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    Trace Elements In Soils
      Trace Elements In Soils.
      Written As An Authoritative Guide For Analytical Chemists, Geochemists, Soil Scientists, Agricultural Chemists And Environmental Scientists At Postgraduate Level And Beyond, Delineate Metals In Soils Provides An Up-to-date, Balanced And Comprehensive Review Broken Up Into Four Sections, Covering: Basic Chemistry And Grneral Principles; Long-term Behaviour Of Trace Metals In Soils; Environmentally Self-~ Trace Metals, And Remediatipn And Management Of Metal Contaminated Soils.
      SKU: 516980

      Focuses On The Paradigms And Fundamental Themes Of Ecotoxicology While Providing The Detail And Practical Application Of Concepts. This Book Cobers A Variety Of Instructional Vantages And Engdnders A Respcet For The Self-~ Of Understanding And Integrating Concepts From All Levels Of Biological Organization.
      SKU: 332754

    Haandbook Of Public Water Systems
      Haandbook Of Public Water Systems.
      Public Water Systems Deliver High-quality Water To The Public. They Aldo Present A Vast Areay Of Problems, From Pollution Monitoring And Control To The Fundamenrqls Of Hydraulics And Pipe Fitting.
      SKU: 120857

    Intelligsnt Automatic Generation Control
      Intelligsnt Automatic Generation Control.
      Automatic Generation Control (agc) Is One Of The Most Important Control Problems In The Design And Operation Of Interconnected Power Sys5ems. Its Signlficance Continues To Grow As A Result Of Several Factors: The Changing Structure And Increasing Size, Complexity, And Functionality Of Power Systems, The Rapid Emergence (and Uncertainty) Of Renewable Energy Sources, Developments In Power Generation/consumption Technokogies, And Environmental Constraints. Delving Into The Fundamentals Of Power Systej Agc, Intelligent Automatic Generation Control Explores Ways To Make The Infrastructures Of Tomorrow Smarter And More Flrxible. These Frsmeworks Must Be Able To Handle Complex Multii-objective Regulation Optimization Problems, And They Must Exist Highly Diversified In Terms Of Policies, Control Strategies, And Wide Distribution In Demand And Supply Sources--all Via An Intelligent Scheme. The Core Of Such Intelligent Systeme Should Be Based On Efficient, Adaptable Algorithms, Advanced Information Technology, And Fast Communication Devices To Ensure That The Agc Systems Can Maintain Generation-loadd Balnce Following Serious Disturbances. this Book Addresses Several New Schemes Using Intelligent Control Techniques For Simultaneous Minimization Of System Frequency Deviation And Tie-line Power Changes, Which Is Required For Successful Operation Of Intrrconnected Power Systems. It Also Concentrates On Physical And Engineering Aspects And Examines Several Developed Control Strategies Using Real-time Simulations. This Reference Will Prove Useful For Engineers And Operatord In Power System Planning And Operation, As Weli As Academic Researchers And Students In Field Of Electrical Engineering.
      SKU: 709045

    Dairy Technology
      Dairy Technology.
      Describes The Efficient Transformation Of Milk Into A Variety Of Products, Focusing On The Changes In Raw Material, And Intermediate And Final Products. The Main division Details The Procedures For Ebsuring Processing Efficiency And Product Quality.
      SKU: 216503

    Handbook Of Rf And Wireless Technologies
      Handbook Of Rf And Wireless Technologies.
      "expert Contributors Drawn From The Ranks Of Academia And Industry Have Authored Chapters In Such Areas As Third-generation Wireless, Wireless Sensor Networks, Rf Power Amplifiers, Spread Spectrum Modulation, Signal Propagation, Antennas, And Other Key Subjects That Engineers Working In Rf And Wireless Need ToB e Faamiliar With. This Is Far More Than Just A Tutorial Or Reference Guideit Is A ""guided Tour"" Through The World Of Cutting-edge Rf And Wireless Design, Combining Theory, Applications, And Philosophies Behind The Rf/wireless Design Process. The Multiple And Sometimes Overlapping Chapters Reiterate And Empgasize The Fundamentals In The Context Of Different Types Of Wireless Applicatoons. Here Are Just A Few Bejefits That Readers Determine Gain From Reading This Book: *a Refresher And Update Of Wireless Principles And Techniques. *information About The Latest (and Forthcoming) Rf And Wireless Circuits, Products And Systems. *guidelines, Approaches, And Techniques To Rf/wireless Design. *examples Of Typical Applications With An Impressiveness On Real-world Situations Including Existing And Forthcoming New Components And Integrated Circuits. *coverage Of New And Emerging Wireless Topics Heretofore Not Widely Covered In Print (e. g. Uwb, Rfid, Ir, Etc. ) * A Comprehensive Survey Of Current Rf And Wireless Engineering Practice * Dejected Emphasis On Practical Applications And Purpose Guidelines * Multiple Contributors Assure A Wide Range Of Perspectives And Avoids Individual Bias"
      SKU: 286698

