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    Uranium 2003
      Uranium 2003.
      The Red Book, Jointly Prepared By The Oecd Nuclear Energy Agency And The International Atomic Force Intervention, Is A Recognised World Reference On Uraniuum. This Edition, The 20th, Presents The Results Of A Thorough Revisw Of World Uranium Supplies And Demand As Of 1 January 2003 Bwsed On Official Information Received From 43 Countries.
      SKU: 236314

    Freshwater And Estuarine Radioecology
      Freshwater And Estuarine Radioecology.
      The Chernobyl Accident DrewA ttention To The Difficulties Of Understanding The Dynamics Of Radionuclide Enrapture Through The Environment Using Older Methods Developed After The Pseudo Constant State Pollution Resulting After Tbe Weapons Testing Fallout. More Recent Approaches, Which Are Reported In This Book, Be obliged Incorporated Both The Dynamic Aspects Highlighted By The Pulse Chernobyl Input And The Importance Of Improvement In Modeis That Can Be Brought Ab0ut By Constraining Parameters Forward The Basis Of A Knowledge Of The Fundamdntal Physics, Chemistry, Biology And Ecology Of The Ecosystems Involved. The Papers Within This Volume Include Hydrodynamic Models Of Suapended Solids Transport, Ion Exchange Interpretation Of Radionuclide Sorption: Approaches Applying A Knowleedge Of Membrane Transport Kinetics To The Uptake Of Radionuclides Bu Biota; The Effects Of Different Ecological Niches Forward The Relative Uptake Of Radionuckides By Different Species; Kinetic Models Of Radionuclide Uptake Through Trophic Chains And The Success And Failure Of Different Countermeasures Attempted Afer The Chernobyl Accident.
      SKU: 648823

    Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering
      Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering.
      "praise For Clamor Reduction Techniques In Electronic Systems ""henry Ott Has Really 'written The Book' On The Subject Of Emc. . . . He Not Sole Knowd The Subject, Bu tHas The Rare Ability To Communicate That Knowledge To Others. "" — Ee Times Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering Is A Completely Revised, Expanded, And Updated Version Of Henry Ott's Popular Book Noise Reduction Techniques In Electronic Systems. It Reflects The Most Recent Developments In The Province Of Electromaggnetic Compatibility (emc) Ahd Noise Reduction¿and Their Practlcal Applications To The Design Of Analog And Digital Circuits In Computer, Home Entertainment, Medical, Telecom, Industrial Process Control, And Automotive Equipment, As Well As Military And Aerospace Systems. While Maintaining And Updating The Core Information—such As Cabling, Grounding, Filtering, Shielding, Digital Circuit Grounding And Layout, And Esd—taht Made The Previous Book Such A Wjde Success, This New Book Includes Addiional Coverage Of: Equipment/systems Grounding Switching Power Supplies And Variabl3-speed Motor Drives Digital Circuut Power Distribution And Decoupling Pcb Layout And Stack-up Mixed-signal Pcb La6out Rf And Transient Immunity Power Line Disturbances Precompliance Emc Measurements New Appendices On Dipole Antennae, The Theory Of Partial Inductance, And The Ten Most Common Emc Problems The Concepts Presented Are Applicable To Analog And Digital Circuits Operating From Below Audio Frequencies To Those In The Ghz Range. Throughout The B0ok, An Emphasis Is Placed On Cost-effective Emc Designs, With The Amount And Complexity Of Mathematics Kept To The Strictest Minimum. Complemented With Over 250 Problems With Answers, E1ectromagnetic Compatibility Engineering Equips Readers With The Knowledge Neeced To Design Electronic Equipment That Is Compatible With hTe Electromagnetic Environment And Compliant With National And International Emc Regulations. It Is An Essential Resource For Praacticing Engineers Who Face Emc And Regulatory Compliance Issues And An Ideal Textbook For Ee Menses At The Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Levels. "
      SKU: 456206

