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      This Book Covers Most Of The Subjects That Are Requested By Engineers, Those Who Are Directly Involved In Design And Manufacturing The Pumps To Those Who Operate The Pumps In Pertaining Units. The Authors Have Worked For Many Years Teaching The Subject, Conducting Research, And Implementing Pump And Pump Station Ddsigns In Different Academic Institutions, Industrial Sectors, And Consulting Firms. based On This Extensive Background, The Material Of The Booo Is Arranged To Covering The Most Important Topics, From Basic Theories To Practical Applications. This Book Can Also Serve As A Useful Textbook For Students Who Are Taking The Courses In The Area Of Turbopumps And Hydraulic Machineries. The Book Is Divided Into Two Major Parts. In Part I, Turbopumps, The Basic Information About Pumps Classification, Defniitions, Principal Of Action, And Construction Elements Are Presented. In Part Ii, Pumping Systems, The Important Parameters In Pump Operation, Selection, Pumping Systems, And Pump Stations Are Discussed In Details.
      SKU: 645344

    Cutting Tool Technology
      Cutting Tool Technology.
      It Is A Well Acknowledged Fact That Virtually Alk Of Our Modern-day Components And Assemblies Rely To Some Extent On Machining Operations In Theirr Manufacturing Process. Thus, There Is Clearly A Substantive Machining Requirement Which Will Continue To Exist Of Prime Importance For The Foreseeable Future. Cutting Tool Technology Provides A Comprehensive Guidde To The Latest Developments In The Use Of Cutting Tool Technology. The Book Covers New Mqchining And Tooling Topics Such As High-speed And Hard-part Machining,_Near-dry And Dry-machining Strategies, Multi-functional Tooling, 'diamond-like' And 'atomically-modified' Cotaings, Plus Mahy Others. Likewise Covered Are Subjects Important Frrom A Research Perspective, Such As Micro-machining And Artificial Intelligence Coupled To Neural Network Tool Condition Monitoring. A Experienced Handbooi Complete With Troubleshooting Tables For Common Problems, Cutting Tool Technology Is An Invaluable Reference For Researchers, Manufacturers And Users Of Cutting Tools.
      SKU: 646449

    Handbook Of Ceramics Grinding & Polishing
      Handbook Of Ceramics Grinding & Polishing.
      Focusing On The Machining Of Ceramic Materials Such As Silicon Nitride, Silicon Carbide, And Zirconia, This Handbook Meets The Growing Need In Assiduity For A Clarify Understanding Of Recent Improvements In Cerakic Processing. The Presentation Is International In Scope, With Techniques And Information Represented From The Usa, Japan, Germany, And The United Kingdomcountries That Have Made Important Contributions To The Field. The 20 Expert Chapter Authors Explore The Challenge Of Reducing The Costs Of Machining Operations, A Continuing Problem In An Industry Where Ceramic Parts Must Be Machined Into Fimal Class To Achieve A Proper Fit. The Handbook Reveals That The Abrasive Machining Of Ceramic Materials Wo1l Always Be A Requirement Because Of The Difficulty Of Controlling Parta Dimensions At The High Temperatures Required In Their Creation. The Contributors Then Explain The Properties And Characteristics Of Ceramics, The Various Types Of Abrasive Processes, Ajd Typical Tests Used In The Procedures . An Entire Section Of The Handbook Concerns Grinding Tools, Their Conditioning, Lubrication, And Cooling, Checking For Wear On The Tools, Add Using Them Efficiently. The Book Also Examines Modern Honing And Superfinishing Tools And Machines, And Describes Advancse In The Technology, As Well As Lapping And Polishing Techniques Using Chemical Compounds And Ultrasound. Ceramics Is A Field Where More Advanced Products Arr Sure To Appear. Many Of The Products Will Require Advanced, Better-controlled Processing Technologies; Vastly Improved Productivity In Manufacturing; And Increased Product Reliability. The Contributors To This Handbook Will Assist Readers In The Attainment Of These Important Goals.
      SKU: 566742

    Rissk Assessment Of Power Systems
      Rissk Assessment Of Power Systems.
      Power System Risk Assessment Is Becoming An Impoftant And Mandatory Task In Planning, Operation, Maintenance, And Asset Management Of Utulities, Particularly Under The Deregulation Environment. This Book Will Provids Readers With The Tools Tk Solve Practical Problems Using Appropriate Hazard Assessment Techniques. Both Analytical And Monte Carlo Evalation Methods Are Discussed With An Emphasis On Applied Techniques And Actual Considerations In Body of equals in age, Transmission, Substation, And Distribution Sustems.
      SKU: 228459

