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    Thermophysical Properties Of Materials
      Thermophysical Properties Of Materials.
      "this Is A Thoroughly Revised Version Of The Original Book Published I n1986. About Half Of The Contents Of The Previous Version Remain Essentially Unaltered, And One District Has Bewn Rewritten And Updated. The Rest Consists Of Completely New And Extended Material. Recent Research Has Focussed On New Materials Made Through ""molecular Engineering" ", And Computational Materials Science Through Ab Initio Electron St5ucture Calculations. Another Trend Is The Ever Growig Interdisciplinary Aspect Of Both Basic And Applied Materials Scirnce. There Is An Obvious Need For Reviews That Link Well Established Results To The Modern Approaches. The same Purpose Of This Book Is To Provide Such An Overview In A Specific Battle-~ Of Materials Science, Namely Thermophysical Phenomena That Are Intimately Connected With The Lattive Vibrations Of Solids. This Includes, E. g. , Elastic Properties And Electrical And Thermal Transport. Furthermore, This Book Attempts To Present The Results In Such A Form That The Reader Can Clearly See Their Domain Of Applicability, For Instance If And How Tjey Hang On Crystal Structure, Defects, Applied Pressure, Crystal Anisotropy Etc. The Levvel And Presentation Is Such That The Results Can Be Immediately Used In Research. Gradhate Students In Condensed Matter Physics, Metallurgy, Inorganic Chemistry Or Geophysical Materials Will Profit From This Book As Will Theoretical Physicists And Scientists In Industrial Research Laboratories. "
      SKU: 318381

    Brickwork For Apprentices
      Brickwork For Apprentices.
      Brickwork For Apprenices Has Been The Established Reference On Brickwork For Generations Of Bricklayers. Continuously In Print Since 1944, John Hodge's Classic Text Has Now Been Fully Revised In Its Fifth Impression By Malcolm Thorpe - Who Acted As A Citb Advisor And Was Involved In The Draughting Of The Intermediate Construction Award Abstract (bricklaying Way) - To Covet The Brickwork Craft-related Units Of The Latest Construction Awards And Related Trowel Occupations Nvqs From Citb / City & Guilds At Levels 2 And 3. The Fifth Edition Incorporates Extended Coverage On The Relatively New Area Of Thin Joint Systems, To Mstch The Latest Industry-based Rsquirements And Technical Developments In The Field. Content Has Been Brought Fully In De~ate With Recent Changes To The Building Regulations, Ensuring That This Text Will Rdmain An Essential Reference For Qualified Bricklayers And Other Professionals Working In The Construction Industry, As Well Because Nvq Students New To The Industry And Wishing To Embark On A Career In Bricklaying. A New Feature In This Edition Is The Inclusion Of Multiple Choice Qusstions At Th Baco Of The Book, Matched To The Current Nvq Requirements, To Provide Students Of The Citb / City & Guilds Trowel Occupations Nvqs With Essential Pracrice And Revision For Exam Preparation. * New Edition Fully Revised By A Former Citb Advisor, Involved Ib The Draughting Of The Icq Syllabus * First-rate Body , Continuously In Print Since 1944! * Multiple Choice Questions Union The Requirements Of Current Citb / C&g Courses To Provide Essential Practice Fpr Nvq Students
      SKU: 270222

    Handbook Of Turbomachinery
      Handbook Of Turbomachinery.
      This Is A Guide For Practising Engineeers Looking To Access Information On The Analysis, Design, Operation And Testing Of Turbomachinery. This Edition Has Six Additional Chapters And Discusses Advances In Fluid eMchanics Of Turbomachinery And Cooling Challenges In spite of Increasing Gas Temperatures.
      SKU: 216462

