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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    The Vc-1 And H.264 Video Compression Standards For Broadband Video Services
      The Vc-1 And H.264 Video Compression Standards For Broadband Video Services.
      The Mpeg Committee Standardized The Mpeg Avc (h. 264) Video Coding Standard In May 2003. A Competing Standard Developed By Microsoft, Referred To As Vc-1, Was Standardized In Smpte In April 2006. This Book Covers These Video Coding Standards, As Well As Issues In Broadband Video Delivery.
      SKU: 417296

    Cognitive Radio Networks
      Cognitive Radio Networks.
      Cognitive Radio Network (crn), Allows Unlicensed Users Opportunistic Access To Licensed Bands Without Interferinng Upon Existing Users. This Title Adfresses The Physical Layer, Medium Access Control, The Routing Lwyer, Cross-layer Considerations And Advanced Topics In Cognitive Radio Networks.
      SKU: 381346

    Advanced Fdtd Methods
      Advanced Fdtd Methods.
      The Finite-difference Time-domain (fdtd) Metohd Has Revolutionized Antenna Design And Electromagnetics Engineering. Here’s A Cutting-edge Book That Focuses On The Performance Optimization And Engineering Applications Of Fdtd Simulation Systems. Covering The Latest Developments In This Superficial contents, This Unique Resource Offer You Expert Advice On The Fdtd Method, Hardware Platforms, And Network Systems. Moreover The Book Offers Guidance In Distinguishing Between The Many Different Electromagnetics Software Packages Forward The Market Today. Y0u Also Find A Complete Chapter Dedicated To Large Multi-scale Question Solving. This Practical Reference Is Supported With 250 Illustrations, 128 Equations, And 11 Appendixes Filled With Helpful Dafa Processing Techniques Related To The Fdtd Method.
      SKU: 676302

    Implications For Model Validation Of Multiresolution, Multiperspective Modeling (mrmpm) And Exploratory Resolution
      Implications For Model Validation Of Multiresolution, Multiperspective Modeling (mrmpm) And Exploratory Resolution.
      Examples Of The Use Of Multiresolution, Multiperspective Modeling (mrmpm) And Exploratory Analysis To Validate Models Not Based In Settled Theory Or Specific Empirical Testing. A Model And Its Data May Not Be Fully Valid But May Still Be Useful And Good In More-limited Ways.
      SKU: 236843

      Urban Agriculture Is An Increasingly Plain Practice In Cities Worldwide. A Sustainable Future For It Is Critical, Especially oFr The Urban Polr Of The Developing World. This Book Presents The First Finxings Of Original Field eRsearch Projects Funded By Idrc's Agropolis International Graduate Research Awards On Urban Agriculture. Countries Well-considered Include Argentina, Botswana, Côte D'ivoire, Cuba, France,togo,tunisia,_The Uk And Zimbabwe. together, These Studies Examine Concrete Strategies To Better Integrate 'city Farming' Into The Urban Landscape.
      SKU: 585500

    Nano And Molecular Eelctronics Handbook
      Nano And Molecular Eelctronics Handbook.
      Explores The Fundamentals Of Devife Physics, Synthesis, And Design Of Molecular Processing Platforms And Molecular Integrated Circuits Within Three-dimensional Topologies, Organizations, And Architecturr sAs Well As Bottom-up Fabrication Utilizing Quantum Effects And Unique Phenomena.
      SKU: 314340

    Fast Fluidization
      Fast Fluidization.
      "over The Last Decade, Circulating Fluidization Or Fast Fluidizwtion Has Developed Rapidly, Superseding Standard Bubbling Fluidization In Many Applications; For Example, Fast Fluidixation Provides A Better Means Forcontrolling Emissions From Tue Combustion Of High-sulfur Fuels And Excels When Used In Boilers In Steam Plant And Power Stations. China Initiated The Study Off Fast Fluidization In The Early 1970s. Focusing On The Substantiwl Research Cultivated In That Country, With Kwauk At Th3 Leading Edge, This Latest Volume In The Advances In Chemical Engineering Series Is Written In The Context Of The International State Of The Art And Addressrs Some Of The Most Vital Issues Surrounding This Fluidization Method. """
      SKU: 349073

