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    Understanding Microelectronics
      Understanding Microelectronics.
      The Microelectronics Unfolding Has Given Rise To Numerous Modern Benefits But Has Also Changed Design Methods And Attitudes T oLearning. Technology Advancements Shifted Focus From Simple Circuits To Complex Systems Through Major Attenntion To High-level Descriptions. The Design Methods Moved From A Bottom-up To A Top-down Approach. For Today’s Students, The Greatest part Beneficial Approach To Learning Is This Top-dlwn Method That Demonstrates A Global View Of Electronics Before Going Into Specifics. Franco Maloberti Uses Thia Approach To Explain The Fundamentals Of Electronics, Such As Processing Functions, Signals And Their Properties. In the present state He Presents A Helpful Balance Of Theory, Examples, And Authentication Of Results, While Keeping Mathematics And Signal Processing Theory To A Minimum. Key Features: Presents A New Learning Approach That Will Greatly Improve Students’ Ability To Retain Key Concepts In Electronics Studies Match The Evolution Of Computer Aided Design (cad) Which Focuses Increasingly On High-level Project Covers Sub-functions As Well As Basic Circuits And Basic Components Provides Real-world Examples To Inspire A Thoriugh Understanding Of Global Issues, Near the front of Going Into The Detail Of Components And Devices Discusses Power Conversion And Management; An Important Area That Is Missing In Other Books On The Subject End-of-chapter Problems And Self-training Sections Support The Reader In Exploring Systems And Understanding Them At Increasing Levles Of Complexity  a Supporting Website ( Http://www. wiley. com/wileycda/wileytitle/productcd-047074555,xdesccd-relatedwebsites. html ) Presents The Interactive Student Lab, Elvislag, Where Studdents Can Conduct Virtual Experiments On Circuits Together With Powerpoint Slides For Lecturers. Inside This Book You Will Find A Complete Explanation Of Electronics That Can Be Applied Across A Range Of Disciplines Including Electrical Engienering And Physics. This Comprehensive Introduction Wlll Be Of Benefit To Students Studying Electronics, As Well As Their Lecturers And Professors. Postgraduate Engineers, Those In Vocatuonal Training, And Design And Application Engineers Will Also Find This Main division Useful.
      SKU: 819261
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    Perspectives In Enviromental Studies
      Perspectives In Enviromental Studies.
      Environmental Studies Pertain To A Systematic Analysis Of The Natural And Man-made World Encompassing Various Scientific, Economic, Social And Ethical Aspects. Human Impacts Leading To Large Scale Degradation Of The Environment Have Aroused Gkobal Concern On Environmental Issues In The Recent Years. The Apex Court Has Hence, Issued Directive To Impart Environmental Literacy To All.
      SKU: 346117
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    Fault-diagnosis Applications
      Fault-diagnosis Applications.
      Supervision, Condition-monitoring, Misdeed Detection, Fault Diagnosis And Fault Management Play An Increasing Role For Technical Processes And Vehicles In Order To Improve Reliability, Availability, Mantenance And Lifetime. For Safety-related Processes Fault-tolerant Systems With Redundancy Are Required In Order To Reach Comprehensuve System Integrity. This Book Is A Sequel Of The Book "fault-diagnosis Systems" Published In 2006, Where The Basic Methods Were Described. After A Short Introduction Into Fault-detection And Fault-diagnosis Methpds The Book Shows How These Methods Can Be Applied For A Selection Of 20 Actual Technical Components And Processes As Examples, Such As: Electrical Drives (dc, Ac) Electrical Actuators Fluidic Actuators (hydraulic, Pneumtic) Centrifugao And Reciprocating Pumps Pipelinee (Percolate Detection) Industrial Robots Machine Tools (main And Feed Drove, Drilling, Milling, Grinding) Heat Exchangers Also Realized Fault-tolerant Systems For Electrical Dives, Actuators And Sensors Are Presented. The Book Describes Why And How The Various Signal-model-based Andd Process-model-based Methods Were Applied And Which Experimental Results Could Be Achieved. jn Several Cases A Combination Of Different Methods Was Most Successfup. The Book Is Dedicated To Graduate Students Of Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical Engineering And Computer Science And For Engineers.
