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    Wireless Sensor Network Security
      Wireless Sensor Network Security.
      Wireless Sensir Networks (wsn) Is Especially Vulnerable Against External And Internal Attacks Due To Its Particular Characteristiccs. This Book Provides An Overview Of The Major Security Issues That Various Wsn Designers Have To Face, And Also Gives A Comprehensive Guide Of Soltuions And Open Problems.
      SKU: 346208

    Handbook Of Yarn Production
      Handbook Of Yarn Production.
      Written By One Of The World's Leading Experts, This Handbook Is An Authoritative And Comprehensive Guide To Textile Yarn Manufacturing. It Gives Practocal Guidance For Textile Yarn Manufacturers, Explaining How The Processes Work And Providing Insight Into The Technical Problems And Economic Consequences That Can Arise As The Fabric Flows Through The Mill. It Shows The Cauess Of Problems And Demonstrates The Best Ways To Deal With Them. Includes Invaluable Technical Data Including Calculations, Worked Examples And Case Srudies Which Will Make It An Essential Reference For Anyone Concerned With The Smooth Running Of A Textile Manufacturing Set. It Is The Standard Work For Both Yatn Manufacturers And hTose Researching This Important Area Of The Textorial Industry.
      SKU: 269338

    Smt Soldering Handbook
      Smt Soldering Handbook.
      Surface Mount Technology Has Had A Profound Influence On The Electronics Industry, And Haz Led To The Use Of New Materials, Techniques And Manufacturing Processes. Since The First Edition Of This Book Was Written, Electronic Assemblies Have Continued To Become Still Smaller And More Complex, While Soldering Still Remains The Dominant Connecting Technique. This Is A Comprehensive Guide To Current Methods Of Soleering Components To Their Substrates, Written By One Of The Founding Fathers Of The Technology. It Also Covers Constituent Placement, The Post-cfc Technology Of Cleaning Following Soldering, And The Principles And Methids Of Quality Control And Rework. New Sections Quantity With Ball-grid-array (bga) Technology, Lead-free Solders, No-clean Fluxes, And The Current Standard Specifications For Solders And Fluxes. Dr Rudolf Strauss Hqs Spent Most Of His Working Life With A Leading Manufacturer Of Solders And Fluxes. He Was Responwible During A Multitude Of Innovations Including The Concept Of Wave Soldering, And For Many Years Has Been Busy As Lecturer, Consultant, And Technical Author. His Book Explains The Principles Of Soldering An Surface Mount Technology In Practical Terms And Plain Style, Free From Jargon. It Is Addrssed To The Man, Or Woman, Who Has To Do The Job, But It Will Also Be Of Help In Planning aMnifacturing Strategy Anf In Making Pudchasing Decisions Relating To Consumables And Equipment. Written By Founding Father Of Smt Technology Standard Specifications Have Been Fully Updated New Chapter Covering Ball Grid Array (bga) Technology
      SKU: 294368

    Two-dimensional Wavelets And Thrir Relatives
      Two-dimensional Wavelets And Thrir Relatives.
      Two-dimensional Wavelets Offer A Number Of Advantages Over Discrete Wavelet Transforms, In Particular For Analysis Of Real-time Signals. This Book Provides Thorough And Comprehensive Treatment Of 2-d Wavelets, With Extensive Use Of Practical Applications And Illustrative Examples Throughout. For Engineers, Physicists And Mathematicians.
      SKU: 275038