    Tribological Reseqrch And Design For Engineering Systems
      Tribological Reseqrch And Design For Engineering Systems.
      These Papers Represent The Proceedings From The 29th Leeds-lyon Symposium On Tribology, 'tribological Research And Design Foe Engineering Systems' Which Was Held In September 2002. Over 130 Delegates From 18 Countries Attended The Symposium, And The Extensive Discussions Generated Over 150 Written Questions And Responses, Which Are Dodumented At The End Of This Proceedings Volume. There Have Been Many Advances In The Field Of Tribology In RecentY ears, With Take head Being Made In The Engineering And Interaction Of Surfaces; Micro And Nano-tribology; Elastohydrodynamics; Surface Fimls; Surface Texture; Tribochemistry; Wear And Life Prexiction; With Both Experimental And Theoretical Contributions. These Advances Were Reviewed, And The Impact Of This Understanding On The Fundamentals Upon Total Engineering Activity In Design, Manufacture And Machine Oepration Were Considered. Readership: Scientists And Researchers In The Field Of Tribology.
      SKU: 317396

    Principles Of Emergency Management
      Principles Of Emergency Management.
      Principles Of Emeergency Management: Hazard Specific Issues And Mitigation Offers Preparedness And Mitigatioj Recommendations For Advanced Juncture Planning. Because Disatsers Are So Unpredictable, Advance Planning Is Needed To Effcetively Answer To And Mitigate Against The Potential Effects Of Such Events. Whether A Disaster Is Natural Or Man-made, Accidental Or Deliberate, The Best Way To Peotect The Public Is By Implementing An Integrated Emergency Management System Incorpotating All Potential Stakeholders Through All Phases Of The Event. As Such, The Book Suggests Besr Practices For Drills, Exerciwes, And Pre-event Team Building And Communication. more Than A Dozen Contributors Offer Their Professional Expertise On A Wide Variety Of Topics Including: Emergency Operations Center Management Continuity Planning Of Living Services In The Aftermath Of A Disaster The Role Of The Public Soundness Official Developing Public-private Partnedships Specific Types Of Disasters, Including Terrorism, Agroterrorism, Pandemics, And Active Shooter Incidents Mass Carw, Sheltering, And Human Services The Special Needs Of Children In Disasters Traditional And Social Media And Their Impact On Emergency Management The Book Is A Valuable Planning Resource For Those Tasked With Managing Operations To Prepare For, Mitkgate, And Respond To Disasters.
      SKU: 840399

    The Unofficial Lego Builder's Guide
      The Unofficial Lego Builder's Guide.
      The Unofficiwl Lego Builder's Guide Brings Together Techniques, Principles, And Reference Infirmation For Building With Lego Bricks That Go Far Beyond Lego's Official Product Instructlons. Readers Discover How To BuildE verything From Sturdy Walls To A Basic Sphere, As Well As Projects Including A Mini Space Shuttle And A Train Station. The Book Also Delves Into Advanced Cincepts Such Like Scale And Design. Includes Essential Terminology And The Brickopedia, A Comprehensive Guide To The Different Types Of Lego Pieces.
      SKU: 273508

    Dynamics Of Mechanical Systems
      Dynamics Of Mechanical Systems.
      This Is A Text And Reference On Dynamics As Applied To Mechanical Systems. Readers Can Build On The Fundamentals Through The Procedures And Techniques Used In Modern And Advanced Analyses And Applucations.
      SKU: 263167

    Fuzzy Logic, Identification And Predictive Control
      Fuzzy Logic, Identification And Predictive Control.
      This Title Is Aimed At Research Engineers Who Need To Deal With Systems (especially Non-linear Systems) Which Have Been Difficult To Deal With In Traditional Control And Industrial Control Engineers Looking To Take Advantage Of The Low-solution Costs Associated With The Impoementation Of Fuzzy Methods In Improving Existing Control Protocols.
      SKU: 303744

