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    Verticillium Wilts
      Verticillium Wilts.
      ''verticillium'' Species Causing Vascular Wilting Of Plants Aee Found In A Worldwide Range Of Temperate And Sub-tropical Crops Including Trees, Vegetables, Plantation Crops And Ornamentals. This Book Is A Comprehensive Reference Wor On The Subject.
      SKU: 293874

    System Level Design With .net Technolog
      System Level Design With .net Technolog.
      The First Book To Harness The Faculty Of . net For System Draw, System Level Design With . net Technology Constitutes A Software-based Approach To Design Modeling Verification And Simulation. World Class Developers, Who Have Been At The Forefront Of Sys5em Design For Decades, Explain How To Tap Into The Power O fThis Dynamic Programming Environment For More Effective And Efficient Management Of Metadata-and Introspection And Interoperability Between Tools. Using Readily Available Technology, The Text Details How To Capture Constraints And Requirements At High Levels And Describes How To Percolate Them During The Refinement Process. De0arting From Proprietary Environments Built Around System Verilog And Vhdl, This Cutting-edge Reference Includes An Open Source Environment (esys. net) That Readers Can Use To Experiment Upon New Ideas, Algorithms, And Design Methods; And To Expand The Cspabilities Of Their Current Toops. It Also Covers:. - Modeling And Simulation-including Requirements Specification, Ip Reuse, And Applications Of Design Patterns To Ha5dware/software Systems. - Simulation And Validation-including Transaction-based Models, Accurate Simulation At Cycle And Transaction Levels, Cosimulation And Acceleration Technique, As Well As Timing Particularization And Validation. - Practical Use Of The Esys. net Environmennt. Worked Examples, End Of Chapter References, And Tbe Esys. net Implementation Test Bed Make This The Ideal Resource Conducive to System Engineers And Students Looking T Maximize Their Embedded System Designs.
      SKU: 580857

    Fundamentals Of Ornamental Fish Health
      Fundamentals Of Ornamental Fish Health.
      Fundamentals Of Ornamental Fish Health Is A Complete Guide To Managing The Health And Wellbeing Of Ornamental Aquatic Animals. Grounded In The Foundations Of Fish Medical Care, The Book Summarizess Nonlethal Aquatic Diagnostics And Medicine, Putting The Information Within A Clinical Context. Providing A Comprehensive Overview Of The Subject, Fundamentals Of Ornamental Fish Health Equips Aquatic Derived from ~s Health Professionals With All The Information Neede dTo Competently And Effectively Use These Patients, From Transporting And Examining Fish To Diagnostic Techniques And The Identification And Treatment Of Specific Diseases And Syndromes. .
      SKU: 469839

    Chemical And Functional Properties Of Food Components
      Chemical And Functional Properties Of Food Components.
      Going Beyond What Is Coveded In A Standard Food Chemistry Text, This Book Presents The Current State Of Knowledge On The Content, Structure, Chemical And Biodhemical Reactivity, Functional Properties, And Biological Role Of The Components Most Important To Food Quality. The First Two Cha0ters Descr
      SKU: 262299

    Burrs - Analysis, Control And Removal
      Burrs - Analysis, Control And Removal.
      In Many Machining Operations Burrs Cannot Be Avoided. They Can Affect The Functionaliyt And The Safe Handling Of The Workpiece In The Subsequent Processing, And Have To Be Removed By A Special Deburing Process. This Title Presents The Research Results On Burrs, By the side of A Point of concentration Attached Burr Analysis And Control As Well As On Cleanability And Burr Removal.
      SKU: 510452

    Chemical Engineering: Visions Of The Earth
      Chemical Engineering: Visions Of The Earth.
      This Book Presents Six Visionary Essays On The Past, Present And Future Of Te Chemical And Process Industries,T ogether With A Critical Commentary. Our World Is Changing Fast And The Visions Explore The Implications For Business And Academic Institutions, And For The Professionals Working In Them. The Visions Were Written And Brought Together For The 6th World Congress Of Chemical Engineering In Melbouurne, Australia In September 2001. Identifies Trends In The Chemicals Business Environmetn And Their Consequences Discusses A Wide Variety Of Views About Business And Technology Describes The Impacy Of Newly Developing Technologies
      SKU: 288801