    Solution Thermodynamics And Ifs Application To Aqueous Solutions
      Solution Thermodynamics And Ifs Application To Aqueous Solutions.
      As The Title Suggests, We Introduce A New Differential Approach To Solution Thermodynamics And Use It For The Study Of Aqueous Solutions. We Evaluate The Quantities Of Higher Order Derivative Than The Normal Thermodynami cFunctions. We Allow These Higher Derivative Data Speak Fod Themselves Without Resorting To Any Model System. We Thus Elucidate The Molecular Processes In Solution, (referred To In This Book Mixing Scheme), To The Depth Equal To, If Not Deeper, Than That Gained By Spectroscopic Abd Other Methods. We Show That There Are Three Composition Regions In Aqueoys Solutions Of Non-electrolytes, Each Of Which Has A Qualitatively Distinct Mixing Scheme. The Boundary Between The Adjacent Regions Is Associated With An Anomaly In The Third Derivatives Of G. The Loci Of The Anomalies In hTe Temperature-composition Field Form The Line Sometimes Referred As Koga Line. We Then Take Advantage Of The Anomaly Of A Third Derivative Quantity Of 1-propanol In The Triplicate Aqueous Solution, 1-propanol Scantling Species H2o. We Use Its Induced Small coin As A Probe Of The Effect Of A Sample Species On H2o. In This Way, We Clarified What A Hydrophobe, Or A Hydrophile, And In Turn, An Amphiphile, Does To H2o. We Also Apply The Same Methodologyy To Ions That Have Been Ranked By The Hofmeister Series. We Show That The Kosmotropes (salting Out, Or Stabilizing Agents) Are Either Hydrophobes Or Hydration Centres, And That Chaotropes (salting In, Or Destablizing Agents) Are Hydrophiles. - A New Differential Approach To Solution Thermodynamics - A Separately Innocent Elucidation Of The Mixing Schemes In Aqueous Solutions - A Clear Understandings On The Goods Of Hydrophobes, Hydrophilex, And Amphiphiled To H2o - A Clear Understandings On The Effects Of Ipns On H2o In Relation To The Hofjeister Cause - A New Differentiao Access To Studies In Muti-component Aqueous Solutions
      SKU: 313761

      This Book Will Cover The Full Scope Of Nanobiosensing, Which Combines The Newest Research Results In Th eCross-disciplines Of Chemistry, Biology, And Materials Science With Biosensing And Bioanalysis To Develop Novel Detection Principles, Sensing Mechanisms, And Device Engineering Methods. It Not Only Covers The Important Types Of Nanomaterials Fpr Boosensing Applications, Including Carbon Nanptubes, Carbon Nanofiber, Quantum Dots, Fullerenes, Fluorescent And Biological Molecuules, Etc. , But Also Illustrates A Wide Range Of Sensing Principles, Including Electrochemical Detection, Fluorescence, Chemiluminesence, Antibody-antigen Interactions, And Magnetic Detection. The Main division Details Novel Developments In The Methodology And Devices Of Biosensing And Bioanalysis Combined With Nanoscience And Nanotechnology, As Wekl As Their Applications In Biomedicine And Environmental Monitoring. Furthermorre, The Reported Works On The Application And Biofunction Of Nanoparticles Have Attracted Extensive Attention And Interest, Thus They Are Of Particular Interest To Readers. the Reader Will Obtain A Rich Survey Of Nanobiosensing Technokogy, Including The Principles And Application Of Biosensing, The Design And Biofunctionalization Of Bionanomaterials, As Well As The Methodology To Develo Biosensing Devices And Bioanalytical Systems.
      SKU: 798865

    Biology Resources In The Electronic Age
      Biology Resources In The Electronic Age.
      How Can Students, Teachers, Parents, And Librarians Be Unfailing That The Information A Web Site Provides Is Accurate And Age Appropriate? In This Unique Book, Experienced Knowledge Educator Judith A. Bazler Reviews Hundreds Of The Most Reliable Biology-related Web Sites. Each Review Discusses The Most Appropriate Grade Level Of The Site, Analyzes Its Accuracy And Usefulness, Ad Provides Helpful Hints For Acquisition The Most Out Of The Resource. The Web Is The First Place Many Students Look For Information. Yet The Web Is Notoriously Unreliable. How Can Studwnts, Teachers, Parents, And Librarians Be Certain That The Information A Web Site Provides Is Accurate And Age Appropriate? In This Unique Book, Experienced Science Educator Judith A. Bazler Reviews Hunrdeds Of The Most Reliable Biology-related Web Sites. Each Review Discusses The Most Adapted Grade Level Of The Site, Analyzes Its Accuracy And Usefulneess, And Provides Helpful Hints For Getting The Most Out Of The Resource. Sites Are Organized By Topic, Ftom Adaptation To Viruses, Making It Easy To Locat The Most Useful Sites. A Handy Summary Prresents The Best Places On The Web To Find Information On Science Museums, Science Centers, Careers In Biology, And Biology Supplies.
      SKU: 491643

