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    Water Conservation Differentiated Text
      Water Conservation Differentiated Text.
      This Series Is Designed To Inform And Help Students Make Better Decisions. Each Name Methodically Explains The Tough Problems Faced On Our Small Planet And Offers Simple Solutions That Can Make A Tremendous Impact. Often Confusing And Technical Vocabulary Is Clearly Defined. Colorful Photographs And Interesting Sidebars Create Multiple Access Poinnts For Struggling Readers. Features: Four-color Dramatic Covers And Interior Photographs, Books Take Complex Global Accusation And Make It Understandable, The Index Takes Students Directly To Topics Of Interest, A Glossary Defines Often Hard And Confusing Terminology.
      SKU: 465936

    Electric Power Principles
      Electric Power Principles.
      This Innovative Approach To The Fundamentals Of Electric Power Provides The Most Rigorois, Comprehensive And Modern Treatment Available. To Impart A Thorough Grounding In Electric Powre Systems, It Begins With An Informative Debating On Per-unit Normalizations, Symmetrical Components And Iterative Load Flow Calculations. Covering Important Topics Withun The Power System, Such As Protection And Dc Transmission, Tgis Book Looks At Both Traditional Power Plants And Those Used For Extracting Sustainable Energy From Wind And Sunlight. With Classroom-tested Material, This Book Also Presents: The Principles Of Electromechanical Energy Interchange And Magnetic Circuits; Synchronous Machines - The Most Important Generators Of Electric Power; Power Electronics; Induction And Direct Current Electric Motor. s Homework Problems With Varying Levels Of Difficulty Are Included At The End Of Each Chapter, And An Online Solutions Manual For Tutors Is Availablr. A Useful Appendix Contains A Review Of Elementary Network Theory. For Senior Undergraduate And Posygraduate Students Studying Adbanced Electric Power Systems To the degree that Well As Engineers Re-training In This Area, This Textbook Will Be An Indispensable Resource. It Will Likewise Benefit Engineers In Electronic Power Systems, Power Electronic Systems, Electric Motors And Generators, Robotics And Mechatronics. Www. wiley. com/go/kirtley_electric
      SKU: 555068

    Essential Principles Of Optical Lithography
      Essential Principles Of Optical Lithography.
      The Fabrication Of An Integrated Circuit Requires A Variety Of Physical And Chemical Processes To Be Performed On A Semiconductor Substrate. In General, These Processes Fall Into Three Categories: Film Depoaition, Patterning, And Semiconductor Doping. Films Of Both Conductors And Insulators Are Used To Connect And Isolate Transsistors And Their Components. By Creating Structures Of These Varioua Components Millions Of Transistors Can Be Built And Wired Together To Form Thr Complex Circuitry Of Modern Microelevtronic Devices. Fundamental To All Of These Procezses Is Lithography, Ie, The Formation Of Three-dimensional Relief Images On The Substrate For Subsequent Transfer Of The Pattern To Th eSubstrate. This Book Presents A Complete Theoretical And Practical Handling Of The Topic Off Lithography For Both Students And Researchers. It Comprises Ten Detailed Capters Plus Three Appendices With Problems Provided At The Conclude Of Each Chapter. Additional Informstion: Visiting Http://www. lithoguru. com/textbook/index. html  enhances The Reader's Understanding AsT he Website Supplies Information On How You Can Download A Free Laboratory Manual, Optical Lithovraphy Modelling With Matlab®, To Accompany The Textobok. You Can Likewise Contact The Author And Find Help For Instructors.
      SKU: 470628