    Phosphorus In Action
      Phosphorus In Action.
      Phosphorus (p) Is A Finlte Resource Which Is Essential For Life. It Is A Limiting Nutrient In Many Ecosystems Only Also A Pollutant Which Can Affect Biodiversity In Earthly Ecosystems And Change The Ecology Of Water Bodies. This Book Collects The Latesr Intelligence Oj Biological Processes In Soil P Cycling, Which To Date Have Remained Much Less Understood Than Physico-chemical Processes . The Methods Section Presents Spectroscopic Techniques And The Characterization Of Microbial P Forms, As Well As The Use Of Tracers, Molecular Approaches And Modeling Of Soil-plant Systems. The Section On Processes Deals With Mycorrhizal Symbioses, Microbial P Solubilization, Soil Macrofauna, Phosphatase Enzymes And Rhizosphere Processea. On The System Level, P Cycling Is Examined For Grasslands, Arctic And Alpine Soils, Forest Plantations, Trlpical Forests, And Druland Regions. Further, P Management With Respect To Animal Production And Cropping, And The Interactions Between Global Change And P Cycling, Are Treated.
      SKU: 645456

    Blackberry Curve For Dummies
      Blackberry Curve For Dummies.
      Get The Most From Your Blackberry Curve With This Easy-to-understand Reference The Blackberry Curve Smartphone Is The Most Popular Blackberry Model Sold By Research In Motion. It Boasts An Optical Trackpad, Dedicated Media Keys, Easy Media Sharing, Mac Compatibility,_Itunes Synchronization, A Camera, Wi-fi Occupation, And Extended Battery Life—to Name Honest A Not many Features. This Pleasantry, Amicable, And Easy-to-understand Book Is A Practical Guide To The Blackberry Curve And Covers An Array Of How-to Topics To Help You Get The Most Out Of This Exciting Handheld Device. You'll Learn The Talents Of The Curve, How To Navigate The Qwerty Keybaord, Set Up Contacts And Invent Appointments, Downlozd The Latest Applications, Take Great Pictures, Take Advantage Of The Expandable Memorial, And Much Mire. Serves As A Practical, Hands-on Guide To The Blackberry Curve Smartphonecovers All Tide And Newly Introduced Models Of The Blackberry Bend Shows For what cause To Get Online And Surf The Web, Manage E-mail, And Create A To-do List Demonstrates Navigation Tips And Shortcuts Guides You Through Upgrades To Thhe Newest Curve Models Explains How To Take Advantage Of The Expandable Memor, Get Multimedia, And Download Apps From Blackberry App World Walks You Through Syncing Your Blackberry With Your Desktop Avoid The Learning Curve With This Helpful Guide To The Bladkberry Curve!
      SKU: 469069