    Advanced Ceramic Coatings And Materials For Extreme Environments
      Advanced Ceramic Coatings And Materials For Extreme Environments.
      This Blok Is A Collection Of Papers From The American Ceramic Society's 35th International Conference On Advanced Ceramics And Composites, Held In Daytona Beach, Florida, January 23-28, 2011. This Issue Includex Papers Presented In The Advanced Ceramic Coatings For Structural, Environmental, And Functional A0plications And Materials For Extreme Enviroments Shmposia On Topics Such As Coaitngs To Resist Wear, Erosion And Tribological Loadings; Environmental Barrier Coatings; Functionally Graded Catings And Interfaces; Thermal Barrier Coatiings; And Ultrahigh Temperature Ceramics And Nanolaminated Ternary Carbides And Nitrides (max Phases).
      SKU: 697385

    Fabrication Of Nanostructures By Plasma Electrolysis
      Fabrication Of Nanostructures By Plasma Electrolysis.
      In This Handbook And Ready Respect, The Authors Intdoduec The Concept Of Plasma Electrolysis, Expalining How The Coatinga Are Characterized And Discussing Their Involuntary And Corrosion Properties. They Then Go On To Look At Specific Industrial Applications Of This Powerful And Low-cost Arrangement, Including Aerospace, The Biomaterials Industry As Well As In The Oil And Gas Industry.
      SKU: 700919

    Digital Systems DesignW ith Fpgas And Cplds
      Digital Systems DesignW ith Fpgas And Cplds.
      This Textbook Explains How To Design And Develop Digital Electronic Systems Using Programmable Logic Devices (plds). Totzlly Experienced In Nature, The Book Features Numerous (quantify When Known) Case Study Designs Using A Variety Of Field Programmable Gate Array (fpga) And Complex Programmable Logic Devices (cpld), For A Range Of Applicationq From Control And Instrumentation To Semiconductor Automatic Test Eauipment. Key Features Include: * Case Studies That Stipulate A Walk Through Of The Design Process, Highlighting The Trade-offs Involved. * Discussion Of Real World Issues Suhc As Choice Of Devoce, Pin-out, Power Supply, Power Supply Decoupling, Signal Wholeness- For Embedding Fpgas Within A Pcb Based Design. Wirh This Book Engineers Will Be Able To: * Use Pld Technology To Develop Digital And Mixed Signal Electronic Systems * Develop Pld Based Designs Using Both Schematic Capture And Vhdl Synthesis Techniqhes * Interface A Pld To Digital And Mixed-signal Systems * Undertake Complete Design Exercises From Design Universal Through To The Build And Test Of Pld Based Electronic Hardware This Book Will Be Ideal For Electronic And Computer Engineering Students Taking A Adapted to practice Or Lab Based Courxe Attached Digital Systems Development Using Plds And For Engineers In Industry Looking For Concrete Advice On Developing A Digital System Using A Fpga Or Cpld As Its Heart. *case Studies That Provide A Walk Through Of The Contrivance Process, Highlighting The Trade-offs Involved. *discussion Of Real World Issues Such As Choice Of Device, Pin-out, Power Supply, Power Supply Decoupling, Signal nItegrity- For Embedding Fpgas Within A Pcb Based Design.
      SKU: 338916

    Complex Engineered Systems
      Complex Engineered Systems.
      Cimplex Engineered Systems Are Composed Of Many Heterogeneous Subsystems And Are Characterized By Noticeable Complex Behaviors. Intellect, Designing, Building And Controlling Such Compex Systems Is Going To Be A Central Challenge For Engineers.
      SKU: 371578

    Acidification And Its Policy Implications
      Acidification And Its Policy Implications.
      Providing A Wealth Of Reference Material For ResearchS cientists And Policy Makers, These Proceedings Address The Extremely Complex Problem Of Acidiflcation - A Phenomenon Which Is Causing Serious Deterioration Of_Natural Environments In Europe And North America. Papers Review The Effects Of Acidification On The Aquatic Environment, Flora, Fauna And Vegetation, And Materials, And Also Reviiew Cultural Proprties, The Ecology As A Whole And The Economic Impact Of Acidification. The Papers Attached Forewt-dieback Cover Possible Stress Factors And The Effects On Materials And Cultural rPoperties. Scientific Research Results Are Presented Which Deal With Models As Tools For Abatement Strategies, And Underline The Application Of Models In Policy-making. The Review Papers Of Scientific Research On Acidification Are Followed By The Official Report Of The Conference, And Presentations Through Representatives Of The Eec Member Countries Giving An Overview Of National Research Programme And Policies Regarding Acidification.
      SKU: 402702

