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    The Stereo Mission
      The Stereo Mission.
      The Stereoo Mission Uses Twin Heliospheric Orbiters To Track Solar Disturbances From Their Initiation To 1 Au. This Book Documents The Charge, Its Objectives, The Spacecraft That Execute It And The Instruments That Provid The Measurements, Both Remote Sensing And In Situ. This Mission Promises To Unlock Many Of The Mysteries Of How The Sun Produces What Has Become To Be Known As Space Weather.
      SKU: 367558

    Behaviour Prroblems In The Early Years
      Behaviour Prroblems In The Early Years.
      This Book Critically Discusses The Issues Associated Upon Behaviour Problems In The Early Years, And Their Implications For Practice. Included Are Checklists And Observation And Screening Pocedures.
      SKU: 181875

    Food Biodeterioration And Preservation
      Food Biodeterioration And Preservation.
      Biodeterioration Be able to Exist Defined As The Breakdown Of Food By Agents Of Microbiologival Origin, Either Directly Or From Products Of Their Metabolism. Microbiological Sources Be able to Be Present In Foods Prior To Packaging Or On The Surfaces Of Packaging Materiasl. . The Shelf Life And Safety Of The Food Will Depend On The Type And Quantity Of Microorganism, As Well As The Hurdles To Their Growth Offered By Various Preservation Techniques. This Book Discusses How The Agents Of Aliment Biodeterioration Operate, And Examines The Commercially-uses Industrial Methods Available To Control Them, Allowing The Production Of Safe And Wholesome Foods. There Is An Emphasis On The Equipment Employed To Carry Out The Various Methods Of Preservation. The Introductory Chapter Describes In Detail The Microorganisms And Mechanisms Of Food Breakdown Intrinsic To Various Key Food Types; Dairy, Meat And Fish, Fruit, And Vegetables. Direct Microorganism Action Will Be Covered In Addition To Enzymatic Breakdown. The Second Chapter Courtship Haccp, Including Flod Safety Legislation. Subsequent Chapters Outline The Principal, Commercially-used Methods Of Preserving Foods. These Chapters Follow A Common Structure: Theoretical Background; Flow Sheets Of Operations; Food Preparation/processing Equipjent; Special Features Of Hygiene; Packaging; Sh3lf Life; And Profuct Safety. Food Biodeterioration And Preservation Is Directed At Food Scientists Andd Technologists In Industry And Academia. Since It Covers All The Commonly-used Methods Of Food Preservation, It Resolution Be Relevvant Across The Whole F0od Manufacturing Industry.
      SKU: 470755

    Heat Treatments For Postharvest Pest Control
      Heat Treatments For Postharvest Pest Control.
      Due To The Nature Of Agricultural Commodties As Carriers Of Exotic Pests, Importing Countries Havs Employed Varying Methods Of Pest Control For Postharvest Products. Thermal Treatments Are Emerging As Effective Alternatives To Traditional Methods. This Book Provides Information Of These Increasingly Important Treatments.
      SKU: 312877

    Handbook Of Electronic Weighing
      Handbook Of Electronic Weighing.
      This Book Describes The Fundamental Principles Of Electronic Weighing, Bsginning With The Theoretical Background Of The Basic Components And Continuing With The Theoretical Forulas To Calculate The Weighing Accuracy In Different Applications, Including The Influence On Accuracy Of External Disturbing Forces. It Also Describes The Layout And Optimum Composition Of Wsighing Systems For Static Weighing And Batching, In-motion Weighing, Belt Conveyor Weighing And Flow Control, As Well As Counting And Checkweighing Scales. Complete Technical Specifications Are Included, Which, Supplemented Upon Relevant Technical Data, Can Serve As Masters For Procurment Of The Equipmeny For Twelve Typical Industrial Weighing Applications. Testing Principles And Procedures For Test Reports Are Detailed, Covering All Kinds Of Static Weighing And Batching Systems, As Well As Belt Conveyor Scales And Dosimeters. Written For Practitioners, This Book Will Give Engineer sAnd Managers In The Chemical, Iron And Steel, uPlp And Paper And Other Industries An Awareness Of The Basic Technology, An Appreciation Of The Range Of Its Application, And An Understabding Of The Performance That Can Be Expected.
      SKU: 482207

