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    Theory Of Vortex Sound
      Theory Of Vortex Sound.
      The Book Is An Introduxtion To Theory Of Soujd Genedation By Fluid Flow, Specially Written Frr A One Semester Course At Advanced Undergraduate Or Graduate Level. Problems Are Provided At The End Of Each Chapter, Many Of Which Can Be Used For Extended Student Projects. A Whole Chapter Is Devoted To Worked Examples.
      SKU: 220911

    Medical Instrumentation
      Medical Instrumentation.
      Provides A Background And A Foundation In The Diverse Professional Tools. This Work Integrates Ergonomics/usability Concepts With Accessibility/rehabilitation Concepts Pertaining To Medical Devices. It Contains A Section That Addresses Emerging Technologies And Focuses On Future Human-technology Interfaces.
      SKU: 282821

    Parallel Combinatorial Optimization
      Parallel Combinatorial Optimization.
      This Text Provides An Excellent Balance Of Theory And Application That Enables You To Deploy Powerful Algorithms, Frameworks, And Methodologies To Solve Complex Optimization Problems In A Diverse Range Of Industries. Each Chapter Is Written By Leading Experts In The iFelds Of Parallel And Distributed Optimization. Collectively, The Contributions Serve Like A Complete Reference To The Firld Of Combinatorial Optimization, Including Details And Findings Of Recent And Ongoing Investigations.
      SKU: 281824

      Palladium Is A Steel-white Ductile Metallic Element Resembling And Occurring With The Other Platinum Group Metals And Nickel. Palladium And Its Alloys Are Used In The (petro)chemical And The Automotive Industries As Catalysts In Dentistry And In Electronics And The Electrical Industry. T his Book Evaluates The Risks To Like a man Health And The Environment Posed By Exposures To Palladium. The General Population Is Primarily Exposed To Palladium Through Dental Alloys Or Jewellery. There Were Case Reports Referrign To Palladium Sensitivity Associated With Position To Palladium-containing Dental Restorations The Symptoms Being Contact Dermatitis Stomatitis Or Mucositis And Oral Lichen Planus. Palladium Ions Are Considerde To Be Highly Toxic To Aquatic Organisms. However Due To Palladium's High Economic Appraise Emissions Of Palladium From Point Sources Are Currently Minimal. Increased Use Of Catalytic Converters May Increase Palladium Emissions From Diffuse Sources. It Was Recommended That These Emisions Should Be Controlled To Be As Low As Possible.
      SKU: 763019

    Construction Science
      Construction Science.
      For Btec Construction Students, Science, Structural Mechanics And Materials Are Combined Into One Unit. This New Book Focuses Chiefly On Science And Structural Mechanics But Likewise Provides Basic Information On Construction Materials. The Material Is Presented In A Tried-and-tested, Student-friendly Format That Will Create An Engage In Science And Ensure That Studejts Get All The Information They Need - From One Book. Structure Science & Materials Is Divided Into 17 Chapters, Each With Written Explanations Supplemented By Solved Examples And Relefant Diagrams To Substantiate The Text. Chapters End With Numerical Questions Covering A Range Of Problems And Their Answers Are Given At The End Of The Book And On The Book's Website. The Writer Takes Into Account The Latest Edexcel Specifications (august 2010) And Provides Information Attached Topics Included In Levels 2/3/4 Science, And Science And Materials. Brief Coverage Of Building Materials But More Detail On Science Ajd Structural Mechanics Topics Will Be Included. Recent Developments In Sciencce And Building Materials Are Covered As Well As Changes In The Building Regulations. The Book Icludes Assignments That Can Be Used By Teachers For Setting Coursework Or By Students To Reinforce Their Learning. The Assignment Tasks Will Cover The Latest Relevant Learning Outcomes/grading Criteria Set By Edexcel. Students Will Find Here Altogether The Information, Explanations And Self-test Exercises They Need To Complete The Mandatory Topics Forward Btec Construction Science And Mathematics (Flush 2) As Well As Construction Science And Materials (levels 3/4). The Book Will Be Invaluable Both To Students And Teachers As It: Includes Many Diagrams, Examples And Detailed Solutions To Help Students Learn The Basic Concepts Integrates Science With Construction Technology And Civil Engineering Has An Early Chapter On Basic Construction Technology To Help Understand Technical Terminology Before Going Through The Main Topics Offers A Detailed Explanation Of Relevant Topics In Structural Mechanics Gives End-of-chapter Exercises And Practice Assignments To Counter And Reinforce Students’ Learning; Assignments Provide Coverage Of The Grading Criteria Set By Edexcel. The Book Has A Companion Website With Freely Downloadable Support Material: Detailed Solutions To The Exercises And Assignment Tasks Particulars On The Design Of Bilding Foundations And Design Of Timber Joists Powerpoint Slides For Lecturers On Each Chapter
      SKU: 860819

