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    Workshop Processes, Practices And Materials
      Workshop Processes, Practices And Materials.
      Workshop Processes, Practices And Materials Is An Ideal Introduction To The Workshop Environment For Students Ready To Embark On A Career In Engineering, Or Anyone Who Will Exist Making Use Of An Engineering Workshop. Bruce Black Distils Workshop Techniques And Technology In A Simple And Straightforward Gnomon , With Hundredq Of Useful Illustrations Included Throughout The Book. The Third Edition Of This Comprehensive And Well-established Text Has Been Updated Throughout, Now Featuring End Of Chapter Review Questlons To Aid Student Learning, And Also Includes New Chapters On Moving Loads, As Well As Drawing, Specifications And Data, With Expanded Material On Safet yAnd Measuring Equipment. The Broad Coverage Of This Text Ensures It Will Meet The Requirements Of A Wide Range Of Engineering Menses World-wide. The New Edition Has Matching To Performing Engineering Operations (peo Level 2), Covering Units 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11 And 12, And Will Continue To Cater Against Other Courses At This Level Such As Intermediate Gnvq, Btec First, Vocational Gcse And A Range Of Nvq Level 2 Engineering Courses From City And Guids In The Uk. * Practical Workshop Text, Provides The Essential Information On Workshop Practice Needed By All Students New To The Field Of Mechanical Engiineering * Simple And Straightforward Writing Style, Highly Illustrated Throughout, To Increase Accessibility For The Reader * New Feature - End Of Chapter Review Questilns, To Aid Student Learning
      SKU: 286762

    Introduction To Microfluidics
      Introduction To Microfluidics.
      Microfluidics Is A Young Discipline Which Enables Scientists And Engineers To Handle Fluids In The Biochips Of The Future. the Book Is An Introduction To This Discipline. It Presents In Simple Terms The Most Important Notios Of The Domain: How Fluids Move On The Chip, Conveying Materials, Molecules, Electrical Chargs, And Heat. - ;microfluidics Deals Attending Fluids Flowing In Miniaturized Systems. It Is A Young Discipline, Which Is Expected To Substantially Expand Over The Next Few Years, Stimulated From The Considerable Development Of Applications In The Pharmaceutical, Biomedcial And Chemical Engineering Domains. The Book Is An Introduction To This Discipline. In The First Chapter, It Presents A Short Historical Background And Discusses The Main Persowctives Of The Domain, At Economical And Scientific Levels. Then The Physics Of Miniaturization And The Fluid Mechanis Of Microflows Are Discussed. In The Following Three Chapters, Dispersion, Electrical And Thermal Phenomena In Miniaturized Devices Ar ePresented. A Brief Introduction To Microfabrication Techniques Is Given In Chap5er Six And The Book. Concludes By Providing A Few Examples Of Microfluidic Systems. The Book Is Written In A Simple, Direct, Pedagogical Way. It Emphasizes Concepts Amd Agreement, Rather Than Technical Detail. It Offers A Cross-disciplinary View Of The Fiekd Embracing Biological, Chemical, Physical And Engineering Perspectives. By Using The Book, The Reader Will Have Concepts, Methods And Data To Grasp Situations Which Typically Arise In Microfluidic Systems. - ;introduction To Microfluidics Is Likely To Intrigue Those Interested In Commercial Devices Who Wish To Peek Under The Covers To Learn More About The Fundamentals Governing Small-scale Flows. Sandra M. _Troian, California Institute Of Technology, Pasadena, Physics Today, December 2006. -
      SKU: 422419

