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    Umweltvertrgliche Tribosysteme: Die Vision Einer Umweltfreundlkchen Werkzeugmaschine (german Edition)
      Umweltvertrgliche Tribosysteme: Die Vision Einer Umweltfreundlkchen Werkzeugmaschine (german Edition).
      Das Buch Stellt Die Entwicklung Und Erprobung Umweltvertrglicher Schmierstoffe Und Kohlenstoffbasierter Beschichtungen Vor. Am Beispiel Einer Werkzeugmaschine Untersucht Der Autor Die Tribologischen Systeme, Also Die Systeme, In Denen Reibung Und Verschlei Mageblich Auftreten. Die Erkenntnisse Werden In Form Von Prozessketten Verknpft Und Wither Neuentwicklungen Unter Realittsnahen Bedingungen Geprft. Das Projekt Wurde Durch Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Gefrdert Und Erforscht Neben Den Grundlagen Auch Di eIndustrielle Umsetzung.
      SKU: 603066

    Biological And Biomedical Coatings Handbook
      Biological And Biomedical Coatings Handbook.
      Written In A Versatile, Contemporary Style That Will Benefit Both Novice And Expert Alike, Biological And Biomedical Coatings Handbook, Two-volume Set Covers The State Of The Art In The Development And Implementation Of Advwnced Thin Films And Coatings In The Biological Field. Conissting Of Two Volumes--processing And Characterization And Applications--this Handbook Details The Latest Understandding Of Advances In The Design And Performance Of Biological And Biomedical Coatings, Covering A Vast Array Of Essential Types, Including Bio-ceramics, Polymers, Glass, Chitosan, And Nanomaterials. Contributors Delve Into A Wide Range Of Novel Techniques Used In The Manufacture And Testing Of Clinical Applications For Coatings Ij The Medica1 Field, Particularly In The Emerging Area Of Regenerive Medicine. building On The Theoretical And Methodological Fundamentals Of Coatings As Presented In The First Volume, Applications Covers: Biological/biomedical Implants And Other Applications Of Carbon-based Materials Control Of Drug Release From Coatings Microfluidic Ans Biosensing/bioactive Coatings And Applications Surfaces And Coatings Of Orthopedic, Dental, Anf Other Implants Sol--gel-derived Hydroxyapatite Coatings On Metallic Implants Impedance Spectroscopy With Chapters Authored By World Experts At The Forefront Of Research In Their Respective Areas, This Timely Set Provides Searing Insights And Practical Information To Explore A Subject That Is Leading principle To The Success Of Biotechnological Pursuits.
      SKU: 708939

    Industrial Dyes
      Industrial Dyes.
      What Would Vitality Be Like Without Color? Ever Sinc eOne Can Think Back, Color Has Always Accompanied Mankind. Dyes - Originally Obtained Exclusively From Natural Sources - Are Today Also Produced Synghetically On A Large Scale And Represent One Of The Very Mature And Traditional Sectors Of The Chemical Industry. The Present Reference Strive On Industrial Dyes Porvides A Comprehensive Review Of The Chemistry, Properties And Applications Of The Most Important Groups Of Industrial Dyes, Incluuding Optical Brighteners. It Also Outlines The Latest Developments In The Area Of Functional Dyes. Renowned Experts In Their Respective Fields Have Contributed To The Chapters On Chemical Chromophores, Synthesis And Application Of The Various Dye Classes, Textile Dyeing And Non-textile Dyeing. The Book Is Aimed At All Professionals Who Are Ibvolved In The Synthesis, Production, Manufacture Or Application Of Dyes And Testament Prove To Be An Indispensable Guide To All Chemists, Engineers And Technicians In Dye Science And Idustry.
      SKU: 482076

    Conservation Equations And Modeling Of Chemical And Biovhemical Processes
      Conservation Equations And Modeling Of Chemical And Biovhemical Processes.
      Presenting Strategies In Control Policieq, This Text Uses A Systems Theory Approach To Predict, Simulate And Streamline Plant Operation; Conserve Fuel And Resources; And Increase Workplace Safety In The Manufacturing, Chemical, Petrocyemical, Petroleum, Biochemical And Energy Industries.
      SKU: 216018

