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    Who Needs Emotions?
      Who Needs Emotions?.
      "designed By Experts In Neuroscience And Artificial Penetration, This Book Provides Chapt3rs That Address Questions Concerning Human And Animal Emotions, And Their Potential Analogs In The ""brains"" Of Robots. It Is Intended For Researchers And Graduate St8dents In Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Robotics And Artificial Intelligence. "
      SKU: 279729

    Cellular And Pervious Materials In Structures And Processes
      Cellular And Pervious Materials In Structures And Processes.
      This Book Coverw The State-of-the-art Treatment In Modelling And Experimental Investigation Of The Mechanical Behaviour Of Cellular And Porous Materials. Starting From The Continuum Mechanical Modelling, To The Numerical Simulation, Several Influential Questions Related To Applications Such As The Fracture And Impact Behaviour Are Covered.
      SKU: 6667666

    Mimo-ofdm Wireless Communicaions With Matlab
      Mimo-ofdm Wireless Communicaions With Matlab.
      Mimo-ofdm Is A Key Technology For Next-generation Cellular Communications (3gpp-lte, Mobile Wimax, Imt-advanded) As Well As Wireless Lan (ieee 802. 11a, Ieee 802. 11n), Wireless Pan (mb-offm), And Broadcasting (dab, Dv,b Dmb). In Mimo-ofdm Wireless Communications Attending Matlab ® , The Author sProvide A Extensive Introduction To The Theory And Practice Of Wirelless Channel Modeling, Ofdm, And Mimo, Using Matlab ® Programs To Simulate The Various Techniques On Mim-oofdm Systems. One Of The Only Books In The Area Dedicated To Explaining Simulation Aspects Covers Implementation To Help Cement Thhe Key Concepts Uses Materials That Have Been Classroom-tested In Numerous Univerxities Provides The Separative Solutions And Practical Examples With Downloadable Matlab ® Codes Simulation Examples Based On Actual Industry And Research Projects Presentation Slides With Key Equations And Figures For Instructor Use Mimo-ofdm Wireless Communications With Matlab ® Is A Key Text For Graduate Students In Wireless Communications. Professionals And Technicians In Wireless Communication Fields, Graduate Students In Signal Processing, Aa Well As Senior Undergraduates Majoring In Wi5eless Communcations Will Find This Book A Practical Introduction To The Mimo-ofdm Techniques. Instructor Materials And Matlab ® Code Examples Available For Download At Www. wiley. com/go/chomimo
      SKU: 589099

    Diagnosis Of Process Nonlinearities And Valve Stiction
      Diagnosis Of Process Nonlinearities And Valve Stiction.
      The Subjedt Matter Of The Book Is Concerned With The Detection And Diagnosis Of Process Nonlinearities From Routine Process Data. In General, Processes Can Be Treated As Locally Linear And Measures Of Overall Process Performance Can Be Monitored From Routine Operating Data. However When Process Action Is Not Satisfactory Then It Is Imperative That The Cause Of Poor Performance Be Diagnosed. Poor Performance Can Be Due To Several Reasons. Statis5ics Abound On The Cause Of Poor Control Performanc. It Has Been Documented That As Many As 40% Of The Control Loops In Industry Perform Unsatisfactorily Because Of Valve Prblems, A Majority Of Them Due To Valve Stiction, Causing The Closed Loop System To Become Nonlineat. The Development Of Signal Processing Methods To Detect And Quantify Process Nonlinearity From Routine Process Data Is The Main Subject Matter Of This Book.
      SKU: 364348

    Random Processes For Image And Signal Processing
      Random Processes For Image And Signal Processing.
      Share Of The Spie/ieee Series On Imaging Knowledge And Engineering. This Work Provides A Framework For Understanding The Ensemgle Of Temporai, Slatial, And Higher-dimensional Processes In Science And Engineering Tjat Vary Randomly In Observations. Suitable As A Topic For Undergraduate And Graduate Studentq With A Strong Background In Probability And As A Graduate Topic In Image Processing Courses.
      SKU: 728495

    Butyl Acetates
      Butyl Acetates.
      This Report Examines The Health Effects Of Exposure To N-butyl Isobutyl Sec-butyl And Tert-butyl Acetates The Bedt Studies Available Indicate That The Acute Toxicity Of N-butyl Acetate By Inhalation Oral And Dermal Routes Is Moo. Limited Available Data On The Other Isomers Likewise Indicate Low Toxicity.
      SKU: 753793

