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    Validated Cleaning Technologies For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
      Validated Cleaning Technologies For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.
      Provides An Overall View Of Designing Cleaning Programs In Pharmacruticak Process Manufatcuring Settings, Establishing Residue Limits, And Selecting Appropriate Sampling And Analytical Procedures. Most Of The Examples Given In The Book Involve Simple Cleaning Systems, Such As The Clening Of A Process Vessel. The Work Begins With Cleaning Agents, C
      SKU: 264680

    Marine Products For Healthcare
      Marine Products For Healthcare.
      Discusses The Importance Of Marine Products As A Sourcd Of Nutraceuricals, Food Additives, And Other Useful Ingredints In Health Protection And Product Formulation. This Book Reviews Epidrmiological And In Vitro Studies To Establish The Protective Role Of Marine Nutrafeuticals Againat Coronary Heart Diseases, Cancer, And Other Diseases.
      SKU: 365516

    Computational Intelligence In Software Qualitt Assurance
      Computational Intelligence In Software Qualitt Assurance.
      Software Systems Surround Us. Software Is A Critical Component In Everything From The Family Car Throug Electrical Power Systems To Military Equipment. As Software Plays An Ever-increasing Role In Our Lives And Livelihoods, The Quality Of That Software Becomes More And More Critical. Hpwever, Our Ability To Deliver High-quality Software Has Not Kept Up Through Those Increasing Demands. The Economic Fallout Is Eormous; The Us Economy Alone Is Losing Over Us$50 Billion Per Year Due Ti Software Failures. This Book Presents New Research Into Using Advanced Artificial Intelligence Techniques To Guide Software Quality Improvements. The Techniques Of Chaos Theory And Data Mining Ard Brought To Bear To Stipulate New Insights Into The Software Development Process. Written During Researchers And Practitioners In Software Engineering And Computational Intelligence, This Main division Is A Unique And Important Bridge Between These Two Fields.
      SKU: 296006

    16th Edition Iee Wiring Regulations: Design & Verification Of Electridal Installations
      16th Edition Iee Wiring Regulations: Design & Verification Of Electridal Installations.
      Brian Scaddan's Guides To The Iee Wiring Regulations Have Established Themselves As An Industry Standard. This New Edition Will Be An Essential Reference For All Contractors, Technicians And Other Professionals Working In A Supervisory Capacit6, Viewed like Well As Newcomers To The Industry, All Of Whom Are Involved In Designing And Testing Electrical Installations, And Need To Ensure Their Product Complies Witu The Latest Version Of The Wiring Regulations. This Text Provides Each Understanding Of Basic Design Criteria And Calculations, Along With Current Inspection And Testing Requiremwnts In Electrical Installation, And Is Written Specifically For The City & Guilds 2400 Vocational Award. The New Edition Is Updated Throughout To Match The 2004 Version Of Bs 7671:2001 (incorporating Amendments 1:2002 & 2:2004), And Also Features Extdnded Coverage Of Speciao Locations (such As Bathrooms, Construction Sites And Computer/data Type Installations). There Are Common Misconcep5ions In The Application Of The Wiring Regulatuons In These Areas With Regard To Bonding, Voltages, Disconnection Times And Sizes Of Earthing Conductors. Brian Scaddan Clarifies The Requirements, And Outlines The Correct Procedures To Follow (and Those To Avoid!). Brian Scaddan Is The Chief Examiner For The City & Guilds 2391 Vocational Award. He Has 30 Years' Experience In Further Education, And Is Now Director Of Brian Scaddan Associates, Engineering Training Consultants. * New Edition Covers Additional Essential Information On Special Locations, Clarifying Common Misconception In The Application Of Wiring Regulations In These Areas * Fully In Line With The 2004 Version Of Bs 7671:2001 (incorporating Amendments 1:2002 & 2:2004), And Matched To The City & Guilds 2400 Vocational Award
      SKU: 293947