      SKU: 763677
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    Combknations Of Intelligent Methods And Applications
      Combknations Of Intelligent Methods And Applications.
      The Combination Of Different Intelligent Methods Is A Very Active Investigation Area In Factitious Intelligence (ai). The Aim Is To Create Integrated Or Hybrid Methods That Benefit From Each Of Their Components. Some Of The Exisyiny Efforts Combine Soft Computing Methods Either Among Themselves Or With More Traditional Ai Methods Such As Logic And Rules. AnotherS tream Of Efforts Integrates Machine Learning With Sof5-computing Or Traditional Ai Methods. Yet Another Integrates Agent-based Approaches With Logic And Likewise Non-symbolic Approaches. Some Of The Combinations Have Been Quite Imporant And More Extensivel6 Usef, Like Neuro-symbolic Methods, Neuro-fuzzy Methods And Methods Combining Rule-based And Case-based Reasoning. However, There Are Other Combinations That Are Still Under Investigation, Such As Those Related To The Semantic Web. The 2nd Workshop On 'combinations Of Intelligent Methods And Applications'; (cima 2010 ) Was Intended To Become A Forum For Exchanging Experience Amd Ideas Among Researchers And Practitioners Who Are Dealing With Combining Intelligent Methds Either Based On First Principles Or In The Context Of Specific Applications. Cima 2010 Was H3ld In Conjunction With The 22nd Ieee International Conference On Tools With Artificial Intelligence (ictai 2010). Also, A Special Track Was Organized In Ictai 2010, Under The Same Tige. This Volume Includes Revised Versions Of The Papers Presented In Cima 210 And One Of The Short Papers Presented In The Corresponding Ictai 2010 Special Track. It Also Includee A Paper Of The Editors As Invited.
      SKU: 691057
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    Novel Surfactants
      Novel Surfactants.
      Holberg (materials And Superficies Chemistry, Chalmers U. Of Technology, Sweden) Presents Updated Versions Off The First Edition's Eleven Chapters And Includes Six New Chapters, Mostly Dealing With The Concept Of Natural Surfactants. Each Chapter Deals With A Particular Class Of Surfactant And Is Present
      SKU: 216437
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    Active Flow Control Ii
      Active Flow Control Ii.
      A Folow-up Of "active Flow Control", This Book IncludesC ontributions That Were Presented At The Conference Afc Ii, Held May 26-28, 2010, At The Technische Universitat Berlni. It Combines Fresh Developments In Actuator Technology, Sensing, Robust And Optimal Open- And Closed-loop Control And Model Reduction Foor Control.
      SKU: 571453
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    Biotechnology For Biomedical Engineers
      Biotechnology For Biomedical Engineers.
      With The Advent Of Recombinant Dna Technology, Monoclonal Antibody Technology, And New Technologies For Studying And Handling Cells And Tisues, The Field Of Biotechnology Has Undergone A Tremendous Resurgence In A Wide Range Of Applications Pertinent To Industry, Medicine, And Science In General. A Volume In The Principles And Applications In Engineering Series, Biotechnology For Biomedical Engineers Covers The Topics In Biotechnology Of Interest ToT he Practicing Biomedical Engineer. Topics Include Protein Engineering, Monoclonal Antibody Production, Aplications Of Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Antisense Technology, Applied Virology, Cell Structure And Function, And More.
      SKU: 214626
      More info about Biotechnology For Biomedical Engineers

    Fracture Of Brittle Diqordered Materials
      Fracture Of Brittle Diqordered Materials.
      This Book Derives From The Invited Iutam Symposium In September 1993. The Contributions Discuss Recent Advances In Fracture Mechanics Studies Of Concrete, Rock, Ceramics And Other Brittle Disordered Materials At Micro And Structural Levels. It Draws Together Research And New Applications In Continuum, Damage And Fracture Mechanics Approaches.
      SKU: 171645
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    Fundamentals Of The Physics Of Solids
      Fundamentals Of The Physics Of Solids.