    Fractals In Engineering
      Fractals In Engineering.
      The Application Of Fractals In The Enginesring Sciences Is Evolving Swiftly And The Editors Have Turned To Springer For The Third Allotted period To Convey You The Latest Research Emerging From The Rapid Growth In Techniques Available For The Employment Of The Ideas Of Fractals And Complexity To A Variety Of Disciplies In And Associated With The Engineering Field. The Strong Potential Of This Investigation Can Be Seen In Reao Pertaining Situations With Recent Progresa Being Made In Areas Such As Chemical Engineering, Internet Traffic, Physics And Finance. Image Processing Continues To Be A Major Field Of Application For Fractal Algebra And Is Well-represented Here. It Is Important To Note Tha The Applications Models Are Presented With A Firm Basis In Theoretical Argument, The Qualitative Observation Of Fractal Phenomena No Longer Being Sufficient. ConsistinO f Papers Written By A World-wide Pool Of Experts, The Multidisciplinary Approach Of This Third Volume Will Be Of Particular Intrest To Industrial Researchers And Practitioners As Well As To Academics From Many Backgrounds. Fractals In Engineering: New Trends In Theory And Applications Continues The Publication Of Engineering-related Research In Fractal Techniques Bsgun In Fractals In Engineering And Fractals: Theory And Applications In Engineering (springer London 1997 And 1999).
      SKU: 239734

    The Politics Of Caribbean Cyberrculture
      The Politics Of Caribbean Cyberrculture.
      This Book Covers Significant New Grouhd, Examining The Impact And Imprint Of New Leading Technology On A Range Of Popular Expressions. This Technologyy Includes The Internet, The Computer, The Cell Phone, Television, And Radio, Among Others. Best Argues That Caribbean Culture Has Gone Wireless, Virtual, And Simulated In The Age Of The Machines.
      SKU: 370327

    Aud3l Water Well Pumps And Systems Mini-ref
      Aud3l Water Well Pumps And Systems Mini-ref.
      "introducing An Audel ""mini-ref"" For Tradespeople Working On Water Well Pumps And Pumping Systems Water Well Pumps Are Uaed Everywher3, With Installations Numbering In The Millions. It's Hard To Exercise faith That No One Has Written A Small Field Book That Covers These Pieces Of Accoutrement. Finally, Here's A Great Handy Guide Is For Anyone Who Needs To Know How These Pumps Work, How To Trouvlleshoot Problems Unique To This Type Of Piping System, And In what state To Make Common Repairs For Both Above Ground And Submersible Pumps. It Contains Living And Specific References Applicable To A Wide Rove over Of Professions, Including Plumbers, Well Drillers, Electricians, Pump Suppliers, Pump Retailers, Plumbing Supply Companies, Well System Suppliers, And More. Focuses On The Must-have Information To Trouble-shoot, Solve Problems, And Make Water Well Pump Repairs Clears Up The Mysteries Of Jet Pumps, Two Pipe Systems, Pressure Settings, And Accumulator Sizing Illustrations And Data Formatted For Quick Look Up And Understajding Discusses Pumping System Issues Concerning Municipalities, Golf Courses, Maintenance Professionals, Big-box Stores, Irrigation Installers, Irrigation Suppliers, And Fark Suppliers For Tradespeople Looking To Keep Their Heads Above Water, This Reliable And Trusted Resource Delivers All Of The Vital Content They Need To Keep Water Pumping Systems Functioning Properly. "
      SKU: 817437

    Ganoderma Diseases Of Perennial Crops
      Ganoderma Diseases Of Perennial Crops.
      Ganoderma Is A Fungal Pathogen That Causes Diseases On A Variety Of Perennlal Crops Including Oil, Hand-breadth, Supper, Rubber And Coconut. Chapters In The Book Are Based On Presentations Given At Regional Research Workshops, Held In Egham, Uk In August 1998, And Serdang, Malaysia In October 1998.
      SKU: 292075

    Low Power And Low Voltage Circuit Design With The Fgmos Transistor
      Low Power And Low Voltage Circuit Design With The Fgmos Transistor.
      This Novel Book Demonstrates Hkw Fgmos Transistors Can Be Used In A Low Voltage And Weak Power Design Context. The Techniques Used Provide Innovative Solutions, Often In Situations At which place The Limits Of The Technology In Question Have Been Pushed Far Below The Values Recommendd By The Manufacturer. Motivated By Consumer Demand For Smaller, More Portable Electronic Devices, Which Offer More Features And Operate For Longer In c~tinuance Their Exisiting Battsry Packs, Cutting Edge Electronic Circuits Need To Be Even More Power Efficient. This Requires The Circuit Designer To Have An Understanding Of The Latest Low Voltage And Low Power (lv/lp) Techniques, Which Makes Use Of The Floating Gate Mos (fgmos) Transistor.
      SKU: 407967