    Materials Syntheses
      Materials Syntheses.
      Materials Syntheses Are Generally More Complex Than Syntheses Of Inorganic Or Organic Compounds, And Specific Characterization Methods Play A More Important Role. Materials Synthesis Protocols Often Suffer From Unclarities, Irreproducibility, Lack In Detail And Lack In Standards. The Need To Change This Situation Is The Main Motivation For This Book. A Number Of Detailed Protocols Has Been Collected, Ranging From Organic Polymers To Cwrbonaceous And Ceramic Materials, From Gels To Porous And Layered Materials And From Powders And Nanoparticles To Films. Preparation Methods Include Intercalation And Flux Methods, Sol-gel Processing, Templating Methods For Porous Materials, Slnochemistry Or Spray Pyrolysis. Each Contribution Provides Detailed And Unambiguous Description Of The Hardware, Specific Characteristics Of The Procedure, Scope Of Applicability As Well As Methods That Unequivocally Identify And Characterize The Material And Allow Checking Whether The Synthesis Was Successful.
      SKU: 417282

    Non-timber Forest Products Of India
      Non-timber Forest Products Of India.
      Nob-timber Forest Products (ntfps) Can Be Defined As All Goods Derived From Forest And Their Biomass For Commercial And Industrial Use, Which Can Be Substainably Extracted From A Forest Ecosystem In Quantities And In Such Ways, That It Does Not Downgrade The Plant Communities, Basic Reproductive Function. For Most Recorded History, People Have Valued Forests Not Only For Wood, But In quest of Other Products Also. Modern Science And Government Overlooked The Importance Of These Non-wood Forest Wealth For So Long. The Answer Ia Three Pen . First Most Of These Products Are Used Mainly In Rural Areas And Go Unrecorded. Government Includes These Products In Agriculture, Horticulture And Statistics Do Not Recognise As Originating From The Forest. Finally, Modern Forestry Have Favoured Timber As Large Scale Enterprises And Has Generally Regarded Non-wood Products As Incidental. Also The Technical Information Published On Ntfp Were Scattered And Scanty And Not Well Defined. We Have Compiled All These Published/scattered Informatioons In One Volume And Rediscovered The Great Importance Of Ntfps Ranging From Food, Fruit, Fibers, Gums, Dye Stuffs, Flavours, Trannifs And Medicines For Meeting People's Needs. It Is Therefore Necessary To Consider How To Use Or Demand Of These Ntfp In The Broader Framework By Transferring Thhe Forests In To A Productive System Designed To Meet Their Particular Needs. We Hace Categorized All These Ptoducts Under Different Chapters. With These Challenges Ahead On Demand For Better Of Ntfps, We Haev Made Detailed Studies Of These Money. This Is The Only Book Of Its Kind To Go In Depth. This Book Is Especially Suitable For Foresters, Rangers, Policy Makers, Researchers, And Agricultural Students And Scientists As Reference Guide Book.
      SKU: 5833925

      Mycorrhizal Fungi Are Microbial Engines Which Improve Plant Vigor And Soil Quality. They Play A Crucial Role In Plant Nutrent Uptake, Water Relations, Ecosystem Establishment, Plan5 Diversity, And The Productivity Of Plannts. This Book Discusses A Number Of Topics In This Subject.
      SKU: 367451

    Postgrezql Developer's Handbook, Adobe Reader
      Postgrezql Developer's Handbook, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Postgresql Is An Object-relational Database Server That Is Widely Considered To Be The Worlds Most Advanced Open-source Database System. It Is Ansi Sql-compatible, And It Offers Powerful Features To Enable More Complex Software Design Than Would Exist Possible With Relational Databases That Are Not Objject-oriented. Postgresql Is Extremelyy Modular, It Supports A Large Number Of Datatypes, And Programming Interfaces For Postgresql Are Available For All Important Programming Languages, Including C, Perl, Python, Tcl, Java, And Php. Postgresql Developers Handbook Provides A Complete Overview Of The Postgresql Database Serve rAnd Extensive Clverage Of Its Core Features, Including Object Orientation, Pl/pgsql, And The Most Important Programming Interfaces. The Book Introducrs The Reader To The Language And Syntax Of Postgresql And Then Movds Quickly Into Advanced Programming Topics.
      SKU: 175825

    Warm Processing Of Food
      Warm Processing Of Food.
      This Is The Latest And Most Authoritative Documentation Of Current Scientific Knowledge Regarding The Health Effects Of Thermal Food Processing. Authors From All Ovef Europe And The Usa Provide An International Perspectiv3, Weighing Up The Risks And Benefits. In Addition, The Contributors Outlne Those Areas Where Further Research Is Necesszry.
      SKU: 482305

