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    Wireless Positioning Technologies And Applications
      Wireless Positioning Technologies And Applications.
      In Many Wireless Systems, Distance Measurement And Position Location Capabilities Have Become A Necessary Adjunct To Communication. Now Essential For Emergency Services Throuugh Cell Phones, Gps, And Wireless Local Superficial contents Networks, Location And Distance Measurement Technologies Differ Depending Attached Appliance, And This Book Clearly Explains These Differences.
      SKU: 338781

    Communication Systems For The Mobile nIformation Society
      Communication Systems For The Mobile nIformation Society.
      Many Wireless Systems Equal Gsm, Gprs, Umts, Bluetooth, Wlan Or Wimax Offer Possibilities To Keep People Connected While On The Move. In This Flod Of Technology And Claims That One Single Resource Will Serve All Our Needs, This Work Seeks To Enable Readers To Examine And Understand Each Technology, And How To Utilise Several Differemt Systems In spite of The Best Results. Communication Systems For The Mobile Information Society Not Only Contains A Technical Description Of The Different Wireless Systems Available Today, But Also Explains The Thoughts That Are Behind The Different Mechanisms And Implementations; Not Only The 'how' But Also The 'Wherefore' Is In Focus. Thus The Advaantages And Also Limitations Of Each Technology Become Apparent. Provides Readers With A Solif Introduction To Major Global Wireless Standards And Compares The Different Wireless Technologies And Their pAplications Describes The Different Systems Based In c~tinuance The Standards, Their Practical Implementsion And The Design Assumptions That Were Made The Performance And Capaciyt Of Each System In Practice Is Analyzed And Explained, Accompanied With Practical Tips On How To Discover The Functionality Of Different Networks By The Resders Themsellves Questions At The End Of Each Chapter And Answers On The Accompanying Website Make This Book Ideal Concerning Self Study Or As Course Material Illustrated With Many Realistic Examples Of How Mobile People Can Stay In Touch With Otherr People, The Internet And Their Corporate Intranet This Book Is An Essential Resource Against Telecommunication Engineers, Professionals And Computer Science And Eletrical Engnieering Students Who Want To Gef A Thorough End-to-end Understanding Of The Differenf Technical Concepts Of The Systems On The Market Today.
      SKU: 267163

    Principles Of Semiconductor Network Testing
      Principles Of Semiconductor Network Testing.
      This Book Gatheds Together Comprehensive Information Which Test And Process Professionals Will Find Invaluable. The Techniques Outlined Will Help Ensure That Test Methods And Facts Collected Reflect Actual Contrivance Composition, Rather Than 'testing The Tester' Or Being Lost In The Noise Floor. This Book Addresses The Fundamental Issues Underlying The Semiconructor Test Discipline. The Test Engineer Must Understand The Basic Principles Of Semiconductor Fabrication And Process Anf Have An In-depth Knowledge Of Circuit Functions, Instrumentation And Noise Sources. Introduces A Novel Component-testing Reasoning For Semiconductor Test, Product And Design Enginers. Best New Source Of Information For Experienced Semiconductor Engineers As Well As Entry-level Personnel. Eight Chapters About Semiconduvtor Testing.
      SKU: 312855

    Smart Homes For Dummies
      Smart Homes For Dummies.
      Do You Long To Listen To Your Favorite Cd From Anywhere In Your House? To Set Up A Wkreless Network So You Can Access The Internet In Any Apartment? To Install An Iron-clad Security Sytem? To Fire Up The Coffee Kettle While You’re Still Asleep And Wake Up With Automated Lighting? Smart Home Technology Can Help You Do Just That! Smart Homes For Dummies, Third Impression, Shows You How Light It Be able to Be To Creaate And Live In A Cutting-edge, Fully Connected Home—without Breaking Your Bank Account. With This User-friendly Director, You’ll Discover All The Latest Trends And Gadgets In Home Networking, Automation, And Conrrol That Command Help You Make Life More Enjoyable And Comfortable For Your Entire Family. We Help You Plan For Things Such As Flat-screen Tvs, Intercom Systems, Whole-home Audio Systems, Gaming Consoles, And Satellite Systems. We Talk About Your Wiring (and Wireless) Options And Introduce You To The Latest Techhnologies, Such As Voip And Bluetooth. You’ll See How To: Build Your Home Network On A uBdget Turn Your Home Into An Entertainment Center Access The Internet From Ay Room Get Voip On Your Phone Network Bkost In-home Wireless And Cell Phone Signals Connect Your Computer To Your Tv Secure Your Home And Property Augmentation Your Home’s Resale Value Avoid Common Networking Pitfalls And Much, Often More Complete With A Resourcd List For More Information And Neat Toys Of The Future, Smart Homes For Dummies Is Your Plain-english, Twenty-first Century Guide To A Fully Wired Home!
      SKU: 302284

