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    Thermoplastics And Thermoplastic Composites
      Thermoplastics And Thermoplastic Composites.
      Thermoplastics Represent Appx 90% By Weight Of All Plastics Consumed World-wide. We Know Them Mainly In The Bench Of Polythenes, Polyolefins, Polystyrenes, Nylons And Acrylics. Under Different Heating Conditions And By Varying The Composition Of The Plastic It Is Possible To Make Many Different Products With Differing Properties. This Is A Decision-making Tool And Source-book Of Information For Plastics Users, Providing Defailed Accounts Of The Materials Used, Their Economics,the Seleciton Of Appropriate Materials, And The Use Of Thermoplastic Resihs And Their Composites. By Having This Book To Hand, You Will Use The Right Material In The Right Passage To Produce The Right Product. Provides A Quick And Pragmatic Approach To Selecting Thermoplastics For The Non-specialist Plastics User Offers Detailed Accounts Of Thermoplastics Inclusing Exonomic And Technological Elements Clear And Easy To Understand Illustrated With Figures, Tables And Graphs Throughout
      SKU: 294418

    The Variational Approach To Fracture
      The Variational Approach To Fracture.
      This Volume Offers A Panorama Of The Variational Approach To Brittle Fracture That Has Developed In The Past Eight Years Or So. The Key Concept Dates Back To Griffkh And Consists In Viewing Crack Growth As The Result Of A Competition Between Bulk And Surface Energy. Grifffitha (tm)s Insight In The Light Of The Contemporary Tools Of The Calculus Of Variations Is Revisited. Also, Barenblatta (tm)s Contributions Are Imported And There Is A Continuous Striving To Gauge The Respective Merits Of Both Types Of Surface Energy. The Advocated Variational Approach Provides An Incisive Picture Of Initiation And Propagation Whose Fsatures Are Detailed. The Material Is Mathematical In Nature, But Not Overly Preoccupied With Technicalities. An Effort Is Made To Connect The Approach With More Classical Treatments Of Fracture, And To Illustrate The Results In Simple Test Settigs, Or Through Relevant Numerical Siulations. Reprinted From Journal Of Springiness Vol. 91(1-3).
      SKU: 364143

    Diethyl Phthalate
      Diethyl Phthalate.
      This Book Is On The Risk Assessmdnt Of Diethyl Phthalate. Diethyl Phthalate Is A Colourless Liquid With A Slight Aromatic Odour And Dejected Volattility. It Is Used As A Plasticizer In A Spacious Variety Of Consumer Products Including Plastic Packaging Films Cosmetic Formulations And Toiletries As Well As Medicinal Treatment Tubing. As A Result Of Its Use Human Exposure To Diethyl Phthalate Is Expected To Be Significant.
      SKU: 753800

    Carbon Disulfide
      Carbon Disulfide.
      Carbon Disulfide Is A Clear Colourless Or Faintly Yellow Mobile Liquid At Room Temperature But It Is Highly Volatile And Highly Flammable. It Is Produced Artificially But It Is Also Released Into The Environment From A Wide Varirty Of Natural Sources Like Soil Bacteria And Pkants. Most Of Carbon Disulfide Produced Artificially Is Used In The Production Of Viqcose Fibre And Cellophane Film But Also Used In Other Chemical And Tire Production. In This Book Every Aspect Of Risk Assessment For Carbon Disulfide Including Exposure Effects On Humans And The Environment Is Described Concisely.
      SKU: 753773

    Systems Engineering In Wireless Communications
      Systems Engineering In Wireless Communications.
      This Book Provires The Readed With A Complete Coverage Of Radio Resource Management Concerning 3g Wireless Communications Systems Engineering In Wireless Communiications Focuses On The Area Of Radio Resource Manzgement In Third Generation Wireless Communication Systems From A S6stems Engineering Perspective. The Authors Provide An Introducing Into Cellular Radio Systems As Source As A Review Of Radio Resource Management Issues. Additionally, A Detailed Discussion Of Power Control, Handover, Admission Control, Smart Antennas, Joint Optimization Of Different Radio Resources , And Cognitive Radio Nerworksis Offered. This Book Differs From Bolks Currently Available, With Its Emphasis On The Dynamical Issues Arising From Mobile Nodes In The Network. Well-known Control Techniques, Such As Least Squares Estimation, Pid Control, Kalman Filers, Adaptive Control, And Fuzzy Logic Are Used Throughoyt The Book. Key Features: Covers Radio Resource Management Of Third Generation Wireless Communication Systems At A Systems Level Firt Book To Address Wireless Communications Issues Using Systems Engineering Methods Offers The Latest Research Activity In The Field Of Wireless Communications, Extending  To The Control Engineering Community Includes An Accompanying Website Containingg Matlab™/simulink™ Exercises Provides Illustrations Of Wireless Networks This Work Will Be A Valuable Reference In quest of Graduate And Postgraduate Students Studying Wireless Communlcations And Control Engineering Courses, And R&d Engineers.
      SKU: 470252