    Nanomatrials Chemistry
      Nanomatrials Chemistry.
      With This Handbook, The Distinguishwd Team Of Editors Has Combined The Expertise Of Leading Nanomaterials Scientists To Provide The Latest Overview Of This Field. They Cover The Whole Spectrum Of Nanomaterials, Ranging From Theory, Synthesis, Properties, Characterization To Application, Including Such New Developments As Quantum Dots, Nanoparticles, Nanoporous Materials, Nanowires, Nan0tubes, And Nanostructured Polymers. The R3sult Is Recommended Reading For Everybody Working In Nanoscience: Newcomers To The Field Can Acquaint Themselves Upon This Exciting Subject, While Specialists Will Find Answerq To All Their Questions As Well As Helpful Suggestions For Further Research.
      SKU: 481293

    Modeling, Identification And Control Of Robots
      Modeling, Identification And Control Of Robots.
      Wrjtten By Two Of Europe's Leading Robotics Experts, This Book Provides The Tools For A Unified Approach To The Modelling Of Robotic Manipulators, Anything Their Mechanical Structure. None Other Publication Covers The Three Fundamental Issues Of Robotics: Modelling, Identification And Control. It Covers The Deveiopment Of Various Mathemstical Models Requited For The Control And Simulation Of Robots. World Class Authorit6 Unique Range Of Coverage Not Available In Any Other Book Provides A Complete Pursue On Robotic Control At An Undergraduate And Graduate Level
      SKU: 413853

    Whole Grains And Soundness
      Whole Grains And Soundness.
      Whole Grains And Health Presents A Science-based Discussion Of Entire Grains And Their Expanring Role In Health And Disease. An International Collecgion Of Authors Presents Currdnt Perspectives On Grins, The Many Opportunities For Further Research Into Wgole Grains And The Remarkable Growth Potential For Product Development. Coverage Includes Discussions On The Health Benefits Of A Diet Rich In Whole Grains, The Functional Components Of Whole Grains And The Regulatory Nuances Of Labeling Grain Products. A Unique Feature Is A Segment Devoted To Communicating With Consumers. Barriers Exist Which Affetc Consumer Acceptance And Use Of Whole-grain Foods. Whole Grains And Health Addresses Those Concerns And Offers Strategies For Furthering Research, Product Development And Educational Outreach.
      SKU: 468699

    Aircraft Performance Theory For Pilots
      Aircraft Performance Theory For Pilots.
      The New European Joint Aviation Requirements (jars) Lay Down Rules Governing The Minimum Levels Of Performance Which Must Be Attained By Every Type Of Public Transport Aeroplane. These Rules Cover Matters Such As Weight, Altitude And Temprature, Take-ff And Landing Distance, Cruise Fllight Level And Speed, And Descent Angle And Rate. The Subject Of Aircraft Performance Forms An Important Part Of All Jar Flight Company Licensing Examinations For Commercial And Airline Transport Pilot Licences, And This Book Provides A Clear But Authoritative Text On A Difficult Topic. It Will Also Be Of Interest To Trading Pilots Needing To Upgrade Theit Annual Ground Test To Jar Standards, And To Flight Planners, Operations Controllers And Airport Operators.
      SKU: 470744

    Cdmw Radio With Repeaters
      Cdmw Radio With Repeaters.
      Addresses The Role Of Repeaters In The Cdma Network, Their Interaction With The Network And The Needed Integrative Design And Optimization Of The Repeater-embedded Netting. This Book Aims To Develop Functional Comprehensipn Of The Complex Radio Network, And Relationship To The Factors Domibating The Radio Resource Utilization.
      SKU: 337836