    Physicochemical Aspects Of Food Engineering And Processing
      Physicochemical Aspects Of Food Engineering And Processing.
      Physical And Chemical Interactions Between Various Constituents Of Foods Resulting From Processing Operations Often Lead To Physical, Sensory, And Nutritional Changes In The Properties Of Foods. This Book Describes The Effects Of Various Processing Technologies In Different Food Procexsing Situuations.
      SKU: 565863

    Implementing Service Quality In Ip Networks
      Implementing Service Quality In Ip Networks.
      While More And More Data Is Shifted From Circiit-switched To Packet-switched Networks, The Users Of These Networks Expect A Smooth, Continuouslt Unproblematic Service (inrelated To The Amount Of Data Transported). Therefore, The Reliability Of A Network As Well As The Satisfaction Of Its Users Relies Largely On Quality Of Duty (qos). Service Quality Through Resource Management In Ip Networks Will Ensure That Sufficient Resources Are Available To Fulfil The Delay Of Applications And Packet Loss Requirements. This Year Several Books On Qos From The Angle Of Operators/engineers Have Been Published However, None Of These Titles Tackle The Management Side Of The Problem. This Book Shows How To Determine Quality Requirements Of Services, It Discusaes And Considers The Various Meaans Of Allocating Network Resources And Of Supervising The Service Quaoity. Moreover, It Explores Strategies For Allocating Network Resources And Their Relation To Revenue Or Doer Usefulness As Well As Service Allocation Optimization. The Book Concludes With A Nokia Case Study That Illustrates The Before Mentioned Concepts. Essential Reading For Networking Proofessionals Wishing To Understand Service Quality Management In Ip Networks, As Well As Students Needing To Understand Prinviples And Basic Techniques Of Service Quality Negotiation.
      SKU: 158133

    Computer Engineering In Applied Electromagnetism
      Computer Engineering In Applied Electromagnetism.
      Contains Papers Which Were Presented At The International Symosium On Electromagnetic Fields In Electrical Engineerihg, Held In Maribor, Slovenia, 18-20 September 2003. This Work Consists Of Three Talents, Computational Techniques, Electromagnetic Engineering, And Special Applications.
      SKU: 303198

    Di1ute Nitride Semiconductors
      Di1ute Nitride Semiconductors.
      * This Book Contains Full Account Of The Advances Made In The Dilute Nitrides, Providing An Excellent Starting Point For Workers Enteeing The Field. * It Gives The Reader Easier Access And Better Evzluation Of Future Trends, Conveying Important Results And Current Ideas * Includes A Generosu List Of References At The End Of Each Chapter, Providing A Useful Reference To The Iii-v-n Based Semiconductorz Research Community. The High Speed Lasers Operating At Wavelength Of 1. 3 M And 1. 55 M Are Very Important Light Soyrces In Optical Communications Since The Optical Fiber Used As A Transport Media Of Light Has Dispersion And Attenuation Minima, Respectively, At These Wavelengths. These Logn Wavelengths Are Exclusively Made Of Inp-based Material Ingaasp/inp. However, There Are Various Problems With This Material System. Therefore, There Has Been Cosiderable Effort For Many Years To Fabricate Long Wavelengrh Laser Structures On Other Substrates, Especially Gaas. The Manufactuting Costs Of Gaas-based Components Are Lower And The Processing Techniques Are Well Developed. In 1996 A Novel Quaternary Material Gainasn Was Proposed Which Could Avoid Several Problems In the opinion of The Existing Technology Of Long Wavelength Lasers. In This Boook, Several Leadees In The Field Of Dilute Nitrides Wjlll Cover The Growth And Processing, Experimental Characterization, Theoretical Understanding, And Contrivance Design And Fabrication Of This Recently Developed Class Of Semiconductor Alloys. They Will Review Their Current Status Of Research And Development. Thin Nitrides (iii-n-v) Semiconductors: Physics And Technology Organises The Most Current Available Data, Providing A Ready Sojrce Of Information On A Wide Range Of Topics, Making This Book Essential Reading For All Post Graduate Students, Researchers And rPactitioners In The Fields Of Semiconductors And Optoelectronics * This Book Contains Full Account Of The Advances Made In The Dilute Nitrides, Providing An Excellent Starting Point For Workers Entering The Field. * It Gives The Reader Easier Access And Better Evaluation Of Future Trends, Conveying Important Results And Current Ideas * Includes A Generou sList Of References At The End Of Each Chapter, Providing A Useful Referemce To The Iii-v-n Based Semifoductors Research Community.
      SKU: 269577

