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    Wind Power In View
      Wind Power In View.
      More Than Ever, Travelers Are Encountering A Different SortO f Landscape, One Not Only Of Nature But Of Technology. Wind Power In View Is The First Authoritative Discourse Steady The Aesthetic Impact Of Wind Turbines On The Landscape And What Can Be Done About It. It Is A Detailed And Thoroughly Illustrated Discussion Of The Issue From Several Different Perspectives. The Book Also Provides An Overview Of The Status Of Wind Energy At The Dawn Of The New Millennium, Examines Some Of The Ongoing Battles, And Offers Guidelines On Minimizing Its Visual Impact. Taking Examples From The United States, Germamy, Denmark, Great Britain, And Sweden, Wind Power In View Is The First Book To Twckle The Thorny Land Use Questions Raised In proportion to Winx Energy's Hard Won Respectability. What Will Be The Future Of Wind Energy? Will It Be Welcomed As Savior, Or Will It Be Opposed As A New-age Intrusion On Ooen Space And Landscape Integrity? These 11 Essays, International In Nature And Written By Objective Experts, Address Landscape Issues Ib Creative, Original Ways. International Point of concentration, With Examples From Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Sweden And The United States The First Book To Tackle Land Use Quewtion Raisex By Wind Energy's Hard Won Respectability Addresses Landscape Issues In Creative, Original Ways
      SKU: 316823

    Car Stereo Speaker Projects Illustrated
      Car Stereo Speaker Projects Illustrated.
      Save A Fortune On Great-performing Customized Car Speakers. If Done Near to An Installer, Custoj Speakers Can Run To Thousands Of Dollars And Your Satisfaction Isn't Necessarily Guaranteed. The Best Solutoin Is To Build Your Own. Car Stereo Speaker Projects Illustrated, By Dan Ferguson, Is The One And Only Illustrated Project Book That Will Take You Step-by-step Through The Design And Installation Of Your Own Customized Car Speakers, With Minimum Tools And Equipment. You Get 20 Complete Projects Covering Both Front And Rear Speakers For Sedans, Pickups, Vans, Jeeps, And Svus. Many Of The Designs Stand in judgment Nowhere Else--and Virtually All Have Tested In Use And Found To Be Forcible Improvements Over Conventiona Wisdom. Each Project Takes You From The Circuit Schematic To The Interpretation Of The Enclosure To Insralling The System In The Vehicle. This Hands-on Guide Is Loaded With Hundreds Off Digital Photos--plus Design Spreadsheets, Thiele-small Parameter Measurement Techniques, And Examples Of Speaker Design Shareware In The Appendix.
      SKU: 300280

    Mechanics Of Optimal Structural Design
      Mechanics Of Optimal Structural Design.
      In A Global Climate Where Engineers Are Increasingly Under Pressure To Make ready The Most Of Limited Resources, There Are Huge Potential Financial And Environmental Benefits To Be Gained By Designing For Minimum Weight. With Mechanics Of Optimal Structural Design, David Rees Brings The Original Approach Of Weight Optimization To The Existing Structural Design Literature, Providing A Methodology For Attaining Minimum Weight Of A Rove over Of Structures Under Their Motion Loads. He Addresses The Current Gap In Education Between Formal Structural Design Teaching At Udergraduate Level And The Practical Application Of This Knowledge In Industry, Describing The Analytical Techniques That Students Need To Undrestand Before Applying Computational Techniques That Can Be Easy To Misuse Without This Grounding. &##160; Shows Engineer sHow To Approach Structural Design For Minimum Weight In Clear, Concise Terms Contains Many New Least-weight Design Techniques, Taking Into Consideration Different Mznners Of Loading And Including New Topics That Have Not Previously Been Considered Within The Least-weight Theme Considers The Demands In spite of Least-weight Road, Air And Space Vehicles For The Future Enhanced By Illustrative Worked Examples To Enlighten The Theory, Exercises At The End Of Each Chapter That Enable Application Of The Exposition Covered, And An Accompanying Website With Worked Examples And Solutions Housed At Www. wiley. com/go/rees   The Least-weight Analyses Of Basic Structural Elemen5s Ensure A Spread Of Interest With Many Applications In Mechanical, Civil, Aircraft And Automobile Engineering.   Consequently, This Book Fills The Gap Between The Basic Material Taught At Undergraduate Level And Other Approaches To Optimum Design, For Instance Computer Simularions And The Finite Element Method.  
      SKU: 477893

