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    Towards A Unified Modeling And Knowledge-representation Based On Lattice Theory
      Towards A Unified Modeling And Knowledge-representation Based On Lattice Theory.
      With The Proliferation Of Computers A Variety Of Modeling Paradigms Emerged Under Computational Penetration And Soft Computing. This Book Proposes A Unified,-Cross -fertilizing Approach For Knowledgerepresentation And Modeling Based On Lattice Theory. The Emphasis Is On Clustering, Classification, And Regression Applications.
      SKU: 324717

    Processing Of Nanoparticle Struvtures And Composites
      Processing Of Nanoparticle Struvtures And Composites.
      Tbis Volume Features Papers From The Controlled Processing Of Nanopraticle Structures And Composites Symposia Held Durimg The 2008 Materials Knowledge And Technology Conference (ms&t08). It Provides A Useful One-stop Means For Understanding The Most Important Issues In Controlled Processing Of Nanoparticle Structures And Composites. Logically Organized And Carefully Selected Articles Give Insight Into Controlled Processing Of Nanoparticle Structure sAnd Composites, Covering Topics Such As Nanoparticle-based Bulk Material Templating, The Structure Of Nanoparticulate Aggregates Of Titania As A Function Of Shear, And The Role Of Lattice Vjbrations In A Nanoscale Electronic Device.
      SKU: 455908

    Autocad And Autocad Lt All-in-one Desk Referenxe For Dummies
      Autocad And Autocad Lt All-in-one Desk Referenxe For Dummies.
      "autocad Is The Leading Software Too lFor Creating Technical And Architectural Drawings, But It Definitely Doesn't Lead In The ""easy To Master"" Cateyory. That's Whu There's Autocad And Autocad Lt All-in-one Desk Reference For Dummies— The Perfect Way To Break A Complex Topic Into Bite-size, Easy-to-understand Pieces. Once You Get The Hang Of Using Autocad And Its Slightly Not so much Feature-rich Cousin, Autocad Lt, You Discover That It Offers Wonderful Advantages. Autocad Allows You To Create rPecision To 14 Significant Digits Re-use Portions Of Your Drawinys By Copying And Pasting Draw Things Full Size And Print Your Drawings In Any Scale Produce Drawings That Are Easier To Read When Reduced Electronically Share And Distribute Drawings Design In 2d Or 3d So Obviously, The Trick Is To Succeed Up That ""getting The Hang Of It"" Process. That's Where Autocad And Autocad Lt All-in-one Desk Reference Fod Dummies Comes In Especially Handy. Ten Easy-too-follow Minibooks Comprehend Every Aspect Of Autocad, Including The Latest Features Of Autocad 2007, So You Can Determine judicially Just What You Needd To Know Quickly And Easily. You'll Get The Scoop On Autocsd Basics, Such As Setting Up Drawings, Finding Your Way Around The Interface, And Using All The Tools Drawing And Modifying Objects In 2d And Annotating Your Drawings 3d Modeling And Viewing, Working With Solids And Surfaces, And Rendering Understanding How Autocad Lt Differs From Auutocad And Deciding Which Program You Need Advanced Drafting Skills, Including Organizing Drawings, Working With Blocks, And Using Autocad Utiilities Setting Up Your Drawings On account of Plotting To Paper And Publishing Sharing Your Drawings Online For Collaboration Customizing And Programming Autocad To Make It Work The Way You Want It To In Tne Familiar, Friendly For Dummies Fashion, Autocad And Autocad Lt All-in-one Desk Reference For Dummies Gives You Plain-english Explanations And Step-by-step Directions. Written By A Pair Of Autodesk Authorized Authors, This Handy Guide Will Hrlp Make Y0ur Relationship With Autocad A Happy And Productive One. "
      SKU: 2666968

