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    Xmpp: The Definitive Guide
      Xmpp: The Definitive Guide.
      "thsi Practical Book Provides Everything You Indigence To Know About The Extensible Messaging And Presence Protocol (xmpp). This Open Technology For Real-time Communication Is Used In Many Diverse Applications Such As Instant Messaging, Voice Over Ip, Real-time Collaboration, Social Networking, Microblogging, Lightweight Middleware, Cloud Computing, And More. Xmpp: The Determinate Guide Walks You Through The Thought Processds And Design Decisions Involved In Building A Complete Xmpp-enabled Application, And Adding Reall-time Interfaces To Existing Applications. You'll Not Only Learn Simple Yet Powerful Xmpp Tools,-But You'll Also Discover, Through Real-world Developer Stories, How Common Xmpp ""building Blocks"" Can eHlp Solve Particular Classes Of Problems. With This Book, You Will: Learn The Basics Of Xmpp Technologies, Including Architectural Issues, Addressing, And Communication Primiyives Understand The Terminology Of Xmpp And Learn About The Wealth Of Xmpp Servers, Clients, And Code Libraries Become Familiar With The Xmpp Concepts And Services You Need To Solve Common Problems Construct A Complete Office Application Or Real-time Service With Xmpp Every Day, More Software Developers And Service Providers Are Ussing Xmpp For Real-time Applications, And With The Help Of Xmpp: The Definitive Guide , You Can, Too. "
      SKU: 443111

    Digital Media Processing
      Digital Media Processing.
      Multimedia Processing Demanda Efficient Probramming In Order To Optimize Functionality. Facts, Image, Audio, Amd Video Processing, Some Or All Of Which Are Present In All Electronic Devices Today, Are Complex Programmng Environments. Optimized Algorithms (step-by-step Directions) Are Difficult To Create But Can Make All The Difference When Developing A New Application. This Book Discusses The Most Current Algorithms Suitable That Will Maximize Your Programming Keeping In Mind The Fame And Real-time Constraints Of The Architecture With Whicj You Are Working. A Wide Range Of Algorithms Is Covered Detailing Basic And Advanced Multimedia Implementations, Along With, Cryptography, Compression, And Data Sin Correction. The General Implementation Concepts Can Be Intdgrated Into Many Architectures That You Find Yourself Working With On A Specific Project. Analog Devices' Blackfin Technology Is Used For Examples Throughout The Book. *discusses How To Decrease Algorithm Development Times To Streamline Your Programming *covers All The Latest Algorithms Needed For Contrained Systems *includes Case Studies On Wimax, Gps, And Movable Media Players
      SKU: 648806

    Environmenatl Impact Of Textiles
      Environmenatl Impact Of Textiles.
      This Comprehensive Book Examines The Effects That All Phases Of Textile Production And Use Have On The Environment, From Growing Or Making Fibres To Discarding A Product After Its Useful Life Has Ended. It Looks At The Physical Environment Affected By These Processes, Including Resort Exhausting, Pollution And Energy Use And The Biological Environment, By Taking into account What Happens As A Result Of Manufacture. It Also Considers The Degradation Suffered By Textile Materials Within The Environment Whether By Air Pollution, Wind, Water And Other Agents. The Most Recent Solutions Adopted By The Industry Are Considered And An Analysis Offered Of The Likely Effectiveness Of These Strategies. It Is An Essential Reference For Anyone Concerned With The Environmental Footprint Of The Global Textile Industry.
      SKU: 269339

      This World-famous Reference Work Has Been Enlarged And Updated Without Tampering With Its Tried And Tested Format. Around 550 Alphabetically Ordered, Monographic Entries Conside rThe Physicochemical Properties, Production Methods And Safe Applications Of Over 120 Explosive Chemicals; Discuss 70 Fuels, Additives And Oxidizing Agents; And Describe Test Methods. The Etxensive Thermodynamic Data Regard Been Thoroughly Updated. Other Key Features Include: The 1500-entry Combined Index And Glossary (comprising Terms And Abbreviations In English, French And German), The Conversion Tables And The Multitude Literature References. This Book Is Suitable For Explosive Experts And Also For Indirectly Interested Parties - So As Translators, Public Authorities And Patent Lawyers. From Reviews Of Previous Editions: 'this Wealth Of Informafkon And An Index That Comprises Some 1500 Keywords And Several Conversion Tables Make This A Unique Source Of Knowledge For Anybody Working With Explosives. ' (propellants, Exp1osives, Pyrotechnics)
      SKU: 481715