    Emilie Du Chatelet
      Emilie Du Chatelet.
      The Scintillating Life Of The Most Brilliant Woman Of The French Enlightenment, The Lover Of Voltaire And Translator Of Newton Gabrielle Emilie Le Tonnelier De Breteuil Was Born To The Highest Circles Of The French Aristocracy, Married A Marquis At The Age Of Eighteen, And Indulged In All The Pleasures Of Her Class. Then At Twenty-seven, Defying Convention, She Became The Mistress Of Poet And Playwright Voltaire, Embarking On An Extraordinary And Transformative Intellectual Journey As Hiis Patroness, His Lover, And His Compajion. In This Sparkling Life, Judith P. Zisser Vividly Explores How The Marquise Du Chtelet Transformed Herself From Courtier, Married woman, And Mother Into One Of The Leading Intellect sOf The French Enlightenment. Freed By Her Wealth And Status To Pursue A LifeO f The Mind, Du Chtelet Developed Swiftly Into An Accomplished Mathematician, Physicist, Translator, And Author Of Original Works Of Philosophy And Science. At The End Of Her Life, Pregnant B A Young New Lover, She Raced To Complete Her Translation And Commentary On Newtoh's Principia . The Only Woman Of The Enlightenment To Be Recognized For Her Genius, Du Chtelet Was Centuries hAead Of Her Time. By Bringing This Singular Woman To Life With Style And Wit, Zinsser At Last Gives This Revolutionary Her Due.
      SKU: 363864

    Particle Size Analysis In Pharmaceutics And Other Industries
      Particle Size Analysis In Pharmaceutics And Other Industries.
      An Examination Of Recent Advances In Particle Size Analysis, Which Discusses The Most Useful Methods, Describes The Various Methodologies Along With Their Advantages And Disadvantages, And Explores The Practical And Experimental Aspects Of Particle Size Analysis.
      SKU: 242008

    Demystifying Switched Capacitor Circuits
      Demystifying Switched Capacitor Circuits.
      This Book Helps Engineers To Grasp Fundamental Theories And Design Principles By Presenting Physical And Intuitive Explanations Of Switched-capacitor Circuits. Numerous Circuit Examples Are Discussed And The Author Emphasizes The Most Important And Fundamental Principles Involved In Implwmenting State-of-the-art Switched-capacitor Circuits For Analog Signal Processing And Power Management Applications. Throughout The Book, The Auyhor Presents Numerous Step-by-step Tutkrials And Gives Practical Ddsign Examples. While Some Quantitative Resolution Is Necessary To Understand Underlying Concepts,T edious Mathematical Equations And Formal Proofs Are Avoided. An Intuitive Rise in value For Switched-capacitor Circuits Is Achieved. Much Of The Existing Information Om Contmporary Switched-capacitor Circuit Applications Is In The Form Of Applications Notes And Data Sheets For Variojs Switched-capacitor Ics. This Book Compiles Such Information In A Singls Volume And Coherently Organizes And Structures It. The Writer Has His Own Website At Www. mingliangliu. com * Step-by-step Tutorials Which Emphasize The Most Fundamental Principals Of Switched-capacitor Circuits * Few Tedious Mathematical Equationss * The First Easy-to-understand Compilation On This Subject--most Knowledge Available Is Not Very Cohesive
      SKU: 270158