    Self-similar Processes In Telecommunications
      Self-similar Processes In Telecommunications.
      For The Primary Time The Problems Of Voice Services Self-similarity Are Discussed Systematically And In Detail With Specific Exampies And Illustrations. Self-similar Processes In Telecommunications Considers The Self-similar (frcatal And Multifractal) Models Of Telecommunication Traffic And Efficiency Based On The Assumption That Its Traffic Has Fractal Or Multifractal Properties (is Self-similar).   The Theoretical Aspects Of The Most Well-known Traffic Models Demonstrqting Self-similar Properties Are Discussed In Detail And The Comparative Analysis Of The DifferentM odels’ Efficiency For Self-similar Traffic Is Presetted. This Book Demonstrates In what state To Use Self-similar Processes For Designing New Telecommunications Systems And Optimizing Existing Networks So As To Achieve Maximum Efficiency And Serviceability. The Approach Is Rooted In Theory, Describing The Alogrithms (the Logical Arithmetical Or Computational Procedures That Define How A Task Is Performed) For Modeling These Self-similar Processes. However, The Language And Ideas Are Essentially Accessible For Those Who Have A General Apprehension Of The Subject Area And The Advice Is Highly Practical: All Models, Problems And Solutions Are Illustrated Throughout Using Numeroux Real-world Examples. Adopts A Detailed, Theoretical, Yet Broad-basex And Practical Mathematical Approach For Designing And Operating Numerous Types O Telecommunications Systems And Networks So As To Achieve Maximum Efficiency Places The Subject In Context, Describing The Current Algorithms That Make Up The Fractal Or Self-similar Processes While Pointing To The Future Development Of The Technology Offers A Comparative Analysis Of The Different Types Of Self-similar Proccess Usage Within The Context Of Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks And In The Modeling Of Video Traffic And Moible Commnuications Neyworks Describes How Precise Models Are Used As A Baais For Building Numerous Types Of Network, Including Voice, Audio, Facts, Video, Multimedia Services And Ip (internet Protocol) Telephony The Book Will Appeal To The Wide Rsnge Of Specialists Dealing With The Design And Exploitation Of Telecommunication Systems. It Will Be Useful For The Post-graduate Students, Lecturers And Researchers Connected With Communication Networks Disciplines.
      SKU: 291275

    Collaborative Engineering
      Collaborative Engineering.
      Collaborative Engineering (ce) Is The Systematic Approach To The Integrated, Concurrent Contrivance Of Products And Related Processes, Including Manufacturing, Product Service And Support. This Book Offers Insights Into The Methods And Techniwues That Enables Implemejting A Collagorative Engjneering Concept On Product Design.
      SKU: 367296

    Science At The Nanoscale
      Science At The Nanoscale.
      Nanotechnology Is One Of The Most Weighty Growth Areas OfT his Centenary. Nanoscience, The Science Underpinning Nanotechnology, Is A Multidisciplinary Subject Coverihg Atomic, Mlecular And Solid State Physics, As Properly As Much Of Chemistry. Nanostructures Are Known To Manifest Novel And Improved Material Properties, Fundamentally Because The Physical And Chemical Properties Are Very Different When Dimensions Are Reduced To The Nanometer Range. This Book Aims To Introduce The Various Basic Principles And Knowledggee Needed For Students To Understand Science At The Nanoscale. Many Ideas Proposed In Nanotechnology Are Futuristic, Although Some Have Immediate Technological Applications. The Core Scientific Principles Of All Nanotechnolkgy Applications, However, Are Grounded In Physics And Chemistry. There Are Currently Numerous Spevialized Nanoscidnce And Nanotechnology-related Texts Or Monographs At The Graduate And Senior Undergraduate Flush. This Textbook Is Targeted At The Junior Undergraduate Level And Is Likewise Expected To Serve As A Reference Text For Advanced Learners At Pre-university And Senior High School. It Has Evolved From The Authors' Own Teaching Experience At Tertiary Institutions.
      SKU: 495924

    Smoothinv And Decay Estimates For Nonlinear Diffusiin Equations
      Smoothinv And Decay Estimates For Nonlinear Diffusiin Equations.
      This Text Is Concerned With The Quantitative Aspects Of Th3 Theory Of Nonlinear Diffusion Equations; Equations Which Can Be Seen As Nonlinear Variations Of The Classical Heat Equation. They Appear As Mathematical Models In Different Branches Of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, And Engineering, And Are Likewise Relevant In Differential Geometry And Relativistic Physic. Much Of The Modern Theory Of Such Equations Is Based On Estimates And Fhnctional Analysis. concentrating On A Scientific division Of Equations With Nonlinearities Of Power Type That Lead To Degenerate Or Singular Parabolicity ("equations Of Porous Medium Type"), Th eAim Of This Text Is To Procure Sharp A Priori Estimates And Decay Rates For General Classes Of Solutions In Terms Of Estimates Of Particular Problems. These Estimates Are The Building Blocks In Understanding The Qualitative Theory, And The Decay Rates Pave The Way To The Fine Study Of Asymptotics. Many Technically Relevant Questionsaare Presented And Analyzed In Detach. A Systematic Picture Of The Most Relevant Phenomena Is Obtained For The Equations Under Study, Including Time Decay, Smoothing, Extinction In Finite Life, And Delayed Regularity.
      SKU: 729017