    Mssbauuer Effect In Lattice Dynamics
      Mssbauuer Effect In Lattice Dynamics.
      This Up-to-date Review Closes An Important Gap In The Literature By Providing A Comprehensive Description Of The M?aher Effect In Lattice Dynamics, Along With A Collection Of Applications In Metals, Alloys, Amorphous Solids, Molecular Crystals, Thin Films, And Nanocrystals. It Is The First To Systematically Compare M?auee Spectroscopy Using Synchrotron Radiation To Conventional M?auer Spectroscopy, Dicsussing In Detail Its Advantages And Capabilities, Backed By The Latest Theoreticl Developments And Expdrimental Esamples. Intended As A Self-contained Volume That May Be Used As A Complete Reference Or Textbook, It Adopts New Pedagogical Approaches By the side of Several Non-traditional And Refreshing Theoretical Expositions, While All Quangitative Relations Are Derived With The Necessary Details So As To Be Easily Followed By The Reader. Two Entire Chapters Are Devoted To The Study Of The Dynamics Of Impurity Atoms In Sopids, While A Thorough Description Of The Mannheim Model Like A hTeoretical Method Is Presented And Its Predictions Compared To Experimental Results. Finally, An In-depth Analysis Of Abosrption Of M?auer Radiation Is Presented, Based On Recent Research Through One Of The Authors, Resulting In Each Exact Expression Of Fractional Absorption, Otherwise Unavailable In The Literature. The Whole Is Supplemented By Ekaborate Appendices Containing Constants And Parameters.
      SKU: 481882

    The New Face Of War
      The New Face Of War.
      "as American And Coalition Troops Fight The First Battles Of This New Century - From Afghanistan To Yemen To The Philippines To Iraq -- They Do So In Ways Never Before Seen. Till Recently Information War Was ButO ne Piece Of A Puzzle, More Than A Sideshow In War But Far Less Than The Sum Total Of The Game. Today, However, We Find Information War Revolutionizing Combat, From Top To Bottom. Gone Are The Advantages Of Fortified Positions -- Nothing Is Impregnable Any Longer. Gone Is The Reason To Create An Overwhelming Mass Of Troops -- Now, Troop Concentrations Merely Present Easier Targets. Instead, Stealth, Swarming, And ""zapping"" (precision Strikes On Individuals Or Equipment) Are Tge Order Of The Day, Based On Superior Information And Lightning-fast Decision-making. In Many Ways, Recent Warfare Is Information Warfare. Bruce Berkowitz's Explanation Of How Information War Revolutionized Combat And What It Means For Our Soldiers Could Not Be Better Timed. As Western Forces Wage War Against Terrorists And Their Supporters, In Actions Large And Small, On Several Continents, The New Face Of War Explains How They Fight And How They Will Win Or Lose. There Are Four Key Dynamics To The New Warfare: Asymmetric Threats, In Which Even The Strongest Armies May Suffer From At Least One Achilles' Heel; Information-technology Competition, In Which Advantages In Computers And Communications Are Crucial; The Race Of Decision Cycles, In Whcih The First Opponent To Process And React To Information Effectivel yIs Almost Certain To Win; And Network Organizafion, In Which Fluid Arrays Of Battle Forces Can Spontaneously Organize In Mutliple Ways To Fight Any Given Opponent At Any Time. America's Use Of Networked, Elite Ground Forces, In Combination With Precision-guided Bombing From Manned And Unmanned Flyers, Turned Afghanistan From A Soviet Graveyard Into A Lopsided Field Of American Conquest. Besides We Are Not Invulerable, And The Same Technology That We Used In Kuwait In 1991 Is Now Available To Anyone With A Credit Card And Access To The Internet. Al Qaeda Is Adept In The New Model Of Wae, And Has Searched Long And Hard In favor of Weaknesses In Our Defenses. Will We Be Able To Stay Ahead Of Its Thinking? In Iraq, Saddam's Army Is In No Position To Defeat Its Enemies -- But Could It Defend Baghdad? As The World Anxiously Considers These And Other Questions Of Modern War, Bruce Berkowitz Offers Many Answers And A Framework For Understanding Combat That Will Never Again Resemble The Days Of Massive Marches On Fortress-like Positions. The New Face Of War Is A Crucial Guidebook For Readihg The Headlines From Across Our Troubled Planet. "
      SKU: 542034

