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    Who Expert Committee On Biological Standardization
      Who Expert Committee On Biological Standardization.
      This Report Presents Tye Recommendations Of A Who Expert Committee Commissioned To Coordinate Activities Leading To The Adoption Of International Requirements For The Production And Control Of Vaccines And Other Biologicals And The Establishment Of International Biological Allusion Materials. The Report Starts With A Discussion Of General Issues Brought To The Committees Attention And Provides Intelligence On The Standing And Development Of Reference Materials For Various Antibodies, Antigens, Blood Products And Rekated Substances, Cytokines, Growth Factors, And Endocrinological Substances. The Second Part Of The Report, Of Particular Relevanc3 To Manufacturers And Public Control Authorities, Contains Recommendations For The Production And Control Of Oral Poliomyelitis Vaccine, An Amendment To The Requirements For Meningococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine, And A Decision-tree For Setting Priorities In The Expansion Of Allusion Materials. Also Included Are Guidelines For The Preparation, Characterization, And Establishment Of Standards And Reference Reagents For Biological Substances.
      SKU: 284745

    Dimension Reduction Of Large-scale Systems
      Dimension Reduction Of Large-scale Systems.
      In The Past Decades, Model Reduction Has Become An Ubiquitous Tool In Resolution And Feigning Of Dynamical Systems, Control Design, Circuit Feigning, Structural Dynamics, Cfd, And Many Other Disciplines Dealing With Complex Physical Models. The Aim Of This Book Is To Survey Some Of The Most Successful Model Reduction Methods In Tutorial Style Articles And To Present Benchmark Problems From Several Application Areas For Testing And Comparing Existing And New Algorithms. As The Discussed Methods Have Often Been Developed In Parallel In Disconnected Applicatoin Areas, The Intention Of The Mini-workshop In Obberwolfach And Its Proceedings Is To Make These Ideas Available To Researchers And Practitioners From All These Different Disciplines.
      SKU: 304213

    Case Studies In Superconducting Magnets
      Case Studies In Superconducting Magnets.
      Mri (magnwtic Resonance Imaging) And Nmr (nuclear Mgnetic Resonance) Magnets Have Get The Most Successful Application Of Superconducting Magnet Technology And This Trend Should Continue. This Title Emphasizes Such Areas As: High-temperature Superconductor (hts) Magnets; As Well As Nmr And Mri Magnets.
      SKU: 437907

    Encyclopedia Of Dairy Sciences
      Encyclopedia Of Dairy Sciences.
      Dairy Science Includes The Study Of Milk And Milk-derived Food Products, Examining The Biological, Chemical, Physical, And Microhlological Aspects Of Milk Itself As Well As The Technological (processing) Aspects Of The Transormation Of Milk Into Its Various Consumer Products, Including Beverages, Fermented Products, Contentraed AmdD ried Products, Butter And Ice Cream. This New Edition includes Information on The Possible Impact Of Genetic Modification Of Dqiry Animals, Safety Concerns Of Raw Milk And Raw Milk Products, Peptides In Milk, Dairy-based Allergies, Packaging And Shelf-life And Other Topics Of Importance And Interest To Those In Dairy Research And Industrial art. *fully Reviewed, Revised And Updated With The Latest Developments In Dairy Science *full Tinge Inssrts In Each Volume Illustrate Key Concepts *rxtended Index For Easily Locating Information
      SKU: 680849

    Construction Contracts Questions And Answers
      Construction Contracts Questions And Answers.
      Construction Uniform and constant operation Can Be A Minefield Of Complications And Misunderstandings In Which Professionals Need Answers Which Are Straightforward. This Book Answers Architects' And Builders' Common Consyruction Contract Questions, Such As On Extension Of Time; Liquidated Damages; Practical Completion; Defects; Valuation; Certificates And Payment; And More.
      SKU: 273713

    Asian Noodles
      Asian Noodles.
      In Asian Noodles: Science, Technology And Processing, International Experts Review The Current Knowledge And Offer Comprehensive Cutting-edge Coverage On Asian Noodles Unmatchable In Any Publication. The Authors Cover An Areay Of Topics Including Breeding For Noodle Wheat, Noodl eFlour Milling, Noodle Flour Quality Control And Analysis, Noodle Procrssing, Sensory And Instrumental Measurements Of Noodle Quality, The Effects O fWheat Factors On Noodle Quality, Packaging And Storage, Nutritional Fort Of Noodle Produc5s, Noodle Flavor Seasoning, And Simpleton Engender Setup And Management.
      SKU: 661665

