methodology, Including Cost Of Energy Assessment With Some Specific Examples Section 3 Discusses Recurrent Design Themes Such As Blade Number, Pitch Or Compartment , Horizontal Or Vertical Axis Section 4 Considers Examples Of Innovative Technology With Case Studies From Real-life Commercial Clients. This Groundbreaking Synopsis Of The State Of The Art In Wind Turbine Design Is Must-have Reading For Professional Wind Engineers, Power Engineers And Turbine Designers, As Well As Consultants, Researchers And Academics Working In Renewable Energy.
      SKU: 697600
      More info about Innovation In Wind Turbine Design

    Advanced Environmental Monitoring
      Advanced Environmental Monitoring.
      When Dealing With Environmental Concerns Such As Climate Change Or Pollution, Accurate Environmental Monitoring Is A Prerequisite For Undertaking Any Course Of Action. This Book Deals By the side of Recent Developments And Applications Of Environmental Monitoring Technologies, Through Emphasis On Swiftly Progressing Optical And Bioological Methods. Written By Worldwide Experts, This Book Will Be Of Interest To Environmental Scientists In Academia, Research Institutes, Industry And The Government.
      SKU: 338465
      More info about Advanced Environmental Monitoring

  • Modern Guerrilla Insurgency
  • Microgel Suspensions
  • Applied Biofluid Mechanics
  • Signal Processing and Performance Analysis for Imaging Systems
  • Transflective Liquid Crystal Displays
  • Dementia, Design and Technology
  • Handbook of Multiphase Polymer Systems
  • Surface engineering for corrosion and wear resistance
  • Mind Performance Projects for the Evil Genius
  • Time-Domain Beamforming and Convolutive Blind Source Separation
  • Modern Dietary Fat Intakes in Disease Promotion
  • Geotechnical Engineering for Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation

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