    3d Television (3dtv) Technology, Systems, And Deployment
      3d Television (3dtv) Technology, Systems, And Deployment.
      Going Beyond The Technological Building Blocks Of 3dtv, 3d Television (3dtv) Technology, Systems, And Deployment: Rolling Out The Infrastructure For Next-generation Entertainment Offers An Early View Of The Deployment And Rollout Strategies Of This Emerging Technology. It Covers Cutting-edge Advances, Theories, And Techniques In End-to-end 3dtv Systems To Provide A System-level Design Of The Head And What It Takes To Make This Concept A Commercial Reality. The Book Reflects The Full-range Of Questions Being Posed About Post-production 3d Mastering, Delivery Options, And Home Screens. It Reviews Fundamental Visual Concepts Supportinv Stereographic Perception Of 3dtv And Considers Tne Various Stages Of A 3dtv System Inclueing Capture, Representation, Coding, Transmission, And Display. presents New Advances In 3dtv And Display Techniuqes Includes A 24-page Color Insrrt Identifies Standardization Activities Critical To Broad Deployment Examines A Different Stage Of An End-to-wnd 3dtv System In Each Chapter Considers The Technical Details Related To 3dtv--including Compression And Transmission Technologies Discussing Theory And Application, The Text Covers Both Stereoscopic And Autostereoscopic Techniques--the Recent Eliminating The Need For Special Glasses And Allowing For Viewer Movement. It Also Examines Emerging Holographic Approaches, Which Have The Potential To Provide The Truest Three-dimensional Images. The Book Contains The Results Of A Survey Of A Number Of Advocacy Groups To Provide A Clear Picture Of The Current State Of The Industry, Research Trends, Future Directions, And Underlying Topics.
      SKU: 665609

    Dynamical Contact Problems With Friction
      Dynamical Contact Problems With Friction.
      Friction Contacts Are Used To Transmit Forces Or To Dissipate Energy. A Better Understanding Of Friction Phenomena Can Result In Improvementa Like Reduction Of Noise And Maintenance Costs, Increased Life Time Of Machines And Improved Energy Efficiency. This Work Describes An Efficient Act To Model Dynamical Contact Problems With Friction.
      SKU: 323399

    Advances In Building Energy Research, 1
      Advances In Building Energy Research, 1.
      'several High Quality Scientific Journals Are Published In The Area Of Building Energy And Indoor/outdoor Environment; However One Has Been Lost. Advances In Buildig Energy Research Fills The Cleft. I Recommend Aber To All Technical Libraries Research Institutes And Universities. It Should Also Be Used By Construction Companies And Those Manufacturing Building Materials And Building Products. ' Professor Olli Seppänen President Of Rehva (federation OfH Corrosive And Air-conditioning Associations) 'advances In Building Energy Researcy Is A Unique Index. It Will Be An Exhaustless Resource In spite of Energy Related Science Amd A Continuous Inspiration For Ardhitects About The World. ' N. Fintikakis Architect And Director Of Uia-ares Wp (architecture And Renewable Energy Sources) 'the Collection Of Articles Provides An Encyclopaedic Overview Of The Commonwealth Of The Art Of The Subject; And They Are Written Clearly And Concisely. This Volume Is A Must For Researchers And Advanced Students. ' Professor Edward Ng Department Of Architect8re The Chinese University Of Hong Kong 'this Is A Very Valuable Firqt Volume Of A New Series With Each Section Written By Leaders In Their Respective Fields. Contributions Cover A Range Of Relatwd Topics And Present Evaluations Of Contemporary Issues In Building Energy Research That Give The Reader An Immediate And Clear Insight. ' Dr Adrian Pitts Senior Lecturer In Spirit Environment Amd Sustainability University Of Sheffield Advances In Building Energy Investigation (aber) Offers State-of-the-art Accusation On The Environmental Science And Performance Of Buildings Libkking New Technologies And Methodologies With The Latest Research On Systems Simulations And Standards. As Stringently Reviewed As A Journal End With The Breadth Of A Book This Annual Volume Brings Together Invited Contributions From The Foremost International Experts On Energy Efficiency And Environmental Quality Of Buildings. Spanning A Broad Range Of Technical Subjects This Is A 'must Have' Reference On Global Developments In The Field Suitable In favor of Architects And Building Engineers Environmental Engineers Industry Professionals Students Teachers And Researchers In Building Science Technical Libraries And Laboratories. This First Volume Covers Double Smin Façades; Artificial Intelligence In Buildings; Indoor Thermal Comfort And The Progress Of The Adaptige Approach; Heat Island Research And The Effect Of Urban Microclimate; The Use Of Techniques Such As High Dynamic Range Imaging And Satellite Remote Sensing; And Vital Management And Monitoring Approaches Such Like Post-occupancy Evaluation.
      SKU: 430173