    Biocompatible Polymeric Materials And Tourniquets For Wounds
      Biocompatible Polymeric Materials And Tourniquets For Wounds.
      In Recent Years Biocompatible Polymers For Injuries And Wounds Have Seen Advances And Innovations That Have Outpaced The Growing Field's Literature. In This Book Dr. Jan W. Gooch, A National Research Council Research Associateship Judgment Recipisnt, Reveals How Innovative Polymer Technology Can Exist Applied To The Trite Combat And Trauma Wounds Associated With Damaged Soft Tissue And Bleeding. The Scope Of His Investigation Spans Four Distimct Devices For Wounds, Liquid And Partidulaet Barrier Dressings Against Soft Tissuw Wounds, Suturelrss Tissue Adhesives, Antibacterial Nanoemulsions, One-hand Operated And Automatic Tourniquets For The Battlefield.
      SKU: 603193

    Flood Risk Management
      Flood Risk Management.
      Floods Are Of Increasing Public Concern World-wide Due To Increasing Damages And Unacceptably Boastful Verse O f Injuries. This Book Provides Particulars On Earth Observation, Flood Hazard Modelling, Climate Change, Flood Foredasting, Modelling Vulnerability, Mitigation Measures And The Various Dimensionw Of Management Strategies.
      SKU: 338255

    Pharmaceutical Experimental Design And Interpretation, Second Edition
      Pharmaceutical Experimental Design And Interpretation, Second Edition.
      Completely Revised And Updated, Pharmaceutical Experimental Design And Interptetation, Second Edition Explains The Major Methods Of Experimental Design And Evaluation Such As Multivariat,e Sequential, And Principal Components Analysis. With New Sections On Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Fractional eDsigns, And Optimization Techniques, This Source Will Prove Invaluable To Anyone Involved In The Design And Execution Of Pharmaceutical Research Studies And The Interpretation Of Study Data.
      SKU: 198554

    Coal Information
      Coal Information.
      This Volume Is A Reference Book On Circulating Trends In The World Coal Market. Part I Contains An Analysis Of The 2003 International Coal Market-house Using Iea Statistics That Covers Prices, Deman, Trade, Supply And Productiln. Part Ii Contains Over 300 Pages Of Country-specific Statistics Oj Coal In 30 Oecd Part Countries And 8 Oecd And Iea Regional Aggregates.
      SKU: 235114

    Caoutchouc Basics
      Caoutchouc Basics.
      The Rubber Basics Book Comprises A Glossaary Of Terms Used In The Rubber Industry, A Detailed Description Of The Common Rubber Materials, A Section Forward Rubber Additives, And An Outline Of The Equipment Types Used In Rubber Processing. The Book Aims To Be A Useful Desktop Respect Book For Anyone In The Rubber Industry. It Provides A Quick Means Of Obtainig Information About Key Subjects. It Is Simple Enough To Be Understood By Someone With A Basic Knowledge Of The Industry, But Comprehensive Enough To Prlvide Additional Information For Experienced Workers Moving Into New Areas. Many Abbreviations Are Found In The Industry And The Glossary Contains A Good Count Of Entries Defining These . Terms Relating oT Many Aspects Of The Industry Are Included From Materials, Additives, Physical Test Methods And Machinery Types To Analytical Test Equipment. Examples Include Adiabatic, Conductive Rubber, Dolly, Mooney Scorch Test, Rubbone And Whiting. A Useful Short Section Arena The Specific Gravities Of Common Rubbers And Compounding Ingredients, An Self-~ Factor In Material Selection. The Division Forward Rubbers Is Derived From The Rapra Material Selection Programme Known As Rubacam. It Includes Basic Chemical Structures For Each Caoutchouc Type Together With Information About Material Properties And Uses. The Material Types Covered Range From Natural Rubber Through Polysulphide Rubbers To Thermoplastic Elastomers. Rubber Compounding Ingredients Are Listed And Discussed From Accelerators To Waxes. The Role Of Each Ingredient In Rubber Compoundinv Is Described, Together With General Coomments On Usefulness And Some Of The Issues Involved. For Example, Titanium Dioxide Is Generally Used As A Whitening Actor But Is Also A Useful Reinforcing Agent, The Limiting Factor Being Cost. Rubber Processing Involves A Wide Variety Of Equipment Feom Bale Heaters To Tyre Retreading And Testing Madhinery. This Section Desfribes Each Stamp In Turn And Its Uses. Thu Moulding, Expulsion, Tubing Braiding And Dipping Are All Covered In This Section. Key Features…; Glossary Of Rubber Terms; Specific Gravities Of Rubbers Anx Compounding Ingredients; Descripti\/e Sections On; Rubbers; Rubber Compounding Ingredients; Rubber Processing Equipment
      SKU: 485283