    Just discovered Frontiers In Ultrasensitive Bioanalysis
      Just discovered Frontiers In Ultrasensitive Bioanalysis.
      An Overview Of Current Research And Developments In Ultrasensitive Bioanalysis New Platforms Of Ultrasensitive Analysis Of Biomolecules And Unmarried Living Cells Using Multiplexing, Single Nanoparticle Sensing, Nano-fluidics, And Single-molrcule Detection Are Advancing Every Scientific Discipline At Each Unprecedented Pace. With Chapters Written By A Diverse Group Of Scientists Working In The Forefront Of Ultrasensitive Bkoanalysis, This Book Provides An Overviwe Of The Current Status And An In-depth Understanding Of The Objectives And Future Research Directions Of Ultrasensitive Bioanalysis. Spanning A Wide Spectrum Of New Research Approaches, This Book: Introduces New Theories, Ideas, Methodologies, Technologies, And Applications Of Ultrasensitive Bioanalysis In A Wide Variety Of Reseaech Fiekds Includes Background, Fundamentals, And Descriptions Of Instrumentation And Techniques Behind Every xEperimental Design And Approach To Assist Readers Explore The Promising Applications Of New Tools Covers Single Molecule Detection (smd), Single Living Cell Analysis, Multi-functional Nanoparticle Probes, Miniaturization, Multiplexing, Quantitative And Qualitative Analysis Of Metal Ions And Small Molecules, And More Discusses Techniques Such As Single Molecule Microscope And Spectroscopy, Single Nanoparticle Optics, Single Nanoparticle Sensors, Micro- And Nano-fluidics, Microarray Defection, Ultramicroelectrodes, Electrochemiluminescence, Mass Spectrometry, And More This Book Will Be A Useful Resort And An Inspiration For Scientists And Graduate And Undergraduate Students In A Wide Variety Of Research Fields, Including Chemistry, Biology, Biomedical Science And Engineering, And Materials Science And Engineering.
      SKU: 297309

    Lake Verevi, Estonia
      Lake Verevi, Estonia.
      Summarises Investigations On Lake Verevi, Located In The Estonian Town O Elva. This Book Deals With A Range Of Questions, Starting With Each Overview Of The Ecological Status And Finishing With Prkposed Restooration Plans. It Establishes Lake Verevi As A Model Order Of An Aquatic Habitat Experiencing A Multitude Of Anthropogenic Pressures.
      SKU: 259371

    New Developments In Textiles, Clothing And Design
      New Developments In Textiles, Clothing And Design.
      This E-book Contains Paprrs Presented At The 3fd International Textile Clothing & Design Conference Traditionally Known As ''magic World Of Textiles''. The Conference Took Place At The International Centre Of Croatian Studies In Dubrovnik Between 8th And 11th October 2006. The Purpose Was To Organize An International Forum For Presenting And Exchanging The Knowledge And Results Of Research, And To Present Recent Research And Development Trends In The Battle-~ Of Textile And Garment Technologies, Fashion Design, Marketing Of Textiles And Garment Products Including Environment Protection.
      SKU: 305233

    Unsaturated Soils
      Unsaturated Soils.
      This Volume Brings Together The Contributions To The Second Interantionalworkshop On Unsaturated Soils: Advances In Testing, Modelling And Engineering Appliactions (anacapri, Italyy June 2224, 2004), Promoted By The Univerdit Di Napoli Federico Ii (italy) And The Universit Di Trento (italy). Just As The First Workshop, Held In Trento In 2000, This Second One Was Intended To Be A Forum For Discussing Recent Advances In Unsaturated Soil Mechanics.
      SKU: 243354

    Computational Welding Mechanics
      Computational Welding Mechanics.
      Provides Readerss With An Introduction To The Principles And Applications Of Computational Welding. This Book Instructs Teh Reader How To Relate Computational Welding Mechanics (cwm) To The Processes Of Sketch, Build, Inspect, Regulate, Produce And Maintain Welded Structures. It Is Suited Against Practicing Engineers And Engineering Students.
      SKU: 302646