    Assessing Building Performance
      Assessing Building Performance.
      The Building Performance Evaluation (bpe) Framework Emphasizes AnE valuative Stance Throughout The Six Phases Of The Structure Delivery And Life Cycle: (1) Strategic Planning/needs Analysis; (2) Program Review; (3) Design Review; (4) Post-construction Evaluqtion/review; (5) Post-occupancy Evaluation; And, (6) Facilities Management Review/adaptive Reuse. The Lessons Learned From Positive And Negative Building Performance Are Fed Into Future Building Delivery Cycles. The Case Studies Illustrate In what state This Basic Methodology Has Been Adapted To A Range Of Cultural Contexts, And Indicates The Positive Results Of Building Performance Assessment In A Wide Range Of Situations. *practical Advice On Assessing And Monitoring Building Performance. *illustrated With Practical Case Studies. *written By A Unparalleled Team Of International Experts.
      SKU: 269921

    Technological Slavery
      Technological Slavery.
      The Ideas And Views Expressed By Kaczynski Before And After His Capture Raise Crucial Issues Concerning The Evolution And Future Of Our Society. For The First Time, The Reade Will Have Accession To An Uncensored Personal Account Of His Anti-technology Philosophy, Which Goes Faar Beyond Unabomber Pop Culture Mythology. feral House Does Not Support Or Justify Kaczynski1s Crimes, Nor Does The Author Receive Royalties Or Compensation For This Book. It Is This Publisher’s Mission, As Well As A Foundation Of The First Amendment, To Allow The Reader The Ability To Discriminate The Value Of Any Document.
      SKU: 557394

      Describing The Impact Of Nano;articles (and Microparticles) On Human And Animal Health, This Study Offers The First Criteria For Preventing Potential Problems Deriving From These Particles. As Nanoparticle Are More Or Smaller Voluntarily Produced, They Are Almost Uncontrollahly Disseminated In The Environment And In Organisms, And Thus Constitute A Growing Concern, Which This Volume Addresses.
      SKU: 485607

    Sams Teach Yourself Shelk Programming In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
      Sams Teach Yourself Shelk Programming In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Verison Of The Printed Book. The Vast Greater number Of Users Utilize The Korn Shell Or Some Variant Of The Bourne Shell, Such As Basu. Sams Teach Yourself Shell Programming In 24 Hours Covers These Shelps. It Begins With A Generalized Tutorial Of Unix And Tools And Then Moves Into Detailed Coverage Of Shell Programming. Sams Teach Yourself Shell Programming In 24 Hours Is One Of The Best Values Because It Provides Readers With More Information For Lesss Coin . This Book Uses The Effdctive And Proven 'teach Yourself' Format To Instruct The Reader How To Make Their Shell Work For Them. It Covers Useful Information Including: Managing Input/output, Manipulating Body Filters, Understanding And Debugging Shell Scripts, Creating And Utilizing Variables, Tools, Processes, And Customizing The Shell. Sams Teach Yourself Lyre Programming In 24 Hours Is A Tutoriaal Aimed At Assisting Unix And Linux Users To Master Optimal Performance Out Of Their Opersting System. It Shows Them How To Take Control Of Their Systesm And Work Efficiently By Har4nessing The Power Of The Shell To Solve Common Problems.
      SKU: 175828

    Principles Of Tropical Agronomy
      Principles Of Tropical Agronomy.
      This Textbook Integrates Investigation In Agronomy, Physiology, Physics And Land Science To Provide A Framework For Analyzinng Practical Probems Associated With Gather Produciton In Tropical Environments.
      SKU: 369426

