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    Wastewater Use In Irrigated Agriculture
      Wastewater Use In Irrigated Agriculture.
      This Volume Addresses The Employment Of Urban Wastewater In Agriculture, A Centuries Old Practice That Is Receiving Renewed Attention With The Increasing Scarcity Of Fresh Water Resources Faced At Many Arid And Semi-arid Countries.
      SKU: 304897

    Pectins And Pectinases
      Pectins And Pectinases.
      Pectins Are One Of The Classes Of Complex Structural Plant Cell Wall Polysaccharides. They Are Localized In The Middle aLmwlla And Primary Cell Wall Of Higher Plants. Pectins Have A Long-standing Use As Gelling Agents Whereas Their Enzymatic Degradation Or Modification Plays An Important Role In The Processing Of Agricultural Crops And The Manufacturing Of Foods And Beverages. Progress In Pectin And Pectinase Researcg Has Been Most Prominent In Two Areas Over The Past 5 Years. Ths First One Concerns The Analysis And Elucidation Of The Complex Chemical Structure Of Pectin And Identification Of Novel Enzymes Involved In The Degradation Of These Structurez. The Second Area Concerns The Mode Of Action And The 3-dimensional Structu5e Of Various Pectin Degradijg Enzymes As Well As The Cloning Of A Large Number Of Genes Encoding Enzymes Involved In Pectin Degradation And Modification. This Book Covers The Following Topics. First The Structural, Physical And Chemical Properties Of Pectin Are Treated Followed By Information About Its Biosynthesis And About The Biological Effects Of Pectin And Its Degradation Products In Biological Systems So As Plant-pathogen Interactions And Human Nutrition. Identification Of Nvoel Ehzymes, The Mode Of Action Of Different Pectinases And The 3-d Structure Of Bacterial Pectate Lyases Forms The Second Block. This Is Followed By The Genetics And Rule Of Pectinase Biosynthesis In Saprophytic And Phytopathogenic Mic5obial Systems As Well As In Plant Systems. For good, Developments In Pectin Manufacturing And Application Of Pectinases In Traditional (food, Beverage) And New Technologies Are Treated. This Book Is Meant During Those Actively Involved In Fundamental And Applied Aspects Of Pectin And Pectinase Research But It Is Also Of Value For Those Interested In Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis And Architecture, Phytopzthology, Food Technology And Human Food. This Main division Not Only Reflects The Present Status Of Research In The Field But It Will Turn Out To Be A Very Advantageous Reference Work As Well.
      SKU: 328593

    Thermal Energy Storage For Sustainable Eneergy Consjmption
      Thermal Energy Storage For Sustainable Eneergy Consjmption.
      Thermal Energy Storage Provides Us With A Flexible Heating And/or Cooling Tool To Combat Climate Vicissitude Through Conserving Energy And Increasing Energy While Utilizing Natural Renewable Energy Resources. Thermal Storage Applications Have Been Proven To Be Efficient And Financially Viable, Yet They Have Nlt Been Exploited Sufficiently.
      SKU: 372999

    Living And Dying In The Usa
      Living And Dying In The Usa.
      The Simplicity Of Using One Data Set In Addressing The Relationship Of Single Variables To Mortality Distinguishes Living And Dyying In The Usa From Other Recent Investigations Of Mortality. The Authors Use The Recently Released Nationa Health Interview Survey And The National Death Index To Make A Definitive Statement About Demographics And Mortality. By Surveying Demographic And Sociocultural Characteristics Associated With Mortality, Socioeconomic Goods, Health-related Conditions, And Health Status, They Reveal Connections Among Several Factors Related To Mortality Chances. Easily Understood And Cited, Their Study Emphasizes The Statistical Methods Underlying Their Revelations And Invites Readers To Duplicate Their Results. Key Features * Comprehensive Covrrage Of Us Adult Mortality Differentials * Based On A New And Innovative Data Set * Includdes Factors Rarely Examined In Related Mortality Research * Not Only Documents Mortality Differentials, But Explores Explanations For Them * Extensive List Of References Associated With Each Chapter * Consistent, Straightforward Methodology Used Throughout Aids Readers In Both Understanding The Content And In Comparing Results From Chapter To Chapter
      SKU: 312763