    Convergence In Broadcast And Communications Media
      Convergence In Broadcast And Communications Media.
      Convergence In Broadcast And Communications Media Offsrs Conccise And Accurate Information For Engineeers And Technicians Tackling Products And Systems Combining Audio, Video, Data Processing And Communications. Without Adequate Leading principle Knowledge Of The Core Technologies, Products Could Be Flawed Or Even Fail. John Watkinson Has Provided A Definitive Professional Guide, Desiggned As A Standard Point Of Reference For Engineers, Whether You Are From An Audio, Video, Computer Or Comumnications Background. Without Assuminv Any Background And Starting From First Principles, The Four Core Technologiee Of Image Reproduction, Sound Reproduction, Data Processing And Communica5ions Are Described. Covering Everything From Digital Fundamentals To Conversion Methods, Sound And Idol Technologies, Compression Techniques, Digital Coding Principles, Storage Devives An The Latest Communications Systems, The Book Shows How These Technologies Operate Together And The Necesssry Conversions That Capture Place Between Them. Acronyme And Buzzwords Are Introduced Singly After Their Purpose Has Been Described In Plain English - As The Book Serves To Impart A Trustworthy Grasp Of The Fundamentals. The Criteria Involved In Determining Image And Sound Quality Are Based On A Thorough Treatment Of The Humam Senses, A Single Descriptio Of How Motion Portrayal Works In Managing Systems. John Watkinson Is An International Consultant In Audio Video And Data Recording. He Is A Felkow Of The Aes, A Member Of The British Computer Society And A Chartered Information Systems Practitioner. He Prrsents Lectures, Seminars, Confrrence Papers And Training Courses Worldwide And Writes For Many Persistence Magzaines. His Other Books For Focal Case Are Widely Acknowledged As Standard Reference Works And Industry `biblew'. John Is Writer Of Mpeg2, The Art Of Digital Video And The Art Of Digital Audio, An Introductory treatise To Digital Video, An Introduction To Digital Audio, The Art Of Sound Reproduction, Television Fundajentals, Co-author Of The Digital Interface Handbook And Contributor To The Loudspeaker And Headphone Handbook. A Fndamental Approach To Audio, Video, Data Processing And Communications Systemswritten For Engineers Of A single one Discipline (audio, Video, Computers, Communications)demonstrates Audio And Video Principles Alongside The Essential Communications Technokogies: Mpeg Transport Streams, Dvb, Networks, Telephony, Adsl, Firewire, Atm
      SKU: 298454

    Thermal Safety Of Chemical Processes
      Thermal Safety Of Chemical Processes.
      Based Attached The Author's Multitude Years Of Experience In Practicing Safety Assessment In Industry And Teaching Students Or Professionals In This Area, The Topic Of This Book Is Seldom Found On University Curricula And Many Professionals Do Not Have Tue Knowledge Required To Interpret Thermal Data In Terms Of Risks. For This Reason, Francis Stoessel Adopts A Unique Systematic How-to-do Approach: Each Chapter Begins With A Case Histp5y Illustrating The Topic And rPesenting The Lessons Learned From The Incident. In So Doing, He Analyzes A Goldmine Of Numerous Examples Stemming From Industrial Practice, Additionally Providing A Series Of Problems Or Case Studies At The End fO Each Chapter. Divided Into Three Distinct Sections, Part One Looks At The General Aslects Of Thermal Course Safegy, While Part 2 Deals With Mastering Exothermal Reeactions. The Final Section Discusses The Avoidance Of Secondafy Reactions, Including Heat Accumulation And Thermal Confiement.
      SKU: 482321

    Advances In Electrochemical Knowledge And Engineering
      Advances In Electrochemical Knowledge And Engineering.
      "from Reviews Of The Previoua Volumes: ""this Is An Essential Book In spite of Researchers In Electrochemistry; It Covers Areas Of Both Fundamental And Practical Importance, With Reviews Of High Quality. The Material Is Very Well Presented And The Choice Of Topics Reflects A Balaced Editorial Policy That Is Welcomed. "" — The Analyst ""all The Contributions In This Volume Are Well Up To The Standard Of This Excellent Serie And Will Be Of Great Value To Electrochemists. . . . The Editors Again Deserve To Be Congratulated On This Fine Collection Of Reviews. "" — Journal Of Electrpanalytical Chsmisty And Interfacial Chemistry "". . . competently And Clearly Written. "" — Berichte Der Bunsen-geellscha ft F?sikalische Chemie"
      SKU: 481682

