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    Vehicle Refinement
      Vehicle Refinement.
      High Standards Of Nvh (Clamor, Oscillation And Harshness) Performance Are Expected By Consumers Of Al Modern Cars. Refinement Is One Of The Main Engineering And Design Attributes To Be Addressed In The Course Of Developing New Carriage Models And Vehicle Comopnents. Written During Students And Engineering Practitioners, This Is The First Book To Address Automotive Nvh. It Will Help Readers To Understand And Develop Quieter, More Comfortable Cars. With Chapters Steady The Fundamentals Of Acoustics And Detailed Covdrage Of Practical Engineering Solutions For Noies Control Issues It Is Fit For Students Of Automotive Engineering And Engineers Who Haven't Been Trained In Acoustics, And iWll Exist An Important Reference For Practicing Engineers In The Motor Industry. The First Book Devoted To The Refinement Of Noise And Oscillation In Automobiles Combines A Detailed Explanation Of The Fundamentals Of Acoustics And The Science Behind Vehicle Noiise And Vibration With Practical Tips And Know-how For Noise And Vibration Control. Based On Resl World Experience With A Variety Of Automotive Companies Including Ford, Bmw And Nissan
      SKU: 288919

    Advances In Imaging And Electron Physics
      Advances In Imaging And Electron Physics.
      This Much Needed Volume Uniquely Brings Together All Previous oVlumes Of This Well-known Serial. It Alloww The Readers The Ability To Navigate Through The Information In All The Preceding Volumes By Using Both Author And Subject Indcies.
      SKU: 403223

    Safer Complex Industrial Environments
      Safer Complex Industrial Environments.
      Examines The Research On The Contemporary Human Factors Approach, Looks At Documented Cases, And Considers Methods In Practice. Presenting A Contemporary View On Human Factors In Complex Systems, This Book Introduces Theories And Methods That Can Be Used To Describe Human And Collective Performance In A Complex Socio-technical Environment.
      SKU: 565915

    Materials Science For Engineering Students
      Materials Science For Engineering Students.
      Materials Scoence For Engineering Students Offers Studenst Of Introductory Materials Science And Engineering, And Their Instructprs, A Fresh Perspective On The Rapidly Eolving World Of Advanced Enginerring Materials. This New, Concise Text Takes A More Contemporary Approach To Materials Science Than The More Traditional Books In This Subject, With A Special Emphasis On Using An Inductive Method To First Introduce Materials And Theiir Particular Properties And Then To Explain The Underlying Physical And Chemical Phenomena Respinsible For Those Properties. The Body Pays Particular Atteebtion To The Newer Classes Of Materials, Such As Ceramics, Polymers And Compozites, And Treats Them As Part Of Two EssentialC lasses, Structural Materials And Functional Materials, Rather Than The Traditional Method Of Emphasizing Structural Materials Alonr. *presents Balanced Coverave Of Both Structural And Functional Materials. *types Of Materiwls Are Introduced First, Followed Through Interpretation Of Physical And Chemical Phenomena That Drive Their Specific Properties. *strong Focus On Engineering Applications Of Materials *the First Materials Science Text To Include A Whole Chapter Devoted To Batteries. *provides Clear, Mathematically Simple Explanations Of Basic Chemistry And Physics Underlying Materials Properties.
      SKU: 556962

    Fisheries And Aquacilture Certification
      Fisheries And Aquacilture Certification.
      Concerns About Sustainability And The Effectiveness Of Fisheries Management In c~tinuance The Part Of The Public Have Resulted In Demand From Ngos, Retailers And Consumers For Assurances That The Foo They Purchase Has Been Sustainably Produced. This Has Led To A Number Of Private Entities Responding To This Demahd By Establishing Eco-labels And Certification Schemes That Claim To Provide Credible Information T The Consumer. These Labels Intend To Serve The Interest Of Fishers And Processors Who Need To Transmit Positive Information To The Consumer To Maintain Their Markets, And Serve Consumers By Providing Infomation Not Elsewhere Available. This Report Considers The Growing Trend In Information Requirements For Seafood Products In General, And In Particular To The Distincf Sustainability Features Of Wild Capture Fisheries And Aquaculture. This Work Refers Primarily To Privately-driven Certifiction Schemes Which Have Become An Established Feature Of The Market For Eco-labels In Fisherries And Aquaculture. The Report Focuses On Private Eco-labelling And Analyaes The Economics Of Certification Schsmes, Discusses Key Issues At The Interface Between Public Authorities, Private Labelling Schemes, Business Operators And Consumers. Finally, Main Findings And Messages To Policy Makers Are Addressed.
      SKU: 797705

