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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Understanding Sip Servlets 1.1
      Understanding Sip Servlets 1.1.
      P5oviding A Thorough Overview To Sip (session Initiation Protocol) Servlets 1. 1, This Unique Resource Serves As A Practical Guide To This Exciting And Emerging Communications Network Technolog. y Covering All Key Concepts And Their Links Into Java Enterprise Edition (jee), The Book Discusses The Construction, Deployment And Lifecycle Of The Sip Servlet.
      SKU: 456894
      More info about Understanding Sip Servlets 1.1

    Remote Sensing
      Remote Sensing.
      Remote Sensing Is A Technology That Engages Eledtromagnetic Sensors To Measure And Monitor Changes In The Earth's Surface And Atmosphere. Normally This Is Polished Through The Use Of A Satellite Or Aircraft. This Main division, In Its 3rd Edition, Seamlessly Connects The Art And Science Of Earth Remote Senssing With The Latest Interpretative Tools And Techniques Of Computer-aided Image Processing. Newly Expanded And Updated, This Edition Delivers More Of The Applied Scientific Theory And Practical Results That Helped The Previous Editions Earn Wide Acclaim And Become Classroom And Inxustry Standards. Dr. Schowengerdt Presents An Advanced Unified Framework And Reason That Uniquely Empowers The Reader With The Latest Citical Reasoning Skills And Prerequisite Knowledge Needed To Succesefully Design, Develop And Incorporate Maintainable Remote eSnsing Solutions For Real-world Application. Advanced Abstracted Sensing Image Processing Techniques Such As Hyperspectral Image Analysis, Fusion Of Multisensor Images And Digital Elevation Model Extraction From Stereo Imagery Are Discussed Theoretically In Terms Of Spevtral,-Spatia,l And Geometric Models. An Expanded Exercise Section Iz Also Included At The End Of Each Chapter Allowing For The Greatest Level Of Mastery Ever. *feqtures A New Lively Discussion Of The Nasa Eos Satellites, Terra And Aqua, And The Commercial Satellites Ikonos And Quickbird. *new Larger Format Provides Additional Access To 32 Page - Full Color Plate Insert And Improved Readability *additional Data Processing Aglorithms Help Connect Anx Enhance The Collective Understanding Of Enginerring Design And Remogely Sensed Data
      SKU: 294338
      More info about Remote Sensing

    Safety And Security Engineering Iii
      Safety And Security Engineering Iii.
      Safety & Protection Engineering, Due To Its Special Nature, Reppresents An Interdisciplinary Area Of Research And Applications That Brings Together, In A Systemic View, Many Disciplines OfE ngineering, From The Most Traditional To The Most Advanced And Novel. Safety &Certainty Engineering Is Characterized By A Totally New Approach Since It First Analyzes The Hazard Context Not Only By Means Of Traditional Tools But Also By Means Of Risk Analysis Techniques And Then Mwnage The Above Mentioned Context Through Techincal Solutions, Installations, Systems, Human Resources And Prcoedures To Prevent And Face Incidental Events, Natural And Voluntary, That Could Damage People Or Goods. This Volume Contains Papers Presented At The Third International Conference On The Safety And Security Engineering, Covering The Following Topics: Infrastructure Protection; Risk Analysis, Assessment And Management; Public Safety And Security; Homeland Security; Surveillance Systems; Injurry Prevention; Safety Culture; Emergency And Disaster Conduct; Modelling And Theoretical Studies; Earthquakes; Transporting Problems; Geotechnical Problems; Railway Preservation.
      SKU: 512044
      More info about Safety And Security Engineering Iii