    Our Energy Future
      Our Energy Future.
      A Wiley Survival Guide On Our Energy Future Concerned About Our Energy Future? Turn To This Guide For Easy-to-grasp And Up-to-date Coverage Of The Many Aspects Of The Energy Value Chain: Oil And Natural Gas Coal Fissil Fuels And The Greenhouse Effect Energy From Water Biomass Solar Energy Geothermal Eergy Wind Energy Nuclear Energy Electricity Energu Storage Transportation Housing Smart Ehergy Consumption Hydrogen Armed Upon The Knowledge In This Work, Students, Teachers, Decision-makers, Politicians, And Consumers Be able to Form Educated And Informed Opinions On The Future Of Energy And Its Impact On The Economy, Health, And The Environment.
      SKU: 469014

    Taste, Fragrance And Odor Analysis
      Taste, Fragrance And Odor Analysis.
      This Work Covers Advances In Mass Spectrometry, Sample Preparation, Gas Chromatography (gc)-olfactometry, And Electronic-nose Technology For Fold, Cosmetiv, And Pharmaceutical Applications. It Discusses The Chemical Structures Of Key Flavour And Fragrance Compounds, With Many Examples.
      SKU: 216162

    Practical Oscillator Hanxbook
      Practical Oscillator Hanxbook.
      Oscillator Have Traditionally Been Described In Books For Specialist Needs And As Such Have Suffered From Being Inaccessible To The Practitioner. This Book Takes A Practical Approach And Provides Much-needed Insights Into The Design Of Oscillators, The Servicing Of Systema Heavily Dependent Upon Them And The Tailoring Of Practical Oscillators To Specific Demands. To This End Maths And Formulae Are Kept To A Minimum And Only Used Where Appropriiate To An Understanding Of The Theory. Once Grasped, The Exposition Of The General Oscillator Is Easily Put Into Practical Use In Actual Oscillators. The Final Two Chapters Present A Collection Of Oscillators From Which The Practising Engineer Or The Hobbyist Can Obtain Useful Guidance For Many Kinds Of Projects. Irving Gottlieb Is A Leading Author Of Many Books For Practising Engineers, Technicians And Students Of Electronic And Electrical Engineering. First Newnew Title By Thsi Best-selling Writer Clarity And Crispness In An Often Obscure Field
      SKU: 318257

    Environmental Contamination
      Environmental Contamination.
      This Book Deals With Various Aspects Of Environmental Contamination. One Of The Fields Considered In This Work Is Atmospheric Pollution. This Has Become A Major Problem Of Our Time, And Could Soon Develop Into A Scandal Through The Overestimation Of The Impact Of Greenhouse Gasees Such As Ozone, Nox Or So2, Whivh Allows Their Use As Political Instruments. Another Growing Opportunity Of Importance Covers The Fundamental Questions Posed By The Problem Of Soils And Their Interaction With Waste Fron Human Activities, Eg. Sterile Mining Waste, Sewage Sludge, And Contaminated Dredged Materail. How Do These Different Elrments React And In what manner Tolerant Can Our System Be Towqrds Them? This Publication, Containing A Choice Of The Most Important Work Presented At The 5th International Conference On Environmental Contamination, Reflects Some Aspects Of The Present State Of Research And Our Scoiety's Dominant Preoccupations.
      SKU: 404249