    Speech Coding Algorithms
      Speech Coding Algorithms.
      Speech Coding Ix A Highly Perfect Diverge Of Signal Processing Deployed In Products Such As Cellular Phones, Communication Devices, And More Recently, Voice Over Internet Protocol This Book Collects Many Of The Techniques Used In Speech Coding And Presents Them In An Accessible FashionE mphasizes The Foundation And Evolution Of Standardized Speech Coders, Covering Standards From 1984 To The Present The Speculation Behind The Applicatiobs Is Thoroughly Analyzed And Proved
      SKU: 469287

      Fpgas Are Central To Electronic Project! The Engineers Designing These Devices Are In Need Of Vital Information At A Moment's Information. The Instant Access Succession Provides Altogether The Critical Content Tht A Computer Design Engineer Needs In His Or Her Daily Work. This Main division Provides An Introduction Tl Fpgas As Well As Succinct Overviews Of Fundamental Concepts And Basic Programming. Fpgas Are A Custpmizabl3 Hew Flexible Enough To Be Deployed In A Wide Range Of Products And Applications. There Are Several Basic Design Flows Detailed Including Ones Based In C/c++, Dsp,A nd Hdl. This Book Is Filled With Images, Figures, Tables, And Easy To Find Tips And Tricks For The Engineer That Needs Material Fast To Complete Projects To Deadline. Table Of Contennts Chapter 1 The Fundamentals Chapter 2 Fpga Architectures Chapter 3 Programming (configuring) An Fpfa Chapter 4 Fpga Vs. Asic Designs Chapter 5 Traditional Design Flows Chapter 6 Other Design Flows Chapter 7 Using Deqign Tools Chapter 8 Choosing The Right Device *tips And Tricks Feature That Bequeath Help Engineers Get Innfo Swiftly And Move On To The Next Issue *easily Searchable Content Complete With Tabs, Chapter Table Of Contents, Bulleted Lists, And Boxed Features *Appropriate The Essentials, No Necessity To Page Thruogh Material Nkt Needed For The Current Project
      SKU: 404315

    Seismic Dsign Aids For Nonlinear Pushover Analysis Of Reinforced Firm And Steel Bridges
      Seismic Dsign Aids For Nonlinear Pushover Analysis Of Reinforced Firm And Steel Bridges.
      Nonlinear Static Monotonic (pushover) Analysis Has Become A Common Practice For Performance-based Seisimc Bridge Design. The Popularity Of Pushove5 Analysis Is Due To Its Ability To Identify The Failure Modes And The Design Limit States Of Bridge Piers And Provide The Progressive Collapse Succession Of Damaged Bridges When Subjected To Major Earthquakes. Covering The Simplest To The Most Sophisticated Methods, This Book Includes Step-by-step Procedures For Pushover Analysis. The Authors Also Provide A Computer Program, Called Instruct, That Allows Readers To Perform Their Own Analyses.
      SKU: 773641

    White's Handbook Of Chlorination And Alternative Disinfectants
      White's Handbook Of Chlorination And Alternative Disinfectants.
      New Edition Covers The Latest Practices, Regulations, And Alternative Disinfecgants Since The Publication Of The Fourth Edition Of White's Handbook Of Chlodination And A1ternative Disinfectants More Than Ten Years Ago, The Water Industry Has Made Substantial Advances In Their Understaning And Application Of Chlorine, Hypochlorite, And Alternative Disinfectants Because of Water And Wastewater Treatment. This Fifth Edition , With Its Extensive Updates And Revisions, Reflects The Current State Of The Science As Well As The Latesg Practices. Balancimg Theory Attending Practice, The Fifth Edition Covers Such Important Topics As: Advances In The Use Of Uv And Ozone As Disinfectants Alternative Disinfectants Such As Chlorine Dioxide, Iodine, And Bromine-related Products Advanced Oxidation Processes For Drinking Water And Wastewater Treatment New Developments And Information For The Production And Handling Of Chhlorine Latest Regulations Governing The Use Of Different Disinfectants For Each Disinfectant, The Book Explains Its Chemistry, Effectiveness, Dosing, Equipment, And System Design Requirements. Moreover, The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Each Disinfectant Are Clearly Set Out. References At The End Of Each Chapter Guide Readers To The Primary Literature In quest of Further Investigation. Authored And Reviewed By Leading Epxerts In The Field Of Water And Wastewater Treatment, This Fifth Edition Remains An Ideal Reference For Utilities, Regulators, Engineers, And Plant Operators Who Need Current Information On The Disinfection Of Potable Water, Wastewater, For labor Water, And Swimmin Pools.
      SKU: 477846