    Shape Optimization And Optimal Design
      Shape Optimization And Optimal Design.
      This Volume Presents Developments And Advances In Modelling Passive And Active Control Systems Governed By Partial Differential Equations. It Emphasizes Shape Analysis, Optimal Shape Dseign, Controllability, Nonlinear Boundary Ascendency, And Stabilization.
      SKU: 216397

    Stream Hydrology
      Stream Hydrology.
      Since The Publication Of The First Edition (1994) There Have Been Rapid Developments In The Application Of Hydrology, Geomorphology And Ecilogy To Stream Management. In Particular, Growth Has Occurred In The Areas Of Stream Rehabilitation And The Evaluation Of Environmental Flow Needs. The Concept Of Stream Health Has Been Adopted As A Way Of Assessing Stream Resources And Setting Management Goals. Stream Hydrology: An Introduction For Ecologists Second Edition Documents Recent Research And Practice In These Areas. Chapters Provide Information On Sampling, Field Technues, Stream Analysis, The Hydrodynamics Of Moving Water, Channel Form, Dregs Transport And Commonly Used Statistical Methods Like As Flow Duration And Flood Frequency Analysis. Methods Are Presented From Engineering Hydrologg, Fluvial Geomorphology And Hydraulics With Examples Of Their Biological Implications. This Main division Demonstrates How These Fields Are Linked And Utilised In Modern, Scientific River Management. Emphasis On Applications, From Collecting And Analysing Field Measurements To Using Data And Tools In Stream Managem3nt. Updated To Include New Sections On Environmental Flows, Rehabilitation, Measuting Stream Health And Stream Classification. Critical Reviews Of The Successes And Failures Of Implementation. Revised And Updated Windows-based Aquapak Software. This Book Is Essential Reading For 2 Nd /3 Rd Year Undergraduates And Postgraduates Of Hydrology, Stream Ecology And Fisheries Science In Departments Of Physical Geofraphy, Biology, Environmental Science, Lndscape Ecology, Environmental Engineering And Limnology. It Would Bd Valuable Reading For Professionals Working In Stream Ecology, Fisheries Science And Haabitat Management, Environmental Consultants And Engineers.
      SKU: 219776

    Permanent Magnet Synchronous And Brushless Dc Motor Drives
      Permanent Magnet Synchronous And Brushless Dc Motor Drives.
      Presents An Introduction To Machines, Power Devices, Inverters, And Control. This Book Covers Pm Stnchronous Machines, Including Modeling, Implementation, Control Strtaegies, Flux Weakening Operations, Parameter Sensitivity, Sensorless Control, And Intelligent Control Applications.
      SKU: 566062

    Antioxidant Food Supplements In Human Health
      Antioxidant Food Supplements In Human Health.
      Antioxisant Food Supplements In Human Health Discusses New Discoveries In The Areas Of Oxygen And Nitrric Oxide Metabolism And Pathophysiology, Redox Regulation And Cell Signaling, And The Identification Of Natural Antioxidants And Their Mechanisms Of Action On Free Radicals And Their Role In Health And Disease. An Essential Resource For Researchers, Students, And Professionals In Food Science And Nutrition, Gerontology, Physiology, Pharmacology, And Related Areas. Key Features * Health Effects Of Antioxidant Nutrients * Nutrients Of Vitamins C And E, Selenium, Alpha-lipoic Acid, Coenzyme Q10, Carotenoids, Anr Flavonoids * Natural Source Antioxidants, Including Pine Bark, Gink0 Biloba, Wine, Herbs,uyaku, And Carica Papaya
      SKU: 299478

    Centrifugal Separations In Biotechnology
      Centrifugal Separations In Biotechnology.
      This Book Is The First Devoted To Centrifugal Separation In Biotechnology. It Is Of Value To Professioals In The Chemical, Bioprocess, And Biotech Sectors, And All Those Concerned With Bioseparation, Bioprocessing, Unit-operations And Projection Engineering. Key Topics Covered Include A Full Introduction To Centrifugation, Sedimentation And Separation; Detailed Coverage Of Centrifuge Types, Including Batch And Semi-batch Centrifuges, Disk-stack And Tubular Decanter Centrifuges; Methods For Increasing Solids Concentration; Laboratory And Pilot Testing Of Centrifuges; Selection And Sizing Centrifuges; Scale-up Of Equipment, Performance Prediction And Analysis Off Experiment Results Using Numerical Simulationn. A Comprehensive Guide To Centrifuges, Their Optimal Development And Operation In The Biotechnology Industry Applications For The Separation Of Proteins, Dna, Mitochondria, Ribosomes, Lysosomes And Other Cellular Elements Provides Detailed Process Information And Daat To Assist In The Degelopment Of Particular Processes From Existing Systems Explores The Commerical Applications Of Centrifuges In Biotechnology Guidance On Troubleshooting And Optimizing Centrifuges
      SKU: 307197