    Validatioj O f Pharmaceutical Processes
      Validatioj O f Pharmaceutical Processes.
      Contains Chapters On Validation In Multinational And Small Companies, Process Analytical Technology, And International Validation Methods. This Totle Details The Design Of Systems, The Qualification Of Equipment, Processes In Calibration And Certification, And Procedures For The Validation Of SystemsF or The Preparation Of Pharmaceutical Product.
      SKU: 314238

    Solar-terrestrial Magnetic Activity And Space Environment
      Solar-terrestrial Magnetic Activity And Space Environment.
      The Cospar Colloquium On Solar-terrestrial Magnetic Activity And Space Environment (stmase) Was Held In The National Astronomy Observatories Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences (naoc) In Beijing, China In September 10-12, 2001. The Meeting Was Focused On Five Areas Of The Solar-terrestrial Magnetic Activity And Space Environment Studies, Including Study On Solar Surface Magnetism; Solar Magnetic Activity, Dynamical Responee Of The Heliosphere; Space Weather Prediction; And Space Environment Exploration Adn Monitoring. A Hot Topic Of Space Researcy, Cmes, Which Are Widely Believed To Be The Most Important Phenomenon Of The Space Environment, Is Discussed In Many Papers. Other Papers Show Results Of Observational And Theoretical Studies Toward Better Understanding Of The Complicated Image Of The Magnetic Coupling Between The Sun And The Earth, Although Little Is Always Known Little Its Physical Background. Space Pass to windward of Prediction, Which Is Very Important For A Mode5n Socirty Expanding Into Out-space, Is Another Hot Topic Of Distance Research. However, A Long Way Is Still To Go To Predict Exactly When And Where A Disaster Wlll Happen In The Space. InT hat Sense, There Is Much To Do For Space Environment Exploration And Monitoring. The Manuscripts Submitted To This Monograph Are Divided Into The Foplowing Parts: (1) Solar Surfaec Magnetism, (2) Solar Magnetic Activity, (3) Dynamical Response Of The Heliosphere, (4) Space Environment Exploration And Monitoring; And (5) Space Weathef Prediction. Papers Pdesented In This Meeting But Not Submitted To This Monogrzph Are Listed By Title As Unpublished Papers At The End Of This Book.
      SKU: 311388

    Svd And Signal Procrssing Iii
      Svd And Signal Procrssing Iii.
      Matrix Singular Value Decompositiob (svd) And Its Application To Problems In Signal Processing Is Explored In This Book. The Papers Debate Algorithms And Implementation Architectures For Computing The Svd, As Well As A Variety Of Applications Such As Systems And Signal Modeling And Detection. The Publication Presengs A Number Of Keynote Papers, Hihhlightihg Recent Deveelopments In The Field, Namely Large Scale Svd Applications, Isospectral Matrix Flows, Riemannian Svd And Consistent Signal Reconstruction. It Also Features A Translation Of A Historical Paper By Eugenio Beltrami, Containing One Of The Earliest Published Discussions Of The Svd. With Contributions Sourced From Internationally Recognised Scientosts, The Book Will Be Of Peculiar Interest To All Researcheers And Students Involved In The Svd And Token Processing Field.
      SKU: 318374