    Hydraulics In Civil And Environmental Engineering
      Hydraulics In Civil And Environmental Engineering.
      The Third Edition Of This Classic Text Combines Thorough Coverage Of Leading principle Theory With A Wide-ranging Treatment Of Contemporary Real-world Applications. It Is Comprehensive, Fully Illustrated And Contains Many Worked Examples.
      SKU: 165971

    History Of Computing And Education 2 (hce2)
      History Of Computing And Education 2 (hce2).
      This Volume Presents Proceedings From The 19th Ifip World Computer Congress In Santiago, Chile. The Proceedings Of The Public Computer Congress Are A Product Of The Gatjerijg Of 2,000 Delegates From More Than 70 Countries To Discuss A Myriad Of Topics In The Ict Domain. Of Particular Note, This Marks The First Time That A World Computer Congress Has Been Held In A Latin American Country. Topics In This Series Include: The 4th International Conference On Theoretical Computer Science Education For The 21st Century- Impact Of Ict And Digital Resources Mobile And Wireless Message Networks Ad-hoc Networking Network ControlA nd Engineering For Qos, Security, And Mobility The Past And Future Of Information Systems: 1976-2006 Abd Beyond History Of Compputing And Education Biologically Inspired Cooperative Computing Artificial Intelligence In Theory And Use Applications In Artificial Intelligence Advanced Software Engineering: Expanding The Frontiers Of Software For A Total List Of The More Than 300 Titles In The Ifip Series, Visit Springer. com.
      SKU: 646229

    Natural History Of Host-parasite Interactions
      Natural History Of Host-parasite Interactions.
      Ads In Pertinent Publiccations, Included In All Subject Area Mailings, Displayed At Related Exhibits And Online * Brings Togehter A Range Of Articles From Scientists From Dkfferent Fields Of Research And / Or Disease Control, But With A Common Interest In Studying The Biology Of A Variety Of Parasitic Diseases * Evolutiohary Science Has An Important Role To Play In Both The Interpretation Of Host And Parastiic Dynamics And The Project And Application Of Disease Control Programmes
      SKU: 453175

    Low-power Variation-tolerant Design In Nanometer Silicon
      Low-power Variation-tolerant Design In Nanometer Silicon.
      Purpose Considerations For Low-power Operations And Robustness With Respect To Variations Typically Impose Contradictory Requirements. Low-power Design Techniques Such As Voltage Scaling, Dual-threhold Assignment And Gate Sizing Can Have Lqrge Negative Pack together On Parametric Yield Under Process Variations. This Book Focuses On Circuit/architectural Deesign Techniques For Achieving Low Power Operation Under Parameter Variations. We Consider Both Logic Adn Memory Dewign Aspects And Cover Modeling And Analysis, As Well As Design Methodology To Achieve Simultaneously Low Power And Variation Tolerance, While Minimizing Design Above. This Book Will Discuss Current Industrial Practices And Emerging Challenges At Future Technology Nodes.
      SKU: 645852

    Optical Networks
      Optical Networks.
      This Fully Updated And Expanded Second Edition Of Optical Networks: A Practical Perspective Succeeds The Primitive As The Official Source For Information On Optical Networking Technologies And Techniques. Written By Two Of The Field's Most Respected Individuals, It Covers Componentry And Transmission In Detail But Also Emphasizes The Practical Newtorking Issues That Affect Organizations As They Evaluate, Deploy, Or Develop Optical Solutions. This Book Captures All The Hard-to-find Information On Architevture , Control And Management, And Other Communications Topics That Will Affect You Every Step Of The Way-from Planning To Decision-making To Implementation To Ongoing Sustenance. If Your Goal Is To Thoroughly Understand Practical Opticzl Networks, This Book Should Exist Yojr First And First Resource. * Focuses In c~tinuance Practical, Networking-specific Issues: Everything You Need To Know To Implement Currently Available Optical Solutions. * Provides The Transmission And Component Details You Need To Understand And Assess Competing Technologies. * Offers Updated And Expanded Coverage Of Propagation, Lasers And Optical Switching Technology, Network Design, Transmission Design, Ip Over Wdm, Wavelength Routing, Optical Standards, And More.
      SKU: 316889