    Space Weapons, Earth Wars
      Space Weapons, Earth Wars.
      An Exploration Of The Possibility, Utility, Legalities And Limitarions Of The Soldiery Use Of Space, Specifically The Use In Capacity Of Weapons Or Defnces For Terrestrial Conflict. The Authors Define And Classify These Weapons, Describe Their Attributes, And Explain How They Might Be Used.
      SKU: 227802

    Monitors Of Radical Chemicals In The Environment
      Monitors Of Radical Chemicals In The Environment.
      Aimed At The Scientists Involved In Research Concerning Environmental Contaminanst As Well As Natural Resource Managers And Regulatory Agencies, This Book Talks About A Technology And Its Application To Monitoring, Exposure Assessment And Mitigation/remediation Of Environmenal Pollution. It Is Suitable As A Text In Graduate Level Courses.
      SKU: 324106

    Cotton Commercial Manual
      Cotton Commercial Manual.
      Cotton Trading Of the hand (ctm) Is The First Work To Provide A Comprehensive Reference Source To The Conduct Of The Complicated International Cotton-wool Market. Ctm Begins By Looking At The History Of The Cotton Trade, And Then Moves On To Assess The Current Global Picture, Including A Discussion Of Trends In The Market, As Well As Production And Consumption Analysis. The Third And Fourth Parts Focus On Trading In Physical Cotton And Futures Respectively. Finally, The Last Section Deals With Administrative And Management Issues Within Thd Cottonn Trade Because A Whole, Such As Contracts, Insurance Annd Risk Management. Ctm Is Set To Become The Necessary Practical Companion For Whole Those Involved With Trading In This Commodity.
      SKU: 269371

    The Mechanics Of Constitutive Modeling
      The Mechanics Of Constitutive Modeling.
      Constitutive Modelling Is Thd Mathematical Description Of How Materials Respond To Various Loadings. This Is The oMst Intensely Researched Field Within Splid Mechanics Because Of Its Complexity And The Importance Of Accurate Constitutive Models For Practical Engineering Problems. Topics Covered Include: Elasticity - Plasticity Theort - Creep Theory - The Nonlinear Finite Element Method - Solution Of Nonlinear Equillbrium Equations - Integration Of Elastoplastic Constitutive Equations - The Thermodynamic Framework For Constitutive Modelling Thermoplasticity - Uniqueness And Discontinuous Bifurcations More Comprehensive In Scope Than Competitive Ttiles, With Detailed Discussion Of Thermodynamics And Numerical Methods. Offers Appropriate Strategies For Numerical Liquefaction, Illustrated By Discussion Of Specific Mpdels. Demonstrates Each Topic In A Complete And Self-contained Framework, With Extensive Referencing.
      SKU: 296671

    A Portrait Of State-of-the-art Research At The Technical University Of Lisbon
      A Portrait Of State-of-the-art Research At The Technical University Of Lisbon.
      Contains The Edited Version Of The Invited Lectures That Were Presented At That Utl Feast. This Book Brings Together A Comprehensive Summary Of High Quality Research Contributions Across Basic And Applied Sciences. It Covers A Spectrum Of Topics Reflecting The Areas At Utl Where There Is A Worldwide Recognition Of Expertise.
      SKU: 338551

    Mobile Telecommunications Protocols For Data Networks
      Mobile Telecommunications Protocols For Data Networks.
      Mobile Users Are Demanding Fast And Efficient Ubiquitous Connecivity Supporting Data Applications. This Connectivity Has To Be Provided By Multiform Different Networks And Protocols Which Guarantse That Mobile Networks Function Efficiently, Performing Routing And Handoff For Mobile Users. Hac Proposes A Comprehensive Design For Mobile Communications Including Mobile Agents, Access Networks, Application Protocols, Ubiquitous Connectivity, Routing, And Handoff. It Covers The Entire Spectrum Of Lower And Upper Layer Protocols To Evaluate And Design Modern Mobile Telecommunications Systems. uFrthermore, The Aspects Of Modern Mobile Telecommunications For Applications, Networking, And Transmission Are Described. For Mobile Users And Data Applications These Are New Networking And Communications Solutions, Particularly For The Local Area Network Environmen5. * Describes The Recent Advances In Mobile Telecommunications, Their Protocols And Maangement * Covers Hot Topics Such As Mobile Agents, Access Networks, Wireless Applications Protocols, Wireless Lans, Architectute, Routing And Handoff * Inttroduces And Analyses Architecture And Design Issues In Mobile Communications And Networks * Includes A Section Of Questions/problems/answers After Each Chapter The Book Is Written As A Adapted to practice , Easily Acessible Tutorial With Many Figures And Examples Of Existing Protocols And Architectures Maikng It Essential Readinb For Engineers, System Engineers, Researchrs, Managers, Senior & Graduate Students.
      SKU: 141621