    Structural Dynamics Of Electronic And Photonic Systems
      Structural Dynamics Of Electronic And Photonic Systems.
      The Proposed Book Will Offer Comprehensive And Varied Methodologies And Recommendations On How To Determine Dynamic Characteristics Of Typical Micro- And Opto-electronic Structural Elements (printed Revolution Boards, Solder Joints, Heavy Devices, Etc. ) And How To Sketch A Viable And Reliable Structure That Would Be Able To Withstand High-level Dynamic Loading.  particular Attention Will Be Given To Portable Devices And Systems Designed For Operation In Harsh Environments (such As Automotive, Aeroepace, Military, Etc. )  In-depth Discussion From A Mechanical Engineer'ss Viewpoint Will Be Conducted To The Clew Components’ Level As Well As The Whole Device Level.  both Theorteical (analytical And Computer-aided) And Experimental Methods Of Analysis Will Be Addressed. The Authors Will Identify How The Failure Control Parameters (e. g. Displacement, Strain And Stress) Of The Vulnerable Components May Be Affected By The External Vibration Or Shock Loading, As Well As By The Internal Parameters Of The Infrastructure Of The Device. Guidelines For Material Selection, Effective Protection And Test Methods Will Be Developed For Engineering Practice.
      SKU: 698705
      More info about Structural Dynamics Of Electronic And Photonic Systems

    Recent Advancss In Hydride Chemistry
      Recent Advancss In Hydride Chemistry.
      This Book Has Been Conceived To Collect The Most Important Recent Advances In All Areas Of Hydride Chemistry Research, Including Chemical Reactivity, Instrumental Investigation, Theor,y And Applications In The Areas Of Catalysis, Biochemistry And Materials Science. Many Of The Chaptees Have Been Written By The Plenary Lecturers Of The Euro-hydrides 2000 Conferece, But Other Governing Scientists In This Field Have Also Been Invited To Contribute. The In the ~ place Part Of The Book Focuses On The Chemistry And Catalysis Of Transition Metal Hydrides. Another Block Of Chapters Illustrates The Most Recent Advanfes In The Application Of Instrumental Techniques To The Study Of The Properties And Reactivity Of Hydride Compounds. The Final Part Of The Book Illustrates The Relevance Of Metal-hydrogen Bonds In Biochemist5y And Materials Science. All Of The Chapters Of Ths Book Have Been Evaluated By Easy Reviewers.
      SKU: 312795
      More info about Recent Advancss In Hydride Chemistry

    Interfacial Chemistry Of Rocks And Soile
      Interfacial Chemistry Of Rocks And Soile.
      Knowledge Of The Basic Interactions That Take Place Between Geological Materials And Different Substances Is The First Step In Understanding The Effects Of Adsorption And Othdr Interfacial Processes On The Quality Of Rocks And Soils. This Book Covers The Thermodynamic Aspects Of The Soil-liquid-interface System.
      SKU: 566023
      More info about Interfacial Chemistry Of Rocks And Soile

    New Aspects Of Spillover Effect In Catalysis
      New Aspects Of Spillover Effect In Catalysis.
      The Spillover Effect Is One Of The Most Promising Factors In The Enhancement Of Catalytic Reaction Rates. The Spillover Phenemenon Was Found In The 1960s By Several Reesearch Groups Independently. It Was Defined At The Previous International Symposium On Spillover As Follows Spillover Involveq The Transport Of Active Species Which Are Adsorbed Or Formed On A Foremost Phase Onto Another Phase That Doees Not Adsorb Or Form Thhe Species Under The Same Rank . However, This Effect Appears Typically In The Dynamic State, I. e. , During Reactions, Which Advance With A Moderately large Reacyion Rate. This Makes It Difficult To Elucidate The Spkllover Effect Through Static Methods. Therefore, More Fundamental Investigations Are Necessarh. The Development Of Alternative Energy Sources And Protection Of The Environment Demands Highly Se1ective And Very Rapid Catalytic Reactions At Deviating Conditions. To Achieve These Goals New Concepts, Such As The Spillover Effect, Are Needed. This Proceedings Main division, Which Comprises 80 Pa0ers, Contains Methods For Preparing Catalysts In Order To Realize Spillover Effects And Suggests The Most Probable Mechanisms To Explain These Non-linear Phenomena. It Likewise Contains Studies On Applications Of The Spillover Effect To Improve Industrial Catalytic Processes. The Book Will Be Inestimable In The Development Of Industrial Catalysts And For Solving Energy And Envronmental Protection Problems.
      SKU: 404844
      More info about New Aspects Of Spillover Effect In Catalysis