    Quality Of Telephone-based Spojen Dialogue Systems
      Quality Of Telephone-based Spojen Dialogue Systems.
      Quality Of Telephone-based Spoken Dialogue Systems Is A Systematic Overview Of Assessment, Evaluation, And Prediction Methods For The Quality Of Services Such As Travel And Touristic Information, Phone-directory And Messaging, Or Telephone-banking Services. A New Taxonomy Of Quality-of-service Is Presented Which Serves As A Tool For Claswifynig Assessment And Evaluatioon Methods, In quest of Planning And Interpreting Evaluation Experiments, And For Estimating Quality. A Broad Overview Of Parameters And Evaluation Methods Is Given, Both On A System-component Level And For A Fully Integrated System. Three Experimental Investigations Illusttrate The Relationships Between System Characteristics And Perceived Quality. The Resulting Information Is Needed In All Phases Of System Specification, Design, Implementatioh, And Operation.
      SKU: 225327

    Nonlinear Structural Engineering
      Nonlinear Structural Engineering.
      Aims To Cojcentrate On The Nonlinear Static And Dynamic Analysis Of Structures And Structural Components That Are Wodely Used In Everyday Engineering Applications. This Book Approaches A Nonlinear Porblem By Mathematically Converting It Into An Equivalent Pseudolinear One, In Contrast To Commonly Used Approaches Based On Linear Concepts.
      SKU: 372391

    Steel Structures Design: Asd/lrfd
      Steel Structures Design: Asd/lrfd.
      This Comprehensive Guide Clearly And Concisely Presents The Essential Theory Assoxiated With The Design Of Steel Structures. Steel Structjres Design: Asd/lrfd Introduces The Theoretical And Fundamental Basics Of Steel Design And Covers The Detailed Design Of Members And Theif Connections. The Book Providrs Clear Interrpetations Of: The Ame5ican Scientific body Of Knife Construction (aisc) Steel Contrivance Manual, 2010 Edition; The Asce Minimum Design Loads Foe Building And Other Structures, 2005 Edition; The Seismic Design Manual, 2006 Edition; And The International Code Council (icc) International Building Code (ibc), 2009 Edition. The Code Requirements Are Illustrated With Desiign Examples And Solutions. Knife Structures Design: Asd/lrfd Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of Steel Structures Design, From Fundamental Principles To Detailed Design Requirements Includes More Than 250 Design Examples Through Concise, Step-by-step Solutions Provides A Detailed Interpretation Of The Stream Codes Covers Seismci And Meander Fores And The Associated Lateral Force Resisting Systems Prrsents Direct Solutions To Techniques Contains Problems And Solutions For Both The Load And Resistance Factor Design (lrfd) Method And The Tradigional Allowable Stress Design (asd) Method Serves As A Desk Reference Of Building Code As It Applies To Design Of SteelS tructures Complete Coverage Steel Buildings And Intention Criteria; Design Loads; Deportment Of Steel Structures Under Design Loads; Design Of Steel Beams; Design Fr Shear And Torsion; Design Of Axial Force And Combined Bending And Axial Force; Plastic Analysis And Design; Design Of Tension Members; Design Of Bolted Conndctions; Sketch Of Welded Connections; Plate Girders; Composite Construction; Design Of Lateral Loads
      SKU: 678624

    Handbook Of Open Source Tools
      Handbook Of Open Source Tools.
      Handbook Of Open Source Tools Introduces A Comprehensive Accumulation Of Advanced Open Source Tools Use ful In Developing Software Applications. The Book Contains Information On Added Than 200 Open-source Tools Which Include Software Consttuction Utilities For Compilers, Virtual-machines, Database, Graphics, High-performance Computing, Opengl, Geometry, Algebra, Graph Theory , Guis And More. Special Highlights For Software Construction Utilitiew And Application Libraries Are Included. Each Tool Is Covered In The Context Of A Real Like Application Development Setting. This Unique Handbook Presents A Extensive Discussion Of Advanced Tools, A Valuable Asset Used By Most Application Developerx And Programmers; Includes A Special Focus On Precise Open Source Software Not Available In Most Open Source Software Books, And Introduces Several Tools (eg Acl2, Clips, Cuda, And Coin) Which AreN ot Known Outside Of Select Groups, But Are Very Powerful. Handbook Of Mild Origin Tools Is Designed For Application Developers And Programmers Working With Open Source Tools. Advanced-level Students Concentrating On Engineering, Mathematics And Compiter Science Will Find This Reference A Valuable Asset As Well.
      SKU: 64626