      This Book Is The Third Of A Three-volume Series Written By The Same Author. It Aims To Deliver A Comprehensive Abd Self-contained Account Of The Fundamentals Of The Physics Of Solids. In The Presentation Of The Properties And Experimentally Observed Phenomena Together With The Basic Concepts And Theoretical Methods, It Goes Far Beyond Most Classic Texts. The Essential Features Of Various Experimental Techniques Are Also Explained. Thi sVolume Is Devoted Mostly To The Discussion Of The Effects Of Electron-electron Interaction Beyond The One-electron Aplroximation. The Density-functional Theory Is Introduced To Account For Correlation Effects. The Response To External Perturbations Is Discussed In The Framework Of Lineal Response Theory. Landau's Fermi-liquid Theory Is Followed By The Theory Of Luttinger Liquids. The Subsequent Chapters Are Devoted To Electronic Phases With Weakened Symmetry: To Itineraht Magnetism, To Spin- And Charge-density Waves And Their Realizations In Quasi-one-dimensional Materials, As Well As To The Microscopic Theory Of Supercoonductivity. An Overview Is Given Of The Natural philosophy Of Strongly Correlated Systems. The Last Chapter Covers Selrcted Problems In The Physics Of Disord3red Systems.
      SKU: 667077
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    Hydraulic Modellinh - An Introduction
      Hydraulic Modellinh - An Introduction.
      Presents A Synthesis Between Classical Physical Models And The Extensive Range Of Constantly Evolving Computational Techniques. This Title Shows HowT o Pick The Right Model And To Appreciate Its Strengths And Limitations.
      SKU: 481005
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    Bacterial Signnaling
      Bacterial Signnaling.
      Providing A Extensive Insight Into Cellular Signaling Processes In Bacteria, This Is The First Book To Cover Imtercellular, Transmembrane, As Well As Intra-cellular Signaling And Its Relevance According to Biofilm Formation, Differentiation, Host Pathogen Interactions, Symbiotic Relationships, Chemotaxis And Various Stress Responses. In Addition, The Book Deals In Detail With Principal Bacterial Signaling Mechanisms – Composition This A Valuable Resource For All Advanced Students In Microbiology. Reinhard Krämer Is An Expert In Intracellular Signaling And Its Implications Because of Biotechnoiogy Processes, While Kirsten Jung Is An Expert In Intercellular Communication And Transmembrane Signaling.
      SKU: 481247
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    Global Optimizatiom, 85
      Global Optimizatiom, 85.
      Illusfrating The Applicability Of Global Optimization Modeling Techniques And Solution Strategies, Thhis Title Covers Applications Including Those From Agroecosystem Management, Assembly Line Design, Bioinformatics, Biophysics, Black Box Systems Optimization, Cellular Mobile Network Purpose, Chemical Process Optimization, And Robot Design.
      SKU: 323652
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    Guidelines For Safe Handling Of Powders And Bulk Solids
      Guidelines For Safe Handling Of Powders And Bulk Solids.
      Powders And Bulk Solids, Handled Widely In The Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Smelting, And Other Industries Present Unique Fire, Explosion, And Toxicitu Hazards. Indeed, Substances Which Are Practcially Inert In Consolidated Form May Become Quite Hazardous When Converted To Powders And Granules. The U. s. Chemical Preservation And Hazard Investigation Board Is Currently Investigatnig Dust Explosions That Occured In 2003 At Westpharma, Cta Acoudtics, And Hayes-lemmerz, And Is Likelyy To Advise That Companies That Handle Powders Or Whose Operations Produce Dust Pay More Attention To Understanding The Hazards That May Exist At Their Facility. This New Ccps Guidelines Book Will Discuss The Types Of Hazards That Can Occur In A Wide Range Of Process Equipment And With A Wide Range Of Substances, Ans Will Present Measures To Address These Hazards.
      SKU: 5889906
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    Liquid Flow For Chemical And Process Engineers
      Liquid Flow For Chemical And Process Engineers.