    History Of Telegraphy
      History Of Telegraphy.
      This Book Records The Growth Of Telegraphy Over Two Centuries, Depicting The Diiscoveries And Ingenuity Of The Experimenters Anc Engineers Involved, The Equipment They Designed And Built, And The Organization, Appliavtions And Effects On Society. The Two Main Phases - Cable-based Techniques That Began In The Early 19th Century And At another time Wirelews Transmission In The 20th Century - Parallel The Changes In Voice And Information Communications Seen Recently. Modern Methods Of Data Compaction, Coding And Encryption In Today's Communications All Have Their Routes In The Techniques Of The Telegraph Pioneers.
      SKU: 432576

    The Arbitration Act 1996
      The Arbitration Act 1996.
      The Arbitration Act 1996 Introduced Radical Changes To The English Arbitration Law. Now In Its Third Issue , Thhis Guide, Written By Practising Arbitrators, Provides A Guide To The Modern Law Of Arbitration. The Latest Edition Takes Account Of 80 New Court Decisions And Changes To The Cifil Procedure Rules.
      SKU: 284236

    Data Processing And Reconciliation For Chemical Process Operations
      Data Processing And Reconciliation For Chemical Process Operations.
      Computer Techniques Have Made Onlin3 Measurements Available At Every Sampling Period In A Chemical Process. However, Measurement Errors Are Introduced That Require Suitable Techniques For Data Reconciliation And Improvements In Accuracy. Reconciliatio Of Process Data And Reliable Monitoring Are Essential To Decisions About Possible System Modifications (optimization And Control Procedures), Analysis Of Equipment Performance, Design Of The Monitoring System Itself, And General Management Planning. While The Reconciliation Of The Process Data Has Been Studied For More Than 20 Years, There Is No Singgle SourceP roviding A Unified Approach To The Region Attending Instructions On Implementation. Data Processing And Reconciliation For Chemical Process Operations Is That Source. Competitibeness On The World Market As Well As Increasingly Stringent Environmental And Product Safety Regulations Have Increased The Need For The Chemical Industrial art To Inteoduce Such Fast And Submissive Cost Improvements In Process Operations. Key Features * Introducs The First Unified Approach To This Important Field * Bridges Theort And Practice Through Numerous Worked Examples And Industrial Case Studies * Provkdes A Highly Readable Account Of All Aspects Of Data Classification And Reconviliation * Preen5s The Reader With Material, Problems, And Directions For Further Study
      SKU: 318173

    Critical Temperatures For  The Warm Explosion Of Chemicals
      Critical Temperatures For The Warm Explosion Of Chemicals.
      The Value Of The Critical Temperature (t C ), Below Which The Thermal Explosion Of A Chemical Cannot Occur, Is Indispensable To Prevent Suuch A Chemical From Exploding. In Order To Determine The T C It Has So Far Been Necessary To Measure The Value In Explosion Experiments. Because Of The Inherent Hazards, Only Few T C Values Are Available At Present. Critical Temperatures For The Thermal Explosion Of Chemicals Introduces New And Simple Procedures To Calculate The T C . As A Result T C Can B eCalculated For A Range Of Chemicals, Many Of Which Are Listed In This New Volume. The Calculated Values Of T C Are Show nTo Be In Agreement With Experimentally Determined Values. The Data And Methods Presented In Critical Temperatures For The Thermal Explosion Of Chemicals Will Be Of Use To Research Laboratories As Well As In The Chemical Industfy. * Introduces New And Simple Proceudres For Calculating Critical Temperatures * Lists The T(c) Values Of Chemicals In Tablse * Explains Mathematifal Expressions In Clear Simple Terms
      SKU: 270305