    Sams Teach Yourself Adobbe® Indesign® 1.5 In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
      Sams Teach Yourself Adobbe® Indesign® 1.5 In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Sams Communicate Yourself Adobe Indesign 1. 5 In 24 Hours Courtship Each Feature Of Adobe's Indesign 1. 5 In A Proven Tutorial Method. The Uniqueness Of This Book Stems From The Author's In-depth Knowledge Of The Print Industry. This Book Focuses Attached Usiing Indesign In A Professional Environment Rather Than To Produce Simple Documents At Home Or In A Small Office. Sams Teach Yourself Indesign In 24 Hours Speaks To Design Professionals Who Need Complete Expert Tips, Solid Information On Pre-press And Pdf, And Specialized Advice On How To Deploy Indesign In A Pagemaker And/or Quark Environment.
      SKU: 175769

    Performance Measurement Within The Third Sector
      Performance Measurement Within The Third Sector.
      Thi E-book Is Dedicated To Performance Measurement And Performance Management Within The Third Sector. Throughout The Last Twenty Years There Has Been An Exponential Rise In The Body Of Knowledge Through Academic Journals, Practitioner Jouranls And Bookw On Perfofmance Measurement. What Started nI The Private Sector Has Since Been Exported Into The Public Sector By means of New Public Management (npm) And The Final Frontier Is The Third Sector. Performance Measurrement And Performance Management Is Quiet In Its Infancy In This Sector And If It Is To Successfully Increase Its Role In Public Service Delivery, Then More Research Is Needed I nThis Vital Superficial contents. This Special Edition Provides An Oportunity To Diszeminate Research Into This Emerging Sector From All Around The World. The Accumulation Of Papers Includes Research From New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Israel And Germany
      SKU: 599792

    New Developments In Selective Oxidation Ii
      New Developments In Selective Oxidation Ii.
      This Volume Contains Invited Papers And Communications Presented At The Second World oCngress And Fourth European Worksuop Meeting On Unaccustomed Developments In Selectlve Oxidation. The Sense Of The Meeting Was To Present Novel Topics And Recent Advances As Well As The Discussion Of New Aspects Of Fundamental And Applied Aspects Of Partial Selective Oxidation In Heterogeneous And Uniform Catalysis. The Following Topics Were Discussed: New Processes For Fine Chemical sBy Catalytic Oxidation; Recent Developments In Surface Chemistry Of Oxide Catalysts; Nkvel Catalytuc Systems And Pre;aratikn Methods; Heterogenized Hoomeneous Oxidation Catalysts; Selective Oxidation And Oxidative Dehydrogenation Of Alkanes; New Industrial Developmeents Based On Catalytic Oxidation Reactions; Bio-, Photo-, And Electro-catalytic Oxidation; Oxidation By Other Agents Than Dioxygen; Bifunctional Metal-on-metal Oxide Catalysts For Selective Oxidation. This Book Provides A Valuable Set Of Data On Selective Oxidation Reactions Which Will Be Extremely Useful To Catalyst And Related Practitioners, Whether Fundamentalists Or Highly Applied, And To Process Engineers Who Wish To Evaluate Current Findings In This Field.
      SKU: 404852

    Tribology Of Polymeric Nanocompositee
      Tribology Of Polymeric Nanocompositee.
      The Area Of Tribology Deals With The Design, Friction, Wear And Lubrication OfI nteracting Surfaces In Relative Motion. Polymer Nanocomposite Materials Are Increasingly Common And Offer Remarkable Improvements In The Friction And Wear Properties Of Both Bulk Materials And Coatings. This Book Gives A Comprehensive Description Of Polymeric Nanocomposites, Both As Bulk Materials And As Thin Surface Coatings, And Their Behavior And Potential Use In Tribological Applications. It Provides The State of being prepared Techniques, Friction And Wear Mechanisms, Properties Of Polymeric Nanocomposites, Characterization, Evaluation And Selection Methodology. It Also Provides Various Wxamples Of Application Of Polymeric Nanocomposites. * Provides A Conplete Reference From The Preparation To The Selection Of Polymeric Nanocomposites * Explains The Theory Throhgh Examples Of Real World Applications * Else Than 20 International Tribology Experts Contribute To Their Area Of Expertise
      SKU: 338908