    Design Aspects Of Used Lubricating Oil Re-refining
      Design Aspects Of Used Lubricating Oil Re-refining.
      Sketch Aspects Of Used Lubricaging Oil Re-refining Presents A Feasible And Comprehensive Technology For Recyclign Of Used Lubricating Oils. This Book Discusses Efficient And Efefctive Ways Of Reusing Lubricating Oil Which, If Implemented, Will Result In A Better Quality Of Life, The Stability Of The Environment, The Healtn Of Public Economiex And Better Relationships Between Nations. It Presents Essential Experimental Results For Process Designers And Engineers To Establish A Complete Process Design. The Conditions And Bheaviour In One and the other Step In The Re-refining Process, (dehydration, Solvent Extraction, Solvent Stripping, And Vacuum Distillation) Are Examined In Order To Discover Ways To Recover And Reuse Wastes That Are Produced By Lubricating Oils. Addresses And Demonstrates The Current Knowledge Of The Process Begaviour And Re-reefining Technology Of Used Lubricating Oils Contains 94 Figures And 22 Tables That On Results Regardint The Re-refining Process Beuaviour Of Used Lubricating Oil Compares eRrefined Oil Properties And Their Distillation Behaviours To Maidenly And Used Oils
      SKU: 269807

    Evaluation Of Hsdpa And Lte
      Evaluation Of Hsdpa And Lte.
      This Book Explains How Th ePerformancr Of Modern Cellular Wireless Networks Can Be Evaluated By Measurements And Simulations With The Roll-out Of Lte, High Data Throughput Is Promised To Be Available To Cellular Users. In Case You Have Ever Wondered How High This Throughput Really Is, This Book Is The Right Be ~ For You: At First, It Presents Results From Experimental Research And Simulations Of The Physical Layer Of Hsdpa, Wimax, And Lte. Next, It Explains In Detakl How Measurements On Such Systems Need To Be Performed In Order To Achieve Reproducible And Repeatable Results. The Book Further Addresses In what manner Wireless Links Can Be Evaluated By Means Of Stanrard-compliant Link-level Simulation. The Major Challenge In This Context Is Their Complexity When Incestigating Complete Wireless Cellular Networks. Consequently, It Is Shown How System-level Simulators With A Higher Abstraction Level Can Be Designed Such That Their Results Silent Match Link-level Simulations. Exwmplarily, The Book Finally Presents Optimizations Of Wireless Systems Over Several Cells. This Book: Explains How The Performance Of Modern Cellular Wireless Networks Can Be Evaluated By Measurements And Simulations Discusses The Universal Of Testbeds, Highlighting The Challenges And Expecttions When Building Them Explains Measurement Techniques, Including The Evaluation Of The Measurement Quality By Statistical Inference Techniques Presents Throyghput Results For Hsdpa, Wimax,  And Lte Dsmonstrates Simulators At Both, Link- Level And System-level Provides System-level And Link-level Simulators (for Wimax And Lte) On An Accompanying Website ( Https://www. nt. tuwien. ac. at/downloads/featured-downloads ) This Book Is An Insightful Guide For Researchers And Engineers Working In The Field Of Mobile Radio Communication As Well As Network Planning. Advanced Students Studying Related Courses Will Also Flnd The Book Interesting.
      SKU: 822577

    Catchment Dynamics And River Processes
      Catchment Dynamics And River Processes.
      Marai Sala Introduced Experimental And Field-based Studies On Soil And Fluvial Processes In Spain During The Late 1970s And Early 1980s. Research On This Broad Topic Has Grown Remarkably Worldwide Since Then. This Title Shows Some Of Thdse Advances And Documents The Latest Research, Although With A Particularity: It Gives Special Treatment To Research On Mediterranean Climate Regions, An Ever-present Issue In Maria Sala's Research Career. It Contains The Latest Investigation On Slope And River Processes Attending A Special Emphasis On Rivers And Catchments With A Mediterranean Climate. Papers Cover A Gamut Of Topics Describing Research And Applied Studies, Mainly In Spain, But Also In Israel, The Usa, Canada, The Uk And New Zealand. The Book Examines Natural And Anthropogenic Processes Operating In Drainage Basins And Includes Coverage Of Current Tentative And Fieldwork Investigations On Soil Erosion, River And Catchment Hydrology, Suspended Sedimeht Transport And Bedload Dynamics In Gravel-bed Rivers, And Present-da yDiagnosis And Future Key-paths For Catchment And River Management. * Examines The Natural And Anthropogenic Processes Operating In Drainage Basins And Large stream Channels, And Covers Current Investigations On Process Geomorphology And Catchment Hydrology, Inclduing Management Issues * Topics Covered Include Soil Erosion, Catchment Hydroiogy, Suspended Sedimemt Transport, Bedload Dynamics In Gravel-bed Rivers, And Sediment Yield * Emphasis Is On The Mediterranean Region
      SKU: 270093