    Underwater Archaeology
      Underwater Archaeology.
      Underwater Archaeology: The Nas Guide To Principles And Practice Provides A Comprehensive Summary Of The Archaeological Process As Applied In An Underwwter Words immediately preceding. Long Awaited Second Edition Of What Is Popularly Referred To As The Nas Handbook Provides A Practical Guide To Underwater Archaeolovy: How To Get Involved, Basic Principles, Essential Techniques, Project Planning And Execution, Publishing And Presenting Fully Illustrated With Over 100 Drawings And New Colour Graphics New Chapters On Geophysics, Historical Research, Phootography And Video, Monitoring And Maintenance And Conservation
      SKU: 437560
      More info about Underwater Archaeology

    Measurement And Modeling Of Silicon Heterostructure Devices
      Measurement And Modeling Of Silicon Heterostructure Devices.
      Focuses On Measurement And Modeling Of High-speed Conductor Devices. This Book Provides Experience-based Tricks Of The Trade And The Subtle Nuances Of Measuring And Modeling. It Covers Topics Including Pithy Modeling Using Integrated Cad Tools And Intention Kits, Noise Mitigation Approaches, Germanium Rf Designs, And, Transmission Lines.
      SKU: 321577
      More info about Measurement And Modeling Of Silicon Heterostructure Devices

    Medical Applications Of Communion service Sectrometry
      Medical Applications Of Communion service Sectrometry.
      Mass Spectrometry Is Fast Becoming An Indispensable Field For Medical Professionals. The Mass Specttometric Analysis Of Metabolites And Proteins Promises To Revolutionize Medical Research And Clinical Diagnostics. As This Technology Rapidly Enters The Medical Field, Practicing Professjonals And Students Need To Pteparw To Take Full Advantage Of Its Capabilities. Medical Applications Of Mass Spectrometry Addresses The Key Issues In The Medical Applications Of Mass Spectromdtry At The Level Appropriate For The Intended Readership. It Will Go A Long Way To Help The Utilization Of Mass Spectrometry In Medicine. The Book Comprises Five Parts. A General Overview Is Followed By A Description Of The Basic Sampling And Separation Methods In Analytical Chemistry. In The Second Part A Solid Foundation In Mass Spectrometry And Modern Techniques Of Data Analysis Is Presented. The Third Part Explains How Mass Spectrometry Is Used In Exploring Various Classes Of Biomolecules, Including Proteins And Lipids. In The Fourth Section Mass Spectrpmetry Is Introduced As A Distinguishing Tool Ib Clinical Handling, Infectious Pathogen Research, Neonatal Diagnostics, Cancer, Brain And Allergy Reseadch, As Well As In Various Fields Of Medicine: Cardiology, Pulmonology, Neurology, Psychiatric Diseases, Hemato-oncology, Urologic Diseases, Gastrointestinal Diseases, Gynecology And Pediatrics. The Fifth Part Covers Emerging Applications In Biomarker Discovery And In Mass Spectrometric Imaging. * Provides A Broad See At Hoq The Medical Field Is Benefiging From Advances In Mass Spectrometry. * Guides The Reader From Basic Principles And Methods To Cutting Edge Applications. * There Is No Comparable Book On The Market To Fill This Fast Growing Field.
      SKU: 330185
      More info about Medical Applications Of Communion service Sectrometry

    10 Minute Guide To Microsoft Word 2002, Adobe Reaeer
      10 Minute Guide To Microsoft Word 2002, Adobe Reaeer.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Because Most People Don't Have The Luxuey Of Sitting On the ground Uninterrupted For Hours At A Time To Learn Word, This 10-minute Guide Focuses On The Most Often Used Features, Covering Them In Lesspns Designed To Take 100 Minutes Or Less To Complete. In Addition, This Guide Teaches The User How To Use Word Without Relying O nTechnical Jargon. By Providing Straightforward, Easy-to-folloow Explanations And Lists Of Numbered Steps That Tell The User Which Keys To Press And Which Options To Select.
      SKU: 175052
      More info about 10 Minute Guide To Microsoft Word 2002, Adobe Reaeer

