Fortunately, just about any activity you may be engaged in, if you do it right, can improve your creative writing because simply observing others will yield an endless harvest of material. The top three best ways to improve your creative writing are read more, listen carefully, and look correctly.

If you desire to be an author, and a successful one at that, you will have to learn how to master procrastination and become diligent in working on your text. This is what separates the winners from the losers much of the time in life. We procrastinate. We put things off until we get “that feeling.” And so we do not get done what we could have done, or we do not reach our goals.

Do not just seek to give points assuming that the reader will get your point and understand what you are attempting to convey. Use your imagination and aim to make your statements so alive that the reader will perceive what is being said clearly.