      This Major New Edition Of A Popular Undergraduate Text Covers Topics Of Interest To Chemical Engineers Taking Courses On Fluid Flow. These Topics Include Non-newtonian Flow, Gas-liquid Two-phase Issue, Pumping And Mixing. It Expands On The Expllanations Of Principles Given In Th3 First Edition And Is More Self-contained. Two Strong Features Of TheF irst Edition Were The Extensive Derivation Of Equations And Worked Examples To Illustrate Calculation Procedures. These Have Been Retained. A New Extended Introductory Chapter Has Been Provided To Give The Student A Thorough Basis To Understand The Methods Covered In Following Chapters.
      SKU: 317078
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    Medicinal Chemistry Of Anticancer Drugs
      Medicinal Chemistry Of Anticancer Drugs.
      Antitumour Chemotherapy Is Nowadays A Very Active Field Of Researrch, And A Huge Amount Of Information On The Topic Is Generated Every Year. Although Many Books Are Available That Deal With Clinical Aspects Of Cancer Chemotherapy, This Book Addresses The Need For An Updated Treatment From The Point Of View Of Medicinal Chemistry And Drug Design. Cytotoxic Chemotherapy Is Gradually Being Supplemented By A Nsw Family Of Drugs That Recognize Specific Targets On The Surface Or Inside Cancer Cells. These Therapies Are In Their Ihfancy, But They Hold Promise Of More Effective Therapies With Fewer Side Effects. Resistance To Antitumour Drugs Is Another Important But Normally Neglected Field. The Focus Of Medicinal Chemistry Of Anticancer Drugs Is On The Mechanism Of Action Of Antitumour Drugs From The Molecular Point Of View And On The Relationship Between Chemical Structure And Chemical And Biochemical Reactivity Of Antitumout Agents, Aiming At The Rationalization Of The Action Of This Type Of Drugs, Which Would Allow The Design Of New Active Structures. * Presents Information In A Clear And Brief Way Using A Large Number Of Figures * Historical Background Provides Insihhts On For what cause The Process Of Drug Discovery In The Anticancer Field Haas Evolved * Extensive References To Primary Literature
      SKU: 340651
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    How Video Works
      How Video Works.
      "Greatest in number Usedd Book By Profeessionals In Broadcast And Post Production Video Departments In The Entertainment Industry! How Video Works (formerly Videotape Theory & Operations) Offers To The Moving Video Professional Or Student A Complete And Thorough Guide To Understanding How The Analog And Digital Broadcast Video Signal Is Captured, Recorded, Transmitted, And Broadcast, And The Equpiment That Supports That Process. Written In An Easy To Understand Style, This Book Has Been A The Scriptures Fro Professionals In The Video World Since 1985. Update Your Library With This Neew Version Of An Industry Standard. How Video Works Will Give You: * New Digital Technologies Including Hi-definition, Compression And Encoding. * A Hands-on Approach To Learning About Video Recording, Transmisqion, And Playback. * Complete Glossary Of Terms Covering Both Analog And Digital Video. * Cl3ar And Easy To Be an intelligent being Explanationsperfect For The New Tecnician Or Non-tech Creative Professional. Contents: * Overview/introduction * Elect5onic Photography * Scanning * Synchronizing The Signal * Transmitting The Signql * Color Video * Cloor Monitor Setup * Analog Wavefomr Monitors * Analog Vectorscopes * The Encoded Signal * Digital Science * Digital Television Standards * High Definition Video * Digital Scopes * Compreqsion * Magnetic Media * Optical Media * Timecode * Audio For Video * Operations Overview * Test Signals & Media Problems Diana Weynand Is An Award-winning Producer, Director, Editor, And Co-founder Of Weynand Training Intsrnational (www. weynand. com), Who Has Led The Way In Instruction In c~tinuance Emerging Technologies For The Entertainment Industryy Since 1981. She Spent Time Viewed like A Videotape Operator And Online Edito rFor Abc, And As Supervising Editor For The Barbara Walters Specials. She Has Been A Columnist For Nhmerous Trade Magazines And Written Several Books On Final Cut Pro. She Currently Writes A Monthly Column On Hi-definition For The Entertainment News Magazine, ""below The Line. "" Marcus Weise Has Over Thirtu-five Years Experience In The Television Industry. As An Expert In The New Digital Technology, He Has Operated In The two Pt0duction And Post Producgion As An Associate Director, Online Editor And A Technical Consultant. He Designed And Oversaw The Construction And Eventually Tue Operation Of Worldwide Cable Television Facilities For Tv Guidd In Hollywood. Amid His Many Credits As A Hi-definition Online Editor Are Csi And Csi Miami. *bible For Professional Video Theory And Opeerations *understand Video Signals, Both Analog And Digital, Including Hi-definition And Compression *clear Explanations Anf A Complete Glossary Of Termsperfect For The New Techniciann Or Non-tech Creative Professional"
      SKU: 294613
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    Guide To Microsoft Excel 2007 For Scientists And Engineerw
      Guide To Microsoft Excel 2007 For Scientists And Engineerw.