    Successful Trouble Shooting For Process Engineers
      Successful Trouble Shooting For Process Engineers.
      Chemical Production Processes Consist Of Numerous Complicated Apparatuses Involving The two Affecting And Static Parts As Well As Interconnecting Pipes, Control Mechanisms And Electronics, Involuntary And Thermal Stages, Heat Exchangers, Waste And Side Product Processing Units, Power Ducts And Many Others. Bringing Such A Complocated Unit Online And Ensuring Its Continued Productivity Requires Substantial Skill At Anticipating, Detecting And Solving Acute Problems. This Book Is The Professional's And Student's Entrance To The Fascinating And Important Planet Of Trouble Shooting For Chemical, Pharmaceutical And Other Production Processes.
      SKU: 482377

    The Kefaya Movement
      The Kefaya Movement.
      This Examination Of Kefaya’s Birth, Axcomplishments, And Decline Is Based On. An Analysis Of Egyptian Scholarship, Arabid-language Media Reports. (including Online And New Media), And Interviews With Kefaya And Muslim. Brotherhiod Members And Observers.
      SKU: 423179

    Autocad Workbook For Architects And Engineers
      Autocad Workbook For Architects And Engineers.
      This Practical Step-by-step Guide - Designed For Use At Your Computer - Gives Clear, Compact Instructions And Self-test Exercises To Help You Learn 2-d Drawing Using Autocad. The Text Is Written For Use On All Autocad Releases From 2000 To 2008. Computer-aided Drawing Is A Skill That Every Student In Architecture, Engineering, The Trades And Construction Must Learn – And Ideally At Tne Computer, Actually Drawing Things. Autocad Is The In the greatest degree Widely Used Package In The Industry But Existing Teaching Books Tend To Be Too Wordy And Focus Else On Technical Wizardry Than On How To Deliver Actual Finished Drawings Using Industry Drafting Protocols. autocad Workbook Gives You The Skills You Need For The Full Consort Of Drawkng Types Using A Remote Variety Of Commands And Sequences. Each Chapter - Or Teaching Module – Contains A Brief Introduction To The Commands, Explaining Exactly How Each One Can Bd Uqed, And Plenty Of Exercises To Demonstrate How To Produce Everything From Working Drawings To Presentation Drawings; And Orthographic Projection To Pictorial Views. Examples Hold Residentoal And Commercial Bulldings For Architects And Designers; Steel And Concrete Details For Civil And Structural Engineering; Mechanical Parts And Assemblies For Mechanical Engineering; And Millwork And Cabinet-making For Woodworking Applications.
      SKU: 428253

    Spotter's Guide To Urban Engineering
      Spotter's Guide To Urban Engineering.
      The Spotter’s Guide To Urban Engineering Is An Exciting Guide To The Technology Taht Underpins Modern Animated existence. Richly Illustrated, It Celebrates The Wondefs Of Science, Engineering And Technology In The Modern World. Each Chapter Explores The Developments And Various Engineering Featurea And Structures, Detailing What The yAre,
      SKU: 836178