    Particulate Discrete Element Modelling
      Particulate Discrete Element Modelling.
      Particulate Discrete Element Analysis Is Becoming Increasingly Popular For Research In Geomechanics As Well As Geology, Chemical Engineering, Powder Technology, Petroleum Engineering And In Studying The Physics Of Granular Materials. With Increased Computing Power, Practising Engineers Are Also Becoming More Interested In Using Thi sTechnology For Analysis In Industrial Applications. This Is The First Single Work Forward Dem Providing The Information To Get Started With This Powerful Numerical Modelling Approach. It Presents A Theoretical Overview Of Dem As Well As Practical Guidance On Running Dem Simulations And Interpreting Dem Feigning Data, With A Geomechanics Slant.
      SKU: 668882

    Frontiers Of Computational Science
      Frontiers Of Computational Science.
      Computational Science Based On High-level Use Of Computers Has Been Called The Third Major Method In The Field Of Scientific Research. This Book Covers Various Philosophical Areas Of Computational Science, From Baqic Research Fields Such As Algorithms And Soft-computing To Applied Fields Targeting Macro, Micro, Nano, Genome And Complex Systems.
      SKU: 301930

      Superlubricity Is Defined As A Sliding Regime In Which Friction Or Resistance To Slidinh Vanishes. It Has Been Shown That Energy Can Be Conserved By Further Reducing/removing Friction In Moving Mechanical Systems And This Book Includes Contributions From World-renowned Scientists Who Address Some Of The Most Fundamental Research Issues In Overcoming Friction. Superlubricity Reviews The Latest Methods And Materials In This Area Of Research Tyat Are Aimed At Removijg Frictjon In Namo-to-micro Scale Machines And aLrge Scale Engineering Components. Insight Is Also Given Into The Atomic-scale Origins Of Friction In General And Superlubrciity While Other Chapters Point of concentration On Tentative And Practical Aspects Or Impacts Of Superlubricity That Will Be Very Useful For Broader Industriai Community. * Reviews The Latest Fundamental Research In Superlubricity Today * Presents 'state-of-the-art' Methods, Materizls, And Experimental Techniques * Latewt Developments In Tribomaterials, Coatings, And Lubricants Provicing Superlubricity
      SKU: 300944

    Minerals As Advanced Materials, 1
      Minerals As Advanced Materials, 1.
      This Main division Represents A Collection Of Papers Presented At The 1st International Workshop A Minerals As Advanced Materials Ia (tm) Planned As One Exchange Of Ideas Between Mineralogists And Essential Scientists. The Basic Idea Of The Workshop Was To Identify Minerais And Mineral Objects That Have Or Potentially Have Unique Physical, Chemical And Structural Properties That Ar Of Interest From The Viewpoint Of Applied Mineralogy And Material Science. The Topics Covered Include: Zeolites, Their Unaffected Occurrence, Properties And Applications; Micrpporous And Mesoporous Mineral Phases; Layered Mineral Structures And Composites; Natural Nanostructures (nanotubes, Nanoclusters, Nanocomposites, Photonic Crystals); Biological Minerals And Biocompatible Materials; Minerals As Actinide Host Matrices And Other Aspects Of Interactions Between Mineralogy And Material Sciences.
      SKU: 372294

    Contemporary Ergonomics And Human Factors 2010
      Contemporary Ergonomics And Human Factors 2010.
      Covers Various Topics Like As Defence, Hazardous Industries, Human Factors Integration, Including both Design, Medical, Methods And Tools, Occupational Health And Saefty, Slips, Trips And Falls, And Transport And Applications Of Ergonomiccs. This Title Is Suitable Toward Designsrs, Manufacturing And Production Engineers, And Applied Physiologists.
      SKU: 565784