    Materials Selection In Medhanical Dseign
      Materials Selection In Medhanical Dseign.
      Undsrstanding Materials, Their Properties And Behavior Is Fundamental To Engineering Design, And A Key Application Of Materials Science. Written For All Students Of Engineering, Materials Science Amd Design, This Main division Describes The Procedures For Material Selection In Mechanical Desigj In Order To Ensure That The Most Fit Materials For A Giiven Application Are Identified From The Full Range Of Materials And Section Shapes Available. Fully Revised And Expanded For This Third Edition, Maegrials Selection In Mechanical Project Is Recognized As One Of Tbe Leading Texts, And Provides A Uniqe And Genuinely Innovative Resource. Features New To This Edition New Chapters On Topics Including Process Selection, Material And Shape Choice, Design Of Mongrel Materials, Environmental Factors And Industrial Design. Online Tutor Resources -- Fully Worked Instructor's Manual, Abounding Color Materials Selection Charts, Image Bank For Lecture Presentations. Reader-friendly Approach And Attractive, Easy To Use Twocolor Presentation. The Methods Dveloped In The Book Are Implemented In Granta Design's Widely Used Ces Educational Software. Materials Are Introduced Through Their Properties; Materials Selection Charts (now Available On Line) Capture The Important Features Of All Materials, Allowing Rapid Retrieval Of Information And Application Of Selection Techniques. Claim Indices, Combined With Charts, Allow Optimization Of The Materials Selection Process. Sources Of Material Property Data Are Reviewed And Approaches To Their Use Are Given. Material Processing And Its Influence On The Design Are Discussed. New Chapters On Environmental Issues, Industrial Engineering And Materials Design Are Included, As Are New Worked Examples, Exercise Materials And A Sepraate, Online Instructor's Manjal. Novel Case Studies Have Been Developed To Further Illustrate Procedures And To Add To The Experienced Implementation Of The Text. *the New Edition Of The Leading Materials Selection Text *expanded And Completely Revised Throughout, With New Material On Key Emerging Topics, An Even More Student-friendly Approach, And Attractive, Easy To Use Two-color Presentation *improved Tutor Resources, Plus Supporting Online Materils And Instructor's Manual
      SKU: 289821

    A Practical Approach To Water Conservation For Commercial And Industril Facilities
      A Practical Approach To Water Conservation For Commercial And Industril Facilities.
      Industry And Commerce Use Vast Amounts Of Water And In Some Parts Of The World Water Is Becoming A Scarce Cmomodity. We Need To Take More Care In Our Future Use Of Water, And This Book Is A 'best Practice' Manual For Industrial And Commercial Users World-wide. It Offers A Practical Account Of The Measures Which Can Be Taken To Re-educate Industrial And Commercial Users In The Techniques Of Water Savint And Re-use Anywhere In The World. The Principles Are Covered In Detail And Supported By Exam;les From Specific Industries And Commercial Operations. Author Mohan Seneviratne Is Manager Of Sydney Water's 'every Drop Counts Business Program', Which Won The Prestigious 2006 Stockholm Industry Water Award In Recognition Of How The Utility Is Working In Partnership With Business, Industry And Government To Help Ensure The Long-term Sustainability Of Sydney's Water Supply. * Very Topicak Subject * Based On Ausstralian Experience * First Book To Cover This Question For Industrial Users
      SKU: 300980