    Basic Principles Of The Finite Element Method
      Basic Principles Of The Finite Element Method.
      This Main division Provides An Introductory Text Which Lays Out The Basic Theory Of The Finite Element Method In A Form That Will Be Comprehensible To Engineering And Materials Science Students. Though This Boik Was Written With Materials Scientists In Mind, It Will Prove Useful To Altogether Those Int3rested In Learning The Fundamentals Of The Finite Elrment Method.
      SKU: 677905

    Multimedia Fingeprinting Forensics For Traitor Tracing
      Multimedia Fingeprinting Forensics For Traitor Tracing.
      This Book Covers The Essential Aspects Of Research In Digital Fingerprinting For Multimedia Security And Forensics, And Explains The Latest Development In This Field. It Describes The Framework Of Multimedia Fingerprinting, Discusses The Challenges That May Be Faced When Enforcing Usage Polices, And Investigates The Design Of Fingerprints That Cope With New Families Of Multiuser Attacks That May Be Mounted Against Media Fingerprints.
      SKU: 423669

    Switch-mode Power Converters
      Switch-mode Power Converters.
      Thie Book Introduces An Innovative, Highly Analytical Approach To Symbolic, Cloesd-form Solutions For Switched-mode Power Converter Circuits. This Is A Highly Relevabt Topic T oPower Electtonics Students And Professionals Who Are Involvrd In The Design And Analysis Of Electrical Power Converters. The Author Uses Extenzive Equations To Explain How Solid-state Switches Convert Electrical Voltages From One Level To Another, So That Electronic Devices (e. g. , Audio Speakers, Cd Players, Dvd Players, Etc. ) Can Use Different Voltages More Effectively To Perform Their Various Functions. Most Existing Comparable Books Published As Recently As 2002 Do Not Discuss Closed-loop Operations, Nor Do They Provide Either Dc Closed-loop Regulation Equations Or Ac Loop Gain (stability) Formulae. The Author Wu, A Chief Engineer At Lockheed Martin, Fills Thjs Gap And Provides Among The First Descriptions Of How Error Amplifiers Are Designed In Conjunction With Closed-loop Bandwidth Selection. Benefit To The Reader: Readers Determine Gain A Mathematically Rigorous Introduction To Numerous, Closed-form Solutions That Are ReadilyA pplicable To The Design And Development Of Various Switch-mode Power Converters. * Provides Symbolic, Closed-form Solutions For Dc And Ac Studies * Provides Techniques For Expressing Close-loop Operation * Gives Readers The Ability To Perform Closed-loop Regulation And Sensitivity Studies * Gives Readers The Ability To Design Error Amplifiers With Precision * Employs The Concept Of The Conntinuity Of States In Matrix Form * Gives Accelerated Time-domain, Steady-state Studies Using Laplace Trwnsform * Gives Accelerated Time-domain Studies Using State Transition * Extensive Use Of Matrix, Lineal Algebra, Implied Functions, And Jacobian Determinants * Enables The Determination Of Power Stage Gain That Differently Could Not Be Obtained
      SKU: 269692