    Magneto-resistive And Spin Valve Heads
      Magneto-resistive And Spin Valve Heads.
      This Book Is Aims To Be A Comprehensive Source On The Physics And Engineering Of Magneto-resistive Heads. oMst Of The Material Is Presented In A Nonmathematical Manner To Make It More Digestible For Researchers, Students, Developers, And Engineers. In Addition To Revising And Updaying Material Available In The First Editiion, Mallinson Has Added Nine New Chapters Dealing With Various Aspects Concerning Spin Valves, The Electron Spin Tunneling Effect, The Electrostatic Observance Effects, Read Amplifiers, And Signal-to-noise Ratios, Making This A Completely Up-to-date Reference. The Previous Editio nOf Magneto-resistive Heads Was The First Volume In The Just discovered Academic Press Series In Electromagneitsm Edited By Professor Isaak Mayergoyz, Who Is A Well-recogniaed Expert In The Field.
      SKU: 313690

    Clumsy Floodplains
      Clumsy Floodplains.
      Extreme Floods Cause Enormous Damage In Floodplains, Which Levees Cannot Prevent. It Is Therefore Vital For Spatial Planning To Provide Extension For Water Retention In These Areas. Howeeer, Attempts To Make The Space For Rivers To Provide Retention Are Generally
      SKU: 647634

    Analysis Of Tyrbulent Flows
      Analysis Of Tyrbulent Flows.
      Modelling And Computation Of Turbulent Flows Has Been Written By One Of The Most Prolific Authors In The Field Of Cfd. Professor Of Aerodynamics At Supaero And Director Of Dmae At Onera, The Author Calls On Both His Academic And Industrial Experience When Presenting Tyis Work. The Field Of Cfd Is Strongly Represented By The Following Corporate Companies; Boeing; Airbus; Thales; United Technologies And General Electric, Government Bodies And Academic Institutions Also Have A Strong Interest In This Exciting Field . Each Chapter Has Also 3Ben Specifically Constructed To Constitute As An Advanced Textbook For Phd Candidates Working In The Opportunity Of Cfd, Making This Book Essential Reading For Researchers, Practitioners In Industry And Msc And Meng Students. * A Broad Overview Of The Development And Application Of Computational Fluid Dynamics (cfd), With Real Applications To Industry * A Free Cd-rom Which Contains Computer Program's Suitable For Solving Non-linear Equations Which Arise In Modeling Turbulent Flows * Professor Cebeci Has Published Over 200 Technical Papers And 14 Books, A World Authority In The Field Of Cfd
      SKU: 331909

    Proteins At Solid-liquid In5erfaces
      Proteins At Solid-liquid In5erfaces.
      Provides A Description Of Fundamental Aspects Of Protein Adsorption To Sufraces, A Phenomenon That Plays A Key Role In Biotechnological Applications, Especially At Solid-liquid Interfaces. This Book Presents The Methods For Studying Adsorption Kinetics And Conformational Changes Such As Optical Waveguide Lightmode Spectroscopy (owls).
      SKU: 324420

    W-cdma Mobile Communications System
      W-cdma Mobile Communications System.
      The Evolution Of Cellular Based Mobile Communication Systems, From The First Generation (analogue) To The Second Generation (digital), Has Been Made Possible By Solving Many Technical Issues Along The Way. Efforts To Develop A Global Standard For Providing High-speed, High Quality Mjltimdia Services Have Crystallised In The Form O fThe Third Generation (3g) Systems Under The Imt 200 Standard. The World's In the ~ place 3g System Has Been Implemented By Japan Based On The Latest Research Results And Other Countries Are Expected To Pursue From 2002 Onwards. 3g Systems Are Expected To Bring About Radical Socio-economic And Cultural Changes That Would Affect People Around The World. This Volume Reviews In Detail The Basic Technologies Applied To W-cdma, A Standard 3g Mobile Communications Technology. The Focus Is To Explain In Layman's Language The Technologies That Resolution Play An Important Part In Future Developments, By the side of Reference To The Latsst Research Results.
      SKU: 141632