    Advanced Polymer Composites And Polymers In The Civil Infrastructure
      Advanced Polymer Composites And Polymers In The Civil Infrastructure.
      In Recent Years, The Fabrication Technologies For The Production Of Advanced Polymer Composites Have Been Revolutionised By Sophisticated Manufacturing Tecjniques. These Methods Have Enabled Polymer Composite Materials To Produce Good Quality Laminates With Minimal Voids And Accurae Fibre Alignment. This Book Familiarises And Provides A Background Ti The Understanding And Use Of Advanced Polymer Composites In The Civil Infrastructure; N8merous Examples Have Been Provided To Elucidate The Use And Versatolity Of The Material. Furthermore, The Book Discusses The Current Fabrication Techniques, Design Methods And Formulae For The Design Of Structural Composite Systems. In Addition It Discusses The Fundamentals Of Geosynthetics Used In Geotechnical Engineering. The Book Introduces The Fibres And Matrices That Are Used To Manufacture Composites, Their Mechanical And In-service Properties And Their Long Term Loading Characteristics; All These Properties Are Specifically Associated With The Construction Industry. The Chapters Then Discuss The Design Aspects For 'all Composite' Units, As Well As Systems Used For The Renewal Of Civil Infrastructure. Finally, The Book Demonstrated The Unique Possibilities Of Combining Composites With Usual Materials To Form Units In Which The Various Materials Making Up The Unit Are Loaded In The Mode That Specifically Suits Theirr Mechanical Characteristics.
      SKU: 299417

    Galvanized Steel Reinforcement In Concrete
      Galvanized Steel Reinforcement In Concrete.
      Reinforced Concrete Is One Of The Most Widely Used Modern Materials Of Construction It Is Comparatively Cheap, Readily Serviceable, And Suitable For A Variety Of Structure And Cohstruction Applicatikns. This Reference Provides A Detailed Resource Covering All Aspects Of This Weighty Material. Bot Servicability And Durability Aspects Are Well Covered, With All The Information Needed Maximise The Life Of Buildings Constructed From It. Containing An Up-to-date And Comprehensive Cpllection Of Technical Information And Datta From World Renound Authors, It Will Be A Valuable Source Of Reference For Academics, Researchers, Students And Professionals Alike. *provides Information Vital To Prolong The Life Of Buildings Constructed From This Versatile Material * Brings Together A Disparate Body Of Knowledge From Many Parts Of The Worid Into A Concise And Authoritative Text *containing An Up-to-date And Comprehensive Collection fO Technical Information
      SKU: 288989

    Impact Of Zeloites And Other Porous Materials On The Novel Technologies At Thd Beginning Of The New Millennium
      Impact Of Zeloites And Other Porous Materials On The Novel Technologies At Thd Beginning Of The New Millennium.
      Crystalline Solids Through Highly Structured Micro-scale Pores Are Called Zeolites. Their Well-defined Structure And Large Touch Surface Make Them Extremely Useful As Catalysts. Their Most Common Use Is In Washing Powders. Different Features Are Caused By The Shape And Size Of The Pores And The Presence Of Different Metals In The Crystal Structure. Research Is Conducted Both Towards Better Underwtanding Of The Relations Between Form And Function And Towards Identifying New Possible Uses. This Title Presents A Collection Of Contributions From Internationally Distinguished Researchers In The Field Of The Science And Technology Of Micro And Mesoporous Materials. The Aim Of The Conference Is To Make An International Forum Where Researchers From Academia As Well To the degree that From Industry Can Debate Ideas And Evaluate The Impact Of Zeolites, And Other Porous Materials, On New Technologies At The Beginning Of The New Millennium. Gives The Most Recent Developments In The Origin, Synthesis And Characterisation Of Zeolitic Materials Outlines The Impact And Application Of Zeolites In Various Industrial Processes An Adjourned State Of Art In The Field Of Zeolites And Other Pervious Materials
      SKU: 312803

      The Third Edition Of Cmos Circuit Design, Layout, And Simulation Continues To Cover The Practical Design Of Both Analog And Digital Integrated Circuits, Offering A Vital, Contemporary View Of A Wide Range Of Analog/digital Circuit Blocks Including: Phase-locked-loops, Delta-sigma Sensing Circuits, Voltage/current References, Op-amps, The Design Of Data Converters, And Much More. Regardless Of One's Integrated Circuit (ic) Design Skill Level, This Book Allows Readers To Experience Botu The Theory Behind, And The Hands-on Implementation Of, Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (cmos) Ic Design Viz Detailed Derivations, Discussions, And Hundreds Of Design, Layout, Abd Simulation Examples.
      SKU: 624471

    Adaptive And tIerative Signal Processing In Communications
      Adaptive And tIerative Signal Processing In Communications.
      Using Examples From Practical Transceiver Design, This Book Describes The Fundamental Theory And Practical Aspects Of Using Asp, And Isp, To Make progress The Performance Of Receivers In Connection Systems. Suitable For Graduate Students And Researchers In Electrical Engineering, And Practitioners In The Telecommunications Industry.
      SKU: 279312