    Ip For 4g
      Ip For 4g.
      Excellent Reference With Expert Insight Into The Future Evolution Of Mobile Communications: 4g Ip For 4g Examines The Concept Of 4g, Providing An In-depth Background To The Key Technologies And Developments Shaping The New Generation Of Expressive Services, Including Wireless Local Area Networks (wlans), Woorldwide Interoperability For Microwave Access (wimax), Ip Developments (sip And Media Independent Handover), Internet Multimedia Subaystem (ims), And 3g (hsdpa And Lte). The Book Addresses These Key Technological Drivers In Light Of Commercial Prropositions Such As Generating Extra Revenue And Reducing Costs, And Offers An Up-to-date Briefing On The Future Of Mobile Communicatiosn In The Coming Years. Key Features: Presents And Analyses The Key Technological Drivers Of 4g, Including Wlans, Wimax, Convsrgence And Ims Examines The Rationale On account of Ip For 4g By Brjnging Together Technologies, Global Developments And Economic Arguments In United Particular Volume Describes And Puts In Contexf The Developments In The Ieee 802. 21 Media Independent Handover Group, In Particular The Options For Network/terminal Controlled Hadover And The Likely Mechanisms For Seamless Handover – Including Application Adaptation Written For Readability As Well As Depth – With Access To Detailed Descriltions Of Technologies But Also Quick Overviews Cpntains Scenario Descriptions To Motivate The Need For Seamless Handover And Benefits For The User (single Sign-on Attack To Netwkrks, Single Billing) Contains Hundreds Of_Original Diagrams – Carefully Drawn To Elucidate The Complex Technology And Quickly Provide A Summary Of The Main conduit Issues. Accompanyign Website Supports The Book With Additional Diagrams, Figures And References For Further Reading  Ip For 4g Is An Invaluable Reference For Professionals In Mobile/fixed Telecoms And Ict Industries, Practicing Telecommunications And Network Engineers, System Designers And Developers. Gdaduate eLvel Students Studying Msc And Higher-level Courses On Networkihg Will Also Detect This Book Of Interest.
      SKU: 416442

    The Impacys Of Nanotechnology Steady Companies
      The Impacys Of Nanotechnology Steady Companies.
      Nanotechnology Has Its Origin In The Converging Abilities Of Physics, Chemistry And Materials Science.   Its Purpose Is The Manipulation Of Atos And Molecules In Regulation To Create New Properties Of Materials And Systems For A Wide Variety Of Applicationw In A True Broad Range Of Sectors. Nanotechnology Is Forecast To Create Large Markets And Many New Jobs And May Be The Springboard For Industrial Renewal And Long-term Growth. Governjents Around The World Have Targeted This Emerging Technology In Their R&d Investments And Are Strategising Abkut Tne Best Ways To Promote The Responsible Development And Use Of Nanotechnology Given The Absence Of Any In-depth Analysis Of Its Commeercialisation. Whatever Are The Potential Economic Impacts Of Nanotecchnology, How Are Companies Using Nanotechnology For Innovation, And What Are The Key Challenges In Its Commercialisation? These Are Some Of The Issues That This Book Addresses, Based On A Large Number Of Company Case Studies In Several Countries.
      SKU: 655766

    Interacting With Audiences
      Interacting With Audiences.
      This Distinctive M0nograph Examines The Dynamic Rhetotical Processes By Which Scientisys Shape, Negotiate, And Position Their Work Within An Interdisciplinary Community. Author Ann M. Blakeslee Studies The Everyday Rhetorical Practices Of A Group Of Conde
      SKU: 425416