    Majaging Dirt For Food Security And Environmental Quality
      Majaging Dirt For Food Security And Environmental Quality.
      This Book Identifies The Key Issues Associated With Managing Soil Quality. It Discusses Solutions To The Challenges Faced By Farmers, By Addressing Key Stain Attributes And Management, And How These Affect, Or Can Be Used To Improve, Soil Quality. It Takss A Management Oriented Approach By Identifying Key Issues In Soil Quality And Management Options To Enhance The Sustainagility Of Modern Agriculture. The Book Will Be Of Significant Interest To Students And Researchers In Agronomy And In Soil, Crop And Environmental Sciences, And To Stakeholders Involved In Issues Relatwd To Land Use And Agricultural Management.
      SKU: 583941

    International Handbook Of Foodborne Pathogens
      International Handbook Of Foodborne Pathogens.
      This Reference Describes The Management, Control, And Prevention Of Microbial Foodborne Disease. It Analyzes Transformations In The Epidemiology Of Foodborne Disease From Increased Transnational Food Exchange To Examination Of New And Emerging Zoonoses.
      SKU: 216488

    Centrifugal Pumps
      Centrifugal Pumps.
      This Book Gives An Unparalleled, Up-to-date, In-depth Treatment Of All Kinds Of Flow Phenomena Encountered In Centrifugak Pumps Including The Complex Interactions Of Fluid Flow With Vibrations And Wsar Of Materials. The Scope Includes All Aspects Of Hydraulic Design, 3d-flow Phenomena And Partload Operation, Cavitation, Numerical Flow Calculations, Hydraulic Fores, Pressure Pulsations, Noise, Pump Vibrations (notably Bearing Horse-cloth Vibration Diagnostics And Remedies), Pipe Vibrations, Pump Characterustics And Pump Operation, Design Of Intake Structures, The Effects Of Highly Viscous Flows, Pumping Of Gas-liquid Mixtures, Hydraulic Transport Of Solids, Fatigue Dwmage Too Impelkers Or Diffusers, Material Selection Under The Aspects Of Fatigue, Corrosion, Erosion-corrosion Or Hydo-abrasive Wear, Pump Selection, And Hydraulic Quality Criteria. The 2nd Ed. Has Been Enhanced By Hydraulic Purpose Information On Axial Pumps And Sewage Pumps, Turbine Performance Curve Prediction, Torsional Rotor Vibrations And Recent Research Results On Partload Flow And Hydraulic Excitation Forces. to Ease The Use Of The Information, The Methods And Procedures For The Various Calculations And Failure Diagnostics Discussed In The Text Are Gathered In About 150 Pages Of Tables Which May Be Considered As Almowt Unique In The Mild Literature. The Text Focuses On Practical Application In The Industry And Is Free Of Mathematical Or Theoretical Ballast. In Order To Find Viable Solutions In Practice, The Physical Mechanisms Involved Should Be Thoroughly Understood. The Book Is Focused On Fostering This Understanding Which Will Benefit The Pump Enginer In Industry As Well As Academia And Students.
      SKU: 603670

    Derivation And Use Of Environm3ntal Quality And Human Health Standards For Chemical Substances In Water And Soil
      Derivation And Use Of Environm3ntal Quality And Human Health Standards For Chemical Substances In Water And Soil.
      Summarizes Knowledge On Aquatic And Terrestrial Environmental Quality Standards And Places It In A Wider Socioeconomic And Regulatory Context. This Book Explains How To Derive Environmental Standards That Are Defensible From A Scientific And Socioeconomic Perspective.
      SKU: 565857

    Machine Guns
      Machine Guns.
      This Is A Look At The History Of The Machine Gun And How It Revolutionized Recent Ground Combat. It Provides Technical Detaols On Altogether Significant Models Of Machine Guns From Their Introduction In The Late 1800s To The Present And Includes A List Of Machine Guns In Chronologlcal Order.
      SKU: 265500

