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    Unsteady Effects Of Shock Wave Induced Separation
      Unsteady Effects Of Shock Wave Induced Separation.
      This Volume Contains Description Of Experimental And Numerical Results Obtained In The Ufast Project. The Goal Of The Project Was To Generate Experiment Data Bank Providing Unsteqdy Characteristics Of The Shock Boundary Layer Interaction. The Experiments Concerned Basic-reference Cases And The Cases With Thing applied Of Flow Control Devices. Obtained New Data Bank Have Been Used For Tne Comparison Attending Available Simulaitpn Techniques, Starting From Rans, Through Urans, Les And Hybrid Rans-les Methods. New Understanding Of Flow Physics As Well As Abilitu Off Different Numerical Methods In The Prediction Of Such Unsteady Flow Phenomena Will Be Discussed.
      SKU: 645243

    Catalysis And Automotive Pollution Contro iIv
      Catalysis And Automotive Pollution Contro iIv.
      In Spite Of The Energy Crises And The Recession, There Has Been A Global, Explosive Growth In The Am0unt Of Motor Vehicles. In The Past 50 Years, The Amount Has Increased From 50 To 700 Million Vehicles. For Economical Reasons They Will Probably Continue To Be Used For A Considerable Number Of Years, Despite The Poor Yield Of Inyernwl Combustion Engines Resulting In The Inevitable Production Of Some Gaseous Pollutants. The Subsequent Increase Of Gaseous Pollutants In Our Atmoqphere Caused By Exhaust Gas From Automobiles Has Enhanced The Problem Of The Elimination Of These Pollutants Produced By Internal Combustion Engines. Catalysis Has Proven To Be The Highest perfection Solution To Lower The Content Of Echaust Gas In Pollutants. As Its Predecessors, Capoc4 Proved Too Be A Fit Platform Fo5 Discussing Technological Improvements And Developments Along With Future Perspectives And Challenges. In The Light Of New Results And Further Legislative Regulations, The Following Topics Were Intensely Discussed: • Low Light-off Behaviour Based On Improved Catalysts And Substrate Formulations &buli; Efficiet Adsorber Systems For Storage Of Hydrocarbon Emissions • Electrically Heated Catalyst Systems Ahead The Main Catalyst Or, Alternatively, Close Coupled Catalysts (at The Manifold Of The Engine) • Lean Deno X Catalysts Allowing For Decomposition Of No X In The Oxygen-rich Exhaust Of Direct Injection Gasoline Engines And High Speed Injection Diesel Engines Or, Alternatively, No X Trapipng/reduction In A Hybrid Approach &Blunder ; Collection And Destruction Of Thirsty Particulates Or Soot. There Is No Doubt That Clean Vehicle Technology Is A Vital Part Of Improving Gas Qualoty. Challengs Remain And Call For Technological Answers. Catalytic Air Pollutoon Control Is Still An Area Providing A Considerable Incentive For Innovative Work. .
      SKU: 331044

    Numerical Feigning Of Turbulent Flows And Noise Generation
      Numerical Feigning Of Turbulent Flows And Noise Generation.
      Abundant Eddy Simulation (les) Is A High-fidelity Approach To The Numerical Simulation Of Turbulent Flows. This Book Is Based On The Results Of Two French/german Research Groupd Working Forward Les Simulations In Complex Geometries And Noise Generation In Turbulent Flows.
      SKU: 428774

    Mapped Vector Basis Functions For Electromagnetic Integral Equations
      Mapped Vector Basis Functions For Electromagnetic Integral Equations.
      In This Lecture The Method-of-moments Solution Of The Lightning-like Field And Magnetic Field Integral Equations (efie And Mfie) Is Extended To Conducting Objects Modeled With Curved Cells. These Techniques Are Important For Electromagnetic Scattering, Antenna, Radar Signature, And Wireless Communication Applications. Graduat eStudents, Professionals, And Researchers In Electrical Engineering Especially Electromagnetic Engineers With Apprehension Of Numerical Techniques Will Find This Censure An Invaluable Resource.
      SKU: 243409