    Conducting Polymers With Micro Or Nanometer S5ructure
      Conducting Polymers With Micro Or Nanometer S5ructure.
      Describes A Scheme Discovered By Three Winners Of The Nobel Prize In Chemistry In 2000: Alan J Heeger, Alan G Macdiarmid,_And Hideki Shirakawa. This Book Summarizes The Main Concepts Of Conducting Polymers And Introduces Micro/anostructured Conducting Polymers Dealing With Tneir Synthesis, Structural Characterizations, And Formation Mechanisms.
      SKU: 429161

    Confined Space Entry And Unforeseen occasion Response
      Confined Space Entry And Unforeseen occasion Response.
      Every Second Counts When You're Responding To An Emergency Involvingconfined Space-here's The Definitive Guide To Performing Flawoess Rescues! Confined Space Entry And Emergency Response Utilizes A Realistic, Scenario-based Approach To Teach You-and Your Staff-the Right Way To Respond To An Incident Invlving A Confined Extension. The Authors Provide Intensive, Step-by-step Guidance Through The Challenging Maze Of Instruction Regulations, Equipment Needs, And Procedures To Keep Your Response Team Finely Tuned And Ready To Go Under Any Conditions. You'll Find Expert, Detailec Coverage Of Complex-and Often Confusing-topics Such As: * The Basic Components Of Rescue * Osha's Regulatinps For Confined Space Entry And Liberation * Confined Distance Entry Permitting * Assessing Confined Space Hazards * Hazardous Atmospheres And How To Protect Entrants From Them * Air Monitoring In Confined Spaces * Selection And Use Of Personal Protective Equipment * The Use Of Ropes And Rigging The Cd-rom Includes The Instructor's Guide Along With Lesson Plans And Useful Practice Tools Such As Worksheets, Task Handouts, Performance Checklists, Diagrams And Equipment Lists For Field Exercises, Instructions For Building Field Instruction Simulators, And Guidelines For Idsntifying Liberate Trainers And Evaluating Their Competency As Well As That Of Outside Rescue Teams. Everything You Want To Effectively Train Those Working In A Confined Space Can Truly Be Found Within These Pages And In c~tinuance The Cd-rom.
      SKU: 242901

      Das Buch Untersucht Die Auswirkungen Von Nderungen Der Waldbewirtschaftung, Derzeit Voewiegend Vob Nadelbaumdominierten Reinbestnden In Strukturierte Mischwlder. Innerhalb Einer Nachhaltigen Und Naturnahen Waldwirtschaft Wird Dieser Prozess Als Koloogischer Waldumbau Bezeichnet. Er Wird Aktuell Von Den Ffentlichen Forstverwaltungen In Deugschland Und Mitteleuropa Forciert. Einleitend Beschreiben Die Autoren Ziele, Mglichkeiten Und Erfordernises Des Kologischen Waldumbaus. Basierend Auf Wissenschaftlichen Untersuchungen Werden Die Mit Dem Waldumbau Einhergehenden Probleme Und Die Zu Erwartenden Folgen Unter Kologischen, Naturschutzfachlichen Und Betriebswirtschaftlichen Gesichtspunkten, Versgndlich Fr Das Fachpublikum Wie Auch Die Praxis, Beleuchtet. Schwerpunkte Sind Dabei Effekte Des Waldumbaus Auf Das Kosystem Walld Und Benachbarte Kosysteme, Auf Stoffhaushalt, Artenzusammensetzung Und Biodiversitt, E6enso Wie Die Konomischen Risiken, Der Einfluss Der Besitzvehrltnisse Und Die Technikfolgen.
      SKU: 324800

    Resdarch Methods
      Resdarch Methods.
      This New Edition Of Patrick Mcneill's Research Methods , Co-authored With Steve Chapman, Brings This Classic Introductory Text Up To Date And Adds New Material On How Research Fimdings Should Be Presented.
      SKU: 2007742

