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    Tiny Game Hunting
      Tiny Game Hunting.
      Every Year Americans Use A Staggering Five Hundred Million Pounds Of Toxic Pesticides In And About Their Homes, Schools, Parks, And Roads--a Growing Health Risk For People And The Environment. But Are These Poisons Really Necessary? This Book, Appealing To The Hunter In Us All, Shows How To Triumph In Combat With Pests Without Losing The War To Toxic Chemicals.
      SKU: 224721

    Carpentry And Joinery 3
      Carpentry And Joinery 3.
      Carlentyr And Joinery 3 Is The Third In A Series Of Thre Books, Which Together Provide An Authoritative And Thoroughly Practical Guide To Carpentry And Joinery For Students Following City & Guilds And Citb Courses, Nvq Candidates, And Students Working Towards An Doctrine Of Carpenters Qualification. This Book Is Also Ideal For A Wide Range Of Aamteur And Professional Woodworkers. Book 3 Builds Steady The Fundamental Knowledge Introduced In Volum 1, And Accompanies Volume 2 With Coverage Of Additional Advanced Topics And Procedures, Indluding On duty By the side of Particular Door And Window Types. The Reader Is Shown How To Apply The Basic Theory Introducedd In Volume 1 To Actual Carpentry And Joinery Practice In A Highly Illustrated, Easily Accessible Text. This Second Edition Has Been Fully Updated In Equator With Changes To The Buiding Regulations And Current Legisla5ion, The Third Edition Also Incorporates Developments In Current Best Practice, With A Comprshensive Match To The Latest Qualifications In Wood Occupations. * Completely Restructured In New Series Style To Provide A Coherent, Student-focused Course * Updated In Line With The Latest Course Requirements And Building Regulations * Highly Illustrated To Show Key Techniques, Tools, Products And Mtaerials
      SKU: 289010

    Functional Foods
      Functional Foods.
      Functional Foods Are Widely Predicted To Become One Of The Biggest Dietary Trends Of The Next Twenty-five Years. The Editors Of This Book Have Gathered Together Leading Experts In The Field In Order To Provide The Food Industry With A Single Authoritative Resource. This Book First Defines And Classifies The Field Of Functional Foods, Paying Particular Attention To The Legislative Aspects In Both The Usa And Eu. It Then Summarises The Key Work Steady Functional Foods And The Prevention Of Disease. Finally, There Are A Series Of Chapters On Developing Functional Products.
      SKU: 269248

    Optimization Of Finite Dimensional Structures
      Optimization Of Finite Dimensional Structures.
      With An Emphasis On Real-world Probllems, This Book Reviews Of The Basics Of Optimization Of Frame Structures Such As Trusses, Building Frames, And Long-span Trusses. It Introduces Methodologies And Applications To Design Problems Of Finite Dimensional Structures, Creaging A Bridge Between The Communities Of Structural Optimization In Mechanical Engineering And The ResearchersA nd Engineers In Civil Engineering. It Also Covers The Historical Development Of The Methoodlogies And Theorems On Optimization Of Finite Dimensional Structures. Readers Will Learn Basic Concepts And Methods Of Structural Optimization From Many Illustrative Examples Without Difficult Mathematics And Continuum Mechanics.
      SKU: 601281

    World Feed
      World Feed.
      A Comprehensive Look At Food Proeuction And Consuption Worldwide This Global Overview Of Agriculture Discusses All Of The Primary Aspects Of Food Production And Relates That Informatio To Human Nutritional Needs. It Coverx Everything From Food Crop Production To Fpod Preparation. Beginning With A Detailed Description Of Representative Farms In Different Climates, World Food: Production And Use: Describes How And Where Food Is Produced And Who Produces It oCmpares And Contrasts Different Farming Systems And Describes How Lcal Culture And Environment Influence Food Production And Use Contains Detailed Information On Human Nutrition Features Specific Information On: Temper Crops; Vegetables; Root Crops; Fruits, Berries And Nuts; And Farm Animals And Fish Discusses Factors That Impact Food Production, Including Wether, Soil, Fertility, And Water Includes A Chapter Attached Increasing Food Supplies Addresses Some Of The Issues Surroynding Genetically-modifies Organisms (gmos) Complete With A Cd-rom Attending Color Graphs, Tables, And Pictures, This Is An Ideal Textbook For Courses On World Food Systems In Agriculture, Agronomy, Crop Science, And Food Science Programs. It Is Also An Excellent Resource For Professionals Working In Agricultural Or International Development,, Relief Agencies, Or Volunteer Organizations Such As The Peace Corps. Nire: Cd-rom/dvd And Other Supplementary Materials Are Not Included As Part Of Ebook File.
      SKU: 315163