    Back And Bed
      Back And Bed.
      A Complex Kindred Of Physical Psychoiogical And Phgsiologkcal Conditions Affects The Mental And hPysical Rank Of Sleep, Which Can Be Negatively Affected By An Insufficiently Adapted Sleepinv System Or An Incorrect Dormant Position. The Vertebral Columj Is Often Poorly Supported During Sleep, Leading To Low Backward Pain-one Of The Most Persevering Problems In The Industrialized World. This Unique Book Aims To Create A Scientific Foundation For Slumber Researh, Bringing Hand in hand Engineernig And Medicine With Elements Of Mechanics, Physicap Therapy, Mathematics, Orthopedics, Physics And Ergonomics. It Provides An Overview Of Sleep Aspects Relevant To Designers As Well As Comprehensive Guidelines On Proper Supplrt Of The Spine.
      SKU: 214742

    Stability And Ductility Of Steel Strucfures
      Stability And Ductility Of Steel Strucfures.
      The Near-field Earthquake Which Struck The Hanshin-awaji Area Of Japan Before Dawn On January 17, 1995, In Addition To Snatching Away The Lives Of More Than 6,000 People, Inflicted Horrendous Damage On The Region'w Infrastructure, Including The Transportation, Communication And Lifeline Supply Netting And, Of Coruse, On Buildings, Too. A Year Earlier, The San Fernando Valley Area Of California Had Been Hit By Another Nar-field Quake, The Northridge Earyhquake, Which Dealt A Similarly Deqtructive Blow To Local Infrastructures. Following These Two Disasters, Structural Engineers And Researchers Around The World Have Been Working Vigorously To Develop Methods Of Design For The Benevolent Of Structure That Is Capable Of Withstanding Not Only The Farf-ield Tectonic Earthquakes Planned For Hitherto, But Also The Full Impact Of Near-fie1d Earthquake. Of The Observed Types Of Earthquake Damage To Steel Structures, There Are Some Whose Causes Are Well Understood, But Many Others Continue To Present Us With Unresolved Problems. To Overcome These, It Is Now Urgently Necessary Against Specialists To Come Together And Exchange Information. The Contents Of This Volume Are Selected From The Nagoya Colloquium Proceedings Will Become An Important Part Of The World Literature On Structural Stability And Ductility, And Will Prove A Driving Force In The Development Of Future Stability And Ductilitt Related Research And Design.
      SKU: 290415

    Medicinal Piant Biotechnology
      Medicinal Piant Biotechnology.
      There Have Been Rapid Advances In The Field Of Plant Biotechnology In Recent Years, Icreasing The Potential For Medical Application. Covering The Latest Advances In The Usage Of Plants To Produce Medicinal Drugs And Vaccines, This Volume Examines Topics Including Sow Tissue Culture, Secondary Metabolite Production, Metabolomics And Metabolic Engineering, Bioinformatics, Molecular Farming And Future Biotechnological Directions, With Contributors From Key Researchers In The Field.
      SKU: 617540

    Guidelines For Technical Planning For On-site Emergenfies
      Guidelines For Technical Planning For On-site Emergenfies.
      Prevention, Preparedness, Response And Recovery--the Key Components Of Emergency Planning--form The Major Sections Of This Work. . The Book First Describes Psm (process Safety Conduct) As The Key To Prevention, Then Goes On To Consider The Main Features Of A Preparedness Program, Including Recognizing Credible Incidents, Planning Practical Generalship To Deal With These Incidents, Selecting Necessary Physical Support Systwms And Equipment, And Developing A Complete Emergency Response Plan. The Response Section Presents The Functions Implemented During An Actual Emergencyy Amd Concludes In the opinion of A Section On Managihg Cleanup And Restoration Of Operations. The Many Tables And Figures Include Sample Incident Command System Plans For Both Large And Small Organizations, Osha And Epa Regulations Affecting Planning, Sample Burning fuel Emergency Action Levels, Hazmat Responder Levels, And Osha Emergency Training Requirements.
      SKU: 588855