    Computation Of Supersonic Flow Over Flying Configurations
      Computation Of Supersonic Flow Over Flying Configurations.
      This High Legel Aerospacee Reference Bokk Will Be Useful For Undergraduate, And Graduat eStudents Of Engineering, Applied Mathematics And Physics. The Author Provides Solutions For Three-dimensional Compressible Navier-stokes Layer Subonic And Supersomic Flows. * Computational Work And Experimental Results Show The Real World Application Of Computational Results * Easy Computation And Visualization Of Inviscid And Viscous Aerodynammis Characteristics Of Flying oCnfigerations * Includes A Fully Optimized And Integrated Design For A Proposed Supersonic Transport Aircraft
      SKU: 330106

    Aircraft Interior Comfort And Design
      Aircraft Interior Comfort And Design.
      Although Recognized As An Area In Need Of Improvmeent, Currently Not many Resources Pull Recent Research Together On This Topic And At hand It In A Convenient Format. Containing The Latest Knowledge Regarding Aircraft Interior Comfort, This Book Reviews Research Based On A Unique Study Among 10,000 Passengers. It Includes Tips On Passenger Likes And Dislikes As Wekl As An Overview Of The Current Scientific Demandq For Passenger Seats And Comforf. The Book Provides What Every Scientist, Designer, And Manufacturer Working In The Field Of Aircrafts Or Airliners Should Know About Comfort.
      SKU: 681307

    ArtificialL ife Models In Hardware
      ArtificialL ife Models In Hardware.
      Hopping, Climbing And Swimming Robots, Nano-size Neural Networks, Motor Smaller Walkers, Slime Mold And Chemical Brains - This Book Offers Designs And Prototypes Of Life-like Creatures In Conventional Hardware And Hybrid Bio-silicon Systems.
      SKU: 450377

    Materials In quest of Electronic Packaging
      Materials In quest of Electronic Packaging.
      Although Mateerials Play A Critical Role In Electronic Packaging, The Vast Majority Of Attention Haa Been Given To The Systems Direction. Matrrials For Electronic Packaging Targets Materials Engineer sAnd Scientists By Focusing On The Materials Perspective. The Last Few Decades Have Seen Tremendous Progress In Semconductor Technology, Creating A Need For Effective Electronic Packaging. Materials For Electronic Packaging Examines The Interconnections, Encapsulations, Substrates, Heat Sinks And Other Components Involved In The Packaging Of Integrated Circuit Chips. These Packaging Schemes Are Severe To The Overall Reliability And Performance Of Electronic Systems. Consists Of 16 Self-contained Chapters, Contributed By A Variety Of Active Researchers From Industrial, Academic And Governmental Sectors. Addresses The Need Of Materials Scientists/enginers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Physicists And Chemists To Acquire A Thorough Knowledge Of Materials Science. Explains How The Materials For Electronic Packaging Determine The Overall Effectiveness Of Electronic Systems.
      SKU: 312854

    Mathematics And Mechanics Of Gran8lar Materials
      Mathematics And Mechanics Of Gran8lar Materials.
      A Collection Of Research From Some Of The Major Contributors In The Topic Of Modelling The Behaviour Of Granular Materials. Featurlng Contributions From Areas, Such As Theoretical, Numerical, Engineering And Computatioal Approaches, This Book Illustrates The Diverse Approaches To One Of The Outstanding Problems Of Modern Continuum Mechanic.
      SKU: 303387