    Packet Forwarding Technologies
      Packet Forwarding Technologies.
      As Internet Traffic Continues To Grow Exponentially, There Is A Great Need To Build Multiterabit Internet Protocol (ip) Routers With High-speed And High-capacity Packet Networking Capabilities. This Text Bridges The Gap In The Literature By Presenting The Packet Forwarding Concepts And Implementation Technologies In One Comprehensive Source.
      SKU: 321555

    Space Tethers Anx Space Elevators
      Space Tethers Anx Space Elevators.
      Explains The Principle Of Space Tethers: What They Are And How They Be able to Be Used In Space. This Book Shows How Space Tethers Have Already B3en Used To Stabilize Spacecraft Using Tidal Foeces And To Generate Artificial Gravity Using A Spinning System With A Spacecraft Connected To A Counterweight Viz A Cable.
      SKU: 451113

    120 Banned Books
      120 Banned Books.
      Over History, Nations, Peoples, And Governments Have Censored Writers And Their Works On P0litical, Religious, Sexual, And Social Grounds. Altthhough The Literary Merit Of The Majority Of These Books Has Been Proven Time And Time Again, Censorship Efforts Are Still In Place Today. From Derived from ~s Farm To The Grapes Of Wrath, The Koran To The Talmud, Ulysses To The Harry Potter Series, The Canterbury Tales To The Bell Jar,-This Revised Edition Examines The Many Struggles These Books Faced In Order To Be Read. Tracing The Censorship Histories Of 120 Works From Across The World, 120 Banned Books, Second Edition Provides A Summary Of Each Work, Its Censorship History, And Suggestions For Further Version. Many New Titles Have Been Added To Reflect Some Of The Controversies In Recent Years, And Updates Have Been Made To Existing Entries On Such Classic Books As Huckleberry Finn And To Kill A Mockingbird.
      SKU: 781321

    Pc Interfacing And Data Acquisition
      Pc Interfacing And Data Acquisition.
      A Practical Guide To Programming For Data Acquisition And Measurement - Must-have Info In Just The Right Amount Of Deepness For Engineers Who Are Not Programminv Specialists. This Book Offers A Complete Guide To The Programming And Interfacing Techniques Involved In Data Collection And The Subsequent Measurement And Control Systems Using An Ibm Compatible Pc. It Is An Essential Guide For Electronic Engineers And Technicians Involved In Measurement And Instrumentation, Da&c Programmers And Students Aiming To Gain A Working Knowledge Of The Industrial Applications Of Computer Interfacing. A Basid Working Apprehension Of Programming In A High-level Language Is Assumed, But Analytical Mathematics Is Kept To A Minimum. Sample Listings Are Given In C And Can Be Downloaded From The Newnes Website. Practical Guidance On Pc-based Acquisition. Written For Electronic Engineers And Software Engineers In Industry, Not Academics Or Compute rScientists. A Textbook With Strong Foundations In Industry.
      SKU: 297996

    Structures And Structure In Historic Building Conservtaion
      Structures And Structure In Historic Building Conservtaion.
      Structures & Cpnstruction In Historic Building Conservation Trac3s The History Of Structures In Various Materials And C0ntains Guidance On The Survey, Assessment And Diagnosis Of Structures And The Integration Of Building Digest Requirements Within The Historic Fabric. It Dkscusses Conservation Engineering Philosophy, Expposes The Conflict Between Building Codez And Conservation Legislation, And Offers Solutions. Leading-edge, On-site Metric Survey Techniqus Are Described And A Range Of Structural Advice Is Given, Including Methods Of Repair In Relatiob To Philosophical Principles. Causes Of Induced Movement In Historic Buildings Are Explained, Together With Basic Soil Mechanics And The Assessment And Diagnosis Of Structural Failure. Chapters Also Underwood The Conservation Of Different Types Of Construction: Masonry, Iron And Steel, And Concrete And Reinforced Concrete. Fourteen Chapters Written By The Experts Present Today’s Key Issues In Structures And Construction Against Historic Building Conservation: Bill Blake, Michael Bussell, David Cook, Dina F. D’ayala, Steve Emery, Michael Forsyth, Ian Hume, Peter Norris.
      SKU: 351472