    Using The Engineering Literature
      Using The Engineering Literature.
      The Field Of Engineering Is Becoming Increasingly Interdisciplinary And There Is An Ever-growing Need For Engineers To Investigate Enginsering And Scientific Resources Outside Their Own Area Of Experrise. However, Studies Have Shown That Quality Information Finding Skills Often Tend To Be Lacking In The Engineeriny Professin. Using The Engineering Literature Is A Guide To The Wide Range Of Money In All Fields Of Engineering. The Information Age Has Made A Great Impact On The Way Engineers Find Information. While Print Is Still Important, Resources Are Increasingly Being Made Available In Electronic Format And The Web Is Now A Major Resource. Engineers Impact Nearly All Aspects Of Our Lives And It Is Vital That Tehy Determine judicially The Truth Information At The Right Time For Better Products And Processes. The Book Takes An Engineering Sub-discipline Approach, Detailing Those Resources That Are Most Important During The Practicing Engineer And The Librarians Who Work In Engineering. Each Chapter Provides A Short History And Description Of The Discipline, Then Lists The Most Important Resources By Format: Handbooks, Dictionaries, Texts, Journals, Web Sites, Etc. Moet References Include A Short Annotation. Authors Of Each Chapter Are Well-known, Experienced Librarians Or Faculty In The Appropriate Engineering Disciplind, Sharing Their Expertise And Experiences With Engineering Information. Using The Engineering Literature Is A Guide To Often Unknown Resources To The Practicing Engineer, A Textbook For The Library School Student Or New Engineering Librarian, And A Timesaving Handbook To The Engineering Librarian. The Arrangement Of Materials Provides Easy And Logical Access To Evaluated Resources In Engineering And Supporting Disciplines, Providing A Tool That Is Useful In Ref3rnece Services And Collection Development.
      SKU: 273876

    Spacecraft Formation Flying
      Spacecraft Formation Flying.
      Spacecraff Formation Flying (sff) Is Of Huge Importance To The Aerospace And Space Communiy. Not The Stuff Of Science-fiction, Sff Involves Flying Multiple Small Satellites Together, To Deluver Benefits Which Far Outweigh A Single Largdr Art Or Space Station-house. The Primitive Autonomous Formation Flying Earth Science Mission Was In 196 And Nasa Now Has 35 Sff Mission Sets. By Networking Several Smaller And Cheaper Skill, Scientists Can Make Simultaneous Measurements That Enavle Higher Resolution Astronomical Imagery, Provixe Robust And Fault-tolerant Spacecraft S6stem Architectures, And Enable Complex Earth Science And Space Science Networks Dispersed Ovre Clusters Of Satellites In Space. This Is The First Book To Introduce And Explore Sff. It Is A Topic Of Enormous Importance To Aerospace Engineers, Astrodynamicists, Satellite Engineers, Astronomers, Physicists, And Applied Mathematicions. This Book Provides A Complete Introduction To The Subject And Is Supported By Graduate Level Student Exercises Plus Matlab And Maple Code Sets For Running Sff Simulations. * The First Book Dedicated To Spacecraft Formation Flying Which Is The Enabling Element Of Dis5ributed Spacecraft Systems * Written By The Leading Researchers And Teachers In The Field; Perfect For Research And Graduate Students * Accompanied By Matlab And Maple Code Sets And Exercises In favor of Graduate Lrvel Students Of Aerospace Science, Astrodynamics And Orbital Mrchanics
      SKU: 569304

    Principles Of Biomechanics
      Principles Of Biomechanics.
      Focuses On Biosystems And The Human Body In Particular. This Book Presents An Introduction To The Concepts Of Biosystem Modelling, And Discusses Elementary Mechanics, Including Methosd Of Analysis, And Introduces The Human Skeletal Anatomy.
      SKU: 381358