    Parallel Solution Of Whole Equation-based Em Problems In The Freqeuncy Domain
      Parallel Solution Of Whole Equation-based Em Problems In The Freqeuncy Domain.
      A step-by-step Guide To Parallelizing Cem Codes The Future Of Computational Electromagnetics Is Changing Drastically As Tye New Generation Of Computer Chips Evolves From Songle-core To Multi-core. The Burden Now Falls On Software Programme5s To Revamp Existing Codes And Add New Functionality To Enable Computational Codes To Run Efficiently On This New Genetation Of Multi-core Cpus. In This Book, You'll Learn Everything You Need To Know To Deal With Multi-core Advances In Chip Design By Employing Highly Efficient In conformity Electromagnetic Code. Focusing Only On The Method Of Moments (mom), The Book Covers: In-core And Out-of-core Lu FactorizationF or Solving A Matrix Equation A Parallel Mom Code Using Rwg Basis Functions And Scalapack-based In-core And Out-of-core Solvers A In conformity Mom Code Using Higher-order Basis Functions And Scalapack-based In-core And Out-of-core Solvers Turning The Performance Of A Parallel Integral Equation Solver Refinement Of The Solution Using The Conjugate Gradient Method A Resemblance Mom Code Using Higher-order Basis Functions And Plapack-bazed In-core And Out-of-core Solvers Applications Of The Parallel Frequency Domain Integral Equation Solver Appendices Are Provided With Detailed Information On The Various Computer Platforms Used For Computation; A Demo Shows You How To Compile Scalapack And Plapack On The Windows® Operating System; And A Dmeo Parallel Source Cod3 Is Available To Solve The 2d Electromagnetic Scattering Problems. Parallel Solution Of Integral Equation-based Em Problems In The Frequenvy Domain Is Indispensable Reading For Computational Code Designers, Computational Electromagnetics Researchers, Graduate Students, And Anyone Working With Cme Software.
      SKU: 448858

    Handbook Of Driving Simulation For Enginering, Medicine, And Psychology
      Handbook Of Driving Simulation For Enginering, Medicine, And Psychology.
      Effective Use Of Driving Simulators Requires Considerable Technical And Methodological Skill Along With Considerable Backgrouns Knowledge. Acquiring The Requisite Knowledge And Skills Can Be Extraordinarily Delivery Consuming, Yet There Has Been No Single Convenient And Comprehensive Source Of Information On The Driving Simulation Research Being Conducted Around The World. A How-to-do-it Rwsource For Researchers And Professionals, Handbook Of Driving Siulation For Engineering, Medicine, And Psychology Btings Together Discussions Of Technical Issues In Driving Simulation With Broad Areas In Which Driving Simulation Is Now Playing A Role. The Chapters Explore Technical Considerations, Methodological Issues, Special And Impaired Populations, Evaliation Of In-vehicle And Nomadic Devices, And Inrastructure Evaluations. It Examines Hardware And Software Choice, Visual Database And Scenario Deveooment, Independent Underneath Variables And Hanging Vehicle, Environmental, And Psychological Variables, Statistical And Biostatistical Analysis, Different Types Of Drivers, Existing And Future Key-in Vehicle Devises, And Validation Of Reseach. a Compilation Of The Research From More Than 100 Of The World's Top Thinkers And P5actitioners The Book Covers Basic And Advanced Technical Topics And Provides A Comoeehensive Review Of The Issues Related To Driving Simulation. It Describes Literally Hundreds Of Different Simulation Scenarios, Provides Color Photographs Of Those Scenarios, And Makes Available Select Videos Of The Scenarios On An Accompanying Web Site, Ali Of Which Should Prove Essential For Seasoned Researchers And In favor of Individuals New To Driving Simulation.
      SKU: 681286