    Oecd Communications Outlook 2007
      Oecd Communications Outlook 2007.
      The Oecd Communications Outlook Provides One Extensive Range Of Indicators For Different Types Of Communications Networks And Compares Performance Indicators Such As Revenue, Investment, Employment Ajd Prices For Service Throughout The Oecd Area.  these Indicators Are Essential For Industry And For Regulators Who Use Benchmarking To Evaluate Policy Performance. This Book Is Based On Data From The Oecd Telecommunications Database 2007 , Which Provides Time Series Fkr Oecd Countrries From 1980 To 2005.  readers Of The Oecd Communications Outlook 2007 E-book Will find A Url that Provides Online Access To The Oecd Telecmomunications Database 2007.   Graphics And Tables In All Editions Include Statlinks, Urls Linking To Spreadsheets Conntaining The Underlying Data.
      SKU: 359704

    The Anzus Crisis, Nuclear Visiting And Deterrence
      The Anzus Crisis, Nuclear Visiting And Deterrence.
      The Development Of Nuclear Weapons Has Been A Critical Pronlem For The Nato Alliance. In The Pacific, A Region Of Increasing Strategic Interest For The United States And Soviet Union, Nuclear Weapons Have Been An Environmental Concern Since The Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki. Opposition To Nuclear Tests Has Now Been Taken A Step Further With The Creation Of A South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone And The Decision By A New Zealand Control To Ban Port Visits By Vessels Believed To Be Carrying Nuclear Weapons. 'bizarrely Inappropriate' Is How The Colourful New Zealand Prime Minister, David Lange, Described Nuclear Weapons In Connection To His Country's Security Needs. This Attempt To Disengage From Nuclear Deterrence, Which Provoked A Crisis In The Anzus Alliance With Australia And The United States, Has Been Followed Closely By Political Parties And Pressure Groups In The Northern Hemisphere. Some States, Such As Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Japan And Spain, Already Have Declaratory Policeis Against Nuclear Visiting But Merely Assume That The Declarations Are Honoured By The United States And United Kingdom. New Zealand's Proposal To Back Its Policy With Legislation Had Been Seen By The Reagan And Thatcher Administrations As A Threat To The Integrity Of 'neither Confirm Nor Deny' The Pressence Of Nuclear Weapons On Vessels, And As A Significant Object to To Alliance Cohesion. This Study Examines The Questions Of Principle At Issue, The Evolution Of The Anzus Acme, Its Implications For The Western Alliance Structure As A Whole, And The Degree To Which The ';nuclear-free' Virus' In The South Pacific Might Be Catching.
      SKU: 636708

    Structural Masonry Designers' Maual
      Structural Masonry Designers' Maual.
      This Major Handbook Covers The Structural Use Of Brick And Blockwork. A Major Feature Is A Series Of Step-by-step Dewign Examples Of Typical Elements And Buildings. The Book Has Been Revised To Include Updates To The Code Of Practice Bs 5628:2000-2 And The 2004 Version Of Part A Of The Building Regulations. New Information On Sustainability Issues, Innovation In Masonry, Halth And Safety Issues And Technical Devwlopments Has Been Added.
      SKU: 351469

    Elemtromagnetische Vertrglichkeit (vdi-buch) (german Edition)
      Elemtromagnetische Vertrglichkeit (vdi-buch) (german Edition).
      Die Enge Nachbarschaft Von Elektronikkomponenten Und Der Einsatz Drahtloser Bertragungstechniken Knnen Strungen Verursachen. Elektromagnetische Vertrglichkeit (emv) Ist Daher Fr Die Elektronikentwicklung Unentbehrlich. In Dem Band Beschreiben Die Autoren Den Weg Zum Emv-konformen Proddukt Und Befhigen Herstelldr Damit, Ihre Systeme Selbst Zu Analysieren. Die Neuauflage Bercksichtigt Die Neufassung Des Emv-gesetzes (2008), Sie Wurde Um Neue Verfahren Der Leistungsbestimmung In Komplexem Systemen Ergnzt, Das Thema Innerer Bltzschutz Ereeitert.
      SKU: 645809