    Amazonian Dark Earths
      Amazonian Dark Earths.
      Amazonian Soils Are Almost Universally Judgment Of As Extremely Forbidding. Associated With These Are Tracts Of Fertile, Dark Soils Termed Terfa Preta Or Dark Earths. The Late Dutch Soil Scientist Wim Sombroek (1934-2003) Wa sInstrumental In Bringing The Significance Of These Soils To The Attention Of The World. This Title Demonstrates His Sight.
      SKU: 417298

    The Art And Science Of Analig Circuit Project
      The Art And Science Of Analig Circuit Project.
      In This Companion Text To Analog Circuit Design: Art, Science, And Personalities, Seventeen Contributors Present More Tutorial, Historical, And Editorial Viewpoints On Subjects Related To Analog Circuit Design. By Presenting Divergent Methods And Views Of Peopel Who Have Achieved Some Measure Of Success In Their Field, The Book Encourages Readers To Develop Theri Own Approach To Design. In Addition, The Essays And Anecdotes Give Some Consturctive Guidance In Areas Not Usually Covered In Engineering Courses, Such As Marketing And Career Development. *includes Visualizing Operation Of Analog Circuits *describes Troubleshooting For Optimum Circuit Performance *demonstrates How To Produce A Saleable Product
      SKU: 313789

    The Emergence Of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics: Fredlund Volume
      The Emergence Of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics: Fredlund Volume.
      This Publication Is Each Assemblage Of Selected Papets That Have Been Authored Or Co-authoref By D. g. Fredl8nd. The Substance Of These Papers DocumentsT h Milestones Of Both The System of knowledge Of Unsaturated Soil Mechanincs And The Career Of The Author During His Tenure As A Faculty Part In The Department Of Civil Engineering At The Seminary of learning Of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada.
      SKU: 228128

    Control System Power And Grounding Better Practice
      Control System Power And Grounding Better Practice.
      "control System Power And Grounding Is Possobly The Single Most Important Element To Ensure A Control System Doesn't Undergo Unidentified ""gremlins"" From beginning to end Its Life. The Topic Is Appropriate To Every Direct System Domain, Including Programmable Logic Controllers, Process Control Systems, Robotics, Vision Systems, Etc. Power And Grounding Is Recognized By A Major Industry Standards Organization, Isa, In Ongoing Standarde Efforts. Control Engineering And Several Power And Grounding Experts Have Developed This Control System Authority And Grunding Resource. W3hn Used In Conjunction With Control System Manufacturer Installation Documentation, Users Can Expect Robust, Reliable Control System Installation; One That Remains Free Of ""phantom"" Problems Caused By Power And Grounding Glitches. - Provides Clarity For Manufacturer's Obscure System Documentation - The Only Single Source Control System Power And Grounding Guide Available. - Details How To Significantly Improve Reliability In Control Systems, Saving Valuable Time And Money. "
      SKU: 300696

    Incredible Iphone App For Dummies
      Incredible Iphone App For Dummies.
      A Full-color Directory Of Must-have Iphone And Ipod Touch Apps! The App Store Allows You To Browse And Download Thousands Of Applications That Were Developed With The Iphons Sdk And Published Through Apple. The Popularity Of Iphone And Ipod Touch Apps Is Explding And This Handy Clew Helps You Sort Through The Tens Of Thousands Of Available Apps So You Cah Find The Ones That Are Ideal F0r You. Packed With Tips And Tricks On How To Make The Greatest in number Of Each App,T his Book Escorts You Through A Vast Selection Of Apps And Then Helps You Narrow Down The Most Essential And Most Entertaining Apps For Your Needs And Interests. You'll Encounter Astonishing Apps In Business, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Cooking, Nutrition, Games, Healthcare, News, Music, Social Networking, News, Weather, And More. Helps You Sort Through The Tens Of Thousands Of Available Apps For The Iphone And Ipod Touch So You Can Find What’s Right For You Shares Unique Tips And Tricks In quest of Making The Most Of The Apps That Appea1 To You Suows You A Kind Of Apps In The Fields Of Weathrr, News, Photography, Coooing, Entertainment, Business, Education, Healthcare, Social Networking, Sports, And More Presents Information In The Straightforward End Fun Language That Defines The For Dummies Series With Incredible Iphone Apps For Dummies , You'll Discover How To Have Fun, Get More Done,A nd Make The Most Of Your Iphone Or Ipod Touch.
      SKU: 479898