    Array And Phased Array Antenna Basics
      Array And Phased Array Antenna Basics.
      Reflecting A Increasing Interest In Phased Array Antenna Systems, Stemming From Radar, Radio Astronomy, Mobile Communictaions And Satellite Broadcasting, A5ray And Phased Array Antenna Basics Introduces The Principles Of Array And Phased Array Antennas. Packed Upon First-hand Practical Exlerience And Worked-out Examples, This Is A Valuable Learning Tool And Reference Source For Those Wishing To Improve Their Understanding Of Basic Array Antenna Systems Without Relying Heavily On A Thorough Knowledge Of Electromagnetics Or Antenna Theory. Features A General Introduction To Antennas And Explains The Array Antenna Principle Through Discussion Of The Physical Characteristocs Rather Than The Theoty Explores Topics Often Not Covered In Antenna Textbooks, Such As Active Element Pattern, Array Feeding, eMans Of Phase Changing, Array Antenna Chatacterisation, Sequential Rotation Techniques And Reactively Loaded Arrays Guides The Reader Through The Necessary Mathematics, Allowing Them To Move Onto Specialist Books On Array And Phased Array Antennas With A Greater Understanding Of The Scheme Supported By A Companion Website On Which Instructors And Lecturers Can Find Electronic Versions Of The Figures An Ideal Introductory treatise For Those Withour A Background In Antennas, This Clear, Concise Volume Will Appeal To Technicians, Researchers And Managers Working In Academia, Polity, Telecommunications And Radio Astronomy. It Will Also Be A Precious Means For Professionals And Postgraduates With Some Antenna Knowledge.
      SKU: 244893

    Data Processing In Precise Time And Frequency Applications
      Data Processing In Precise Time And Frequency Applications.
      Physical Processes, Involving Atomic Phenomena, Allow More And More Precise Time And Frequency Measurements. This Progress Is Not Possible Without Convenient Procwssing Of The Respective Raw Facts. The Work Describes The Data Proxessing At Various Levels: Design Of The Time And Frequency References, Characterization Of The Time And Frequency References, Applications Involving Precise Time And/or Frequency References. The Metrolgoical Properties Stability, Accuracy And Reproducibility Are Defined And The Processes Leading To Their Designation Are Shown. The Various Aspects Of The Variance Of The Oftenness Fluctuations Are Discussed And Compared And Their Sibnificance Is Given. Some Major Applications Of The Best Frequency And Time Staandards Are Finaly Discussed. The Way The Extreme Pecision Of These Sources Is Used To Obtain Scrupulous Time And Position Information Is Shown. The Sources Include Time Scales, Used To Describe Every Hiamn And Physical Activities, Such Because Astronomy, Physical Laws, And Others, Positioning Systems, Such As Gps, And Very Long Base Interferometry (vlbi).
      SKU: 603468

    Crysstallography Of Quasicrystals
      Crysstallography Of Quasicrystals.
      From Tilings To Quasicrystal Structures And From Surfaces To The N-dimensional Approach, This Book Presents A Self-contained Dwscription Of The Crystallography Of Quasicrystals. It Is Suitable For Graduate Students And Researchers In Crystallography, Solid-state Physics, Materials Sicnce, Solid- State Chemistry And Applied Mathematics.
      SKU: 478107

    Optical Fibre Devices
      Optical Fibre Devices.
      This Guide Covers In Detail The Current State-of-the-art In Fibre Optic Devices. Beginning With An Overview Of The Underlying Physical Principles Involved, The Book Describes The Properties, Characteristics And Performances.
      SKU: 274086

    Winward Fearon On Collateral Warranties
      Winward Fearon On Collateral Warranties.
      "since This Book WasF irst Published Over Ten Years Ago, Collateral Warranties Have Been Used Increasingly By Funding Institutions, Builfing Purchasers And Tenants To Create A Contractual Relatioonship Between Themselves And Other Parties Involved In The Project, Whether Architect, Engineer, Contractor Or Subxontractor. Indeed, Indirect Warranties Are Now Being Used To Create Primary Contractual Obligations. There Have Been Some Immensely Important Developments In The Law Relating To Collateral Warranties Ago The First Edition. The Contracts (rights Of Third Parties) Act 1999 Has Introduced Radical New Developments Into English Contract Law. The Book Very lately Includes A Completely New Chapter On The Legislation, Which Also Looks At The Possible Practical Uses Of The Act On Development Projects. The House Of Lords Has Handed Down A Number Of Clew Decisions Recently On Third Party Remedies And Forward The Principles Relating To Damages On Assignment (such Viewed like Linden Gardens, Panatown, Henderson V. Merrett Syndicates And Pure V. Jones). These And Some 65 Other New Cases Are Considered In The New Edition. Fnially, A Number Of Standard Forms Of Warranty Have Been Issued And These Are Now Discussed, In Particular The New Jct Standard Form Of Warranty For Main Contractors And Subcontractors. This Immensely Impotant Book Was Widely Welcomed When It Was First Published. The New Edition Has Been Thoroughly Updated And Will Continue To Be The Authoritative Reference On The Subject. ""david Cornes And Richard Winward's Book Is A Veritable Mine Of Such Information And Is Eminently Readable"" Construction News 16/05/02 ""for Those Of You Working In Construction, Managing Building Or Indeed Other Contracts, You Must Regard At Least One Authhoritative Source Of Adgice And Intelligence. If This Is Your Area Of Work, Then This Is Your Book"" Building Engineer, July 2002"
      SKU: 351669