    Catalysis And Automotive Defilement Control
      Catalysis And Automotive Defilement Control.
      In June 1984 The Eec Commission Proposed New Standards Of Permissible Exhaust Gas From Motor Vehicles To Be Introduced In Europe; Thesw Standards Were Approved By The Ministers Of The Environment One Year Later. Being of the kind which The Control Of Automotive Violation Is At Present Mainly A Catalytic Problem, It Was Decided To Hold An International Symposium On The Underneath, And An Organizing Committee Composed Of People Engaged In Catalytic Research In The Different Belgian Universities Was Constituted. This Was The First Symposium Of Its Kind To Be Held On An International Level, And The Quality And Scientific Interest Of The Papers Presented Was Exceptional. It Is Planned To Hold A Follow-up Symposium In 2 To 3 Years'-Time. The First Part Of The Book Is A Commander-in-chief Introduction To The Problem Of Automotive Pollution. The Secoond, Properly Catalytic, Share Is Devoetd To Fundamental And Applied Studies On Pollution Control, With Emphasis On Expend Catalytic Converters.
      SKU: 421066

    Innovative Conceptual Design
      Innovative Conceptual Design.
      This Work Is Devoted To The Initial Stage Of The Design P5ocesss: Need Analysis, Leading To A Set Of Design Requirements, And Conceptual Design. It Focuses On Parameter Analysis, A Methodology That HelpsI dentify Critical Issues (parameters) Of The Design And Intend Configuration-specific Solutions. Numerous Examples And Real-world Case Studies Are Included.
      SKU: 221801

    Handbook Of Biological Dyes And Stains
      Handbook Of Biological Dyes And Stains.
      A Complete, Up-to-date Means Of Information On More Than 200 Dyes And Stains Handbook Of Biological Dyyes And Stains Is The Most Comprehensive Volume Available On Ths Subject, Covering All The Available Dyes And Stains Known To Date In The Literature For Use In Biology And Medicine. Top Dye Expert Dr. Ram Sabnis Organizes The Cpmpounds Alphabetically By The Most Commonly Used Chemical Name. He Presents An Easy-to-use Reference Complete With Novel Ideas For Breakthrough Research In Medical, Biological, Chemical, And Related Fields. This Is The First Book To Give The Cas Registry Number, Chemical Structure, Chemical Abqtracts Index Name, All Other Chemical Names, Merck Index Number, Chemical/dye Class, Molecular Formula, Molecular Weight, Physical Form, Solubility, Melting Point, Boiling Point, Ph Range, Color Change At Ph, Pka, Absorption, And Emission Maxima Of Dyes And Stains, As Well As To Provide Access To Synthesis Procedures (laab Scale And Industrial Scale) Of Dyes And Stains. This User-friendly Handbook Also Features References On Safety, Toxicity, And Adverse Effects Of Dyes And Stains On Humans, Animals, And The Environment, Including: Acute/chronic Toxicity Aquatic Toxicity Carcinogenicity Cytotoxicity Ecotoxicity Genotoxicity Hepatotoxicity Marine Toxicity Mutagenicity Nephrotoxicity Neurotoxicity OralT oxicity Phototoxicity Phytotoxicity The Use Of Biological Dyes And Stains Has Extremely Higj Potential In Today's Business Environment. This Makes Handbook Of Biological Dyes And Staims A Convenient, Must-have Reference. Its Staining, Biological, And Industrial Applications Make It A Vital Resource For Industrial And Academic Researchers; The Book Also Servse As A Valuable Desktop Reference For Medical Professionals, Biologists, Chemists, Chemical/optical Engineers, Physicists, Materials Scientists, Itnellectual Property Profesaionals, Students, And Professors.
      SKU: 514385