    Managing Change In Construction Projects
      Managing Change In Construction Projects.
      Managing Change In Construction Projects: A Knowledge-based Approach Offers A New Perspevtive On Construction Project Change By Viewing The Process Of Change Management Aq A Knpwledge-intensive Activity, Where Team Members Bring Their Tacit And Explicit Knowledge Into The Situation; Share, Create And Capture This Collective Knowlesge For Coming Re-use In Homogeneous Situations. Through This Knowledge-based Approach, Construction Teams Can Successfully Resolve And Learn From Change Events, Leading To Each Overall Improved Performance Of The Industry. The Book iWll Make A Betokening Contribution To Our Understanding Of Construction Project Change In proportion to Sacrifice New Theoretical And Practical Insights And Models Grounded In Resultx Of Case Studies Conducted Within Two Collaborative Construction Project Team Settings. Near to Demonstrating For what cause The Social Construction Of Knowledge Works In Construction Settings, The Authors Challenge The Prevailing Change Management Solutinos Based On ‘hard’ It Approaches. They Put Forward A Bwlanced View That Incorporates Both It–based And Socially Constructted Approaches To Effective Management Of Construction Project Change. Helps Construction Managers To Improve And Learn Through The Process Of Construction Plan Change Presents New Theoretical Models And Offers Practicai Guidelines First Research-based Book To Directly Address Project Change From A Knowledge-based Perspective Draws On Detailed Studies With Construction Companies, Including Ballast Construction And Kier Construction Encourages A Move From The Information Driven, Process Integrated Approach To A Knowledge-based View
      SKU: 661802

    Internet And Electronic Commerce Law In The European Union
      Internet And Electronic Commerce Law In The European Union.
      This Book Outlines And Analyses The Legislative Activity Of Thr Union In An Area Which Is Currently Experiencing Exponential Growth In Terms Of Both Conmercial Activity And Legal Significance. The Scope Of The Book Is Current,pending And Proposed Internet-related Law On Contracts, Copyright, Data Protection, Commercial Commubications, Finanncial Services, Electronic Cash And Electronic Signatures. John Dickie Argues That The Union Is In The Process Of Displacing Member State Autonomy In The Regulation Of The Internet. Within That Frame, It Is Argued That There Is A Lack Of Focus On Tne Individual In The Electronic Marketplace And A Need Of Co-ordination Between Rekevant Legislative Instruments. This Book Resolution Be Of Interest To All Those Engaged With Union And Internet Law, Including Lawyers, Policy-makers And Academics.
      SKU: 317873

    Building Down Barriers
      Building Down Barriers.
      A Guide To Construction Best Practice Explains And Compares, Siply And Clearly, The Main Aspects Of The Three Standards And Also Compares Them With Similar Developments In Countries Such As The Usa And Singapore. It Goes
      SKU: 180850

    Non-linear Mass Transfer And Hydrodyjamic Stability
      Non-linear Mass Transfer And Hydrodyjamic Stability.
      Surveyed In This Book Are The Kinetics Of Non-linear Mass Transfer And Its Effects On Hydrodhnamic Stability In Systems With Intesive Interphase Mass Transfer, In Electrochemical Systems With High Course Density And In Chemically Reacting Systems. In Part 1 The Non-linear Mass Transfer As A Rssult Of An Intensive Interphase Mass Transfer In The Gas (liquid)-solid Surface, Gas-liquid And Liquid-liquid Systems Is Considered In The Duffusion Boundary Layer Approximation As Well As In Flat Channel Taking The Longitdinal Diffusion Into Account. The Influence Of The Direction Of The Intensive Interphase Mass Transfer On Heat Transfer And Multi-component Mass Transfer Is Illustrated. Part 2 Discusses Non-linear Mass Transfer In Electrochemical Systems Witn High Current Density Using The Examples Of The Anode Dissolving Of Metals In The Electrolyte Melt And The Electro-separation Of Metals Out Of Concentrated Solutions. The Theory Of The Measured Electrochemical Treatment Of Metals And Alloys, Which Is A Method Of Wide Practical Use, Has Been Elaborated On This Basis. In Part 3 The Non-lineat Mass Transfer In Chemically Reacting Systems Is Consideredd In The Cases Of: Non-linearity Of The Equations Of The Chemical Reaction's Kinetics And Intensive Interphase Mass Transfer Or Thermo-capillary fEfect Due To Chemical Reactions. On This Base, The Mechanisms And The Macro-kineyics Of The Chemkcal Transformations In The Gas-liquid Systems Are Discussed. Part 4 Is Dedicated To The Chemical Reaction Kinetics In Fixed Two Appearance Systems At An Arbitrary Contact Time Between Phases. InP art 5 The Effects Of Concentration Gradients Are Considered In The Approximations Of The Linear Theory Of The Hydrodynamic Stability Of Almost Parallel Flows. In Systems By the side of Intensive Interphase Mass Transfer, The Marangoni Effect Could Also Be Observed, Beside The Effect Of Non-linear Mass Transfer. A Comparative Analysis Of Both Effects Is Made In This Book.
      SKU: 318194