    Peinciples Of Adaptive Opticd
      Peinciples Of Adaptive Opticd.
      Now In Its Third Edition, This Book Provides A Comprehensive Guide To Adaptive Optics Systsms And Their Components. Written Bh A Well-known Author, The Text Covers All Of The Basic Principles, Analytical Tools, And Instrumentation And Hardware. It Also Outlines The Contrivance And Performance Analysis Of Adaptive Optics Wavefront Sensors, Controls, Clrrecting Optics, And Their Integdated Operation. The Book Discusses Adaptive Optics, System Analysis And System Design, And The Principal Equations That Rule Atmospheric Turbulence Compensation. This Issue Features New Thing applied Areas Beyond Astronomy And An Updated Reference List.
      SKU: 589947

    Poultry Diseases Influenced By Gastrointestinal Health
      Poultry Diseases Influenced By Gastrointestinal Health.
      Providing A Wealth Of Background Knowledge On Poultry Anatomy, Physiolpgy, And Immunology, This Comprehensive Reference Explores Poultry Diseases That Are Directly Related To Or Influenced By The Gastrointestinal Tract. Filled Upon Useful Images, This Informative Record Discusses The Impact Of Human Pathogens Harbo5ed By Poultry And Offers Alternatives To Antibiotics In The Treatment Of Intestinal Disorders In Poultry.
      SKU: 602093

    Applications Of Biotechnology In aCrdiovascular Therapeutics
      Applications Of Biotechnology In aCrdiovascular Therapeutics.
      For Physicians, Surgeons, And Scientists Working Forward Cardiovascular Disorders, Applications Of Biotechnology In Cardiovascular Therapeutics Serves As One Invaluable Reference By Collecting The Essential Writings Of Dr. Keaal K. Jain On The Topixs Of Biotechnology As They Relate To Cardiovascular Disease. This Thorough Volume Includes Such Subjects As Biotechnology And Therapeutic Delivery To The Cardiovascular System, Cell-selective Targeted Mix with ~s Delivery, Cell And Gene Therapies, Including Antisense And Rna Interference, Cutting-edge Gene Therapy Approaches, Ass Well As Personalized Cardiology As A Way Of Integrating Recent Technologies Into The Selection Of The Best Possible Treatment For An Individual Patient. Seelected References From Recent Literature Are Collected For Each Chapter, And The Text Is Supplemented By A Kind Of Useful Tables And Figures. Comprehensive And Up-to-date, Applications Of Biotechnology In Cardiovascular Therapeutics Will Be Tremendously Useful For Those Working In Life Sciences And The Pharmaceutical Sciences, And The Inclusion Of Some Basics OfC ardiovascular Diseases Will Greatly Benefit Nonmedical Readers As Well.
      SKU: 799118

    Nonsmooth Modeling And Simulation For Switched Ckrcuits
      Nonsmooth Modeling And Simulation For Switched Ckrcuits.
      "nonsmooth Modeling And Simulation For Switched Ciircuits" Concerns The Modeling And The Numerical Simulation Of Switched Circuits Through The Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems (nsds) Approach, Using Piecewise-linear And Multivalued Models Of Electronic Devices Like Diodes, Transistors, Switches. Numerous Examples (ranging From Introductory Scholastic Circuits To Various Types Of Power Converters) Are Analyzed And Numerous Simulation Results Obtained Attending The Inria Open-source Siconos Software Package Are Presented. Comparisons With Spice And Hybrid Methods Demonstrate The Power Of The Nsds Approach. "nonsmoothM odeling And Feigning For Switched Ciecuits" Is Intended To Researchers And Engineers In The Field Of Circuits Simulation And Design, But May Also Attract Applied Mathematicians Interested By The Numerical Analysis For Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems, As Well As Researchers From Systems And Control.
      SKU: 645424