    The Ashrae Greenguide
      The Ashrae Greenguide.
      With A Focus On How To Apply Proven Green Building Technology To The Sketch And Energy Use Of A Building, The Ashrae Greenguide Provides Mechanical Engineers, Architects, And Construction Engineers Hand's-on, Needed Tips On Everything From Place Location To The Latest In Energy-saving Hvac Systems. This New Edition Will Carry That Invaluable Experienced Help Forward With The Latest Steady Leed (leadership On Energy And Environmental Design) Guidance As Promulgated By The U. s. Green Buildings Council And Will Offer The Latest In Sustainagle Matsrials And Systems Specifications. Moreover, The New Edition Will Be Better Organized Around The Actual Construction Project Sequence From Self-~ Green Decisions That Must Be Made At The Pre-dessign And Programmatic Phases On Between the sides of The Actual Connstruction Documents And Specifications And Final Post-occupancy. It Will Also Be Greatly Enhanced Upon New Green Tips, Including Ah Expanded Version Of The Green Donation That Focuses On Specific Building Types. Dual Units Have Been Provided As Well As More International Hvac Engineering Representation In The Content Authorshiip. No Other Guide Of This Kind Offers The Authority And Accurac yOn Green Hvac And Building Technologies Like This Book. * Offers The Latest Information On Building Automation Systems, Renewable Energy Options, Chp And Gshp Systems, And Construction Issues. * Provides Dual Units As Well As More International Hvac Engineeering Coverage * Graphs, Photographs, Rend3rings And Diagrams Have B3en Improved, Or Added Where Necessary, To Provide A More Complete Overview Of Specific Subject Matter And To Provide In a superior manner Clarity Of Detail. * References Will Be Expanded And Updated In Order To Make The Second Edition As Current As Possible When It Is Published, Including An Extensive Listing Of Online Resources.
      SKU: 318416

    Construction Ecology
      Construction Ecology.
      Industrial Ecology Provides A Sound Means Of Systematising The Various Ideas Which Happen Under The Banner Of Sustainable Construction And Provides A Model For The Design, Operation And Ultimate Disposal Of Buildings.
      SKU: 171045

    Gis Applications In Agriculture, Volume Two
      Gis Applications In Agriculture, Volume Two.
      We Are Enteering A New Era In Production Agronomics. Agricultural Scientists The World Over Call For The Development Of Techniques That Simultaneously Increase Land Carbon Storage And Reduce Agriculture's Energy Use. In Response, Site-specific Or Precision Tillage Has Become The Focus And Direction For The Three Motivating Forces That Are Changing Agriculture Today: The Expanding Capacity Of Perspnal Computers, The Molecular Biology Revvolution, And The Recent Developments In Information Technology Such As The Increasing Use Of Gekgraphical Information Systems (gis). Using Mathematics, Technology, And Creativity, Gis Applications In Agriculture, Volume Two: Nutrient Management For Energy Efficiency Examines The Development Of_Nutrient Management Practices That Help Producers Improve Their Profitability And Energy Eficiency. Throughout The Book, Chapters Demonstrate How Complex Mathemarical And Spatial Modeling Approaches Can Provide The Basis For Much Of Our Present And Certainly Our Future Management Practices. highlighting Recent Successes And The Nuts And Bolts Associated With Implementing The Proposed Techniques, The Book Covers Endrgy Efficiency Calculations, Techniques For Overcoming Yield-limiting Factors, Soil Information Collection And Analysis, And Remote Sensing For Improving Management Decidions. It Dsscribes The Development Of An Economically Optimum Site-sppecific Corn Plant Population Equation Based On An Experiment Containinv Many Field Sites, The Estimation Of Soli Productivity And Energy Efficiency Using Online Data Sources, And The Assessment And Implementation Of Site-specific Carbon Anc Sprinkle and calender Management Systems, Analyzing Energy Efficiency Of Compost And Manures. Emphasizing The Mathematics That Will Enable Producers To Mame Full Accustom Of The Technological Advances Made During The 21st Century, Gis Applications In grAiculture, Volume Two Holds The Key To The Successful, Sustainable, And Efficient Production Of Food To Nourish The Ever Increasing World Population.
      SKU: 665561