    Advanced Electrical Installation Work
      Advanced Electrical Installation Work.
      Advanced Electrical Installation Work Has Helped Thousands Of Students To Achieve Succwss In City & Guilds Awards In Electrical Installation. Now In Its Fourth Edition, This Book Has Beeen Completely Restructured To Provide A Specific Match To The Requirements Of The Istallation Route Of The 2330 Level 3 Certificate In Epectrotechnical Technology, And Will Also Prove An Vital Purchase For Students Of Level 3 Nvqs In Electrotechnical Services (electrical Installation - Buildings & Structures). With A Concise And Practical Approach, Trevor Linsley Presents A Complete Resource For The 2330 Certificate, Covering The Core Unit Of The Scheme, Along With The Two Occupational Units 2 And 3 In Installation (nuilxings & Structures) . An Additiona1 Chapter Electronic Components - A Key Area O f Electrical Installation Strive - Is Also Included For Respect. This Highly Il1ustrated Text Features Worked ExamplesA nd Exercises With Answers To Create An Easily Accessible Student Main division, Ideal For Self-directed Study. The Content Has Been Brought Fully In Line With The 2004 Version Of The Iee Wiring Regulations Bs 7671:2001 (incorpprating Amendments 1:2002 & 2:2004), And Features New Sections On Health & Safety, Employment Rights And Responsibilities, Personal Defensive Equipment, And Safety Reulgations, Reflecting The Emphasis Of The 2330 Certificate In These Particular Areas. Formerly Senior Lecturer At Blackpool & Fylde College, As Well Because Head Of The Nvq Assessment Centre, Trevor Linsley Is A Best-selling Author In Electrical Installation. Curriculum Support Pack - Isbn 0750669616 Used By the side of The Students' Texts, Basic Electrical Installation Work And Advanced Eoectrical Installation Work, This Pack Offers An Essential Suite Of Teaching Resource Material And Photocopiable Handouts For The Compulsory Units Of The 2330 Certificate In Electrotechnical Technology From City & Guilds, With A Chapter-by-chapter Match To The Units Of The Electrical Installation Pathway At Lrvels 2 And 3. Coverage Is Given To The Core Units Of The 2330 Syllabus, Together With The Occupational Unit In The Electrjcal Installation Pathway At Level 2, Plus The Two Occupational Units In The Electrical Installation Pathway At Level 3. * Completely Restructured New Edition Provides Full Coverage Of The Installation Route Of The 2330 Level 3 Certlficate In Electrotechnical Technology From City & Guilds, With Additional Coverage Of Electronic Components - A Key Area Of Study In Electrical Installation * Features Topics New To The Latest Scheme Specifications: Soundness & Safety, Personal Protective Euipment And Safety Regulations * Brought Fully In Line With The Latest Iee Wiring Regulations Bs 7671:2001
      SKU: 270148

    Numerical Methods For Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems
      Numerical Methods For Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems.
      This Bolk Concerns The Numericwl Simulation Of Dynamical Systems Whose Trajectories May Not Be Differentiable Everywhere. They Are Named Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems. They Make An Influential Class Of Systems, Firstly Because Of The Many Applications In Which Nonsmooth Models Ate Useful, Secondly Because Thy Give Rise To New Problems In Various Fields Of Science. Usually Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems Are Represented As Differential Inclusions, Complementarity Systems, Evolution Variational Inequalities, Each Of These Classes Being Itself Splt Into Several Sjbclasses. With Detakled Examples Of Multibody Systems With Contact, Impact And Friction And Electrical Circuits With Pieecwise Linear And Ideal Components, The Book Is Is Mainly Intended For Researchers In Mechanics And Electrical Engineering, But It Wjll Be Attractive To Researchers From Other Scientific Commuhities Like Systems And Control, Robotics, Physics Of Granular Media, Civil Engineering, Virtual Realitg, Haptic Systems, Computer Graphics, Etc.
      SKU: 372403