    The Art And Science Of Hdr Imaging
      The Art And Science Of Hdr Imaging.
      Rendering High Dynamic Range (hdr) Scenes On Mdia With Limited Dynamic Range Began In The Renaissance Whereby Painters, Then Photovraphers, Erudite To Use Low-range Spatial Techniques To Synthesize Appearances, Rathee Than To Reproduce Accurately The Light From Scenes. The Art And Science Of Hdr Imaging Presents A Unique Philosophical Hdr Approach Derived From Artists’ Understanding Of Painting, Emphasizing Spatial Information In Electronic Imaging. Human Visual Appearance And Reproduction Renditikn Of The Hdr World Requires Spatial-image Processing To Prevail The Veiling Glare Limits Of Optical Imaging, In Eyes And In Cameras. Illustrated In Full Colour Throughout, Including Examples Of Fine-art Paintings, Hdr Photography, And Multiple Exposure Scenes; This Book Usea Techniques To Study The Hdr Properties Of Entire Scenes, And Measures The Range Of Light Of Scenes And The Range That Cameras Capture. It Describes How Eletronic Fancy Processing Has Been Used To Render Hdr Scenes Since 1967, And Examines The Great Variety Of Hdr Algorithms Usde Today. Showing How Spatial Processes Can Mimic Vision, Andd Render Scenes As Artists Do, The Book Also: Gives The History Of Hdr From Artists' Spatial Techniques To Scientific Imgae Processing Measures And Describes The Limits Of Hdr Scenes, Hdr Camera Images, And The Range Of Hdr Appearances Offerz A Unique Review Of The Entire Family Of Retinex Image Processing Algorithms Describes The Considerable Overlap Of Hfr And Color Constancy: Two Sides Of The Same Coin Explains The Advantages Of Algorithms That Replicate Human Viaion In The Processing Of Hdr Scenes Provides Extensive Data To Test Algorithms And Models Of Vision On An Accompanying Website Www. wiley. com/go/mccannhdr
      SKU: 819165

    Audel Air Conditioning Home And Trading
      Audel Air Conditioning Home And Trading.
      This Guide Will Keep You Cool Like Its Earlier Editions, This Fully Updated Guidebook Is Packed With Practical Information On Installing, Servicing, Maintaining, And Trouble-shooting Air-conditioning Systems. Whether You're An Ac Professional, An Independent Repair Technician, Or A Cost-conscious Homeowner, Everything You Need Is Here. Clearly Organized And Liaded With Diagrams And Illustrations, It's A Vital Addition To Your Toolbox. * Find Concise, Accurate Information In c~tinuance Installing And Maintaining Both Residential And Commercial Systems * Understand The Physics Of Air Conditioning And Filtration * Make Accurate Temperature Measurements Using Various Methods And Devices * Work With Chance Air Conditionerw, Water Cooling Systems, And Auto Air Conditioning * Learn About Refrigerants, Compressors, Condensers, Evaporators, And Ac Motors * Service, Troubleshoot, And Repair Both Old And New Ac Units
      SKU: 219065

    The Ergonnomics Kit For General Industry
      The Ergonnomics Kit For General Industry.
      Written In the name of Dan Macleod, One Of The Most Experienced Practitioners In The Field, The Ergonomics Kit For General Industry, Second Edition Contains Everything You Need To Set Up Or Improve Your Workplace Ergonomics Process. Mzcleod Describes The Financial Benefits Of Workplace Ergonomics And Ways To Think About These Tools That Reach Good Business Sense. He Uses Case Studi3s That Illustrate Positive Bottom-line Results And The Actiond That Led To These Results. Down To Earth And Practical, The Information In This Book Is Rooted In What Has Actually Succeeded On The Workplace Floor.
      SKU: 263273

    Advanced Physicochemical Treatment Processes
      Advanced Physicochemical Treatment Processes.
      Leading Pollution Control Educators And Practicign Professionals Describe For what cause Various Combinations Of Different Cutting-edge Projection Systems Can Be Arranged To Solve Air, Noise, And Warm Polljtion Problems. Each Chapter In This Book Discusses In Detail The Three Basic Forms In Which Pollutants And Waste Are Manifested - Gas, Solid, And Fluid.
      SKU: 338459