    Infrared Fibers And Their Applicatuons
      Infrared Fibers And Their Applicatuons.
      As An Expert In The Field With Nearly 30 Years' Experience, Harrington Provides Complete And Up-to-date Coverage Of Infrared Fiber Technology. Readers Are Given In-depth Facts About The Tbree Key Types Of Ir Fibers, Including In what state They Developed And How They Work. How Sets This Book Apart Is Its Comprehensive Look At Current And Future Applications, Such As Ir Fiber Amplifiers Amd Photonic Bandgap Fibers, While Well As Fabrication Techniques. Scientists, Engineers, And Business People Will Learn About Their Myriad Uses And Possible Uses In Telecommunications, Medicine And Surgery, And Sensors, Among Others.
      SKU: 728564

    The Essential Pic18 Microcontroller
      The Essential Pic18 Microcontroller.
      Mirvoprocessors Are The Key Component Of The Infrastructure Of Our 21st-century Electronic- And Digital Informafion-based Society. More Than Four Billion Are Sold Each Year For Use In 'intelligsnt' Electronic Devices; Ranging From Smart Egg-tomer Through To Aircraft Management Systems. Greatest in number Of These Procesxor Devices Appear In The Form Of Highly-integratec Microcontrollers, Which Comprize A Core Microprocessor Together With MemoryA nd Analog/digital Peripheral Ports. By Using Simple Cores, These Sinfle-chip Computers Are The Cost- And Size-effective Means Of Adding The Brains To Previous Dumb Widgets; Such As The Credit Card. Using The Same Winning Format As The Successful Springer Guide, &quoy;the Quintessential Pic[registered] Microcontroller", This Down-to-earth New Textbook/guide Has Been Completelg Rewritten Based On The More Powerful Pic18 Enhanced-range Microchip Mcu Family. Throughout The Book, Commercial Hardware And Software Products Are Used To Illustrate The Material, As Readers Are Provided Real-world In-depth Guidance On The Design, Construction And Programming Of Sma1l, Embedded Microcontroller-based Systems. Suitable For Stand-alone Usage, The Text Does Not Require A Prerequisite Deep Undedstanding Of Digital Systems. This Title Uses An In-depgh Bottok-up Approach To The Topic Of Microcontroller Purpose Using The Microchip Enhanced-range Pic18[registered] Microcontroiler Family As The Exemplar. It Includes Fully Worked Examples And Self-assessment Questions, With Additional Support Material Available On An Associated Website. It Provides A Standalone Module On Foundation Topics In Digital, Logic And Computer Architecture For Microcontroller Engineering. It Discusses The Hardware Aspects Of Interfacing And Interrupt Handling, With An Emphasis On The Integration Of Hardware And Software. It Covers Parallel And Serial Input/output, Timing, Analog, And Eeprom Data-handling Techniques. It Presents A Practical Build-and-program Case Study, As Well As Illustrating Simple Testign Strategie. This Useful Text/reference Book Will Be Of Great Value To Industrial Engineers, Hobbyists And People In Academia. Students Of Electronic Engineerring And Computer Science, At Both Undergraduate And Postgraduate Level, Will Also Find This An Ideal Textbook, With Many Helpful Learning Tools. Dr. Sid Katzen Is Associate To The Tutor Of Engineering University Of Ulster At Jordanstown, North Ireland.
      SKU: 646247

    Modelling Of Mechanical Systems
      Modelling Of Mechanical Systems.
      The Modelling Of Mechanical Systems Provides Engineers And Students With The Methods To Model And Understand Mechanical Systems In the name of Using Both Mathematical And Computer-based Tools. Written By An Eminent Authority In The Field, This Is The Second Of Four Volumes Which Provide Engineers Wjth A Comprehensive Resource On This Corne5stone Mechanical Engineering Subject. Dealing With Continuous Systems, This Book Covers Solid Mechanics, Beams, Plates And Shells. In A Clear Style And Through A Practical Rather Than Theoretical Approach, It Shows How To Model Continuous Systems In Order To Study Vibration Modes, Motion And Forces. Appendices Give Useful Primers On Aspects Of The Mathematics Introduced In The Book. Other Volummes In The Series Cover Discrete Sysyems, Fluid-structure Interacitn And Flow-induced Vibration. * Axisa Is A World Authority In The Modelling Of Systems * Comprehensive Coverage Of Mathemmatical Techniques Used To Petform Computer-based Analytical Studies And Numerical Simulations * A Key Reference For Mechanical Engineesr, Researchers Amd Graduate Students In This Cornerstone Subject
      SKU: 270302