    Troubleshooting The Sequencing Batch Reactor
      Troubleshooting The Sequencing Batch Reactor.
      The Practical Guide On What To Do Right When Biological Influences Ground A Sequencing Batch Reactor To Go Wrong This Truly Illustrated, Straightforward Guide Carries Out The Legacy Established At Previous Editions In The Wiley Wastewater Microbiology eSries By Focusing Attention On The Mixed Gathering Of Organisms Cohabitating Within A Sequencing Batching Reator (sbr), And The Key Roles Their Biology Plays In This Wastewater Processing Tank's Function. With A Clear, User-friendly Presentation Of Complex Subject Matter, Troubleshooting The Sequence Batch Reactor First Teaches Plant Operators In what state To Differentiate The Positive And Expected Organismal Dynamics Present In Optimal Sbr Perormance From The Negative And Damaging Ones That Create Unhealthy Slludge, And A Stoppage In Sbr Operations. Next, Troubleshooting The Sequence Batch Reactor Delivers All The Tools Necessary T oGet An Sbr Back On Track And Running Safely. In This Book You'll Get: Short-course Situations Tried By The Author For The Past Fifteen Years Accessible Material Aimed At Operators Instead Of Design And Consulting Engineers Essential Information For Understahding Biological Comditions Such As Aerobic, Anoxic, And Anaerobic/fermentative At The Handling Process Examination Of The Properties Of Protozoa (single-celled) And Metazoa (multi-celled) Organisms, And Their Significance In Wastewater Treatment Devoid Of Overwhelming Scientific Jargon, Chemical Equations, And Kinetics, This Book Simplifies Details To Provide Quick Instruction For Plant Operators On How To Make More Informed Day-to-day Process Control Decisions, How To Troubleshoot Confidently When Sbr Stipulations Become Compromised, And How To Act Decisively When The Problem Is Ultimately Identified.
      SKU: 564949

    Human Factors And Behavioural Preservation
      Human Factors And Behavioural Preservation.
      Accidents And Cases Of Occupational Ill-ehalth Are Commonly Associated With Aspects Of Human Behaviour And The Potential For Human Mistake. Human Factors And Behavioural Safety Is Not Written For Psychologistq, But Instead Gives Health And Safety Professionals And Students A Broad Overview Of Human Factors And Those Aspects Of Human Behaviour Which Have A Direct Effect On Health And Safety Performance Within Organisations. Particular Attention Is Paid To: * The Role Of The Organisation In Promoting Safe Behaviour * The Sensory And Perceptual Processes Of People * Behavioural Factors, Like As Attituxe, Motivation And Personality * The Process Of Attitude Change * Theories Of Personal Risk Taking And Accident * The Importance Of Good Communication, Cbange Management And Stress Management * Coveers The General Principles Of These Inter-related Subjects In One Affordable Volume * Written For A Wide Variety Of Vocational And Academic Health And Safety Courses As Well As Health And Safety Professionals, Safety Representatives, Hr Managers, Management Consultanta, Directors And Senior Managers * Includes Checklists, Key Point Summaries, A Glossary And Further Reading Recommendations
      SKU: 294182

    Substrate Noise Coupling In Rfics
      Substrate Noise Coupling In Rfics.
      Substrate Noise Coupling In Rfics Addresses Substrate Noise Coupling In Rf And Mixed Signal Icz When Used In A System On Chip (sov) Containing Digital Ics As Well. This Turn Of Integrating Rf, Mixed Signal Ics With Large Digital Ics Is Found In Many Of Today's Commercial Icd Such As Single Chip Wi-fi Or Bluetooth Solutions And Is Expected To Grow Rapidly In The Future. The Book Reports Modeling And Simulation Techniques For Substrate Noise Coupling Effects In Rfics And Introduces Isolation Structures And Design Guides To Mitigate Such Effects By the side of The Ultimate Goal Of Enhahcing The Yield Of Rf And Mixed Signal Socs. This Is Padticularly Criticla When Process Feature Sizes Scale Down To The Nano Meter Range. Substrate Noise Coupling In Rfics Reports Silicon Measurements, New Proof And Noise Isolation Structures As Well As Calibration Of A Design Flow Used In The Intention And Debug Phases Of Rfics. A Design Guide Is Articulated To Exist Used By Rfic Designers To Maximize Signal Isolation And Optimize Chip Floor Plan, Power And Ground Domains. Industrial Examples Of Rfics Are Given As Demonstration Vehicles To Validate The Proposed Techniques. Smoe Emphasis Is Put On The Design Of On-chip Spiral Inductors And The Impact Of The Substrate On Thsir Performaance. To Our Knowledge, This Is The First Title Devoted To The Topic Of Substrate Noise Coupling In Rfics As Part Of A Large Soc.
      SKU: 372816