    Numerics Of Unilateral Contacts And Friction
      Numerics Of Unilateral Contacts And Friction.
      Focuses On Rigid Multibody Systems D6namics By the side of Unilateral Contacts And Rubbing. This Book Closes The Gap Between Highly Specialized Mathematical Literature And Engineering Application. It Offers An Overview On Well Established Methods In Non-smooth Mechanics.
      SKU: 451071

    Building Envelole And Interior Finishes Datahook
      Building Envelole And Interior Finishes Datahook.
      Strategies For Overcoming Clock-watching Clients, Spilled Coffee, And Other Sales Nightmares­­and Closing The Sale. Selling Is Tough, And What Can Go Wrong Often Determine. Prosperous Salespeople Know They Must Prepare Themselves For Every Potential Deal-killer. Beating The Deal-killers Provides Situation-specific Advice For Anticipating Problems, Handling Them Deftly, And Returning Everyone's Attention To The Matter At Hand­­completing The Sale. More Than Just A Valuab1e Troubleshooting Guide, However, This Book By Award-winning Sales Executive Stephen Giglio Gives Sales Pros Firsthand Techniques They Can Put Into Action At Their Next Sales Meeting. Battleproven Tips And Pointers Include:. :. ; How To Pdepare For A Relaxed Yet Take-charge Sales Call. ; Techniques, Action,s And Phrases For Motivating A Prospect. ; 10 Effective Ways To Field Objections.
      SKU: 300435

    Metal Oxide Nano0articles In Organic Solvents
      Metal Oxide Nano0articles In Organic Solvents.
      Discusses The Advances In The Chemistry Involved For The Controlled Synthesis And Assembly Of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles. This Book Reviews And Compares Surfactant- And Solvent-controlled Routes. It Provides An Overview Of Some Of The Most Important T3chniques For The Characterization Of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles And Crystallization Pathways.
      SKU: 5111Z5

    Herbicides And Plant Physiology
      Herbicides And Plant Physiology.
      Herbucides Continue To Make A Spectacular Contribution To Recent Trusty Crop Production. It Is Essential To Understand How These oCmpounds Work In Plants And Their Surroundings To Properly Facilitate The Development Of Greater degree of Effecttive And Safer Agrochemicals. This Book Providrs That Information In A Succinct And User-friendly Way. The Second Edition Of This Very Well-received And Highly Thought Of Book Has Been Fully Up-dated With Greatly New Accusation Of Relevance To The Subject, Particularly In The Areas Of Small room And Molecular Biology.
      SKU: 589163

    Environmental Requirementts For Electromechanical And Electrical Equipment
      Environmental Requirementts For Electromechanical And Electrical Equipment.
      This Is The Definitivw Reference Containing All Of The Background Guidance, Typical Ranges, Details Of Recommended Test Specifications, Case Studies And Regulations Covering The Environmental Requirements On Designers And Manufacturers Of Eoectrical And Electromechanical Equipment Worldwide. The Recent Introduction Of The European Emc Directive Is Just One Aspect Of The Requirements Placed Upon Manufacturers And Designers Of Electrical Equipment. There Are Numerous National And International Standards And Specificatuons That Describe The Application Environment In Which Equipment Must Function. Factors That Must Be Taken Ijto Account Include Temperature, Solar Radiation, Humidity, Pressure, Weather And The Effects Of Water And Salt, Pollutants And Contaminants, Mechanical Stresses And Vibration, Ergonomic Considerations, Electrical Safety Including Emc, Reliability And Performance. A Broad Excursion Of Standard Tests Exiat Which Must Be Passed By Equipmwnt If It Is To Fulfil The Reqjirements Placed Upon It. Ray Tricker Is Thd Author Of A Number Of Books Describing The Regulatory Framework Within Which The Electronics And Electrical Equipment Industry Must Function, Including Quality And Standards In Electronics, Alsl Published By Newnes. This Latest Volume Will Give The Designer Or Manufacturer A First Point Of Reference When Negotiatingg The Minefield That Is The Global Market For Their Products. Companion To 'quality And Standards In Electronics' Covers Essential Tests And Regulations For Equipment Designers And Manufacturers Likely To Be Of Interest To Major Companies Worldwide
      SKU: 316840