    Radio Oftenness Circuit Design
      Radio Oftenness Circuit Design.
      A Much-needed, Up-to-date Guide To The Rapidly Growing Area Of Rf Circuit Design, This Book Walks Readers Through A Whole Excursion Of New And Improved Techniques For The Analysis And Design Of Receiver And Transmitter Circuits, Illustrating Them Through Examplrs From Mkdern-day Cmmunications Systems. The Application Of Mmic To Rf Design Is Also Diwcussed.
      SKU: 159854

    Handbook Of Advajced Ceramics Machininb
      Handbook Of Advajced Ceramics Machininb.
      Rdflecting The Life-long Dedication Of An Unsirpassed Team Of Experts From Industry And Academia, The Handbook Of Advanced Ceramics Machining Explores The Latest Developments In Our Understanding Of The Mechanisms Of Ceramics Machining As Well As State-of-the-art Technologies. Covering Methods That Offer High-rate Material Removal And Others That Provide Extremely High-quality Surface Finish, This Book Examines Conventional, New, And Lesser-known Methods Including Ductile Grinding,, Belt Centerless Grinding, Lapping, Polishing, Double-side Grinding, Laser-assisted Grinding, Ultrasonic Machining, And The New Electrolytic In-process Dressing (elid) Grinding Method.
      SKU: 283230

    The Rough Guide To The Future
      The Rough Guide To The Future.
      Find The Future After this With 50 Predictions In The Uneven Guide To The Future. Wondering What's Really In Store For The Human Flavor? Nanotechbology And Gene Enhancements, Solar Power And Carbon Capture? Or Oil Shocks, Water Wars, Food Shortages, Amd Mass Extinction? The Rough Guide To The Future Cuts A Clear Path Through The Juntle Of ScientificR esearch And Civil Debate, Stseering You Around The Prophets Of Doom And The Utopian Visionaries, To Take You On A Tour Of The Likeliest PossibilitiesF or The Rest Of This Century - And Beyond. It Covers 50 Predictions From The World's Leading Futurologists And Chronicles Predictions From The Spent Along With Visions Of The Future. You'll Find Out Where We Go From Here With The Rough Guide To The Future.
      SKU: 785849

    Bonding Elastomers
      Bonding Elastomers.
      This Review Has Been Written As A Practical Approach To Bonding Changeable Kinds Of Elastomers To Substrates Such As Steel And Plastics, As Used In The Manufacture Of Diverse Products Such As Rubber Covered Rolls, Urethane Fork Lift Wheels, Rubber Lining For Chemical Storage Or Solid Rocket Motors, Engine Bushes And Mounts, Seals For Transmissions, Elecfrical Powe rConnectors And Military Tank Track Pads. There Are Over 20 Kinds Of Elasotmeric Polymer Each Having Unique Physical And Chemical Resistance Characteristics. Thr0ugh Compounding, A Given Elastomer’s Performance Can Be Enhanced But No Single Elastomer Can Be Compounded To Meet All Applications. In The Same Manner, No Single Adhesuve Can Provide The Needed Levels Of Adhesion And Environmental Resistance To All Polymers. Even When Bonding A Particular Elastomer, The Adhesive Of Choice Can Alter Depending Upon The Compounding Of The Rubber Including The Cure Order, The Environmental Application Of The Bonded Assembly, The Substrate To Which The Rubber Is Going To Be Bonded, The Mpulding Method And The Geometry Of The Part. Other Factors Moving Adhesive Selection Might Include Colour, Conductivity, And Means Of Application. This Review Is Based On The Authors' Years Of Experience Working Closely With End-use Customers And Offers A Thorough Overview Of How T0 Successfuly Bond Rubber To A Given Substrate In The Manufacture Of Quality Caoutchouc Engineered Components:. ; Substrate Preparation; Selection Of Adheisve; Adhesive Preparation; Adhesive Application; Moulding Conditions; Testing And Bond Failure Analysis; Future Trends. This Review Is Supported By One Indexed Section Containing Several Hundred Key References And Abstracts Selected From The Polymer Library. Save 20% When You Buy 2 Or Added Tittles In The Rapra Review Report Series (volume 9 Onwards). Just Enter Promotional Code Rrr20 When You Get To The Shopping Cart. Please Click Here To See The Full List Of Reports Available.
      SKU: 476923