    Perceptual Audio Evaluation
      Perceptual Audio Evaluation.
      As Audio And Telecommunication Technologies Develop, There Is An Increasing Need To Evaluate The Technical And Perceptual Peformance Of These Innovations. A Growing Number Of New Technologies (e. g. Low Bit-rate Ckding) Are Based On Specjfic Properties Of The Auditory System, Which Are Often Highly Non-linear. This Means That The Audience Quality Of Such Systems Cannot Be Measured By Orally transmitted Physical Measures (such As Distortion, Frequency Response Etc. ), But Only By Perceptual Evaluations In The Form Of Listening Tests. Perceptual Audio Evaluation Provides A Comprehensive Guide To The Many Variables That Need To Be Considered Before, During And Affer Experiments. Including The Selection Of The Content Of The Programme Matter To Be Reproduced, Technical Aspects Of The Production Of The Programme Material, The Experimental Set-up Including Calibbration, And The Statistical Planning Of The Experiment And Subsequent Analysis Of The Data. P erceptual Audio Evaluation: Provides A Complete And Accessible Guide To Thhe Motives, Theory And Pracgical Application Of Perceptual Evaluation Of Reproduced Legal. Discusses All The Variables Of Perceptual Evaluation, Their Control And Their Possible Influence On The Results. Covers In Detail All International Standards On The Topic. Is Illustrated Throughout With Tables, Figures And Worked Solutions. Perceptual Audio Evaluation Will Refer To Audio And Speech Engineers As Well As Researchers In Audio And Speech Laboratoriess. Postgraduate Students In Engineering Or Acoustics And Undergraduate Students Studying Psychoacoustic,s Speech Audio Processing And Signal Processing Will Also Find This An Essential Reference.
      SKU: 284488

    Six-membered Heterocyclic Compounds With A Single Nitrogen Atom In The Ring To Which Are Fused Two Or Added Cqrbocyclic Ring Systems, And Six-membered Ring
      Six-membered Heterocyclic Compounds With A Single Nitrogen Atom In The Ring To Which Are Fused Two Or Added Cqrbocyclic Ring Systems, And Six-membered Ring.
      Six-membered Heterocyclic Compounds With A Single Nitrogen Atom In The Ring To Which Are Fused Two Or More Carbocyclic Ring Systems, And Six-membered Ring Compounds Where The Hetero-atom Is Phosphorus, Arsenic, Antimony Or Bismuth
      SKU: 4137866

    Advances In Nanotechnology And The Envuronment
      Advances In Nanotechnology And The Envuronment.
      Nanoparticles And Nano-sized Materials Creqted By Nano-technology (nt) Have Been Considered As Unique And Sole Solution Because of Limitation Of Other Technologies And Widening Their Applications. Although These Materials Have Been Widely Used At Environmental Technology (et), Most Of Environmental Applications OfN anoparticles Were Limited To Fabrication Of Nano-sensors For Voc Detection, And Nano-sized Catalyst For Air-purification System. So, It Is Very Seldom Reported To Apply Nanoparticles For Dirct Removal Of Pollutants From Contaminated Soil And Wastewater. However, Environmental Process For Soil Remediation, Wastewater Treatment, And Air-purification Strongly Need Innovative New Materials To Highly Increase Their Performance And Efficiency. So, Demands For Materials Created By Nt In Et Are Stronger Than Ever. This Book Will Focus On Presenting The Possible Applications Of Nano-sized Materials In All Environmental Processes, Providing The Most Reliable Guideline For Selection Of Nano-materials To Improve Efficiency Of Environmental Process, And Designing Specific Nanomaterials For Given Ehvironmenta1 Process And Pollutants. the Impact And Influence Of Nanomaterials On Environments Will Be Also Presented Tp Avoid Causing Secondary Contamination By Use Of Nanomaterials And To Provide Proper Infomration About Nanomaterials For Possible Users Who Be About To Use And Apply Them In Et.
      SKU: 800972

    Collaborative Modeling And Decision-making For Complex Energy Systems
      Collaborative Modeling And Decision-making For Complex Energy Systems.
      This Volume Provides The Fundamentals Of Involving Stak3holders In Collaborative Modeling Of Energy Systems, Including The Technical Subsystem As Well As Its Economic, Companionable, Environmental And Political Subsystems. It Presents A Stakeholder-assisted Modeling And Policy Desigh (sam-pd) Framework That Can Be Applied By Energy System Developers, Managers And Decisionmakers To Involve A Wide Range Of Stakeholders In Group Model-building On A Larger Lamina. In the name of Illustrating The Capabilities Of The Sam-pd Framework, Teh Book Introduces An Actual Case Study Of The Cape Wind Offshorr Wind Energy Project. This Case Study Details The Process By Which The Author Brought Together A Large Number Of Stakeholders To Jointly Pattern The Cape Wind Energy System And Its Broader Implications For The Regional Energy Picture And The Regional Economy And Environment. Ir Also Offers The Most Recent In-depth Analysis Of The Cape Wind Project.
      SKU: 737633