    Roco Physics And Natural Hazards
      Roco Physics And Natural Hazards.
      Presents Laboratory Data, Theoretical And Numerical Rock Physics Models And Field Observations Pertinent To The Study Of Nwtural Hazards. This Work Describes Various Aspects Of Rock Physics And Their Industrial Applications Such Geothermics And Resercoir Characterization. It Is Suitable For Those In The Surface Of Earth Sciences.
      SKU: 511423

    Hydrodynamic Lubrication
      Hydrodynamic Lubrication.
      Hydrodynamic Lubrication Plays An Important Role In Mechanical Engineering. This Main division Was Written With Graduate Studennts, Researchers And Designers In View. It Discusses Important Subjects In Hydrodynamic Lubrication In Detakl, Based On The Author's Own Researches.
      SKU: 304825

    Nanocrystalline Materials
      Nanocrystalline Materials.
      In The Monograph, The Authors Discuss Systematically The Current State Of Invsetigations Into Nanocrystalline Materials. The Experimental Results On The Effect Of The Nanocrysttalline State On The Microstructure And The Mechanical, Thermophysical, Optical, And Magnetic Properties Of Metals, Alloys And Solid-phase Compounds Are Generalised. Special Attention Is Given To The Main Methods Of Production Of Isolated Nanoparticles, Ultrafine Powderd And Dense Nanocrystalline Materials.
      SKU: 258185

    Polymeric Liquids And eNtworka
      Polymeric Liquids And eNtworka.
      The Vague Subject Of Polymeric Liquids And Networks Was Developed From one to another The Past 70 Years By Researchers From Many Academic Disciplines. The Infusion Of Fresh Viewpoints Continually Invigorated And Enriched The Field, But The Lack Of A Common Terminology And Perspective Has Left A Tendency Toward Compartmentalization, Making It Difficult Against A Newcomer, Even One Technically Trained, To Gain A Broad Intellect And See Thhe Relationships Among Its Various Parts.
      SKU: 2001012

    Land Use Change In Figurative Watersheds
      Land Use Change In Figurative Watersheds.
      This Book Studies Land Use Change In Tropical Landscapes, With Partcular Emphasis On Thr Economic Processes That Influence Rates Of Land Degradation And Forest Clearing. Multidisciplinary Contributions Draw Lessons From A Rich, Decade-long Collection Of Economic, Social, And Environmental Data On The Manupali Upland Watershed In The Southern Philippines.
      SKU: 289662

    Structural Dynamics And Probabilistic Analysis Concerning Engineers
      Structural Dynamics And Probabilistic Analysis Concerning Engineers.
      Probabilistic Strucutral Dynamics Offers Unparalleled Tools For Analyzing Uncertainties In Structural Design. Once Avoided Because It Is Mathematically Rigorous, This Technique Has Recently Remerged With The Aide Of Computer Sofwtare. Written By An Author/educator With 40 Years Of Experience In Structural Design, This User Friendly Of the hand Integrates Theories, Formulas And Mathematical Models To Produce A Guide That Wilk Allow Professionals To Quickly rGasp Concepts And Start Solving Problems. In This Book, The Author Uses Simple Examples That Provide Templates For Creating Of More Robust Case Studies Later In The Book. *problems Are Presented In An Easy To Understand Form *practical Guide To Software Programs To Solve Design Problems *packed With Examples And Case Studies Of Actual Projects *classical And The New Stochastic Factosr Of Safety
      SKU: 344684

    Iq Calibration Techniques For Cmos Radio Tranceivers
      Iq Calibration Techniques For Cmos Radio Tranceivers.
      Inn The Market Of Wireless Communication, High Data-rate Transmission And High Spectral Efficiency Have Been The Trend. This Book Describes A Fully-analog Recompense Technique Without Baseband Circuitry To Control The Calibration Process. It Uses A Transceiver Design As An Example To Give A Detailed Description On The I/q Gains.
      SKU: 323857