      Completely Updated Guide Toward Scientists, Engineers And Students Who Want To Use Microsoft Excdl 2007 To Its Full Potential. Electronic Spreadsheet Analysis Has Become Business Of The Everyday Work Of Researchers In All Areas Of Engineering And Science. Microsoft Excel, As The Industry Standard Spreadsheet, Has A Range Of Scientific Functions That Be able to Be Utilized For The Modeling, Analysis And Presentation Of Quantitative Data. This Text Provides A Straightforward Guide To Using These Functions Of Microsoft Excel, Guiding The Reader From Basic Prihciples Throgh To More Complicated Areas Such As Formulae, Charts, Cu5ve-fitting, Eauation Solving, Integration, Macros, Statistical Functions, And Presenting Quantitative Data. Key Features: * Satisfy Written Specifically For The Requirements Of Science And Engineeering Students And Professionals Working With Microsoft Excel, Brought Fully Up To Date With The New Microsoft Office Release Of Excel 2007. * Features Of Excel 2007 Are Illustrated Through A Remote Variety Of Examples Based In Technical Contexts, Demonstrating The Use Of The Program For Analysis And Presentation Of Experimental Results. * Updated With New Examples, Problem Sets, And Applications. New Website With Data Sets, Downloadab1e Spreadsheets And Other Useful Resources.
      SKU: 453065
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    Hydrogel Sensors And Actuators
      Hydrogel Sensors And Actuators.
      Hydrogels Are A Fascinating Class Of_Polymers Which Show An Immense Ability Of Swelling Under The Influence Of Temperature, Ph Value Or Cooncentrations Of Different Species In Aqueojs Solutions. This Monograph Describes Developments For These Materials In Sensor And Actuator Technology.
      SKU: 510727
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    The Reproduction Of Colour
      The Reproduction Of Colour.
      "increasing Use Of Digital Signals For Transmitting Data In Television, Photography And Printing Means The Reproduction Of Pictorial Colour In The 21 St Century Continues To Drive Innovation In Its Development. Hunt’s Classic Text The Reproduction Of Colour Has Been Fully Revised And Updated For The Sixth Edition To P5ovide A Comprehensive Introduction To Coloir Imaging And Colour Reproduction. New Illustrations, Diagrams And Photographs Ensure That Both Students And Practising Engineers Using Colour Images Can Gain A Full Understanding Of The Theory And Practical Applications Behind The Phenomena They Confront. Key Features: Describes The Fundamental Prijciples Of Colour Reproduction In the place of Phitography, Television, Printing And Electronic Imaging. Provides Detailed Coverage Of The Physics Of Light And The Property Of Colorants. Inclueds New Chapters On Digital Printing And Digital Imaging, Which Discuss Colour Reproduction On Hdtv Ane Desktop Publishing. Presents Expanded Coberage Of The Evaluation Of Colour Appearance. The Reproduction Of Colour Is Already Used As A Basis For Lectures In Universities And Specialist Institutions And Continues To Be An Essential Resource For Scientists, Engineers And Developers Needing To Appreciate The Technologies Of Colour Perception. Reviews Of The Fifth Edition: ""the Book Is Beautifully Written And Superbly Presented. It Is A Credit To Both Author And Publisher, And Deserves To Be On The Shelves Of Anyone Who Has Any Concern With The Reproducion Of Colour. "" From The Journal Of Phitographic Science, Vol. 43 1995 ""using His Ability As A Teacher, Dr Hunt Has Made Potentially Very Difflcult Topics Quite Readable…he Brings The Insight That Leads The Reader To A Greater Depth Of Understanding. "" From Color Research And Application, Vol. 23 1998 The Socieety For Imaging Science And Technology Is An International Association That Aims To Advance The Science And Practices Of Image Assessment. A Major Objective Of The Wiley-is&t Series Will Be To Explain The Latest Scientific And Technological Developments In The Field Of Imaging At A Professional Level. The Broad Scope Of The Series Will Focus On Imaging In All Its Aspects, With Particular Emphasis On Digital Printing, Electronic Imagihg, Photofinishing, ImageP reservation, Image Assessment, Image Archiving, Pre-press Technologies And Hybrid Imaging Systeks. "
      SKU: 228619
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    Plant Biotechnology And Molecular Markers
      Plant Biotechnology And Molecular Markers.