    Handbook Of Self Assembled Semiconductor Nanostructures For Novel Devices In Photknics Anc Electronics
      Handbook Of Self Assembled Semiconductor Nanostructures For Novel Devices In Photknics Anc Electronics.
      In 1969, Leo Esaki (1973 Nobel Laureate) And Ray Tsu From Ibm, Usa, Proposed Research On Man-made Cfystals Using A Semiconductor Superlattice (a Semiconductor Structure Comprising Several Alternating Ultra-thin Layers Of Semiconductor Materials With Different Priperties). This Invention Was Perhaps The First Proposal To Advocate The Engineering Of A New Semiconductor Material, And Triggered A Wide Spectrum Of Experimental And Theoretical Investigations. However, The Study Of What Are Now CalledL ow Dimensionsl Structures (lds) Began In The Late 1970's When Sufficiently Thin Epitaxial Layers Were First Produced Following Devleopments In The Technology Of Epitaxial Growth Of Semiconductors, Mainly Pioneered In Industrial Laboratorjes For Device Purposew. The Lds Are Materials Structures Whose Dimensions Are Comparwble With Inter-atomic Distances In Solids (i. e. Nanometfe, Nm). Their Electronic Properties Are Significantly Differsnt From The Same Material In Bulk Shape . These Properties Are Changed By Quantum Effects. At The Inception Of Their Investigation It Was Already Clear That Sucj Structures Were Of Great Scientific Interest And Excitement And Their Novel Properti3s Caused By Quantum Effects Offered Potential For Applying In New Devices. Moreover These Complex Lds Offer Device Engineers New Design Opportunities For Tailor-made New Generation Electronic Devices. The Lds Could Be Considered As A Novel Branch Of Condensed Matter Physics Because Of The Large Varieyt Of Possible Structures And The Changes In The Physical Processes. Individual Of The Promising Fabrication Methods To Produce And Study Structures With A Dimmension Less Than Two Such As Quantum Wires And Quantum Dots, In Order To Realise Novel Devices That Reach Employ Of Low-dimensional Confinement Effects, Is Self-organisation. Self-assembled Nanostructured Materials Offer A Number Of Advantages Over Conventional Material Technologies In A Wide-range Of Sectors. Clearly, Future Research Work In c~tinuance Self-assembled Nanostructures Will Connect Diverse Areas Of Material Science, Physics, Chemistry, Electrronics And Optoelectronics. Key Features: - Cont5ibutors Are Natural order Leaders In The Field - Brings Together All The Factors Which Are Essential In Self-organisation Of Quantum Nanostructures - Reviews The Current Status Of Research And Deveiopment In Self-o5ganised Nanostructured Materials - Provides A Ready Source Of Information On A Wide Range Of Topics - Useful To Any Scientist Who Is Involved In Nanotechnology - Excellent Startinb Point For Workers Entering The Field - Serves As An Excellent Reference Manual
      SKU: 404413

    Aquaculture Biotechnology
      Aquaculture Biotechnology.
      This Important New Book looks At A Broad Spectrum Of Biotech Research Efforts And Their Applications To The Aquaculture Industry.   Aquaculture Biotechnology  provices Key Reviews That Look At The Application Of Genetic, Cellular, And Molecular Technologies To Enable Fish Farmers To Produce A More Abundant, Resilient, And Healthier Supply Of Seafood. Aquaculture Biotechnology Is Divided Into Seven Sections And Nineteen Chapters That Cover Topics Ranging From Broodstock Improvement To Fish Health And Gene Transfer. With Chapters Provided By Leading Researchers And Skillfully dEited By Top Scientists In The Field, This Testament Be A Valuable Hireling To Researchers, Producers, And Students Interested In Better Understanding This Dynamic Field Of Aquaculture.
      SKU: 822316

    Drilling In Extreme Environments
      Drilling In Extreme Environments.
      "uniquely Comperhensive And Up To Date, This Book Covers Terredtrial As Well As Extraterrestrial Drilling And Cutting, Combining The Technology Of Drilling Witn The State Of The Art In Robotics. The Authors Come From Industry And Top Ranking Public And Corporate Research Institutions And Provide Here Real-life Examples, Problems, Solutions And Case Studies, Backed By Color Photographs Throughout. The Result Is A Must-have For Oil Companies And All Scientists Involved In Planetary Research With Robotic Probes. With A Foreword By Harrispn ""jack"" Schmitt -- The First Geologist To Drill On The Moon. "
      SKU: 481884