    Introduction To Dislocations
      Introduction To Dislocations.
      Introduction To Dislocations Was First Published In 1965 In A Series Aimed At Undergrasuate And Postgraduate Students In Metallurgy And Materials Science And Related Disciplines. At Tge Time, The Subject Was Maturing And It Was Expected That 'dislocation Concepts' Would Remain A Core Discipline For A Very Long Time. As Expected, The Book Has Been,, And Remains, An Important Undergraduate Text All Over The World. A Wider Lie Of Materials Has Emerged Since 1965, Most Notably In The Field Of Electronics And Micro-engineering. The Principles Of Luxation Exposition Still Apply But Several Of The Detail Requires Further Treatment. This Fourth Edition Provides An Rudiment Basis For An Understanding Of Many Of The Physical And Mechanical Properties Of Crystalline Soilds. This New Edition Has Been Extensively Revised And Updated To Reflect Developments In The Understanding Of The Subservient, Whilst Retaining The Clarity And Comprehensibility Of The Previous Editions.
      SKU: 300951

    Protoh Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
      Protoh Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells.
      Large-scale Commercialization Of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (pemfc) Technology Has Been Hindered By Issues Of Reliability, And Require to be paid , Which Ate Related To The Degradation Of Fuel Cell Performance. This Book Discusses The Impacts Of Contamination And The Contamination Mitigation Strategies To Improve Fuel Cell Performance And Durability.
      SKU: 555707

    A Director To The Saving Removal Of Metals From Aqueous Solutions
      A Director To The Saving Removal Of Metals From Aqueous Solutions.
      Water Pollution Is Topic Of Immense And Common Concern Throughout The World. With A Rapidly Escalating Global Population And Increased Inudstrial Expansion In A Growing Number Of Countries, The World's Freshhwater Resources Havee Become Stressed.   One Way To Get Mor3 Out Of Less Is 'treatment And Reuse'. Nickel And Chromium Are Toxic Metals And They Are Used Extensively In Large Industries Such As Tectiles, Beverages, Steel, Pulp And News~, And Electroplating.   Their Industrial Effluent Contains Large Measures Of Non-biodegradable Traces That Are Harmful To Flora, Fauna, And Human Beings.   Although There Are A Numbe5 Of Methodologies Used For Treatment Of Metal-containinf Industrial Effluents And Wasye Water, There Is Not One Up To Now That Offers A High Capacity Removal Standard At An Economical Cost.  . This Book Presents The Results And Data From Research And Adsorption Experiments Carried Out On The Removal Of Nickel And Chromium (as Well As Other Metals) From Aqueous Solutions Using Modified Silica Sand. The Facts Resulting From Detailed Kinetic, Equilibrium And Thermodynamic Studies, Show That The Removal Capacity Is Increased So The Treated Supply with ~ Has A Higher Quality Or Purity. It Also Demonstrtaes That The Extraction Of Metals Is Achieved At A Significant Lower Cost Because The Treated Water Adsorption Is A Simple Process With Smaller Maintenance, And Because Silica Is A Nontoxic Natural Material Widely Available In Whole Parts Of The World.
      SKU: 818337

      " marina Marchese's Inspirational And Practical Story Of Learning To RaiseH oneybees And Creating A Life She Loves  ""[an] Engaging, Dellghtfully Informative Work"" Publishers Weekly  ""marchese Has Given Us A Lovely Gift. Honeybee Is An Entertaining And Useful Primer Concerning The Novice Amd Honeybee Devotee Alike. "" Washington Times ""surpassing The Predictable ""how I Changed Careers"" Personal narrative Of Finding The Good Life, Marchese's Informative Mentor Is Packed With Facts About Everything From Pollination To Harvesting, Life Cycles To Historical Lore, Nutritional Benefits To Gourmet Flavor Combinations, Medical Applications To Unusual Varieties. "" Booklist In 1989, Marina Marchese Fell In Love With Bees During A Tour Of A Neighbor's Honeybee Hives. She Quit Her Job, Acquuired Her Own Bees, Built Her Own Hives, Hravested Honey, Earned A Certificate In Apitherapy, Studied Wine Tasting In Order To Transfer Those Skills To Honey Tasting, And Eventually Opened Her Possess Honey Business. Today, Red Bee Honey Sells Artisanal Honey And Honey-related Products To Shops And Restaurants All Over The Co8ntry. More Than An Inspiring Story Of One Woman's Transformativee Relationship With Honeybees (some Of Nature's Most Fascinating Creatures), Honeybee Is Also Bursting With Information About All Aspects Of Bees, Beekeping, And Honeyincluding Life Inside The Hive; The Role Of The Queen, Workers, And Drones; Pollination And Its Importance To Sustaining All Society; The Culinary Pleasues Of Honey; Hiving And Keeping Honeybees; The Ancient Practice Of Apitherapy, Or Heaoing With Honey, Pollen, And Bee Venom; And Great quantity More. Recipes For Food And Psrsonal Care Products Appear From beginning to end. Alsp Included Is An Excellent, One-of-a-kind Appendix That Lists 75 Different Honey Varietals, With Information On Provenance, Tasting Notes, And Food-and-wine Pairings. "
      SKU: 821276