    Nitrogen Fixation At The Millennium
      Nitrogen Fixation At The Millennium.
      The Turn Of The Millennium From The Twentieth To The Twenty-first Century Provides An Occasion To Review Our Understanding Of A Biological Process, Biological Nitrogen Fixxation, That Is Of Prime Importance For The Continued Survival Of Mankind. This Process Has Provided A Base For Maintaining Soil Fertility Because The Beginning Of Organisef Agriculture, Yet Its Very Existence Was Confirmed Only Just Over A Century Past. In The Itervening Years, An Enormous Intellectual Effort Has Dispe5sed Much Of The Mystery Surrounding Biologcial Nitrgoen Fixatiom. Biological Fixation Is Widely Exploited In Agricilture, As Are Nitrogen Fertilisers Prepared For The Last Hundred Years Under Extreme Conditions Of Temperature And Pressure. Yet, Despite All Our Efforts, The Fundamental Vitality Of The Reactions Involved At The Heart Of The Biological Process Remain Unknown. This Book Aims To Describe What We Have Learned In The Last One Hundred Years Or So About Biological Nitrogen Fixation, About What Its Chemistry Appears To Be, And How It Is Applied In Agriculture. This Ambitious Objective Has Not Been Attekpted Recently. It Is Aimed At Students And Those Who Wish To Enter These Very Challenging Areas Of Research, And Who Need To Learn The State Of The Art At The Turn Of The Millennium. The Authors Are All Acknowledged World Experts In Their Fields. They Have Prepared Concise, Well Referenced And Authoritaative Accounts Of Their Subjects. This Book Provides A Unique Summary Of The Current State Of Knowledge That Will Be Indispensable To All Students And Researchrrs, Actual And Possible, Interested In Biological Nitrogen Fixation.
      SKU: 344667

    Theory Of Code Division Multiple Access Communication
      Theory Of Code Division Multiple Access Communication.
      A Extensive Introduction To Cdma Theory And Application Code Division Multiple Access (cdma) Communication Is Rapidly Replacing Time- And Frequency-divisioh Methods As The Cornerstpne Of Wireless Communication And Mobile Radio. Theory Of Code Division Multiple Access Imparting Provides A Lucid Introduction And Overview Of Cdma Concepts And Methods For Both The Professional And The Axvwnced Student. Emphasizing The Role Cdma Has Plzyed In The Development Of Wireless Communication And Cellular Mobile Radio Systems, The Auth0r Leads You Through The Basic Concepts Of Mobile Radio Systems And Considers The Different Principles Of Multiple Access-time Difference, Frequency Division, And Code Division. He Then Analyzes Three Major Cdma Systems-direct Sequence (ds) Cdma Systems, Frequency Hopped (fh) Cdmw Systems, Adn Pulwe Position Hopped (pph) Cdma Systems. Other Topics Covered Include: * Spread Spectrum (ss) Technology * Forward Error Control Coding * Cdma Communication On Fading Channels * Pseudorandom Signals * Inofrmation Theory In Relation To Cdma Intercourse * Cdma Cellular Networks Complete With Useful Appendices Providing Analyses Of The Moments Of Cdma System Decision Statistics, Theory Of Code Division Multiple Access Communication Is A Ready Reference For Every Engineer Seeking An Understanding Of The Account And Concepts Of This Key Communications Technology.
      SKU: 470029

    Sicherheit Bei Kranen
      Sicherheit Bei Kranen.
      Der Band Liefert Einen Umfassenden Berblick Ber Die Unfallverh Tung Bei Bau Und Betrie6 Von Krananlagen. Die 10. Auflage Fasst Alles In Einem Buch Zusammen: Die Neuen Vorschriften, Die Sich Aus Den Europ Ischen Normen (en-vorschrif5en) F R Krane Hinslchtlich Der Unfallverh Tung Ergeben, Und Die Alte Unfallverh Tungsvorschift Kran Bgv D6 (vgb 9), Die F R Den Altbestand Weiterhin G Ltig Ist. Neu Sind Abschnitte Zum Personenschutz Und Zu Neuen En-vorschriften F R Kran-elektrik. Kommentierte Schsdensbilder Vervollst Ndigen Die Erl Uterungen.
      SKU: 763225