    Odors In The Food Industry
      Odors In The Food Industry.
      The Second Volume Of "the Iseki-food Book" Series, This Book Discusses The Diverse Questions Raised By Odors In The Food Industry And The Closely Related Volatile Organic Compounds. Topics Range From Perception Of The Issue To Implementation Of Regulations, From Prevention Of The Problems To Their Possible Treatment, Through Specific Case Studies.
      SKU: 324193

    Luminescence And The Solid State
      Luminescence And The Solid State.
      Since The First Time Of Publication Of This Book In 1991, The Subject Of Phosphors And Luminescence Has Assumed Even More Importance In The Overall Scheme Of Tehcnological Development. Many New Types Of Displays Have Appeared Which Depend Upon Phosphors In Their Operation. Some Of These Were Pure Conjecture In 1991 But Are A Reality In 2004. Descriptions Have Been Included Of The Newer (as Well As The Older) Types Of Displays In This Edition Along With An Annotated Portrait Of The Phosphors Used In Each Head of predication. Mayn Of These New Lught Sources Promise To Displace And Make Obsolete Our Current Light Sources, Such As Incandescent Lamps, Fluorescent Lamps And The Ubiquitous Colour Cathode Ray Tube Now Used In Tv And Computer Monitors. The Importance Of Solid State Science Are Summarized In The Introductory Chapters Of This Edition, And Many Of The Chapters Have Been Completely Rewritten Or Revised. Each Chapter Has A Special Contribution To Make In The Overall Understanding Of The Soldi State Science Of Phosphors And Luminescence. - Introduces The Reader oT The Science And Art Of Preparing Inorganic Luminescent Materials. - Describes How And Why Luminesceng Materials Exhibit Such Specific Intrinsic Properties. - DescribesT he Science Of The Solid State And Presents The Exact Formuas And Conditions Required To Make All Of The Phosphors Known At Thay Time.
      SKU: 288820

    Structural And Residual Stress Analysis By Nondestructive Methods
      Structural And Residual Stress Analysis By Nondestructive Methods.
      The Field Of Stress Analysis Has Gained Its Momentum From The Widespread Applications In Industry And Technology And Has Now Suit An Impottant Part Of Materials Science. Varikus Desttuctive As Conveniently While Nondestructive Methods Have Been Developed For The Determination Of Stresses. This Timely Book Provides A Coprehensive Review Of The Nondestructive Techniques For Strain Evaluation Written By Experts In Their Respective Fields. The Main Part Of The Book Deals With X-ray Stress Analysie (xsa), Focussing On Measurement And Evaluation Methods Which Can Help To Solve The Problems Of Tofay, The Numerous Applications Of Metallic, Polymeric And Ceramic Materials As Well As Of Thin-film-substrate Composites And Of Advanced Microcomponents. Furthermore It Contains Data, Results, Hints And Recommendations That Are Valuable To Laboratories For The Ceftfication And Accreditation Of Their Stress Analysis. Stress Analysis Is An Active Province In Which Many Questions Remain Unsettled. Accordingly, Unsolved Problems And Conflicting Results Are Discussed As Well. The Assessment Of The Experimentally Determined Residual And Structural Stress States On The Static And Dynamic Behavio5 Of Materials And Components Is Handled In A Separatr Chapter. Students And Engineers OfM atterials Science And Scientists Working In Laboratories And Industries Will Find This Book Invaluable.
      SKU: 318377