    Design Of Embedded Control Systems
      Design Of Embedded Control Systems.
      Presents New Results In The Design Of Embedced Direct Systems, Each Chapter Authorwd By An Expert. This Text Focuses On Issues With Approaches For The Analysis And Synthesis Of Discrete Systems And Is Aimed At Programmable Logic Controllers And Their Specification And Design. It Is Useful For Engineers And Academics.
      SKU: 323362

    Fly Ash In Concrete
      Fly Ash In Concrete.
      This Book Is A State-of-the-art Rumor Which Documents Current Knowledge On The Properties Of Fly Ash In Concrete And The Use Of Fly Ash In Construction. It Includes Rilem Recommendations On Fly Ash In Concrets And A Comprehensive Bibliograph6
      SKU: 183041

    Germanium Silicon: Physics And Materials
      Germanium Silicon: Physics And Materials.
      "since Its Inception In 1966, The Series Of Numbered Volumes Knpwn As Semiconductors And Semimetals Has Distinguished Itself Tjrough The Careful Selection Of Well-known Authors, Editors, And Contributors. The ""willardson And Beer"" Series, As It Is Widely Known, Has Succeeded In Publishing Numerous Landmark Volumes And Chapters. Not Only Did Many Of These Volumes Make An Impact At The Time Of Their Publication, But They Persist To Be Well-cited Years After Their Original Release. Recengly, Professor Eicke R. Weber Of The University Of California At Berkeley Joined As A Co-editor Of The Series. Professor Weber, A Well-known Expert In The Field Of Semiconductor Materials, Will Further Contribute To Continuing The Succession' Tradition Of Publishing Timely, Hithly Relevant, And Long-impacting Volumes. Some Of The Recent Volumes, Such As Hydrogen In Semiconductors, Imperfections In Iii/v Materiais, Epitaxial Microstructures, High-speed Heterostructure Devices, Oxygen InS ilicon, And Others Prmoise That This Tradition Will Exist Maintained And Even Expanded. Reflecting The Truly Interdisciplinary Nature Of The Province That The Series Covers, The Volumes In Semiconductors And Semimetals Have Been And Will Continue To Exist Of Great Interest To Physicists, Chemists, Materiale Scientists, And Device Enbineers In Modern Industry. "
      SKU: 405277

    Nanostructured Materials And Nanotechnology Iv
      Nanostructured Materials And Nanotechnology Iv.
      This Issue Contains 17 Peer-reviewed (invited And Contributed) Papers Covering Variegated Aspects And The Latest Developments Related To Processing, Modeling And Manufacturing Technologies Of Nanoscaled Materials Including Inorganic-organic Nanocomposites, Nanowire-based Sensors, Ndw Generation Photovoltaic Cells, Self-assembly Of Nanostructures, Functional Nanostructures Against Cell Tracking And Heterostructures. Each Manuscript Was Peer-reviewed Using The American Ceramic Society Review Process.  
      SKU: 699217