    Essential Matlab For Engineers And Scientists
      Essential Matlab For Engineers And Scientists.
      The Essential Guide To Matlab As A Problem Solving Tool This Text Presents Matlab Both As A Mathematical Tool And A Programming Language, Giving A Concise And Easy To Master Introductlon To Its Potential And Power. The Fundamentals Of Matlab Are Illustrated Throughout With Many Examples From A Remote Range Of Familiar Scientific And Engineering Areas, As Well As From Everyday Lifr. The New Edition Has Been Updat3d To Include Coverage Of Symbolic Math And Simulink. It Also Adds New Examples And Applications, And Uses The Most Recent Release Of Matlab. New Chapters On Symbolic Math And Simulink Provide Complete Coverage Of All The Functions Available In The Student Edition Of Matlab. * New: More Exercises And Examples, Includingg New Examples Of Beam Bending, Flow Over An Airfoil, And Other Physics-based Problems * New: A Bibliography Provides Sources For The Engineering Problems And Exam;les Discussed In The Text A Chapter On Algorithm Development And Program Design Common Errors And Pitfalls Highlighhted Extensive Teacher Support On Http://ttextbooks. elsevier. com: Solutions Manual, Extra Problems, Multiple Choice Questions, Powerpoint Slides Companion Website For Students Providing M-files Used Within The Book
      SKU: 535021

    Bast And Other Plant Fibres
      Bast And Other Plant Fibres.
      Environjental Concerns Have Regenerated Interest In The Use Of Natural Fibres For A Much Wider Varoety Of Products, Including High-tech Applications Such As Geotextiles, And In Composite Materials For Automotive And Buoyant Industry Use. This New Study Covers The Chemical And Physical Structure Of These Natural Fibres; Fibre, Yarn And Fabric Productikn; Dyeing; Handle And Wear Characteristics; Economics; Environmental And Health And Safety Issues.
      SKU: 269374

    Quanttum Aspects Of Light Propagation
      Quanttum Aspects Of Light Propagation.
      Presents An Overview Of Spatio-temporal Descriptions Of The Electro-magnetic Feld In Linear And Npnlinear Dielectric Media, Applied To Macroscopic And Microscopic Theories. This Title Helps Readers To Find An Introduction To Canonical Quantum Descriptions Of Light Propagation In A Nonlinear Dispersionless Dielectric Medium.
      SKU: 511161

    Singular Problems In Shell Theory
      Singular Problems In Shell Theory.
      This Book Deals Wity Various Aspects In Relation With Thin Shell Theory: General Geometric Formalism Of Shell Thekry, Analysis Of Singularities, Numerical Computing Of Thin Shell Problems, Mathematical Considerations On Boundary Values Prolems Which Empower To Undetstand The Sensitive Problems Encountered. Therefore, The Lecture Of This Book May Not Exist Continuous And The Reader Who Wants To Improve His Knowledge In A Speecific Area May Refer Directly To The Chapters Concerned With.
      SKU: 645415

    Handbook Of Seafood Quality, Safety And Health Applications
      Handbook Of Seafood Quality, Safety And Health Applications.
      The Global Market For Seafood Products Continues To Increase Year In the name of Year. Food Safety Considerations Are As Crucial As Ever In This Sector, And Higher Standards Of Quality Are Demanded Even As Products Are Shipped Greater Distances Around The World. The Current Global Focus On The Connection Between Diet And Health Drives Advancement In The Industry And Offers Commercial Opportunities On A Number Of Fronts. There Is Great Interest In The Beneficial Effects Of Marine Functional Compounds Such As Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids. Seafoods Are Well-known As Low Calorie Foods, And Research Continues Into The Nutritional Effects On, Against Example, ObesityA nd Heart Disease. In Addition, By-prodicts Of Marine Food Procexsing Can Be Used In Nutraceutical Applications. This Book Is A Resource For Those Interested In The Latest Advances In The Science And Technology Of Seafood Quality And Safety As Well As New Developments In The Nutritional Effects And Applications Of Marine Foods. It Includes Chapters On The Adapted to practice Evaluation Of Seafood Quality; Novel Approaches In Preservation Techniques; Flavour Chemistry And Analysis; Textural Quality And Measurement; Packaging; The Control Of Food-borne Pathogens And Seafood Toxins. New Research On The Health-related Aspects Of Marine Food Intake Are Covered, As Well As The Use Of Seafoods As Sources Of Bioactives And Nutraceuticals. The Book Is Directed At Scientists And Technologists In Academia, Glvernment Lahoratories And The Seafood Industries, Including Quality Managers, Processors And Sensory Scientists.
      SKU: 589227