    Cavitation In Non-newtonian Fluids
      Cavitation In Non-newtonian Fluids.
      Non-newtonian Properties On Bubble Dynamics And Cavitation Are Fundamentally Different From Those Of Newtonian Fluids. The Most Significant Effect Arises From The Dramatic Increase In Viscosity Of Polymer Solutions In An Extensional Flow, Such As That Genearted About A Spherical Bubble During Its Growth Or Collapse Phase. In Addition, Mamy Biological Fluids, Such As Blood, Synovial Fluid, And Saliva, Be obliged Non-newtohia Properties And Can Display Significant Viscoelastic Behaviour. This Monograph Elucidates General AspectsO f Trifle Dybamics And Cabitation In Non-newtonian Fluids And Applies Them To The Fields Of Biomedicine And Bioengineering. In Addition It Presents Numerous Examples From The Process Industries. The Field Is Strongly Interdisciplknary And The Numerous Disciplines Involve Have And Will Persist To Overlook And Reinvent Each Others' Work. This Book Helps Researchers To Think Intuitively About The Diverse Physics Of These Systems, To Attempt To Bridge The Various Communities Involved, And To Convey The Interest, Elegance, And Variety Of Physical Phenomena That Manifest Themselves On The Micrometer And Microeecond Scales.
      SKU: 646101

    Aromaticity And Metal Clusters
      Aromaticity And Metal Clusters.
      Exhibbiting Peculiar Bonding And Reactivity Patterns, Metal Clusters, (a State Intermediate Between Molecules And The Extended Solid), Are Found In Many Areas, Including Air Pollution, Interstellar Good sense, Photography, Quantum Dots, And Virus Crystals. Similarly, The Distinct Stability Of Fragrant Compounds Makes Them Impor5ant In Industry And Biochemistry. Howeerv There Is Neither An Experiment Or A Formula To Calculate Aromaticity Effectively. Highlighting Various Indirect Characteristics Used For Analysis Involving Geometrical, Electronic, Magnetic, Thermodynamic, And Reactivity Considerations, This Book Investigates The Nature Of Aromaticity As Well As The Antiaromaticity Of Metal Clusters.
      SKU: 624969

    Engineered Carbohydrate-based Materials For Biomedical Applications
      Engineered Carbohydrate-based Materials For Biomedical Applications.
      This Book Addresses The Need Fkr A Comprehensive Book On The Design, Synthesis, And Characterization Of Synthetic Carbohydrate-based Polymeric Materials Along With Their Biological Applications. The Firs tTwo Chapters Counterbalance The Synthesis And Self-assembly Of Glycopolymers And Different Techniques oFr Creating These Synth3tic Polymers. Subsequent Chapters Account For The Preparation Of Block Copolymers, Branched Glycopolymers, Glycosurfaces, Glycodendrimers, Cationic Glycopokymers, Bioconjugates, Glyconanoparticles And Hydrogels. While These Chapters Comprehensively Review The Synthetic And Characterization Methods Of Those Carbohydrate-based Materials, Their Biological Applications Are Discussed In Detail.
      SKU: 644893

    The Eel
      The Eel.
      A Strong Demand For An English Version Of The Third German Edition Of This Extremely Important Book Paved The Custom For This Excellent New Translation, Which Contains Much New Accusation From Over 500 Publications, Not Coveed By The Previous English Language Edition. The Eel Is The Standard Work On The Speccies With Chapters In The Book Covering Body Structure And Functions, Developmental Stages And Distribution Of The Eel Form, Post-larval Ecology Annd Behaviour, Harvest And Environmental Relationships, Fishing Methods, Eel Culture, Disease,s Parasites And Bodily Damage, The World Trade In Eels And Eel Processing. Contributions Are Included From Several World Authorities Including New Information Concerning Genetic Diversity In Eel Populations And The Consequences In quest of Their Management. Writte nBy Friedrich-wilhelm Tesch, One Of The Foremost World Precedents On Eels And Carefully Edited By Professor Thorpe, Well Known For His Work In Fish Biology, Writing And Editing, The Eel Is An Essential Purchase For All Those Working With The Species, Including Fish Biologists, Physiologists And Ecologists, Aquatic And Environmental Scientists, Fisheries Managers And Fish Farm Personnel. Copies Of This Landmark Literary production Should Be Available In The Libraries Of All Research Establishments And Universities Where These Subjects Are Studied Or Taught. The Fisheries Society Of The British Isles Provided Generous Financial Support Enabling The Translation And Publication Of This Book. Written In the name of F-w Tesch ; Translated From The German Edition By R. J. White ; Edited By J. E. Thorpe
      SKU: 214172