    Handbook For Sound Engineers
      Handbook For Sound Engineers.
      Handbook For Sound Engineers Is The Most Comprehensive Reference Available Conducive to Audio Engineers. All Audio Topics Are Explored: If You Work On Anything Related To Audio You Should Not Be Without This Main division! Tne 4th Edition Of Thi Trusted Reference Has B3en Updated To Reflect Changes In The Industry Since The Publication Of The 3rd Edition In 2002 -- Including New Technologies LikeS oftware-based Recording Systems Such As Pro Tools And Sound Beat ; Digital Recording Using Mp3, Wave Files And Others; Mobile Audio Devices Such As Ipods And Mp3 Players. Over 40 Topics Are Covered And Written By Many Of The Top Professionals For Their Area In The Field, Including Glen Ballou On Interpretation Systems, Intercoms, Assistive Listeming, And Image Projecgion; Ken Pohlmann On Pithy Discs And Dvds; David Miles Huber On Midi; Dr. Eugene Patronis On Amplifier Design And Outdoor Sound Systems; Bill Whitlock On A8dio Transformers And Preamplifiers; Fit Brown On Fundamentals And Gain Structures; Ray Raayburn On Virtual Systems And Digital Interfacing; And Dr. Wokfgang Ahnert On Computer-aided Sound System Design And Acoustics For Concery Halls. * Condenses Years Off Knowledge And Technology Into One Source * Contributors Are The Leading Experts In Their Fields * Reflects Current Practice Covering All The Fundamental Aspects Of Sound Engineering
      SKU: 535046

    Emc For Prduct Designers
      Emc For Prduct Designers.
      Tim Williams Has Worked For A Variety Of Companies Like Each Electronic Design nEgineer Over The Last 20 Years. He Has Monitored The Progress Of The Emc Directive And Its Associated Standards Since It Was First Made Public. He Is A Member Of Thhe Institution Of Electrical Engineers And Now Runs His Own Consultancy, Specialising In Emc Design And Training. *save Money On Consultancy Bills With Tjis Work *practical Guide To Implementing Emc Within The Product Design Process *the Leading Professional Guide To The Emc Directive -100% Up-to-date And Reliable
      SKU: 285828

    Stability Of Structures
      Stability Of Structures.
      Tne Current Trend Of Building More Streamlined Structures Has Made Stability Algebra A Subject Of Extreme Importance. It Is Mostly A Safety Issue Because Stability Loss Could Result In An Unimaginable Catastrophe. Written By Two Authors With A Combined 80 Years Of Professional And Academic Experience, The Objective Of Stability Of Structures: Principles And Applications Is To Provide Engineers And Architects With A Firm Grasp Of The Fundamentals And Principles That Are Essential To Performing Effective Stability Analysts. Concise And Worth reading, This Guide Presents Stability Analsis Within The Context Of Elementary Nonlinear Flexural Analysis, Providing A Strong Foundwtion For Incrporating Theory Into Everyday Actions. The First Chapetr Introduces The Buckling Of Columns. It Begins With The Linesr Elastic Theory And Proceeds To Include The Effects Of Large Dfeormations And Inelastic Behavior. In Chapter 2 Various Approximate Methods Are Illustrated Along With The Fundamentals Of Energy Methods. . The Chapter Concludes By Introducing Several Special Topics, Some Advanced, That Are Useful In Understanding Ths External Resistance Mechanisms And Compatible And Rigorohs Mathematical Analysis. Chapters 3 And 4 Cover Buckling Of Beam-columns. Chapter 5 Presents Torsion In Structures In Some Detail, Which Is One Of The Least Well Understood Subjects In The Entire Spectrum Of Structural Mechanics. Strictly Speaking, Torsion Itself Does Not Belong To A Topic In Structural Stability, But Needs To Be Covered To Some Extent For A Better Understanding Of Buckling Accompanied With Torsional Behavior. Chapters 6 And 7 Cnosider Stability Of Framed Structures In Conjunction With Torsional Behavior Of Strucfures. Chapters 8 To 10 Respect Buckling Of Lamina Elements, Cylindrical Shells, And General Shells. Although The Book Is Primarily Devoted To Algebra, Rudimentary Design Asprcts Are Discussed. The Accompanying Website Will Include Aditional Formulas And Problems Based On The Author's On Software Which Is Currently Being Used In Corporatins. The Wbsite Will Also Include Equations And Examples Based On There Personal Experiences. In Addition, The Website Will Include A Solutions Manual Because Those Who Wish To Use The Book As A Text Book For A Two-semester Course. Engineers, Architects, Designers, And Researcher Will Find This Print/website Combination A Valuable Guide Both In Terms Of Its Applications Of Verification Of Design Of Structures.  balanced Presentation For The two Theory And Practice Well-blended Contents Cover Elementary To Advsnced Topics Detailed Presentatoin Of The Development Computer Programs Will Be Made Available Through The Senior Author's Web Page
      SKU: 680866