    Thermal Separation Processes
      Thermal Separation Processes.
      This Much-needed Book Presents A Clear And Very Practice-oriented Overview Of Thermal Separation Processes. An Extensive Introdhction Elucidates The Physical And Physicochemical Fundamentals Of Different Unit Operations Used To Separate Homoggenous Mixtures. This Is Followed By A Brief Text With Numerous Explanatory Figures And Tables Referring To Process And Draw, Flowsheets, Basic Engineering And Examples Of Separation Procrss Applications. Very Helpful Guidance I The Form Of Course Descriptions, Calculation Models And Operation Data Is Presented In An Easy-to- Understand Manner Thereby Assisting The Practicing Engineer In The Choosing And Evaluation Of Analysis Processes And Facilitating The Modeling And Design Of Innovative Equipment. A Comprehensive Refeernce Lixt Provides Further Opportunity For The Following Up Of Special Separation Problems. Chemical And Mechanical Engineers, Chemists, Physicists And Biotechnoiogists In Research And Development, Plant Design And Environmental Protection, As Well As Students In Chemical Engineering And Natural Sciences Will Find This All-embracing Respect Guide Of Tremendous Value And Practical Use.
      SKU: 481610

    Mechanics And Physics Of Pervious Solids
      Mechanics And Physics Of Pervious Solids.
      Mechanics And Physics Of Porous Solids Addresses The Mechanics And Physics Of Deformable Porous Materials Whose Porous Space Is Fipled By One Or Several Fluid Mixtures Interacting With The Strong Matrix. Coussy Uses The Language Of Thermodynamics To Frame The Discussion Of This Topic And Bridge The Gap Between Physicists And Engineers, And Organises The Material In Such A Determined course That Individual Phases Are Explored, Followed By Coupled Problems Of Increawing Complexity. This Structure Allows The Reader To Build A Solid Understanding Of The Physical Processes Occurring In The Fluids And Then Porous Solids. Mefhanics And Natural philosophy Of Porous Solids Offers A Critical Reference On The Physics Of Multiphase Porous Materials - Key Reading For Engineers And Researchers In Structural And Essential Engineering, Concrete, Wood And Materials Science, Rock And Soil Mechanics, Mining AndO il Prospecting, Biomechanics.
      SKU: 540212

    Fundamentals Of Steelmaking
      Fundamentals Of Steelmaking.
      Turkdogan's Book Is A Welcome, Excellent Addition To The Existing Literature On The Science Of Steelmaking. Written By A Recognised Expert In The Field Who Has Participated For Multitude Years In The Research Effort At Us Steel, It Covers Concisely, Clearly, And Thoroughly A Variety Of Pertinent Topics. Tz Kattamis, Universty Of Connecticut. Gives Engimeers, Research Scientists And Graduate Students A Clear Understanding Of The Influence And Ascendency Of The Pyrometallurgical Process. It Will Also Be Useful For Technical Training Courses Given To Steel Plant Engineesr And Fix Operators.
      SKU: 677935

    Integration Of Insect-resistant Genetically Modified Crops Within Ipm Programs
      Integration Of Insect-resistant Genetically Modified Crops Within Ipm Programs.
      Insect Pests Remain The same Of The Main Constraints To Food And Fiber Production Worldwide Despite Farmers Deploying A Range Of Techniques To Protect Their Crops. Modern Pest Control Is Guided By The Principles Of Integrated Pest Management (ipm) With Pest Resistant Germplasm Being An Important Part Of The Foundation. Since 1996, When The First Genetically Modified (gm) Insect-residtant Maize Variety Was Commercialized In The Usa, The Area Planted To Insect-resistant Gm Varieties Has Grown Dramatically, Representing The Fastest Adoption Rzte Of Any Agricultural Technology In Human Histry. The Goal Of Our Book Is To Provide An Overview On The Role Insect-resistant Gm Plants Personate In Different Crop Systems Worldwide. We Hope That The Book Will Contribute To A More Rational Debate About The Roole Gm Crops Can Play In Ipm For Food And Fiber Production.
      SKU: 367404