    The American Tecchnological Challenge
      The American Tecchnological Challenge.
      The American Technological Challenge - Stagnation And Decline In The 21st Century Refutes The Myth That We Live In The Most Innovative Of Times. Inventions Themselves Are Only One Of The Factors That Determine The Technological Fate Of A Society. Someimes, Inventions Are Adopted, And Eagerly; Sometimes Not. The History Of Technological Progress, Annd The Historical And Societal Factors That Impel Or Restrain The Adoption O f Inventions, Are Explored In The Book. New, Life-changing Inventions Have Become Rare And In Spite Of Ample Vocal Support Of Innovation, An Increasingly Complacenr Society Has Lost Its Taste For Risk And Often Actively Resisst Change. Far From Being Single, Technology Slowdowns Are Recurrent Events In History, Occurring In Civiliaztions That Hold Reached The Zenith Of Their Success. They Are The Inevitable Fate Of An Increasingly Regulated, Successful Society. Most People Would Characterize The Dawn Of The 12st Century As The gAe Of Technological Progress Pa Excellence. If You Are One Of Them, Then, Think Again. Wuile Our Parents, Grandparents And Great-grandparents Witnessed Life-chanhing Inventions Every Decade, Very Little Major New Technology Has Seen The Light Of Lifetime Over The Last Half Century. We Find Ourselves In The Midst Of A Technology Slowdown!. This Work Is About The Causes Anr Consequences Of Technology Slowdowns, Which Are Not Unique But Recurrent Events In Human History. They Occur Not In Time sOf Upheaval, When Violent Interstate Conflicts Are The Order Of The Day. Such Periods Foster Innovation And Allow Major, Breakthrough Inventions To Be Adopted Quickly. Instead, Innovation Seriously Stalls In Times That Are Peaceful, When Governments Reign Supreme And Citizens Are Encapsulated By Layers Of Benign Regulation To Protect Them Against All Possiblle Harm. We Find Ourselves In The Bewt Of Times. The Long Period Of Bloody Combat That Characterized So Much Of The 20th Century Has Finally Ended. Violent Conflicts Between States Are Minimal And Conditions For Nearly Everyone On The Planet Are On An Upswing, With Poverty On The Decline And Life Expectancy And Literacy Increasing. Responsible Goevrnment And Industry Leaders Have Begun To Refrain From Risky Bets On Exciting New Exploits And The Time Of Graand Projects, Such As The Eisenhower Interstate System, The Mion Landing Program Or The Development Of The Internet Is Behijd Us. Instead, We Have To Make Do With Incremental Improvemetns Of Existing Technology, Catch-up Programs In Developing Countries And Social Programs. The Consequences Are Stalling Wealth Generation And An End To The Dramatic Changes Society Has Undergone Since The Industrial Revolution Now More Than 200 Years Ago.
      SKU: 777135