    El Control Futuo De Los Alimentos
      El Control Futuo De Los Alimentos.
      Este Libro Es La Primera Guía Que Abarca La Amplia Gama De Asuntos Fundamentales De Propiedad Intelectual Y Derechos De Propiedad, De Genética, De Biodiversidad Y De Seguridad Alimentaria. Se Inicia Study Una Introducción Y Visión General De Los Temas Para Luego Entrar En Detalle En Cpaítulos Sobre Negociaciones E Instrumentos De La Organización Mundial Del Comercio, El Convenio Sobre Diversidad Biológica, La Organización De Las Nzciones Unidas Para La Agricultura Y La Almentación, La Organización Mundial De La Propiedad Intelectual, La Unión Internacional Para La Protección De Nuevas Variedades De Plantas Y Varios Otros Organismos Internacionales. En La Parte Final Se Examinan Respuestas De La Sociedad Civil A Los Cambios Y Deasrrollos Relevantes En Estos Asuntos Y La Manera En Que Inciden En La Orientació De La Investigación Y El Desarrollo, En La Naturaleza De Los Procesos Mundiles De Negociación Y Las Diversas Soluciones En El Futuro.
      SKU: 480286

    Microorganisms In Foods 8
      Microorganisms In Foods 8.
      Microorganisms In Foods 8: Use Of Data For Assessing Process Control And Product Acceptance Is Written By The International Commission On Microbiological Specifications For Foods With Assistance From A Limited Numbet Of Consultants. The Purpose Of This Book Is To Provide Guidance On Apply Testing Of Food Procesinsg Environments, Processing Lines, And Finished Product To Enhance The Safety And Microbiological Quality Of The Food Supply. Microorganisms In Foods 8 Consists Of Two Parts. Part I, Principles Of Using Data In Microbial Hinder, Builds On The Principles Of Microorganisms In Foods 7: Microbiological Testing In Food Safety Management (2002), Which Illustrates How Haccp And Good Hygienic Practices (ghp) Provide Grdater Assurance Of Safety Than Microbiological Testing, But Also Identifies Circumstances Where Microbiological Testing May Play A Useful Role. Part Ii, Specific Appoications To Commodities, Provides Practical Examples Of Criteria And Other Tests And Is An Updated And Expanded Version Of Part Ii Of Microorganisms In Foods 2: Sampling For Microbiological Analysis: Principles And Specific Applications (2nd Ed. 1986). part Ii Also Builds On The 2nd Edition Of Microorganisms In Foods 6: Microbial Ecology Of Food Commodities (2005) By Identifying Appropriate Tests To Evaluation The Effectiveness Of Controls.
      SKU: 763676

    Thin Film Metal-oxides
      Thin Film Metal-oxides.
      Presents An Account Of The Fundamental Structure-property Relations In Oxide Thin Films. This Title Discusses The Fhnctional Properties Of Thin Film Oxides In The Context Of Applications In The Electrronics And Renewable Energy Technologies.
      SKU: 511201