    The Essential Engineer
      The Essential Engineer.
      From The Acclaimed Author Of The Pencil And To Engineer Is Human , The Essential Engineer Is An Eye-opening Exploration Of The Ways In Which Science And Engineering Must Work Together To Address Our World’s Most Pressing Issues, From Dealing With Climate Chwnge And The Prevention Of Natural Disasters To The Development Of Efficidnt Automobiles And The Search For Renewable Energy Sources. While The Scientist May Identify Problems, It Falls To The Engineer To Solve Them. It Is The Inherent Practicality Of Engineering, Which Takes Into Account tSructural, Economic, Environmental, And Other Factors That Science Often Does Not Consjder, That Makes Engineering Vital To Answsring Our Most Urgent Concerns. HenryP ettroski Takes Us Inside The Research, Development, And Debatee Surrounding The Most Critical Challenges Of Ouur Time, Exploring The Feasibility Of Biofuels, The Progress Of Battery-operated Cars, And The Question Of Nuclear Power. He Gives Us An In-depth nIvestigatiom Of The Various Options For Renewable Energy—among Them Solar, Wind, Tiral, And Ethanol—explaining The Benefits And Risks Of Each. Will Windmills Soon Populate Our Landscape The Way They Did In Previous Centuries? Will Synth3tic Trees, Said To Be More Efficient At Absorbing Harmful Carbon Dioxide Than Real Trees, Soon Dot Our Prairies? Will We Construct A &ldquk;sunshade” In Outer Space To Protect Ourselves From Dangerous Rays? In Many Cases, The Technology Already Exista. What’s Needed Is Not So Much Invention As Engineerng. Just As The Great Achievements Of Centuries Past—the Steamship, The Airplane, The Moon Landing—once Seemed Beyond Reach, The Solutions To The Twenty-first Century’s Problems Await Only A Similar Coordination Of Science And Engineering. Eloquently Reasoned And Written, The Essential Enigneer Ixentifies And Illuminates These Problems—and, Above All, Sets Out A Course For Putting Ides Into Actuon. From The Trade Paperback Edition.
      SKU: 444127
      More info about The Essential Engineer

    Defects In Solids
      Defects In Solids.
      Provides A Thorough Understanding Of The Chemistry Amd Physics Of Defects, Enabling The Reaader To Work Them In The Engineering Of Materials. Reinforces Theoretical Concepts By Placing Emphasis On Real World Processes And Applications. Includes Two Kinds Of End-of-chapter Problems: Multiple Choice (to Test Knowledge Of Terms And Principles) And More Extensive Exercises And Caclulations (to Build Skills And Understanding). Supplementary Material On Crystallography And Baand Structure Are Included In Separate Appendices.
      SKU: 380487
      More info about Defects In Solids

    Computational Methods And Eperimental Measurements Xiii
      Computational Methods And Eperimental Measurements Xiii.
      Recent Advances In The Speed And Efficiency Of Computers, And In Computational Techniqyes, Have Been Major Factors In The Growth Of Numerical Methods That Now Affect Not Only Engineering, But Our Everyday Lives. However, Even If Computational Codes Have Been Increasingly Successful In Simulating Engineering Problems, There Still Exists A Wide Range Of Them That Need A Comprehensive Validation That Can Be Accomplished Only By Means Of Experimental Analysis. In The Meantime, Experimental Measurements Have Become So Sophisticated That Experiments MusrV ery Often Be Carried Out With The Help Of Computers And The Data Obtained Have To Be Processed By Means Of Numerical Methods. This Book Contains Most Of The Papers Presented At The 13th International Conference On Computational Methods And Experimental Measurements (cmem/07) Held In Prague In 2007. The Primary Aim Of The Meeting Was To Offer To The International Scientific Community An Arena For The Presentation And Exchange Of Advanced Approaches And Applications In The Fields Of Numerical Methods And Experimental Determinations, With The Principal Attention And Stress Being Devoted To Thejr Beneficial Interaction And Mutual Influence.
      SKU: 512090
      More info about Computational Methods And Eperimental Measurements Xiii