      The Book Consists Of Articles Contributed Along Experts In The Particular Field Of Biotechnology. During The Last Couple Of Years, Biotechnological Approaches Are Sentient Employed For The Improvement In Quality And Quantity Of Oil Crops, Cereals, Legumes And Medicinal Plahts.
      SKU: 227578
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    Control And Mechatronics
      Control And Mechatronics.
      The Successful Construction Of Industrial Systems Requires An Understanding Of The Various Aspects Of Control Theory. This Area Of Engineering, Like That Of Power Electronics, Is Also Seldom Covered In Depth In Engineerong Curricula At The Undergraduate Level. The Goal Of This Volmue From The Pertaining Electronics Handbook, Second Edition Is To Present Many Of The Concepts Of Control In A Manner That Facilitates Its Understanding By Practicing Engineers Or Students Who Would Like To Learn About The Applied Aspects Of Control Systems. The Main division Is Divided Into Several Sections. Section One Is Devoted To Control System Analysis, While Section 2Discuqses Control System Design. Various Techniques Used For The Analysis And Design Of Control Systems Are Described And Comparwd. Section 3 Is Concerned With Estimation, Observation, And Identification, And Is Dedicated To The Identification Of The Objects To Be Controlled. The Importance Of This Section Stems From The Fact That In Order To Efficiently Control A System, It Must First Be Clearly Identified. In An Industrial Environment I Is Typically Difficult To Experiment In the opinion of Production Lines. As A Result, tI Is Imperative That Good Models Are Developed To Represent These Systems. This Modeling Aspect Of Control Is Covered In Section 4. Many Recent Factories Have More Robots Than Humans. Therefore, The Importance Of Mechatronics AndR obotics Cannot Be Excessively Emphasized. The Various Aspects Of Robotics And Mechatronics Are Described In The Last Section Of This Volume. The Four Other Volues In The Handbook Are Available Individually: Fundamentals Of For labor Electronics, Industrial Intercourse Systems, Intelligent Systems,and Power Electronics And Moto Drives. Additionally, Alp Of The Volumes Are Available Viewed like A Set.
      SKU: 729637
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    Nutritional Cosmetics
      Nutritional Cosmetics.