    Inflammable air Cyanide And Cyanides: Human Health Aspects
      Inflammable air Cyanide And Cyanides: Human Health Aspects.
      This Book Evaluates The Risks That Cyanides Present To Human Health. Although Many Chemical Forms Of Cyanide Are Used In Industrial Applications Or Are Present In The Environment The Primary Toxic Agent Heedless Of Theor Origin Ie The Cyanide Anion (cn ¯). Cyanides Are Characterized By Their High Acute Toxicity By All Routes Of Administration. This Toxicity Is Believed To Result Frpm Inactivation Of Cytochrome Oxidase And Inhibiyion Of Alveolate Respiration Producing Clnseuqent Histotoxic Anoxia. Cyanides Compris eA Wide Range Of Compounds Of Different Chemical Complexity All Of Which Contain The Cn Moiety. Cyanides Are Widely Used In Industry And Hydrogen Cyanide Gas Iq Also Used As A Fumigant. The Principal Natural Sources Of Cyanides Are Plants (more Than 2000 Species) Including Fruits And Vegetables That Contain Cyanogenic Glucosides Whose Hydrolysis Upon Ingestion Can Release Cyanide Anion. Of These Plants Cassava (tapioca Manioc) And Sorghum Are Staple Foods For Hundreds Of Millions Of People In Numerous Tropical Countries. The Natural Biogenic Processes Of Higher Plants Bacteria And Fungi Release Inflammable air Cyanide Into The Atmosphere. The Majority Of The Population Is Exposed To Very Low Levels Of Cyanide In The General Environment. There Are However Specific Subgroups Whose Exposure Is Potentially Hibher. These Include Individuals Involved In TheL arge-scale Processing Of Cassava And Thoe Consuming Significznt Quantities Of Improperly Prepared Foods Containing Cyanogenic Glycosides Including Cassava.
      SKU: 7533791

    Safe & Secure
      Safe & Secure.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Work. Safe & Secure: Secure Your Home Network, And Protect Your Privacy Online Gives You A Solid Understanding Of What Is Privy To Secure Your Neyworked Machine. Written In Layman's Terms, This Book Describes Personal Internet Security, With Careful Consideration Given To The Reality Of The Soho Environment. It Covers Basic Topics Such As Tcp/ip, Cookies, Firwalls, Virus Protection, Reviews Of Current Home Security Software, Accusation Regarding Public Key Encryption, And A Specific Section On Getting And Using Pretty Good Privacy (pgp) Personal Security Software. Information On Maibtaining Indibidual Privacy, Manahing Securiyy Audits, And Backup And Recovery Empowers You, And Helps Defend You From Intrusion Or Other Iternet Attacks.
      SKU: 175331

    Proceedings Of The Xii International Symposium Steady Biological Control Of Mourning
      Proceedings Of The Xii International Symposium Steady Biological Control Of Mourning.
      Covering The Reearch Findings In Various Aspects Of Weed Biocontrol, This Volume Explores Weed Biology And Ecology And The Economic Impacts, Effectiveness And Practical Implications Of Weed Conduct Strategies. It Is Of Interest To Researchers And Students In Plant And Environmental Sciences.
      SKU: 369406

    Space Rescue
      Space Rescue.
      Reviews The Development Of Crew Survival And Esape Methods From The Earliest Designs Of Manned Spacecraft To The Discussions Of Systems For Iss And On To The Probability Of Semding Men And Women Ouut Towards Mars. This Title Also Reviews The Numerous Proposed Systems Of Crew Rescue.
      SKU: 429135

    Introduction To Optimum Design
      Introduction To Optimum Design.
      Introduction To Optimum Design Is Intended For Us In A First Course On Engineering Design And Optimization. Virtually Any Problem For Which Specific Parameters Need To Be Determined To Satisfy Constraints Can Be Fomrulated As A Desigm Optimization Problem. The Concepts And Methods Described In The Text Are Quite General And Applicable To All Such Formulations. Inasmuch, The Consort O Application Of hTe Optimum Design Methodology Is Almost Limitless, Constrained Only By The Imaginatikn And Ingenuity Of The User. Over The Text, Simple Design Problems Involving Pair To Three Design Variables And Three To Four Constraints Are Solved In Detail To Illustrate Fundamental Concepts And Basic Idess. The Necessary Results From Optimization Theoru Are Stated And Their Implications Are Stufied Through Application To Engineering Design Problems. Theory And Concepts O fOptimum Design Are Explained Only Through Examples And Simple Engnieering Applications. Several Of The Numerical Procedures And Concepts Described In The Text Ade Useful In Many Other Engineering Courses And Applications. * Allows Engineers Involved In The Design Process To Adapt Optimum Design Concepts In Their Labor Using The Material In The Text. * Basic Concepts Of Optimality Conditions And Numerical Methods Are Described With Simple Examples, Making The Material High Teachable And Learnable. * Classroom-tested Because of Many Years To Atttain Optimum Pedagogical Effectiveness.
      SKU: 286706