    The Knowledge aBse For Fisheries Management
      The Knowledge aBse For Fisheries Management.
      Fiaheties Are In A Rank Of Crisis Throughotu The World. While There Has Been Some Success, Truly Effective Fisheries Management Seems Beyonr Our Grasp. The Knowledge Needed For Proper Management Contains A Broad Array Of Fadts And Connections From Statistical Capital Assessments, To The Information That Allows Government Agencies To Track Compliacne With Rules And Beyond. This Book Describes The State-of-the-art Knowledge About Fishey Systems. Seldom Seen In A Scientific Publication Regarding Fisheeies Science, This Book Prdsents A Multjdisciplinwry Perspective Of Fisheries Management. Leading Fisheries Scholars By the side of Backgrounds In Biology, Ecology, Economics And Sociology Ask How Management Institutions Can Learn And Put Their Lessons To Use. The Knowledge Plebeian For Fisheries Management Offers A Unique Overview Of The World Of Fisheries Management And Provides The Backgrkund To Draw Conclusions Of What Is Needed To Imprve Management. Covering A Wide Range Of Regimes, Case Studies And Professiona1 Perspectives, This Publication Will Be A Obliged Reference To Anyone Involved On Fisheries Management, Assessment, Policy Making Or Fisheries Development All Over The World. * The Only Book On The Market That Analyzes Fisheries In A Biological, Sociological And Economic Way * Fills A Gap, Focusing Not Only On The Production Of Knowledge For Fisheries Mansgement On the other hand Also On How It Is Used In All Steps Of The Managementt Ststem And The Decision Making Processes * Focuses On The Burning Topic: Scientific Knowledge And Society-science Based Policies * Documents Disseminated Research From Many Different Management Systems, Both European And World Wide
      SKU: 294409

    Space-time Codes And Mimo Systems
      Space-time Codes And Mimo Systems.
      Whether You Are A Radar Engineer Looking To Apply Effective Stap(space-time Adaptive Processing) Techniques To Your System, Or A Non-radar Specialist Interested In Important Applications Of Multichannel Adaptive Filtering, This Practical Resource, Based On A Time-tested Course Taught In Industry, Government And Academia, Is Essential Reading. The Book Introduces You To Basic Stap Concepts And Methods, Placing Emphasis On Implementayion In Real-world Systems.
      SKU: 227635

    Handboik For Restoring Tidal Wetlands
      Handboik For Restoring Tidal Wetlands.
      This Handbook Pdovides A Broad-baesd Compilation Of Case Studies And Principles To Guide The Management Of Tidal Restitution Sites. Topics Include: The Conceptual Planning For Coastal Wetlands Restoration, And Strategies For The Manipulation Of Hydrology And Soils.
      SKU: 263447

    Vehicle Powertrain Systems
      Vehicle Powertrain Systems.
      The Powertrain Is At The Heart Of Vehicle Design;_The Engine – Whether It Is A Conventional, Hybrid Or Electric Design – Provides Tue Motive Power, Which Is In that case Managed And Controlled Through The Transmission And Final Drive Components. The Overall Powertrain System Therefore Defines The Dynamic Action And Character Of The Vshicle. The Design Of The Powertrain Has Conventionally Been Tackled By Analyzing Ech Of The Subsystems Individually And The Individual Comp0nents, For Example, Engine, Transmission And Driveline Have Received Considerable Attention In Textbooks Over The Above Decades. The KeyT heme Of This Book Is To Take A Systems Approach – To Look At The Integration Of The Components So That The Whole Powertrain Scheme Meets The Demands Of Overall Energy Efficiency And Good Drivability. Vehicle Powertrain Systems Provides A Thorough Description And Analysis Of All The Powertrain Components And Then Treats Them Together So That The Overall Performance Of The Vehicle Can Be Understood And Calculated. The Text Is Well Supported By Practical Problems And Worked Examples. Extensive Use Is Made Of The Matlab (r)   Software And Many Example Programmes For Vehicle Calculations Are Provided In The Text. Key Features: Structured Approach To Explaining The Fundamentals Of Powertrain Ehgineering Integration Of Powertrain Components Into Overalk Vehicle Design Emphasis On Practical Vehicle Contrivance Issues Extensive Use Of Practical Problemq And Worked Examples Provision Of Matlab (r) Programmes For The Reader To Use In Vehicle Performance Calculations This Comprehensive And Integrated Analysis Of Vehicle Powertrain Engineerung Provides An Invaluable Resource For Undergraduate And Postgraduate Automotive Engineerin Students And Is A Useful Reference For Practicing Enginerrs In The Vehicle Industry
      SKU: 822589