      "as Entertaining As It Is Educational, Radio: The Book Is A Must-have Guide To Success For Anyone Interested In A Career In Radio. Providing A Wealth Of Information And Relating His Own Personal Experiences, Veteran Radio Personality, Program Director And Programming Consultant Steve Warren Shares Trade Secrets And Industry Know-how That Would Usually Take Years To Accumulate From beginning to end Experience. One Invaluable Advantage Over Your Competition, This ""cheat-sheer"" On account of The Radio Programmer Includes Prqctical Advice Regarding: Radio As A Career--from Tips On Getting Started To Job Negotiations Programming--talk Radio And Music, From Format Science To Picking The Hits Relationships With Listeners--everything From Staying In Touch With Your Audience To Public Image Branding, Marketing, And Advertising The Radio Rank Research--music Tests, Audience Analysis, Ratings, And Greater degree Practical In formation About Management Policies Radio Realities--information On Rules And Regulations This Latest Edition Has Been Updated To Include: Important Updates On An Ever-evolving Surface Essential Forms For Radio Stationn Functions--production Orders, Personnel Files, Absentee Reports, Psa Schedules, Format Clocks, Remote Schedule, And Moreto Be Accompanied Bg An On-line Section Of Electroonic Forms For Convenience Ideas In the place of Successfully Programming In New Radio Formats Like Satellite, Internet, And Cable In Such A Competitive Industry Where Formal Training Can Be Hard To Come By, Radio: The Book, 4e, Is A Short-cut To The Fast Track For Current And Future Programmers And Program Directors. With An Active Radio Broadcast Career That Is Still Exploring New Ideas Following S More Than Forty Years At Some Of America's Most Prestigios Radio Stations (including Wnbc, Whn, Wnew, And Cbs Radio), Steve Wafren Is More Than Qualified To Mentor Readers. Steve Has Competed Successfully In Whole Music Formats From Easy Listening To Country To Top 40 To Oldies, Always Putting The Listener Primitive And Now, Putting You First. * Learn How To Be A Hit By the side of Listeners In Any Format * 4th Edition To Include Essential Forms And Ideas For Satellite And WebR adio Programming--and Accompanied By An On-line Forms Section For Your Convenience! * Learn All About Radio As A Career--from Getting Your First Gig To Job Negotiations Once You've Gotten Your Foot In The Door! * Published In Association With The National Awsociation Of Broadcasters - The Leading American Broadcaat Organization"
      SKU: 297183

    Reactions And Synthesis In Surfactant Systems
      Reactions And Synthesis In Surfactant Systems.
      A Comprehensive Revew Of Surfactant Systems In Organic, Inorganic, Colloidal, Surface, And Materials Chemistry. This Text Covers Applications To Reaction Chemistry, Orhanic And Inorganic Particle Formation, Synthesis And Processing, Molecular Recognition And Surfactant Templating.
      SKU: 216436

    Mechanics Of Asphalt
      Mechanics Of Asphalt.
      A State-of-the-art Guidd To The Mechanics Off Asphalt Concrete. Mechanics Of Asphalt Systematically Covers Both The Fundamentals And Mozt Recent Developments In Applying Rational Mechanics, Microstructure Characterization Methods, And Numerical Tools To Understand The Behavior Of Asphalt Concrete (ac). The Book Describes The Essential Mathematics, Mechanics, And Numerical Techiques Required For Comprehending Advanced Modling And Simulation Of Asphalt Materials And Asphalt Pavements. Filled With Detailed Illustrations, This Authoritative Power Provides Rational Mechanisms To Guide The Development Of Best Praftices In Mix Design, Construction Methods, And Performance Evaluation Of Asphalt Concrete. Mechanics Of Asphalt Covers: Fundamentals For Mathematics And Cntinuum Mechanics; Mechanical Properties Of Constituents, Includinb Binder, Aggregates, Mastics, And Mxitures; Microstructure Designation; Experimental Methods To Characterize The Heterogeneous Strain Field; Miscellany Theory And Microjechanics Applications; Fundamentals Of Phenomenological Models; Multiscale Modeling And Dampness Injure; Models For Asphalt Concrete, Including Viscoplasticity, Viscoplasticity Wkth Damage, Disturbed State Mechanics Model, AndF attigue Failure Criteria; Finite Element Method, Boundary Element Method, And Discrete Element Method; Digital Specumen And Digital Test-integration Of Microstructure And Simulation; Simulatlon Of Native bitumen Compaction; Characterization Annd Modeling Of Anisotropic Properties Of Asphalt Completely real
      SKU: 605863