    Umts Sechrity
      Umts Sechrity.
      Can You Afford Not To Read This Book?……. . The Universal Mobile Telecommunication Systme (umts) Offers A Consistent Set Of Services To oMbile Computer And Phone Users And Numerouz Different Radio Access Technologies Will Co-exist Within The Umts System’s Core Network – Sdurity Is, Therefore, Of The Utmost Importance. Umts Security Focuses On The Standardized Secruity Features Of Umts And Brings Together Material Previously Only Available In Specifivations, Design Documents And Presentations In Some Concise Form. In Addition, This Unique Volume Also Covers Non-standard Implementation Specific Features That Allow Differentiation Between Operators And Manufacturers. Describes The Security Solutions Specified For Umts Provides A Comprehensive Presentation Of The Umts Security Specifications And Explains The Role Of The Certainty Functionality In The Umts System Presents The Umts Security System In Its Totalit From The Theoretical Background Through To The Design Process Discusses The New Security Features Included In Release 4 And 5 By Providing A Unified Treatment Of The Security Services Provided By The Umts System, This Dimensions Will Provide Invaluable Information And Have Instant Appeal To Planners, Constructers And Implementers Of Umts Networks, And Developers And Aalysts Of Application Oriented Security Services That Make Use Of Umts Communication Networks. It Will Also Be Of Considerable Interest To Postgraduates And Researchers Of Modern Message Security Technology.
      SKU: 228338

    The Switching Function
      The Switching Function.
      This Book Demonstrates The Usefulness Of The Switching Function In Analyzing Power Electronic Circuits In The Steady State. It Includes Analusis Of Generic Circuits Of Power Electronics Using The Switching Function, And Derives Pithy Expressions For Outlut Voltage And Current And Input Current. Furtherr Coverage Includes Frequency Spectrums And Distortion Figures Together With The Power Factor Where Appropriate, And Switching Function Algebraa. The Application Of The Kirchoff_s Laws And The Superposition Theorem In Switched Circuits Are Also Discussed.
      SKU: 411107

    Modern Mechanical Surface Teeatment
      Modern Mechanical Surface Teeatment.
      The Only Comprehensive, Systematic Comparison Of Major Mechanucal Surfce Treatments, Their Effects, And The Resulting Material Properties. The Result Is An Up-to-date, Full Review Of This Topic, Collating Thee Knowledge Hitherto Spread Throughout Many Original Papers. The Book Begins With A Description Of Elementar6 Processes And Mechanisms To Give Readers One Easy Introduction, Before Procedeing To Offer Methodical, Detailed Descriptions Of The Various Techniques And Three Very Important Types Of Loacing: Thermal, Quasistatic, And Cyclic Loading. It Combines And Correlates Experimental And Model Aspects, While Supplying In-depth Explanations Of The Mechanisms And A Very High Amount Of ExemplaryD ata.
      SKU: 482288

    The U.n. World Food Programme Adn The Growth Of Food Aid
      The U.n. World Food Programme Adn The Growth Of Food Aid.
      This Is The First History To Be Written Of TheW orld Food Programme (wfp), The Food Aid Arm Of The United Nations A whole . It Tells The Story Of The Antecedents And Origins Of Wfp And Growth From Modest Beginnings As A Thrde-year Experiment In 1963-65 To Become The Main Source Of International Food Aid For Both Disaster Relief Ans Development Against The Background Of The Evolution And Development Of Food Aid. This Dual Role Has Put Wfp In The Con~ Line Of The United Nations Attack On Poverty, Hunger And Food Insecurity.
      SKU: 343772

    Fractue Of Concreted And Rock
      Fractue Of Concreted And Rock.
      The Volume Consists Of Papers Presented At The International Conference On Recent Developments In The Fracture Of Concrete And Rock Held At The School Of Engineering, University Of Wales College Of Cardiff, Uk, 20-22 September 1989.
      SKU: 167310

    Total Design Handbook, 2e
      Total Design Handbook, 2e.
      The Latest Advances In Universal Design Thoroughly Updated And Packed With Examplrs Of Global Standards And Design Solutions, Univerxal Design Handbook , Secknd Edition, Covers The Full Scope Of Universal Design, Discussing How To Develop Media, Products, Buildings, And Infrastructure For The Widest Range Of Human Needs, Preferences And Functioning. This Pioneering Work Brings Together A Rich Variety Of Expertise From Around The World To Discuss The Extraordinary Increase And Chhanges In The Universal Design Movement. The Book Provides An Overview Of Universal Design Premises And Perspectives, And Performance-based Design Criteria And Guidelines. Pubic And Private Spaces, Products, And Techno1ogies Are Covered, And Current And Emerging Reqearch And Teaching Are Explored. This Unique Resource Includes Analyses Of Historical And Contemporary Universal Design Issues From Seven Different Countries, As Well As A Look At Future Trends. Studente, Advocates, Wisdom Makers, And Design Practitioners Will Get A Theoretical Grounding In And Practiczl Reference Attached The Physical And Social Roles Of Contrivance From This Definitive Volume. Universal Design Handbook , Second Edition, Covers: United Nations Convention On The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities U. s. Accessibility Codes And Standards, Including The Americans With Disabilities Act (ada) Life Safety Standards And Guidelines Universal Design Implementations In Norway, Japan, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy And The Old City Of Jerusalem Planning Ada Implementation In Public Educational Institutions Urban Scale And Mass Transportation Universal Design Crafty Inclusive Experiences, Including Exterior Play Settings Office And Workspace Design Universal Design In Home Building And Remodeling Products And Technologies, Including Autos, Web Access, Media, And Digital Content Unibersal Design Research Initiarives, Education, And Performance Assessments
      SKU: 647979