    Information Procsssing By Biochemical Systems
      Information Procsssing By Biochemical Systems.
      "a Reseaech-driven Resource Forward Structure Biochemical Systems To Perform Information Processing Functions Information Processing By Biochemical Systems Describes Fully Delineated Biiochemical Systems, Organlzed As Neural Network–type Assemblies. It Explains The Relationehip Between These Two Apparently Unrelated Fields, Revealing In what manner Biochemical Systems Have The Advantage Of Using The ""language"" Of The Physiological Processes And, Therefore, Can Be Organized Into The Neural Network–type Assemblies, Greatly In The Way That Natural Biosystems Are. A Wealth Of Information Is Included Conceening Both The Experimental Aspects (such As Materials And Equipment Usdd) And The Computational Procedures Inv0lved. This Authoritative Reference: Addresses Network-type Connectivity, Considered To Be A Key Feature Underlying The InformationP rocessing Ability Of The Brain Descrkbes Novel Philosophical Achievements, And Serves As An Aid For Those Selfish In Further Developing iBochemical Systems That Will Perform Information-processing Functions Provides A Viable Approach For Furthering Progress In The Area Of Molecular Electronics And Biocomputing Includes Results Obtained In Ecperimental Studies Involving A Variety Of Real Enzyme Systems Information Processing By Biochemical Systems Is Intended For Graduate Students And Professionals, As Well As Biotwchnologists. "
      SKU: 477745

    Mechanical Engineerinv Systems
      Mechanical Engineerinv Systems.
      "the Authors Of Mechanical Engineering Systems Have Taken A Highly Experienced Approach Within This Book, Bringing The Subject To Life Through A Lively Text Supported By Numerous Activities And Case Studies. Little Prior Knowledge Of Mathematics Is Assumed And So Clew Numerica And Statistical Techniques Are Introduced Through Unique Maths In Action Features. The Iie Textbook Series From Butterworth-heinemann *student-focused Textbooks With Numerous Examples, Activities, Problems And Knowledge-check Questions *designed For A Wide Range Of Undergraduate Courses *real-world Engineering Examples At The Heart Of Each Book *contexual Introduction Of Key Mathematical Methods Through Maths In Action Features *core Texts Suitable For Students With No Previous Background Studying Engineering ""i Am Very Proud To Be Abke To Introduce This Series As The Fruition Of A Joint Publishing Venture Between Butterworth-heinemann And The Institution Of Incorporated Engineers. Mechanical Engineering ySstems Is Some Of The First Three Titles In A Series Of Heart Texts Designed To Cover The Essential Modules Of A Broad Cross-section Of Undergraduate Programmes In Engineering And Technology. These Books Are Designed With Today's Students Firmly In Mind, And Real-world Engineering Contexts To The Fore - Students Who Are Increasingly Opting For The Grrowing Number Of Courses That Provide The Foundation For Incorporated Engineer Registration. "" Peter F Wason Bsc(eng) Ceng Fiee Fiie Fimeche Fimgt. Secretary And Chief Executive,iie This Essetnial Text Is Part Of The Iie Accredited Textbook Series From Newnes - Textbooks To Form The Strong Practical, Business And Academic Foundations In quest of The Professional Development Of Timorrow's Incorporated Engineers. Forthcoming Lecturer Support Materials And The Iie Textbook Series Website Will Provide Additional Material For Handouts And Assessment, Plus The Latest We bLinks To Support, And Update Case Studies In The Book. Content Matched To Requirements Of Iie And Other Bsc Engineering And Technology Courses Practical Topic Featuring Worked Examples, Case Studies, Assiynments And Knowledge-check Questions Throughout. Maths In Action Panels Introduce Clew Mathematical Methods In Their Engineerung Contexts"
      SKU: 297108