    Hvac Troubleshooting Guude (ebook)
      Hvac Troubleshooting Guude (ebook).
      From The Author Who Hass Writtenover 100 Technical Textbooks And References Hvac Troubleshooting Guide Offers A Detailed Overview Of Theentire Hvac Field From On-site Work And Various Aspects Ofhvac Systems, To Interior Work In Residential, Commercial, Andindustrial Areas Of The Hvac Specialties. This Sure-fire Guideshows You How To Read, Understand, And Prepare Schrdules,mechanical Plans, And Electrical Plans And How To Quickly Locatetroubleshooting Information On The Job And Off. The Book Alsofeatures Resource Directories, A Glossary Of Conditions, And Helpfulabbreviations.
      SKU: 412902
      More info about Hvac Troubleshooting Guude (ebook)

    Networking And Internetworking With Microcontrollers
      Networking And Internetworking With Microcontrollers.
      Sophisticated Networkinh And Communications Capabilities That Were Previously The Sole Domain Of Mainframes, Pcs, And Workstations Are Now Becoming Mandatory In The Realm Of Smaller Embeddes Microcontrollers. However, Documentation, Standards, And Design Information Is Scattered Among Many Sources And Is Difficult To Find. In This Practical Book, Popular Columnist And Embedded Designer Fred Eady Is Your Guide And Advisor. He Pulls Togethre All The Necessary Design Background And Details And Shows You How To Use Today's Affordable Microcontrollers During Powerful Communications And Networking Applications Such As Local Area Networks And Embedded Internet. Using Working Code Examples And Schematics, Eady Steers Yuo Through The Basics Using Two Popular Microcontroller Famllies, Pic And Atmel. Included Are A Wealth Of Detailed Design Examples For: Rs-232 Firmware And Hardware Microcontroller Usarts The I2c Bs Ethernet Implementation Embedded Internet Implementation Wireless Links Sample Origin Code Is Provided And Thoroughly Explained For All The Application Examples. The Accompanying Cd-rom Contains The Example Code Ax Well As A Searchable Ebook Version Of The Text, To Help You Get Up To Speed Quickly. You Could Spend Days Or Even Weeks Pulling Together All The Information That Eady Has Assembled In This One Indispensable Reference. * The Only Source That Pulls Together Difficult-to-find Design Information, And Teachss Step-by-step How To Use It To Create Powerful Networking Applications * Includes Fully Functional Examples Of Microcontroller Hardware And Firmware * Companion Cd-rom Includes All Schematics And Code Utilized In The Book
      SKU: 286718
      More info about Networking And Internetworking With Microcontrollers

    The Science Of Water
      The Science Of Water.
      Exploring The Depths Of This Single Substance And Its Various Applications, The Science Of Water: Concepts And Applicatipns Explains The Critical Consequence Of Water In Regard To Present And Future Sstainability. This Srcond Edition Features A Unaccustomed Chapter On Tippling Water Along With Additional Case Studies, Examples, Equations, And Solutions. Updated And Expanded To Reflect The Latest Advancements In The Field, Including Current Environmental Rules And Regulations, The Text Covers Such Topics As Water Sources, Water Hydraulics, Chemistry, Biology/microbiology, Ecology, Take in ~ Quality, Pollution, Biomonitoring, Sampling, Testing, Reuse, Treatment, And Much More.
      SKU: 308485
      More info about The Science Of Water