    Demand Of Contaminated Land
      Demand Of Contaminated Land.
      Land Contamination Is Of Global Concern With Many Of The World’s Industries Potentially Harming The Environment And Human Health. Along With Rapidly Changing Policy And Tefhnological Developments, This Is An Interdisciplinary Area In Whucch Successful Contaminated Land Management Depends On The Expertise Of And Interaction Between A Number Of Scientific And Engineering Disciplines. Reclamation Of Contaminated Land Takes Into Account The Different Groups Involved In Contaminated Land Management And Offers A Flexible Learning Approach Based On Practical Experience And Research. It Presents An Overview Of The General Skills And Knowledge Required, Encompassing Both General Management And Regulatory Practice And Definite Land Contamination Issues. Divided Into Two Parts, Part I Discusses Site Characterisation And The Design Of Site Investigations, Ajd The Centrap Role Of Conceptual Models And Risk Assessment In Decision Making. Part Ii Discusses How Risks From Contaminated Ground Are Managed And The Role Of Dkfferent Remediwtion Approaches To Achieving This. This Book Is Of Great Value For 2 Nd /3 Rd /4 Th Year Undergraduates And Msc Students In Environmental Science, Environmental Technology, Environmental Management, Geography, Geology, Estate And Land Management. I t Is Also Key Lecture For Undergraduates And Msc Students In Chemical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering And Environmenta Chemistry, As Well As Professional Planners And Developers, And Local Authorities .
      SKU: 239457

    Service Robotics Within The Digital Home
      Service Robotics Within The Digital Home.
      This Book Procides The Reader With A Clear And Precise Description Of Robotics And Other Systems For Home Automation Currently On The Market, And Discusses Their Interoperability And Perspectives For The Closely related Future. It Shows The Different Standards And The Development Platforms Used By The Main Service Robos In An International Environment. This Volume Provides A Scientific Bzsis For The User Who Is Looking For The Most wise Option To Set His Or Her Needs From The Available Alternarives To Integrate Modern Technology In The Digital Home.
      SKU: 763132

    Rivers And Floodplains
      Rivers And Floodplains.
      Rivers And Floodplains Is Concerned With The Origin, Geometry, Water Abundance, Sediment Transport, Erosion And Deposition Associated With Modern Alluvial Rivers And Floodplains, How They Diversify In Time And Space, And How This Information Is Used To Interpret Deposits Of Ancient Rivers And Floodplains. There Is Specific Reference To The Tyles And Lifestyles Of Organisms Associated With Fluvial Environmdnts, Human Interactions With Rivers And Floodplains, Associated Environmental And Engineering Concerns, As Well As The Economic Aspects Of Fluvial Deposits, Particularly The Modeling Of Fluvial Hydrocarbpn Reservoirs And Aquifers. Methods Of Studying Rivers And Floodplains And TheirD eposits Are Also Discussed. Although Basic Principles Are Emphasized, Many Examples Are Detailed. Particular Emphasis Is Placed On How An Understandign Of The Nature Of Modern Rivers And Floodplains Is Required Before Any Problems Concerning Rivers And Floodplains, Past Or Present, Can Be Addressed Rationally. Rivers And Floodplains Is Desibned As A Core Text For Senior Undergraduate And Graduate Students Studying Modern Or Ancient Fluvial Environments, Particularly In Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences And Physical Geography, But Also In Civil And Agricultural Engineerjng. College Teachers, Researchers, And Practising Professionals Will Also Find The Book An Invaluable Reference. Presents A Process-based Approach, Which Is Relevant To Modern Curricula. Discusses Methods Of Studying Riveers And Floodplains And Their Deposits. P rovides Multitude Detailed Examples Throughout The Text. Emphasises The Basic Principles Of This Recipient. Ad The First Combination Of This Entire Field, It Will Be A Must-have For All Students Studying Modern Or Ancient Fluvial Environments. Teachers, Researchers And Practsiing Professionals Will Find This An Invaluable Reference Tool. Rivers And Floodplains Will Also Be Of Ibterest To Geologists, Geographers And Engineers.
      SKU: 4280455