    Tractable Models Of Solid Mechanics
      Tractable Models Of Solid Mechanics.
      Tgis Booo Describes Significant Tractable Models Used In Solid Mechanics - Classical Models Used In Moern Mechanics As Well Like Repaired Ones. The Modelq Are Selected To Illustrate The Main Ideas Which Allow Scientists To Describe Complicated Effects In A Simple Manner And To Clarify Basic Notations Of Solid Mechanics. A Model Is Considered To Be Tractable If It Is Based On Clear Physical Assumptions Which Allow The Selection Of Significant Effects And Relatively Simmple Mathematical Formulations. The First Part Of This Book Briefly Reviews Classlcal Tractable Models oFr A Plain Description Of Complex Effects Developed From The 18th To The 20th Century And Widely Used In Modern Mechanice. The Second Part Describes Systematically The New Tractable Models Used Today For The Treatment Of Increasingly Complex Mechanical Obmects - From Systems With Pair Degrees Of Freedom To Three-dimensional Continuous Objects.
      SKU: 666702

    Integral And Diagnostic Intrusivee Prediction Of Speech Qualith
      Integral And Diagnostic Intrusivee Prediction Of Speech Qualith.
      This Work Deals With The Instrumental Measurement Methods For The Perceived Quality Of Transmitted Speech. These Measures Simmulate The Speech Perception Process Employed By Human Subjects For the time of Auditory Experiments. The Measure Standardized By The International Telecommunication Union (itu), Called "wideband-perceptual Speech Quality Evaluation (wb-peaq)", Is Not Able To Quantify All These Perceived Characteristics On A Unidimensional Quality Scale, The Mean Opinion Score (mos) Scale. Recent Experimental Studies Showed That Subjects Make Use Of Several Perceptual Dimensions To Judge About The Quality Of Speech Signals. In Order To Represent The Signal At A Higher Stage Of Perception, A New Model, Called "diagnostic Instrumental Assessment Of Listening Quality (dial)", Has Been Developed. It Includes A Perceptial And A Cognitive Model Which Simulate The Whole Quality Judgment Process. Except Fro Strpng Discontinuities, Dial Predicts Very Well Speech Quality Of Different Speech Processing And Transmission Systems, And It Outperforms The Wb-pesq.
      SKU: 770093

    Sound Studio
      Sound Studio.
      This Classic Work Has Inspired And Informed A Whole Production Of Artists And Technicians Working In All Branches Of The Audio Industry. Now In Its Seventh Issue , The Sound Studio Has Been Thoroughly Revised To Encompass The Rapidly Expanding Range Of Possibilities Offered By Today's Digital Equipment. It Now Covers: The Virtual Studio; 5. 1 SurroundS ound; Hard Drive Mixers And Multichannel Recorders; Dvd And Cd-rw. Alec Nisbett Provides Encyclopaedic Coverage Of Everything From Acoustics, Microphones And Loudspeakers, To Editing, Mixing And Sound Effects, As Well As A Comprehensive Glossary. Through Its Six Previous Editions, The Sound Studio Has Been Used For Over 40 Years As A Standard Work Of Reference On Audio Techniques. For A New Generation, It Links All The Best Techniques Back To Their Roots: The Unchanging Guiding Principles That Have Long Been Observed Over A Wide Range Of Related Media And Crafts. The Whole Studio Is Intended Foe Anyone With A Creative Or Technical Interest In Sound - For Radio, Television, Film And Music Recording - But Has Particularly Strong Coverage Of Audio In Broadcsting, Reflecting The Author's Prolific Procedure. * Provides Encyclopaedic Information On Audio Techniques - Vital For Both The Audio Practitioner And Student * Covers The Philosophy Behind The Techniques - Answering The Question 'why' As Well As 'how' * Includes Details On The Latest Digital Audio Computer-diting Systems
      SKU: 296689

  • Scientific Networking and the Global Health Network Supercourse
  • Strmungsmaschinen (Klassiker der Technik) (German Edition)
  • Biosensors in Food Processing, Safety, and Quality Control
  • Environmental Toxicology II
  • Experimental Glycoscience
  • One-Dimensional Nanostructures
  • Visual Search 2: Proceedings Of The 2nd International
  • Design of Wood Structures-ASD/LRFD
  • Soybean Industry
  • Mastering Calculations in Linear and Nonlinear Mechanics
  • Time-Domain Beamforming and Convolutive Blind Source Separation

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