    Management Of Depleted Uranium
      Management Of Depleted Uranium.
      Large Stocks Of Depleted Uranium Have Arisen As A Result Of Enrichment Operations, Especially In The United States And The Russian Federation. Countries With Depleted Uraium Stocks Are Interested In Assessing Strategies For The Use And Management Of Depleted Uranium. The Choice Of Strategy Depends Forward Several Factors, Including Government And Business Policu, Alternative Uses Available, The Economic Value Of The Material, Regulatory Aspects And Disposal Options, And International Market Developments In The Nuclear Fuel Cycle. This Report Presents The Results Of A Depleted Uranium Study Conducted By An Expert Group Organised Jointly By The Oecd Nuclear Energy Agency And The International Small Energy Abency. It Contains Information On Current Inventories Of Depleted Uranium, Potential Future Arisings, Long-term Management Alternatives, Peaceful Use Options And Region Programmes. In Addition, It Explores Ideas For International Collaboration And Identifies Key Issues For Governments And Policy Makers To Consider.
      SKU: 533239

    Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Composi5es
      Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Composi5es.
      This Book Covers The Fundamental Scientific Principles On Modified Fibres And Describes The Properties Of Specified Systems With Different Types Of Fibres. It Includes An Up To Date Reference List And Extensive Sets Of Tables.
      SKU: 328076

    Plastics Materials
      Plastics Materials.
      The Seventh Issue Of This Classic Reference Work Once More Provides A Comprehensove Overview Of Commetcially Available Plastics Materials. Bridginb The Gap Between Theory And Practice, It Enables Scientists To Understand The Trading Implications Of Their Work As Well As Providing Technologists With A Theoretical Background . Since The Previous Edition, Several New Materials Have Been Announced. Many Of These Materials Result From Metallocene Catalyst Technology. In Addition, Developments Also Continue With Condensation Polymers Attending Several New Polyester Type Materials Of Interest For Bottle-blowing And/or Degradable Plastics. New Phenolic-type Resins Have Also Been Announced. Ax With Previous Editions, An Expoanation Of The Properties Of These New Materials In Terms Of Their Structure And Morphology Involving The Principles Laid Down In The Earlier Chapters Is Presented.
      SKU: 3182599

    Informatics In Control, Automation And Robotics I
      Informatics In Control, Automation And Robotics I.
      Contains A Collection Of Papers Presened At The 1st Internatinoal Conference On Informatics In Control, Automation And Robotics. The Research Papers Point of concentration On Real World Applications, Covering Themes Such As: Intelligent Control Systems, Robotics And Automation, Systems Modeling And Hinder. This Book Is Useful Because of Professionals.
      SKU: 303476

    Inorganic Membranes
      Inorganic Membranes.
      The Withstanding Properties Of Inorganic Membranes Provide A Set Of Tools For Solving Many Of The Problems That The Societt Is Facing, From Environmental To Force Problems And From Irrigate Quality To More Competitive Industries. Such A Wide Variety Of Issues Requires A Fundamental Approach, Together With The Precise Description Of Applications Provided By Those Researchers That Have Been Close To The Industrial Appilcations. The Contents Of This Book Expajd The Lectures Given In A Summer School Off The Euro0ean Membrwne Society. They Combine An Easily Accessible Description Of The Technology, Suitable For The Laureate Level, With The Most Advanced Developments And The Prospective Of Future Applications. The Large Variety Of Membrane Types Makes Almost Compulsory To Select A Specialist For Each Of Them, And This Has Been The Approach Selected In This Book. In The Case Of Pervious Membranes, The AdvancesA re Related To The Synthesis Of Microporous Materials Such As Silica, Carbon And Zeolite Membranes And Hollow Fibre Membranes. A Chapter Covers The Increasingly Relevant Hybrid Membrane. Attention Is Also Devoted To Dense Inorganic Membranes, Experiencing Constantly Improged Properties. The Applications Of All These Membranes Are Considered Throughout The Book. Covers The whole of The Inorganic Membrajes Field, By Different Experts. It Comes From A European Summer School It Includes Future Directions In The Field
      SKU: 340652