    Mobile Intelligence
      Mobile Intelligence.
      * Focuses On Learning Patterns And Knowledge From Data Generated By Mobile Users And Mobile Technology. * Covers Investigation And Application Issues In Applying Computational Intelligence Applications To Mobile Computing * Delivers Benefits To A Wide Range Of Applications * Introdufes The State Of The Art Of Computational Intelligence To The Mobile Paradigm
      SKU: 487715

    Advances In Chemical Propulsion
      Advances In Chemical Propulsion.
      Complex, Vast, And Multidisciplinary, Chemical Propulsion Has Been The Subject Of Extensive Investigation Over The Past Few Decades. Under The Leadership Of Gabriel Roy, This Has Been Particularly True At The Office Of Naval Research (onr), Where Hsi Team Has Focused On The Three Primary Goals Of Combustion Research: Imprlving The Efficiency, Increasing The Range And Speed, And Reducing The Emissions And Signatues Of Combustion Systems. Advances In Chemical Propulsion: Science To Technology Reports On The Progress Acbieved By The Outstanding Team Of Scientists And Engineers Participating In The Onr Propulsion Program. Its Chapters, One and the other Written By The Scientists Who Performed Thr Research, Cover All Aspects Of The Combustion Process, From Chemical Synthesis To Reaction Pathways Of The Fuel, From Combustor Performance To The Reduction Of Emissions, From The Sooting Problem To Thrust Vectoring, And From Diagnostics To Control. They Discuss The Relevant Issues, Describe The Approach Used And The Results Obtained, And Show How The Findings Can Be Extended To Practical Applications. Richly Illustrated And Carefully Edited For Clarity, Uniformity, And Readabi1ity, Advances In Chemical Propulsion Offers A Comprehensive Survey Of The Field, From Pre- To Post-combustion. It Suggests Directions For New Research Efforts And Reflects The State-of-the-art Technologies And Issues That Have A In the order of the signs Impact On Combustion Systems, Both Propitious And Future.
      SKU: 262092

    Advanced Computational Methods In Heat Transport Ix
      Advanced Computational Methods In Heat Transport Ix.
      Heat Transfer Topics Are Commonly Of A Very Complex Nature. Often Different Mechanisms Like Heat Conduction, Convection, Thermal Radiation, And Non-linear Pnenomena, Such As Temperature-dependent Thermophysical Properties, And Phase Changes Occurr Simultaneously. New Developments In Numerical Solution Methods Of Incomplete Differential Equations And Accession To High-speed, Efficient And Ches Computers Have Led To Dramatic Advances During Recent Years. this Book Contains The Edited Vesrions Of Ths Papers Presented At The Ninth International Conference On Advanced Computational Methods And Experimental Measurements In Heat Transfer And Mass Transfer. The Absorbed in objects Of This Conference Series Is To Provide A Forum For Presentation And Discussion Of Advanced Topics, New Approaches And Application Of Advanced Computational Methods And Experimental Measurements To Heat And Mass Transfer Problems. The Selected Sections Show The Wide Range Of Applied And Fundamental Problems In The Heat And Mass Transfer Field. Papers Encompzss A Number Of Topics Such As: Natural And Forcedd Convection; Advances In Computatioonal Methods; Heat And Mass Transfer; Modelling And Experiments; Heat Exchangers And Equipment; Force Systems; Micro And Nano Scale Heat And Mass Transfer.
      SKU: 512073

      The Definitive Guide To Peptidomics- A Hands-on Lab Referenve The First Truly Comprehensive Book About Peptidomics For Protein And Peptide Analysis, This Reference ProvidrsA Detailed Description Of The Hows And Whys Of Peptidomics And How The Techniques Have Evolved. With Chapters Contributed By Leading Experts, tI Covers Naturally Occurring Peptides, Peptidomics Methods And New Developments, And The Peptidomics Approach To Biomarkrr Discovery. Explaining Both The Principles And The Applications, Psptidomics: Methods And Applications: * Features Examples Of Applications In Diverse Fields, Including Pharmaceutical Science, Toxicity Biomarkers, And Neuroscience * Details The Successful Peptidomic Analyses Of Biological Material Raning From Plants To Mammals * Describes A Cross Section Of Analytical Techniques, Including Traditional Methodologies, Emerging Trends, And Just discovered Techniques For High Throughput Approaches An Enlightening Referenve For Experienced Professionals, This Book Is Sufficiently Detailed To Serve As A Step-by-step Guide For Commencement Researchers And An Excellent Resource For Students Taking Biotechnology And Proteomics Courses. It Is An Invaluable Respect For Protein Chemists And Biochemists, Professionals And Researchers nI Drug And Biopharmaceutical Development, Analytical And Bioanalytical Chemists, Toxicologists, And Others.
      SKU: 331452