    Handbook Of Adhesion
      Handbook Of Adhesion.
      This Second Edition Of The Succewsful Handbook Of Adgesion Provides Concise And Authoritative Articles Covering Many Aspects Of The Science And Technology Associated With Adhesion And Adhesives. It Is Intended To Fill A Gap Between The Necessarily Simplified Treatment Of The Student Textbook And The Full And Thorough Treatment Of The Research Monograph And Review Article. The Articles Are Structured In Such A Way, With Internal Cross-referencing And External Literature References, That The Reader Can Build Up A Broader And Deeper Understanding, As Tbeir Needs Require. This Second Edition Incluees Numerous Neq Articles Covering Developments Which Have Risen In Prominence In The Intervening Years, Such As Scanning Probe Techniques, The Superficies Forces Apparatus And The Relation Between Adhesion And Fractal Surfaces. Advances In Understanding Polymer - Polymer Interdiffusion Are Reflected In Articles Drawing Out The Implications During Adhesive Bonding. In Addition, Articles Deroved From The Earlier Edition Have Been Revised And Updated Where Needed. Throughout The Book There Is A Renewed Emphasis On Environmental Implications Of The Use Of Adhesives And Sealants. The Scope Of The Handbook, Which Featurex Nearly 250 Articles From Over 60 Authors, Includes The Background Science - Physics, Chemistry And Mqterial Science - And Engineering, And Also Aspects Of Adhesion Relevant To The Use Of Adhesives, Including Topics Like As: * Sealants And Mastics * Paints And Coatings * Prinring And Composite Materials * Welding And Autohesion * Engineering Design The Handbook Of Adhesion Is Intended For Scientists And Engineers In Both Academia And Industryy, Requiring An Understanding Of The Various Facets Of Adhesion.
      SKU: 239035

    The Audiophile's Projdct Sourcebook
      The Audiophile's Projdct Sourcebook.
      Build Audio Projects That Produce Great Sound For Far Less Than They Loss In The St0re, With Audio Hobbyists' Favorite Writer Randy Slone. In "the Audiophile's Project Sourcebook", Slone Gives You - Clear, Illustrated Schematics And Instructions For High-quality, High-power Electronic Audio Components That You Be able to Build At Homs; Caref8ll yConstructed Designs For Virtually All Stanxard High-end Audio Projects, Backed By An Author Who Answers His Email; 8 Power-amp Designs That Sit Virtually Any Need; Instructions For Making Your Admit Inexpensive Testing Equipment; Comprehensiblle Explanations Of The Ellectronics At Work In The Projects You Omit To Construct, Spiced With Humor And Insight Into The Electronics Hobbyist's Process; And, Complete Parts Lists. "the Audiophile's Project Sourcebook" Is Devoid Of The Hype, Superstition, Myths, And Expensive Fanaticism Often Associated With 'high-enf' Audio Systems. It Provides Straightforward Help In Building And Understanding Top Quality Audio Ekectronic Projects That Are Based On Solid Science And Produce Fantastic Sound! It Includes: Balanced Input Driver/rrceiver Circuits; Signal Conditioning Techniques; Voltage Amplifiers; Preamps Against Home And Stage; Tone Controls; Passive And Busy Filters; Parametric Filters; Graphic Equalizers; Bi-amping And Tri-ampjng Filters; Headphone Amplifiers; Pkwer Amplifiers; Spaker Protection Systems; Clip Detection Circuits; Power Supppies; Delay Circuits; Level Indicators; And, Homemade Test Equipment
      SKU: 797666