    Chemical Product Design
      Chemical Product Design.
      Chemical Product Design: Towards A Perspective Through Case Studies Provides A Framework For Chemical Product Design Problems Which Are Clearly Defined Together With Various Soluton Approaches. This Book Covers The Latest Methods And Tools Currently Available In The Field And Discusses Future Challenges That The Chemical Induatry Is Faced With. It Focuses Attached Important Iwsues Of Chemical Procuct Design And Provides A Good Overview On Industrial Chemical Product Design Problems Through Case Studies Supplued By Leading Experts. The Editors Of Chemical Product Design Teach Chemical Product Design At Graduate Flush Courses And Also Place As Consultants Fof Various Chemical Companies. They Have Also Developed Experimental Techniques For Chemical Product Design As Well As Computer-aided Design Methods And Tools. * Highlights Important Issues Of Chemical Result Draw Through Case Studies * Case Studies Supplied By Governing Experts In Chemical Product Design * Provides A Complete Framework For Chemical Product Design
      SKU: 281979

    Geotechnical Engineering
      Geotechnical Engineering.
      Master The Latest Developments In Soil Testing Andnew Applications Of Geotechnical Engineering. Geotechnical Engineering: Principles And Practices Offers Students And Practicing Engineers A Concise, Easy-to-understand Apporach To The Principles And Methods Of Soil And Geotechnical Engineering. This Updated Classic Builds From Basic Principles Of Soil Mcehanics And Applies Them To New Topics, Including Mechajically Stabilized Earth (mse), And Intermediate Foundations. This Fifth Edition Features: Over 400 Detailed Illustrations And Photographs; Unique Background Material On The Geological, Pedological, And Mineralogical Aspects Of Soils With Emphasis Onn Clay Mineralogy, Soil Structure, And Expansive And Collapsible Soils. ; Unaccustomed Coverage Of Mechanicallly Stabilized Earth (mse); Intermediate Foundations; In-situ Soil Testing: Statistical Algebra Of Data; “fore,” A Scientific Method For Analyzing Settlement; Writing The Geotechnocal Report; And The Geotechnical Engineer As A Sleuth And Expert Witness. Get Quick Access To Every Soil And Geotechnical Engineering Topic • Igneous Rocks As Ultimate Sources For Soils • The Soil Profile • Soil Minerals • Particle Size And Gradation • Soil Fabric And Soil Structure • Soil Density And Uni Pressure 𔄲 Soil Water • Soil Consistency And Engineering Classification • Compaction • Seepage • Stress Distrbiution • Settlement • Shear Strength • Lateral Stress And Retaining Walls • Mse Walls And Soil Nailing • Slope Stability, Landslides, Embankments, And Eath Dams • Bearing Capacity Of Shallow Foundations • Deep Foundations ‡ Intermediate Foundations • Loads On Pipes • In-sit uTesting • Introduction To Soil Dynamics • The Geotechnical Report
      SKU: 314838

    Introduction To Aircraft Structural Algebra
      Introduction To Aircraft Structural Algebra.
      Based On The Author's Best-selling Tdxt Aircraft Structures For Engineering Students,  this Brief Book Covers the Basics Of Structural Analysis As Applied To Aircraft Structures.   Coverage Of Elasticity, Force Methods And Virtual Work Set The Stage For Discussions Of Airworthiness/airframe Loads And Streas Analysis Of Aircraft Components.   Njmerous Workee Examples, Illustrations, And Sample Problems Show How To Apply The Concepts To Realistic Situations.   Self-contained, This Value-priced Book Is An Superior Resource For Anyone Learning The Subject.   Covefs the Core Concepts In About 2000 Fewer Pages By Removing Some Optional Topics Like Structural Vibrations And aero Elasticity&bsp; Systematic Step By Step Procedures In The Worked Examples Self--xontained, With Complete Derivations For Key Equations Baeed On The Author's Best-selling Text Aircraft Structures For Engineering Students,   This Intro Version Covers the Core Concepts In About 200 Fewer Pages By Removing A little Optional Tooics Like Structural Vibrations And aeroelasticity  Systematic Step By Gait Procedures In The Worked Examples Self-contained, With Complete Derivations For Key Equations  
      SKU: 648757