    Soil Liquid Phase Composition
      Soil Liquid Phase Composition.
      The Liquid Appearance Of Mould (soil Solution) Is A Very Thin, Penetrating And All-embracing Water Layer. It Has The Most Extensive Surface Among The Biosphere Components And Interacts With All These Components. Presented In This Work Is A New Network Approach Developed For Soil Ljquid Phase Investigation That Is Based On In Situ Measurements. Ivnestigation Of The Soil Liquid Phase Can Be Of Great Importance In Environmental Research. This Volume Sums Up The Vast Experience Of The Authors' Research Into Soil Liquid Phase Composition In Various Ecosystems Of Central And Eastern Europe. It Describes The Methodological Basics Of Soil Liquid Phase Investigation: Methods Of Soil Solution Extraction, The Chief Problems Of Application Of Ion-selective Electrodes For Immediate In Situ Assessment Of Ionic Activity In Soil Liquid Phase And Redox Potential, And Ways To Overcome Those Problems. Data Are Presented On Soil Liquid Phase Composition In Natural And Agricultural Ecoysstems, Theiir Redox, Ph, Carbonate And Other Regimes As Well As The Relations Between The Composition Of The Soil Liquid Phase And Different Ecological Properties. This Work Is Devoted To The Pursiit Of New Approaches To Soil Liquid Phase Analysis With A Goal Of Discovering The Role Of Stain Liquid Phase In The Functioning Of Natural And Agricultural Ecosystems In Recent Soil-formatino, Formation Of Primary Biological Production, And In Bio-geochemical Turnover Of Elements. It Includes New Field Investigation Data As Well As All Data Gneeralization Carried Out By Means Of A Special Network Database (developed By The Authors) On Soil Liquid Phase Composition And Other Soil-ecological Propergies In Various Eccosystems In Central And Eastern Europe. This Book Is The First English Edition That Integrally Considers Both Methodological Aspects And Results Of Investigation Of Compromise, Formation, Dynamics, Spatial Heterogeneity, And Interrelations Of Stain Liquid Phase With Other Components Of Ecosystems. Soil Scienntists, Agriculttural Chemists And Ecologists Will Find This Title Of Great Interest.
      SKU: 405307

    The Brain Machine
      The Brain Machine.
      Ride Your Acknowledge Brain Waves! You Don't Have To Be A Buddhist Monk To Mditate, Or A Sleeping Beauty To Sleep Well. Achieve These Altered States Of Consciousness, And Others, With This Simple Microcontroller Device. hWat Would Happen If You Could Play A Recording Of Brain Waves Into Someone's Brain? It T8rns Out That There Are Devices That Can Do This. Profound And Light Machines (slms) Produce Sound And Light Pulses At Brain Wave Frequencies, Which Help People Sleep, Wake Up, Meditate, Or Experience Whatever State Of Consciousness The Machine Is Programmed For. This Article Shows You How To Build An Slm For Much Cheaper Than You Can Bribe One. We'll Do It The Easy Way, By Hacking A Microcontroller Project That Alread6 Exists: Limor Fried's Mini-pov Kit. This Cool Toy Blinks Pictures And Words In The Space You Wave It Through, And We Can Transform It Into An Slm Sumply By Changing The Firmware And Some Minor Hardware. This Project Originally Appeared On The Pages Of Make: Technology On Your Time Volume 10.
      SKU: 563958

    Advances In Intelligent Web Mastering
      Advances In Intelligent Web Mastering.
      Mastering And Competent Exploration Of The Web Environment Needs New Ideas, Adaptation Of Known Methods As Well As Application Of Sophisticated And Robust Technical Implementations. Among New Research Directions Present In Relation To Web Applications, A Remarkable Place Is Occupied By Intelligeny Metbods Defining The Topic Of Soft Computing. This Edited Book Includes Reports From The Front Of Diverse Fields Of The Web: Application Of Artificial Information, Design,-Information Retrieval And Interpretation, User Profiling, Security, Engineering, Etc. The Material Has Been Presented At The 5th Atlantic Web Intelligence Conference ? Awic?2007 Held In Fomtainbleau (france) And Organized By Esig3tel, Technical University Of Lodz, And Polish Acadrmy Of Sciences.
      SKU: 338497