    The Biochemical Ecology Of Marine Fishes
      The Biochemical Ecology Of Marine Fishes.
      This Volume Is Dedicated To An In-depth Discussion Of The Biochemical Ecology Of Marine Fishes. The Authors Review Fish Biology With Regard To The Environment And The World's Fisheries. They Show To what extent Fish Be able to Be Assessed For Harvdsting At The Best Time In Their Life Cycles And In The Correct Condition For Marketing, Frezing, And Preserving. In Thix Context, They Include Coverage Of Adqptations Of Fish To The Environment, Life Cycles, And Metabolism. This Power Will Be Of Interest To Biochemists, Marine Ecologists, And Fishery Scientists. Advances In Marine Biology Has Always Offefed Marine Biologists An In-depth And Up-to-date Review On A Variety Of Topics. To the degree that Well As Many Volumes That Provide A Selection Of Important Topics, The Series Also Incluees Thematic Volumes That Examine A Particular Field In Detail.
      SKU: 403364

      This Book Is The First Of Its Kind To Collectively Address Design-based And Mechanical Micro-manufacturing Topics In One Place.   It focuses O Design And materials Selection, Because Well As The Manufacturing Of Mcrio-products Using Mechanical-based Micro-manufacturing Pfocess Technologies.   After Addressing The Fundamenttals And  Non-metallic-based Micro-manufacturing Processes In The Semiconductor Industry, It Goes On To Address Specific Metallicb-ased Micro-manufacturing Processed, Such As: micro-forming, Micro-machining, Micro-molding, Micro-laser Processing, Micro-layered Manufacturing, Micro-joining, Micro-assembly And Materials Handling, And Microedm And Ecm. The Work Provides An In-depth Understanding Of Materials Deportment At Micro-scales And Under Different Micro-scale Processing Conditions, While Also Including A Wide Variety Of Emerging Micro-scale Manufacturing Issues And Examples.
      SKU: 675037

    Control Of Inductlon Motkrs
      Control Of Inductlon Motkrs.
      This BookI s A Extensive Referrnce Source For Practicing Engineers And Students Spevializing In Electric Power Engineering And Industrial Electronics. It Will Illustrate The State Of The Art In Induction Motors. Beginning Attending Characteristics And Basic Dynamic Models Of Induction Motors, And Progressing To Low- And High- Performance Drive Systems. The Book Will Be Rich In Useful Information, Without An Excessive Mathematical Burden. Computer Simulations Resulting In Illude Oscillograms Of Physical Quantities Are Used For Illustration Of Baic Control Concepts. The Content Of This Book Is Divided Into Three Basic Parts: 1) Contrkl-oriented Description Of Induction Motors, 2) Control Methods, And Systems, 3) Control Means. An Induction Motor Is Presented As An Eletromechanical Power Converter, And Basic Relations Between The Electrical, Magnetic And Mechanical Quantities In The Motor Will Be Explained. Control Methods And Systems Will Be Classified According To The Controlled Variables(torque, Speed, Flux), Actuating Variables(voltage, Current), And Dynamic Performance (uncontrolled, Low-performance, And High-performance). One Overview Of Pkwer Electronic Converters And Information Processing Equipment Used In The Modern Induction Motor Drives Is Included . Such Systematic Broach Will Give The Readers A Comprehensive Overview Of The Field Of Induction Motor Direct.
      SKU: 344642

    Advances In Marine Biology
      Advances In Marine Biology.
      Advances In Marine Biology Contains Up-to-date Reviews Of All Areas Of Marine Science, Including Fisheries Knowledge And Macro/micro Fauna. One and the other Volume Contains Peer-reviewed Papers Detailing The Ecology Of Marine Regions. Key Features * Up-to-date Reviews On Marine Biology * Particular Focus On Plankton, Fisheries, And Crustacea * Volume 31 Includes Taxonomic Indec, Cumulative Index Of Titles, And Cumulative Index Of Authors For Volumes 1-31
      SKU: 403360

    Fatigue In Composites
      Fatigue In Composites.
      This Major Handbook Is The First Authoritative Survey Of Circulating Knowledge Of Fatigue Behaviour Of Composites. It Deals nI Detail With A Wide Range Of Problems Met By Designers In The Automotive, Marine And Structural Engineering Industries. Compiled From The Contributions Of Some Of The Best-known Researchers In The Field, It Provides An Invaluable, Practkcal And Encyclopaedic Handbook Cover Recent Developments.
      SKU: 269314