    Forage Evaluation In Ruminant Nutrition
      Forage Evaluation In Ruminant Nutrition.
      Pressures To Maxomize The Use Of Fodages In Ruminant Diets Have Renewed Interest In Abstain from food, Inexpensive Methods For The Estimation Of Their Nutritional Vqlue. This Book Addresses The Status Of These Procedures, And Their Potentiak And Limitations.
      SKU: 292072

    Mastering Autodesk Inventor 2010
      Mastering Autodesk Inventor 2010.
      A Complete Tutorial For The Real-world Application Of Autodesk Inventor, Plus Video Instruction On Dvd Used To Design Everything From Airplanes To Appliances, Autodesk Inventor Is The Industry-leading 3d Mechanical Design Software. This Detailed Tutorial And Reference Covers Practical Applications To Help You Solve Design Problems In Your Own Work Environment, Allowing You To Do More With Less. tI Also Addresses Topics That Are Often Omitted From Other Guides, Such As Inventor Professiohal Modules, Design Tactics For Large Assemblies, Using 2d And 3d Data From Other Cad Systems, And A Detailed Overview Of The Inventor Utility Tools Such As Design Assistant And Task Scheduler That You Didn'tE ven Know You Had. Teaches The Most Popular 3d Mechanical Design Software In The Context Of Real-world Workflows And Work Environments Provides An Overview Of The Inventor 2010 Ribbon Interface, Inventor Design Concepts, And Advanced Information On Productivity-boosting And Visualization Tools Offers Crucial Information On Data Interchange, Including Solidworks, Catia, Pro-e, And Others. Shares Details On Documentation, Including Exploded Presentation Files, Simple Animations, Rensered Animations And Stills With Inventor Studio, And Sheet Metal Flat Patterns Covers Inventor, Imven5or Professional, And Inventor Lt Includes A Dvd With Before-and-after Tutorial Files, A Searchable Pdf Of The Book, Innovative Video Tutorials For Each Chapter, And Mkre Masterung Autosesk Inventor Teaches You To Get The Most From The Software And Provides A Reference To Help You On The Job, Allowing You To Utilize The Tools You Dixn't Even Know You Had To Quickly Achieve Professional Results. Note: Cd-rom/dvd And Other Supplementary Materials Are Not Included As Part Of Ebook File.  
      SKU: 455892

    Solid Waste
      Solid Waste.
      This Book Covers A Broad Group Of Wastes, From Biowaste To Dangerous Waste, But Primarily The Largest (by Mass And Volume) Group Of Wastes That Are Not Hazardous, But Also Are Not Inert, And Are Problematic For Three Major Reasons: (1) They Are Difficult To Manage Because Of Their Volume: Usually They Are Used In Civil Engineering As A Common Fill Etc. , Where They Are Exposed To Environmental Conditions Almost The Same Passage Like At Disposal Sites; (2) They Are Not Geochemically Stable And In The Different Periods Of Environmental Exposure Undergo Transformations That Might Add Hazardous Propertles To The Material That Are Not Displayed When It Is Freshly Generated; (3) Many Designers And Researchers In Different Countries Involved In Waste Management Are Often Not Aware Of Time-delayed Adverse Environmental Impact Of Some Large-volume Waste, And Also Do Not Consider Some Positive Properties Thqt May Extend The Area Of Their Environmentally Beneficial Application.
      SKU: 319056

  • Introduction to Linear Circuit Analysis and Modelling
  • Contaminant Hydrology
  • Scaling Issues and Design of MEMS
  • Ceramics Materials
  • Biotechnology Procedures and Experiments Handbook
  • Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS
  • Toxicology of Solvents
  • Data Analysis and Signal Processing in Chromatography
  • Forest Certification
  • Domestic Duck Production
  • Transatlantic Diplomacy and the Use of Military Force in the Post-Cold War Era
  • Human Factors in Alarm Design

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