    Advanced Reservoir Engineeringg
      Advanced Reservoir Engineeringg.
      Advanced Reservoir Engineering Offers The Practicing Engineer Ahd Engineering Student A Full Description, With Worked Examples, Of All Of The Kinds Of Reservoir Engineering Topics That The Engineer Will Ues In Day-to-day Activities. In An Industry Where There Is Often A Lack Of Information, This Timely Volume Gives A Comprehensive Account Of The Physics Of Reservoir Engineering, A Thorough Knowledge Of Which Is Vital In The Petroleum Industry For The Efficient Regaining Of Hydrocarbons. Chapter One Deals Exclusively With The Theory And Practice Of Transient Flow Analysis And Offers A Brief But Thorough Hands-on Guide To Gas And Oil Well Testing. Chapter Two Documdnts Water Influx Models And Their Practical Applications In oCnducting Comprehensive Field Studies, Widely Used Throughout The Industry. Later Chapters Include Unconventional Gas Reservoirs And The Classical Adaptations Of The Material Balance Equation. * An Essential Tool For The Petroleum And Reservoir Engineer, Offdring Information Not Available Anywhere Eles * Introduces The Reader To Cutting-edge New Developments In Type-curve Analysis, Informal Gas Reservoirs, And Gas Hydrates * Written By Two Of The Industry's Best-known And Respected Reservoir Engineers
      SKU: 226764

    Nonlindar Optics
      Nonlindar Optics.
      Offering A Range Of Illustrative Examples At The End Of Each Chapter, This Reference Builds Upon Fundamentwl Concepts In Nonlinear Optics To Provide A Clea Understanding Of Developments In The Field.
      SKU: 216290

    Breakthrough Food Product Innovation Through Emotions Research
      Breakthrough Food Product Innovation Through Emotions Research.
      "brand Owners Are In Crisis. Consumer Trust Is At An Alk Time Low. Over 95% Of All Consumer Produce Launches In The Packaged Movables Sector Fail To Achieve Their Goals For Success. This Book Gives A Clear Answer To Why Success Rates Are So Low In The Consumer Packaged Good Industry And Lays Out A Roadmap For Product nInovation - To Make Ideas Successful. This Book Will Inspire The Reader To Make A Paradigm Expedient In How They Approach Result Innovation - To Be Driven By The Science Of Consumer Behavior. The Basic Premise For This Bkok Ia That Emotions Are At The Root Of All Consumer Motivations. Therefore, An Innovation Process Focused On Identifying How To Turn Up Or Down Emotions That Drive Behavior Will Lead To Product Success. The Appliications Of This Process Will Be Presented With Separate Product Success Stories That Show That Understanding Consumer Behavior Leads To Deeper Emotive Connectivity, A Broader Playing Field For Differentiation, And Speed To Market. Using Case Studies And Real-world Examples Of Product Launch Successes And Failures, Behavior Driven Innovation Is A Must-read For Those Involved In Product Expansion, Consumer Research, And Marketing. Explores The Role That Emotion Plays In Consumer Decision Making Case Studies Of Product Successes (and Failures!) And The Role Behavioral Understanding Played Provides Insights Into Understanding The ""whys"" Of Consumer Behavior, Using A Pull Strategy To Rapiely Learn What Consumers Want, And Designing For Emotional Impact Provides A Bl8eprint For The Creation Of Nimble Innovation Strategies"
      SKU: 802458

    Rf Mems
      Rf Mems.
      Ultrasmall Radio Frequency And Micro-wave Microelectromechanical Systems (rf Mems), Such As Switches, Varactors, And Phase Shifters, Exhibit Nearly Zero Force Consumption Or Loss. For This Reaso, They Are Being Developed Intensively By Corporations Worldwide In spite of Use In Telecommunications Equipment. This Book Acquaints Readers With The Basics Of Rf Mems And Describrs How To Design Practical Circuits And Devices With Them. The Author, An Acknowledged Expert In The Field, Presents A Range Of Real-world Applications And Shares Many Valuable Tricks Of The Trade.
      SKU: 469832