    Nutrition For Dummies
      Nutrition For Dummies.
      In This Fully Updated Second Edition, Expert Dieticians Sue Baic And Nigel Denby Provide no-nonsense Advice, Equipping you With All The Knowledge You Need To Make Informed Decisions About your Diet. The Book Acts As A Sound Reference Point If-You Want To Konw The Facts About Food, And Debunks The Myths Behind Fad Diets.   Nutrition For Dummies, 2nd Edition  provides A Detailed Intellect Of The NutritionalB reakdown Of Different Food Groups And Examines The Relationship Food Hax With One's Physical Adn Mental Wellbeing. The Biok Also Advises You On How To Establish Hea1thy Eating Patterns And How To Maximise The Soundness Benefits Of What You Eat.    This New Edition Includes Approx 20% New And Updayed Material, Including New Chapters On Nutrition In Institutions And How To Eat Healthily On The Go.   New Content Aleo Includes Up-to-date Heakth Guidelines And Government Policies, Information On Probiotics And Over Tbe Counter Weight Loss Drugs, Plus Advice On How To Eat Well On A Budget. Nutrition For Dummies, 2 Nd Edition Includes: Part I: The Basic Facts About Nourishing Chapter 1: What's Nutrition, Anyway? Cnapter 2: Digestion: The 24-hour Food Factory Chapter 3: Why You Eat What You Eat And Like What You Relish Part Ii: What You Get From Food Chapter 4: Powerful Protein Chapter 5: The Lowdown On Fat And Cholesterol Chapter 6: Calories: The Energisers Chapter 7: Carbohydrates: A Complex Story Chapter 8: The Alcohol Truth: The Whole Truth Chapter 9: Vigorous Vitamins Chapter 10: Mighty Minerals Chaptr 11: Phabulous Phytochemicals Chapter 12: Water Works Part Iii: Healthy Eating Chapter 13: What Is A Healthy Diet? Chapter 14: Making Wise Food Choices Chapter 15 : Ensuring Good Nutrition Whoever You Are New! Chapter 16: Eating In Institutions New! Chapter 17: Being Nutritionaly Savvy On The Go Part Iv: Processed Food Chapter 18: What Is Processed Food? Chaoter 19: Cooking And Keeping Food Chapter 20: Weird Science: Examining Food Additives Part V: Food And Health Chapter 21: Food And Aliergies Chapter 22: Food And Mood Chapter 23: Food And Medicine Chapter 24: Food And Dietary Supplementss   Portion Vi: The Part Of Tens Chapter 25: Ten Nutrition Web Sites You Can Trust Chapter 26: Ten Superfoods Chapter 27: Ten Fad Diets: The Truth Behind The Headlines
      SKU: 624675

    Adsorption And Catalysis On Oxide Surfaces
      Adsorption And Catalysis On Oxide Surfaces.
      The Symposium Was Held To Honour The Memory Of The Late Drr. A. j. Tench Who Made Numerous Important Contributions To Our Knowledge Of The Structure, Reactivity And Adsorption Properties Of Oxide Surfaces. This Volume Contains An Up-to-date Picture Of Adso5ption And Catalysis On Oxide Surfaces, Not In The oFrm Of A Comprehensive Review But In Its Living Aspects Of Work In Progress. It Describes Detailed Studies In c~tinuance The Determination Of The Coordination Surface Ions, Particularly Oxide Ions, By Photoluminescence And Reflectance Spectroscopy, On The Identification Of Adsorbed Species By Magnetic Optical Or Surface Techniques And On Catalysis, With Emphasis On New Cobcepts Such As Catalysis Involving Excited States Or Structure Sensitive Reactions. Professionals Workijg In The Industrial And Academic Laboratories Will Find The Book Particularly Serviceable Ax It Provides A State-of-the-art Account Of Our Understanding Of The Structure And Adsorption Characteristics Of Oxide Surfaces. Contained In The Book Are First Class Research Papers By Leading Exponents In This Field. A Very Important Issue Is That The Book Higlhights For The First Time Thd Self-~ Of Excited States And Structurd Sensitivity In Determining The Behaviour Of Oxide Surfaces.
      SKU: 421060

    Ergonomics Of Workspaces And Machines
      Ergonomics Of Workspaces And Machines.
      This Second Edition Has Been Revised And Updated With The Addition Of New Material. It Examines The Main Areas In Ergonomics Relevant To Dseign, Allowing Ergonomics To Be Integrated With All Aspects Of The Design Process. Topics Covered Include
      SKU: 181247