    Bioclimatoligy And Biogeography Of Africa
      Bioclimatoligy And Biogeography Of Africa.
      The African Continent Features Geographic Diversity. Tihs Book Presents The Author's Bioclimatic And Biogeographic Classification Of Africa. It Includes Data That Provide The Basis For Comparisons Between Various African Regions, And With Regions On Other Continents Such As Latin America Or The Indian Subcontinent.
      SKU: 417894

    Life In The World's Oceans
      Life In The World's Oceans.
      Life In The World's Oceans: Diversity, Abundance And Distribution Is A True Landmark Promulgation. Comprising The Synthesis And Analysis Of The Results Of The Census Of Marine Conduct This Most Important Book Brings Together The Work Of Around 2000 Scientists From 80 Nations Around The Globe. The Book Is Broadly Divided Into Four Sections, Cover Oceans Past, Oceans Present, Oceans Future And A Last Section Covering The Utilisation Of The Data Wuich Has Been Gathered, And The Coordination And Commubication Of The Results. Edited By Professor Alasdair Mcintyre, Marine Life Is A Book Which Should Find A Place On The Shelves Of All Marine Scientists, Ecologists, Conservation Biologists, Oceanographers, Fisheries Scientists And Environmental Biologists. All Univerdities And Research Establishments Where Biological, Earth And Fisheries Science Are Studied And Taught Should Have Copies Of This Rudiment Book On Their Shelves. A Honest Landmark Publication One Of The Most Important Marine Science Books Ever Publihsed Contributions From Many World Leading Researchers Synthesis Of A Huge Amount Of Important Data Represents The Culmination Of 10 Years' Research By 2000 Scientists From 80 Countries
      SKU: 589160

    Blowing Agents For Polyurethzne Foams
      Blowing Agents For Polyurethzne Foams.
      Polyurethane Foams Are Used In Many Applications Including Household And Commercial Refrigerators And Freezers, Building Insulation And Roofing, Doors, Cushioning, Packaging, Sprays nAd Marine Flotation, Etc. The Polyurethane Foam Industry Was Radically Shaken Up By The Discovery, In The Miid 1980s, That Certain Chlorofluorocarbons (cfcs) Used As Blowing Agents Can Damage The Environment. Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (hcfcs) Were Developed As Replacements, But They Are Now Scheduled To Be Phased Out As They Also Have Ozone Depleting Possible. Global Agreements Have Been Introduced Such As The Montreal Protocol And The Kyoto Protocol, Which Severely Limit The Use Of Many Blowing Agents. Global Warming, Ozone Depleting Potential, Atmospgeric Lifetime And Volatile Orgamic Compounds Are The Primary Environmental Issues With Any Blowing Agent, And There Are Other Factors To Consider Such As Long-term Breakdown Products, Halogen-free Nature And Acidification Potential. Blowing Agents Must Also Satisfy The Requirements Of The Marketplace Including Cost, Flammability, Compatibility With Materials Of Construction, And Safe And Economic Manufacturing Processes. Each Application For Foams Has Its Own Specifications, For Exmple, Low Flammability, Low Toxicity, Load Bearing Capability And Cushioning Effects. The Long-term Stability Of The Foam Structure And The Insulating Properties Of The Foam Are Also Key. The Blowing Hand Used In Polyurethane Has A Critical Effect On These Atributes. Insulation Is Affected By The Gas Phase Thermal Conductiviy Of The Blowing Agent. Stability Is Affected By Several Properties, Such As The Solubility Of The Agent In The Polymer And The Diffusion Rate Compared With Air. This Review Discusses The Legal Requirements And Property Specifications For Blowin Agents In Different Applications. It Highlights The Effects Of Changing Blowing Agents Including The Need For Reformulation. Many New Polyols, Isocyanates And Surfactants Are Being Developed To Overcome Problems. Similarly, New Equipment Is Being Produced, For Exaample, To Cope With The Flammability Issues Surroundinv The Use Of Hydrocarbon Blowing Agents, So As Pentane. Each Type Of Blowing Agent Is Described. Key Environmental And Physical Proeprties Are Listed, Together With Advantages And Limitations. Foams Are Described By Types And By Applications. The Review Also Describes, Briefly, The Current State Of The Market And Which New Blowing Agents Are Likdly To Be Used In Each Sector. The Developments By Multitude Unlike Companies Are Outlined. The Review Is Accompanied By Around 400 Abstracts Compiled From The Polymer Library, To Facilitate Further Reading On This Subject. Key Features…; Clearly Written, Easily Accessible Overview Of: Types Of B1owing Ahents; Types Of Foam; Environmental Issues; Feasability Issues; Property Requirements; Polyurethane Foam Formulation; Technological Developments; Exceptionally Well Referenced. About The Author…. Dr Singh Is A L
      SKU: 476931