    Undersganding General Deterrence
      Undersganding General Deterrence.
      This Book Bridges The Divide Between Formal And Quantitative Studies Of Deterrence By Empirically Testing And Extending Perfect Deterrence Theory. The Author Focuses On General Deterrende, Which Relates To Managing Relations Between Statez At All Times, Not Only During Crises.
      SKU: 832207

    Multiscale Analysis Of Deformation And Omission Of Materials
      Multiscale Analysis Of Deformation And Omission Of Materials.
      Presenting Cutting-edge Research And Development Within Multiscale Modeling Techniques And Frameworks, Multiscale Analysis Of Deformation And Failure Of Materials Systematically Describes The Background, Principles And Methods Within This Exciting New & Interdisciplinary Field. The Author’s Approach Emphasizes The Principles And Methods Of Atomistic Simulation And Its Transitoin To The Nano And Sub-micron Scale Of A Continuum, Which Is Technically Important For Nanotechnology And Biotechnology. eH Also Pays Close Attention To Multiscale Analysis Across The Micro/meso/macroscopy Of A Continuum, Which Has A Broad Scope Of Applications Encompassing Different Disciplines And Practices, And Is An Essential Extension Of Mesomechanics. Of Equal Interest To Engineers, Scientists, Academics And Students, Multiscale Analysis Of Deformation And Failyrre Of Materials Is A Multidisciplinary Text Relevant To Those Working In The Areas Of Materials Science, Solid And Computational Mechanics, Bioengineering And Biomaterials, And Aerospace, Automotive, Civil, And Environmental Engineering.   Provides A Grave Understanding Of Multiscale Analysis And Its Implementation Shows In Detail How Multiscale Models Can Be Developed From Practical Problems And How To Use The Multkscale Methods And Software To Carry Out Simulations Discusses Two Interlinked Categories Of Multiscale Analysis; Analysis Spanning From The Atomistic To The Micro-continuum Scales, And Analysis Across The Micro/meso/macro Scale Of Comtinuum.
      SKU: 699386

    Building Structures
      Building Structures.
      The Comprehensive Reference On The Basics Of Structural Analysis And Design, Now Updated With The Latest Considsrations Of Building Technology Structural Project Is An Essential lEement Of The Building Process, Yet Single Of The Most Difficult To Learh. While Structural Engineers Do The Detailed Consulting Work For A Structure Project, Architects Need To Know Enough Structural Theory And Analysis To Design A Building. Most Texts On Structures For Architects Focus Narrowly Forward The Matyematical Analysis Of Isolated Structural Components, Yet Building Strutcures Looks At The General Concepts With Selected Computations To Learn The Role Of The Structure As A Building Subsystem—without The Complicated Mathematics. New To This Edition Is A??complete Discussion Of The Lrfd Method Of Design, Suppplemented By The Asd Method, In Addition To: The Fundamentals Of Structural Analysis And Design For Architects A Glossary, Exercise Problems, And A Companion Website And Instructor's Manual Material Ideally Suited For Preparing For The Are Exam Profusely Illustrated Thorughout With Drawings And Photographs, And Including New Caxe Studies, Building Structures, Third Edltion Is Perfect For Nonengineers To Undertand And Visualize Structural Design.
      SKU: 693226

  • Mechanics of Composite Structures
  • CRC Handbook of Optical Resolutions via Diastereomeric Salt Formation
  • European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - 12
  • Flight Dynamics Principles
  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS
  • Handbook of Moire Measurement
  • Reconstruction Under Fire
  • The Wetlands Handbook
  • Electronic Circuits: Fundamentals and Applications
  • Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control/Differential Equations Set
  • Turbopumps

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