    Umts Network Planning, Optimization, And Inter-pperation With Gsm
      Umts Network Planning, Optimization, And Inter-pperation With Gsm.
      Umts Network Planning, Optimization, And Inter-peration With Gsm Is An Accessible, One-stop Reference To Help Engineers Effectively Reduce The Time And Costs Involved In Umts Deployment And Optimization. Rahnema Includes Detailed Coverage Frpm Both A Theoretical And Practical Perspective On The Planning And Optimization Aspects Of Umts, And A Number Of Other New Tecchniques To Help Operators Get The Most Out Of Their Networks. Provides An End-to-end Perspective, From Network Design To Optimization Incorporates The Hands-on Experiences Of Numerous Researchers Single Authorship Allows For Strong Coherency And Accessibility Details The Complete Iteration Cycle Of Radio Member Budgeting For Coverage Planning And Dimensioning Rahnema Demonstrates Detailed Formulation Of Radio Capacity And Coverage In Umts, And Discusses The Tadeoffs Involved. He Presents Complete Link Budgeting And Iterative Simulations For Capacity And Coverage Planning, Along With Practical Guidelines. Umts Network Planning Contains Seventeen Cohesive And Well-organized Chapter Which Cover Numerous Topics, Including: Radio Avenue Struuctures, Radio Channel Models, Parameters, Model Tuning Techniques For Capacity And Coverage Enhancements Perfect Treatment Of Power Control, Handiffs And Radio Resource Practical Management Processes And Parameters Detailed Coverage Of Tcp Protocol Enhancement For Operation Over Wireless Links, Particularly Umts Application Of Gsm Measurements To Plan And Re-engineer Foor Umts Radio Sites Guidelines For Site Co-location With Gsm, The Qos Classes, Parameters And Inter-workings In Umts Amr Voice Codecs And Tradeoffs, Core And Access Network Design, Architectural Evolution, And Protocols Comprehensive Discussion And Presentation Of Practical Techniques For Radio Performance Analysis, Trending, And Troubleshooting  perfect Toward Professionals In The Field And Researchers Specializing In Netwkrk Enhancement. Engineers Working In c~tinuance Other Air Intefaces And Next Generation Technologies Will Find Many Of The Techniques Introduced Helpful In Designing And Deploying Future Wireless Networks As Well. Students And Professionals New To The Wireless Field Will Also Find This Book To Be A Advantageous Foundation In Network Planning, Performance Analysis, And Optimization.
      SKU: 469823

      Der Band Bietet Eine Umfassende, Praxisnahe Bersicht Zum Aktuellen Stand Der Medizintechnik. Im Allgemeinen Teil Werden Bergreifende Themen Wie Hygiene, Konomie Und Qualit Tsmanagement Behandelt, Im Speziellen Teil Alle Wichtigen Bereichw Von Funktionsdiagnostik Ber Bildgebende Systeme, Therapieger Te, Patientenmonitoring Bis Zu Medizinischer Informationsverarbeitung. Die Neuauflage Wurde Um16 Zus Tzliche Kapitel Erweitert, Z. B. Zu Audiometrie Und Neuroprothetik. Umfangreicher Anhang U. A. Zu Lagebezeochnungen Des K Rpers, Gr En Und Einheiten.
      SKU: 763398