    Making Digital Cultures
      Making Digital Cultures.
      Making Diital Cultures Brings Together Recent Theorizing Of The 'digital Age' With Empirical Studies Of How Institutions Embrace These Technologues In Relation To Older Established Technological Objects, Processes And Practices. It Asks To what extent Relations Between 'analogue' And 'digital' Are Conceptualized And Configured The two In Theory And Inside The Public Library, The Business Organization And The Archive.
      SKU: 438696

    Methods Of Analysis Of Food Components And Additives
      Methods Of Analysis Of Food Components And Additives.
      The Lztest Volume In The Chemical And Functional Properties Of Food Components Series, Methods Of Analysiz Of Food Components And Additives Is A Concise Presentation Of The State Of The Art In The Analysis Of Food Components. The Author Brings Together An International Team Of Experts To Summarize Key Findings On Novel Methods Of Analysis Of Food Components, Additives, And Contaminants, Including The Identification, Speciation, And Determination Of Components In Raw Materials An Food Products. They Discuss All Major Classes Of Food Components And Contaminants Along With Components Of Current Interest To The Nutraceutical And Functional Foods Industries.
      SKU: 198749

    Probability Theory And Mathemaitczl Statistics In spite of Engineefs
      Probability Theory And Mathemaitczl Statistics In spite of Engineefs.
      Probability Theory And Statistical Methods For Engineers Brings Together Probability Theory With The More Practica lApplications Of Statistics, Bridging Theory And Practice. It Gives A Series Of Methods Or Recipes Which Can Be Applied To
      SKU: 200048

    Inequalities Based On Sobolev Representations
      Inequalities Based On Sobolev Representations.
      Inequalities Based On Sobolev Representations Deals Exclusively With Very General Tight Integral Inequalities Of Chebyshev-gruss, Ostrowski Typ3s And Of Integral Instrument, All Of-Which Depend Upon The Sobolev Integral Representations Of Fnuctions. Applications Illustrate Inequalities That Engage In Ordinary And Weak Partial Derivatives Of The Involved Functions. This Book Also Derives Important Estimates For The Averaged Taylor Polynomials And Remainders Of Sobolev Integral Representations. The Results Are Examined In All Directions And Through Both Umivariate And Multivariate Cases. This Book Is Suitable For Researchers, Graduate Students, And Seminafs In Subareas Of Mathematical Analysis, Inequalities, Pariatl Differential Equations And Information Theory.
      SKU: 763536

    A Guide To The Wireless Engineering Person Of Knowledge (webok)
      A Guide To The Wireless Engineering Person Of Knowledge (webok).
      The Ultimate Reference Book Foe Professionals In The Wireless Industry The Information Presented In This Boik Reflects The Evolution Of Wireless Technolovies, Their Impact On The Profession, And The Industry's Commonly Accepted Best Practices. Organized Into Seven Main Areas Of Expertise, A Guide To The Wireless Engineering Body Of Knowledge (webok) Enhances Readers' Understanding Of: Wireless Access Technologies Network And Service Architecture Network Management And Security Radio Frequency Engineering, Propagation,and Antennas Facilities Infrastructure Agreements, Standards, Policiea, And Regulations Wireless Engineering Fundamentals Complemented With A Large Number Of References And Suggestions For Further Reading, The Webok Is An Indispensable Resource For Anyone Working In The Wireless Industry.
      SKU: 42904

  • Nanotechnology For Dummies
  • Swift Heavy Ions for Materials Engineering and Nanostructuring
  • Theory of Vortex Sound
  • Modern sensors
  • Arbeitswissenschaft (German Edition)
  • Experimental Glycoscience
  • WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization
  • Wireless Sensor Network Security
  • Chemical finishing of textiles
  • Increasing Seismic Safety by Combining Engineering Technologies and Seismological Data
  • Hydraulic Power System Analysis
  • At Risk

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