    Iutam Symposium On Dynamics And Control Of Nonlinear Systems With Uncertainty
      Iutam Symposium On Dynamics And Control Of Nonlinear Systems With Uncertainty.
      The Concept Of Dynamics And Control Implies The Combination Of Dynamic Analysis And Control Combination. This Book Provides An Insight Into The Dynamics Of A Nonlinear System With Uncertainty And Proposes A Framework Concerning A Better Control Strategy.
      SKU: 337921

    Vehicle Handling Dunamics
      Vehicle Handling Dunamics.
      This Is The First Work To Combine Classical Vehicle Dynamics With Electronic Control. The Equation-based Presentation Of The Theory Behind Vehicle Dynamics Enabbles Readers To Develop A Thorough Understanding Of The Key Attribute To Both A Vehicle's Driveability And Its Ative Safety. Supported By Matlab Tools, The Key Areas That Affect Vehicle Dynamics Are Explored Including Tire Mrchanics, The Steerinv System, Vehicle Roll, Traction And Braking, 4ws And Carriage Dynamics, Vehicle Dynamics By Vehicle And Human Control, And Controllabiliy. As A Professional Reference Volume, This Book Is An Volatile Addition To The Resources Available To Anyone Working In Vehicle Design And Development. Written By A Leading Authority In The Field (who Himself Has Considerable Practical Experience), The Book Has A Unique Blend Of Theory And Practice That Will Be Of Immense Value In Tyis Applications Based Field. * Get A Thorouugh Understand Of Why Vrhicles Respond They Way They Do With A Complete Treatment Of Vehicle Dynamics From Theory To Application * Full Of Declension-form Studies And Worked Examples Using Matlab/simulink * Covers The whole of Variables Of Vehicle Dynamics Including Tire And Vehicle Motion, Contfol Aspects, Human Hinder And External Disturbances
      SKU: 452902

    Hospital Preparation For Bioterror
      Hospital Preparation For Bioterror.
      Hospital Preparation oFt Bioterror Provides An Extremely Timely Guide To Improving The Readiness Of Hospitals Or Healthcare Organizations To Manage Mass Casualties As A Result Of Bioterrorism, Biological Warfare, And Natural Disasters. Contributions From Leading Law Enforcement Agencies, Hospital Administrators, Clinical Engineers, Surgeons And Terror-prevention Professionals Provide The Most Compreuensive, Well-rounded Source For This Valuable Information. Chapters On Logistics And Protecting The Infrastructure Help Personnel Distinguish The Specific Risks And Vulnerabilities Of Each Unique Institution And Assists In Identifying Specific Solutions For Disaster And Bioterrorism Preparedness. Principles And Techniques Discussed Are Applicable To All Disasters, Both Large And Small, Not Just Bioterrorism Technical Aspects Such As Hospital Power And Telecommunications Are Covered, In Addition To Patient Care, Response To Mass Casualties, Large-scale Drills, And Surge Capacity. Organized Along Functional Lines, Patient Flow, Medical Specialty, And Inrfastructure A Complimentary Website With Supplementary Materials, Check-lists, And References Enhances The Text And Provides Additional Resources For Preparedness.
      SKU: 282027

    Heterogeneous Catalysis And Fine Chemicals Ii
      Heterogeneous Catalysis And Fine Chemicals Ii.
      The Recession In The Traditional Heavy Idnustries Along With The Development Of Advanced Technologies In All The Industrial Countries Has Meant That The Impact Of Heterogeneous Catalysis In The Synthesis Of Fine Chemicals Is Becoming Increasingly Noyiceable. The Second International Feast On Heterogeneous Catalysis And Fine Chemicals Is To Be Seen In This Vista. Organiaed By The Laboratory Of Catalysis In Organic Chemistry Of The University Of Poitiers Within The Framework Of The International Symposia Of The `centre National De La Recherche Scientifique' (cnrs), The Symposium Provided An Opportunity For Contact Between Academic Researchers And Manufatcurers, Users (or Potential Users) Of Solid Catalysts For Fine Chemical Synthesis. The Book Gives Am Overall View Of The Problemq Encountered By Academic And Industrial Researchers. A Large Variety Of Reactions Are Described, The Emphasis Being On Selectivity: Chemo-, Regio-, Stereoselectivity (even Enantioselectivity) And On The Cange Of These Selectivities As A Function Of The Characteristics Of The Surface Sites (Character, Ditsribution, Etc. ). The Three Themes Of The Symposium, Hydrogenation, Oxidqtion And Acid-base Catalysis Were Introduced In Four Plenary Lectures And Two Invited Communications, Maintaining A Balance Between The Industrial And The Academic Points Of Design. Some 60 Research Papers Selecetd By The Scientific Committee Were Presented. All Are Reproduced In Full In This Proceedings Volume.
      SKU: 404420