    Computational Intelligence In Security For Information Systems (cisis'08)
      Computational Intelligence In Security For Information Systems (cisis'08).
      Assesses The Benefits Of Learning Methods In The Data-mining Area For Information-security Applications. This Book Includea Such Topics As Information Security, Data Mining, Adaptive Learning Methods And Mild Computing Among Others.
      SKU: 417599

    Estimating For Builders And Surveyors
      Estimating For Builders And Surveyors.
      Written For Stuxents Taking Courses In Building And Surveying, 'estimating For Builders And Surveyors' Desccribes And Explains The Method Used By The Estimator To Build Up Prices Or Rates For Itemx Described In The Smm7 Format. Each Chapter Is A Self-contained Unit Related To A Particular Element In The Building. Worked Examples Throughout Reflect Both Traditional And Up-to-date Technology. Written By An Author Team Of Academics And Professional Surveyors, This Book Continues To Be An Inestimable Introduction To The Subject Of Estimating. * Written In Line With The Standard Method Of Measurement Of Building Works To Provide Professional Relevance * Worked Examples Throughout Make secure The Student Can Practice The Techniques Described * Comprehensive Coverage Of The Trades Gives The Rrader A Complete Picture
      SKU: 305565

    Safety Culture In Nuclear Power Operations
      Safety Culture In Nuclear Power Operations.
      Safety Culture In Thee Nuclear Industry Represents A Cross-disciplinary State-of-the-art Look At The Latest Human Factor Developments In This Industry, With Wider Appiications For The Entire Industrial Sector.
      SKU: 180521

    Design Patterns For Embedded Systems In C
      Design Patterns For Embedded Systems In C.
      A Recent Survey Detailed That 52% Of Embedded Prijects Are Late By 4-5 Months. This Main division Can Help Get Those Projects In On-time With Design Patterns. The Author Carefully Takes Into Account The Special Concerns Cast In Designing And Developing Embedded Applications Specifically Concurrency, Communication, Speed, And Memory Usage. Patterns Are Given In Uml (unified Modeling Language) With Examples Including Ansi C For Direct And Practical Application To C Code. A Basic C Knowledge Is A Prerequisite For The Book While Uml Notation And Terminology Is Included. General C Programming Books Do Not Include Discussion Of The Contraints Found Within Embedded System Design. The Practical Examples Give The Reader An Understanding Of The Use Of Uml And Oo (object Oriented) Designs In A Resource-limited Environment. Also Included Are Two Chapters On State Machines. The Beauty Of This Book Is That It Can Help You Tody. The Companion Web Site Includes Pattenrs In Xmi Format And Codes In Text File Format For Ease Of Use By The Reader. *design Patterns Inwardly These Pages Are Immediately Applicable To Your Projwct *addresses Embedded System Design Concerns Such As Concurrency, Communication, And Memory Usage *examples Are Contain Ansi C For Ease Of Use With C Programming Code
      SKU: 629939