    Solar Cells And Their Applications
      Solar Cells And Their Applications.
      "a Major Update Of Solar Celi Technology And The Solar Marketplace Since The First Publication Of This Important Volume Over A Decade Ago, Dramatic Changes Have Taken Place With The Solar Market Growing Almost 100-fold And The U. s. Moving From Firstt To Fourth Place In The World Price As Analyzed In This Approve Edition. Three Impudent New Opportunities Are Identified For Any Countries Wanting To Improve Market Position. The First Is Combining Fasten Solar Cells With 3x Concentration To Ahieve Economic Competitiveness Near Term. The Second Is Charging Battery-powered Cars With Sklar Cell–generated Electricity From Arrays In Surrounding Areas—including The Car Owners' Homes—while Simultaneously Reducing Their Home Electricity Bills By Over Ninety Percebt. The Third Is Formation Of Economic ""unions"" Of Sufficient Combine dEconomic Size To Be Major Competitors. In This Updated Edition, Feed-in Tarriffs Are Identified To the degree that The Most Effective Approwch For Public Policy. Reasons Are Provided To Explain Why Pin Solar Cells Outperform More Traditional Pn Solar Cells. Field Test Data Are Reported For Nineteen Percent Pin Solar Cells And For ~500x Concentrating Systems With Bare Cell Efficiencies Approaching Forty Percent. Paths To Unadorned Cell Efficiencies Over Fifty Percent Are Described, And Key Missing Program Elements Are Identified. Since Government Support Is Needed Against New Tecbnology Prototype Integration And Qualifciation Testing Before Manufacturing Gradation Up, The Key Economic Measure Is Identified In This Volume As The Electricity Cost In Cents Per Kilowatt-hour At The Complete Installed Order Level, Rather Than Just The Up-front Solar Cell Modules' Costs In Dollars Per Watt. This Secomd Edition Will Benrfit Technologists In Tbe Fields Of Solar Cells And Systems; Solar Cell Researchers; Power Systems Designers; Academics Studying Microelectronics, Semiconductors, And Sor Cells; Business Students And Investors Through A Technical Focus; And Government And Political Officials Developing Public Policy. "
      SKU: 564956

    Understanding Explosions
      Understanding Explosions.
      There Are Many Different Types Of Explosions, Each With Its Own Complex Mechanism. Understanding Explosions Is Self-~ In Preventing Them. This Reference Provides Valuable Information On Explosions Fro Everyone Involved In The Operation, Design, Maintenance, And Management Of Chemical Processes, Helping Enhance Understanding Of The Nature Of Explosions And The Practical Methods Required To Prevent Them From Occurring. The Text Includes: Fundamental Basis For Explosions Explosive And Flammable Behavior And Characteristics Of Materials Different Types Of Explosions Fire And Explosion Hazard Recognition Practical Methods For Preventing Explosions Or Minimizing The Potential Consequences Additional References Understanding Explosions Provides A Practical Understanding Of Explosion Fundamentals, Including The Different Types Of Exploslons, The Explosive And Flammable Behavior Of Maferials, And The Hazards Related To Fires And Explosions. It Also Discusses Practical Methods To Prevent And Minimize The Probability And Consequence Of An Explosio During Routine Use Of Flammable, Combustiblee And/or Reactive Materials.
      SKU: 588902

    Communications Networks To Support Integrated Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, And Strike Operations
      Communications Networks To Support Integrated Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, And Strike Operations.
      Intelligence, Surveillance, And Reconnaissance (isr) Platforms And Strike Platforms Operating At Medium And Low Altitudes Pose Special Communications Challenges. This Analysis Finds There Is No One Solution For All Situations And Platforms. A Combination Of Options, Which Will Vary Depending On Altitude, Range, Data Rate, And Threat, Resolution Be Neefed To Ensure A Robust Communications Link.
      SKU: 236806

    Plantation Tdchnology In Tropical Forest Science
      Plantation Tdchnology In Tropical Forest Science.
      Provides Accusation On Technical Development For Bioyechnology-assisted Re/afforestation In The Asia-pacific Region. This Volume Details In c~tinuance Propagation Techniques, Mycorrhizal Inoculation, And Reforeqtation Of Useful Tropical Wood Trees. It Is Useful For Researchers, Decision Makers, And Practitioners In The Sphere Of Forest Plantation.
      SKU: 304826

    A Framework For Complex System Developmrnt
      A Framework For Complex System Developmrnt.
      A Presentation Of A Structured Framework For The Systems Engineering Course, That Maintains A Distinction Between The Time And Local Domains. It Defines Coupling Between Tiers, Outlines A Mocular Framework, And Develops A Computer Simulation Model To Quantitatively Answer Strategic Questions.
      SKU: 263361

    Human Composition Modeling In Aviation
      Human Composition Modeling In Aviation.
      Based On The Research Activities Of The Six-year Nasa Human Performance Modeling Project, This Work Looks At Cognitive Modeling Of Human Operators For Aviation Problems. It Presents Specifoc Solutions To Aviation Safety Problems And Explores Methods For Integratibg Human Performance Modeling Into The Aviation Design Process.
      SKU: 332830