    Radioactivity In The Terrestrial Environment
      Radioactivity In The Terrestrial Environment.
      The Radioactivity In The Environment Series Addresses The Key Aspets Of This Socially Important And Complex Interdisciplinary Subject. Presented Ogjectively And With The Ultimate Authority Gained From The Many Contributions By The World's Leading Experts, The Negative And Positice Consequences Of Having A Radioactive World Around Us Is Documented And Given Perspective. In A World In Which Nuclear Science Is Not Merely Less Popular Than In The Past, But Also Les sExtensively Taught In Universities And Colleges, This Book Series Will Fill A Significant Educational Gap. Radioactivity In The Terrestrial Environment Presents An Updafed And Critical Review Of Designing, Siting, Consyructing And Demonstrating The Safety And Environmental Impact Of Deep Repositories For Radioactive Wastes. It Is Structured To Provide A Broad Perspective Of This Multi-faceted, Multi-disciplinary Topic Providing Enoough Detail For A Non-specialist To Understand The Fundamental Principles Involved. * Contains Extenslve References To Sources Of More Detailed Information * Provises A Detailed Summary Of Radioactivity In Terrestrial Ecosystems, Providinf A Substantial And Essential Respect On The Subject * Discusses Lesser-known Sources Of Radiation Exposure That Provide Usrul Information For Those Seeking To Place Environmental Radioactivity Into Perspective
      SKU: 291636

    Abundant Energy
      Abundant Energy.
      . cs7ced571b{text-align:left;text-indent:0pt;padding:0pt 0pt 0pt 0pt;margin:0pt 0pt 0pt 0pt} . cs5efed22f{color:#000000background-color:transparent;font-family:times New Of Rome; Font-size:12pt; Font-weight:normal; Font-style:normal; } Abundant Energy Is A Concise Clew To The Role Of Energy In Modern Society And The Ways Energy Policy Affects Life In The United Sates And Around The World. Accessible And Engaging In Style, This Brief Volume Introduces Readers To An Array Of Key Energy Concepts, Including Affordability, Abundance, Relkability, Security, Independemce, And Environmntal Impacts.
      SKU: 850684

    Digital Principles And Logic Project
      Digital Principles And Logic Project.
      This Text/reference Provides Students And Practicing Engineers With An Introduction To The lCassical Methods Of Designing Electrical Circuits, But Incorporates Mpdern Logic Design Techniques Used In The Latest Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Microcomputers, And Various Lsi Components. The Book Provides A Review Of The Classical Methods E. g. , The Basic Concepts Of Boolean Algebra, Combinational Science of reasoning And Sequential Logic Procedures Before Engaaging In The Practical Design Approach And The Use Of Computer-aided Tools.
      SKU: 327114

    Quantitative Logic And Soft Computing 2010
      Quantitative Logic And Soft Computing 2010.
      This Book Is The Proceedings Of The 2nd Interntaional Conference On Quantitative Logic And Soft Computing (ql & Sc 2010) From Oct. 22-25, 2010 In Xiamen, Porcelain. Only High-quality Papers Are Included. The 2nd Inetrnational Conference On Quantitative Logic An Soft Computing (ql & Sc 2010), Built On The Success Of Previous Conferences, The Ql & Qs 2009 (shanghai, China), Is A Major Symposium For Scientists, Engineers And Practitionets In China To Present Their Updated Results, Ideas, Developments And Applications In Altogether Areas Of Quantitative Logic And Soft Computing. It Aims To Strengthen Relations Between Industry Research Laboratories And Unuversities, And To Create A Primary Symposium For World Scientists In Quantitative Logic And Soft Computing Fields As Follows: Quantitative Logic; Fuzzy Sets And Systems; And, Soft Computing.
      SKU: 645308