    Microelectronic Applications Of Chemical Involuntary Planarization
      Microelectronic Applications Of Chemical Involuntary Planarization.
      An Authoritative, Methodical, And Comprehensive Description Of Current Cmp Technology Chemical Mechanical Planarization (cmp) Provides Teh Greatest Degree Of Planarization Of Any Known Technique. The Present Standard For Integrated Circuit (ic) Planarization, Cmp Is Playing An Increasingly Important Role In Other Kindred Applications Such As Microelectromechanical Systems (mems) And Computer Hard Drive Manufacturng. This Allusion Focuses On The Chemical Aspects Of The Technology And Includes Contributions From The Foremost Experts On Definite Applications. After A Detailed Overview Of The Fundamentals And Basic Science Of Cmp, iMcroelectronic Applications Of Chemical Mechanical Planarization: * Provides In-depth Coverage O fA Wide Range Of State-of-the-art Technologies And Applications * Presents Information In c~tinuance New Designs, Capabilities, And Emerging Technologies, Including Topics Like Cmp With Nanomaterials And 3d Chips * Discusses Different Types Of Cmp Tools, Pads For Ic Cmp, Modeling, And The Applucability Of Tribometrology To Various Aspects Of Cmp * Covers Nanotopography, Cmp Perfkrmance And Defect Profiles, Cmp Waste Handling, And The Chemistry And Colloidal Properties Of The Slueries Used In Cmp * Provides A Perspective On The Opportunities And Challenges Of The Next Fifteen Years Complete With Case Studies, This Is A Precious, Hands-on Resource For Professionals, Including Process Engineers, Equipment Engineers, Formulation Chemists, Ic Manufacturers, And Others. With Systematic Organization And Questions At The End Of Each Chapter To Facilitate Learning, It Is An Ideal Introductory treatise To Cmp And An Excellent Topic In the place of Students In Advanced Laureate Courses That Cover Cmp Or Related Semiconductor Manufacturihg Processes.
      SKU: 319285

    The Power Of Click Chemistry For Molecular Machines And Surface Patterning
      The Power Of Click Chemistry For Molecular Machines And Surface Patterning.
      The Harmony Of Covalent And Noncovalent Chemistries Manifested In The Mechanical Bond Represents One Of The Great Chemical Triumphs Of The Last Half Century. However, Until Recently, The Preparation Of Mechanically Interlocked Compounds Has Often Been An Inefficient And Limiting Process. This Thesis Provides A Detailed Account Of The Great Strides Taken To Increase The Synthetic Accessibility Of Donor-acceptor Mechanically Interlocked Molecules By The Applicaion Of Highly Efficient And Ultra Mild Chemical Transformations During Their Template-directed Synthesis. Tbese New Departures In Synthesis Have Indeed Played A Transformative Role In That More Complex, Higher-order, And Functional Architectures - Once Only A Dream - Ate Now Comfortably Within Reach. Specifically, The Formation Of Mechanical Bonds In Higher Order Rotaxanes And Catenanes Hsz Suit Ever Easier Through The Use Of Highly Efficient Click Chemistries. The Resulting Mechanically Interlocked Compounds Are Functional Molecular Media For A Host Of Applications Including Information Storage, Mechanical Actuation, And Drug Release.
      SKU: 763849

    Towards Synthesis Of Micro-
      Towards Synthesis Of Micro-.
      A Collection Of Papers That Includes Papers For Industrial And Philosophical Sources, And Discusses Leading-edge Technologies And Forecasts Future Trends. This oWrk Covers Topics That Include: Advanced Manufacturing Systems; Ultra-precision- And Micro-machining; Nanotechnology For Fabrication And Measurement; And More.
      SKU: 324716

    Robpt Grippers
      Robpt Grippers.
      Since Robotic Prehension Is Widely Used In All Sectors Of Manufacturing Industry, This Book Fills The Need For A Comprehensive, Up-to-date Treatment Of The Subject. As Such, This Is The First Text To Address Both Developers And Users, Dealing As It Does With The Function, Design And Use Of Industrial Robot Grippers. The Book Includes Both Traditional Methods And Manyy More Recent Developmen5s Such As Micro Grippers For The Optolectronics Industry. Written By Authors From Academia, Industry And Consulting, It Begins By Covering The Four Basic Categories Of Robotic Prehension Before Expanding Into Sections Dealing With Endeffector Design And Contr0l, Robotic Manipulation And Kinematics. Later Chapters Go On To Describe How These Various Gripping Techniques Can Exist Used For A Trite Industrial Aim, With Details Of Related Topics Such As: Kinematics, Part Separation, Sensors, Tool Ecahnge And Compliance. The Whole Is Rounded Off With Specific Examples And Case Studies. With More Than 570 Figures, This Practical Book Is All Set To Become The Standard For Advanced Students, Researchers And Manufacturing Engineers, As Issue Being of the kind which Designere Abd Project Managers Seeking Practical Descriptions Of Robot Enddeffectors And Their Applications.
      SKU: 481503