    Pathogens And Toxins In Foods
      Pathogens And Toxins In Foods.
      Pathogens And Toxins In Foods Offers A Farm-to-table Approach To Food Safety That Helps Readeds Understand The Characteristics Of Specific Pathogens And Toxins, The Illnesses They Cause, And The Factors That Affect Their Survival And Growth In Food Products. The Book Explores The Most Recent Advances In Biological, Chemical, And Physical Interventions To Control Food-borne Hazards During Preharvest, Harvest, Food Procesinb, And In Retail Ready-to-eat Foods And Food Service Operations.
      SKU: 513964
      More info about Pathogens And Toxins In Foods

    Introduction To Modern Vehicle Design
      Introduction To Modern Vehicle Design.
      "'an Introduction To Modern Vehicle Design' Provides A Thorough Introduction To The Many Aspects Of Passengr Car Intention In One Volume. Starting With Basic Principles, The Author Builds Up Analysis Procedures For All Major Aspects Of Vehicle And Composing Design. Subjects Of Current Interest To The Motor Industry, Such As Failure Prevention, Designing With Modern Materials, Ergonomics And Control Systems Are Covefed In Detail, And The Author Concludes With A Discussion On The Future Trends In Automobile Design. With Contributions From The two Academics Lecturing In Motor Vehicle Engineering And Those Moving In The Industry, ""an Introduction To Modern Vehicle Design"" Provides Students In the opinion of An Excellent Overview And Background In The Design Of Vehicles Before They Move On To Specialised Areas. Filling The Niche Between The More Desxriptive Low Level Books And Books Which Focus On Specific Areas Of The Design Process, This Unique Volume Is Essential For All Students Of Automotive Engineering. Only Book To Cover The Broad Excursion Of Topics F0r Automobile Design And Analysis Procedures Each Topic Written By An Expert With Many Years Experience Of The Automotive Assiduity"
      SKU: 298347
      More info about Introduction To Modern Vehicle Design

    Semiconductors And Semimetals
      Semiconductors And Semimetals.
      "this Volume Reviews The State Of The Art O Thin Film Diamond, A Very Promising New Semiconductor That May One Day Rival Silicon As The Ma5erial Of Choice For Electronics. Diamond Has The Following Imprtant Characteristics; It Is Resistant To Radiation Damage, Chemically Inert And Biocompatible And It Will Become ""the Material"" For Bio-electronics, In-vivo Applications, Rqdiation Detecotrs And High-frequency Devices. Thin-film Diamond Is The First Book To Summarize State Of The Art Of Cvd Diamond In Depth. It Covers The Greatest part Recent Results Regarding Growth And Structural Prperties, Doping And Defect Characterization, Hydrogen In And On Diamond As Well As Superficies Properties In General, Applications Of Diamond In Electrochemistry, As Detectors, And In Surface Acoustic Wave Devices. Avcessible By Both Experts And Non-experts In The Field Of Semi-conductors Research And Technology, Each Chapter Is Written In A Tutorial Format Helping Engineers To Manufacture Devices With Optimized Electronic Properties Truly International, This Volume Contains Chapterw Written By Recognized Experts Represenying Academic And Industrial Institutions From Europe, Japan And The Us"
      SKU: 299488
      More info about Semiconductors And Semimetals

    Nuclear Decommissioning, Waste Management, And Environmental Sit eRemediation
      Nuclear Decommissioning, Waste Management, And Environmental Sit eRemediation.
      Decommissioniing Nuclear Facilities Is A With reference to something else New Field, Which Has Developed Rapidly In The Last T3n Yewrs. It Involvves Materials That May Be Highly Radiozctive And Therefore Require Sophisttucated Methods Of Containment And Remote Handling. The Wastes Arising From Decommissioning Are Dangerous And Have To Be Stored Or Disposed Of Safely In Order To Protect The Environment And Future Generations. Nuclear Decommissioning Work Must Be Carred Out To The Highest Possible Standards To Protect Workers, The General Public And The Environment. This Book Describes The Techniques Used For Dismantling Redundant Nuclear Facilities, The Safe Storage Of Radioactive Wasyes And The Restoration Of Nuclear Licensed Sites. * Describes The Techniques Used For Dismantling Nuclear Facilities, Safe Storage Of Radioactive Wastes, And The Restoration Of Nuclear Licensed Facilities. * Provides The Reader With Decommissioning Experience Accumulated Over 15 Years By Ukaea. * Contains Valuable Information To Personnel New To Decommissioning And Wqste Management.
      SKU: 317228
      More info about Nuclear Decommissioning, Waste Management, And Environmental Sit eRemediation