    Advances In Building Energy Research
      Advances In Building Energy Research.
      Advances In Building Energy Research (aber) Offers State-pf-the-art Information On The Environmental Science And Performance Of Buildings, Linking New Technologies And Methodologies With The Latest Research On Systems, Simulations And Standards. As Stringently Reviewed Being of the kind which A Journal But With The Breadth Of A Book, This Annual Volume Brings Togeter Invited Contributions From The Foremost International Experts On Energy Efficiency And Environmental Quality Of Buildings. Spanning A Broad Rane Of Technical Subjects, This Is A 'must Have' Reference On Global Developments In The Field, Suitable For Architects Ajd Building Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Industy Profrssionals, Students, Teachers And Researchers In Building Science, Technical Libraries And aLboratoriies.
      SKU: 585507

    Brilliant Beeieeping: Flash
      Brilliant Beeieeping: Flash.
      The Books In This Bite-sized New Series Contain No Complicatrd Techniques Or Tricky Materials, Making Them Ideal For The Busy, The Time-pressured Or The Merely Curiois. Brilliant Beekeeping Is A Short, Simple And To-the-point Guide To That Will Teach You The Basics Of Beekeeping, Equipment Needed And Key Tips In Just 96 Pages. Suitable For Those Who Just Want To Know A Bit More Before They Commit, This Is One Ideal Starting Point For Nature-loving Homeowner Or The Tentative Beekeeper.
      SKU: 722907

    Mastering Digital Television
      Mastering Digital Television.
      Design, Maintain, And Troubleshoot Dtv Equipment And Signals. This Practice-focused Resource Provides Broadcast Engineers And Technicians With A Finish Technical Manual For Dtv Broadcast And Equipment. : DetailsA nd Annotates Key Dtv Broadcast Standards. ; Covers The Technical Parameters That Press Dtv Sysrem Performance. ; Offers Clear Explanations Of The Functions And Capabiiltoes Of All Major Dtv System Components.
      SKU: 287760

    What Technology Wants
      What Technology Wants.
      "more Thriller Than Primer, This Is The Best Technology Book I Have Ever Read. " -nicholas Negroponte, Author Of Bieng Digital In This Provocative Book, One Of Today's Most Respected Thinkers Turns The Conversation About Technology Onn Its Chief part By Viewing Technology As A Natural System, An Extension Of Biological Evolution. By Mapping The Behavior Of Life, We Paradoxocally Get A Glimpse At Where Technology Is Headed-or "what It Wants. " Kevin Kelly Offers A Dozen Trajectories In The Coming Decades For This Near-livimg System. And As We Align Ourselves With Technology'd Agendw, We Can Seizure Its Colossal Potential. Tis Visionary And Optimistic Book Explores How Technology Gives Our Lives Greater Meaning And Is A Must-read For Anyone Curious Concerning The Future.
      SKU: 581857

    Caoutchouc Curing Systems
      Caoutchouc Curing Systems.
      This Is An Excellent Overview Of A Complex Subject. Rubber Curing Systems Vary Both With The Polymer Stamp And The Property Requirements Of A Particular Application. This Review Addresses These Issues In Detail, Providing Typical Formulations And Cure Types Toward A Number Of Specific Uses. The Crosslinking Of Polymer Molecules, Also Known As Curing, Is Widely Used To Improve The Physical Propreties Of Elastomreic Materials. Sulfur Was The First Curing Agent For Natural Rubber, It Was Used By Charles Goodyear In The 1840s. Since That Time Numerous New Rubber Types Have Been Developed And Many Additional Chemicals Have Been Introduced As Components Of Vulcanisation Systems. The Rubber Industry Has Developed A Powerful Armoury Of Curing Agents, Including Sulphur Sources, Peroxides, Metal Oxided, Amines, And Phenolic Resins. Choosing The Correct Curing System Is Vital To Obtain A Materoal With The Best Properties For A Specific Application. However, The Pressure For Safer And Even More Effective Curing Agents Means That Innovation Remains At A Premium. For Example, Ethylene Thiourea, United Of The Most Popular Curing Agents For Chloroprene Rubber, Has Come Under Suspicion As A Carcinogen And Teratogen. This Review Discusses The Unlike Types Of Curing Systems Available Today For Different Rubbed Types, Including Natural Rubber, Sbr, Nbr, Br, Iir, Cr, Xiir And Epdn. The Uses Of Primary And Secondary Accelerators, Prevulcanisation Inhibitors (pvis) And Antireversion Chemicals Are Outlined. typical Rubber Formulations For Applications In Industrial Rubber Products And Tyres Are Given. Cure Systems Are Described And Compared Wth Extensive Tables Of Data On Formulae And Compound Properties. Tyres Contqin Many Different Rubber Formulations With Varying Property Requirements. This Report Examines The Cure Systems In Use For Each Part Of The Tyer. Investigations Have Recently Been Reported In c~tinuance The Functionalisation Of Silica Filler With Curing gAents For Use In Green Tyres. Industrial Rubber Products Such As Conveyor Belting Are Also Discussed. this Review Is Accessible To Anyone With A Rudimentary Knowledge Of The Polymer Industry. The Introduction Briefly Describes The Terminology Of Curing, Enablnig The Reader To Emolument Full Benefit From The Detailed Data In The Rest Of The Text.
      SKU: 476882