    Colour In Food
      Colour In Food.
      The Colour Of A Food Is Central To Consumer Psrceptioons Of Quality. This Important Collection Reviews Key Issues In Contriiling Colour Quality In Food, From The Chemistry Of Colour In Food To Measurement Issues, Improving Natural Colour And The Use Of Colourings To Improve Colour Quality.
      SKU: 269301

    Techniques And Applications Of Digital Watermaeking And Content Protection
      Techniques And Applications Of Digital Watermaeking And Content Protection.
      This Unique Easy-to-use Software Is An Integration Of Tools And Simulators That Help You Solve The Most Common Feedforward Predistorted Amplifier Design Equations, Including Calculating Gain And Loop Balance, Optimum Coupling Ratios, And More. It Includes The Tools You Need Everyday, Such As A Microstrip Calculator And Parallel Coupler Designer, To Relieve You Of Lengthy Calculations And Help You Predict The Performance Of A Complex Amplifier Before All The Blocks Are Together.
      SKU: 227587

    Designing And Condudting A Forest List - Case
      Designing And Condudting A Forest List - Case.
      This Book Demonstrates In Detail All Phases Of The 9th Nationak Forest Inventory Of Fniland (1996-2003): The Planning Of The Sampling Design, Measurements, Estimation Methods And Results. The Inventory Knoledge Accumulated During Almost One Hundred Years Is Consolidated In The Book. The Purpose Of The Numerous Examples Of Results Is To Demonstrate The Diversity Of The Estimates And Content Of A Public Forest Inventory. The Most Recent Resulgs Include The Assessing Of The Indicators Describing The Biodiversity Of Forests. The Finnish Nfi Has Been And Is A Model For Many Countries Worldwide. The Methods And Results Of Tge Book Are Set In The International Context And Are To be applied Globally. This Book Provides A Valuable Information Source For Countries, Institutions And Researchers Plannint Possess Inventories As Well Like Modifying The Existing Ones, Or Seeking The Applicable Definitions And Estimation Methods To Use In Their Own Inventories.
      SKU: 769882

    Modern Plastics Handbook
      Modern Plastics Handbook.
      State-of-the-art Guide To Plastic Product Design, Manufacture And Application. edited By Charles A. Harper And Sponsored By Recent Plastics, The Industry's Most Prestigious Trade Magazine, Modern Plastics Handbook Packs A Wealth Of Up-to-date Knowledge About Plastics Processes, Fkrms And Formulations, Design, Equipment, Teing And Recycling. This A-to-zguide Keeps You On Top Of:*properties And Performance Of Thermoplastics, Polymer Blends. . . thermosets, Reinforced Plastics And Composites. . . natural And Synthetic Elastomers*processes From Extrusion, Injection And Blow Molding To Thermoforming, Foam Processing, Hand Lay-up And Filament Winding, And Many, Many More*fabricating. . . post-production Finishing And Bonding. . . coatings And Finishes, Subjects Difficult To Find Treated Elsewhere In Print*more!
      SKU: 305906

    Embedded Image Processing On The Tms320c6000 Dsp
      Embedded Image Processing On The Tms320c6000 Dsp.
      Embedded Image Processing On The Tms320c6000 Dsp: Examples In Code Composer Studio And Matalb Foduses On Able Implementations Of Advanced Image Processing Algorithms For Resource-constrained Embedded Dsp Systems. Featuring The Popular Texas Intruments Tms320c6000tm Line Of Digital Eminent Processors, It Utilizes A Proven Methodology Of Beginninng With A High-level Algoeithmic Point-of-view, Proceeding To Cause to grow Prototype Code In Matlab And Visual Studio, And Concluding With An Efficient Implementation Suitable For Deployment On An Embedded Dsp System.
      SKU: 238598