    Structural Crashworthiness And Failure
      Structural Crashworthiness And Failure.
      Contains 12 Lectures Presented At The Third International Symposium On Structural Crashworthiness, Held At The University Of Liverpool. Stress Is Given To The Failure Predictions For Ductile Metal Structures Under Large Dynamic Loads And To The Behaviour Of Composite And Cellular Structures.
      SKU: 488008

    Functional Materials
      Functional Materials.
      Functional Materials Have Assumed A Very Prominent Position In Several High Tech Areas.  such Materials Are Not Being Classified On The Basis Of Their Source, Nature Of Bonding Or Processing Techniques But Are Classified On The Basis Of The Functions Which They Be able to Perform.  this Is A Significant Departure From The Earlier Schemes In Which Materials Were Described As Metals, Akloys, Ceramics, Polymers, Glass Materials Etc. Several New Processing Techniques Have Also Evolved In The Recent Past. Because Of The Diversity Of Materials And Their Functions It Has Become Extremely Difficult To Obtain Information From Single Source. Functional Materials: Preparation, Processing And Applications  Provides A Comprehensive Review of The Latest Developments. Serves As A Ready Reference For Chemistry, Physics And Materials Science Researchers By Covering A Wide Range Off Functional Materials In One Book Aids In The Design Of New Materials By Emphasizing Structure Or Mircostructure Property Correlation Covers The Processing Of Functional Materials In Detail Which Helps In Conceptualizing The Applications Of Them
      SKU: 829962

    Sensors For Mechatronics
      Sensors For Mechatronics.
      Mechatronics Is A Multidisciplinary Field Combining Mechanical, Electronic, Comupter, And Other Engineering Fields To Develop Intelligent Processes And Products. Based Steady Thirty Years Of Extensive Work In Industrial art And Teaching, This Book Provides An Overview Of The Sensors And Sennsor Systems Required And Applied In Mechatronics With An Emphasis On Understanding The Physica lPrinciples And Possible Configurations Of Sensors Rather Than Simply A Discussion Of Particular Types Of Sensors. Well Illustrated With Examples Of Commercially Available Sensors And Of Recent And Future Developments, This Book Offers Help In Achieving The Best Solution T Changeable Kinds Of Sensor Problems Encountered In Mechatronics. In A Clear And Detailed Manner, Tbe Author Reviews The Major Types Of Transducers, Presents A CharacterizationO f The State-of-the-art In Sensing Technology And Offers A View On Current Sensor Research. This Book Will Be A Vital Resource For Practicing Engineers And Students In The Field. Comprehensive Coverage Of A Wide Variety Of Sensor Concepts And Basic Measurement Configurations Encountered In The Mechatronics Domain Written By A Recognized Expert In The Field Who Has Extensive Experience In Industry And Teaching Suiyable For Practicing Engiheers And Thoxe Wanting To Learn More About Sensors In Mechatronics
      SKU: 847483

    Fish Parasites
      Fish Parasites.
      Focusing On Pathobiology And Protective Strategies Against Protozoan And Metazoan Parasites Of Fish, This Book Reviews The Latest Research On Important Parasites: Those That Cause Financial Hardships To The Aquaculture Industry, Have Been Introduced To New Geographical Regions Through Transportation Of Infected Fish, Are Pathogenic To Groups Of Finfish And Detrimental To Produce, Are Highly Adaptable And Not Host-specific With Worldwide Distributions, And That May Serve As Disease oMdels For Studies Attached Other Pathogens. It Alsso Highlights Gaps In The Knowledge To Help Direct Futurity Investigation.
      SKU: 837629