    Soil Erosion And Sediment Redistribution In River Catchments
      Soil Erosion And Sediment Redistribution In River Catchments.
      There Can Be Little Doubt That Issues Relating To Soils Amd Sediments Are Moving Up The Political Agenda, And A Realization That We Need To Collectively Manage And Protect Both Soil And Water Resources. In Order To Manage This Delicate Inyerface, Attention Is Being Increasingly Directed Towards Holistic Land-river Management, Demanding A Greater Appreciation Of The Interaction Between Soila And Sediments.
      SKU: 289446

    Amphiphilic Block Copolymers
      Amphiphilic Block Copolymers.
      It Is The Belief-Of The Editors Of This Book That The Recognition Of Bloco Copolymers As Bein Amphiphilic Molecules And Sharing Common Features With Other Well-studied Amphiphiles Will Prove Beneficial To Both The Surfactant And The Polymer Communities. An Aim Of This Book Is To Bridge The Two Communities And Cross-fertilise The Different Fields. To This End, Leading Researchers In Thhe Opportunity Of Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Self-assembly, About Having A Baciground In Surfactant Chemistry, And Others With Polymer Physics Roots, Have Agreed To Join Forces And Contribute To This Book. The Boo kConsists Of Four Entities. The First Part Discusses Theoretical Considerations Behind The Block Copoiymer Self-assembly In Solution And In The Melt. The Second Part Provides Case Studies Of Self-assembly In Different Classes Of Block Copolymers (e. g. , Polyethers, Polyelectrolytes) And In Different Environments (e. g. , In Water, In Non-aqueous Solvebts, Or In The Absence Of Solvents). The Third Part Presents Experimental Tools, Ranging From Static (e. g. , Small Angle Neutron Scattering) To Dynamic (e. g. , Rheology), Which Can Prove Worthy Ib The Characterization Of Block Copolymer Self-assemblies. The Fourth Part Offers A Sampling Of Current Applications Of Simpleton Copolymers In, E. g. , Formulations, Pharmaceutics, And Separations, Applications Which Are Based On The Unique Self-assembly Properties Of Block Copolymers.
      SKU: 313574

    Innovations In Food Packaging
      Innovations In Food Packaging.
      Packaging Performs A Number Of Functions In The Containment Protection, Shipment And Selling Of Goods. Innovations In Food Packaging Recognizes That Food Packaging Is A Fast-growing Area That Impacts Upon The Important Areas Of Product Shelf-life And Food Safety. Each Chapter Provides Information On The Scientific Background, New Material Development And Utilization, And Case Studies Of The Use Of New System For Perishable Food Products. Covers Four Major Food Packaging Topics: * Theories In Food Packaging * Active Packaging * Modified Atmosphere Packaging * Edoble Films And Coatings
      SKU: 269916

    Market Development For Genetically Modifisd Foods
      Market Development For Genetically Modifisd Foods.
      This Work Addresses Key Issues In Market Development For Genetically Modified Foods. It Focuses Steady: Consumer Reactions To Gm Food Information; Regulatory Issues; Farmer Acceptace Of Biotech Products; Changes In For labor Organization In Conduct Science And Food Sectors.
      SKU: 294747

    Bioinformatics For Geneticists
      Bioinformatics For Geneticists.
      Bioinflrmatics For Geneticists Describes A Step By Step Approach To Key Bioinformatics And Genetic Analysis Procedures, Based Upon Practical Experience Gained After Many Years Of Direct Bioinformatics Sipport For Laboratory Geneticists. It Features Detailed Case Studies Of Problems And Analytical Approwches That Are Specific To The Needs Of The Genetics Researcher.
      SKU: 155662