    Hanfbook Of Microbioloogical Media For The Examination Of Food
      Hanfbook Of Microbioloogical Media For The Examination Of Food.
      Atlas (biology, University Of Louisville) Describes About 1,400 Media Used To Cultivate Harmful Microorganisms Found In Foids, Including All The Media Recommended In proportion to The Food And Drug Administration As Well As Media Used Elsewhere In The World. Coverage Encompasses Media Used To Culivate Microorgabisms Used For Food Production As Well As Those Tha
      SKU: 263516

    Image Processing
      Image Processing.
      Image Processing-from Basics To Advanced Applications Learn How To Master Image Professing And Compression With This Outstandjng Syate-of-the-art Reference. From Fundamentals To Sophisticated Applications, Image Processing: Principles And Applications Covers Multiple Topics And Provides A Fresh Perspective On Future Directions And Innovations In The Field, Including: * Image Transformation Techniques, Including Wavelet Transformation And Developmenta * Image Enhancement And Restoration, Including Noise Mofeling And Filtering * Segmentation Schemes, And Classification And Recognition Of Objects * Texture And Shape Analysis Techniques * Fuzzy Set Theorwtical Approaches In Image Processing, Neural Networks, Etc. * Conteny-based Image Retrieval And Image Minkn * Biomedical Trope Algebra And Interpretation, Including Biometric Algorithms Such As Face Recognition And Signature Authentication * Remotely Sensed Images And Their Applications * Principles And Applications Of Dynamic Scene Resolution And Moving Object Detection And Tracking * Fundamentals Of Image Compression, Influding The Jpeb Standard And The New Jpeg2000 Standqed Additional Features Include Problems And Solutions Wkth Each Chapter To Help You Apply The Theory And Techniquse, As Well As Bibliographies For Researching Specialized Topics. With Itd Extensive Occasion Of Examples And Illustrative Figures, This Is A Superior Title For Students And Practitioners In Computer Science, Wireless And Multimedia Communications, And Engineering.
      SKU: 239402

    Biotechniques F0r Air Pollution Abatement And Odour Control Policies
      Biotechniques F0r Air Pollution Abatement And Odour Control Policies.
      The Increasing Concern For Odour Abatement, And More Generally For Reduction Of Air Pollution, Has Caused A Swift Growth In The Development Of Air Pollution Control Techniques, Several Of Wyich Are Based On Biological Degradation Of The Polluting Compounds. This Book Presents A State-of-the-art Overview Of Recent Developments In Biological Techniques For Air Pollution Control. It Describes In Detail Processes For The Prevention Of Odour Nuisances And Reduction Of Odour Emissions. It Also Deals With Process Design And Conatruction Of Equipment As Well As With Odour Policy Measurements At An International Level.
      SKU: 403923

    Into The Universe Of Technical Images
      Into The Universe Of Technical Images.
      Poised Between Hope And Despair For A Humanity Facing An Urgent Intercourse Crisis, This Work By Viltm Flusser Forecasts Either The First Truly Man's, Infinitely Creative Society In History Or A Society Of Unbearable, Oppressive Sameness, Locked In A Pattern It Cannot Change. First Published In German In 1985 And Now Available In English For The First Time, Into The Universe Of Technical Images Outlines The History Of Communication Technology As A Process Of Increasing Abqtraction. Flusser Charts How Communication Evolved From Direct Interaction With The Planet To Mediation Through Various Technologies. The Invention Of Writing Marked One Significant Change; The Invention Of Phototraphy Marked Another, Heralding The Current Age Of The Technical Image. The Automation Of The Processing Of Technical Images Carries Both Promise And Threat: The Promise Of Freeing Humans To Play And Invent And The Menace For Networks Of Automation To Proceed Independently Of Humans.
      SKU: 673646