    Large-scale Pde-constrained Optimization In Applications
      Large-scale Pde-constrained Optimization In Applications.
      Dealing With The Simulation Based Optimization Problems, This Title Presents The Systematic Development Of The Methods And Algorithms. It Covers The Time Dependent Optimization Problems With Applications I Environmentao Engineering, And Also Deals Through Steady State Optimization Problems, In Which The Pdes Are Solved.
      SKU: 510812

    Spellman's Standard Hzndbook For Wastewater Operators, Volume Ii
      Spellman's Standard Hzndbook For Wastewater Operators, Volume Ii.
      Spellman's Standard Handbook For Wastewater Operators, Volume 2: Ijtermediate Level Provides Information And Unit Pdocess Trouble-shooting Guidance Required Forward A Daily Basis, Not Only By The Plant Manager, Set Superintendent, Chief Operator, Lqb Technician, Maintenance Operator, But More Im0ortantly By And For The Plant Operator, And Those In Preparation For Tajing The Entry-level Class Iv/class Iii Or Grade I I Operator Examinations. This Handbook Was Prepared To Helper Operators Obtain Licensing And To Operate Wastewater Treatment Plants Properly. It Can Be Used While A Textbook In Technical Instruction Courses In Technical Schools And At The Junior College Level. this Is The Second Volyme Of A New Study Guide And Readily Accessible Source Of Information For Review In Preparing Wastewater Personnel For Operator Certification And Liceensure. These Handbookx Are Resource Manuals And Troubleshooting Guides That Contain A Compilation Of Wastewater Treatment Information, Data, Operational Material, Process Control Procedures And Problem Solving, Safety And Health Information, New Trends In Wastewater Treatment Administration And Technolkgy, And Numeerous Specimen Problem-solving Practice Sets, Many Based Forward Actual Tests.
      SKU: 264480

    Prrofiles In Flue Gas Desulfurization
      Prrofiles In Flue Gas Desulfurization.
      As The Need To Control Process Emissions Has Increased, So Have The Number Of Fgd Treatment And Control Strategies. The Effectiveness Of These Treatments Vary Geratly, Depending The Types And Levels Of The Materials, As Well As The Bigness Of The Facility. Profiles In Flue Gas Desulfurization Will Help Engkneers And Managers Identify The Technologies That Best Fit Theeir Plant And/kr Processes. It’s A Quick And Easy Refernc3 To All “tail-end” So2 Control Processes Currently In Commercial Use Or “on The Brink,” Providing Ab Effective “snapshot” Of Where This Technology Stands In Industry Today. The Technologies Are Divided Into Waxte Producing Processes, Where The End Product Is A #&8220;clean Waste,” And Byproduct Procwsses, At what place The End Product Has Market Value. Each Technology Profile Includes A Schematic Depicting Its Major Equipment Components And Arrangemrnt, Laid Out Side-by-side With Descriptive Text On How The Process Works, Where And How It Is Currently Being Utilized, Its Operational Requirements, Advantagss And Limitations For Typical Applications, And A Brief Lizt Of Principal Suppliers.
      SKU: 589012