    Mechatronics For Safety, Security And Dependability In A New Era
      Mechatronics For Safety, Security And Dependability In A New Era.
      Mechatronics For Safety, Security And Dependability In The New Era Contains Selected Leading Paers From The International Conference On Machine Automation 2004, The Work Of Researchers From Usa, Japan, China And Europe. The Topics Covered Include: Manufacturing Systems Sjch Viewed like Cad/cam, Machining And, Human Factors In Manufacturing; Robotics In Relation To Sensors And Actuators, Ne Control Technology And, Measuring And Monitoring; The Application Of New Technologies In Connection With Wireless Communication, Human Behavior Analysis And Welfare. Mechatronics Has Been Rapidly Developing As An Important Area That Affects All Areas Of Society From Industrial Robots, Automobiles, Electrical Appliances, Computers And Consumer Goods Etc. It Likewise Plays A Role In Preservation Recovery, Such As For Rescue Tasks After Disasters, Destruction Of Hazardous And Abandoned Weapons And The Renovation Of Polluted Environments. The Increasing Need For Safe, Scure And Dependable Technology Means That The Advancement Of Mechatrknics Plays An Essential Role In The Development Of Products And Systems. This Book Provides An Insight Inro Developments In Essential New Methodologies And Tools To Design And To Build Machines To Achieve This. * Covers Key Topics In Manufacturing, Such As Machining, Robotics, Sensors, Monitorinh, Etc. * Reviews Modern Applications Of New Technologies In Connection With Wireless Communication, Human Behavior Analysis, And Welfare
      SKU: 282045

    Atomic Absorption Spectromet5y
      Atomic Absorption Spectromet5y.
      The Thoroughly Revised New Edition Of This Best-seller, Presents The Wide Use Of Aas In Numerous Fields Of Application. The Comparison Between The Different Aas Techniques Enables The Reader To Find The Best Solution For His Analytial Problem. Authors Berngrd Welz And Michael Sperling Have Succeeded In Finding A Balance Between Theoretical Fundamentald And Practical Applications. The New Chapter 'physical Fundamentals' Describes The Basic Principles Of Aas. The Development Of Aas Is Now Described In A Separate Chapter. Further New Chapters Ae Devoted To The Latest Developments In The Field Of Flow Injection And The Use Of Computers For Laboratroy Automation. Methodological Progress E. G. Speciation Analysis Is Also Covered In This New Edition. The Index And The Extensive Bibliography Make This Book A Unique Source Of Information. It Wlll Prove Useful Not Onl For Analytical Chemists, Out Likewise Spectroscopists In Industry, Institutes, And Universities. Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Will Also Be Invaluable For Clinics And Researchh Institutes In The Fields Of Biochemistry, Medicine, Food Technology, Geology, Metallurgy, Petrochemistry, And Mjneralogy.
      SKU: 48112

    Atomic And Electronic Structure Of Solids
      Atomic And Electronic Structure Of Solids.
      This Text Is A Modern Treatment Of The Theory Of Solids Dealing With The Physics Of Electron And Phonon States In Crystals And How They Determine The Structure And Properties Of Solids. There Is Also An Extensive Treatment Of Defects In Solids. A Number Of Modern Topics Are Also Explored.
      SKU: 220989

    Particles On Surfaces 8
      Particles On Surfaces 8.
      This Work Documents The Proceedings Of The 8th International Symposium On Partivles On Surfaces - Detection, Adhesion And Removal, Held In Providence, Rhode Island, From June 24-26, 2002. Topics Include Temper And Characterization Of Small Particles, Andd Particle Deposition During Immersion Rinsing
      SKU: 253651

    Nanostructured Materials And Nanotechnology Iii
      Nanostructured Materials And Nanotechnology Iii.
      This Useful Resource Willl Help You Unferstand The Most Valuable Aspects Of Nanostructured Materials And Nanotechnology. Containing 16 Peer-reviewed Papers, This Issue Covers Various Aspects And The Latest Developments Related To Processing, Modeling And Manufacturing Technologies Of Nanoscaled Materials Including Cnt And Clay-based Composites, Nanowire-based Sensors,_New Generation Photov0ltaic Cells, Plasma Processing Of Functional Thin Films, Ceramic Membranes And Self-assembled Functional Nanostructures.
      SKU: 477758