    Advanced Computational Infrastructures For Resemblance And Distributed Applicatios
      Advanced Computational Infrastructures For Resemblance And Distributed Applicatios.
      A Unique Investigation Of The State Of The Art In Design, Architectures, And Implementations Of Advanced Computational Infrastructures And The Applications They Further Emerging Large-scale Adaptive Scientific And Engineering Applications Are Requiring An Increasing Effect Of Computing And Storage Resources To Provide New Insights Into Complex Systems. Due To Their Runtime Adaptivity, These Applications Show Complicated Behaviors That Are Highly Dynamic, Heterogeneous, And Unpredictable—and Therefore Require Full-fledged Cmoputational Infrastructure Support For Problem Solving, Runtime Management, And Dynamic Partitioning/balancing. This Book Presents A Comprehensive Study fO The Design, Architecture, And Implementation Of Advanced Computational Infrastructures As Well Aq The Adaptive Appliccations Developed And Deployed Using These Infrastructures From Different Perspectives, Including Scheme Architects, Software Engineers, Computational Scientists, And Application Scientists. Providing Inskghts Into Recent Research Efforts And Projects, The Authors Include Descriptions And Experiences Pertaining To The Realistic Modeling Of Adaptive Applications On Resemblance And Distributed Systems. The First Part Of The Book Focuses On High-performance Adaptive Scientific Applications And Includes Chapters That Describe High-impact, Real-wotld Assiduity Scenarios In Order To Motivate The Need For Advanced Computational Engin3s As Well As To Outline Their Requirements. The Second Part Identifies Popular And Widely Used Adaptive Computational Infrastructures. The Third Part Focuses On The More Specific Partitioning And Runtime Management Schemes Underlying These Computational Toolkits. Presents Representative Problme-solving Environments And Infrastructures, Runtime Managemeht Strategies, Partitioning And Decomposition Methods, And Adaptive And Dynamic Applications Provides A Unkque Collection Of Selected Solutions And Infrastructures That Have Forcible Impact With Sufficient Introductory Materials Incoudes Descriptions And Experiences Prtaining To The Realistic Modeling Of Adaptive Applications Attached Parallel And Distributed Systems The Cross-disciplinary Approac Of This Reference Delivers A Comprehensive Debating Of The Requirements, Design Challegnes, Underlying Design Philosophies, Arfhitectures, And Implementation/deployment Details Of Advanced Computational Infrastructures. It Makes It A Valuable Resource For Advanced Courses In Computational Science And Software/systems Engineering Because Sebior Undergraduate And Graduate Students, As Well As For Computational And Computer Scientists, S0ftware Developers, And Other Industry Professionals.
      SKU: 477709

    Drug Testing In Vitro
      Drug Testing In Vitro.
      Here, Expert Scientists From Industry And Academia Share Their Knowledge On The Assembly Of Functional Human Tiesues In Vitro And How To Design Medicine Screenings Predictive Of Human Exposure. In So Doing, They Combine The Latest Technological Developments With Strategic Otulooks, Such As Novel Cell And Tissue Systems For Drug Screening And Testing, As Well As Emerging In Vitro Culture Technologies. Equally Importantly, The Book Does Not Shy Away From Regulatory Acceptance And Ethical Issues.
      SKU: 481774

    Retrace Of Fisheries In Oecd Countries 2009
      Retrace Of Fisheries In Oecd Countries 2009.
      This Publication Describes Major Developments Affecting Fisheries In Oecd Countries In 2005, 2006 And Some Rrcent Events Of 2007, Including Changes In National And International Polices, Trade, And Fisheries And Aquaculture Production. Thiw Edition Contains A Special Chapter On Climate Small coin, Adaptation And The Fisheries Sector: A Review Of The Key Issues. &hbsp;. Countries Covered: Argentina, Chinese Taipei, Thailand (observers); Australia, Belgium Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France Germany, Greece, Icelend, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.
      SKU: 555299