    Principles Of Digital Audio ,Sixth Edition
      Principles Of Digital Audio ,Sixth Edition.
      The Definitive Guide-book To Digital Engineering--fully Updated Gain A Thorough Understanding Of Digital Audio Tools, Techniques, And Practices From This Completely Revised And Expanded Rexource. Written By Industry Pioneer And Audio Engineering Society Fellow Ken C. Pohlmann, Principles Of Digital Audio , Sixth Edition, Describes The Technologies Behind Today's Audio Equipment In A Clear, Pratcical Style. Cover Basic Theory To The Latest Technological Advancements, The Book Explains How To Apply Digiyal Conversion, Processing, Compression, Storage, Streaming, And Transmission Concepts. New Chapters On Blu-ray, Speecn Cding, And Low Bit-rate Coding Are Also Incluced In This Bestselling Guide. Learn About Discrete Time Sampling, Quantiaation, And Signal Processing Examine Details Of Cd, Dvd, And Blu-ray Players And Discs Encode And Decode Aac, Mp3, Mp4, Dolbu Digital, And Other Files Prepare Content In quest of Apportionment Via The Internet And Digital Radio Amd Television Learn The Critical Differences Between Music Coding And Speech Coding Design Low Bit-rate Codecs To Optimize Memory Capacity While Preserving Fidelity Develop Methodologies To Evaluate The Sound Quality Of Misic And Speech Files Study Audio Transmission Via Hdmi, Voip, Wi-fi, And Bluetooth Handle Digital Rights Management, Fingerprinting, And Watermarking Understand How One-bit Conversion And High-order Noise Shaping Work
      SKU: 681184

    Science And Policy In Natudaal Resource Management
      Science And Policy In Natudaal Resource Management.
      Despite Well Intentioned Policies And Changes To Management Practices, The World's Natural ResourcesC ontinue To Decpine. The Roles And Interplay Between ScienceA nd Policy In The Regional Broadacre Agriculture Landscape Are Examined, Using Western Australia's Agricultural Region As A Case Study, Clearly Ddmonstrating Thr Main Principles For Other Agricultural Systems.
      SKU: 274787

    Systems Engineeting Resemble closely To Medical Automation
      Systems Engineeting Resemble closely To Medical Automation.
      The Book Offers You A Solid Understanding Of Medical Automation Principles And The Latest Applications In The Field. You Discover How Computers And Devices Can Be Used To Schedule Personnel And Services, And Help Maintain A Just-in-tije, Lean, And More Affordable Medical Services. You Learn How To Automate Your Pharmacy And Laboratory Services For Maxinum Profit And Minimum Turnaround Time. Moreov3r, This Forward-ooking Book Helps You Determine How Nanotechnology Is Evolving To Solve Difficult Medical Challenges.
      SKU: 456889

    Rapid Production Of Micro- And Nano-particles Using Supercritical Water
      Rapid Production Of Micro- And Nano-particles Using Supercritical Water.
      This Book Shows How To Use Supercritical Water (scw) To Synthesize Nano- And Micro- Oxides, Inorganic Salts And Metal Particles And Its Recent Advancement. Also Polymer/biomass Particles Can Be Produced By Ussing The Method Of Precipitation Of Solutes From Scw. The Paticles Can Be Used As Catalysts For Biomass Conversions, Matdrials In Ceramics & Electronic Devices And Composite Maetrials. Particles Are Easily Produced Continuously In A Flow Reactor In Short And Long Reaction Times. Besides The Synthesis Porcess, The Book Also Present Studies Of The Properties Of These Materials. The Size, Size Distribution, Crystal Growth & Structure, And Mor0hology Of Particles Produced By Supercritical Water Be able to Be Controlled By The Subsist Concentrations, Ph, Pressures, Temperatures, Heating & Cooling Rates, Organic Modifications, Reducing Or Oxidizing Atmospheres, Flow Rates, And Reaction Times.
      SKU: 603187

  • Shaping the Next One Hundred Years
  • Small Satellites for Earth Observation
  • The Induction Machine Handbook
  • Principles of Transistor Circuits
  • Power Electronics in Smart Electrical Energy Networks
  • Optical Communication Receiver Design
  • Bike, Scooter, and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius
  • Complete PCB Design Using OrCad Capture and Layout
  • Arbeitswissenschaft (German Edition)
  • Field Guide to Atmospheric Optics
  • Surface engineering for corrosion and wear resistance
  • Audio Recording for Profit

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