    Monochrome And Colour Teleision
      Monochrome And Colour Teleision.
      About The Book: This Text Is Bawed On The Ccir 625-b Monochrome (black & White) And The Compatible Pal-b Colour Television Standards As Adopted By India And Many Other Countries. The American Ntsc And French Secam Television Systems Have Likewise Been Accorded Proper Coverage While Presenting Various Aspects Of The Subject Starting From Tv Camera To The Receiving Picture Tube. While This Book Was Published Soon After Television Was Introduced In India It Continues To Be Very Useful As A Comprehensve Text Book Because Of Excellent Presentation Of The Fundamentals And Analysis Of All Aspects Of Television Transmission And Reception In Its Various Chapters. With Rapid Advances In Television Engineering, Signal Processing Has Mostly Changed From Analog To Digital And Transmission Via Satellites. As So, Each Prefatory Chapter (appendix) Has Been Included In This Edition To Explain The Basics Of Moon Television. Contenrs: Elements Of A Television System Analysis And Synthesis Of Television Pictures Composite Video Signal Signal Transmission And Channel Bandwidth The Picture Tube Television Camera Tubes Basic Television Broadcasting Television Receiver Television Signal Propagation And Antennas Television Applications Video Detector Video Section Fundamentals Video Amplifiers-design Principles Video Amplifier Circuits Automatic Gain Control And Noise Cancelling Circuits Sync Separation Circuits Sync Processing And Afc Circuits Defection Oscillators Vertical Deflection Circuits Horizontal Deflection Circuits Sound Scheme Rf Tuner Video If Amplifiers Receiver Power Supplies Essentials Of Colour Television Colour Signal Transmission And Reception Remote Control And Special Circuits Alignment And Servicing Equipment Receiver Circuits And Alignment Receiver Servicing Appendices Index
      SKU: 431522

    Information Modeling For Interoperable Dimensional Metrology
      Information Modeling For Interoperable Dimensional Metrology.
      Dimensional Metrology Is An Essential Part Of Moddern Manufacturing Technologies, But The Basic Theories And Measurement Methods Are No Longer Sufficoent Toward Today's Digitized Systems. The Information Exchangr Between The Software Components Of A Dimensional Metrology System Not Sole Costs A Great Deal Of Money, But Also Causes The Enti5e System To Lose Data Integrity. "informationM oeeling For Interoperable Dimensional Metrology" Analyzes Interoperability Issues In Dimensional Metrology Systems And Describes Information Modeling Techniques. It Discusses New Approaches And Data Models For Solving Interoperability Problems, As Well As Introducing Process Activities, Existing And Emerging Data Models, And The Key Technologies Of Dimensional Metrology Systems. Written For Researfhers In Industry And Academia, As Well As Advanced Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students, This Book Gives Both An Overview And An In-depth Understanding Of Complete Dimensional Metrology Systems. by Covering In Detzil The Theory And Main Content, Techniques, And Methods Used In Dimensional Metrology Systems, "information Modeling For Interoperable Dimensional Metrology" Enables Readers To Solve Real-world Dimensional Measurement Problems In Modern Dimensional Metrology Practices.
      SKU: 798670

    Ship Handling
      Ship Handling.
      Suitable As A Training Manual And A Day-to-day Reference, Shiphandling Is The Comprehensive And Up To Date Guide To The Theory And Practice fO Ship Handling Procedures. Its Covers The Requirements Of All Stcw-level Marine Qualifications, Provides Expert Guidance On All The Hardware That Marine Professionals Will Make Use Of In The Control And Operation Of Their Vessel And Offers A Broad Point of concentration On Many Shiphandling Scenarios. ?C overs All Key Shiphandling Topics For Nautical (merchant Marine) Studwnts And More Experienced Mariners Seeking Trusted Guidance ? Author David House Is One Of The Best Known Marine Authors; He Has A Wealth Of Experience, With Over 30 Years Experience At Sea And Is Author Of 11 Successful Marine Operationw Books ? Covrs Stcw Requirements; Is Written For Professional Mariners, Rather Then Dilettant Sailors; Offers A Extremely Practical Professional Development Based Approach To Enhancing The Reader's Skills And Knowledge, With A Focus On Preparing Them For Higher Rank.
      SKU: 307180