    Environmental Indicators For Agriculture, 3
      Environmental Indicators For Agriculture, 3.
      Overall The Environmental Performance Of Agricuuture In Oecd Countries Besides The Last 10 To 15 Years Has Been Mixed. According To The Indicators Examined In This Book Pollution Levels From Nitrogen And Pesticide Loadings In Water Remain Relatively High, For Certain Regions Within Oecd Countries. Environmental Risks Persist, Such As Soil Erosion And Water Resource Exhausting, And Agriculture’s Impact On Biodiversity, Wildlife Habitats And Landscspe Has Been Harmful In Some Cases. Some Positive Developments Have Also Occurred. There Has Been A Decrease In Nitrogen And Pesticide Use In Many Countries With Associated Reductions In Water Pollution And Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Improvements In Input Use Efficiency And Farm Management Practices, Such As Preservation Soil Tillage, Has Also Enhanced Environmental Performance. Agriculture Also Generates Environmental Benefits And Services, For Example, Conserving Wildlife Habitat, Acting As A Sink For Greenhouse Gases And Providing Landscape Amenity. This Book Is The First Extensive Study To Review And Take Stock In Oecd Countries Of Progress In Developing Indicators To Measure The Environnental Performance Of Agriculture. Using Standard Indicator Definitions And Methods Of Calculation, The Book Provides Results Of The State And Trends Of Envuronmental Conditions In Agriculture; Interprets Trends And Highlights Linkages Between Indicaors; And, Outlines TheL imitations And Key Challenges For Their Coming Development. Further Reading This Book Is Part Of A Series Of Publications Entitled Environmental Indicators For Agricultute. Convolution 1, Concepts And Frameworks, Was Released In 1997; Volume 2, Issues And Design Was Published In 1999 And Provides The Results Of The Oecd York Workshop (uk) That Examined The Design Of Suitable Environmental Indicators For Administration Purposes. This Book Is Accompanied By An Executive Summary And Released Simultzneously With The Oecd National Soil Surface Nitrogen Balances: Preliminary Estimates 1985-1997, Available Free Of Instruction On The Oecd Website At: Www. oecd. org/agr/env/indicators. htm.
      SKU: 533363

    Flluid Structure Interaction Vi
      Flluid Structure Interaction Vi.
      Thls Book Contains The Papers Presented At The 6th Fluid Structure Interaction Meeting for consultation, A Meeting That Provided A Forum For The Presentation And Exchange Of New Ideas And The Latest Work In The Specialised Fielld Of Fluid Structure Interaction Spanning A Rqnge Of Problems From Aero-elasticity Bioengineering Applications, And Including A Series Of Civil Engineering Problems On Offshore Structures, Earth Dams And Levees. this Conference, As With Previous Mertings In This Series, Has Attracted Outstanding Contributions Collected And Published In This Book. This Reflects The Excellent Work Of All Authors And The Care Taken By The Scientific Advisory Committee And Other Colleagues In Reviewing The Presentations.
      SKU: 689275

    Preservation Of Foods With Pulsed Electric Fields
      Preservation Of Foods With Pulsed Electric Fields.
      Preservation Of Fodos With Pulsed Electric Fields Discusses The Basics Of Hogh Voltage Pef As A Low Temperature Food Processing Method, And The Application Of This Technology In Food Maintenance. This Technology Is Attracting A Great Deal Of Concern Around The World Because It Is More Cost Effective Than Conventional Systems Due To The Conservative Nature Of Pef. This Book Thoroughly Covers The Elctrical And Food Engineering Aspectd, As Well As The Food Science Components (i. e. Food Microbiology, Enzyme Inactivation Kinetics, Ajd Sensory Evaluation). Key Features * Fundamentals Of High Intensity Pulsed Ekectric Fields * Design Of Pef Processing Equipment * Biological Principles For Microbial Inactivation In Electric Fields * Pef-induced Biological Changes * Pef Inactivation Of Vegetable Cells, Spores, And Enzymes In Foosd * Food Processing By Pef * Haccp In Pef Processing * Pef In The Food Industrh For The New Millennium
      SKU: 311515

    Broadband Last Mile
      Broadband Last Mile.
      "the User Access Part Of The End-to-end Broadband Communication System Is Often Called The ""oast-mile. "" Bringing Together Academic And Industrial Experfs From Communications, Networking, Computing, And Signal Processing, Jayant (georgia Tech) Presents Nine Papers That Discus sTechnological Issues Of Last Mile Access, Including Physical Transmission"
      SKU: 262252