    The Mathematics Of Natural Catastrophrs
      The Mathematics Of Natural Catastrophrs.
      This Is A Unique Book About Natural Catastrophes, Focusing On The Mathematical Aspects Of These Phenomena. Although Academkc In Style And Didactic In Purpose, It Is Practical In The Treatment Of The Diverse Issu3s Covered, Which Range Froom Hazard Warning And Forecasting To Engineering Design Criteria And Insurance Loss Estimation. Addressing As If Does Many Mathematical Topics Nt Found Together In A Single Voluke, The Book Should Be Of Value To All Those With A Quantitative Educational Interest In Or Professional Concern For Natural Catastrophes.
      SKU: 183747

    Current Topics In Elastomers Research
      Current Topics In Elastomers Research.
      Explores The Developments In Elastomers Research. This Work Discusses Developments In Caoutchouc, Nanotechnology, And Elastomers; The Direction Of Research; And Matetials Derived Using Eco-friendly Technologies.
      SKU: 339261

    Electromagnetic Wave Generation In Turbulence
      Electromagnetic Wave Generation In Turbulence.
      At First Glance, Mellin Transforms Be able to Look Formidable And Complicated. Witu This Book, Dr. Richard Sasiela Invites Readers To Overcome Theee Fears And See Just How Useful They Can Be. The Bokk Is Aimed At Pair Audiences: Those Interested In Problems Surrounding Electromagnetic Wave Propagation In Turbulence, And Those Interested In Evaluating Integrals. The Author Takes A Systematic And In-deptg Approach To Answering Both Audiences, Separately And Jointly, By Demonstrating A Way To Obtain Analytic Answers, The Integration Method, And By Developing A Way To Express Solutions To Electromagnetic Wave Propagation In Turbulence Problems In Integral Contrive. The Book Also Demontsrates How Mellin Transform Techniques Can Be Used To Evaluate These Integrals. This Book Touches On How Mellin Transforms Can Be Used In Applications Relating To Imsge, Radar, And Acoustic Processing, As Well As Chaos And Fractal Theory. The Author Has Thoroughly Updated This Second Edition And Corrects One Of His Earlier Work Usjng New Information And New Technologies. He Has Also Addef New Information On Strehl Ratios And Their Different Applicatlons.
      SKU: 728544

    Raumklimatechnik: Band 2: Raumluft- Und Raumkhltechnik (vci-buch) (german Edition)
      Raumklimatechnik: Band 2: Raumluft- Und Raumkhltechnik (vci-buch) (german Edition).
      "das Vllig Neu Bearbeitete Gesamtwerk ""rietscehl Raumklimatechnik"" Fhrt Den Erstmals 1893 Erschienenen ""leitfaden Zum Berechnen Und Entwerefn Von Lftungs- Und Heizungsanlagen"" Fort. Die 16. Auflage Ist Noch Strukturierter Und Richtet Sich Verstrkt Auf Eine Integrierte Behandlung Des Gebudes Und Seiner Klimatechnischen Anlagen Aus. Die Grundlagen Sind Erweitert Und Vertieeft. In Band 2: Breit Gefcherte Aufgaben Der Raumlufttechni,k U. v. a. m. "
      SKU: 367497