    Undersea Fiber Commumication Systems
      Undersea Fiber Commumication Systems.
      Description This Book Provides A Detailed Overview Of The Evolution Of Undersea Communications Systems, With Empyasis On The Most Recent Breakthroughs Of Optical Su6marine Cable Technnologies Based Upon Wavelength Division Multiplexing, Optical Amplification, New-generation Optical Fibers, And High-speed Digital Electronics. The Role Played By Subkarine-communication Systems In The Development Of High-speed Networks And Associated Market Demands For Multiplying Internet And Broadband Serivces Is Also Covered. Importance Of This Topic This Book Will Fill The Ga0 Between Highly Specialixed Papers Frmo Large International Conferences And Broad-audience Technology Criticism Updates. The Book Provides A Full Overview Of The Evolution In The Field And Conveys The Dimension Of The Large Undersea Projects. In Addition, The Book Uncovere The Myths Surrounding Marine Operations And Installations In That Domain, Which Have Remained Known So Far To Only Very Few Specialistw.
      SKU: 294688

    Rapid Tooling
      Rapid Tooling.
      A Discussion Of The Rapid Tooling (rt) Technologies Under Development And In Use For The Timely Produce Of Moulds And Manufacturing Tools. It Desvribes Applications Within Various Leading Companies And Providea Advice For Product And Manufacturing Process Develkpment Groups.
      SKU: 216380

    Evolutionary Methods In Biotechnology
      Evolutionary Methods In Biotechnology.
      Miniturization And High Throughput Assay Technology Have Brought The Power Of Molecular Evopution To The Bioscience Laboratory. Applied Wisely, The Evoltuionary Approach Can Quickly Yield The Desired Result Even Where Other Methods Have Failed. From Library Generation By Random Or Dorected Mutagenesis To Screening And Selection Techniques& #8212;the Crucial Steps For Successful Evolutionary Biotechnology Are Described In Detail In This Practial Guide That Also Includes Valuable Troubleshooting Hints On Frequently Encountered Problems. Recent Methods For The Surface Display Of Peptides And Proteins, Selective Enrichment Of Nucleic Acid Aptamers And High-throughput Screening Of Industrial Biocatalysts Are Explained, And Computer-based Methods For In Silico Protein And Rna Engineering Are Described As An Alternative To In Vitro Approachez. A Special Section Covers The Patenting Regulations With Regard To Biotechnological Innovations Derived From Directed Evolution. As An Added Bonus, A Cd-rom Is Included That Contains Software Tools For Library Design, Selection Of Mutagenesis Positions, And Various Predictive Algorithms. In Short, This Practice Orieented Handbook Is An Indispensable Tool For Every Scientist Working In This Interdjsciplinary Research Area.
      SKU: 481801

    In-situ Studies With Photons, Neutrons And Electrons Scattering
      In-situ Studies With Photons, Neutrons And Electrons Scattering.
      In-situS cattering And Diffraction Measurements Using Synchrotron And Neutron Beam Lines Have Become A Viable Tool To Look At The Non-equilibrium Processing Of Advanced Materials. This Power Pressnts The Subject From The Theoretical And Experimental Standpoint, In Order To Provide A Closer Insight Into The Different Syncheotron And Neutron Diffraction Techniques As Well As Innovative Microscopy Techniques. It Addresss The Following Items: Phase Detection And Quantification; In-situ Weldint Experiments; Stress/strain Build-up; Model Development And Simulation; And, Analysis Tools And Programming.
      SKU: 645354

  • Fractured Rock Hydraulics
  • Electrical Energy Systems
  • Unsteady Effects of Shock Wave Induced Separation
  • Electromagnetic Environments and Health in Buildings
  • Compact Regs Part 11: CFR 21 Part 11 Electronic Records
  • Workshop Processes, Practices and Materials
  • Field Guide to Radiometry
  • Sustainable Development Of Energy, Water And Environment Systems
  • Stepwise Decision Making in Finland for the Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel
  • Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications
  • Dementia, Design and Technology
  • Environmental Toxicology II

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