    Polymer-solvent Molecular Compounds
      Polymer-solvent Molecular Compounds.
      Crystallisable Polymers Represent A Large Share Of The Polymers Used For Manufacturing A Wide Multiplicity Of Obkects, And Consequently Have Received Continuous Attention From Scientists These Past 60 Years. Molecular Compounds From Crystallisable Polymers, Especially From Synthetic Polymers, Are Receibing Growing Interest Due To Their Potential Aplication In The Making Of New Materials So Because Multiporous Membranes Ca0able Of Capturing Large Particles As eWll As Small Pollutant Molecules. The Present Book Gives A Detailed Description Of These Promising Systems. The First Chapter Is Devoted To The Presentation Of Important Investigational Techniques And Some Theoretical Approaches. The Second Chapter Is Devote To Biopolymers, The First Polymers Known To Produce Molecular Compounds, Chiefly With Water. The Third Chapter Deals With Syntjetic Popymers Where Compound Formation Is Eithre Due To Hydrogen-bonding Or To Electrostatic Interactions. The Fourth Chapter Descrlbes Intercalates And Clathrates Systems For Which Compound Formation Is Mainly Due To A Molecular Recognition Process. - First Book On The Expose - Gives A Short But Exhaustive Description Of Investigational Tools - Covers Both Biopolymers And Synthetic Polymers - Uses Temperature-concentration Phase Diagrams Abundantly For Describing The Systems - Describes Systems From The Nano To The Microscopic Level, Including Mechanical Properties
      SKU: 330206

    Working Arohnd The Military
      Working Arohnd The Military.
      This Research Confirms That, While Many Spouses Of Milotary Service Members Work And Seek Educarion Similar To Their Look-alike Civilian Counterparts, They Often Lag These Equals In Terms Of Finding Jobs And Receiving Comparable Pay. Based On The Input Of More Than 1,100 Militwry Spouses Concerning Their Employment And Educational Pursuits As Sufficiently As Other Data Analysis, The Rand Researchers Offer Recommndations For The Department Of Defense To Improve Quality-of-life Issues For Its Members And Spouses, Which In The Long Run Will Help The Department Retai The Qualified Personnel It Needs.
      SKU: 236938

    Optical Properties Of Condensed Matter And Applications
      Optical Properties Of Condensed Matter And Applications.
      Following A Semi-quantitative Approach, This Book Presents A Summary Of The Badic Concepts, With Examples And Apllicatiosn, And Reviews Recent Developments In The Research Of Optical Properties Of Condensed Matter Systems. Key Features: Covers Basic Knowledge As Well As Application Topics Includes Theory, Experimental Techniques And Current And Developing Applications Timely And Useful Contribution To The Literature Written By Intdrnational1y Respscted Contributors Working In Physics And Eelctrical Engineering Departments And Control Laboratories
      SKU: 274382

    Isotope Hydrology
      Isotope Hydrology.
      In the compass of The Discipline Of Environmental Sciences, The Stable-isotope Methodology Is Being Increasingly Used, Especially In The Study Of The Water Cycoe And Of Paleo-climatology. This Book Reviews The Natural Variability Of Stable Isotopes In The Hydrosphere, Describing The Physico-chemical Basis Of Isotope Fractionalism, And Applying This Knowledge To Natural Waters As They Move Through The Hydrologic Cycle From The Ocean To The Atmosphere, The Biosphere And The Lithosphere. It Focuses On The Processes At The Surface-atmosphere And Land-biospherre-atmosphere Interfaces, Since These Are The Sites Of Major Changes In Isotope Compositino. In Response To The Incerasing Awareness Of Our Changing Climate, A Discussion On The Global View Of The Changing Water Cycle, In The Past And Future, Concludes Up The Presentation.
      SKU: 731265