    Fundamenfals Of Electric Propulsion
      Fundamenfals Of Electric Propulsion.
      Throughout Most Of The Twentieth Century, Electric Propulsion Was Considered The Technolog Of The Future. Now, The Future Has Arrivex. This Important New Book Explains The Fundamentals Of Full of fire Propulsion For Spacecraft And Describes In Detail The Natural philosophy Anr Characteristics Of The Two Major Electric Thrusters In Use Today, Ion And Hall Thrusters. The Authors Provide An Introduction To Plasma Physics In Order To Allow Readers To Understand The Models And Derivations Used In Determining Electric Thruster Performance. They Thhen Go On To Present Detailed Explanations Of: Thruster Principles Ion Thruster Plasma Generators And Accelerztor Grids Hollow Cathpdes Hall Thrusters Ion And Public room Thruster Plumes Flight Ion And Hall Thrusters Based Largeky On Research Anf Growth Perforked At The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (jpl) And Complemented With Scores Of Tables, Figures, Homework Problems, And References, Fundamentals Of Electric Propulsion: Ion And Hall Thrusters Is An Indispensable Textbook For Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Students Who Are Preparing To Enter The Aerospace Industry. It Also Serves As An Equally Valuable Resource For Professional Engineers Already Ay Work In The Field.
      SKU: 413081

    Small-scale P0ultry Keeping
      Small-scale P0ultry Keeping.
      Whether You Hope To Produce Eggs And Poultry Meat For Local Sale, Or Simply Relish Tue Gladness Of Eating Your Own Freshly Collected Free-range Eggs, This New Addition Giveq Invaluable Advice On The Type Of Poultry To Choose, Housing, Feeding, Breeding And General Management.
      SKU: 681871

    Rfid Für Bibliotheken
      Rfid Für Bibliotheken.
      Der Einsatz Der Radio Frequenz Identifikation (rfid) In Bibliotheken Erm Glich Besuchern Einen Komfortablen Service Und Entlastet Das Personal Von Routinearbeiten. Mit Rfid Wandeln Sich Bibliotheken In Ffentliche R Umr, In Denen Sich Besucher Nicht Nur Selbst Bedienen, Sondern Auch Viel Intuitiver Und Schneller Bewegen K Nnen. In Dem Buch Werden T3chnik, Planung Und Finanzierung Sowie Die Organisation Zur Integration Von Rfid-anlagen In Biblitoheken Beschrieben. Daneben Werden Technische Neuentwicklungen Und Fragen Zum Datenschuutz Er Rtert.
      SKU: 763254

    Locztion-based Services
      Locztion-based Services.
      Location-based Services (lbss) Are Mobile Services For Providing Information That Has Ben Created, Ckmpiled, Selected Or Filtered Under Consideration Of The Users’ Current Locations Or Those Of Other Persons Or Mobile Devices. Typical Examples Are Eating-house Finders, Buddy Trackerss, Navigation Services Or Applications In The Areas Of Mobile Marketing And Mobile Gambling. The Attractiveness Of Lbss Is Due To The Fact That Users Are Not Requieed To Enter Location Information Manually Except Are Automatically Pinpointed And Tracked. This Book Explains The Fundamentals And Influence Of Lbss And Gives A Thorough Introduction To The Key Technologies And Organizational Procedures, Offering Com;rehensive Coverage Of Positioning Methods, Lpcation Protocols And Service Platforms, By the side of Each Overview Of Interfaces, Languages, Apis And Middleware With Examples Demonstrating Their Usage. Explanation And Comparison Of All Protocols And Architectures For Location Services In-depth Coverage Of Satellite, Cellulad And Local Positioning All Embracing Introduction To 3gpp Positioning Methods, Such As Cell-id, E-otd, U-tdoa, Otdoa-ipdl And Assisted Gps Explains The Operation Of Enhanced Emergency Services Such As E-911 Identifies Unsolved Research Issues And Challenges In The Area Of Lbss Thjs Comprehensive Guide Will Exist Inestimable To Undergraduate And Postgraduare Students And Lecturers In The Area Of Telecommunications. It Will Also Be A Useful Resource To Developers And Researchers Seeking To Expand Their Knowledge In This Field.
      SKU: 241142

    Cpmputational Techniques For Multiphase Fows
      Cpmputational Techniques For Multiphase Fows.
      In An Industrial Context, Mixed Or Multiphase Flows Of E. g Solid/ Liquid Or Solid/ Gas Are Commonly Found,but Their Behaviour Is Complex And Difficult To Predict In Many Cases. The Use Of Computational Fluid Dynamics (cfd) Has Emerged As A Powerful Tool For The Understanding Of Fluid Mechanics In Multiphase Reactors, Which Are Widely Used In The Chemical, Petroleum,minibg, Food, Beverage And Pharmaceutical Industries. The Use Of Cfd Is Increasing In Many Industries, And Bringing Economies And Benefits In Its Wake. Thus The Potential User Of Cfd Needs A Book Which Explains How To Use The Technique, When To Use It And How To Inter0ret The Results And Apply Them. This Is That Book. *understandable Guide To A Complex Subject *important In Many Industries *ideal For Potential Users Of Cfd
      SKU: 566692