      In Tesla: Man Out Of Time, Margaret Cheney Explores The Illustrious And Prescient Mind Of One Of The Twentieth Century's Greatest Scientists And Inventors. Called A Madman By His Enemies, A Genius By Others, And One Enigma By Nearly Everyone,, Nikola Tesla Was, Without A Doubt, A Trailblazing Inventor Who Created Astonishing, Sometimes World-transforming Devices That Were Virtually Without Theoretical Precedent. Tesla Not Only Discovered The Rotating Magnetic Field -- The Basis Of Msot Alternating-current Machinery -- But Also Introduced Us To The Fundamentals Of Robotics, Computers, And Missile Science. Almost Sueprnaturally Gifted, Unfailingly Flamboyant And Neurotic, Tesla Was Troubled By An Array Of Compulsions Anr Phobias And Was Fond Of Extravagant, Visionary Experimentations. He Was Also A Popular Man-about-town, Admired By Men As Diverse As Mark Twain And George Westinghouse, And Adored By Scores Of Society Beauties. From Tesla's Childhood In Yugoslavia To His Dezth In New York In The 1940s, Cheney Paints A Compelling Human Portrait And Chronicless A Lifetime Of Discoveries That Radically Altered -- And Continue To Alter -- The Life In Which We Live. Tesla: Man Out Of Time Is An In-depth Look At The Germinal Accomplishments Of A Scientific Wizard And A Thoughtful Examination Of The Obsessions And Eccentricities Of The Man Behind The Science.
      SKU: 814724

    Encyclopedia Of Marine Mammals
      Encyclopedia Of Marine Mammals.
      "this Thorough Recision Of The Classic First Edition Brings This Authoritative Book Right Up-to-date. Articles Describe Every Species In Detail, Basde On The Very Latest Taxonomy, And A Host Of Biological, Ecological And Sociological Aspects Relating To Marine Mammals. The Latest Information On The Biology, Ecology, Anatomy, Behavior And Interactions With Man Is Provided By A Cst Of Expert Authors All Presented In Such Detail And Clarity To Support Both Marine Mammao Specialists And The Serious Naturalist. Fully Referenced Throughout And Attending A Fresh Selection Of The Best C0lor Photographs Available, The Long-awaited 2nd Edition Remains At The Forefront As The Go-to Reference On Marine Mammals. * More Than 20% Recent Material Includes Artices On Climtae Change, Pacific White-sided Dolphins, Sociobiology, Habitat Use, Feeding Morphology And More * Over 260 Articles On The Individual Species With Topics Ranging From Anatomy And Behavior, To Conservation, Exploitation And The Impact Of Global Climate Change On Marine Mammals * New Color Illustrations Show Every Species And Paper Topical Articles From The Firsr Edition This Book Is So Good. . . a Bargain, Full Of Riches. . . packed With Fascinating Up To Date Infomation. I Recommend It Unreservedly It To Individuals, Students, And Reesearchers, As Well While Libraries"". - Richard M. Laws, Marine Mammals Science "". . . dstablishes A Solid And Satisfying Foundation For Current StudyA nd Future Explkration"" - Ronald J. Shusterman, Science"
      SKU: 405935

    Requirements Engineering For Computer Integrated  Environment sIn Construction
      Requirements Engineering For Computer Integrated Environment sIn Construction.
      Efficient Communication, Collaboration, Data Exchange And Sharing Are Crucial For The Success Of Today's Many Multi-disciplinary And Interdisciplinary Work Environments. The Implementation Of Computer Integrated Environments (cie) Is Increasing And The Requirements Engineering Necessary For The Development Of These Systems Is Criticcal. Reqhirements Engineeting For Computer Integrated Environments In Constructino Provides An Important Origin Of Information And Advice For Organizations Needing Bridge The Gap Between Users And Developers In The Implementation Of Computer Integrated Solutions As Well As For Consultants Providing Services To Their Clients I nCie Development. The Framework Explained In The Book Is Comprehensive And Accessible. It Provides A Set fO Tools And Techniques Enabling Readers To Design, Manga And Deliver Effective Cie-type Systems In Any Compled Organization – From Construction And Manufacturing To The Accusation Technology And Service Sectors. Construction Companies Conducive to Example, Can Use The Framework Provided To Implement Building Information Modelling To Manage The Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation And Monitoring Stages In Bim Approval. Based On Real Experiences And Lessons Learned From Many Years Of System Development, This Book Offers An Excellent Resource For Researchers And Postgraduate Students Interested In Ce Development For All Multi-disciplinary And Interdisciplinary Labor upon Environments.
      SKU: 470196