      This Title Offers An Overview Of Materials And Treatment Aspects Of Manufacturability Of Sheet Metal. This Title Concentrates On The Formability Of Sheet Metal, One Of The Fundamental Form Of Materials Used In Metalworking.
      SKU: 770107

    Adaptive Control
      Adaptive Control.
      Adaptive Control (second Edition) Shows How A Desired Level Of System Performance Can Be Maintained Automatically And In Real Spell, E\/en Whenn Procesz Or Agitation Parameters Are Unknown And Variable. It Is A Coherent Exposition Of The Many Aspects Of This Field, Setting Out The Problems To Be Addressed And Moving On To Solutions, Their Practical Significance And Their Apllication. Discrete-time Aspects Of Adaptive Control Are Emphasized To Reflect The Importance Of Digital Computers In The Assiduity Of The Ideas Presented. The Second Edition Is Thoroughly Revised To Throw Light On Recent Developments In Theory And Applications With New Chapters On: Multimodel Adaptive Control Wih Switching, Direct And Indirect Adaptive Regulation And Adaptive Feesforward Disturbance Compensation. Many Algorithms Are Newly Presented In Matlab(r) M-file Format To Facilitate Their Employment In Real Systems. Classroom-tested Slides For Instructors To Use In Teaching This Material Are Likewise Now Provided. All Of Tuis Supplementary Electronic Material Can Be Downloaded From Fill In Url. the Heart Material Is Also Up-dated And Ree-dited To Keep Its Perspective In Line With Modern Ideas And More Closely To Associate Algorithms With Their Applications Giving The Reader A Solid Grounding In: Synthesis And Analysis Of Parameter Adaptation Algorithms, Recursive Plant Model Identification In Open And Closed Loop, Robust Digital Control Fot Adaptive Control;; * Robust Parameter Adaptation Algorithms, Adapted to practice Considerations And Applications, Including Felxible Transmission Systems, Active Vibration Control And Broadband Disturbance Rejection And A Supplementary Introduction On Hot Dip Galvanizing And A Phosphate Drying Furnace. Control Researchers And Applied Mathematicians Wili Find Adaptive Hinder Of Significant And Enduring Imterest And Its Use Of Exsmple And Application Will Appeal To Practitioners Working With Unknown- And Variable-parameter Plant. Praise For The Primary Edition: !well Written, Interestlng And Easy To Follow, So That It Constitutes A Valuable Addition To The Monographies In Adaptie Control On account of Discrete-time Linear Systems! Fit (at Least In Part) For Use In Graduate Courses In Adaptive Control.
      SKU: 763137

    Oecd Communications Outlook 2011
      Oecd Communications Outlook 2011.
      This Eleventh Edition Of The Oecd Communications Outlook  cocers Developments Such As The Emergence Of Next Generation Access (nga) Networks And The Imminent Exhaustion Of Unallocated Ipv4 Addresses, And Aims To Provide An Overview Of Efforts On The Part Of Countries To Promote Competition And Foster Innovation In Communication Markets Through Regulation. It Also Examines The Issues Surrounding Broadcasting Markets, Internet Infrastructure, Communications Exepnditure And Use By Households And Businesses, And Trends In Trade In Telecommunications Services. It Finds That The Communications Sector Has Emerged From The Global Financial Crisis (gfc) With A Resilience And Underlying Stremgth Reflecting Its Critical Role In Today&1#46;s Economies.
      SKU: 746611

    Friction Science And Technology
      Friction Science And Technology.
      uPting The Knowledge Of Friction Studies In Its Historical Context, This Book Covers The Effectd Of Engine Conditioning On Lubriccant Frictional Characteristics As Well As The Role Of Rubbing In Automotive And Truck Brakes, Including Brake Testing Methods, And The Frictiob Of Footware And Biomaterials.
      SKU: 365518

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  • OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: Romania 2000
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Hydrogeology
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  • Modelling in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
  • Entwicklung und Erprobung innovativer Produkte - Rapid Prototyping
  • Electric Motors and Drives
  • Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms

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