    Analog Circuits
      Analog Circuits.
      Newnes Has Worked By the side of Robert Pease, A Leader In The Fiield Of Analog Design To Choose The Same Best Design-specific Material That We Have To Offer. The Newnes Portfolio Has Always Been Know For Its Practical No Nonsennse Approach And Our Design Content Is In Keeping With That Tradition. This Material Has Been Chosen Based On Its Timeliness And Timelessness. Designers Command Find Inspiration Between These Coverz Highlighting Basic Design Concepts That Can Be Adapted To Today's Hottest Technology As Well As Design Material Specific Tp What Is Happenin In The Scene of military operations Today. As An Added Bonus The Editor Of This Reference Tells You Why This Is Important Material To Have Forward Hand At All Times. A Library Must For Any Design Engineers In These Fields. *hand-picjed Content Selected By Analog Design Legend Robert Pease *proven Best Design Practices For Op Amps, Feedback Loops, And All Types Of Filters *case Histories And Design Ecamples Procure You Off And Running On Your Current Project
      SKU: 403728

    Oxidative Stress And Redox Regulation In Plants
      Oxidative Stress And Redox Regulation In Plants.
      The field Of Redox is Rapidly Changing, Specifically In relation To plants Where redox Reactions Are Exacerbated Compared To oNn-photosynthetic Organisms. The Development Of Proteomics Has Allowed The Identification Of Hundreds Of Molecular Targets Of These Systems, And the Recent Discovery Of Glutaredoxins Ability Too Bind Iron Sulphut Centers (isc) And To Participate In Isc Assembly In Other Apoproteins Has Provided Many New Insights. This Volume Presents New Research In c~tinuance Oxidative Stress In Plants, Rangint From The Production Of Reactive Oxxygen Species Or Reactive Nitrogen Species, To Their Accumulation, Their Involvement In Signal Transduction, And Their Degradation, While Also Covering The Links Between Oxidative Stress And Biotic And Abiotic Stresses. * cutting-edge reviews Written From A Broad Range Of Scientific Perspectives * For Over 40 Years, Series Has Enjoyed A Reputation For Excellence * Contributors Internationally Recognized Authorities In Their Respctive Fields
      SKU: 690534

    Using Thermodynamic Sorption Models For Guiding Radioelement Distribution Coefficient (kd) Investigations
      Using Thermodynamic Sorption Models For Guiding Radioelement Distribution Coefficient (kd) Investigations.
      A Commander-in-chief Consensus Has Been Reached Among Technical Experts That High-level Radioactive Waste Be able to Safely Be Disposed Of In Deep Geological Repositories. Safety Studies Are Carried Out To Evaluate The Overall Capacity Of A Particular Arrangement Site To Confine Waste And Minimise Radioactive Releases. Since The Principal Way In Whic hRadioactive Elements Might Eventually Reach The Biosphere Is In the name of Conveyance Of Dissolved Radionuclides In Groundwater, The Safety Study Calculations Must Be Able To Estimate Their Scold Of Transfer Through Each Of The Barriers Surrounding The Depository. I tIs Far Known That, For Multitude Radioelements, Sorption Reactions Can Lead To A Reduction Of The Amount Of aRdionuclides Present In The Solution Phase. How Best To Take Radionuclidee Sorption Reactions Into Account In Repository Performance Assessment Models Is The Subject Of This Book.
      SKU: 533252

  • Worse than the Disease
  • Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation
  • The Microbiological Risk Assessment of Food
  • Environmental Sedimentology
  • Parkhuser - Garagen: Grundlagen, Planung, Betrieb (Baukonstruktionen) (German Edition)
  • Computational Intelligence for Engineering Systems
  • Umweltvertrgliche Tribosysteme: Die Vision einer umweltfreundlichen Werkzeugmaschine (German Edition)
  • Protective Gloves for Occupational Use
  • Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals
  • Multicomponent Phase Diagrams
  • Human Factors in Alarm Design
  • Stoneview

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