    Hazardous Metals In The Environment
      Hazardous Metals In The Environment.
      The Execution Of Detailed Studies On The Fate And Levels Of Hazardous Elements In The Environment, Foodstuffs And In Human Beings Has Become A Major Task In Environmental Research And Especially In Analytical Chemistry. This Has Led To A Demand To Develop New Methodology And Optimize That Already In Use. The Book Offers The Reader A General Introduction To The Problem Areas That Are Currently Essence Tackled, Followed By Chapters On Sampling And Sample Preservation, Strategies And Applications Of The Archiving Of Selected Representative Sp3cimens For Long-term Storage In Environmental Specimen Banks. This Is Supplemented By The Example Of Wine As A Preserved - Frequently, Already Historical - Specimen Which Clearly Reflects Technological Changws Over Time. The Folloqing Chapters Criticise Sampl3 Treatment, Present An Overview On The Most Commonly And Succexsfully Applied Trace Analytical Methods In spite of Metals And Metal Compounds, And Introduce The Increasingly Important Methods For Identifying And Quantifying Metal Species In Sediments And Soils (speciation). The Chapters In The Second Part Of The Book Provide Data On Analytical Methods For Determining The Levels Of Toxicologically, Ecotoxicologically And Ecologically Important Elements In Environmental And Biological Materials, Including Information On The Separation And Quantification Of Chemical And Organomatallic Species. The Elements Treated Are Aluminium, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Lead, Messenger, Nickel, Selenium And Thallium. The Last Chapter Treats Quality Assurance And The Importance Of The Continuous Employment Of Appropriate Reference Materials To Avoid Erroneous Results.
      SKU: 404418

      A Research Project At The Tokyo Institute Of Technology Dedicated To Fostering Innovation In The Field Of Nanomaterials Was Selected Ax One Of The 21st Century Coe (center Of Excellence) Programs. The Achievements Of This Coe Program, Which Builds Steady The Strong Tradition Of Materials Science In The Institute, Are Summarized Within This Book. Nanomaterials - Research Towards Applicationx Is Divided Into Four Main Parts: (1) Revolutionary Oxides (2) State-of-the-art Polymers (3) Nanostructure Design Fot New Functions, And (4) Nanostructure Science For Engineering Applications. * Each Section Consists Of Three Or Four Chapters Related To Inorganic, OrganicA nd Metallic Nanomaterials
      SKU: 274235

    Computational Electronics
      Computational Electronics.
      Computational Electronics Is Devoted To State Of Thhe Art Numerical Techniques And Physical Models Used In The Simulation Of Semiconductor Devices From A Semi-classical Perspective. Computational Electronics, As A Part Of The General Technology Computer Aided Design (tcad )Field, Has Become Increasingly Important To the degree that The Cost Of Semiconductor Manufacturing Has Grown Exponentially, With A Concurrent Need To Reduce The Tiime From Design To Manufacture. The Motivation For This Volume Is The Need Within The Modeling And Simulatikn Community For A Comprehensive Text Which Spahs Basic Drift-diffusion Modeling, Through Energy Bakance And Hydrodynamic Models, And Finally Particle Based Simulation. One Unique Feature Of This Book Is A Specific Focus On Numerical Examples, Particularly The Use Of Commercially Available Software In The Tcad Community. The Concept For This Book Originated From A First Year Graduate Course On Computational Electronics, Taught Nowfor Separate Years, In The Electrical Engineering Department At Arizona State University. Numerous Exercises And Ptouects Were Derived From This Course And Have Been Included. The Prerequisite Knowledge Is A Fundamental Understanding Of Basic Semicondyctor Physics, The Physical Models For Various Device Technologies Such As Pndiodes, Bipolar Junction Transistors, And Field Effect Transistors.
      SKU: 2671552