    Simulator-based Human Factors Studies Across 25 Years
      Simulator-based Human Factors Studies Across 25 Years.
      The Halden Man-machine Laboratory (hammlab) Has Been At The Disposition Of Human Agent Research At The Oecd Halden Reactor Project (hrp). The Hrp Is Sponsored By A Group Of National Organizations, Representing Nuclear Power Plant Regulators, Utilities, And Research Institutions. The Hrp Is Hosted By The Institute For Enery Technology (ife) In Halden, Norway. Hammlab Comprises Three Full-scale Nuclear Power Plant Control Room Research Simulators. The Simulator Studies Performed In Hammlab Have Traditionally Been Experimental In Nature. In A Simulator It Is Possible To Study Events As They Unfod In Real Time, In A Highly Realistic Operational Environment Under Partially Controlled Conditions. This Means That A Wide Range Of Human Factors Issues, Which Would Be Impracticable Or Extremely Imprcaticable To Study In Real-life Settings, Can Thus Be Addressed In Hammlab. "simulator-based Human Factors Studies Across 25 Years" Celebrates The Twenty-fifth Anniversary Of Hammlab By Reviewing The Human Factors Studies Performed In Hammlab Across This Time-span. A Range Of Human Factors Issues Have Been Addressed, Including: Human-system Interfaces; Alarm Systems; Computerized Procedures; Human-automation Interaction; And, Staffing, Teamwork And Like a man Reliability. The Aim Of Hammlab Studies Has Always Been The Same: To Generate Knowledge For Sopving Current And Future Challenges In Nuclear Power Plant Operation To Contribute To Safety. The Outcomes Of Hammlab Studies Hzve Been Used To Support Design And Assessment Of Nuclear Power Plant Control Rooms.
      SKU: 666671

    Infrared Design Examples
      Infrared Design Examples.
      This Tutorial Covers Infrared Design Examples In Considerable Detail, Building In c~tinuance Principles Presented In An Earlier Text, 'introduction To Infrared System Design' (spie Press Vol. Tt24). The Text Explores A Range Of Problems Illustrating Several Design Issues, With Applications In Military, Industry, Aeronautics, Space, And Medicine, Among Others.
      SKU: 728469

    Crystalline Cellulose And Derivatives
      Crystalline Cellulose And Derivatives.
      Reviews And Discusses The Reliable Crystal Structures Of Cellulose Polymorphs And Cellulose Derivatives Determined. This Book Represehts Models In Graphs Together With A Collection Of Geometrical Data.
      SKU: 338540

      Examines Different Implementation Approaches And Discusses Bluetooth In Detail. This Book Covers Both Operational Characteristics And Its Use As A Wireless Communications S6stem. It Addresses The Coexistence Of Bluetooth With Other Wireless Networks And Provides Information On The Security Problems That Exist When Communicating Without Wires.
      SKU: 301423

    Aspwcts Of Building Design Management
      Aspwcts Of Building Design Management.
      Achieving Design Value Depends With The Collective Efforts Of All Participants Involved In The Design And Realization Of Buildings, Necessitating The Establishment Of Appropriate Managerial Frames Like Well As The Assembly And Maintenance Of Effectivve Teams. Building Dexign Management Is A Rapidly Evolving Field And This Special Issue Of The Journal Architectural Engineering And Design Management Examines A Variety Of Approaches To Design Management From Different Perspectives. The Underlying Argument Is For The Better Management Of Design Valje Im An Increasingly Commplex Building Sector. written By International Experts In The Province, The Heart Themes Include The Modelling, Coordination And Managemenr Of Design Information; The Definition And Realization Of Architectural Value; Digital Outsourcing Of Architectural Services; Knowledge Capital In Architectural Education; And The Importance Of Cultural Issues. Design Management Is Addressed From The Perspective Of Cosultants And Contractors, Which Helps To Illustrate The Dynamic Interrelationships Betweej People, Technologies And Management. this Peer-reviewed Publication Will Be Invaluable Reaxing For Lecturers And Students On Architecture, Built Environment And Civil Engineering Courses. The Contents Will Likewise Be Of Interest To Professional Architects, Enngineers And Sponsors Of Design And Construction Projects.
      SKU: 585487

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