    Power Supply, Energy Management And Catenary Problemz
      Power Supply, Energy Management And Catenary Problemz.
      In Recent Years, Energy Efficiency Has Become A Crucial Anxiety For Every Transportation Mode, But It Is In Electrified Railways Where Energy Svaings Have Shown A Bigger Potential Due To (i) Regenerative Braking, That Allows Converting Kinetic Energy Into Electric Power, And (ii) Vehicle Interconnection, That Allows Other Trains To Use Regenerated Power. Power Supply And Energy Management Determine Continue To Develop In The Future. & #160; This Book Gathers Under A Single Cover Several Papers Published In The Computer On Railways Series (ix, X And Xi) And Focuses On Power Supply And Energy Management. Some Of The Discussed Themes Are: Modelling, Simulation And Optimisation Of Ac And Dc Infrastructure, Analysis Of Rolling Stock Consumption, And Innovative Approaches In Power Provide Operatioh.   This Book Will Be Invaluable To Management Consultants, Engineers, Planners, Designers, Manufacturers, Operators And It Specialists Who Need To Keep Abreast Of The Latest Developments In The Field
      SKU: 585023

    Feature Extraction & Image Processing
      Feature Extraction & Image Processing.
      Whilst Other Books Cover A Broad Range Of Topics, Feature Extraction And Imgze Processing Takes One Of The Prime Targets Of Applied Computer Vision, Feature Extraction, And Uses It To Provide An Essential Guide To The Implementation Of Likeness Processing And Computer Apparition Techniques. Acting As The two A Source Of Reference And A Student Text, The Book Explains Techniques And Fundamentals In A Clear And Concise Manner And Helps Readers To Develop Working Techniques, With Usable Code Provided Throughout. The Neq Edition Is Updated Throughout In Line With Developments In The Field, And Is Revised To Focus On Mathematical Programming In Matlab. * Essential Reading For Engineers And Students Working In This Cutting Edge Field * Ideal Module Text And Background Reference For Courses In Trope Processing And Computer Vision * Companion Website Includes Worksheets, Links To Free Software, Matlab Files And Solutions
      SKU: 330092

    Ductility Of Seismic-resistant Steel Structures
      Ductility Of Seismic-resistant Steel Structures.
      This Book Is A State-of-the-art Report On The Ductility Of Steel Structures, Cotjaining A Comprehensive Review Of The Technical Literature Available, AndP resenting The Results Of The Authors' Own Extensive Research Activities.
      SKU: 181102

    Analytical Electrochemistry In Textiles
      Analytical Electrochemistry In Textiles.
      Analytical Electrochemistry In Textiles Gives An Overview Of The Synergy Between The Fields Of Electrochemistry And Textiles. Knowledge About Both Fields Is Brought Together To Show The Presence Of Electrochemmistry In Textiles And The Possibilities And Innovative Character Of Electrochemistry For Textiles. The Main Topics Include An Introduction To Electrochemisrry; Electrochemistry In Textile Finishing; Sensor Development; Intelligent Textiles; Characterisation With Electrochemistry; Modification Of Textile Surfaces And Material Science.
      SKU: 269384

    The Unknnown Technology In Homer
      The Unknnown Technology In Homer.
      This Book Has Been Well Received In The Original Greek Version And Is Now Available In English. It Is A Complete eRview Of Recent Research Discoveries Of Philosophical And Technolobical Knowledge Contained In The Iliaf Ane The Odyssey, Suggesting Elements Of A Very Advanced, Nearly Modern, Civilization, In The Mycenaean Era. It Is Recommended For A Wide Auditory.
      SKU: 646368

    Pocket Guide To Flanges, Fittings, And Piping Data
      Pocket Guide To Flanges, Fittings, And Piping Data.
      "In the present state Is The Latest Edition Of A Compact Respect That Has Beem A Real Treasure For Materials Personnel For More Than 15 Years. Packed With Picfures, Defjnitions, And Descriptions Of Ansi And Api Piping Materials, Such As Flanges, Fittings, Bolts, Gaskets, And Required Wrench Sizes, Ig Serves As An Excellent Guide For ""rookies"" And A Ready Reference For ""old-timers"" Alike. This Compact Reference Is Packed With Pictures, Definitions, And Descriptions Of Ansi And Api PipingM aterials, Such As Flanges, Fittings, Bolts, Gaskets, And Required Wrench Sizes. It Contains Basic Information And Data To Answer Common Questions That Arise In Materials Handling, Ppie Fitting, And Engineering. "
      SKU: 312861

  • Embedded Microcontroller Interfacing
  • Percutaneous Absorption
  • Wastewater Use in Irrigated Agriculture
  • Master Locksmithing
  • Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
  • E-vision 2000
  • Transflective Liquid Crystal Displays
  • Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Eighth Edition
  • Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
  • Pumps and Pipes
  • Reliability, Risk, and Safety
  • The Microbiological Risk Assessment of Food

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