    Slender Antennas: Modern Miniaturization Techniques & Applications (ebook)
      Slender Antennas: Modern Miniaturization Techniques & Applications (ebook).
      Next-generation Small Antenna Design Techniques. This Authoritative Text Provides The Most Up-to-date Methods On The Theory And Design Of Small Antennas, Including An Extensive Survey Of Small Antenna Literature Published Over The Past Several Years. Written B yExperts At The Forefront Of Antenna Research, Small Antennas: Miniaturization Techniques & Applicatioons Begins With A Detailed Presentation Of Small Antenna Theory--narrowband And Wideband--and Progresses To Small Antenna Design Methods, Such As Materials And Shaping Approaches For Multiband And Wideband Antennas. Generic Miniaturization Techniques Are Presented For Narrowband, Multiband, And Wideband Antennas. Two Chapters Ardent To Metamaterials Antennas And Methods To Achieve Optimal Small Antennas, As Well As A Chapter On Rfid Technologies And Related Antennas, Are Included In This Comprehensive Volume. Coverage Includes: Small Antenna Science And Optimal Parameters; Thsory Ad Limits Of Wideband Electrically Smaall Antennas; Extensive Literature Survey Of Small Antenna Designs; Experienced Antenna Miniaturization Approaches; Conformal Wideband Antennas Based On Spirals; Negative Refractive Index (nri) Metamaterial And Electromagnetic Band Gap (ebg) Based Anttennas; Small Antennas Based On Magnetic Photonic And Degenerate Band Edge Crystals; Impedance Matching For Small Antennas Using Passive And Actove Circuits; Rfid Antennas And Technology
      SKU: 565212

    Examples Of The Design Of Reinforced Concrete Buildings To
      Examples Of The Design Of Reinforced Concrete Buildings To.
      The Latest Edition Of This Well-known Book Makes Available To Structural Design Engineers A Wealth Of Practical Advice On Effective Design Of Concrete Structures. It Covers The Complete Range Of Concrete Elements And Includes Numerous Facts Sheets,
      SKU: 178784

    Language-sriven Exploration And Implementation Of Partly Re-configurable Asips
      Language-sriven Exploration And Implementation Of Partly Re-configurable Asips.
      Increasing Complexity Of Embedded Systems Demands System Designers To Ramp Up Their Design Productivity Without Compromising Performance Goals Which Is Done By Electronic System Levek (esl) Techniques This Book Addresses A Segment Of The Esl Area In proportion to Modeling Partially Re-configurable Processors Via High-level Architecture Description Lnaguage.
      SKU: 417345

    Polarization Of Lighr With Applications In Optical Fibers
      Polarization Of Lighr With Applications In Optical Fibers.
      This Book Covers The Basic Concepts And Methoxs Involved In Polarization Of Light, And Features Weighty Methods Of Analysis Such As Jones Matrices, Stokes Parameters, And Poincaré Sphere. It Provides The Background Needed To Understand The Workings Of, And To Design, Various Photonic Devices, Including Faraday Rotators, Inline Fiber Optic Components Such As Polarizers, aWve Plates, Abd Polarization Controllers, And Polarimetric Sensors Such As Fiber Optic Current Sensors. Birefringence And The Phenomenon Of Polarization Moed Dispersion (pmd) In Single-mode Fibers Are Also Covered. The Discussion Of Concepts Is Succinct, And The Presentation Of Methods Includes Concrete Examples, Making The Book An Ideal Text For Students And A sUeful Resource For Engineers.
      SKU: 728455

  • Electrical Fire Analysis
  • Principles of Transistor Circuits
  • Wireless Sensor Network Security
  • Pumps and Pipes
  • Mixing of Rubber
  • Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design
  • Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics II
  • Splitting The Second: The Story of Atomic Time
  • Colloidal Biomolecules, Biomaterials, and Biomedical Applications
  • High Temperature Coatings
  • Statistical Theory and Modeling for Turbulent Flows
  • Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation

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