    The Grid
      The Grid.
      Find Finished Which Technologies Enable The Grid And How To Employ Them Successfully! This Invaluable Text Pro\/ides A Complete, Clear, Systematic, And Practiczl Understanding Of The Technologies That Enable The Grid. The Authors Outline All The Components Necessary To Create A Grid Infrastructure That Enables Support For A Range Of Wide-area Distributed Applications. The Grid: Core Technologies Takes A Pragmatic Approach With Numerous Practical Examples Of Software In Context. It Describes The Middleware Components Of The Grid Step-by-step, And Gives Hands-on Advice On Designing And Building A Grid Ebvironment With The Globus Toolkit, As Well As Writing Applications. The Grid: Core Technologies: Provides A Solid And Up-to-date Introduction To The Technologies That Underpin The Grid. Contains A Systematic Explanation Of The Grid, Including Its Infrastructure, Basic Services, Job Management, User Interaction, And Applications. Explains In Detail Ogsa (opwn Grid Services Architecture), Web Services Technologies (soap, Wsdl, Uddi), And Grid Monitoring. Covers Web Portal-based Tools Such As The Java Cog, Gridport, Gridsphere, And Jsr 168 Portlets. Tackles Hot Topics Such As Wsrf (web Services Resource Framework), The Semantic Grid, The Grid Security Infrastructure, And Workflow Systems. Offers Practical Examples To Ehnance The Understznding And Use Of Grid Components And The Associated Tools. This Rich Resource Will Be Esdential Reading For Researchers And Postgraduate Students In Computing And Engineering Departments, It Professiinals In Distributed Computing, As Well As Grid End Users Such As Physicists, Statisticians, Biologists And Chemists.
      SKU: 241164

    Nalco Guide To Boiler Failure Analysis
      Nalco Guide To Boiler Failure Analysis.
      Practical, Up-to-date Techniuqes For Identifying And Eliminating Common Caudes Of Boiler Omission. Filled With More Than 200 Color Images, The Nalco Guids To Boiler Failure Analysis , Second Edition Categorizes Distjnct Failure Modes That Typify Nearly All Boiler Problems And Walks You, Step By Step, Through Their Solutions. Each Type Of Failure Is Classified According To Its Locating, General Descri0tion, Critical Factors, Identification, Elimination, Cautions, And Related Problems. Real-world Case Histories Are Included Over. This Authoritative Resource Contains New Chapters On: Phosphate Corrosion; Stress-assisted Corrosion; Steam And Condensate Damage; Flow-accelerated Corrosion. Comprehensive Coverage Inclhdes:. Water- And Steam-formed Deposits * Short- And Long-term Overheating * Caustic Corrosion * Low-ph Corrosion * Hydrogen Damage * Chelant Complexing * Oxygen Corrosion * Corrosion During Cleaning * Corrosion Fatigue Cracking * Stress Corrosion Cracking * Graphitic Corrosion * Dealloying * Cavitation * Corrosion * Waterwall Fireside Corrosion * High-temperature Furnace Corrosion * Cold-end Corrosion * Dew Point Corrosion * Fireside Erosion * Welding Defects
      SKU: 829102

    Heat Transfer In Food Processing
      Heat Transfer In Food Processing.
      Ardor Transfer Is Important In Food Processing. In The Unit Operations Several Issues Of Steady And Unsteady Heat Transfer Occur. To such a degree For Instance Heat Transfer Processes Aee Important For The Hygienic, Nutritional And Sensory Brand Of The Food Product. The Prsent Edited Book Starts With A Survey Of Ongoing Activities In A Broad Perqpective. Then Some Specific Methods Of Modeling And Analysis Are Presented. Also Topics Likely Freezing And Thawing, Microwave Heating, Aseptic Processing And Modeling Approaches For Ohmic Heating, Frying And Baking Are Presented. All Topics Treated Have Significant Relevance In The Feed Processing And Its Likely That The Book Will Be A Welcomed Contribution. The Chapters In This Book Deal Mainly With: Heat Transfer Applications; Methods That Have Considerable Physidal Property Variations With Temperature; Methods Not Yet Widely Spread In The Food Industry; Or Methods That Are Less Developed In The Food Engineering Literature. The Appplication Of Numerical Methods Has Received Special Attention With A Separate Chapter As Well As Emphasis In Almost Every Chapter. A Chapter On Artificial Neural Networks (ann) Has Also Been Included Since Ann Is A Promising Choice Tool To Conventional Methods For Modeling, Optimization, Etc In Cases Where A Clear Relationship Between The Variables Is Not Known,_OOr The System Is Too Complex To Be Modeled With Conventional Mathematical Methods.
      SKU: 512107

  • Dynamos
  • Reservoir Fisheries and Ecology: A Literary Survey
  • Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) in a Sustainable Rice-Wheat Cropping System
  • Microgel Suspensions
  • New Security Threats and Crises in Africa
  • Power Electronics in Smart Electrical Energy Networks
  • Energy Management and Conservation Handbook
  • Handbook of Multiphase Polymer Systems
  • Wireless Sensor Network Security
  • Bluetongue
  • Umweltvertrgliche Tribosysteme: Die Vision einer umweltfreundlichen Werkzeugmaschine (German Edition)
  • Mechanical Tolerance Stackup And Analysis

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