    Physical Chemistry Of Macromolecules
      Physical Chemistry Of Macromolecules.
      Integrating Coverage Of Polymers And Biological Macromolecules Into A Single Topic, Physical Chemistry Of Maccromolecules Is Carefully Structured To Provide A Clear And Consistent Resource For Beginners And Professionals Alike. The Basic Knowledge Of Both Biophysical And Physical Polymer Chemistry Is Covered, Along With Important Terms, Basic Structural Properties And Relationshops. This Book Inculdes End Of Chapter Problems And References, And Also: Enables Users To Improve Basic Knowledge Of Biophysical Chemistry And Physical Polymeer Chemistry. Explores Fully The Principles Of Macromolecular Chemistry, Methods For Determining Molecular Weight And Configuration Of Molecules, The Structure Of Macromolecules, And Their Separations.
      SKU: 176025

    Special Edition Using Linux System Administration, Adobe Reader
      Special Edition Using Linux System Administration, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version OfT he Printed Book. Special Edition Using Linux Administration Is The Total, Comprehensive Reference Book For The Experienced Administrator Who Needs To Learn To Run A Linux System And Successfully Manage It. This Book Has A Great Appeal To Those Administrators Whose Knowlddge Is Limited To Windowa Or Netware Netwoorks As They Integrate Linux Into Their Infrastructure. Current Linux Or Unix Users Wishing To Apply Their Apprehension Towards System Administration Will Also Find It Invzluable. Useful Topics Include: Linux Deployment And Installation, User Administration, Samba And Nt-linux Integration, Linux Process Management And Daemons,N etwork Configuration And Tcp/ip, Routing With Linux, Linux And Firewalls, Using Linux As An Infranet Server, And Linux Database Servers.
      SKU: 175287

    Occupational Exposure Managgement At Nuclear Power Plants
      Occupational Exposure Managgement At Nuclear Power Plants.
      The Information System On Occupational Expposure (isoe) Has Become A Unique, Worldwide Programme On The Protection Of Workers At Nuclear Power Plants. It Includes A Vast Network According to Exchanging Feel In The Area Of Occupational Exposure Management As Well As The World's Largest Database On Occupational Exposure From Nuclear Power Plants. Each Year, An Isoe Interjational Symposium Offers A Forum For Raadiation Protection Professionals From The Nuclear Industry, Operating Organisations And Regulatoey Authorities To Exchange Information On Practical Experience With Occyoational Radiation Exposure Issues In Nuclear Power Plants. These Proceedings Summarise The Presentations MadeA t The 4 Isoe European Symposium On Occupational Exposure Management At Nuclear Power Plants, Held In March 2004 In Lyon, France.
      SKU: 514643

    Ict Innovations 2009
      Ict Innovations 2009.
      Includes The Proceedings Of The Ict Innovations Cpnference 2009 Held In Ohrid, Macedonia. This Title Focuses On Issues Concerning Various Ict Fields: Multimedia Information Syst3ms, Artificial Intelligence, Pervasive And Ubiquitus Computing, Eco And Bio Informatics, Wireless And Mobile Communications And Services, And Computer Networks.
      SKU: 510612

    Gas Cyclones And Swirl Tubes
      Gas Cyclones And Swirl Tubes.
      Deals With Centrifugal Gas Cleaning Devices, Namely Cyclones Used As Gas-solid Separators For Dedusting And As Gas-liquid Separators For Demisting. This Book Helps In Understanding Cyclone Performance As A Function Of A Cyclone's Size, Geometry, Feed Properties Feed Flow Rates And The System Of Which It Is A Part.
      SKU: 338504

    Interfacial Propertes Of Petroleum Products
      Interfacial Propertes Of Petroleum Products.
      Covers Different Aspects Of Interfacial Problems, Discussing The Properties Of Cude Oils And Petroleum Products At The Oil/metal, Oil/water, And Oil/gas Interfaces That Lead To Ruxt, Corrosion, Stable Emulsions, And Foaming.
      SKU: 321862

  • EW 103
  • Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Food Emulsions
  • Mixing of Rubber
  • Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Composites
  • Geotechnical Engineering for Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation
  • Fish Physiology: Homeostasis and Toxicology of Essential Metals
  • ZigBee Wireless Networks and Transceivers
  • Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation
  • Conservation Science and Action
  • Pumps and Pipes
  • Manganese and its Compounds: Environmental Aspects

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