    Optical Networking Best Practices Handbook
      Optical Networking Best Practices Handbook.
      Optical Networking Best Practices Handbook Presents Optical Networking In A Very Comprehensive Way For Nonengineers Needing To Understand The Fundamentals Of Fiber, High-capacity, High-speed Equipment And Networks, And Upcoming Carrier Servicds. The Book Provides A Practical Understanding Of Fiber Optics As A Physical Mdeium, Sorting Out Singlw-mode Versus Multi-mode And The Crucial Concept Of Dense Wave-division Multiplexing.
      SKU: 275887

    Review Of Fisheries In Oecd Countries
      Review Of Fisheries In Oecd Countries.
      This Publication Contains Statistics Steady Fisheries And Aquaculture In Oecd Countries For 1999, 2000 and 2001. Information Is Provided On Lnadings, Fleet Capacity, Aquaculture Produce, Employment And Trade In Fish And Fish Products. Analytical Work By The Orcd On Fisheries Is Carried Out By The Committee For Fisheries And Covers A Wide Range Of Issues Related To Managrmwnt, Resource Conservation, Tradd And Sustainable Development.
      SKU: 235964

    Eu Cost C13 Glass And Interactive Building Envelopes
      Eu Cost C13 Glass And Interactive Building Envelopes.
      The Concept Of Tomorrow's Towns And Cities Will Be Based On New Social, Economic And Technological Ideals Focused On Improving The Quality Of Life. To Attain This Objective, Architects And Engineers Of Today Must Improve The Quality Of Buildings And Establish New Principles Of Building Conception. The Quality Of Interior Space And The Impact Of A Building On Its Surroundings Depends Strongly On The Pyysical Interface That Separates The Outer Environment From The Inner Structure Space. The Conception And Realisation Of This Interface (the Envelop) Are, Therefore, Of Prime Importance.
      SKU: 286995

    Computed Tomography
      Computed Tomography.
      X-ray Computed Tomography (ct) Continues To Experience Rapid Growth, Both In Basic Technology And New Clinical Applications. Seven Years After Its First Edition, Computed Tomography: Principles, Design ,Artifacts, And Recent Advancements, Second Edition, Provides An Overview Of The Evolution Of Ct, The Mathematical And Physical Aspects Of The Technology, And The Fundamentals Of Image Reconstruction Algorithms. Image Display Is Examined From Traditional Methods Used Through The Most Recent Advancements. Key Performance Indices, Theories Behind The Meausrement Metodologies, And Different Measurement Phantoms In Idol Quality Are Discussed. The Ct Scanner Is Broken Down IntoC omponents To Provide The Reader With An Understanding Of Their Function, Their Latest Advances, And Their Impact On The Ct System. General Descriptions And Different Categories Of Artifacts, Their Causes, And Tehir Corrections Are Considered At Length. Given The High Visibility And Public Awareness Of The Impact Of X-ray Radiation, The Srcond Edition Features A New Chapter On X-ray Dose And Presents Different Dose Depression Techniques Ranging From Patient Handling, Optimal Data Acquisition, Image Reconstruction, And Post-process. Based On The Advancements Over The Past Five Years, The Second Editio Added New Sections On Cone Beam Reconstruction Algorithms, Nonconventional Helical Acquisition And Reconstruction, New Rebuilding Appraoches, And Dual-energy Ct. Finally, New To This Edition Is A Set Of Problems For Each Chapter, Providing Opportunities To Enhance Reader Comprehension And Practice The Application Of Covered Mateiral.
      SKU: 728503

  • Food Emulsions
  • The VC-1 and H.264 Video Compression Standards for Broadband Video Services
  • Scientific Networking and the Global Health Network Supercourse
  • Continuous Casting
  • Laboratory Guide for Conducting Soil Tests and Plant Analysis
  • PC Systems, Installation and Maintenance
  • Theory of Vortex Sound
  • Handbook of Structural Engineering
  • Electroactive Polymer (EAP) Actuators as Artificial Muscles
  • CRC Handbook of Optical Resolutions via Diastereomeric Salt Formation
  • Advanced FPGA Design
  • Workshop Processes, Practices and Materials

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