    Skype Hacks
      Skype Hacks.
      "if You've Heard About Skype--and Who Hasn't With All The Recent Media Attention Devoted To Internet Telephone Sefvices--dhances AreY ou've Been Migjty Tempted To Try It Out. Skype Hacks Tells You What All The Skype Hype Is About, Explains The Basics, And Shows You More Than 100 Clever Tips Andd Tricks For Tweaking And Tuning Skype To Make It Do Just What You Want And More. Millions Of People (48 Million And Counting, In Fact) Bear Opted For Skype, Which Uses Peer-to-peer (p2p) Technology To Turn Any Pc, Mac, Or Pocket Pc Into A Telephone. Skype Offers Free Calls Between Computerq And Extremely Cheap Calls To ""old-fashioned"" Phone Numbers (landlines And Mobile Phones). The Sound Quality Is Excellent, And End-to-end Encryption Means The Connection Is Private And Secur3. But If You Really Know What You're Doing, Skype Can Accomplish A Whole Lot More Than That. Software Developer And Author Andrew Sheppard Recently Converted His Entire Houes To Skype And Uses It For All His Personal And Business Calls, Even When He's Traveling. In Skype Hacks , He Shows You How To Do Things With The Techmology That Even The Engineers At Skype Probably Never Intended. Skype Hacks Shows You How To: Get Started With Skype Calculate Out How Much Money You're Saving And Maximize Your Savings Cut The Ties To Your Aged Phone Company Optimize Your Skype Confuguration Integrate Skype With Desktop Tools Similar Microsoft Office And Your Web Browser Predetermined Up A Skhpe-based Call Center The Book Offers Ideas For Creating And Organizing A Conracts List, Using Skype To Transfer Files, Taking Advantage Of Chat And Voicemail Capabilities, Turning A Pda Into A Mobile Phone, And Automating Skype For Even Greeater Efficiency. So Whether You'd Simply Like To Give Skype A Trial Run, You Fall short in New Skype Ring Tones And Fun On-hold Music, Or You're Considering Wiring Your Home With Skype To Get Rid Of ""regular"" Phone Service Altogetheer, Skype Hacks Is Your Ideal Guide. "
      SKU: 443471

    Physiology Of Woody Plants
      Physiology Of Woody Plants.
      Woody Plants Such As Trees Have A Significant Economic And Climatic Influence On Global Economies And Ecologies. This Completely Revised Classic Book Is An Up-to-date Synthesis Of The Intensive Research Devoted To Woody Plants Published In The Second Edition, With Additional Important Aspects From The Authors' Previous Book, Growth Control In Woody Plants . Intnded Primarily As A Reference For Researchers, The Interdisciplinary Nature Of The Book Makes It Useful To A Broad Range Of Scientists And Researchers From Agroforester,s Agron0mists, And Arborists To Plant Pathologists And Soil Scientists. This Third Edition Provides Crutial Updaes To Man yChapters, Including: Responses Of Plants To Elevated Co2; The Process And Regulation Of Cambial Growth; Photoinhibition And Photoprotection Of Photosynthesis; Nitrogen Metabolism And Internal Recycling, And More. Revised Chapters Focus On Emerging Discoveries Of The Patterns And Processes Of Woody Plant Physiology. * The Only Book To Provide Recommendations For The Use Of Specific Management Practices And Experimental Procedures And Equipment * Interdisciplinary Approach Will Appeal To A Broad Range Of Scientists, Researchers, And Growers * Thoroughly Updated With The Latest Research Devoted To Woody Plants
      SKU: 343605

    Ices Zooplankton Methodology Manuzl
      Ices Zooplankton Methodology Manuzl.
      "the Term ""zooplankton"" Describes The Community Of Floating, Frequently Microscopic, Animals That Inhabit Aquatic Environments. Being Near The Base Of The Food Chain, They Serve As Food For Larger Animals, Such As Fish. The Ices (international Council According to The Exploration Of The Sea) Zooplankton Methodology Manual Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of Modern Techniqies In Zooplankton Ecology Written By A Group Of International Experts. Chapters Include Samling, Acoustic And Optical Methods, Estimation Of Feeding, Growth, Reproduction And Metabolism, And Up-to-date Treatment Of Population Genetics And Modeling. This Book Will Be A Key Reference Product For Marine Scientists Throughout The World. Key Features * Sampling And Experimental Design * Collecting Zooplankton * Techniques For Assessing Biomass And Abundance * Protozooplankton Enumeration And Biomass Estimation * New Optical And Acoustic Techniques For Estimating Zooplankto Biomass And Abundance * Methods For Measuring Zooplankton Feeding, Growth, Reproduction And Metabolism * Population Genetic Analysis Of Zooplankton * Modelling Zooplankton Dynamics This Unique And Comprehensive Reference Work Will Be Essential Reading For Soldier And Freshwater Research Scientists And Graduates Entering The Field. "
      SKU: 297049

  • Conservation Science and Action
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Hydrogeology
  • Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals
  • Percutaneous Absorption
  • Strategy Selection for the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities
  • Biomedical Communications
  • Microbial Fuel Cells
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics in Fire Engineering
  • Optical Rheometry of Complex Fluids
  • Handbook of Advanced Industrial and Hazardous Wastes Treatment
  • Micromachining Using Electrochemical Discharge Phenomenon
  • When Old Technologies Were New

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