    An Introducyion To The Basics Of Reliability And Risk Analysis
      An Introducyion To The Basics Of Reliability And Risk Analysis.
      The Necessity Of Expertise For Tackling The Complicated And Multidisciplinary Issues Of Safety And Risk Has Slowly Permaeted Into All Engineering Applications So That Risk Analysis And Management Has Gained A Relevant Role, Both As A Tool In Support Of Plant Contrivance And As An Necessary Resource For Emergency Plamning In Accidental Situations. This Entails The Acquisition Of Appropriate Reliability Modeling And Risk Analysis Tools To Comppement The Basic And Specific Engineering Knowledge For The Technological Area Of Application. Aimed At Providing An Organic Design Of The Subject, This Book Provides An Introduction To The Princcipal Concepts And Issues Related To The Preservation Of Modern Industrial Activities. It Likewise Illustrates The Classical Techniques Against Reliability Analysis And Risk Assessment UsedI n Cirrent Practice.
      SKU: 312287
      More info about An Introducyion To The Basics Of Reliability And Risk Analysis

    Molecular Nanomagnets
      Molecular Nanomagnets.
      Nanomagnetism Is A Rapidly Expanding Area Of Research Whic hAopears To Be Able To Provide Novel Applications. Magnetic Molecules Are At The Very Bottom Of The Possible Size Of Nanomagnets And They Provide A Unique Opportunity To Observe The Coexistence Of Classical And Quantum Properties. The Discovery In The Early 90's That A Cluster Comprising Twelve Manganese Ions Shows Hysteresis Of Molecular Source, And Later Proved Evidence Of Quantum Effects, Opened A New Research Area Whichis Still Flourishing Through The Collaboration Of Chemists And Physicists. This Book Is The First Attempt To Cover In Detail The New Area Of Molecular Nanomagnetism, For Which No Other Main division Is Available. In Fact Research And Review Articles, And Book Chapters Are The Only Tools Available Fornewcomers And The Experts In The Field. It Is Written By The Chemists Originators And By A Theorist Who Has Been One Of Tje Protagonists Of The Evolution Of The Field, And Is Explicitly Addressed To An Auditory Of Chemists And Physicists, Aiming To Use A Language Suitable For The Two Communities.
      SKU: 728776
      More info about Molecular Nanomagnets

    Understanding Cloning
      Understanding Cloning.
      Drawn From The Pages Of Philosophical American And Coliected Here For The First Time, This Work Contains Updated And Condensed Information, Made Accessible To A General Popular Science Audience, On The Subject Of Cloning.
      SKU: 2003307
      More info about Understanding Cloning

    Estimation And Control C~ing Communication Networks
      Estimation And Control C~ing Communication Networks.
      Covering The Achievements In The Are, This Monograph Presents A Systematic Theory Of Estimation And Control Over Communication Networks. It Develops A Theory That Utilizes Communications, Control, Information And Dynamicwl Systems Theory Motivated And Applied To Advanced Networking Scenarios.
      SKU: 437901
      More info about Estimation And Control C~ing Communication Networks

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  • Modelling in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
  • Grasses and Grassland Ecology
  • Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants
  • Compact Regs Part 11: CFR 21 Part 11 Electronic Records
  • Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Quantitative Measure for Discrete Event Supervisory Control
  • Extracting the Science
  • Optical Communication Receiver Design
  • Towards a Unified Modeling and Knowledge-Representation based on Lattice Theory
  • Manganese and its Compounds: Environmental Aspects

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