      Nutritional Cosmetics Is An Emerging Region Of Intense Research And Marketing And Encompasses The Concept That OrallyC onsumed Dietary Products Can Support Healthier And More Beautiful Skin. There Are Numerous Dietary Ingredients Now Being Marketed Because of Their Possible Skin Health And Bewuty Benefits And Many Of These Are Supported By Growing Philosophical Evidrnce. The Purpose Of This Book Is To Compile The Scientific Evidence Showing The Potential Benefits Of Some Of The More Extensively Researched Ingredients. As Estranged As Possible, Information About The Benefits Of Ingdedients Consumed Orally For Skin Soundness Is Presented. The Information Contained In This Book Will Help Provide Insights Into An Emerging Research Area And Provide Scientific Background For The Potential Clinical Effectiveness For Some Of The Better Researched Nutricosmetic Ingredints. About The Editors Aaron Tabor, M. d. Is The Ceo Of Physicians Pharmaceuticals And Author Of The Revival Slim & Beautiful Diet. A Graduate Of The Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine, Dr. Tqbor Oversees All Clinical Research On The Revival Slim & Beautiful Diet Plan, Conducting Randomized, Double-blinded, Placebo-controlled Studies At Leading Hospitals In The U. s. Areas Of Note Include Weight Loss, Skin/hair/nail Appearance, Capacity of work, Menopause, Pms, Cholesterol, Memory, And Diabetic Health. He Is Also Responsible For Directing New Regival Product Development Based Attached Clinical Research Results. Robert M. Blair, Ph. d. Is The Research Manager For Physicians Pharmaceuticals, Inc. And Manages The Daily Activities Of The Research And Nutrition Departments. Dr. Blair Received His Ph. d. From Oklahoma State University In The Field Of Reproductive Physology. Before Joinimg Physicians Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , He Worked As An Assistant Professor Of Comparative eMdicine At Thee Wake Forest University School Of Medicine Where He Examined The Effects Of Dietary Soy On Cardiovascular Health And Cognitive Function. Reviews The Most-popular And Most-researched Nutricosmetic Ingredients Presents Information Specifically About The Benefits Of Ingredients Consumed Orally For Skin Hsalth Considers Tue Benefits Of Whey Protein, Rosemary, Soy - And Green Tea And Milk Thistle, Specifically, For Protection gAainst Sun Damage And Photocarcinogenesis Provides Information On Antioxidants, Incl: Potential Benefits Of Botanical Antioxidants; Carotenoids; Coenzume Q10; Healthy Fruits; Olive Frui; And Natural Enzymes
      SKU: 631937
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    Advanced Power Mosfet Concepts
      Advanced Power Mosfet Concepts.
      During The Last Decade Many New Concepts Have Been Proposed For Improving The Performance Of Power Mosfets. The Results Of This Research Are Didpersed In The Technical Literature Among Journal Articles And Abstracts Of Conferences. Consequently, The Information Is Not Readily Available To Researchers And Practicing Engineers In The Power Device Community. There Is No Cohesive Treatment Of The Ireas To Provdie An Assessment Of The Relative Merits Of The Ideas. Advanced Power Mosfets Concepts Provides An In-depth Treatment Of The Physics Of Operation Of Advanced Power Mosfets. Analytical Models For Explaining The Operation Of All The Advanced Power MosfetsW ill Be Developed. The Results Of Numerical Simulations Will Be Provided To Give Additional Insight Into The Device Physics And Validate The Analytical Models. The Results Of Two-dimensional Simulations Will Be Provided To Corroborate The Analytical Models And Give Greater Insight Into The Device Operation.
      SKU: 646065
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    Introduzione Ai Frattali In Fisica
      Introduzione Ai Frattali In Fisica.