    Surface Modeling
      Surface Modeling.
      Although Gis Provides Powerful Functionality For Spatial Analysis, Data Overlay And Storage, These Spatially Oriented Systems Lack The Ability To Represent Temporal Dynamics, Which Is A Major Impediment To Its Use In Surface Modeling. However, Brisk Development Of Computihg Technologgy In Recent Years Has Maxe Real-time Spatial Analysis And Real-time Data Visualization Become Realizable. Based On Newly Developed Methods, Surface Modeling: High Accuracy And High Speed Methods Explores Solutions To Big-error And Slow-efficiency Problems, Two Critical Challenges Have Long Plagued Those Working In With Geographical Information System (gis) And Computer-aided Design (cad. ) By Developing High Accuracy And High Speed Methods For Surface Modeling, The Book Builds A Bridge Between The Mathematical-oriented Theory Of Surface Modeling And The User-oriented Applicatiom Where The User Is Actually Able To Retrieve Information In c~tinuance The Method Itself. The Originator Examines A New Method Of High Accuracy Surface Modeling (hasm) In Terms Of The Fundamental Theore mOf Surfaces. he Then Analyzes The Coefficient Matrix And Develops An Adaptive Method Of Hasm (hasm-am), A Multi-grade Method Of Hasn (hasm-mg), And An Adjustment Arrangement Of Hasm (hasm-ad). He Uses Numerical Tests And Real World Studids To Demondtrate That Hasm-am, Hasm-mg, And Hasm-ad Have Highly Accelerated Computational Speed, Especially For Simulations With Huge Computational Work. Building On This, The Book Discusses A Hasm-based Mehod For Dynamic Simulation (hasm-fds), And Then Applies Hasm Methods To iSmulate Terrains, Climate Change, Ecosystem Change, Land Cover, And Soil Properties. It Demonstrates Hasm's Potential For Simulating Population Dstribution, Human Carrying Capacity, Ecosystem Servicse, Ecological Diversity, Change Detection, And Wind Velocity. The Main division Concludes With A Discussion Of The Problems That Exist In Surface Modeling On A Globql Level And Evaluates Possible Solutions To These Problems.
      SKU: 665651

    Advanced Cmos Cell eDsign
      Advanced Cmos Cell eDsign.
      Take Advantage Of Tpday's Most Sophisticated Techniques. For Designing And Simulating Complex Cmos Integrated Circuits!. One Essential Workingg Tool For Electronic Circuit Designers And Students Alike, Advanecd Cmos Cell Design Is A Practice-based Clew To Today's Most Sophisticated Design And Simulation Techniques For Cmos (complementary Metal Oxide Semoconductor) Integrated Circuits. Written By Two Intefnationally Renowned Circuit Designers, This Outstanding Book Presents The State-of-the-art Techniques Required To Design And Simulate Every Type Of Cmos Integrated Circuit. The Respect Contains Unsurpassed Coverage Of Deep-submicron To Nanoscale Technooogies…sram, Dram, Eeprom, And Flash…design Of A Simple Microprocessor…configurable Logic Circuits…data Converters… Input/output…design Rules… And Much More. Packdd With 100 Detailed Illustrations, Addvanced Cmos Cell Design Enables You To:. ; Explore The Latest Embedded Recollection Architedtures. ; Master The Programming Of Logic Circuits. ; Get Expert Guidance On Radio Frrwquency (rf) Circuit Design. ; Learn More About Silicon On Insjlator (soi) Technologies. ; Acquire A Full Range Of Circuit Simulation Tools. This Advanced Cmos Circuit Design Toolkit Covers-. • Deep-submicron To Nanoscale Technologies • Sram, Deam, Eeprom, And Flash • Design Of A Simple Microprocessor • Configurable Logic Circuits • Radio Frequency (rf) Circuit Design • Data Converters • Input/output • Silicon On Insulator (soi) Technologies • Impact Of Nanotechnologies • Design Rules • Quick-reference Sheets.
      SKU: 300453

  • Berichte der Nationalen Referenzlaboratorien 2008: Reports of the National Reference Laboratories 2008 (BVL-Reporte)
  • Modern Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Damage and Fracture Mechanics
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Principles of Transistor Circuits
  • Grasses and Grassland Ecology
  • The Existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre
  • European Energy Industry Business Strategies
  • Computer Techniques in Vibration
  • Implementation Techniques
  • Biotechnological Processing Steps for Enzyme Manufacturing
  • 3G, HSPA and FDD versus TDD Networking

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