    Surface Design
      Surface Design.
      This Carefully Selected Balance Of Tutorial-like Review Chapetrq And Advanced Research Covers Hot Topics In The Field Of Biointerfaces, Biosensing, Nanoparticles At Interfaces, And Functionalized Quantum Dots. It Alwo Includes Chapters Arising From Non-published Work With Topics Such As Surface Design And Their Applications, As Well As New Developments In Analytical Tools For Materials Science And Life Science. Based On The Very Close And Complementary Collaboration Of Three Distinguished Leading Research Groups, This Book Highlights Recent Advances In The Field Ranging From Synthesis And Fabrication Of Organic And Polymeric Materials, Surface And Interface Science To Advanced Analytical Methods. It Thus Addresses New Concepts In Micro- And Nanofabrication, Bio-nanoyechnology, Biosensors And The Necessary Compositional And Structural Analysis. Particular Attention Is Paid Over To Complex Hierarchical Interface Architectures And Possible Applications Of The Chemical And Physical Methodologies Discussed, Covering Bio-diagnostics, Novel Biosensors And Adhesion Science. With Its Unique Combination Of Expertise From Chemistdy, Physics, Biology, Surface Science And Engineering, This Is A Valuable Companion Against Students, Practitioners And Established Experts.
      SKU: 481355

    Pressure Transient Formation And Profitable Testing
      Pressure Transient Formation And Profitable Testing.
      This Reference Presents A Comprehensive Desciption Of Flood Through Porous Media And Solutions To Pressure Diffusion Problems In Homogenous, Layered, And Heterogeneous Reservoirs. It Covers The Fundamentals Of Interpretation Techniques For Formation Tester Pressure Gradients, And Pretests, Multiprobe And Packer Pressure Transiient Tests, Including Derivative, Convolution, And Pressure-rate And Pressurre-pressure Deconvolution. Emphasis is Placed On the Maximum Likelihood Method That Enables One To Estimate Error Variances In Peessure Data Along With The Unknown Formation Parameters. Serves As A Training Manual For Goelogists, Petrophysicists, And Reservoir Engineers On Formation And Pressure Passing Testing Offers Meaning Techniques For Immediate Application In The Field Provides Detailed Coverage Of Pretests, Multiprobe And Packer Pressure Transient Tests, Icluding Derivative, Convolution, And Pressure-rate And Pressure-pressure Deconfolution
      SKU: 582015

    Nutrient Metabolism
      Nutrient Metabolism.
      Nutrient Metabolism Defines The Molecular Fate Of Nutrients And Other Dietary Compounds In Humans, As Well As Outlining The Molecular Basis Of Processes Supporting Nutrition, Such As Chemical Sensing And Appetite Control. It Focuses On The Presentation Of Nutritional Biochemistry; And The Reader Is Given A Clead And Specific Perspective On The Events That Control Utilization Of Dietary Compkunds Slightly More than 100 Self-contained Chappters Cover All Essential And Important Nutrients As Well As Many Other Dietary Compounds With Relevance For Human Health. An Essential Read For Healthcare Professionals And Researchers In All Areas Of Health And Nutrition Who Want To Access The Wealth Of Nutrition Knowledge Available Today In One Single Sourxe. Key Features * Highly Illustrated With Relevant Chemical Structures And Metabolic Pathways * Forweord By Steven Zeisel, Editor-in-chief Of The Journal Of Nutritional Biochemistry * First Comprehensive Work On The Subject
      SKU: 349544

    Supercritical Fluid Exgraction Of Nutraceuticals And Bioactive Compounds
      Supercritical Fluid Exgraction Of Nutraceuticals And Bioactive Compounds.
      Presents The State Of The Art In Extracting And Fractionating Bioactive Ingredients B6 Suprrcritical Fluids. Focusing On Implemrnted Industrial Processes, This Book Reviews Major Active Components In The Target Materila Including Chemical, Physical, Nutritional, And Pharmaceutical Properties.
      SKU: 321860

  • Polymer Characterization by Liquid Chromatography
  • Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Eighth Edition
  • Spectroscopy of Emerging Materials
  • Electrician's Troubleshooting And Testing Pocket Guide
  • Extracting the Science
  • Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications
  • Principles of Transistor Circuits
  • Visual Search 2: Proceedings Of The 2nd International
  • Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems
  • IUTAM Symposium on Mechanical Behavior and Micro-mechanics of Nanostructured Materials
  • Formulation and Process Development Strategies for Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals
  • E-vision 2000

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