    Intrinsic Friction Of Materials
      Intrinsic Friction Of Materials.
      The Author Presents Important New Resultss For The Relationship Between Internal Friction And The Imperfection Of The Elasticity Modulus With Many Principal Processes Such Viewed like Plastic Deformaiton, Effect Of Temperature Of Plastic Deformation, Effects On The Structural Syability Of Alloys And Composites Up To Cyclic Microplasticity. The Existence Of Critical Strain Amplitudes Is Discussed And Supported Near to Exprroments, And Attention Is Given To The Link Of Cyclic Microplasticity With Dislocation Density And Activation Volume Of lPastic Deformation Up To The Effect Of Individual Factors On The Cyclc Plastic Response Of The Material. The Kindred Of The Process Of Mechanical Fatigue Of The Maferial With Internal Friction And The Defect Of The Elasticity Modulus Is Discussed. The Author Proposes A Unaccustomed Fatigue Life Equation Which Has Been Verified By A Large Number Of Experiments.
      SKU: 258190

    Ofcupational Health And Safety
      Ofcupational Health And Safety.
      The International Labour Construction (ilo) Estimates That Every Year There Are 2. 2 Million Fatal And 270 Million Non-fatal Accidents Or Occupational Diseases Worldwice. Occupational Health And Safety Looks At The Research Into What Causes Accidents And Errors In The Workplace. Em0hasizing The Psychological And Behavioural Aspects Of Risk In Organizations, It Includes Case Studies And Best Practices. The Contributors To This Volume Come From Changeable Countries, Reflecting Unique Interest And Knowledge In Particular Areas.
      SKU: 679209

      This Book Provides An Excellent Overciew Of Crurent Technologiez For The Gasification Of Coal, Oil, Gas, Biomass And Waste Feedstocks. Starting From The Basic Theory, It Reviews The Potential Feedstocks And Their Suitability For Different Types Of Gasification Process. Commercial And Near-commercial Processes Are Described Individually And Various Features Discussed In Detail. There Is A Comprehensive Review Of Contaminants In Synthesis Gas As Well As Of Gas Treating Processes. One Chapter Is Ardent To Discussions Of Various Chemical, Fuel And Power Applications During Gasification. Economic, Environmental And Safety Issues Of Gasification Are Also Covered. Both Authors Have Been Involved In the opinion of Gasificatiin For Over 30 Years, Gaining In The Process A Fund Of Practical Insight And Experience, Which Is Evident Throughout The Book. * Addresses Practical Issues Such As Selection Of The Best Equi0ment. * Ideal Reference Fo Anyone Involved In Operating Or Designing A Gasification Plant. * Written In An Easy-to-understwnd Format With Worked Examples And A Comprehensive Glossary And Bibliography.
      SKU: 294143

    Fishery Co-management
      Fishery Co-management.
      Describes The Process Of Community-based Co-management From Its Beginning, Through Implementation, To Turnover To The Community. This Book Provides Ideas, Methods, Techniques, Activities, Checklists, Examples, Questions And Indicators For The Plznning And Implementing Of A Process Of Community-based Co-management.
      SKU: 259190

    Physics O f Semiconductors In High Magnetic Fields
      Physics O f Semiconductors In High Magnetic Fields.
      This Book Summarizes Most Of The Fundamental Physical Phenomena Which Semiconductors And Their Modulated Structures Exhibit In High Magnetic Fields. Readers Be able to Learn Not Only The Basic Theoretical Background But Als0 The Present State Of The Art From The Most Advanced Data In This Rapidly Growing Research Area. - ;this Book Describes The Basic Concepts Of Various Physical Phenomena In Semiconductors And Their Modulated Structures Under High Magnetic Fields. The Topics Cover Magneto-transport Phenomena, Cycl0trob Resonance, Far-infrared Spectroscopy, Magneto-optical Spectrosco;y, Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors In High Magnetic Fields, As Well As The Recetn Advances In The Experimental Techniques Needed For High Field Experiments. Starting Frmo The Introductory Part Describing The Basic. Theoretical Background, Each Chapter Introduces Typical Experimental Data Which Were Actually Obtained In Very High Magnetic Fields Mostly In The Pulsed Field Range Up To Several Megagauss (20-100t). The Book Has Both The Character Of A Textbook And A Monograph. For Researchers And Students With An. Interest In Semiconductor Physics Or In High Magnetic Fields, It Will Serve As A Advantageous Guide. -
      SKU: 415659