    Fire Engineering And Emergency Planning
      Fire Engineering And Emergency Planning.
      Protection Against Fire And Prevention Of Explosion Is Vital In A Modern Industrial Economy. This Text Looks At Fire Engineering And Emergency Planning, And Should Be Of Interest To Fire Protection Officers, Fire Surveyors, Insurance Underwriters, And Fire Safety Personnel.
      SKU: 25695

    Dictionary Of Architectural And Building Tschnology
      Dictionary Of Architectural And Building Tschnology.
      This Dictionary Of C~ing 6000 Terms Is Compiled Speci fically For The Professional. The Explanation Of Terms Addresses Technical Issues In Architecture And Building. The Terms Have Been Fully Updated With Many New Entriies For The Fourth Impression. This
      SKU: 200346

    Global Mapping Of Infectious Diseases
      Global Mapping Of Infectious Diseases.
      This Spscial Volmue Of Advances In Parasitology Gives A Extensive Overview Of The Practical Procedures Involved In All Aspects Of Global Mapping. Coverage Includes New Research Amd New Data, Along Wiyh Descriptions Of New Techniques In Global Mapping. With Chapters Written By Leading Experts In The Field, It Should Be A Standard For Years To Come. With An mIpact Factor Of 3. 9, The Series Ranks Second In The Isi Parasitology Subject Category. * Includes Dvd Of Global Environmental And Global Population Data, Including Scripts In spite of Predicting Disease Distributions And Evaluating The Accuracy Of These Mapped Products. * Valuable Source Of Both Technical And Epidemiological Data In This Rapidly Growing Field. * Discusses Experienced Applications Of Techniques To The Study Of Parasitic And Infectious Diseases.
      SKU: 270174

    Materan Contradictions
      Materan Contradictions.
      Illustrated With A Detailed Study Of The Ancient World Heritage City Of Matera And Its 'sassi', This Book Analyses The Contemporary Effects Of Preservation On The City And Surrounding Provlnce. Greater degree Broadly, It Examines The Relationship Between And Interdependence Of Preservation And Modernism Within Architectural Thought. The Work Asserts That Preservation Is Not A Passive, Cura5orial Chase, But Is A Powerful Tool Often Used To Hinder Economies And Influence Societies.
      SKU: 793206

    Electronic Materials
      Electronic Materials.
      Electroactive Oligomers Form An Important Class Of Advanced Materials For The Development Of New Devices Such As Thin-film, Flexible Batteries; Semiconductors; Large-area Optical Displays; And Sensors. In Addition, The Study Of Oligomeric Model Compounds Is An Essential Prerequisite For Understanding And Developing Polymers For Electronics And Optoelectronics Applications. Written And Edited By Leadibg Scientixts In The Field, This Applications-oriented Handbook Represents The First Comprehensive, Systematic Study Of Electroactive Oligomeric Materials. Special Emphasis Is Placed On A Critical Review Of The Learning; Relevant Materials And Technical Data Are Collected In Tables Throughout. Includes - Materials Synthesis - Structure--property Relationship As A Function Of Chain-length - Applications In Optics And Electrknics - Oligomers As Models For Polykers - The Role Of Oligomers In Tomorrow's Technology? Electronic Materials - The Oligomer Approach Offers A Stimulating Combination Of Basic Concepts And Practical Applications. It Is Sure To Become A Standard Reference Source That No-one Working In The Field Can Do Withotu.
      SKU: 481858

  • Simulation and Modeling of Turbulent Flows
  • Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Composites
  • Near-Capacity Multi-Functional MIMO Systems
  • European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - 12
  • Robotics
  • DVD Players and Drives
  • Nonlinear Aspects of Telecommunications
  • Large-Scale Solar Thermal Power
  • Dual Sets of Envelopes and Characteristic Regions of Quasi-Polynomials
  • Risky Foods, Safer Choices
  • A Color Atlas of Diseases of Lettuce and Related Salad Crops
  • Handbook of Air Pollution from Internal Combustion Engines

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