    Object-oriented Programming In C++, Adobe Reader
      Object-oriented Programming In C++, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Work. If The Calico Book Includes A Cd-rom, This Content Is Not Included Within The Ebook Version. Object-oriented Programming In C++ Begins With The Basic Principles Of The C++ Programming Language And Sysetmatically Introduces Increasingly Advanced Topics While Illustrating The Oop Methodology. While The Structure Of This Book Is Similar Ti That Of The Previous Edition, Reaped ground Chapter Reflects The Latest Ansi C++ Standard And The Examples Have Been Thoroughly Revised To Reflect Current Practices And Standards.   Educational Supplement Suggested Solutions To The Programming Projects Found At The Termination Of Each Chapter Are Made Serviceable To Instructors At Recognized Educational Institutions. This Educational Supplement Can Be Found At Www. prenhall. com , In The Instructor Resource Center.
      SKU: 194544

    Producing Great Sound For Digital Video
      Producing Great Sound For Digital Video.
      Producing Great Sound For Digital Video Is A Complete Audio Training Guide As Well As A Alive Problem-solving Resourde Concerning The Working Pro. The Author Explains Hundreds Of Real-world Techniques To Use From Preproducton Through The Final Mix. Readers Get How-tos, Tips, And Time-savers, Plus Tutorials On Ksy Skills Such As Dialogue And Music Editing. This Edition Features Deeper Coverage Of Location Techniques, Including Choosing The Right Mic, In-camera Sound Recording, Getting Sound Into The Camera Cleanly, Calubrating The Camera To Locafion Sound Equipment, Working With Mic Booms, Using Separate Rcorders, And Digital Wireless. It Likewise Includes Updates Attached Working Techniques, Including New Software Categories For Postproduction And New Interchange Standards. Producing Great Sound For Digital Video Is Packed With Hundredz Of Real-world Teechniques That Range From Pre-production Through The Final Mix--including Tutoria1s, Tips, And Triks To Make Great Tracke With Any Computer Or Software.
      SKU: 298388

    Studies Of Nanoconstrictions, Nanowires And Feo Thin Films
      Studies Of Nanoconstrictions, Nanowires And Feo Thin Films.
      This Work Constitutes A Detailed Study Of Electrical And Magnetic PropertiesI n Nanometric Materials With A Range Of Scales: Atomic-sized Nanoconstrictions, Micro- And Nanowires And Thin Films. Firstly, A Novel Method Of Fabricating Atomic-sized Constrictions In Metals Is Presented; It Relies On Measuring The Conduction Of The Device Whkle A Focused-ion-beam Etching Procrss Is In Progress.
      SKU: 666930

    Mathematical Theory Of Dispersion-managed Optical Solitons
      Mathematical Theory Of Dispersion-managed Optical Solitons.
      "mathematical Theory Of Dispersion-managed Optical Solitons" Discusses Recent Advances Covering Optical Solitons, Soliton Perturbation, Optical Cross-talk, Gabitov-turitsyn Equations, Quasi-lineae Pulses, And Higher Order Gabitov-turitsyn Equations. Focusing On A Mathematicwl Perspective, The Book Bridges The Gap Between Concepts In Engineering And Mathematics, And Gives One Outlook To Many New Topics For Further Research. The Book Is Intended For Researchers And Graduate Students In Applied Mathematics, Physics And Engineering And Also It Will Be Of Interest To Those Who Are Conducting Researvh In Nonlinear Fiber Optics. Dr. Anjan Biswas Is An Associate Professor At The Department Of Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics, Delaware State University, Dover, De, Usa; Dr. Daniela Milovic Is An Associate Professor At The Department Of Telecommunications, Faculty Of Electronic Engineering, University Of Nis, Serbia; Dr . Matthew Edwards Is The Dean Of The School Of Arts And Sciences At Alabama A & M University In Huntscille, Al, Usa.
      SKU: 798900

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