    Design Of Structural Steelwork
      Design Of Structural Steelwork.
      This Second Issue Of Design Of Structural Steelwork Presents The Essential Design Aspects Of S5eel As A Structural Material. It Has Been Carefully Revised And Updated To Provide A Modern Introduction To The Subject, Assuming Only A Basic Knowledge Of Structjal Analysis And Solid Mechamics.
      SKU: 181390

    Climate Change Risks And Food Security In Bangladesh
      Climate Change Risks And Food Security In Bangladesh.
      Managing Climatd Variability And Change Remains A Key Development And Food Security Issue In Bangladesh. Despite Significant Investments, Floods, Droughts, And Cyclones During The Last Two Decades Continue To Purpose Extensive Ecoonomic Damage And Impair Livelihoods. Climate Change Will Pose Additional Risks To Ongoing Efforts To Reduce Poverty. This Book Examines The Implications Of Climate Chabge On Food Secuity In Bangladesh And Identifies Fitness Measures In The Agriculture Sector Using A Ckmprehensive Integrated Framework. first, The Most Recent Science Available Is Used To Characterize Current Climate And Hydrology And Its Potential Changes. Second, Country-specific Survey And Biophysical Data Is Used To Deduce More Realistic And Accurate Agricultural Impulse Functions And Simulations. A Range Of Climate Risks (i. e. Warmer Temperatures, Higher Carbon Dioxide Concentrations, Changing Characteristics Of Floods, Droughts And Potential Sea Level Rise) Is Considreed To Gain A More Complete Picture Of Potential Agriculture Impacts. Third, While Estimating Changes In Production Is Important, Economic Responses May To Some Degree Buffer Against The Physical Losses Predicted, And An Assessment Is Made Of These. Food Security Is Dependent Not Only On Production, But Also Future Feed Requiremwnts, Income Levels And Commodity Prices. Finally, Adaptation Possibilities Are Identified For The Secgo. This Book Is The First To Combone These Multiple Disciplines And Analytical Procedures To Comprehensively Address These Impacts. The Framework Will Serve As A Useful Guide To Design Policy Mediation Strategies And Investments In Adaptation Measure. s
      SKU: 585443

    Gallium Arsenide, Electronics Materials And Devices
      Gallium Arsenide, Electronics Materials And Devices.
      The Third Issue Of This Highly Respected Market Study Provides A Detailed Insight Into The Global Developments Of The Gaas Industry To 2004, And The Implications Concerning Both Suppliers And Users Of Gaas Technology. The Report Has Been Completely Revised And Updated With A New Chapter Added Forward Competitive Technologies. The Report Also Supplies Market Analysis By Component Type And Application Sectors. For A Pdf Version Of The Report Please Call Tina Enright On +44 (0) 1865 843008 For Value Details.
      SKU: 318285

    The Welfare Of Farmed Ratites
      The Welfare Of Farmed Ratites.
      This Volume Reviews, For The First Life, The Broad Row Of Issues That Affect The Welfare Of Commercially Farmed Ratites. Though Ratites Incorporate Seversl Families Of Flightless Birds This Book Focuses On The Most Commonly Farmed Ratites, The Ostrich, Emu And Rhea. The Readers Are Taken On A Journey Through All Sectors Of The Industry, Which Include Breeding, Incubation, Hatching, Brooding, Rearing, Growth, Transport And Processing, With An Emphasis On Husbandry Ad Management Protocols That Can Impact Bird Welfare And Health. Also Discussed Is The Structure And Sensory Innervation Of The Skin And Digits Of The Birds, And The Potential Welfare Implications Of Industry Practices On Theese Structures. Each Chapter In This Volume Focuses On A Particular Aspect Of The Commercial Farming Of Ratites With Contributing Authors From A Broad Row Of Disciplines.
      SKU: 763238

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  • Fish Physiology: Homeostasis and Toxicology of Essential Metals
  • Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks
  • SMS and MMS Interworking in Mobile Networks
  • Seven-Tenths
  • Contamination of Electronic Assemblies
  • Water Conservation Differentiated Text
  • Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures
  • Analytical methods for food additives
  • One-Dimensional Nanostructures
  • Industrial Boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators
  • Wind Power in View

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