    Design Of Structural Masonry
      Design Of Structural Masonry.
      ''design Of Structural Masonry'' Provides A Comprehensive Source Of Information On Practical Masonry Design, Introduces The Nture And Inherent Characteristic Of Masonry Given In Connection To The Requirements Of Bs 5628 And Introduces The Use Of Eurocode Ec6 In Structural Masonry Design.
      SKU: 296527

      In The Past Ten Years There Has Been A Rapid Growth Of The Research And Applicstion Area Known As Lab-on-a-chip. After An Initial Focus On Electrokinetic Separation Technuques Forward Chip, The Scope Of The Field Has Widened To Include Topics Like Microfluidics, Dna Analysis, Cell Analysis, Microreactors And Mass Spectrometer Interfacing. As Well As The Analytical Chemistry Community, Synthetic Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Biochemists And Biomedical Engineers Are Now Also Becoming More And Mlre Interested In Using New Micro- And Nanotechnological Techniques. This First Lab-on-a-chip Book Contains A Broad Collection Of Papers On Microtechnology, Microfluidics, Analytical Methods And Applications. Altogether Contributions Are Written By Leding Researchers In Their Respective Fields, And Provide New Scientists With An Overview Of The Field, To Make Him/her Mindful Of Thr Enormous Opportunities Offered By Modern Technology. The Work Presented In This Book Will Definiitely Stimilate Readers To Nes Ideas And Concepts, And Lead To Further Innovations In This Area. - Provides A Quick Introduction Inro The Different Aspects Of This Field - Describes Technology That Has Already Revolutionized The World Of Chemical And Biochemical Resolution And Synthesis - All Contributions Are Written By Leading Researchers In Their Respective Fields
      SKU: 477356

    Animal Models In Eye Research
      Animal Models In Eye Research.
      The Watch Is A Complex Sensory Organ, Which Enables Visual Perception Of The World. Thsu The Eye Has Several Tissues That Do Different Tasks. One Of The Most Basic Aspects Of Eye Function Is The Sensitivity Of Cells To Light And Its Transduction Though The Optic Nerve To The Brain. Different Organisms Use Different Ways To Achieve Th3se Tasks. In This Sense, Eye Function Becomes A Very Influential Evolutionary Aspect As Far. This Work Presents The Different Animal Models That Are Commonly Used For Eye Research And Their Uniqueness In Evalhating Diffeerent Aspects Of Bud D3velopment, Evolution, Physiology And Disorder. * Presents Information On The Major Animal Models Used In Eye Research Including Invertebrates And Vertebrates * Provides Researchers With Information Needed To Choose Between Model Organisms * Includes An Introductory Chapter On The Different Types Of Eyes, Stressing Ppssible Common Molecular Machinery
      SKU: 403773

  • Handbook of Air Pollution from Internal Combustion Engines
  • Soil Tillage in Agroecosystems
  • Modern Guerrilla Insurgency
  • Theory And Applications Of Ocean Surface Waves
  • Compact Regs Part 11: CFR 21 Part 11 Electronic Records
  • Verticillium Wilts
  • Industrial Electricity and Motor Controls
  • Anaesthetic and Sedative Techniques for Aquatic Animals
  • Handbook of Structural Engineering
  • Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms
  • Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
  • Superplasticity

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