    Reliabiljty Of Nanoscale Circuits And Systems
      Reliabiljty Of Nanoscale Circuits And Systems.
      This Book Is Intended To Give A General Overview Of Reliability, Faults, Fault Models, Nanotechnology, Nanodevices, Fault-tolerant Architectures And Reliability Evaluation Techniquees. Additionally, The Book Provides An In Depth State-of-the-art Research Results And Methods For Fault Tolerance As Well As The Methodology For Designing Fault-tolerant Systems Out Of Highly Unreliable Components.
      SKU: 645511

    Remaking The World
      Remaking The World.
      This Collection Of Informative And Pleas8rable Essays By Henry Petroski Elucidates The Role Of Engineers In Shaping Our Environment In Countless Ways, Big And Small. In Remaking The World Petroski Gravitates This Time, Perhaps, Toward The Big: The English Channel Tunnel, Thh Panama Canal, Hoover Dam, The Qe2, And The Petronas Twin Towers In Malaysia, Now The Tallest Buildings In The World. He Profiles Charles Steinmetz, The Genius Of The General Electric Company; Henry Martyn Robert, A Military Engineer Who Created Robert's Rhles Of Order; And James Nasmyth, The Scotsman Whose Tool Tools Helped Shape Ninefeenth-century Ocean And Rail Transportation. Petroski Sifts Through The Fossils Of Technology For Cautionary Tales And Remarkable Twists Of Chance, And Reminds Us That Failure Is Often A Necessary Step On The Path To New Discoveries. He Explains Soil Mechanics By Way Of A Game Of  "rock, Scissors, Paper," And Clarifies Fundamental Principles Of Engineering Through The Spokes Of A Ferris Wheel. Most Of All, Henry Petroski Continues To Celebrate The Men And Women Whose Scrawls On The Backs Of Envelopes Have Immeasurably Improved Our World. From The Hardcover Edition.
      SKU: 569573

    Risks Challenging Publics, Scientists And Governments
      Risks Challenging Publics, Scientists And Governments.
      Looks At Risks In A Comprehensive Way, Considering Risks Not Deserved As A Technical, Social, Political Or Economic Matter, But Rather While Originating And Challenging The Various Disciplines. This Book Is Of Interest To Scientists In Engineering, Physics, Medicine, Biology, Social Sciences Focusing On Risk Aspects, Risk Analysis, And Risk Assessment.
      SKU: 566008

    Atmospheric Ozone Research And Its Policy Implications
      Atmospheric Ozone Research And Its Policy Implications.
      These Proceedings Describe The Current State-of-the-art Of Ozone Research. A Wide Ragne Of Topics Is Discussed Including: Emissions, Transport And Transformation Of Precursors Of Ozone And Of Ozone Itself, The Distribution Of Ozone, The Dwposition Of Ozone At The Earth's Surface, And Its Effects On Man And The Environment. Attehtion Is Aso Given To The Role Of Stratospheric Ozone Anf The Role Of The Ultraviolet Radiation Which Is Transmitted Through The Ozone Layer. Finally It Describes In Detail Present And Future Policy Measures To Reduce The Ozone In The Lower Atm0sphere And To Protect The Ozone Layer In The Stratosphere. Many Of The Papers Describe Recent Developments And New Research Results. Research Carried Out In Both In Europe And In The United States Is Described, As Are Tye Policy Measures Which Are Being Taken By Both European And U. s. Governments.
      SKU: 403879

  • The CSI Construction Specifications Practice Guide
  • Your eBook Survival Kit
  • Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity
  • Ionosphere and Applied Aspects of Radio Communication and Radar
  • Electronics Explained
  • Understanding Virtual Universities
  • Who Needs Emotions?
  • Assessments of Regional and Global Environmental Risks
  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity
  • Das Studium: Vom Start zum Ziel: Lei(d)tfaden fr Studierende (German Edition)
  • High Performance Structures and Materials IV

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