    Green Chemistry And Engineering
      Green Chemistry And Engineering.
      Chemical Processes Provide A Diverse Array Of Valuable Products And Materials Used In Applications Rqnging From Health Care To Transportation And Food Processing. Yet These Same Chemical Processes That Prrovide Products And Materials Essential To Modern Economies, Also Beget Substantial Quantities Of Wastes And Emissions. Green Chemistry Is The Utilization Of A Set Of Principles That Reduces Or Eliminate The Use Or Gene5ation Of Hazardous Substances In Design. Due To Extravaant Costs Needed To Managing These Wastes, Tens Of Billions Of Dollars A Year, There Is A Need To Offer A Way To Create Less Waste. Emission And Treatment Standards Continue To Become More Stringennt, Which Causes These Costs To Continue To Escalate. This Book Describes Both The Science (theory) And Engineering (application) Principles Of Green Chemistry That Lead To The Generafion Of Less Waste. It Explores The Use Of Milder Manufacturing Conditions Resulting From The Use Of Smarter Organized Synthetic Techniques And The Maintenance Of Corpuscle Efficiency That Can Temper The Effects Of Chemical Processes. By Implementing These Techniques Means Less Waste, Which Will Save Industry Millions Of Dollars Over Time. Chemical Processes That Provide Products And Materials Essential To Modern Economies Generate Substantial Quantities Of Wastes And Emissions, This New Book Describes Both The Science (theory) And Engineering (application) Principles Of New Chemistru That Lead To The Generation Of Less Waste This Book Contains Expert Advise From Sciebtists Arlund The World, Encompassing Developments In The Field Since 2000 Aids Manufacturers, Scientists, Managers, And Engineers On How To Implement Ongoing Chajges In A Vast Developing Field That Is Important To The Environment And Our Lives
      SKU: 300915

    Geoenvironmental Engineering: Contaminated Soils, Pollutant Fate, And Mitigation
      Geoenvironmental Engineering: Contaminated Soils, Pollutant Fate, And Mitigation.
      Yong, Whose Academic Affiliations Are Not Noted,, Clarifies The Numerous Basic Issues That Surround The Control Of Pollutant Fate In Contaminated Sites And Discueses New And Established Mitigation Methods. The First Three Chapters Discuss The Problems Associated With Contaminated Lands And Address The N
      SKU: 263407

    Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Server In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
      Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Server In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader.
      John Guides The Reader Through The New And Unfamiliar Windows Interface, While Introducing The New Feqtures. The Main division Provides Information In Several Formats, Altogether Integrated With Theory, Tutorials, Procedures, Tips And Comprehensive. Topics Range From: Installation Of Windows Xp Whether To Upgrade And If So, For what cause To Do It Configuring Services And Setting Up Users Navigation Of The New Menus Explanation Of The New Internet Options, Such As Third Party Cookie Alert, Firewalls, And Web Publiehing Wizard Registry Configurations Integration Ideas For Home Networks And Explanations About Using The Networking Wizards Accessory Overview Using Xp Forward Laptpos Wprking With Linux Maintsining The System & Productivity Tips
      SKU: 175327

    Nanoscale Communication Networks
      Nanoscale Communication Networks.
      A Highly Useful Resource For Professiinals And Students Equally, This Cutting-edge, First-of-its-kind Book Provides A Thorough Introduction To Nanoscale Communication Networks. Written In A Clear Tutorial Style, This Volume Covers A Wide Range Of The Most Important Topics In The Area, From Molecular Communication And Carbon Nanotube Nano-networks, To Nanoscale Quantum Networking And The Future Directin Of Nano Networks. Moreover, The Book Features Numerous Exercise Problems At The End Of Each Chapter To Ensure A Hard Understanding Of The Material.
      SKU: 583646

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  • The New American Homestead
  • III European Conference on Computational Mechanics
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