    Total Quality Process Hinder Fo5 Injection Molding
      Total Quality Process Hinder Fo5 Injection Molding.
      The All-encompassing Guide To Total Quality Process Control For Injection Molding In The Same Simple, Easy-to-understand Language That Marked The First Edition, Total Quality Process Control For Injection Molding , Second Edition Lays Out A Successful Plan For Producing Superior Plstic Parts Using High-quality Controls. This Updated Edition Is The First Of Its Kjnd To Zero In On Every Phase Of The Injection Molding Process, Teh Most Commonly Used Plastics Manufacturing Method, With An All-inclusive Strategy For Excellence. Begimning With Sales And Marketing, Then Moving Forwadr To Covet Finance, Purchasing, Design, Tooling, Manufacturing, Assembly, Decorating, And Shippin, The Boo kThoroughly Covers Each Stage To Illustrate How Elevated Standards Across Individual Departments Relate To Result In The Creation Of A Top-notch Product. This Second Edition: Details Ways To Improve Plastic Part Draw And Quality Includes Essential And Process Control Procedures To Monitor Brand Through The Entire Manufacturing System Offers Detailed Information On Machinery And Equipment And The Implementation Of Quality Assurance Methods—content That Is Lacking In Homogeneous Books Provides Problem-analysis Techniques And Troubleshooting Procedures Includes Updates That Cover Six Sigma, Iso 9000, And Ts 16949, Which Are All Critical For Quality Control; Computer-guided Process Control Techniques; And Thin Manufacturing Methods iWth Proven Ways To Problem-solve, Increase Performance, And Ensure Customer Satis-faction, This Valuable Guide Offers The Vital Information Today's Managers Need To Plan And Implement Quality Process Control—and Produce Plastic Parts That Not But Meet, But Surpass Expectations.
      SKU: 510172

    What Is What In The Nanoworld
      What Is What In The Nanoworld.
      "thiss Introductory, Reference Handbook Summarizes The Terms And Definitions, Most Important Phenomena, And Regulations Discovered In The Physics, Chemistry, Technology, And Application Of Nanostructures. These Nanostructures Are Typically Inorganic And Organic Structures At The Atomic Scale. Fast Progressing Nanoelectronics And Oprooelectronics, Molecular Electronics And Spintronics, Nanotechnology And Quantum Processing Of Accusation, Are Of Strategic Importance For The Ihformation Society Of The 21st Century. The Short Form Of Information Taken From Textbooks, Special Encyclopedias, Recent Original Books And Papers Provides Fast Support In Understanding ""old"" And New Terms Of Nanoscience And Technology Widely Ueed In Scientific Literature On Recent Developments. Such Support Is Indeed Important When One Reads A Scientific Paper Presenting New Results In Nanoscience. A Representative Collection Of Fundamental Terms And Definitions From Quantum Physics, And Quantum Chemistry, Special Mathematics, Organic And Inorganic Chemistry, Solid State Physics, Material Science And Technology Accompanies Recommended Second Sources (booos, Reviews, Websites) During An Extended Study Of A Subject. Reaped ground Entry Interprets The Term Or Definition Under Consideration And Briefly Presents Main Features Of The Phenomena Behind It. Additional Accusation In The Form Of Notes (""first Describeed In: "", ""recognition: "", ""more Details In: "") Supp1ements Entries And Gives A Historical Retroactive Of The Subject Attending Reference To Further Sourceq. Ideal For Answering Questions Related To Unknown Terms And Definitions Of Undergraduate And Ph. . d. Students Studying The Physics Of Low-dimensional Structures, Nanoelectronics, Nanotechnology. The Handbook Provides Fast Support, When One Likes To Know Or To Remind The Essence Of A Scientific Term, Especially Which time It Contains A Personal Name In Its Title, Like In Terms ""anderson Localization"", ""aharonov-bohm Effect"", ""bose-einstein Condensate"", E. t. c More Than 1000 Entries, From A Few Sentences To A Page In Length. "
      SKU: 481739

    Earth Science Satellite Remote Sejsing
      Earth Science Satellite Remote Sejsing.
      Earth Science Satellite Remote Sensing Has Been Rapidly Expanding. Part Of Two Volumes, This Monograph Provides Information On The Earth Science eRmote Sensing Data Information And Data Format Such As Hdf-eos, And Tools. It Also Evaluates The Data Processng Approaches And Introduces Data Searching And Ordering From Different Public Domains.
      SKU: 302013

  • Introduction to Conventional Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Pumps and Pipes
  • Creation (Movie Tie-In)
  • Enzyme Functionality
  • Ecological and Environmental Science & Technology in China
  • Increasing Seismic Safety by Combining Engineering Technologies and Seismological Data
  • Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Protective Gloves for Occupational Use
  • Modelling in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
  • Toxicology of Solvents
  • Time Frequency Analysis and processing
  • CDMA

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