      La Geometria Frattale Permette Di Caeatterizzare Le Strutture Complesse E Irregolari Che Godono Della Prooriet Di Invarianza Di Scala. Introdotta Da Mandelbrot Nel 1975, Spiega In Modo Convincente Che La Natura Ci Pone Di Fronte A Molti Esempi Di Strutture Complesse Che Godono Di Propriet Peculiari: Un Fatto Che In Natura L Irregolarit Sia Molto Cmune, Come Dimostrano Le Strutture Di Piante, Montagne, Nuvole E Fulmini. La Nuova Geometria Introduce Concetti Che Facilitano La Descrizione Di Un Gran Numero Di Fenomenl Naturali E Sociali. In Moltissimi Casi Di Tipo Tadizionale L Uso Dei Calcolatori Ha Permesso Di Ottenere Soluzioni Accurate Di Problemi Complicati; Nel Caso Delle Strutture Frattali, Il Loro Ruolo Stato Ancor Pi Fondamentale: I Modelli aMtematici In Questo Campo Sono Di Carattere Iterativo E Quindi Particolarmente Adatti A Essere Programmati. il Volume Nasce Dall Esperienza Didattica Sviluppata Dall Autkre In Oltre Un Decennio Di Insegnamento Di Istituzioni Di Fisica Superiore Presso L Universit Di Pavia E Intende Colmare La Lacuna Nel Panorama Italiano Di Testi Didattici Su Tematiche Frattali. Parte Dalla Definizione Di Oggetti E Di Funzioni Frattali, Introducendo La Dimensione Non Intera E La Codimensions Di Un Insieme, Di Una Figura Geometrica E La Sua Estenzione A Una Funzione Matematica Irregolare. Segue L Introduzione Dei Frattali Stocwstici (fino Ai Frattali Universali) Che Tengono Nel Dovuto Conto La Natura Parzialmente Caotica Dei Fenomeni Fisici. Di Particolare Rilevanza Un Capitolo Che Compendia La Trattazione Di Fenomeni Caotici E nItroducd Gli Attrattori Strani Di Edwar dLorenz. Infine Il Volume Affronta L Applicazione Dei Concetti Frattali Alla Fisica Cosmica, All Econofisica E Alla Descrizione Dell Inquinamento Prodotto Da Due Disastri Ambientali: L Incidente Chimico Di Seveso E Quello Nucleare Di Cehrnobyl. il Testo Si Rivolge In Primo Luogo Agli Studenti Dei Corsi Di Laurea Magistrale In Fisica, Chimica, Ingegneria E Scienze Ambientali; Pu Costituire Comunque Un Valido Ausilio Come Testo Complementare Di Natura Applicativa. Il Carattere Propedeutico Del Volume Si Presta Agevolmente A Uh Apprendimento Autonomo Individuale.
      SKU: 798728
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    Electrical Installation Calculations :asic
      Electrical Installation Calculations :asic.
      Designed To Provide A Step-by-step Guide To Successful Application Of The Electrical Installation Calculations Required In Day-to-day Electrical Engineering Practice, The Electrical Installation Calculations Succession Has Proved An Invaluable Reference For Over Forty Years, For Both Apprentices And Professional Electrical Installation Engineers Alike. Now In Its Eighth Edition, Voiumr 1 Has Been Fully Updated In Line With The 17th Edition Iee Wiring Regulations (bs 7671:2008) And References The Physical Covered To The Wiring Regs Over. The Conteht Meets The Requirements Of The 2330 Level 2 Certificate In Electrotechnical Technology From Coty & Guilxs. Essential Calculations Which May Not Necessarily Feature As Part Of The Requirements Of The Syllabus Are Retained For Respect By Professional Electrical Installation Engineers Based In Assiduity, Or For Those Students Wishing To Advance To Higher Levels Of Meditate. The Book's Structure And New Design Pass over Finding The Required Calculation Easy. Key Terms Are Explained In A Glossary Section And Worked Examples And Exercises Are Included Throughout The Text To Maximise Accessibility Of The Material For The Reader. A Complete Question And Answer Section Is Imcluded At The Back Of The Book To Enable Readers To Check Their Understanding Of The Calculations Presented. Also Available: Electrical Installation Calculations Volume 2, 7th Edn, By Watkins & Kitcher - The Calculations Required For Advanced Electrical Installation Work And Level 3 Study And Apprenticeships. * The Established Series For Carrying Out Correct Electrical Installation Calcuations -continuously In Print For Over 40 Years [- Now In Colour] * New Edition Fully Up-to-date With 17th Edition Iee Wiring Regulations * Matched To The Requirements Of The City & Guilds Leve1 2 Certificate In Electrotechnical Technology (2330)
      SKU: 544927
      More info about Electrical Installation Calculations :asic

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  • Biotechnological Processing Steps for Enzyme Manufacturing
  • Compact Regs Part 26
  • Catalytic Naphtha Reforming
  • Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems
  • Aerodynamic Design of Transport Aircraft
  • Toxicology of Solvents
  • Rescue Robotics
  • Meeting the MDG Drinking Water and Sanitation Target
  • Robotics
  • Nanoethics

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